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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 1, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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hello there, welcome to "newsline." first the headlines at this hour. delegated are expected to meet in cairo to talk about a durable cease fire and hoauthorities ar looking in to gaps in underground pipes triggering deadly explosions and the reaction of the latest food safety scandal
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>> there's a 72 hour cease fire and they are hoping it's the start of a longer truce. the authorities made the announcement, they say the cease fire is set to begin friday at 8:00 a.m., a spokes person from hamas said they are acknowledging a call from the united nations can consid s and the people of gaza, they have not made an official comment but poishls have confirmed the agreement. delegates are expected to start negotiations in cairo. the talks will be meade 80ed by egyptian officials and are expected to begin as early as friday. israel is expected to demand the demilitarization, and the
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removal of tunnels. and the economic blockade will be lifted. if the negotiations collapses the 72 hour truce could be broken. john kerry has urged all parties involved to focus on finding the road ahead following the truce agreement. >> everyone knows that it will not be easy to get beyond this point, but it's important that people make the best effort to try to find common ground and do so. >> he also said that the u.s. government will send its representative to the negotiations in cairo. rescuers report hundreds of casualties affeldt a series of explosions ripped through taiwan's second largest city. the blast took place in the early hours of friday. at least 23 people were killed. 271 others were injured. the explosions occurred in a three-square kilometer area of a
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commercial and residential district. wis seeing huge fire balls, a massive crater in a road and overturned vehicles. >> translator: suddenly i heard an explosion and the ground split open. i hurt my arm and knee. >> the officials say that residents smelled what they thought was gas shortly before the explosions, firefighters who were checking for a possible gas reaction are among the injured the reports are that the blast was caused by vap orrized pipes.l sun assi -- chemical the team arrived on thursday, two weeks after the plane was shot down. they are accompanied by officials from the organization for security and cooperation in
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europe. osce officials are posted in twitter, four expert, they took new routes to reach the sight and the ukrainian government declared a 24-hour truce. pro russian separatists are have been shelling nearby areas. it's unclear whether the experts will have time to conduct a full investigation. the operator of a power pla plant of japan has under estimated the size of sewatsuna that could hit the area. the electric power company conducted tsunami simulations, it included data involving the expected duration of a under sea land slide, a manger quake could
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cause. the authority discovered that the tsunami heights was too low. they later raised the estimate of the maximum height. nuclear authority officials accepted the revised projections but in a meeting on thursday, participants learned that they entered incorrect data concerning the potential length of the land slide, and the results may have planners rethinking how to respond to potential disasters. it could delay the ci wall in t. the foreign ministers of china russia and four central asian countries say that a deadline on reforming the world body should not be set until it g e delegates oppose setting
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what they call an artificial deadline on security council reform. it says, they rejected pushing forward a plan that is not supported by the majority of u.n. members. japan, brazil, germany and india are hoping to make concrete progress. the 4 countries are seeking permanent membership on the council. japanese prime minister abe urged boosting of reform. now, china is a permanent member of the security council, the latest announcement is seen as an attempt by china to keep japan in check. leaders in sierra leone have declared a state of emergency to contain the outbreak of the ebola virus residents of
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neighbors guinea saw signs of the outbreak in march and it spread. officials with the world health organization say, 729 deaths have been directly or indirectly associatesed with ebola. 233 people have died from the virus. president earnest said that his can country is in a great fight, he announced a series of emergency measures that are expected to last 60 to 90 days. official it is will seal off areas where the disease has been identified. restrict public meetings and gatherings and screen people for signs of the virus. u.s. health officials have issued warnings to americans. they individualsed people to avoid nonessential travel to the countries that were hit by the
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virus. and raised the level to 3, the highest on the scale. two dozen cdc experts are in west africa trying to help control the outbreak. 50 more will head there within the month. the virus is spread through bodly fluids and cdc officials have warned the staff to avoid coming in to contact with patients sweat and blood. cdc director released a statement saying far too many lives have been lost already. but he said that it can be stopped. foreign ministry officials in france and germany have warned people to avoid nonessential travel t. people across china are paying closer attention to the safety of their food. a farm has been supplying restaurant chains meat that was
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past the expiration date. we report on the fallout and how some are trying keep food safe. >> reporter: mcdonald's in beijing has stopped sell lg certain kinds of food. this follows a report by a tv stalgz in shanghai, it showed bad hygiene at the food processing plants owned by -- >> after the report, authorities closed the plant. the u.s. parent company apologized. >> what happened at shanghai was completely unacceptable and i
