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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 1, 2014 2:00am-2:31am JST

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hello and welcome to this edition of nhk world "newsline" i'm raja pradhan with the news tokyo. more civilians are being killed every day in the fighting in gaza. world leaders are struggling to end the violence between israeli troops and hamas militants. and now israeli military commanders say they'll boost their forces by soldiers attacked more than 100 locations in gaza in the 24-hour period to thursday morning. hamas militants fired rockets toward israel.
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health officials in gaza say on wednesday that more than 100 people were killed. they say the death toll has topped 1,300 and they say more than two-thirds of the dead are civilians. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon condemned the attack on a school used as a shelter in northern gaza. 15 people were killed. >> i condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. nothing, nothing justifies such a horror. >> about 225,000 palestinians are taking shelter at 86 u.n. facilities. >> translator: i had believed that the u.n. school would never be targeted. but now i'm afraid we could be the next victim. >> translator: i'm so scared to think the israeli military could attack this school minute. >> israeli leaders are preparing to strengthen their offensive despite growing internat criticism. a military spokesperson said an
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additional 16,000 reservists will be called up. the fighting is taking a toll on the lives of gaza's residents, most of them lost electricity this week. israeli attacks on tuesday destroyed fuel tanks at gaza's only power plant. those who can't bake bread at home formed long lines at the few bakeries that have backup generators. >> translator: i had to wait for two and a half hours to buy two bags of bread. >> translator: our house was in the north. it was destroyed and we have no place to live. we don't have flour, electricity or bread. i want to get something for my family to eat. >> residents of upper floors in apartment buildings al water because the pumps have no power. the ebola outbreak in west
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africa has triggered fear and concern among people in other continents. european nations are helping medical workers to contain the spread of the deadly virus. the outbreak began in guinea in march. it has spread to neighboring liberia and sierra leone and ebola has killed nearly 7 huc00 peop the french government has sent specialists from the pasture to the affected areas to help quickly identify and isolate patients. officials will discuss additional measures this wee swiss officials say that switzerland will provide nearly $600,000 to doct borders. members of the aid group have been treating ebola patients in africa. european governments are also concerned that the virus could be brought into their countries by travelers. the french foreign ministry is advising people visiting west africa to get the latest information and avoid affe areas. an international team of
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investigators has finally d the crash site of malaysia airlines mh17 in eastern ukraine. they could not access the site due to fighting nearby between ukrainian forces and separatists. officials from the organization for security and cooperation in europe are accompanying the investigators to the area. they arrived on thursday, two weeks after the plane . the osce officials posted on twitter saying that four experts from the netherlands and australia reached the crash site via a new route. the experts arrived at the site after the ukrainian government unilaterally declared a 24-hour truce. ukrainian government officials said on thursday that pro-russian separatists repeatedly shelled areas around the area. because the truce is for a limited time, it's unclear whether the experts can conduct a full i russia has dismissed unfounded u.s. accusations that it violated a nuclear missile treaty.
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moscow added it has its own complaints against the u.s. in regard to th. a u.s. government official issued a statement on monday saying russia violate the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. russia's foreign ministry on wednesday said the allegations are completely baseless. the ministry noted a planned u.s. defense system in eastern europe capable of launching mid range missiles is banned under the treaty. the treaty was signed by russia and the united states in 1987 as a symbol of detent. it was designed to eliminate ground-launched cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers. it bans their possession, production and testi the exchange of accusations took place amid a deepening rift between russia and the united states over moscow's role in the ukraine crisis.
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authorities in north korea say their investigation into the fate of missing japanese nationals is und they set up a special committee this month, but authorities from japan and other nations are focusing on whether or not the probe will help resolve the abduction issue. >> reporter: the north set up its special investigation committee after representatives from both governments met. the new body is responsible for conducting what is supposed to be a new and thorough inquiry into all japanese nationals in north korea. this covers those allegedly abducted by north korean agents. officials in pyongyang say the committee has been granted a special mandate. the group will take their direction from the national defense commission, the country's supreme body, to investigate all institut. japanese government officials have judged that north korea's
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investigators will be able to conduct an effective probe. prime minister shinzo abe has lifted some of the sanctions japan had imposed on the north. they're now paying c attention to how and when their counterparts in the north will report their findings. >> translator: both governments agree that the initial results should be reported between late summer and early autumn of this year. >> reporter: north korean military leaders have been launching short-range ballistic missiles and rockets while the investigation is taking place. they say their actions are in response to criticism from the u.s. and south korea. they also say it's within the country's lawful rights to protect its autonomy.
