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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 1, 2014 6:00am-6:31am JST

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thank you for joining us on this edition o" i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. local media in taiwan a big explosion occurred in southern part of taiwan earl the morning. like local firefighters believe a gas leak led to the fire. residents in the area says it shook like an earthquake. media quote a witness saying that firefighters were at the site before the explosion
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because of the smell of gas. an international team of investigators has finally reached the crash site of ma eastern ukraine. they were not able to access the site previously due to fighting nearby between ukrainian forces and separatists. officials from for security and cooperation europe are accompanying the investigators to t they arrived on thursday, tw weeks after the plane was down. the osce officials posted on twitter saying that four exp from the netherlands australia reached the crash via a ne the experts arrived at the s after the ukrainian unilaterally declared a 24-h tr ukrainian government officia said on thursday that pro-russian separatists repeatedly shelled areas aro the area. because the truce is for a limited time, it's unc whether the experts can cond a . meanwhile, russia has
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dismissed as unfounded u.s. accusations that it violated a nuclear missile treaty. moscow added it has it complaints against the u.s. rega. a u.s. government official issued a statement on monday saying russia viol intermediate range nuclear russia's foreign ministry on wednesday said the allegatio are completely baseless. the ministry noted a planned u.s. def europe capable of launching midrange mis under the treaty. the treaty was signed by the soviet union and the united states in 1987 as a symbol of detente. it was designed ground-launched cruise missi with a range of 500 to 5,500 . it bans their possession, production and testing. the exchange of accusations place amid a deepening r between russia and the unite states over moscow's role in ukrain.
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the ebola outbreak in west africa has triggered fear an concern among people in othe coin european nations are helping medical workers to contain the spread o. the outbreak began in guinea march. it spread to neighboring lib and sierra leone ebola has killed nearly 700 people in those countries. the fren specialists from the institu pasture to the affected area help quickly identify and isolaten officials will discuss additional measures this wee and swiss officials say that switzerland will provide nea $600,000 to doctors wi borders. members of the aid group hav been treating ebola patients afri. european governments are also concerned that the virus cou be brought into their countrie by travelers. the french foreign ministry is advising people visiting wes africa to get the latest information and avoid affect
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more civilians are being killed every day in the figh in gaza. world leaders are struggling t end the violence between isr troops and hamas milit and now israeli military commanders say they'll boo their forces by thousands. the soldiers attacked more tha 100 locations in gaza in the 24-hour period to thursday morning. hamas militants fired rocket toward israel. health officials in gaza say wednesday more than 100 peop they say the death toll has topped 1,300 and they say mo than two-thirds of the dead civilians. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon condemned the attack a school used as a u.n. shel . 15 people were killed.
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>> i condemn this attack in strongest possible terms. nothing, nothing justifies s horror. >> about 225,000 palestinian are taking shelter at 86 u.n facilities. >> translator: i had believe that the u.n. school would nev be targeted, but now i'm afr we could be the next victim. >> tra think the israeli military c attack this school at any minute. >> israeli leaders are prepa to strengthen their offensiv despite growing inte criticism. a military spokesperson said additional 16,000 reservists will be the fighting is taking a tol the lives of gaza's resident this week. israeli attacks on tuesday destroyed fuel tanks at gaza only power plant. those who can't bake bread a home formed long lines at th
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few bakeries that have backup generators. >> translator: i had to wait 2 1/2 hours to buy two bags >> translator: our house was the north. it was destroyed, and we have place to live. we don't have flour, electrici or b i want to get something for family to eat. >> residents of upper floors apartment buildings also lac water because the pumps have n power. it's now time to check on the markets and the latest trading on wall street. michael gapen, senior u.s. economist at barclays has the details. >> the u.s. equities were down about 2% on the day with the dow closing at 16,563 and the s&p closing at 1,930, nasdaq was
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also down a similar amount on the day. weakness in u.s. equities was mirrored by weaknesses in europe, stocks in europe fell about 2% on the day as well. treasuries across the curve. the weakness in u.s. equities came from both internal and external sources. internally, earnings have disappointed recently, particularly in the technology sector, and home builder stocks have been sent lower on fears that the recovery in u.s. housing has stalled. in addition, there have been external factors that have weighed on both u.s. teand european markets. credit markets are dealing with another default in argentine sovereign debt and a bank in portugal was asked to raise capital. this is all before tomorrow's employment report where we'll see another strong payroll
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growth in the u.s. which could lead to the federal reserve to raise interest rates sometime in the middle of next year. we do share this view. we think payrolls will rise by 225,000 on the month, and we look for the unemployment rate to tick lower to 6% from 6.1% in june. if true, we think this means wages will firm and the fed will be raising rates in june of next year. i'm michael gapen, senior u.s. economist with barclays. >> and next let's take another brief look at the marketing
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south korea's samsung electronics have reported earnings for the april to june quarter. officials say sales fell from a year earlier for the first time in nine years. samsung sales stood at about $51 billion in the three months, that's down almost 9% when calculated in one and the first drop since 2005. operating profit tumbled more than 24% to about $7 billion. the third straight quarterly decline. the officials say the yen's depreciation cut into the earnings. the sales of smartphones and tablets were slow in china pointing out cheaper products were more popular. samsung executives say they'll roll out smartphone models try to push up saelds. two major japanese
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manufacturers have reported better profits for the april to june quarters but sluggish tv sales remain a drag. sony executives say sales for the quarter increased nearly 6% from the same period to about $17.6 billion. operating profit almost doubled to about $680 million. the surge is due to strong performances in the movie and home game machine businesses. but sales of smartphones and tvs remain weak. sony kept its current business year forecast unchanged. it expects a net loss of about $486 million. meanwhile, toshiba is stepping uppests to step up its struggling tv business. executives say they'll close half of the firm's 24 overseas tv sale centers. they also plan to cut a quarter of its work force in the tv marketing division, which means 300 employees will lose their jobs. toshiba sales for the april to june quarter increased 2.7% from a year ago.
