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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 30, 2014 4:00am-4:31am JST

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dnchts glad to have you with us on this edition of news line. members of an international team investigating the downi of a malaysia airl eastern ukraine are st to access the crash site. all 298 people on board flight mh-17 died. authorities believe some of the remains have yet to be recovered from the site. 49 experts from the netherlands, australia and other countries remain on standby in ukraine. they were prevented from entering the site for a third
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consecutive day as fighting continues between the ukrainian military and armed separatists. australia's foreign minister is in the country to help facilitate the operation. >> our focus is entirely and absolutely on our humanitarian mission. it has a simple goal, to get on to the crash site as safely as possible and as quickly as possible. >> meanwhile, russian authorities are under increasing pressure from u.s. president barack obama. he accuses them of providing the separatists with weapons and even combat training. u.s. and european union officials have set to tighten sanctions against russia. measures will include barring russia's state owned banks from raising funds in european markets, trading and equipment and certain technologies with russian oil companies and the
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defense sector will also be restricted. the e.u. has already imposed sanctions against asset freezes against vladimir putin's aides and other officials. the new measure is by far the strongest action taken by the 28-member bloc. it may increase confrontation between russia and the west. fighting in the gaza strip is intensifying again after monday's brief lull. the death toll now exceeds 1100. both israel and islamic fundamentalist group hamas had scaled back their offensives on monday, a muslim holiday. the israeli military announced on tuesday it attacked about 150 locations overnight. local media say the targets included the house of hamas leader, ismail haniya. he was not at home and no one was injured. the raids destroyed many houses in a southern town of rafah. public health authorities in
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gaza say at least 1,120 people have been killed since the attacks began earlier this month. most of them are civilians. the officials say the death toll is likely to increase as many people are still trapped under debris. israeli tank shells hit the only power plant. in the gaza plant. electricity was cut throughout most of the territory. a spokesperson for the electricity distribution said the only fuel tse ablaze. during the attack on tuesday. mobile phone usage is difficult in the southern towns. meanwhile, the israeli military says five of their soldiers were killed by hamas militants near the border with gaza on monday night. the palestinian fighters entered israel through a tunnel. that brings the number of israeli soldiers killed in the fighting to 53. china's state-run xinhua news agency says a group of people attacked.
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government buildings and police stations in the xinjiang uygur auto none mouse region. the incidents happened in southern district of monday. xinhua reports there were dozens of casualties. the dead include both han chinese and muslim u. more than 30 vehic burned or destroyed. security authorities reportedly shot and killed a number of attackers. officials say they followed the law. they're calling the incident an organized terrorist attack. ethnic uyghurs are increasingly frustrated about the widenin income gap with china's majority, the han. a number of fatal attacks have recently been reported in the region. earlier this month, a central government imposed tight security in the autonomous region on the anniversary of deadly riots five years ago. china's state-controlled media report a former high ranking member of the communist party is facing a probe over what they describe as a serious breach of discipline.
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the xinhua news agency reports that the party's central commission for discipline will question zhou khan, a member of the politburo and a member of the standing committee and the ninth most senior official until november 2012. he was long considered the powerful leader of the group dubbed the oil faction due to the involvement in china's oil development and energy strateg authorities have yet to reveal the details of the case but sources close to the matter say zhou is likely to face corruption charges. analysts say this investigation is intended to signal the china's president xi jinping's determination to crack down on corruption. zhou is one of the highest ranking members of the leadership to be investigated, and people in the beijing ar welcoming the move. >> translator: this case shows the government's strong will to tackle corruption. people have wanted this kind of action for a long time.
