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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 28, 2014 11:00am-11:31am JST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. first a look at headlines. resuming attacks in gaza after an attempt at a cease-fire failed. the dutch prime minister does a military mission to retain the crash site is unrealistic. and the young photographer from northeastern japan is showing how his community is recovering from disaste
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israeli forces and hamas fighters in the gaza strip are starting off another week at odds and war. they could not agree on a cease-fire and are keeping up their attacks. >> the two sides suspended attacks for 12 hours on saturday. the israelis agreed to extend that truce for 24 hours but leaders with the group hamas rejected the plan initially. so military commanders renewed their offensive. accusing hamas of not letting up on israel. a shell from gaza hit a house in southern israel, injuring at least one person. then hamas leaders changed direction. saying they would mark the end the muslim fasting month of ramadan but the day ises basically said too late.
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netanyahu want on television criticizing hamas for failing to uphold cease fires. >> we have to demilitaryize it. >> the reason he ordered ground efencive into gaza more than a week ago, he says hamas fighters use the underground network to infiltrate israel. our nhk team went to investigate. >> translator: i'm scared. all of a sudden, a terrorist appeared in front of our eyes. >> israeli soldiers have been trying to destroy the tunnels from the ground and the air and they are also hitting targets deeper inside gaza.
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now this conflict left more than 1,000 palestinians dead. more than 40 israelis have died. majority of them, soldiers. residents of gaza seem desperate for hostile its to end. >> a cease-fire for 0 30 to 60 minutes doesn't mean anything. we want a cease-fire where we can live like human beings. >> obama said serious and growing concern about the rising number of palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of israeli lives as well as worsening humanitarian situation in gaza. obama agrees with netanyahu that any lasting solution to the skplaz-palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorists. >> both sides seem entrenched as they were before they went into the war. u.s. leaders, u.n. sebld secretary-general and others are
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calling for cease-fire. israelis say hamas must stop firing rockets. there a cease-fire contingent on israelis lifting their seven-year long blockade of gaza. >> fighting is intensifying in the area where a malaysia airlines jet downed earl earlier this month. ukraine is stepping up an efencive to regain control. his government rejects the idea of sending armed troops to secure the site. shot down east rn ukraine, all passengers and crew members were killed. police officers were heading to the site on sunday to collect evidence. cancelled pause of po security. they say they need to secure
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the site to allow for international investigation. officials from the dutch government had planned to send international armed troops to the site. prime minister said apreefing superiority in the region is not realistic. he said the troops could be attacked and this would lead to further destabilization of the situatio he indicated his government is considering other options. u.s. released satellite photos they say is evidence russia has been firing rock needs ukraine. images were released from the office of the director of national intelligence. they say satellites took the pictures of the border area between july 20th and 26th. they say blast marks on the ground on the russian side show where rockets were launched. and they say craters that
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military positions on the ukrainian side show where the rockets landed. officials say another photos show artillery pieces in russian territory and where shells landed on the ukrainian side. u.s. officials say the russians continue to provide pro russian separatists with heavy weapons a even after the crash of the malaysian airliner. sergey wantant national monitors to verify the situation. he told john kerry by phone that russia invited observers to the border area. he said in a statement that keri is hindering work of the international monitors in ukraine it is time now for business
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news. ai uchida joins us now. >> losing their jobs 13 years ago, they remember the austerity members and the riots. now they are facing another default, and government official is only have until wednesday to reach an agreement with u.s. creditors. in 2001, argentina defaulted on debts worth dl $1 billion. the u.s. supreme court ruled last month that u.s. -- that should be paid first.$1 billion. the u.s. supreme court ruled last mu.. arj tiargentina officials want manage the funds. argentina hasn't been issuing bond, so they say an active
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assault would be limited. if the peso falls, that could affect currencies and emerging economies including turkey and south africa. let's see how markets are doing at this hour. investors are buying stocks and nikkei is back above the 15,500 level. now this is a first time the benchmark index reached that level during training hours since late january. earning season here will go into full swing this week. investors are hoping japanese companies will deliver solid quarterly busi currency traders are also looking forward. they are looking for a string of key data to be released from the u.s. this week. people in the markets kay they hope the numbers will confirm the dollar is on track. trading in a tight range in mid to upper 101 levels. now concern for eurozone economies, keeping the zuro between tdollar and yen.
