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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 5, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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> hello, you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. here are the hdlines. police believe aapanese scientist whsupervised research thawas discredited by his internional peers has committed suicide. leaders from iael and hamas have agreeto a 72-hour cease-fire aimed at ding a month of fighting. a a graduate stunt is digging in and around hirhima to findelics of the bombing in
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an effort t let the souls of the victims rest peace. top scientist in japan has died after bng rhed to hospal. police believe yoshiki sasai committed suice. a guard fnd h inside the riken cter for developmeal biology in kobe wre he was executive director. sasai apologed in april. heversaw the c papers by a ri scientist, haruko ob their wo suggested a phenomenon known as stimulus-trgered acisition of pluripotency existed. they said the method could reprram mature animal cells in embryonic like stemells anthat those cells could be turned into any pe of tissue. t scientists elsewhere beg to rai questions about the findings. and riken investigators sa they found frication and falsificatn in the study.
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they cticized sasai for no properly supervising hiseam's wo. sasai said he s deeply ashamed he wasot able to spot the problems but hinsisted that the existence oftap cells should be consided a rationalal hypothesis worth verifying. sasai was years old. israeli forces have spent the past mon firing to targets in the gaza strap fighters with has have been firing bac with rocke aimed at israeli towns. now leers from both sides have agreed to a -hour cease-fire. it's set to start esday at 8:00 a.m. local time. nhk world' -- has more. >> repter:he israelis and palestians had agreed to a number of pvious truces but they all broke down as each side accusedhe other
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of violatinghe agreents. th time egyptian officia broke out the cease-fire. they met in cairo with presentatives of has and her palestinian groups. >> tralator: hamas has inrmed the egyptia that it rees to a 72ourtruce. the isrli occupation forces should witraw to oside the border >> israe will honor t cease-fire as agreed to and negotiatedhrough the egyp we'll be watching has very closel >> reporter: the agreeme llows a seven-ho truce tha israi leaders declared on mond. they sd it was t allow aide workerso deliver sulies. they said isrli troops he almost cpleted their main objective, that's to dtroy the twork of tunne ud by has fighters to carry out cross-border attacks. and they say they will launc
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re strikes if the palestinian continue the violence. the latest fighting began in earl july. israeli forces lauhedir strikesn respoe to roct fire out of gaza. then they expand the operation by sending in ound troops. more than 00 palestinians have been killed and nearl 10,000 wounded. raeli offials say ty've lost morehan 60 soldis as well as ree civilians. thennouncement of t n tre has not spped the tensn from spreading t jerusalem. a man rmed a bulldozernto a bus on a citystreet. an official said h was pastinian and described the act as an act of terror. a few hoursater a guan shot
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d wounded an israeli soier. >> translator: i saw the soldi standing ere. meone came up andhot him twice in the stomach and fl. >> reporter: authorities have not established a connection between t two tacks. by reuters reports tha a hamas spokesperson praised them as heroic and courageous. it remains to be seen if t new uce will bring calm to th israelisnd palestinians. nhk world. ficials with the world health orgization have warned of catastrophic coequences if an outbreaof ebola is not controlled. theyay the number of people in west africa who ve been killed has shot up by more th 150. 887 pele have died. peop in guinea first sawigns of the virus in feuary and the diase spread to liberiand sira leone. now authorities nigeria have
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coirmed a secon person there ha been infected, a patient who flew in from liberia died las nth. the docto who treated him was also infected. the outbreak is one of the main topics of discuss at the u.s.-afric leader summit. 50 african nations are in washington to attend the meetings. officialst theorld bank are ofring help. theyuthorized up to $2 millionn emeency assistance to the countrie they say the funds will be ud for medical supplies and thelp regional enomies. his i a week of remembrance and reflection he in pan. people are markinghe end of
