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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 28, 2014 10:00am-10:31am JST

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>> welcome to "newsline." israeli officials have resumed offensives in the gaza strip. they have started at odds and at war. they couldn't agree on an extended cease-fire and so are they keeping up attacks. craig dale reports for us.
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>> reporter: this is the result of one of those attacks, a shell from gaza hit a house in southern israel, injuring at least one person. then hamas leaders changed directions. they announced they'd halt attacks marking the end of the end of ramadan. benjamin netanyahu criticized hamas for failing to uphold cease fires and says his forces need to disarm gaza. >> we have to demilitarize it from the weapons that hamas has put in there, missiles, rockets, terror tunnels. >> the tunnels he talked about are the reason he ordered a ground offensive into gaza more than a week ago. he said they used the underground network to
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infiltrate israel. our nhk team went to investigate. >> translator: i'm scared. all of a sudden a terrorist appeared in front of our eyes. >> israeli soldiers have been trying to destroy the tunnels from the ground and the air and hitting targets deeper inside gaza. this conflict has left more than 1,000 palestinians dead. some residents of gaza seem desperate for the hostilities to end. >> translator: a cease-fire for 30 or 60 minutes doesn't mean anything. we want a truce where we can live like human beings. >> president barack obama told netanyahu by phone that the u.s. has serious and growing concern
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about the rising number of palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of israeli lives as well as the worsening humanitarian situation in gaza. he's calling for an uncondition an humanitarian cease-fire. obama agrees with netanyahu that any lasting solution to the israeli palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of gaza. so three weeks on, both sides seem as entrenched as they did before the war. international players are calling for a cease-fire that keep pushing for that but israelis say hamas must stop firing rockets in their country. officials from the organization for security and
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cooperation in europe say australian police were forced to delay their deployment to eastern ukraine. australian prime minister tony abbott sent a team of 49 australian and dutch unarmed officers would reach the site. the officers would have worked with osc members from pro-russian areas and recover human remains. but those plans have been post pond for at least one day. the sound of gunfire has been reported near the site. >> unfortunately the security situation on the spot and on the road to that site is unacceptable for us. we have taken decision not to dispatch and deploy today. >> 298 passengers were killed in the downing of the jet on july 17th. 220 coffins have been transferred to the netherlands for identification. authorities believe some remains
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are still at the site. >> u.s. officials are pointing fingers at russian forces. they released photos that say they are evidence that they have fired into ukraine. they say satellites took the pictures of the border area between july 20th and 26th. they say blast marks on the ground on the russian side show where rockets were launched and craters on the ukrainian side show where the rockets landed. another photo shows six artillery pieces in russian territory and where shells landed on the ukrainian side. u.s. officials say the russians continue to provide separatists with heavy weapons, even after the crash of the aliner. >> lavrov told u.s. secretary of state john kerry by phone that
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russia has invited a service from the osce to the border area. lavrov said in a statement that kerry is hindering the work of the international monitors in ukraine. russian officials have also accused the ukrainian military of shelling russian territory. it's time now for the latest in business news. argentines are feeling their history is repeating. we're joined with more on that and other business stories from our business desk. tell us what you have for us. >> people in argentina find themselves in a situation they've been in before. the country failed 13 years ago to live up to its debts and now people there are facing another default. government officials have not been able to reach an agreement with u.s. creditors and they have to reach a settlement by wednesday. in 2001 argentina defaulted on debts worth about $100 billion. some creditors agreed to reduced payments and have been receiving interest. but the u.s. supreme court ruled last month that u.s. investment funds should be paid first.
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argentine officials have proposed exchanging the bonds held by the funds with new long-term bonds. the people who manage the funds have refused to accept the offer. argentina has not been issuing bonds on international markets so analysts say the impact of a default would be limited. some are concerned in the argentine currency falls that could affect emerging economies including turkey and south a africa. let's take a look at the markets. the nikkei opened lower as though in tokyo followed the trend. the key index is trading in a narrow ainge. analysts say some investors are selling stocks to take advantage of last week's rally but also some are waiting for the results of quarterly results.