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looking at other asian markets, kospi trading higher. let's look at china. trading higher by 1.66%. in hong kong, traying higher than 1.5%. people visiting japan have a common complaint. it is often hard to get money from automatic teller machines. only a quarter of the atms in japan accept cards issued from abroad. government leaders have made tourism a key part of their plans to revive the economy. they are looking ahead to the tokyo flicks in 2020 and are hoping to attract 20 million visitors a year.
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executives at major bafks say they are looking to put in more machines that except smaller cards. smaller banks are doing the same. focuss cano. experiencing from all kind of apply cases from those who get around to those what that track your fitness. engineers have developed a pair of eye glasses for machine maintenance workers. if the worker needs help with equipment they can put in a code. the glasses read the code and issue instructions on the display. no need to reach for a manual. the people at fujitsu plan to have the developed in the near future. software has been released that
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allows managers to release instructions to workers. they can translate text and images to anyone using the device in realtime. consumers have been playing with hands free devices for a year now but the market for business application says expected to grow quickly. people who have trouble seeing color see the world in a different light. some innovators are using technology to make things easier. in a range of businesses, they are looking what they've come up with. >> not everyone sees colors the same way this company advises on easy street organizations. he himself has color vision deficiency. >> we often see pie charts that use different colors to convey information. but it me, this and this and this and this look the same.
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i see only three colors. >> the organization says they are seeing if they are free to people with reduced color vision. this is thought to be mostly genetic p. it curse if various forms. it is hard it recognize red or green. researchers test color combinations. >> with my type of color blindness, i see this and this as the same. >> printed materials, such as packaging, can use the color universal sign logo. >> translator: i believe companies should recognize that obligation to make their product is easier to be used by all >> the concept made waves in the
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computer gaming industry. the principles appear in this game development tool, a simulator to display colors on a screen, as people with reduced color vision would see them. >> is how ordinary people see this. if you use the simulator software you can see how it will look to those with less color vision. >> but developers can concern how games look and then revise. >> translator: we also tell other game makers they should use development tools with these func we tell them, if they had our software, they could produce better games. >> color vision awareness also reached publishing. this company makes all kinds of
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printed materials. it produces more than 70 projects a year based on colorful designs. but as the company has discovered, it takes time and effort. finding the combinations for all kinds of viewers, this is the result. a chart of 20 color matches. a designer need only select colors from a single row. a chart has put production time but as much as happelppenfppene. but as much as happelppen. >> translator: we tell our client companies it will make a lot of difference if they use color universal design. we say they will get an edge on
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their competitors. >> from making better packaging, to enhancing record design, seeing color mark is proving to be good business. >> that's the latest in business for this hour. i will leave you with a check on markets.
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japan's prime minister abe began one on one meetinges with leaders across the caribbean. he aroifd in tran dd and tobago on the second leg after five-nation to. he want it work with them in dealing with international challenges as maritime nations that share universal values pch such as basic human rights and rule of love he is expected to ask leaders to help in the vote next year for the u.n. security council. abe started his scheduled with one on one meetingi sigh they agreed to cooperate and pay mexico's oil and shale gas resources and for early c conclusion of the trans pacific trade agreement. he will also visit, colombia,
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chile, and brazil, and return home next week. >> united states temporarily evacuated its embassy in the capital, tripoli. u.s. state department spokesperson issued a statement saying, and these staff members, will move to tunisia under military escort. fighting began two weeks ago from militant groups trying to take over the airport in the capital. the u.s. cons late in the eastern libyan city of ben gaze gassy benghazi killing ame intelligence was ignored that could have presented the attavs atented the atta a young photographer in
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northeastern japan has spent the past three years recording his hometown's recovery from an earthquake and tsunami. now he is displaying his pictures in tokyo. he wants to show how we are bouncing back. >> it remains over shipyard. girls enjoying a moment with fireworks. taken last year, since the disaster. this image is called "to smile is wonderful." the photographer is hiroto chiba, a high school student who lives in ishinomaki city. he's 18 now. >> translator: i picked the photos that i think show what the real situation is in ishinomaki today. >> reporter: chiba began taking
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photos when he was a young boy. encouraged by his grandfather. his home survived the quake and so did his family. but the disaster had a deep impact and from the very next day, he started cycling around taking photos of the destruction. he shot nearly 20,000 images at a time. but he erased all of them. >> translator: i think it was right around here. >> reporter: a few weeks after the disaster, chiba was about to take a picture of a mother and child crying in front of the ruins of their house. suddenly, he heard a man nearby shouting angrily. >> translator: he said, what are you going to do with those photos? and when i asked myself the same question, i didn't have any answer.