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world war ii 69 years ago and taking stock of all tt was lost. some wil attend ceremonies o thos who die when u.s war planes dropped atomi bombs on hiroima and nagasi. nuear weapons hav nevereen ed before or sie. ahead of the memoria on august 6th and 9th, "remembeng and gasaki" will look at the memoes of the people. e skeleton of the building that became the atomicomb dome is a reminder of the power of the blast. but smaller relics can be found l over hiroshima. a graduate student believes retrieng them willelp the souls rest in peace. -- hasis story. >> reporter: the rerlows by the hiroshi peace memorial park. on suny you can s a figure
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kroun crouched on its bas. -- i st. sog has done for more than a decade. is searcng for reins and possessions ofhe victims of the atomic bbing. [ speaking foreign lguage ]. the forensic micine student visits the rivern betwe graduate school class at hirosha university. he often finds pieces of poelain and glass. ornary household items that were shaered in the blast. -- and his family arerom okinawa. some of his relives died dung the b there will in 1945. thr remains havetill not been found. his grandmother often td him
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bones ar said to contain souls. we have to find them and put them to st. >> tnslator: i understandhe sadness o not having anythg to remind us of o loved ones even if there are no mains or persal items i there are syolic items, it is better than nothin it will ovide emotional support. >> reporter:kayo's wk has taken himo -- island, about four kilomers from hiroshima. ,000 people who we hurt i atic bomng came here. many diednd were buried in various locations. the number of victims is unknown. but the remains of 700 people have been found so far kayo iworking to find more
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during this arch, he unearthed a bone fragment. he took ito the lab and examin it with anatom professo-- >> translator: it' hard to say if it's from the right or the left leg but judging byts siz i think it's hhly likely this is a human bone. >> repter: residents of ninoshima are srting to appreciate ka's dedication to e sech. children from a local elementary school paid him a visit. >> translato inhe past many bones were found about70 centimeters bew ground. >> transtor: i was surprised to learn that the bomb affected our island too. >> reporter: educators hope that
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kayo's dedication will help the chdren learn more aboutheir hi >> transtor: i believe digging up besnd remains, w can console the wdering spirits and respect the dignityf souls. and i want to showhat younger gerations like us still rememberll those who lost their lives during the atom bombin >> repter: yo says he wil keep searching to try to bring peace to the dd and those they left behd. fumio kanda, nhk world, hiroshima. not all those affected b the bombingsre japanese about
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2600 survivors live in sou korea. nhk world' anna jung h one won's story. >> reporr: hapcheon lies in valley aut 300 kilometers south ofeoul. many residentsoved to hirosha to get work. this is a weare center located in hapcheon in theouth of soutkorea. the centeras established for suivors of the atomic bombin in hiroshima andagasaki. 110 survivors withn average age of 80 are stayinhere. with the help of jan, hapcheon weare center for atomibomb viims was built in 199 south koa has no other facilities likthis. 85-year-old m il-jo has lived here since the centeopened. shwas born in japan after he parents emigratethere. she latemarried a man who had igrated from hapcheon to
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hiroshima. when the city was boed, kim was three kimeters away from ground zero. >> translator: mhusband had gone to work. i was washing shes at the kitchen wh i saw a blinding flash. then i heard the loudestound i ever heard. that's when our use collapsed. >> reporter: four nths later theyeturned to the korean peninsula d eventually had fourhildren. but e ran into obstacles. >> transtor: my neighbors encoured me to register as bomb victim but the ejudice againsbomb survivors extended to their children and grandchildren. my husbandorbade any mention of our stas to protect our chdren from discriminaon. reporter: in 1980, a year
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after r husband died, kim received an atomic bb survivor certificate from jap. holds can receive healthare allowance. for a long time,he south rean government did t pport bomb survivors so they set an association in 1967, to get government an public support. >> translator: for 69 ars the government neglected t issue of radiation sicknes we've beenemanding that the government enact a scial law to rtore the survivors' nor. >> reporte local high school stent volunteers cleanp the rooms anmassage the elders. they also learabout experiences of thetomic blast. >>ranslator: we must ner use these kis of weapons again. hope younger generatns can live in a worlwithout the