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hope you will accept my personal and most sincere apology, i'm very, very sorry. >> chinese media reported a new food safety scandal. chinese television reported that an importer labeled low quality olive oil as spanish made extra virgin olive oil and a barbecue shop in the city was accused of serving rotten food. and know expert said that a lack of morals is behind the scandals. >> translator: in china, businesses and consumers are not on a even playing field, special groups and special institutions though check production practices.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, some are trying to ensure food safety. this providence has a thriving food sfri and two years ago, employees began to learn that japan's safe handling methods. two companies are involved in the program. this is one of them. the company makes health food produ they use technology developed by a local research institution. the management team begins by reviewing how staff washes their hands. japanese experts gave advice after visiting the plant. the farm switched from scented to unscented soap and assigned staff to make sure that employees wash their hands properly. the company also changed the waste bins so the walk oorkers t
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h bare hands. and they accepted visitors. the idea is staff will be more careful, the program is meant to spread safety awareness to over businesses. but, the company president said, the equipment is expensive. it costed the firm $30,000 over the past two years. >> translator: sure it's cost but with all the busy opportunities it brings i'm happy with what we are doing. >> reporter: researchers have raised the question, restoring public confidence in processed food, firms need to learn how to make food safety part of the
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corporate culture. >> so, how have the chinese authorities been dealing with the mounting public distrust over food safety? >> reporter: the authority has stressed official it is will carry out a full investigation in to the plant involved in the food scandal. >> translator: all government are regulatory divisions must strictly oversee firms under jurisdiction to make sure the rules are followed. >> reporter: because of this, local government officials had blamed the food company and said that their approach to food safety has been -- they have inspected the farm. but no misconduct was found. this had led to people criticizing the officials. to ease concerns local authorities are taking the hard line position on this issue.
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>> i see, now the food scare follow ee eed a shanghai media report. the media are the doing more undercover reports and chinese leader stress the importance of the investigation. but we need to remember that chie naez tv stations and news papers are part of the communist party public relations team the government continues to control the media. so, it's hard to know how far investigative rego. a free press would have china advance the cause of food safety. >> thank you very much. the people at japanese mobile phone firms softbank has spent
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months working on a deal to buy temperatur seems they have a fight on their hands. the firm has offered $15 million for more than half the shares in t-mobile, the fourth biggest u.s. carrier. the people in softbank took over sprint last year. they want to use sprint to requi e t-mobile. authorities are worried this will reviews competition. they are saying that it will not cause the same problem, they could not have any operations in the u.s. executives in sony say that companies in china are eating in to their mobile phone busine, th goi to overall the smartphone division to stop a slide in sales. the executives brought in higher profits from the april to june profit. they credit strong sales for video games and movie business.
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but failed to reach the target for mobile phones. they have struggled to compete against chinese phones that have made inexpensive hand sets for emerging countries. they have lowered their estimate to 43 million. they say they will instruct -- restructure the division to cut the losses and they may stop selling poens in some markets. the leaders of japan and china say they want to get a move on with negotiations over free trade deals in the asian pacific. they are keane wrap up an agreement as soon as possible. >> prime minister abe met in the capitol, it was part of his five-nation tour of latin america. the leader have agreed to work together to develop natural resources. and they confirmed that they
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will meet soon. they agreed that government officials will talk about ways to boost investments and develop better technology for mining. economists at the international monetary fund said that japa needs to raise the consumption tax again to tackle the burden of debt. they need to go through with raising the tax from 8% to 10%. economists outlined their findings, and wrote that measures that were adopted by prime minister abe are gaining traction but more forceful growth is needed, they suggested increasing the consumption tax to 15% gradually. the people forecast that the economy will grow by 1.6% and
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that japan will struggle in the medium term to deal with the high levels of public debt and that shrinking labor force. they urge to get more women and foreigners working. a farmer near tokyo is giving homeless people a chance to turn their lives around. she is giving them work on their farm and now they are enjoying the fruila farms 1.2 acres to the southwest of tokyo. she grows more than 30 kinds of vegetables on her land. she has given many homeless people the opportunity to work on her farm. one of them, lost his stours of
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income when his company went bankrupt. and another, suddenly lost his job and became homeless when he cannot find any other employment. they each have their own different stories. they hope to gain the know-how they need to live independent lives. she teaches them farm lg skills. and to date, she has worked with 40 people who used to be homeless and most of them have found new joy in life through work on the farm. he works on the farm for about three months. then, through her introduction, he found work on this farm. he once ran his own business but after it failed he became a e
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str stra from his family and started to live on the streets and even contemplated suicide. >> tras amazing, isn't it? i had lost everything and now i have regained passion and hope. >> translator: working in the fields with others gives them confidence and that makes them more motivated. >> she also runs programs for people who find it hard to engage in society. including so-called young people who have been living as shut ins. for three months, participants come to the farm for two hours each week. currently there are ten people enrolled in the program. now, i'm here. and i feel like i can talk to other people more. now i think i'm more able to live like a normal person.
