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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 30, 2014 10:00am-10:31am JST

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it's wednesday, july 30th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. u.s. president barack obama says russian leaders are setting back decades of progress. he criticized putin for supporting pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine and his administration has brought in a wave of new sanctions, taking aim at the heart of the russi. >> it does not have to be this way. this is a choice that russia and president putin in particular has made.
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there continues to be a better choice, the choice of deescalation, the choice of joining the world in a diplomatic solution to this situation. >> obama says the sanctions will hit the key sectors of the economy including energy, arms and finance. european union leaders agreed to broader penalties. they will stop state-owned banks from raising funds on european markets. they'll impose an embargo on the weapons trade and they'll prevent russian oil companies from getting ahold of some technology. they had frozen the assets of putin's aides and other israeli forces have pounded dozens of targets in a renewed offensive in the gaza strip. more than 100 people were killed tuesday alone. the latest attacks destroyed houses in east and south. u.n. officials say more than 200,000 palestinians have fled their
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israeli tank shells hit gaza's only power plant, cutting out power throughout most of the diplomats have been trying to broker a cease-fire. they have had trouble reaching a deal. israeli leaders have closed off the gaza border and are limiting access. they say hamas fighters should disarm if they want the blockade lifted. a government spokesperson said israeli leaders will not lift the restrictions until the militants stop firing rockets . >> demilitarization is crucial, because we don't want to have a conflict today in gaza and have another round six months from now or a year from now. >> 1,200 people have been killed since israeli forces launched the offensive three weeks ago. nearly 7,000 have been wounded. chinese state media say communist party leaders are take the largest aim on corruption. they are investigating zhou
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yongkang, a man who used to sit alongside them. he was a member of the politburo standing committee until november 2012. the disciplinary commission decided to investigate him for grave violations of discipline. >> translator: this case sho the government's strong will to tackle corruption. people have wanted this kind of action for a long time. we can finally see a big name being dragged down. >> translator: zhou yongkang was invo well, to have a probe is very good. it's the right thing do. >> jinping jinping vowed to tackle corruption soon after he took office two years ago. he enjoyed a close working
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relationship with zhou, some sources say they were plotting to overthrow the xi administration. zhou served as chief of security. while in office he is reported to have built up enormous power and wealth. people armed with knives have attacked people in northern china. the news agency says the group moved in on government buildings and a police station on monday near the city of kashgar. security authorities reportedly shot and killed a number of them. han chinese and uyghur civilians were among them. ethnic uyghurs have grown frustrated with the han majority. companies across japan are slowing down. ai uchida joins us with that
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story and more from the business desk. >> we talked about household spending has been down here in japan for three months straight. we just learned that managers at company across the country have seen their inventories build up. so they've responded by taking a bit of a pause. in fact, industrial production fell at the fastest rate since the disaster three years ago. factory output had gone up in may by 0.7%. last month, it fell 3.3%. that's worse than many economists had predicted. consumers went on a spending splurge before the consumption tax went up in april. now economists say they have been buying lest. industry officials say the biggest drop in production came from automakers and machinery makers. analysts say the numbers have slowed down the recent buying momentum of tokyo stocks. the key index is currently trading flat just slightly in
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positive territory but it's people who track the markets say investors remain cautiously optimistic. japanese company business results ha been strong. the corporate earnings rush will continue into next week. events overseas are dominating the currency markets. traders bought the dollar on speculation that the federal reserve may raise interest rates earlier than expected. the u.s. central bank will release a statement at tend of its two how much day policy meeting. dealers sold the euro. the euro hit 8-month lows against the dollar. looking at other markets we are seeing gains on the kospi in south korea up .4%. in australia we are seeing gains as well. up more than .3% for australia's benchmark index.
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major japanese electronics makers are teaming up to build next-generation display technology. they are creating organic electrohuman nisant or oel displays for tvs and computers. they show crisper images but they are expensive to produce and that has prevented their use in large-screen tvs. the companies are hopeful that it could be popular in tablet computers and lab tops. sources revealed that sony, panasonic, and japan display have decided to form a new r. & d company called joled. one of their aims is to prevent their technology from leaking to overseas rivals. the companies have to turn oel
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displays into practical and profitable products. argentine officials and u.s. creditors are locked in negotiations on argentina's debt with the clock ticking. they have to reach an agreement by the end of wednesday or country could default again. argentine officials have been pay interest to creditors who agreed to reduced payments but the u.s. supreme court ruled they have to pay u.s. investment funds first. the two sides are trying to work out a deal but only through a mediator and the deadline for making interest payments is approaching. argentina failed in 2001 to honor debts of about $100 billion and many worry it will default again. >> translator: no one will benefit there a default. both sides should put every effort into resolving the issue. >> translator: the situation is complicated because both sides are still argue.