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bo. >> translator: as i ntinue talking withs. kim, i understand her pnful memories anhow horrible the atoc bomb was. >> reporter: t facility houses a memoal shrine dedicated the south koan bomb survivors who died. >> transtor: more than a ousand names are lisd here. but many other nam are not included. the ue death toll is muc higher. >> reporter: 69 ars have passed since hirhima and gasaki were bombed. the people of pcheon do what they can to make surthe world oesn't forget the atomic boings and the survivo now living in south rea. anna jun nhk world, hapcheon
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two japanese cities, two atomic bombingshat cnged history. tens of tusands of people died in an instant i august 1945 survivors were lt suffering in the runes. "newine" will show you how they'v been passing dn their experiences a sharing messages about world peace. join us for our special coverage, "rememberi hiroshima and nasaki" starting monday august 4th. emergency creware struling to rescue the survivors of an rthquake in southwestern chi. but afterscks and fear of possible landslides ar disrupting their effor. the maitude 6.5 quake hit yunnanrovince on sunday. at least 398 people re killed. more than 1800 hur militaryersonnel and police fear many moreeople may be trapped. they are searching tough the rubble.
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survivors ha felt frequent aftershocks. someamped out for the nit in tents right tside their homes. voluntrs have set up their own tents to uses a base. they're taking relief suppes to svivors in the hardeshit areas. the state ruxinhua news agency says landslides have dammed up vers, that's created 19 of what are knowns "quake lakes." more rain is othe way and experts e warning of more landslides and flooding. divers areearching for the missi after a ferry capsized on a rir in banglade. at lea two people are dead. more than 0 are missing. the ferry wacrossing the padma rive it was heang to a suburb of the capital, dha. local mea say at least 250 ople were on board. many othem were returning om their hometos to mark the end of ramadan. the dia say 44 people managed to swim ashore or re rescued. but the cuent was reported to be strong. and inveigators still don't
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know what caus the accident. ferries are a mmon form of transportation in bangdesh. people thereee a number of accidents evy year. officials at jan's welfare ministry he shone a light on the most vulnerablmembers of society. they say in the year tt ended in march, welfare woers handled a reco number of cases of child abuse. ministry offials say welfare centers ened nearly 74,000 cases where th took custody of childrenr looked into situatns in the home. that's up 10% from a year earlier. ministry officials have en number of cases incrse steadily sin they started keing track in 1990. th say in the last yeathey reonded to three timeshe mber of cases they did ten years ag and they say they semore prlems in big cities, including osa and tokyo. researchers y these days parents have less interaion with their neighrs and have few peop to ask for help.
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tsuneo yamamotof the japan child and family resrch instute calls on governmt officials to identify pares who feel anxious and prode them with more sport. fancial leaders in rtugal are scraming to avoid a crisis. they are snding billions of euros to rescue a oubled nder. the centrabankers have been looking intolaims of acunting fraud at groufirms ruby the bank's founding faly of banco espirito santos. they will inct nearly 5 billion euros of plic funds. bankf portugal governor rlos costsaid the bailout will protect deposits and stabilize the financial system portugal has just emged from a three-ar bailout.
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> governmen offials in jan are wrestli with a issue. they wanto increase the oput of tir farms so consurs will relyess on imported food. butheir effor to boost the self sufficiency rate are iling to take hold. agricuure minister oicials mease the ratey measuring how many calories peoe consume. they say forhe past four years, japanese have taken just 39% from loc oduce. th oicials are aiming to incrse that by fiscal20 to 50% they say production o rice has been risingnd ty credit incrse in demand befe the govement increasethe con supeision tax but they s bad ather caused a decrease in crops sh as soybeans. officials he been trying to ramp up production of feet for livestock. they are also aiming to incrse harvestf soybeans andwheat.
