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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 1, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm JST

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sds. welcome back to newsline. first the headlines at this hour. delegates from israel and hamas are expected to meat in cairo to negotiate a durable cease-fire. taiwanese authorities are looking into the possibility that gas in underground pipes may have triggered the deadly explosions. and we'll see how people in china react to their countries latest food safety scandal. israeli forces and fighters from
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hamas are set to lay down their arms. they are entering a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire and they're hoping it's the start of a longer truce. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry made the announce. . they say the cease-fire is set to begin friday at 8:00 a.m. local time. a hamas spokesperson said in a statement they're acknowledging a call by the united nations and considering the people of gaza. he said the palestinian faction agreed to a truce as long as israel abides by it. made an official offic comment but local media report officials have confirmed the agreement. delegates from israel and hamas are expected negotiations in cairo. the talks will be mediated by egyptian officials. and are expected to begin as early as friday israel is expected to demand the demilitarization of gaza and the destruction of militants infiltration tunnels. hamas is likely to demand the
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economic blockade imposed on gaza be lifted. if f the negotiations collapse, their 72-hour truce could be broken. u.s. secretary o u all parties involved to focus on finding the road ahead following the truce everyone knows it will not be easy even to get beyond this point but it is imperative that people make the best effort to find common ground and do so. >> he also said the u.s. government will send its representative to the negotiations in cairo. now rescuers report hundreds of casualties after a series of explosions ripped through taiwan's second-largest city. the blast took place in materially hours of friday. at least 23 people were killed, 271 others were injured. the explosions occurred in a three square kilometer area of a
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commercial and residential district. witnesses report seeing huge fireballs, a massive crater gouged in a road and overturned vehicles. >> translator: suddenly i heard an explosion and the ground split open. i hurt my arm and knee. officials say people smelled gas before the explosion. five firefighters checking for a possible gas leak are among the injured. authorities are investigating reports that the blasts weus va substances in underground pipes. international investigators trying to recover remaining victims from malaysia airlines flight 17 have reached the crash site. they're being kept away because of fighting between ukrainian sources and separatists. the team arrived on thursday two weeks after the plane was shot down. they are accompanied by officials from the organization for security and cooperation in
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europe. s osce posted that they took a new route to reach the site and the ukrainian government declared a 24-hour truce. government officia said pro-russian separatists have repeatedly shelled nearby areas. it's unclear whether the experts will have time to conduct a full investigation. the operator of a power plant in central japan has underestimated the potential height of a tsunami that could it this complex. all reactors are currently off line. they need to pass stricter safety screenings imposed following the 2011 disaster in fukushima before they can resume the operation. the power company conducted tsunami simulations for two reactors at its tack hama plant. they included data involving the expected during ration of an undersea landslide might cause. the nuclear regulation authority
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discovered the estimated tsunami height was too low immediately after screening began in july last year they later raised the estimate and nuclear authority officials accepted the estimates but at a meeting on thursday they learned that the company had entered incorrect data concerning the potential length of the landslide. analysts say the results might force people to think how they respond to potential disasters. there are moves to reform the u.n. security council meeting opposition. foreign china, russia and four central asian countries sa on reforming the world body should not be set until it gets majority support. the agreement came after the foreign ministers met in the capital. the xinhua news agency says delegates opposed setting what
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they call an artificial deadline on security council reform. it says they also rejected pushing forward a plan that's not supported by the majority of u.n. members. japan, brazil, germany and india are hoping to make concrete progress in security council reform next year as the 70th anniversary. the four countries are seeking permanent membership on the council. japanese primer s abe announced plans to boost dialogue and cooperation regarding security council reform at his first-ever meeting with the leaders of caribbean nations. china is a permanent member of the security council. the latest announcement is seen as an attempt by china to keep japan in check. leaders in sierra leone have declared a state of emergency to contain an outbreak of the ebola virus. they've immobilized police and the military to quarantine areas where the disease has been found. residents of neighboring guinea
