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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 4, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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hello, you're watching newsne. herere the headlines. israi soldis and hamas fightersre not letting up in thei battle even after the israelistart toull out of gaza. autrities in the ilippines are fing japanese filipino man for leaving the ple he's always called home. andn atomi bb survivor in hirosma goes back to ground zero a he works to tell sry
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of wha people lost through film. israeli leade have dlared another cease-fire in the ga strip. they s tir forces will stop firi for seven hrs to let d worke do their jobs. but they may -- underhe cloud of me international criticism. here's our report. >> reporter: israe commanders say they launchetheir fensive to destroy tunne used by hamas fighters hamas uses the undergrod network t carry out attacks on israeli wns. the commanders say they' close to aieving their go. soany of their troopsre pulling out. but israelis han't stopped the threat to bo. one shell lande outside ited nations school many palestinians had ten refuge there. many we killed.
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u.n. secretary gener banki moon cdemned this attack. >> reporter: we h notied the israeli army 33 times about the fact that the wereeople sheltered at ts school. >> reporter: the spokespern for th u.s. state departmt said israel must do more to meet its owntandards and avoid civilian casualties. raeli offics say they're looking into it. >>e're investigating the situation. we will get to th bottom of this. once w do,e will make our -- >> reporter: leaders say they won't stop fighting until israe lifts its economi blocde. litants launched more tn 90 rockets toward israel sunday alone. some bmed them for putting lives of pestinians at risk. more than 1800 peoe have been killed since t offensi began last mont and the u.n. officials say almost half aillion palestinians he been forced into emergency shelters. many hav lite to eat.
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ny can't finenough cle water. translator: if thear continues, we w't be able to ntainiseases anymore. it wil be a disaster. >> reporte some say it already . nhk world. rese crews are struggling to help the survivors of an earthquake in southwtern china. but after scks and bad weath are hampering their effos. the magnitude6.5 quake hit hunan provincensuay. he quake hit in the late afternoon. it destroyed at least 12,0 homes. and it severed cmunication and power lines. aid worrsushed in to help the survivorsut they have to rk through after shocks a heavy rn.
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the landslid have blocked some roads. another earthquak struck the quarter two years ago, killing more than 80eople. humidir has brought in torrenal downpours. loca authorities havearned ma people to get out of th area. officials with japan meorological agencyay over 1,100 millimeters o rain has fallen o kochi prefecture on iday. redents ofeighboring prefecture have see morthan 6 00miimeters. rescue worrs found anid worker's body downstream. the rains have made the gund unstable. a landslide trapped 7 people, most of them stents, in a communy center. hundre of houses acrosshe region have been inunted. authities have issued evacuation advisors for more an 4,500 people.
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recasters say more rain is on the way. for more on what's hpening in western japan we go to the weatr desk. >> reporter: partsf japan saw th wettest weekend i hiory. therare a couple of reaso for this
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is is another historica record her across tushu. already 0 milliters have topped in the prefecte and into theext 92 hours you'l se a very big storm cominin d dropping hvy rain across here. this is a typon we have been tracki. it used to a violent typhoon downgradedust a little bit. you can still s that clear eye wall. is a veryell-defined and strongtorm system. windsacking 25ilometers per hour. is likel to mn tan its intensity as a very strong tyoon makg its way to okinawa psibly by wednesday inging really high surf a high wes up to frmeters. parts of the sever floodingas t been alleviated yet. 300 millimeters wl drop on the pacific side ofshikoku. not oy do we he thatow pressure system tt ientioned before that's liky to comne
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with the associad front and linger here in nthern locations of hokaido, but here and much oeighboring locations he hea rains posted. she'll joining us again latein the program with mor ather updates. governmentfficials in the philippines havelapped a hvy fine on a manho always called the country home. the man recentl obtaine a japase nationality. authorities claim hs lived in the count illegallyll his life. he is 70 years old. he was born to a japanese father and a filipino mher on the island of mindau. he sll lives the. shin's father was drafted to fight in worldar ii. he went missing, lving his s behind. shin obtned japanese nationality this marith the helpf a japaneseovernmental organization. he planned to visit his father's hotown in southern japan,ut
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he say phillipine immigration authoritie have refused to let him leave. they say first he h to pay a fine o more than $30,000. the ngo officials w helped shnd about 130 people with simir backgroundsave obtained japane naonality. they fr shin will set a precedent if h pays the fine. th plan to cal on the illipine government to re-exane their decision. 6 people acros japan hold eventsvery august to remember world war ii and allhat was lost. the w ended 69ears ago. shortly beforet di u.s. war planes dpped atomic bbs on her and /* /- hiroshima and nagasaki. the bomblasts and resulting
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heat waves wed out much of the two citie in seconds. by the end of that year, more than 200,000 people had died. many svivors suffered from the effects of radiation exposure and still do today. ahea of the morial ceremonies in august 6 and 9, remembering hiroshima and nagasaki will look at how the peopl in the cities areeeping memorie and campaigns for a nuclear-free wod alive. one survivor in hiroshima has been making documentary films about what was lost in the bombings and how lives were forer changed. here isur report. >> reporter: hes a man who lost his fily in the atomic bomb, more than 300eople h s interview over the past7 years. all livedear ground zero. >> translar: what was the hardest tng you expernced after the atomi bombing?