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>> her steady efforts are starting to take effect. one of the participapas has bee job, she has come to the office and wants to hire one person immediately. he has been on the farm for two months, his job will be taking care of tomatoes, soon after starting working, she came to visit him on the farm. he was bullied from the time he was in elementary school and all through junior high, although he went to a trade school, he did not get on with his classmates and ended up dropping out. after that, he was unable to find any work. that is how he came to take part
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in this program. >> translator: it's enjoyable and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. getting in to the farming program made me realize how wonderful it is growing crops. >> translator: there are many people that want to work and koen t have a job, if they could take a small psychological step, they could take the next step. my dream is this program will be in different parts of the country, offering support for people in that situation. >> her work based on her strong belief in the potential of hands on farming is starting to put down roots. two japanese cities, two atomic bombings that chinged history.
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survivors were left suffering in the ruins. "newsline" will tell you how they are passing down their experiences and sharing messages of world peace. join us for the special coverage, starting monday, august 4th. >> time now for a check of the weather, people in okinawa are dealing with strong winds and heavy rain. yes, we are continuing to watch the storm system, it's a severe tropical storm pulling off towards the north and this one has been packing a bunch today, tall way out there towards western portions, you can see the heavy rainfall, upwards of 300 millimeters and it resulted in a land slide on thoroughly. and then down towards the southwest, the gusty rains and rain bands up ahead. let's look at the video.
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coming out of okinawa, this was taken, we looking at tropical storm sustained winds on the island well over 100 kilometers per lawyer. they are dangerous to drive in and you see how that umbrella is doing little good, you will see windy conditions as we look ahead through the forecast. rest of the afternoon and in to the evening hours. the system will track off to the north. the other key thing, it's large. you see the yellow line, that is indicating that the tropical storm strength wind swinds. then all the winds will follow in behind this storm many is. that is just a type of monster we have here. monsoon type storm. the heavy rainfall in effect, we have the tropical storm warnings, high surf advisories, as we go in to the weekend, i
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want to talk about the threat of flooding here by next week, we have tropical storm here, weaker than nakri, but it's expected to intensify to a typhoon through the weekend and then could impact japan by next weechblth something you want to watch out for. meanwhile, across mainland japan, the heat has been the story. eevacuation advisories have been issued because of heavy rainfall. some areas 50 millimeters an hour. 100 to 200 millimeters has been causing a threat of flooding. a switch over to the americas now. we are still looking at flash flood warnings in the care line as, and we have a low off to the north and canada, and it will bring in severe weather, and new york state, you saw reports of
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large hail out there. that storm system will continue to push off to the east. thunderstorms for you. and back towards the west in denver and so you are still talking monsoons. if you are not northwest, stay hot and dry out there. let's talk about europe and what has been going on out here. we have been looking at the cut off low spinning here it's not anything tropical related but it has been producing the severe weather, reports of water spauts and you see 230 millimeters of rainfall, the threat is still there, and looking at severe thunderstorms and then, north of that, high pressure has been in place in the heat, and it that is been continuing to dominate. warsaw, it's cool now. look at that. by sunday. 34, ten degrees above your average by the end of the weekend. >> here is youex
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that is all for now on this edition of "newsline," thank you very m.
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