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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 30, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of t stories hour. chinese communist party officials say they'll investigate a former member of their top decision of making body on suspicion of corruption. no end in sight. palestinian islamist leaders are urging israel to end an economic blockade to stop the violence in gaza.
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from tokyo taxi drivers to shopkeepers, people in japan are striving to improve their english before the 2020 summer olympics. chinese comm leaders are taking aim at their biggest target yet in crackdown on corruptio they're investigating a man who used to sit alongside them in nhk world's naoki makata reports. >> reporter: zhou was the ninth highest ranking member of the committee until november 2012. the state-run xinhua news agency says the party's central disciplinary commission decided to investigate him for grave violations of discipline. zhou sold oil industries and served as chief of security. while in office, he was reported to have built up enormous power and wealth.
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xi jinping began to put priority on tackling the issue of corruption soon after he took office in november 2012. the communist party controlled newspaper ran it says everyone is equa the party rules and exceptions. the article quoted xi that the more disc regulations are enforced, the more party solidarity and unity is mai >> translator: this case s the government's strong will to tackle corruption. people have wanted this kind of action for a long time. >> reporter: one expert on chinese politics says it's a tactical move. >> translator: it's an unprecedented step to convict someone at the top of the leadership.
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xi jinping is trying to show the communist party as well as the public that he is serious about eliminating corrupt officials, even if it's an elder of the party. >> reporter: zhou was believed to have a close relationship with the former chief minister of the city of chongqing. he was jailed on corruption charges and sentenced to imprisonment for life. some associates say they are planning to overthrow the xi administration. the professor said these developments show that president xi is trying to consolidate hi power.
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>>translator: there will be personnel changes at the next congress of the communist party in 2017, and xi wants to put his people into important posts. he has to do something about the infaction in order to achieve that. he's trying to shake the faction by convicting zhou. xi might shift to a softer approach now that he's established his position. there might even be some moves to improving ties with countries where relations had deteriorated. >> reporter: xi jinping has continued to be tough in his diplomatic the u.s. the professor points out, if he successfully gets the people behind him, he could afford to lighten the tone of china's international relations.
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naoki makata, nhk world. police remain on high alert on china's western autonomous area. an attack on government buildings and police stations on monday reportedly killed dozens the area appeared calm but armed police were positioned throughout the city. checkpoints have been set on highways and blocked vehicles from entering the central area. internet access has be in parts of the region. the news agency says dozens of people have been killed. it reported security police shot and killed does sens of the attackers. the region has been hit by a series of protests and attacks resulting from casualties.
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some ethnic leaders are frustrated over the government's control of religious activities. officials with russia's central bank are backing those targeted by western sanctions following the downing of a malaysian jet line never eastern ukraine. european leaders on tuesday announced no sanctions including limited on access to their financial markets by russia's three state owned banks. they plan to ban arms trade and restrict russian access to technology particularly in the oil sector. u.s. president barack obama also announced tighter sanctions, he said the measures are making a weak russian economy even weaker. shares in the state owned vtb
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banks one of the targeted institutions opened down nearly 3% and the central bank has been trying to ease public fears. the ruble is losing value and inflation is on the rise. world leaders are struggling to find an end to the violence in gaza. but senior members of the palestinian islamist group hamas say they will not agree to a cease-fire until israel ends its attacks and lifts a blockade. the top leaders of the military wing of hamas issued a statement on tuesday. it says the group will not accept interim solutions that will not serve their peopl health authorities in ga more tha b killed and more than 7,000 injured since the fighting started three weeks ago. shells reportedly hit a u.n.-run school where many civilians were
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taking shelter on wees witnesses say at least were killed wounded. israeli officials say they're investigating if the damage was caused by their military. a land slide has hit a village in western india and killed 10 people. it has swepted away scores of houses and 150 people could be trapped. the land slide buried about 40 houses and about 150 people are missing. federal rescue workers are being hampered by the continuing rain and poor roads leading to the village. india experiences monsoons from june to september. last year around 600 people died in the himalayan state and other states as a result of massive flooding and land slooids. the u.s. economy rebounded in the second quarter after
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showing negative growth in the first three months t. officials at the department of commerce released gross domestic product data in the april through june period. it shows the country's economy grew at a pace of 4% over the previous three months. the rise is bigger than market forecast. the gdp had contracted by more than 2% due to the impact of colder than normal weather. the department says consumer spending rose 2.5%. personal spending accounts for about 2/3 of the country's gdp. exports surged 9.5%. housing increased 5.7% and increased spending by 5.5%. argentine government officials and u.s. creditors remain divided over argentina's
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debt, they have to reach an agreement by wednesday or the country could default again. argentine economy minister met u.s. investment funds for the first time in new york on tuesday. their negotiations went late into the night. he told reporters that they are working toward a settlement. the two sides are expected to meet again on wednesday. argentina defaulted back in 2001, the country has been paying interest to country who is agreed to reduce payments, but the supreme court ruled they must repay the funds first. that means the debtor cannot make payments despite having the capacity to do so. toyota has come out on top once again. toyota executives say the sold nearly 5.1 million units between january and june.
