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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 2, 2014 2:00pm-2:11pm JST

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>> hel and welcome to nhk "nsline requests. i'm ro mihara in tokyo. an explosion in factory in the eastern part of the count has ki at least 65 people. the agey says mor tha100
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others havbeen injured. rescue crews are zenching for two missing firefigers afr a powerl blast in taiwan's second largest ty. the dister has killed at let 26 peoe and injured 280 others. 26 killed, 280thers injured. suect that a leak from gas pipe caused the sees of deadly explosio. explosions were lt over three square kilometerrea. the consisof the commercial and residentl builds. offials say residents rerted smelng what they thought was gas shortlbefore the explosions firefighrs were checking for a possible g leak when the blasts ourred. and many petro chemical plants operatinin the area. gas pes lie under the ros where the explosns occurred. taiwan's economic fense minister ss a propane leak from the pip may have caused thexplosions. propylene is usein plastics. it haseft many without water electricity. people in ina's xinjiang or autonomous gion are
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cracng down on terrorist the agency reports oicers shot dead nine suspects and capred anotr. xinh says suspects throu explosives at e hotel region. 30,000 localhelped police ack them down. officers launched anperation against the groulast sunday. xinhua d not report the ethnicity the group members or their numrs or what cidents they were inlved in. fighting beten residents and lice in the xinjiangg youer automous region is killi morend more people. uygur regi.
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> a truce declared in gazaas iled. israeltroops began fightin just hours aft they agreed to a the-day cease fire. israeli forces say hamasas captured soldier. prime minier accused the palestinians of eaking the truce. hamas spokesperson p the . the latest bate erupted in the southern city of theafaj. presidenbenjamin netanyahu accused of the palesnians of the breaking the utroo truce. a hamas rson put the blame o the israelis representativemet in cairo for a framework for long term truce. yptian and other medtors are urginghem to talk. analysts say it isot clear whenhey will. >> u.s. president back obama condemned hamas focapturing an raeli soldier.
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an unconditional rease of the soldier is going to be vy hard toave a cease fire. >> i think it's gog to be very hard to put a cee fire back tother again if israel and the internationacommunity can't feel cfident that hamas can followhrough. >>his statement was issued exessing disappointmenabout the fighting. >> theecretary general urges both ses to show maximum straint and return tthe cee fire that tragical lasted such brief period of time. > influence over isrl and hamas persuading them totart a cease fire. t the. theead of the world health orgization isay ing thebola outbreak, theye callinfor support to help the affected natns. w.h. has counted 729 deaths associate wi the disease.
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margaret chan met. she sayshere is a high risk the disease could spad to other countries ifhe situation contues to deteriorate. she's asking fortrengthened efrt to prevent the spad. and she's stressing theeed to olate patients. >> ebola outbreaks wn managed properly, wh the correct informion for is citizens, ey come forward as ely as possible for treatme. ebola n be stopped. d people, people canegain theilivelihood. chan wants an incree in the number of nurses andoctors.
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they launched a $100illion respon plan trying to stophe largesoutbreak ever of the disease. dutch governmen offials say that7 americans have gained acces ey're worng to collect body parts in the fields where flit 17 camdown in mid july. we hope that the startf these activities and t covery of the reinsill bring someomfort to the families of thvictims. >> the recovery emissionhief sa human remainsnd victims' beloings will be transfred to t netherlands. he says the dutchovernment will add more experts to acceleratehe process. heays it will tak a few more weeks for them complete their mission. >> the japanese govnment has nounced the officia names of
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158 uninhabitedremote islands to govern them more adeqtely. the are about 500 remo island ps th serve as the basis for japan'territorial wars. 158 them have been unnad until now. the governme decided to call two of the senkakuslands nante jima and --. japan controls them. iwan and china claimhem. growing matime presence including in the et china sea. ofcials posted the nam on the st for headquarters for ocean policyn friday.
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a court in unda has ruled an antigay law unconstutional. the legislatn suggested homoseals to penalties including life imprinment. th took a change to th constituonal court and judge nullified thlegislation on a technility. the law banned homosuality and it pmotion. it came in force in february. a ugann newspaper soon publishes the nameand photos of people it claimed we gay. the criticisfrom government leaders in u.sand europe. stl many ugandans want authorities to crackown on homosexuality. gornment officials sayhey may ke an appeal to the supreme urt. >> hir heres the weekend weather forecast.
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that's all we haveor n on "newsli." they tun forore on nhk world -- captionsy vitac -- welcome tocool japan." >> hi. m the theme for today's sh. here y go. thiss for you. >> f me? u are a theme for toy? it must be dls. >> yes. that's right. didn't you play with one o these wh you were a child? hi. >> hi. i usedo pretend. >> isn't ts fun? don't you feelike a kid again? >> guess. let's get arted. this is ""cool japan"


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