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first saw signs of the outbreak in march, then virus spread to sierra leone and liberia. officials with the world health organization say 729 deaths have been directly or indirectly associated with ebola. 233 people in sierra leone have died from the virus. the president said his country in a great fight. he announced a series of emergency measures that are expected to last 60 to 90 days. goth officials will seal off areas where the disease has been identified, restrict public meetings and gatherings and screen people for signs of the virus. u.s. health authorities has issued warnings to americans. officials with the centers for disease control and prevention advised people to avoid non-essential travel to the countries hit by the virus. and they raised their alert level to 3, the highest on their
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scale. two dozen cdc experts are in west africa trying to help control the outbreak, about 50 more will head there within the month. the virus is spread through bodily fluids and cdc officials have warned their staff to avoid coming into contact with patients' sweat and blood. cdc director tom frieden released a statement saying far too many lives have been lost already. he said it will take many months and won't be easy but he said ebola can be stopped. foreign ministry officials in france and germany have also warned people to avoid non-essential travel to the region. people across china are paying closer attention to the safety of their food. a firm there have been supplying restaurant chains, including mcdonald's, with meat that was passed its expiration date.
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we have this report on the fallout and show how some chinese are trying to keep food safe. >> reporter: mcdonald's outlets in beijing have stopped selling certain kinds of food. >> reporter: this follows a report by a tv station in shanghai. it revealed bad hygiene at the food processing plant owned by shanghai foods. after the report, authorities closed the plant. the u.s. parent company apologized. >> what happened at shanghai was completely unacceptable and i
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hope you will accept my personal and most sincere apology. i am very, very sorry. >> reporter: chinese media continued to report a new food safety scandal. chain knees state-run television reported that an importer eer up two oils and a beijing newspaper accuses a barbecue shop in the city of serving rotten food. an expert says a lack of morals is behind the scandals. >> translator: in china, businesses and consumers are not on equal footing. to create an even playing field, private groups and special institutions should check production practices. >> reporter: meanwhile, some
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groups are trying to ensure food safety. gng don province has a live toing food industry. two years ago, chinese company employees began learning japan's safe food handling methods. kpa two companies are involved in the progress. this is one of them. the company makes health food products. they use technology developed by a local research institution. the management team began by reviewing how staff wash their hands. japanese experts gave advice after visiting the plant. the firm compared soap from scented to unscented and they assigned staff to make sure employees wash their hands properly. the company also changed the waste bins so workers don't have to touch them with bare hands.
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the firm also accepts the idea that staff will be more careful. the program is also meant to spread safety awareness to other provincial businesses. but the company president says the equipment is expensive. it costs the firm about $30,000 over the past two years. >> translator: sure it's costly. but with all the business opportunities it brings i am happy with what we are doing. >> reporter: recent scandals have raised the question on whether firms press their own interest over product hygiene. to restore public confidence in processed food they need to learn how to make food safety part of their corporate culture.
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and our reporter joins us from our beijing studio. daisuke, how have the chinese authorities been dealing with mounting public distrust over food safety? >> shanghai's top authority has stressed officials will carry out a full investigation into the plant involved in the food scandal. >> translator: all government regulatory divisions must strictly oversee firms under their jurisdiction to make sure the rules are followed. >> before the recent revelations, local government officials had replaced the food company. they said it applauds the food safety it advanced. in the past three years, regulate vors reportededly inspected the firm but no misconduct was found. . this has led to people criticizing these officials. to ease concerns, local authorities are taking hard line positions on this issue.