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thefficials plan to reew the self sufficien target next march. trade officials om japan and the u.s. a wrangling over some details that cod have big implications they a trying to work out a deal oagricultural tariffs to clear the way for a ee trade pactn the asia pacific. japan's deputy chi negotiator, spend two days in whington th acting deputy u.s. trad representativewendy cutler. they are tryg to work out a deal sthey can push ahead with negotiations over e transpacific partnship. the amecans have been pressuring the japanese to cut tariffs on beef and pork. theapanese wt to put safeguard in pce. theyay if they cut the tiffs they shoulbe allowed to restore them temrarily when imports surge. the focus the negotiations is when and how thiwould happen. some u.s. lawmers are demanding japan elimine the tariffs.
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they he called on barack obama to exclude japan frothe talks if t country doesn't agr to their terms. 's time to get a che of the weathe people in southeasrn europe ardealing with thunderorms and seve floods. i shoji joins us witthe details inorld weather. >> we haveeen traing typon halong. it was a very song typhoon, now a strong typhoon. it willtrengthen again and become a verytrong typhoon as itears the southweern isnds of japan packi gusts of 0 kometers per hour alrey. the sohwestern monsoonal flow are b enhanced across luzon. we haveeports of severe flooding in the mega cy, manila. an the accumulation will accumute the flooding. the bk ofain will be i taiwan and target okinawa and parts ofhikoku again in toward the weend. apart from the precipition we are als very concerned withhe he. toky could possibly see the
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hottest day o this sumr so far. and lots of this locations in ceral japan has heat visories posted today. so heat exhaustionnd heatstroke are going to be a concer heat and precitation tomorr. 's going toe a very wet even we're taing about that halg suing all thatoisture all thway to shikoku. 250 millimeters on top of 12 millimeters we have sn in the st fewdays. it willeighten the risk f landslides and secondary disasters. and the syste tha has created that rainfal here is now moving into hokkdo. we he already 200 millimeters of rainfl inhe pt 24 hours located inorthern kkaido. this areas very prone to floodi. this i the biggest number we have seen in history for the monthf august and it's only e first wee ofaugust so the numbe will justeep on growing. and it couldause very serus
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problems there. no in and around the ecenter southwestn china of the b earthquake any kd of scatted showersould tgger laslides. e ground is very loose. owers will be ppering innd around those locations. and the indo-china peninla will see heavy rnfall. and one of t sto stems heed toward hawaii. thiss iselle. let's start wh isell which i a hurricane. a categor 4. verytrong system. is it headingowards the b island of hawaii but weaning to a tropical stm status and theny sunday it lks like it wille a low pressure syst. but the stormy conditions will be imcting throuout weekend innd around hawi. d that system that as ntioned is chasing aft isel is julio wheer which wi be a hurricane atus over the wate it will be feeding and it could
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pact hawai as a hurricane status. 'll key a clo eye ohis system. another storm which is a hurricane category is pull eightayrom the easrn coast. this is gd news but it is going to exacerbate the cold front lingering in theastern coast. heavy thunderstms and rain will pact florida and the carolis. and critical fire weaer i t cific northwestith tempatures rising to 27 degrees inseattle. i'll leave youow for your extended forecast.
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now for a recapf some of the stori we are llowing. a scientist who supervised discredited researc has di. a grd found sasai hanging side the riken developmental center for biology. he oversaw rearch on stap cells. but ree up investigars later found the study was flawed. and leadersf israe and hamas have aeed to a 72-hour cease-fi. and that's all f now on ewsline." i'm keiko kitagaw in tokyo. thank you for joing us.
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[ speaking forgn language ]. >> thiss the entranc to another wod, far reved from daily life. ♪ sand,sand, evywhere, as r as theye can see. ♪ this dratic a an sent landscape has powerful attraction for visitors.


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