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currency traders are looking ahead. this week will be heavy on u.s. economic data. the dollar-yen remains tight. and concerns for outlook over eurozone economies. and looking at other markets in the asia-pacific region, the kospi is trading higher. >> people visiting japan have a common complaint. it's often difficult to get cash from automatic teller machines. well, government officials are making plans to improve the situation. only a quarter of the atms in japan accept cards issued abroad. travelers can face an especially hard time withdrawing yen outside major cities. government leaders have made tourism a key part of their plans to revive the economy. they're looking ahead to the
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tokyo olympics in 2020 and they're hoping to attract 20 million visitors a year. >> executives at major banks say they're working on installing more machines that accept foreign cards. government officials are now leaning on smaller banks to do the same, focusing on popular tourist destinations. let's get a check on our global economic calendar for this week. first, on wednesday we'll find out how japan's plants and factory did in june. industrial production in may rose 0.5% from the previous month, the first increase in two months. on the same day, initial u.s. gdp data for the april to june period will come out. in the first quarter the u.s. economy shrank at an annual pace of 2.9%. that was the sharpest decline in five years. also in the u.s., the federal reserve will wind up a two-day policy meeting.
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markets are looking for clues on when the central bank may start raising interest rates. and the consumer price index edged up 0.5% in june, far below the european central bank as target. finally, on friday the closely watched u.s. jobs report for july is due out. the june report showed unemployment dipping to 6.1% and nonfarm payrolls growing faster than many people had expected. for you next hour in business, here's another check on markets. ♪ ♪
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japan's prime minister is set to meet with leaders from across the caribbean. he's arrived on the second leg of a five-nation tour. abe is meet being with the leaders of 14 caribbean nations. he wants to work with them in dealing with international challenges as mayritime nations that share universal values, such as basic human rights and the rule of law. abe plans to meet with some leaders one-on-one. abe flew in from mexico to attend the summit. he held talks with mexico's president on friday. they agreed to cooperate in developing mexico's oil and shale gas resources and for an early conclusion of the
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transpacific partnership free trade agreement. he'll also visit colombia, chile, brazil and return home next week. >> thei united states has temporarily evacuated its embassy as fighting between rival local militias escalate. u.s. states department spokesperson issued a statement saying they were moved to neighboring tunisia under military export. fighting began two weeks ago between rival military groups trying to take control of the international airport in the capital. >> a group of islamic mi iic mi attacked the u.s. ambassadors.
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>> investigators say a food company knowingly sold expired meat. the u.s. parent company is recalling all products made by the subsidiary. investigators for the shanghai municipal office looked into allegations that appeared in the media. they said the company relabelled product it originally produced in may 2013 and affixed new labels with a production date of this january. the original expiration date was this february. officials confirm the company sold more than 20 tons of falsified products. >> the u.s.-based osi group owns the chinese company. it posted a statement on its web site saying it will carry out a thorough internal investigation of past and presents managers to identify the cause of the wrongdoing.
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a number of companies in hong kong in japan have dropped the supplier. >> a young photographer in northeastern japan has spent the past three years recording his hometown's recovery from an earthquake and tsunami. now he's displaying his pictures in tokyo. he wants to show how his community is bouncing back and makes sure it stays in people's thoughts. we have his story. >> reporter: abandoned rails, the remains of a ship yard, girls enjoying a moment with fireworks, taking last year, the service center since the disaster. this image is called "to smile is wonderful." the photographer is a high school student. he is 18 now.
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>> translator: i picked the photos that i think show what the real situation is today. >> reporter: he began taking photos when he was a young boy, encouraged by his grandfather. his home survived a quake and so did his family, but it had a deep impact and the very next day, he started cycling around taking photos of the destruction. he shot nearly 20,000 images at a time but he erased all of them. >> translator: i think it was right about here. >> a few weeks later, he was about to take a picture of a mother and child crying before the ruins of their house. suddenly here heard a man nearby
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shouting angrily. >> translator: he said, "what are you going to do with those photos?" and when i asked myself the same question, i didn't have any answer. >> reporter: later he decided to start taking photos again after talking with one of the volunteers who helped to clear up after the disaster. >> translator: she experienced the earthquake that hit kobe in 1995. he told me it's important to keep a record to show to the world. that made me think it would be okay to pick up my camera again. >> reporter: since that turning point, he has worked to document the slow recovery of his
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hometown as a way to commemorate all that was lost. oyster shells piled up on the key, evidence that the local fishing industry is back in action. this photo he cass "mountain of memory." >> translator: this pile of rubble was once people's homes, people's belongings. i don't want anyone to forget that. >> reporter: 36 of his photos are on display in the exhibition. >> translator: i think the message here is we musn't forget. >> reporter: as time passes, fewer people are thinking about
