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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 28, 2014 4:00am-4:11am JST

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hello, and welcome to "newsline." i'm yoko nishimura with the news at this hour. israeli officials have resumed offensives in the gaza strip. they issued a statement saying they will resume aerial, naval and ground activities. nhk crew in the area reports they hear heavy shelling from several locations.
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>> translator: i want the two sides to make a truce. the current situation is critical. >> translator: the hope for a truce which gives us an ordinary life. we don't want a short truce. >> the two sides entered a u.n. brokered 12-hour truce on saturday. israeli leaders decided to extend that until the end of sunday or 21 hours utc, but israeli forces continued checking undergroumd tunnels during the cease-fire period. hamas continued firing rockets toward israel. a spokesperson for the group says they will not accept another truce unless israel withdraws its troops. more than 1,000 people have been killed in gaza since earlier this month. protests erupted in europe. some of them burned israeli
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flags. french police fired tear gas after protestors threw stones at officers deployed to maintain security. about 50 people were arrested. meanwhile, in london, tens of thousands of people marched on the israeli embassy. among the protesters were palestinians. >> i live in the eastern part of ga gaza, and i can tell you all the people are asking for is an end to the israeli siege. >> and in switzerland, hundreds of people also took to the streets. they held up photos and signs. officials of the organization for security and cooperation in europe say dutch and australian police have postponed plans to send officers to the sitef the malaysia airlines crash in eastern ukraine. sthalen prime minister tony abbott said a joint team of 49
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australian and dutch armed officers would reach the site as early as sunday. they would have worked with osc members to secure the air why and recover any human remains. they were also planning to collect wreckage needed to investigate the cause of the crash. but those plans have been postponed at least for one day. the sound of gun fire has been reported near the site. >> unfortunately, the security situation on the spot and on the road to that site is unacceptable for us. we have taken the position not to dispatch and deploy today. >> 298 passengers and crew members were killed in the downing of the jet on july 17. 227 coffins have been transferred to the netherlands for identification. authorities believe some remains are still at the site. south korean military officials say north korea
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launched a short-range ballistic missile into the sea of japan on saturday. north run state media reports that kunl directed a firing drill at the launch site. south korean military officials say the north feared a scud missile from a location in a southern province on the western coast. the country's state-run tv reported that kim jong-un also checked on the deployment of u.s. forces in south korea and the north's launch plan. a photo of kim was shown of kim examining a map and a flight path and its range. the reports appear to be related to the launch on sachlt the launch came before the day of
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61st anniversary of the armistice that ended fighting in the korean war. analysts say the missile launch was intended as a warning to the united states and south korea as a way to boost national pride. investigators in china say a food processor knowingly sold tons of expired meat. they falsified production dates and resold them. they are recalling all products made by the subsidiary. investigators looked into allegations that appeared in the media. they say the company relabeled products it originally produced in may 2013. employees affixed new labels with a production date of this january. the original expiration date was this february. officials confirmed the company sold more than 20 tons of falsely relabeled products.
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shanghai authorities have detained a number of people in connection with the scandal, the u.s. based osi group owns the chinese company. they will carry out a thorough investigation of past and present managers to identify the cause of the wrongdoing. an um in of companies in hong kong and japan have dropped the supplier. north korean leaders have begun investigating the fate of abducted japanese nationals. and now japanese officials are considering ways to financially support the abductees ahead of their possible return. the government says at least 1 japanese nationals were abducted by the north in the 1970s and 1980s. five of them returned to japan
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in 2002. japanese and north korean diplomats also agreed in may to discuss what happened to other missing japanese nationals. that prompted officials in japan to consider expanding financial support for the abductees that would allow them to see funds for more than ten years after they return. officials also discussed setting up a new system to provide continuing funds beyond next march to the former abductees who returned in 2002. officials are distributing iodine tablets to people living near a nuclear plant. efforts are currently under way to resume operations. kyushu operates the sendai plant. following the accident in 2011, regulators imposed stricter standards. all companies in the country are
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off line as they await screening. the sendai plant may be the first to restart. they plan to provide the tablets to people within a five kilometer area around the plant. iodine helps the thyroid plan from absorbing radioactive substances which can cause cancer. >> translator: it's good to have it in advance. but i hope there won't be an accident which forces me to take it. >> officials are planning to meet with residents later this year and provide them with iodine tablets. and now, let's take a look at your three-day world weather forecast.
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and that's all for now on "newsline." i'm yoko nishimura in tokyo. thanks for joining us. asia has been growing rapidly. people have been more connected globally in terms of economy and business. but that has not translated necessarily into better international understanding. this program focuses on individuals who live beyond national boundaries. the discussions aim to look for a better asian future. the theme of this program is education for international understanding. with its decreasing birthrate and aging population, japanese society needs to cultivate good relationships with people from overseas.


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