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but they need to find a solution. >> the mediator is urging both sides to meet face to face but it's argentine officials are said to be rejecting direct talks. i'll be track these headlines and more for you and be back next hour. here's a check on markets. japan's prime minister has visited mexico as part of his tour of latin america.
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shinzo abed me with --. the two leaders agreed to strengthen economic development. and sealed a series of energy deals. we spoke w ambassador to mexico about advancing bilateral . >> reporter: shinzo abe climbed the -- ruins with his mexican counterpart. it's been a decade since a japanese prime minister visited mexico. the ambassador says this visit marks an important stage in bilateral relations. >> they discussed a wide of issues to have a bilateral relationship to a new dimension. >> reporter: energy authorities rank mexico tenth in the world for its oil production. it is also one of the few countries rich in shale gas reserves, ranking sixth in the worl mexico is now in the process of reforming its energy sector. its oil and gas businesses have been monopolized by state-owned companies.
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the parliament amended the constitution last year to open them to foreign investment. and now conditions for the industry's emergence are being deliberated in the parliament. abe and -- signed a memorandum to cooperate in oil developm >> we have a high expectation that this reform will provide various business opportunities, especially in deep sea gas fields in the gulf of mexico and shale gas. not only upstream but related areas such as pipelines or infrastructure will have a great potential. in addition, with success of
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this reform we expect the entire mexican economy will be revitalized. >> reporter: the number of japanese firms entering mexico has increased over the past few years. according to the japanese ministry of foreign affairs, 700 firms started up businesses as of 2013. mexico is it regarded as an attractive production base f exporting products to no south america. >> the large group of japanese business leaders accompanying prime minister abe this time is proof of a strong interest in mexico expressed by japanese business sector. i expect not only further development of japanese car industry but also extending to
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new business in the area of energy, medical treatment, aerospace industry, infrastructure, and so o >> reporter: this year marks the 400th anniversary of the first japanese envoy to visit mexico. bilateral relations have entered a new era. the leaders of both nations anticipate developing more than just their resources. medical services are a top concern for japanese concerning whether to return to their fukushima hometowns. one dentist is helping to ease those concerns. he was forced to abandon his practice three years ago because of the nuclear disaster. but his newly opened clinic is a hopeful sign for those residents. >> reporter: in the town of
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hirono, fukushima prefecture, thissing dental clinic has just reopened. patients are visiting for the first time in three years with smiles on their faces. >> translator: i don't feel nervous with a dentist i know well. >> reporter: the long awaited dentist is -- his dental clinic is now the only one in town. >> translator: other dentists don't want to work here under present circumstances. the reason i came back was to help residents. >> reporter: in 2011 almost all of hirono's 5,000 residents were forced to leave the town which is 30 kilometers from fukushima daiichi. the evacuation order was listed last year but 70% of former residents haven't come back.
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nietsuma's house and clinic were hit by the tsunami. he evacuated to another city and opened a clinic there. but he was contacted by hirono officials last summer and had a change of heart. town officials had surveyed returning residents and 60% answered they need better access to medical services. so the town asked the doctor to co >> translator: having medical services benefits those who have returned. and can also convince others to come nii niitsuma couldn't leave his patients behind. the drive from his home to his clinic takes two hours. he can only visit once a week as
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he has another clinic to run. still, his visits are beginning to make a difference. this woman has been visiting from another town, where she evacuated after learning about niitsuma's return. >> translator: it's a relief to have doctors nearby. i think evacuees can feel safe to return if they know they will have medical care. >> reporter: niitsuma is trying to increase his visits to help such patients. >> translator: i owe a lot to the people here. it's my hometown. so i have to work hard, no matter what. >> reporter: niitsuma borrowed
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more than 100,000 u.s. dollars to rebuild his clinic. but he thinks brinking smiles back to the faces of his patients is worth it. almost 70 years after world war 2rks a veteran story teller in japan's southern-most prefecture is still sharing her experiences of that time nearly 200,000 people, many civilians were killed in the battle of okinawa. she making sure future generations never forget. nhk world's -- nakamura has the story. >> translator: there is nothing i hate more than war. i'm still here after losing 11 members of my family. >> reporter: -- is 93 now.