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tho -- >> translator: as time passes, fewer people are thinking about those living in the disaster area. that's why we have to continue sending out our message. >> reporter: as life returns, he plans to keep his focus on his hometown. "nhk world," tokyo. >> in north korea, there is an investigation into the fate of abducted japanese nationals. at least 17 nationals were abducted between the 1990s and 80s. japanese and north korean diplomats also agreed to discuss in may what happened to other missing japanese nationals. that prompted officials in japan to consider expanding report for the abductees to allow them to receive funds for more than ten
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years after they return. officials discussed setting up a new system to continue providing funds next march to the formfor abductees who returned in 2002. soccer fans and players in ukraine have come together in a show of unity on the pitch. they've put their political and ethnic differences aside and they're bringing the sport back despite the ongoing fighting. we explain. >> reporter: a new ukrainian sock are season has kicked off on tuesday. the match is known as the ukrainian derby and attracts millions of fans in the countries. reigning champs have won five
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straight ukrainian titles, but this year players face big challenges trying to retain their title. the bullets and the financial crisis has dealt a heavy blow to the league's 14 clubs. four of them play in the donetsk area, currently controlled by pro russian rebels. they play their match shorthanded. one argentine and four players from brazil refused to travel to ukraine after a malaysia airlines flight was shot down. a brazilian player said on his instagram account that "all players run a deadly risk if we are in the region." his coach has also expressed concern. >> it destroys the town and the
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lives of a lot of innocent people. i don't know why they are not arriving with understanding to each other and to take the right decision. we are 21 century. it's impossible to do such a thing in europe. >> reporter: the team has made a decision that players will live and train in kiev and they'll play their home games more than a thousand kilometers away. the crisis has brought fans from both sides together, including ones from the predominantly russian speaking east. they've suspended their rivalry to preserve the country's unity. they walked side by side. >> translator: it's a united ukraine. we want to show that there's no confrontation in football. there is donetsk and there is kiev and they are together. >> reporter: captains from both teams wore uniforms stitched
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half and half with another to show their unity in the opening ceremony. despite missing 6,000 american players, they managed to win by two goals to nil. for many the win is special given the ongoing conflict. the captain now says the situation did not shatter his team's spiri >> translator: we play soccer in the hope that people in donetsk can lead a normal life with their families. >> reporter: until then, they promise to do their best, living and playing in the opposite side of the country. it's time now for a check of the weather. people in northeastern areas of
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the united states are dealing with severe thunderstorms. meteorologist robert speta joins us this hour. >> we are seeing severe thunderstorms across the ohio valley, into the northeast, issued into cleveland and knoxville and most recently a report into northeastern tennessee of one tornado damaging about ten homes. no casualties were reported from this but it's just a sign of this ongoing storm system still pulling off towards the east. very out of season as well. typically when we talk about severe weather outbreaks, we're talking may into june. that's when you see the biggest clash of the air masses. by the time july, august roll around, things even out a little bit and things become a little more settled. what we have been seeing here, though, is a big dip in the jet stream very out of season, in the middle of summer here. that's ushering all this cool air, conflicting with that warm air in the south and that's been triggering thunderstorms.
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i'm also going to talk about this ridge here in a second. first let's mention the severe weather, now pulling off towards the northeast, still the threat of ongoing tornadoes. and even large hail has already been reported, still can be seen across much of the northeast as this continues to head on sunday night even, tending through monday morning. the severe weather threat will be here by monday afternoon but it will be a little farther across the northeast across much of the eastern coastlines of carolina, towards georgia and northern florida you could be seeing damaging weather out of all of this. all of this is the leading edge of a cooling air mass. temperatures are going to feel well below average for a lot of you who have been affected by this weather system. good news, it will dry up by tuesday into wednesday. back toward the west, seeing dry weather and the temperatures above average. we do have the monsoon coming on shore due to a heat throw
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developing over the northwest. you will see thunderstorms and they also kick up dust storms, what we call haboob. the area shows a giant haboob. officials advised drivers to pull over on the side of the road as not just the dust but the wind kicked up to about 64 kilometers per hour. that's the outflow associated with the storms. down to the southwest, we it there on our precip outlook. this is hurricane hearnon. it's what i like to call a fish storm. moving out to see, nobody is going to be affected except the fish. that's all we'll talk about on that one. severe weather across parts of
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japan, high winds causing damage. things will a lot more settled on monday and tuesday, temperatures climb beiing to th 30s. as we look toward europe, still this persistent cutoff lows. reports of funnel cloud and a water spout as well. anywhere in the red here you could be really looking ahead for that threat of some possible damaging weather, specifically hail and these gusty winds coming out of this. the other thing this is bringing adversely, the side effect of it is southerly winds and temperatures are warming up for those of you towards moscow or even stockholm. here's our extended outlook.
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that's all for this edition of newsline. of newsline. thanks for joining us.
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three years ago a massive earthquake struck northeastern japan. over 18,000 deaths and missing people were recorded in the tsunami, quake and fires. survivors who escaped the tsunami and living in evacuation shelters with were confronted with another imminent threat.


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