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we can finally see a big name being dragged down. >> translator: zhou was involved in corruption? well, to have a probe is very good. it's the right thing to do. the top executive of mcdonald's holdings japan has apologized for a food safety scandal. a chinese food processing firm was found to have supplied expired chicken meat to her company. >> i would like to extend my sincere apology to our valued customers. given this situation with the willful deception of a few individuals in one plant, mcdonald's is re-evaluating our protocols to strengthen them, to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> casanova said it dealt a blow
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to mcdonald's. she called what the chinese firm reportedly did unforgivable. mcdonald's japan stopped using chinese chicken meat in its products and switched to thai suppliers. company officials say they'll inspect other suppliers to make sure their products are safe. officials say they may seek damages from the shanghai-based supplier, and they say daily sales have dropped 15% to 20% from their forecast. the company has withdrawn the earnings guidance for this year. >> fams across japan have making more and more cutbacks. they have spent less on household items for three consecutive months. officials say in june family of two more laid out an average of about $2,600. that's down 3% in yen term from a year earlier. many consumers went on a spending spree before the
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government increased the consumption tax. it went up in april from 5 to 8%. ministry officials say since then demand has been stagnant. consumers spent 20% less on furniture and electronic appliances and other durable goods. they also bought fewer cars and ate out less. the decline was smaller than in april and may. they say the same thing happened in 1989 when the government brought in the consumption taxd when the rate went up from 3 to 5%. japanese leaders are trying to change the face of their workforce. they are encouraging more women to take on senior roles and the plan could benefit some other workers too. nhk world explains. >> reporter: this woman's cafe opens at 7:00 in the morning. she works there alone 12 hours a
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day. so she asks a housekeeper to come once a week to help keep her home tidy. she pays about $65 for the housekeeper to come for two hours to clean her bathroom and living room. she says it saves her a lot of time. >>translator: i have time to cook, but i don't have time to clean my house when i have to work all day at the cafe. >> reporter: major housekeeping agencies are recruiting more part-time workers. they expect demand for their services to rise as more women enter the workforce. >>translator: we are positive we can provide help for working mothers behind the scenes. we know they need our service.
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>> reporter: in june government officials decided to ease restrictions on foreign workers. currently, only a limited number of foreigners can work as housekeepers. but more will be allowed to work in designated areas. many people feel foreign workers will take aware their jobs, but some analysts estimate that in 50 years, the japanese population will fall by a third, so they are pressing ahead with their plans. this woman is from the philippines. her husband is japanese. she registered with an agency last year to become a housekeeper. >>translator: even though i get exhausted, i am motivated to
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keep working. when i see my customers happy looks. >> what color is this? >> reporter: this family has hired elsie to clean their home, thinking the child will have an opportunity to hear and speak english. >>translator: it will be necessary to have a global mind set in the future. >> bye-bye. see you later. >> reporter: elsie's agency is preparing to hire more foreign workers when the government eases the restrictions. >>translator: i hope the restrictions will be relaxed as soon as possible. we can accept many good housekeepers from the philippines to revitalize japan.
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>> reporter: major companies are setting targets to promote more women to management positions. the housekeeping service industry is likely to boom as more women enter the workforce. nht world -- nhk world tokyo. ought our bureau in bank dock has more. >> u.s. and india relations worsend after an arrest of a
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diplomat in the united states late last year but washington wants to turn a new leaf. >> now is the time to renew that dialogue with new government, new set of opportunities, new possibilities. >> kerry scheduled to attend the u.s.-india dialogue in new delhi along with u.s. secretary of commerce penny prisker. >> this is a particularly transformative moment in our partnership with india. >> kerry was trying to woo prime minister modi who won on a promise of reform. relations soured following the diplomat's arrest. she was indicted for making false statements on a visa application for a housekeeper. there was a rocky relationship for modi and washington in the
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past. the incident occurred in the state where modi was chief minister. nine years ago, the u.s. government refused him a visa. however, president obama is willing to work on improving the relationship which has he has described as one of the defining partners in the 21st century. for the boem administration, mending time with p india is a priority. the trip is expected to play a crucial role for making a -- laying a groundwork for a possible visit by modi to the united states. >> a bus rammed into people. the collision took place. a group of pim grims was
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sleeping in front of a bus. it killed eight of the pilgrims and injured 23. they were returning home after performing religious rituals. road accidents are a serious problem in india. around 140,000 people are killed in traffic accidents across the country each year. in japan, tuesday has mark the traditional day for eating eel. however the japanese eel was put on an endangered species list last month causing serious concer eel lovers. some business people are looking to myanmar. however, japanese newcomers face competition from chinese rivals.
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>> reporter: at this new restaurant in myanmar's largest city, the specialty is this dish is made fr the first in myanmar japanese customers. >> translator: the characteristics of e myanmar are not so from what we're used japanese eel so i'm >> reporter: this ma restaurant's owner. he started business year after learning were offers of suppl reached in the wild. eel that can't -- ca in the country are d species than japan these are not design endangered. >> translator: these eels are only available in myanmar but i want to ship them to japan. >> reporter: hashimoto says he has a rival in securing his eel supply with china, a country that developed deep ties with myanmar during its years of military rule. hashimoto has decided to visit a
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village to see how eel fishing is going there. after five-hour drive, he arrives at the fishing ground. hashimoto gets on a boat to travel the waterways that run through a verdant delta. after his boat stops near a mangrove, a fishermen pulls up a net. it's filled with wild eel. today, the restaurant owner buys 11 kilograms of eel. even so, about 90% of the eel caught in the area is said to be shipped to china. >> translator: most eel is bound for china. we're happy to have more customers so that we can make more money.