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>> kim chul-woo is with the korea institute for defense analysis and tells us what north korea's recent actions could mean. >> stalled talks in march followed by beijing meeting indicate pyongyang's changing position, like the earlier insistence that the abduction issue had been settled and .isclosed all information on pyongyang's will reverse the stance of abduction symbolized the desperate desire to get out of the isolation imposed even by close ally china. in that sense, the special investigation committee for japanese people in north korea is likely to be more thorough than before. the committee may check japanese spouses to moved to the north with their korean partners to prove its sincer the powerful minister of state security can follow through to provide meaningful results regarding the japanese people in north korea. the park guen-hye government would closely monitor evolving
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bilateral relations, particularly seoul focuses on the effects liftin that have imposed on the north, including travel ban, money transfer, and port c seoul has had diverse lessons learned from a series of peace offensive by pyongyang. rhetorical agreements do not match with the wishful expectations. only verifiable actions are real messages. korean people are curious and paying close attention to whether or when prime minister shinzo abe will visit pyongyang. there are wide speculation of cross recognition of the two koreas. in response to more intimated relations between seoul and beijing, the abe administration is mulling over how to handle his pyongyang visit. the vast korean people's perceptions of the reemerging abduction issue. the international community
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did not endorse kim jong-un's nuclear missile ambitions. even humanitarian approaches have been rewarded with southern provocatio. therefore, easing sanctions should have done after verification of no speedy inquiry and substantial findings, i believe. north korea has been showing off its mobile missile capabilities with southern firings of 100 rounds within five months. reason provocative scud missile firings are getting closer to demilitarized zone making surprise launches from any place at any time. consider the reality of security situation on the korean peninsula, japan should continue to abide by internat sanctions. japanese easing sanctions cannot be separated from u.n.-led sanctions. with the kim jong-un reckless mislaunches on the one hand and olive branch on the other, north korea creating a sense of urgency in northeast asia.
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it's unclear how far north korea is willing to go to satisfy japan's demands to resolve the abduction issue. i believe in tokyo's willingness to differentiate abduction related lifting sanctions and u.s.-led nuclear-led sanctions. whatever the outcomes of pyongyang's new investigation, japan should not make holes in international collaboration. even a partial thaw could provide pyongyang with a but potentially meaningful boost for the wmd develo in other news the philippines central bank raised its key interest rate for if, time in more than three years dhra dhirakaosal is following the story. >> the rate hike came after malaysia's decision earlier in toward a trend in monetary policy in southeast as. the policymakers of the
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philippines central bank decided at a board meeting on thursday to raise the benchmark interest rate by 0.25% to 3.75%. it was the first hike for the philippines since may of 2011. the move is aimed at choking off inflation. food and fuel prices in the philippines have been rising since a massive typhoon hit the central part of the countrno the consumer price index for june was up 4.4% from a year ago. the figure has been hovering above the benchmark rate for some time. the philippines has also been seeing an inflow of money due to the monetary easing measures by the u.s. federal r. the spillover is heightening worries about a surge of real estate prices. >> the monetary board's decision is a preemptive response to inflation pressures and elevated inflation expectations.
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>> markets sources say investors have been moving money into real estate markets in southeast asia, ever since the u.s. loosened its monetary policy. they say if local food prices continue to rise, the philippines central bank will be under pressure to take furthermore dras the philippines is the second country in southeast asia to hike its key rate in july. malaysia raised its rate for the first time in three years and two months. officials in western india said on thursday the death toll from a landslide has risen to at least 25. around 150 people are still trapped in mud. continuing rain and poor communications in the remote area are slowing rescue workers' efforts to reach the site. the workers and local people dug through swirling mud, rocks and
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debris of shattered homes in the village of ambegaan in maharasha state. the landslide hit a village early wednesday. reuters says 46 houses were washed away. >> translator: in our house there were eight people of which two survived but the other six are buried in the mud. >> my past experience is we cannot rule out but chances are very, very, very less. >> in another disaster in india, heavy rains have been wreaking half acin the himalayan state of utturakand. flood killed four people and washed away several houses. rescue effort is under way and many people are feared trapped. in june last year, utturakhand was hit by heaviest rainfall on record. 900 people doubt and over 9,700
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went missing. all sorts of delivery people can be found in big cities throughout the world. india's commercial capital mum buy features a class of workers whose job is to deliver lunches by the deliverymen are known for being extremely punctual as they officially navigate one of the world's most bustling and chaotic cities. nhk world explains their secret. >> reporter: in mum buy, they are people who provide a service that has been around for more than a century. they are called dabawala. every morning they deliver 200,000 lunch boxes. this service remains very po this man has been a customer for 12 years.