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>> translator: ias pasd around to live wh various retives. an i traled to school, carrying tir babies on m bac back. >>n his five documenry films,tanabe has used computer graph toiks recreate detailed images of central hoshima before t blast. the scenes are bas on survivors' accous. tanabe startedaking his films after turng 60. he hadhe urgeo tell future nerations about wha the bomb took away in an itant from the ves of the city redents. >>ranslator: i recreed the old city sca as a memorial, a monument, a commemorati to those who lost their lives. >> reporter: tabe was bornnd
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brought u in home in what is now called atomic mb dome. heas 8 when the bom was dropped. his parents a his1-year-old brother were killed. he and his grandmother had been evacted from the city and survived. two days afr the bombing, tanabeeturned to th spot where his house had std. he saw human body parts complete burned andcattered among debris. >> translator: i was beyd sadness and was afra. i mean, thereas nothing. nothg left ofy once warm and friendlyeighborhood. >> tabe findst very painful toecall the boings. in a digital recreation of his own home, his parents and ltle brother areowhere tbe se.
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but in the new film hs worng on tanabe hasecided to include sketches of the pple he personally saw and heard shortly afterhe bombing. >> tnslator: a baby was still sucking milk from the breast of s dead mother. the mother's nk wbren. the important thing is to tel what hpened to the peoe there. if we don't do that, people around the wor won't understa the reality, the true impact of the atomic bombing. >> reporte h wants to show how the bomb shattered theives of t survivors. heisits ahildhood frien who was like a ltle brother t him. he iswo years younger than
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tana. just like tanabe he lost his family to the atomi bomb. ever since h grandmother passed ay,e has lived a life of solitude. >> translator: isn'there anhing you enjoyhese days? >> translato no. it doesn't sm so. >> tanabe struggled over wheth pubcize the life of someone so cse to him. but h dides to explainhe man's plighto show how the bomb has destroyed people's lives. translator: after being orphaned as a ild, nakamurrk became andult atoc bomb phan. afr the bombg, he never knew happiness or expernced the lovef a family or anying likehat.
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there are lives like this here in hiroshima. and they were caused by the omic bomb. this is a fact that must told. >> tanabe thinks tha his mother and littlerother died here whe their kitchen oncestood. nabe wants people around the world to unrstand what t omic bombing h taken away from the les o oinary people nhk worl hiroshima. h willomplete his new film ahead of th 70th anniversary othe bombing. he hopeso show it to people from around the wor next year in new york an event related to the review conference of the nuclearone proliration treaty. our sies"rembering hiroshima and nagasi will continll week
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we'llave stori and interviews and covere of merial ceremonies in both . two japanese cies, two atomic bombis that changed histor te of thousands of peoe died in an incidt in august 1945. survivors re left suffering in the ruins. newsne will show you how theye been passingown their expeences andharing messages abou world peace. join us for our special coverage "rembering hirhima and nagasaki" starti monday, aust 4th health re professiona are doing wt they can to try totop the large ever outbreak of ebola. they rhed in after peoplen the region started ing, but some a falling victim themselves oicialsithhe world health oanization say 729eople have died from the virus in guinea, sierra lee and liberia.
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one american docr was sent home and is bei treatedt a spital in atlanta. for peoe who le in west rica can't get t help ty need. but enough docrs a nurses and som hospitals iniberia have stoeded accepting patits infected with the rus. the people on the fnt lines are feeli the strain. th heads of doctorsithout borders are calling on tir colleaguesround the wld to help. still they arearning of the dangers. >> you can g infted just b touching wityour hand the dead body. you will go back to your village. and after two to 21 days, you can hav the sease. doctors and health officials in the rionre inexperienced, and many people don't trust them, she ys. >> is the first time that thi disee happens in west afric so the population didn' know
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anythi about it. politicians didn't know anything. and authoties didn't kno of it. >> she said man patients avoid hospitals even though they kw theye infected. she said her organizaon's resours are stretched to the limit, and she wts medical professionals fro around the globe to help trainocal health care workers. csumers acrs japan are tightening the belts. searchers say gwth from april t june has stopd. th blame the increase o the consumption tax. gross destic product from january to mch grew at an nual rate of 6.7%. and japane officls will announce the new pigures next week resechers say itell to an annu rate of minus 6.1 to
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minus 9.2% home appliancesnd the sales tax was rsed in april fell. an business ownerspend less factories and equipment ty say. ma say consume will start spending aga in theext quarter. d prime minister shi zoe abe sa hll usehose numbers to cide whether to rai the tax to10%. officials at t bank of japan say the country's monety base dropped inuly for the first time inix mohs. thay that'sue to ssonal facts and liqdity still remains at very high levels. centl bank officia ss the motary bank exceeded $2.37 trilli at the end ofjuly. that'sown0.1% in yenerms fr the previous month officials say the drop is mely a bacash from increased cash circulation in june,hich is the tim of yearhen the government typically redeems bonds and pays o pensions. they say t monetar base has gone up morehan 40%ompared touly last year.