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operating profits surged about 57%, but its tv business posted an operating loss of about $48 million. every morning investors turn their attention to asia, the tokyo market leads the way. in markets around the world follow. >> from the decisions that could change the course of an economy. >> to the companies at the forefront of change. >> up-to-the-minute market reports. >> and analysis by specialists from around the world. >> get all the latest business news and insight every day here on "newsline." boat accidents in indone have led to a number of casualties for many people heading to their hometowns f the holidays after the holy month . at least 25 people have died. a ferry sank on tuesday in a river. 70 passengers were on board. local media said some swam t
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shore, but 18 people die police officers suspect the overloaded the vessel with passengers. and in north sumatra on wednesday, a river ferry carrying 48 people went down. seven died and 13 are missin overcrowded buses and ferrie during the holidays has led se officials in western ind said on thursday that the de toll from a landslide has ri to at least 25. around 150 people are still trapped in mud. continuing rain and poor communications in the remote area are slowing efforts by rescue workers to re site the workers and loca through swirling mud, rocks, debris of shattered homes in village of ambegan in maharashtra state. the landslide hit a village early wedn reuters says 46 houses were washed away. >> translator: in our house there were eight people of w two survived, but the other
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are buried under the mud. >> my past experience is we cannot rule out but chances ar very, very, very little. >> in another disaster in indi heavy rains have havoc in the himalayan state o uttarakhand. a flood killed at least four pe houses. rescue effort is under way a many p. in june last year, uttarakha was hit by the heaviest rain 900 people died and more tha 5,700 went missing. the philippines interest bank has raised its key interest rate for the first time in more than three years after malaysia's decision earlier in july to raise its interest rate, possibly signaling a trend toward tighter monetary policy in southeast asia. the policy makers of the philippine central bank decided at a board meeting on thursday to raise the benchmark interest
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rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 3.75%. it was the first hike for the philippines since may 2011. the move is aimed at choking off inflation. food and fuel prices in the philippines have been rising since massive typhoon hit the central part of the country last november. the consumer price index for june was up 4.4% from a year ago. it's been hovering above the benchmark rate for some time. the philippines has also been seeing an inflow of money due 0 to the monetary easing measures by the u.s. federal reserve, heightening worries about a surge of real estate prices. >> the monetary board's decision is a preemptive response to signs of inflation pressures and elevated inflation expectations. >> now, market sources say investors have been moving money into real estate markets in southeast asia ever since the u.s. loosened its monetary
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policy. they say if local food prices continue to rise, the philippines central bank will be under pressure to take more drastic steps. the philippines is the second country in southeast asia to hike its key rate in july. malaysia raised its rates for the first time in three years. all sorts of deliverypeople can be found in major cities across the globe. india's commercial capital mumbai have a class of people whose jobs are to deliver lunches prepared by housewives to their husbands at work. they are extremely punctual. >> reporter: in mumbai, there are people who provide a service that has been around for more than a century. every morning they deliver
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200,0$200,000 l boxes. this service remains very popu this man has been a customer for 20 years. he runs a stock trading company and frequently has dinner out with his clients. for lunch, he eats meals prepared by his wife. he pays about $12 a month for the delivery service. for his wife, that means she's spared the frustration of waking up early to cook his lunch because the lunch box is picked up after her husband leaves for work. she finishes making the lunch, which is sealed with her affection for her husband.