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he runs a stock trading company and frequently has dinner out with his clients. for lunch he eats meals prepared by his wife. he pays about $12 a month for the delivery service. for his wife, that means she's spared having to wake up early to prepare his lunch because the dabawla picks up the lunch box .fter her husband leaves f she finishes making the lunch which is sealed with her affection for her husband. >> translator: i don't cook oily food because of my husband's health. >> reporter: at 9:30 in the morning, the dabawala shows up. the dabawala are assigned a
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delivery area. each collects about 30 lunch boxes. the deliveryman heads towards the local train station. part of the delivery route is along the railroad, which runs across mombai. lunch boxes are assorted according to destination and passed on to other deliverymen. there are about 500 delivery areas, but mixups are extremely rare. the secret to mumbai dabawala's accuracy and punctuality are the codes on the boxes. such outstanding reliability is made possible by these symbols. the terminal station, the street address of the office and the deliveryman's i.d. number are
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marked on canning cases. >> translator: we sort about 2,000 lunch boxes in one area. once you get used to it, it's easy to sort them out. >> reporter: vohra's lunch box is passed to another deliverer who heads to his u. office. shortly after noon, the dabawala arrives. >> translator: it's 20 past 12:00. as always. >> reporter: the constantly fluctuating nature of the stock markets keep vohra in his office all day. half past 1:00, he finally sits down for lunch. vohra is a vegetarian, and today his wife has cooked him potatoes sorted with spice, bean curry, and fried potatoes.
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on the side are indian bread called chapati and rice. >> this is rice. >> reporter: eating meals made by his wife provides vohra with a sense of satisfaction and assurance. >> and it's always very good, up to the mark. so basically this is like part of our family. >> reporter: the dabawala service is a part of everyday life in mumbai. these workers will continue to be part of a link of love and commitment between husbands an abishea dhulia, nhk world, mumbai. >> and that wraps up our bullet . i'm dhra dhirakaosal in bangkok. members of a japanese prosecution inquest panel have been looking at ho of fukushima daiichi handled the
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2011 disaster. they've decided that three former executives shoue indicted. residents of fukushima prefecture and others filed criminal complaints in 2012 against more than 30 p including officials of the tokyo electric power company. they cited the lack of precautions against a massive quake and tsunami. the prosecutors decided last september to dismiss the complaints so the resident other plaintiffs took the issue to an independent judicial panel of citizens. they narrowed their target to six former tepco execu including the chairman at the time of the disaster. the panel concluded on thursday that katsumata two o stand trial. prosecutors will now decide whether to indict those who have been deemed trial wo. katsumata told nhk that he is in no position to com panel's judgment. japanese health authorities say people in the country are
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they say the life expectancy for japanese men has surpassed 80 years for the first time, and women top the world list for the second s owe fishes at the health, labor and welfare ministry say the average life span of a man was 80.21 in 2013. japanese men now have the fourth longest life span in the world behind hong kong, iceland and switzerland. meanwhile, the average life expectancy for women now stands at 86.61. both figures beat previous records. officials say they expect the life span of japanese people to keep going up. they say it's because of the country's advanced medical system, healthy eating habits and housing environmen two japanese cities, two atomic bombingings that changed history. tens of thousands of people died in an instant in august 1945.s history. tend.s that cha
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survivors were left suffering in the ruins. "newsline" will show you how they've been passing down their experiences and sharing messages about world peace. join us for our special coverage, "remembering hiroshima and nagasaki" starting monday, augu. high school students from japan and china have seen relations between their countries builro but together, they're breaking boundaries. they've spent the past year taking part in exchange pr organized by the japanese government and they're hoping others can learn fm their experience. nhk world's tomoko matsukura explains. >> reporter: chinese exchange students gather for completion ceremony. lu muyang is one of the 30 students from china. he went to high school in nagano city in central japan.
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>> translator: it's been a fun and fulfilling year. thank you very much. i love you all. >> reporter: on the first day of school, liu was nervous. liu was quick to explain why he chose japan to experience life abroad. his love of japanese anime. but he thought japanese would be strong and hard to get along with. liu found things to be very
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>> translator: i didn't know what to do. where will i eat lunch? will i eat with others or eat alone? but they came and invited many eto'o eat with them. that made me feel really happy. >> reporter: atsoyuki mayeda is one of his friends. liu is staying in his house and taught him chinese. the two talked about the history of japan and china. liu's hometown is shangyia. . in 1931, an explosion there military activities in china. >> translator: liu told me on
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the anniversary of the incident, people drivingr i was very surpr first told me stories of history. >> reporter: they're comparing their textbooks and discussing how history is taugh country. >> translator: there is no problem for us to talk history. i think it's better to discuss and discover the real truth. >> translator: now that we have become friends, i fe that our countries should not fight. >> reporter: before he left, liu's classmates held a farewell party.
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exchange students often return to japan to study or work. liu has already made up his mind. his new goal is to go to ibasi embassy in japan. tomoki matsuda, nhk world, and next here's the three-day outlook on the weather around t
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and that's all for now on
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this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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takeshi, an a-list celebrity in two different ways. world famous film director, takeshi and brilliant comedian. he keeps his finger on the pulse of art by having fun. takeshi, art beat. shibuya, tokyo. in a quiet residential district, stands noh theater, the headquarters of the kanze school of noh acting.


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