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>> now, the food scare followed a shanghai tv report. are chinese media playing the role of watchdog? >> well, it may look that way. the media are doing more undercover reports and chinese leaders stress the ie of these investigations. but we need to remember that chinese tv stations and newspapers are part of communist party's public relations team. the government continues to control the media. so it's hard to know how far investigative reporters can go. a free press would have china advance the cause of food safety. >> thank you very much, daisuke. that was nhk world's daisuke azuma in beijing. the people at japanese mobile phone firm soft bank have
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spent months to buy u.s. rival t-mobile, now it appears they have a fight on their hands. executives at french firm iliad said they've offered $15 billion for more than half the shares in t-mobile. the fourth-biggest u.s. carrier. last year, the people at soft bank took over the third-biggest firm, sprint. they want to use sprint to acquire t-mobile. but regulators are reportedly reluctant to give the deal the green light. they're worried the merger could reduce competition. iliad executives say their offer won't cause the same problem. they don't have any operations in the u.s. executives at sony say competitors in china are eating into their mobile phone business. they are going to overhaul their smart phone division to stop a slide in sales. the executives brought in higher profits for the april to june quarter, they celt strong sales for their video games and movies
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business. but they failed to reach their target for mobile phones. they've struggled to compete against chinese firms that make inexpensive hand sets for emerging economies. the executives were aiming to sell 50 million phone this is year, but they've lowered that estimate to 43 million. they say they will instruct -- restructure their division to cut their losses and they may stop selling phones in some markets. the leaders of japan and chill chile say they want to get a move on with negotiations over a free trade deal in the asia-pacific. they are keep to wrap up an agreement for their transpacific partnership as soon as possible. prime minister abe met in the chilean capital santiago with president michelle bachelet. they agreed to work together to develop chill's natural resources and they agree they will meet soon to reach an
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economic partnership agreement that took effect seven years ago. they agreed government officials will talk about ways to boost investments d develop better technology for mining. economists at the international monetary fund say japan needs to raise its consumption tax again to tackle its burden of debt. they said japanese leaders need to carry through with a plan to raise the tax next greer 8% to 10%. the economists outlined their recommendations in their annual assessment of japan's economic policy. they wrote that measures adopted by prime minister abe are gaining traction. but they said more forceful growth reforms are needed. they recommended increasing the consumption tax gradually to at least 15%. japanese officials just raised the tax in april to from 5% to 8%. that caused a slowdown in personal spending. still, the people at the imf forecast the economy will grow this year by about 1.6%. they say japan will struggle in the medium term to cope with its
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very high levs of public debt and this rikking labor force. the economist recommend japanese leaders to push ahead with a range of growth strategies and get more women and foreign working. a farmer near tokyo is giving homeless people a chance to turn their lives around. she's teaching them new skills by giving them work on her farm. and they're now enjoying the fruits of their labor. >> reporter: this woman farms 1.2 acres in the southwest of tokyo. e grows more than 30 kinds of vegetables on her land she has given many homeless people the opportunity to work on her farm. one of them lost his source of
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income when his company went bankrupt. another one lost his job and became homeless when he couldn't find any other employment. they each have their own different stories they hope to gain the know-how they need to live independent lives. she teaches them basic farming skills. to date, she's worked with 40 people who used to be homeless most of them have found new joy in life through their work on the farm. this man worked on her farm for about three months then, through her introduction, he found work on this farm kyushu. yamamoto once ran his own business but after it failed he became estranged from his family and started living on the
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streets. he even contemplated suicide. >> translator: it's amazing, isn't it? i had lost everything and now i've regained my passion and hope. >> translator: working in the fields with others gives them confidence and that makes them more motivated. >> reporter: she also runs programs for people who find it hard to engage in society, including young people who have been living at shut ins. for three months, participants come to the farm for two hours each week. currently there are about 10 people enrolled in the program. >> now i'm here and i feel like i can talk to other people more. now i think i'm more able to live like a normal person.