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since april 2013, boj policy members have pumped lar amounts of money into the financialoney to spur economic tivity. ey propose to boost the monetary base to more tn $2.6 trillion byhe end of this year. wlthy people in india are becomingore inclined to inves thei savgs as their econom exnds, and executives at a japanese le insurance company want to tapnto that demand. life iurance company is promotin a mutual fd bas on japane stocks. it's the first of its kind in dia. theye working with a subsidia of the indian conglomerate reliance group. we've they've alrea got the go-ahead from iian authoritie and they could start selling tir products as early as thi moh. the indian econo has been slowing dn, but it's still growing at an aual ratef abou 4%. over the past t yes, investorsave seen the vue of mual funds go up and u
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recycling befits are realiz in many wa. this is ourport. >>eporter: this is a farmi communit necessary elled ithe mountains ofentral lizon. some 100 kometers north of manila. 30 families liv here, but none of themave access to electricity. afr dark, ty gher around oil lampsr ndles. en supplies run out, they light bon fires.
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a nongovernment oanization visits eac village, bringing with them ety bottlesnd all solar nels. they assemble theieces toake simple lamp theirroject gives free lighti to people who don't have elericity. they heardbout the village from a local church. is man brought in enough materials f 30 lamps. ch lamp is easyo assemble. just insert an l.e.d. into a glass bottland attach a solar panel. ngo membersadeamps with the villagers and p them on their rooftops the solar pel receives enoh sunlight during theay to power the lamp all night. >> they don't have e capacity to pay electricity res which are some of th highest in asia. so whate wted to do is really build a way where they
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can have someight but use commonlyvailable materis. >> aer sunset, peoe across the vilge turn onheir lamps. an illuminated evening like is is a dam come true. >> transtor: thanks to this lamp we can eat dinnerithout mang a fuss like weid before. the children a so happy. th lamp isery important to us. we a so grateful for theower of the sun. >> reporr: the grp's main focus is helng rions hurt by last year's typhoon huya that made many peopl homeless. unab to pay their ectricity bills,hey've bee living withou electric lights for more than six months.
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d az hopes his lam will offer some enuragement. >> light is reay i tnk the first step of buildin life. the most impornt part youan actual help the people build themust like what w didhere. >> translato we're really happy. this will change everything for . we don have to snd the night in the dim lightnymore. >> small lamps made o glass bottles shine in the darkss. ey're glimmer ofope for ople whoefuse to give in t adversit nhk world,tetloba. a tropil storm is whipping up the waters along the u.s. east ast. here is our repor in world weather. >> it's been a vy slow start ofhe hurricane sson here acro the atlantic but tngs are brewing up. we have one storm system it is a tropical storm named
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berthahich already has caused damage ints path. the tpical iands of the bahamas anduerto rico have been maged, and abo 10,000 people, residents, have lost either power or water. now it's headi towards the eastern coa of the u.s., already packing up gus of 120 kilomete per hour. it loo like it's going to become a hurricane status by monday afrnoon. the storm surges rip currents are going to be troublesome for the eastern sea boards we inact already have tpical storm wnings posted all along the eastern coast. not only that, it m not direly affect the islds with stormy conditions, but the coasl are have a cold front that i lingering and hugging this area, which means that we'reoing to be exaspating e situation here. some more thunderstorms wl be peppering across locations. it'sery hot in the midsection of the u.s. and we havouthwestern monsoonal flow that' being very active andlood wates are widely poste in the area. where we wa that precipitation
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we're noteally getting any in northern california as wl as oregon where the critil fire weather continues. 33 degrees but chaes of thunderstormsnd as you can see d.c., atlant the easte seaboardill continue to see chances of understorms. auick look here in europe. these are t bad damag that this syste has caed. it's likely to pull into the northern locations whe the high potential for heavy rain strong winds and tordic activities. the heat is creatinghese kind of tperatures up t 35 degrees in kiev where the average is usuay around 24 degrees. so please watch out for heat stke. i'lleave you now for the extended
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trational summer ftivals are inull swing around jap in one northern area spectors enjoyed a performce involvi bamboooles decorated with lanterns. this festiva beganunday eving in achi prefecture. the lgest ever numr of
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lanterns attached on poles. they balance the poles on their foreheads, shoulde and lower backs. spectars cheered as performers went through their faces. the poles carry as man as 46 lanter. one of theallests 12 feet high and weighs 50 kilo gram they are hes for a good rvest. >> tralator: i'm so excited with tir performanc they're wonderl! >> translator: thi is beyd my imagination. i'm so impressedith this poweul show. >> about 1.35 million pple are expeed to vit the festival that ends on wedneay. th's all for now on "newsline." thank you for joing us.
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