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>> translator: i don't cook oily foods because of my husband's health. >> reporter: it's 9:30 a.m., the deliverymen show up. they are assigned a delivery area. each collects about 30 lunch boxes. the deliveryman heads toward the local train station. part of the delivery route is along the railroad which runs across mumbai. lunch boxes collected at the station are assorted according to destination and passed on to other deliverymen. there are about 500 delivery areas, but mix-ups are extremely rare. the secret to the accuracy and pu punkualte t codes on the lunch boxes.
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such outstanding reliability is made possible by these symbols. the station, the street address of the office, and the deliveryman's i.d. number are marked on carrying cases. >> translator: we sort about 2,000 lunch boxes in one area. once you get used to it, it's easy to sort them out. >> reporter: the lunch box is passed to a deliverer who heads to his office. shortly after noon, the lunch will arrives. >> translator: it's 20 past 12:00. as always. >> reporter: the fluctuating nature of the stock markets keep him in his office all day. half past 1:00, he finally sits down for lunch.
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he is a vegetarian and today his wife has cooked him potatoes with spice, bean curry and fried potatoes. on the side are indian bread and rice. >> this is rice. >> reporter: eating meals made by his wife provides him with a sense of satisfaction and assuran up to the mark. basically, this allows for the family. >> reporter: the service is a part of everyday life in mumbai. these workers will continue to be part of a link between husbands and wives.
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north korean authorities say their investigation into the fate of missing japanese nationals is under way. they set up a special committee earlier this month, but authorities from japan and other nations are folk you using on whether or not the probe will help resolve the abduction issue. >> the north set up its special investigation committee after representatives from both governments met. the new body is responsible for conducting what is supposed to be a new inquiry into all japanese nationals in north korea. this it covers those allegedly abducted by north korean agents committee has been given a mandate. the group will take their direction from the national defense commission, the supreme body, to investigate all
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institutions. japanese government officials judged that north korea's investigators will be able to conduct an effective probe. prime minister shinzo abe has listed some of the sanctions japan had imposed on the north. they're now paying close attention to how and when their counterparts in the north will report their findings. >> translator: both governments agree that the initial results should be reported between late summer and early autumn of this year. >> north korea military leaders have been launching short range ballistic missiles and rockets while the investigation is taking place. they say their actions are in response to criticism from the u.s. and south korea. they also say it's within the
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country's lawful rights to protect its autonomy. >> now, prior to this story, we mentioned that a special committee for the investigation is under way. it was set up earlier this month, but we actually meant earlier in july. now, kim cho yu is with the institute of analyses. he tells us what north korea's recent actions could mean. >> talks in march followed by beijing indicate pyongyang's insistence that the abduction information have been disclosed. pyongyang's willingness t n -- essence, the special investigating committee for japanese people in north korea is likely to be more thorough than before. the committee may check japanese
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spouses who moved to the north with their korean partners to prove its sincerity. but power can follow through to provide meaningful results regarding the japanese people in north korea. t . seoul has had diverse lessons learned from a series of offensive by yong yang. rhetorical agreements do not match with expectations. only actions are real messages. korean people are curious and paying close attention to whether or when prime minister shinzo abe will visit pyongyang. there is wild speculation over cross-recognition of the two koreas. in response to more intimated
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relations between seoul and beijing, the abe administration is mulling over how to handle his pyongyang visit. the international committee should not endorse the nuclear missile ambitions. even humanitarian approaches have been -- therefore, easing sanctions have been done after verification of north korea's speedy inquiry and findings, i believe. north korea has been showing all this mobile missile capabilities with the fightings of 100 rounds within five months. recent provocative scud missile firings are getting closer to demilitarized jong, making surprise launches from any place at any time. consider the reality of the situation on the korean peninsula, japan could continue to abide by international
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sanctions. japanese easing sanctions cannot be separate from u.n.-led sanctions. with kim jong-un reckless missile launches on the one side and olive branch on the other, north korea strives for creating a sense of urgency in northeast asia. it's unclear how far north korea willing to go to resolve japan's concern about abductions. u.s.-led nuclear related sanctions. whatever the outcomes of pyongyang's new investigation, japan should not make holes in the collaboration. even a partial fall could provide pyongyang with a small but potentially meaningful use for the program's development. . two japanese cities. two atomic bombings that changed history. tens of thousands of people died in an instant in august 1945.
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survivors were left suffering in the ruins. "newsline" will show you how they've been passing down their experience and sharing messages about world peace. join us for our special coverage "remembering hiroshima and nagasaki" starting monday, next, here's the three-day outlook on the worth
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and that's all for now on this edition of "newsline."
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i'm raja pra dawn dhan in tokyo. from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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this video was shot duri fierce attack by israeli force in gaza. the fighting between israel the palestinian islamic grou hamas shows no sign of endin on july 8th, the israeli military began an offensive in gaza. many civilians have been kil anju


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