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but she recounts her wartime experiences as if they happened yesterday. in 1945, fight engulfed her home. many of her relatives died in front of her eyes, clutching her young baby she fled to --. she finally found a cave to hide in. but there was very little food. her baby daughter -- died in her arms. >> translator: it was pitch black in the cave. after kasako died i hugged her close and told all kinds of things to her. i'm so sorry. soon i'll follow you and then we'll be together again. so please wait for me. >> translator: it makes me think we must work to create a country
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that doesn't go to war. >> reporter: later, asato became a kindergarten teacher. she wanted to make sure that the children born after the war would grow up healthy. after she retired, she decided to become a full-time story teller, mostly speaking to children. she treasures the messages they send her as a sign that her stories are getting throug >> translator: here they've written war is horrible. the children wrote this card right after listening to me speak. they say, we all must work hard to create a country at peace. >> reporter: for almost 20 years -- has been a part of the assistant. he works as a tour guide for people visiting tour sites in
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okinawa. sometimes he takes her place when she can't perform. asato is not strong now and recently she has been suffering from vertigo and numbness in her limbs. she's not sure how much longer she will be carry on as a story teller. >> translator: i'm always work worrying that i'm getting weaker. >> translator: i'm here to help you. >> translator: the you weren't here, i wouldn't be able to go on. i couldn't walk. >> translator: don't worry. if needs be, i'll carry you on my back. >> reporter: recently the government took a step to reinterpret the constitution. asato is concerned this could lead to japan taking part in an armed conflict. she worries people forgetting the memories of war.
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>> translator: i pray we do not go down that same path. forward i hope japan never again gets into fight with another country so our children grow up without fe. even after 69 years not a day passes that i don't think about th >> reporter: keeping alive the memories of the battle of okinawa, to transmit the message of peace in the present day, for toshie asato, telling stories of the past is her way of looking into the future.
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mariko nakamura, nhk world, okinawa. it's time now to get a check of the weather. some people in europe are dealing with heavy rain and devastating floods. meteorologist robert speta has the details. >> this cutoff low is lingering in central and eastern parts of europe. it is producing daily thunderstorms from germany and poland and the balkan peninsula. and before i get into the forecast i want to show you a video first coming out of germany of some of the flooding that has been taking place. let's go ahead and roll that. the floods in germany that was hit by one of these storms. many streets still under water. residents continuing to clear it up. about 150 millimeters of rainfall accumulated in this one storm. in romania, it looks like the
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red alert levels were issued here. one person did die and one home completely destroyed. still an ongoing recovery effort and unfortunately the weather is not letting up. we are going to continue to see these thunderstorms plus daytime heating. we have these high alerts issued for parts of the balkan peninsula. but also there is a threat of damage winds and the possibility of tornados. there was a tornado reported in romania and a funnel cloud in germany as well. especially near the immediate coastal areas, that could flare up some of these stronger storms. now back toward the north and germany and poland the daytime heating is triggering the cells as well. that accompanied by the thunderstorms is the heat that you're going to have to contend with in some areas.
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nearly 10 degrees above your normal average through friday. definitely want to stay cool out here. now we have a different storm of severe weather on the other side of the world here. we are watching this tropical storm push over saipan and guam. and guam has been seeing winds gusting up to 93 kilometers an hour. a storm chaser has been take photos of the damage here this morning. the winds continuing to kick up. and the rainfall, flooding has been taking place. if you are on guam people are being asked to stay indoors. we have tropical storm warnings in effect and typhoon watches. as we look ahead through wednesday evening into thursday morning, conditions will start to clear up out here as that moves out to sea. this is not the only storm system we are watching. for the southern japanese islands you want to keep an eye on this, a very large
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circulation. this is tropical storm -- moving on to the north. 65 guest gusting up to 90 kilometers an hour. but the key thing is not the center line but the overall circulation. a lot of people are going to be impacted by gale force winds all the way from taiwan and the southern japanese islands including okinawa. and the heavy rainfall mainly on thursday and pushing through friday. really want to watch this storm system closely. as far as japan and korea on your wednesday, afternoon thunderstorms really flaring up. that's the big topic here and the heat. 33, partly cloudy skies in tokyo on wednesday. seoul, 32. beijing, 29 and 34 in shanghai. that's a look at your world weather. here's a look at your extended forecast.
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one more story to share with you before we go. a giant crater cropped up in permafrost field in western siberia. the 60-meter wide hole sits in the yamalo-nenets area of -- the role reminds people of a meteor that exploded in february. russian researchers say they have never seen a whole this big. they say that a pocket of gas may have caused an explosion. but they say it's less like they a meteorite caused the phenomenon. people around the world are speculating about this whole on a video sharing site. that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. we'll be back with more of your
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updates at the top of the hour.
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