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>> reporter: her steady efforts are finally starting to take effect. one of the participants has been offered a job. a local farmer became interested in her program and she has come to the office and wants to hire young participant immediate ly this man studied on her program for two bhonts before being offered work. his job will be to take care of tomatoes. soon after he started working, she came to visit him on the farm. he was bullied from the time he was at elementary school and all through junior high. although he went to a trade school, he didn't get on with his classmates and ended up dropping out. after that, he was unable to find any work. that's how he came to take part
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in her program. >> translator: it's enjoyable and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. getting into the farming program made me realize how wonderful it is growing crops. >> translator: there are many people who want to work but don't a job and if they could just take that small psychological step they could start leading active working lives. my dream is that one day there will be more farming programs like this in other parts of the country offering support for people in that situation. >> reporter: nurturing people as well as produce, her work based on her strong belief in the potential of hands-on farming is starting to put down roots. >> two japanese cities, two atomic bombings that changed history. tens of thousands of people died in an instant in august, 1945.
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survivors were left suffering in the ruins. newsline will show you how they've been passing down their experiences and sharing messages about world peace. join us for our special coverage, remembering hiroshima and nagasaki starting monday, august 4. time now for a check of the weather. people in okinawa continue to deal with a strong wind and heavy rain for the updates of that and more, we turn to meteorologist robert speta. we are continuing to watch a storm system. this is severe tropical storm nakri still pulling off towards the north. this one has been packing a punch towards western portions of kyushu, you've been seeing heavy rainfall. upwards of about 300 millimeters in some areas. 328 in miyazak the southwest, these gusty winds with rain bands overhead, and you can see gusting up to typhoon strength. let's see what that looks like
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in this video we have coming out of okinawa. we were looking at tropical storm strength sustained winds, gusts on the island well over 100 kilometers per hour. very dangerous to drive in. you can see pedestrians trying to walk around a little good that'm la is doing that lady there because you are going to be seeing these still windy conditions as we look ahead through the forecast. the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours, this storm system will continue to track towards the north. the other key thing to know, it is very large. despite that center of circulation moving away, see the yellow line? that's indicating tropical storm strength winds. very blustery towards south korea, even still into taiwan and then all those winds are going to follow in behind the type of monster we have here, monsoonal gyre top of storm. so not just winds, heavy rainfall in effect across okinawa. we had tropical storm warnings, high surf advisories, flooding, rains and landslides could be possible. as we go into the week, i want to talk about south korea and
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western japan. the rain will come up overhead and there is the threat of flooding here as well. by next week, this isn't the only storm system we are watching. we also have tropical storm hawang. a little weaker than nakri but it's expected to intensify through a typhoon through the weekend and then could impact japan by next week. something we want to watch out for. meanwhile across mainland japan the topic has been the heat and these thunderstorms. northern portions of honshu, evacuation advisories have been issued because of heavy ra occurring out here. some 50 millimeters an hour in total. about 100 to 200 millimeters have been causing flooding. still the threat of afternoon thunderstorms could be seen. switch over towards the americas now. we're still looking at flash flood watches across the carolinas. a low pressure system is pushing through here. we have a low off there towards the north into canada which is bringing in severe weather, in new york state you saw reports
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of large hail out there. our storm system will push off towards the east into new york, washington, d.c., thunderstorms there for you. even back towards the west into denver. you're still talking about the moon soon, flash floods watches in effect there as well. if you're on the northwest, stay hot and dry, seattle high of 28. partly cloudy skies in your forecast. let's talk about europe. we've been looking at this cutoff low spinning here. this isn't anything tropical related but it's been producing severe weather and several reports of waterspouts and damaging winds into serbia. you've seen about 240 millimeters of rainfall in 24 hours. that threat still there. also looking at severe thunderstorms around the pyrenees and then north of that high pressure has been in place and the heat has been continuing to dominate. warsaw is cool now. look at that by sunday, 34. ten degrees above your average. here's your extended o.
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that's all for now on this edition of newsline.
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thank you all for jo.
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today's "asian voices" c to youo speak to a man w for many y country's econ as one of the brics countrie india has had a major impact the global economy, but in recent years, it has experie a slowdown. the people elected economic reformer narendra modi by a landslide in the last genera election and has vowed to tu things around.


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