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that's up 3.8% from the same period last year. the strong sales were partly driven by a surge in demand in japan before the consu went up in april. toyota also increased the number of units sol mainly a sports utility vehicles. toyota sales exceeded the 5 million mark for the first time in the january to june p it has set its target fo full year at more than million un meanwhile, volkswagen of says its group s same perio million units, up 5% ago. general motors of the u.s. sold about 4.9 million. japan's nuclear regulators are considering changing the limit for plant workers. they say serious accidents could occur in the future where exposure to workers exceeds the
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limit. nuclear point operators are required to limit the exposure during -- experienced higher levels after the 2011 meltdown. the government raised the limit to. nuclear regulation chairman said there is no denying the possibility of -- regulators agreed to consider a limit in case of accidents referring to international standards, they will also discuss how to get prior prior co. regulators have called for discussion before deciding on a nuke miracle limit. workers health risk on how to manage their health for long-term should be fully debated. a proposed hearing from workers who were involved in the
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fukushima accident. japan's leaders have spent years trying to figure out what to do with the radioactive waist from the crippled plant. they have decided to build temporary storage facilities in fukushima prefecture. central government leaders are planning to build facilities two towns close to the plant. they're proposing a subsidy worth $2.2 billion, it will be spread over 30 years to pay for regional development. but sources say the government is also thinking of halting a subsidy it's been paying local governments. people in the prefecture want to decommission the nuclear plant that's located 10 kilometers from daichi. but central government leaders say once they decide to decommission the facility, they would stop the payment they give to hosts of the the plants.
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local officials have reacted sharply saying that storing highly radioactive waist is a big burden. medical services are a top concern for japanese considering whether to return to their fukushima hometowns. one dentist is helping to ease those concerns. his newly opened clinic is a hopeful sign for those reside >> in the town in fukushima prefecture, this dental clinic has just reopened. patients are visiting for the first time in three years, with smiles on their faces. >> i don't feel nervous with the dentist i know >> reporter: long awaited dentist's dental clinic is now the only one in town.
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>> other dentists apparently don't want to work here under the present circumstances, the reason i came back was to help residents. >> reporter: in 2011 almost all of the town's 5,000 residents were forced to leave the town which was located 30 kilometers from fukushima daichi. the evacuation order was lifted a year later, but 40% of residents haven't come back. the clinic and house were hit by the tsunami. he evacuated to another city and guilty a clinic there. but he was contacted by herono officials last summer and had a change of heart. town officials had surveyed returning residents and 60% answered they need better access
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to medical services. so the town asked the doctor to come back. >> translator: and can also convince others to. >> reporter: the dentist couldn't leave his patients behind. the drive from his home to his clinic takes two hours. he could only visit once a week as he has another clinic to run. still, his visits are beginning to make a difference. this woman has been visiting from another town where she evacuated after learning about his return.
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>> translator: it's a relief to have doctors nearby, i think evacuees can feel safe to return if they know they will have medical care. >> reporter: he's trying to increase his visits to help such patients. >> translator: i owe a lot to the people here, it's my hometown so i have to work hard, no matter what. >> reporter: he had to spend $100 million to brai his services back to his patients. he thinks it is worth it.