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>> reporter: but later, he decided to start taking photos again after talking with one of the volunteers who came to help clear up after the disaster. >> translator: she experienced the earthquake that hit kobe in 1995. he told me it's important to keep a record to show to the world. that made me think it would be okay to pick up my camera again. >> reporter: since the turning point, chiba has worked to document the slow recovery of his hometown. as a way to commemorate all that was lost. oyster shells piled up on the key. evidence that the local fishing industry is back in action.
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this photo he calls "mountain of memory." >> translator: this pile of rubble was once people's homes. people's belongings. i don't want anyone to forget that. >> reporter: 36 of chiba's photos are on display in the exhibition. >> translator: i think the message here is, we mustn't forget. >> translator: as time passes, fewer people are thinking about those living in the disaster area. that's why we have to keep sending out our message. >> reporter: as life returns, chiba plans to keep his focus on his hometown. mariko ueda, nhk world, tokyo.
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north korean leaders have begun investigating the fate of abducted japanese nationals. and now japanese government officials are considering ways to financially support the abductees ahead of their possible return. the government says at least 17 japanese nationals were abducted by the north in the 1970s and 1980s. five of them returned to japan in 2002. japanese and north korean diplomats also agreed in may to discuss what happened to other missing japanese nationals. that prompted officials in japan to consider expanding financial support for the abductees that would allow them to receive funds for more than ten years after they return. officials also discussed setting up a new system to continue providing funds beyond next march to the former abductees who returned in 2002. time now for a check of the weather. people in northeastern areas of
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the out are dealing with severe thunderstorms. meteorologist robert speta joins with us the . >> thunderstorm warnings were issued in cleveland and knoxville. reports in tennessee of one tornado damaging about ten homes. no casualties were reported from this but it just this sign of this ongoing storm system, still pulling off there towards the east. very out of season as well. typically when we talk about severe weather outbreaks, we are talking main to june here. that's when you see the clash of the air masses. by the time july and august roll around, you see the air mass and things are more settled. what we have been seeing here, though, is a big dip in the jet stream. very out of season in the middle of summer here np this is conflicting with the warm air in the south.
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that is trig are the storms. i will also talk about this ridge but first, let's mention this severe weather. now pulling off towards the northeast. a threat of ongoing tornadoes. baseball size hail has been reported. this continues to head towards the eastern sea boards on sunday night. even extending through monday morning. severe weather threat is still here by monday afternoon. little bit further towards the southeast across much of eastern a carolinas. you can see damaging weather out of this. this is the leading edge of the coolerir temperatures feel below average. good news, drying up by tuesday into wednesday though. temperatures are above average. we still have the monsoon coming on shore here. a heat low is developing over the southwest.
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problem with this, well, you do see thunderstorms but also the outflow from these storms that kick up dust storms and we call them a haboob. we have a video from phoenix. where one of these haboobs kicked up. the area shows the giant haboobs. traffic slowed as people carefully made their way during rush hour. officials encouraged drivers to pull over on the side of the road. dust kicked up about 64 kilometers an hour. those still could be erupted around here. in the northwest, see on the precip outlook, we have another area. this is hurricane hernan. i tloik call this a fish storm. no one out to sea will be affected except the fish. across parts of japan, 116
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kilometer winds reported. saw this damage there. good pressure coming in behind it. things more settled here monday showers widespread. and along the river basin, a few could be strong. as we look over towards europe, still a persistent cut off low continuing to produce thunderstorms in much of the southeast. into germany and cree oatia. that threat is still lingering. you could be looking ahead for that threat of possible damaging weather specifically hail and these gusty winds coming out of this. the other thing, this is bringing, adversely, side effect. and even over towards stockholm. here is the extended outlook.
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo.
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thanks for joining us
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