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>> reporter: hashimoto wants to secure eel for the japanese market. in additions to his restaurant, he is also planning to start cultivating eels to improve quality and establish a stable supply. >> translator: i'm afraid china will win out unless we quickly take action. so that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> reporter: competitions for eel spread to a remote region of myanmar. thi wa thwe, nhk world. >> that wraps up our bulletin.
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the great wall of china is the world's longest structure, running tens of thou kilometers. but parts of the unesco worl heritage site are on of collapse. and preserving it is not an task. here's nhk world's kengo okamoto. >> reporter: the great wall is more than 20,000 kilometers long. it stretches across the country from west to east. shanghaiguan is located eastern tip of the city of qinhuangdao, hebei province. this popular tourist spot is well preserved but more than 80% of the rest of the wall is not. officials of the great wall society of china are in charge of studying and preserving t structure. they say about half of the wall has lost its original shape and
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is on the verge of collapse. hao sanjin heads the society's branch at qinhuangdao city. he was born in this town. hao has been involved in preserving the wall ever since he landed a job at the city's cultural bureau 30 years ago. >> translator: the culture of the great wall is profound but clear cut. it is the culmination of china's soul and ethnic spirituality. >> reporter: rain, w have pounded the structure for hundreds of years. but no efforts were ever made to preserve or repair it. sturdy bricks make up most of the wall. but earth was used for some sections.
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rainwater seeps into these parts, making some sections even more unstable. >> translator: this part crumbled after a heavy rain last year. we've been fixing it. but the leaking continues due to the poor quality of the repa as you can see, it's about to collapse. >> reporter: people also damage the structure. they've cleared mountains of trees in order to collect mineral resources or build roads. also farmers have taken bricks from the wall for their homes. people sometimes sell the bricks to tourists. hao believes the farmers could make a better living if the wall is repaired and attracts more tourists. also, if they can live a comfortable life, the locals will stop pilfering bricks and the structure will be better preserved.
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hao has been working with a local company to fix part of the wall inside the city. it's a one-hour drive to the site. but hao believes tourists will flock to it after the road is paved and the section is repaired. he also published a book containing thousands of the photos he has taken. he's trying to persuade his readers that the great wall is an irreplaceable cultural asset. >> translator: if the destruction of the great wall in our city continues at this rate, there will be nothing left worth seeing in 50 years. laws to protect the wall should be observed strictly to better protect the structure.
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>> reporter: with his camera at the ready, hao continues his work so that future generations will be able to cherish this age-old monument to china's culture. kengo okamoto, nhk world. a japanese professor has come up with a technique to help farmers. he's pumping tiny bubbles into water and he's seeing a big benefit. >> reporter: you can see bubbles being pumped in and there are no ordinary bubbles. the diameter of each is less than 0.1 millimeters. they are called microbubbles. the professor has been studying
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the microbubbles for six years. >> microbubbles are very small but have big potential, i believe. >> reporter: hata has been atracked to the unique characteristics of microbubbles. the bubbles in the left beaker are ordinary ones used in tropical fish tanks. the other one contains microbubbles. ordinary bubbles are big so soon disappear. but microbubbles stay in water longer because they are so much smaller. >>translator: microbubbles take time to disappear, that means they can dissolve oxygen in water more efficiently. >> reporter: hata thought that characteristic could help the fisheries industry by improving
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the flow of oxygen to the fish. farm operators periodically use chemical drugs to kill parasites in the fish, but if there are too many fish in a pool, overcrowding can lead to a shortage of oxygen. typically, fish then die off which hits the fishery's bottom line. but since hata started pumping in his microbubbles to increase oxygen levels, operators now say it's rare for fish to die. >>translator: the work has become easier and efficiency has increased. we're really grateful for the microbubble machine. >> reporter: and the technique has also been applied to the production of ginger, one of the region's specialties. the bubbles help clean the root vegetable. microbubbles are negatively charged when in water. soil on the ginger on the other
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hand is positively charged. so the bubbles stick to the soil and wash it away. this mechanism makes it easier to get the ginger clean. using microbubbles reduces the amount of water needed to clean the ginger by half. >>translator: creating microbubbles requires only air and water so i think there are many fields in which we can easily apply the technique and support local industry. >> reporter: the government has started funding the microbubble project. hata is now researching if giving crops water containing microbubbles can boost harvests and he will be hoping for another success that won't just burst and disappear. next is the three-day outlook on the weather around the gl
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and that wraps up this
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edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. thanks for watching.
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multiple layers of dried rice fields spread through the mountains in wintery ohara


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