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this week we feature a three part series. the tokyo olympics are only six years away. the capital is gearing up to host visitors all over the world. but the japanese are not known to be fluent in english or any other foreign languages. and in our first installment, we'll show you how people from many walks of life are making efforts to overcome their fear and to improve conversational english. >> for a person who doesn't speak japanese, the simplest thing such as communicating with a taxi driver can become a challenging task. >> can you take me to the tokyo
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sky tree? >> tokyo sky tree, thank you very much. >> 62-year-old veteran cab driver was enthusiastic to speak english, he tried hard to explain to me about the imperial palace, but after our conversation went beyond destination and main tourist spots, he found it challenging. >> can you go inside the palace? go inside the palace. >> go inside the palace? >> reporter: that's not stopping him from improving his english. he says he's been taking language lessons for a year, so i asked him to take me there. when i arrived, i found an
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equally motivated full house, organized by the tokyo taxi center. cab drivers come here once a month, many say the classes give them more confidence. >> i want forng visitors to like japan so we hope that we can help them by speaking english. i want to provide the safest taxi service for foreign guests. >> he was a role model and was leading the pack. >> i thank you very much using our taxi service. >> i don't need to put my seat belt on? >> it's a very g. >> translator: i set the tokyo olympics as a target and i want
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to work very hard to help foreign visitors during the games. >> reporter: more of a traditional retail area, store owners here on the downtown fringe are trying to attract more customers, they noticed an increasing number of foreign shopper s strolling along the streets. >> this is looking very traditional in terms of the style. well, it says an english menu is available. let's go inside to see what it's like. >> reporter: no one spoke english at this noodle shop, but that's okay, the menu was fully translated. however when i asked this lady about something, away she went. this jeans store owner was a little more prepared. he's found a way to getting over his shyness and overcome the language barrier post its, just in case he
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forgets useful phrases. >> please take a try. try it on? >> translator: when re suitable english words, these notes help me. keeping them here, i manage to get buy. >> reporter: he's among other shopkeeper who is got together and started a group english class. but once the class started many were embarrassed by their act isn'ts or cared about details. >> translator: my english is far from perfect. when i studied english in school, it was all about memorizing, we didn't learn english for communication. >> reporter: and the instructor sounded more like a therapist than an english teacher. >> saying complicated expressions, if we worry about
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this, we won't learn english. >> reporter: if only they can get over the barrier and learn that making mistakes is okay, then we might hear more english in japan. >> tomorrow we look at japan's new education system in public schools by the tokyo olympics in 2020. the southwest monsoon continues too dump heavy rains in india and it's causing some serious problems. our meteorologist is here with >> people in northwest india dealt with excessive drought last month.
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one had 30 millimeters of rain in mumbai. we had heavy rain warjsz, more heavy rain is likely for the next 24 hours, or even 48 hours, heavy rain will likely continue that will raise the potential for flooding as well as land slides even further in fact a fatal landslide occurred in a town 50 kilometers south of mumbai on wednesday so conditions will remain on the critical size for the next couple of days. heavy rain is also hitting the islands over the past 24 hours or 48 hours. we have some video to show how bad the situation was in guam. the tomorrow battered the islands today. it left a trail of problems in it's wake in guam. there's been reports of damage to structures and many power outages. observers say flooding is making it difficult to travel on the
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roads. good news is that the system is now moving away from these islands so the peak of the stormy weather is over, however, it's still including these islands in a stormy zone, so stormy weather will likely continue at least into your thursday morning and the system will likely intensify into a typhoon by thursday and then make its way towards the north in japan. and towards the west, we have another tropical storm to talk about, this is larger and it's packing winds of 72 kilometers at this moment. it will likely move through and get close to okinawa and then move to the north as a tropical storm for the next several days, so we have a couple of systems to watch out for the next several days. and this one will likely move up to the north probably affect the
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main islands of japan early or mid part of next week. now across europe, it's not tropical related, but we have a circulation of clouds in the middle part of europe. underneath it flooding is happening in places including germany. this system has slightly shifted towards the east, affecting the northwestern system of the balkan peninsula and things remain that way for the next couple of days, temperatures are in the mid to higher 20s in the mid part of europe. but across the east, extremely high, 32 for the high in moscow and 27 degrees in stockholm despite thunderstorms on thursday. across the americas, the weather is gorgeous over the east, but it's not doing so for the western areas of the u.s. monsoon rain is falling heavily, this is the area where moisture from the pacific is hitting with
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moisture from the gulf of mexico and rain will likely linger for the next several days. as for temperatures, quite comfortable over the eastern areas, only 28 for the high in washington, d.c. in the mid part of the week. all right, here's the extended forecast of the week.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. thank very much for joining us. until next time, goodbye.
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♪ from the four winds and the scent of the earth come the color of the seasons. come with us and experience the exciting summer of japan. the city of tokushima is located in western japan. on a summer night a large bright


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