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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 28, 2014 1:00am-1:11am JST

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>> where will our trip take us next? don't forget to visit the "meet and speak" website for additional content. hello and welcome to "newsline." israeli military officials have resumed to fen receives in the gaza strip. they say hamas militants ignored a 24-hour humanitarian cease-fire requested by the u.n. the israeli mill tear require issued a statement saying it will resume activities. nhk crew in the area report they hear heavy shelling from several locations. >> translator: i want the two sides to make a truce. the current situation is critical.
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>> translator: we hope for a truce which gives us an ordinary life. we don't went a short truce. >> the two sides entered a u.n.-brokered 12-hour truce on saturday. israeli leaders decided to extend that until the end of sunday or 21 tc. but israeli forces continued checking under ground tunnels during the cease-fire period. hamas resumed firing rock elts toward israel. a spokesperson says, they will not accept another truce unless israel withdraws its troops. more than 1,000 people have been killed in gaza since israel began its current military operations earlier this month. officials of the organization for security and cooperation in europe say dutch and australian police have postponed plans to send officers to the site of the malaysia airlines crash in eastern ukraine. australian prime minister tony abbott said, a joint team of 49 australian and dutch unarmed officers were to reach the site as early as sunday.
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the officers would have worked with osce members to secure the area from intrusion by pro-rur shan militants and recover any human remains. they were planning to collect wreckage needed to investigate the cause of the crash. those plans have been postponed at least for one day. the sound of gunfire has been reported near the site. >> unfortunately, the security situation on the spot and on the road to that site is unacceptable for us. we have taken the decision not to dispatch and deploy today. >> 298 passengers and crew members were killed in the downing of the jet on july 18th. 227 bodies have been transferred to the netherlands for identification. authorities believe some remains are still at the site. the united states has temporarily evacuated officials from its embassy in libya's capital as fighting escalates.
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this woman issued a statement saying embassy staff members were moved to tunisia under military escort. the number of casualties has increased in fighting that began two weeks ago between rival militant groups trying to take control of the international airport in the capital. a group of islamic militants attacked the u.s. consulate in september 2012 kilg an ambassador and three other americans. republicans have blamed the obama administration for allegedly ignoring intelligence that could have prevented the attack. south korean mill trar officials say north korea launched a missile into the sea of japan on saturday. north cokorea's state-run media said they direct a firing drill at the launch site.
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the north fired a scud missile from a location on the western coast. the country's state-run tv reported he checked on the deployment of u.s. forced in south korea and the north's rocket launch plan. the korean worker's newspaper carried a photo of kim examining a map showing a missile's flight path and its range. another suggests he is looking at a launched migs. it appeared to be related to the launch on saturday. the launch came the day before the 61st anniversary of the arm sift that ended fighting in the korean war. analysts say the missile launch was intended as a warning to the united states and south korea as well as a way to boost national
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pride. investigates say a food processor knowingly sold tons of expired meat. they say they received returned food products repackaged them with falsified production dates and resold them. the u.s. parent company is recalling all products made by the subsidiary. investigators looked into allegations that appeared in the media. they said the company relabeled products it originally produced in may 2013. employees printed new labels with a production date of january this year. the original expiration date was this february. officials confirmed the company sold more than 20 tons of falsely relabeled products. shafrng high authorities have detained a number of people in connection with the scandal. the u.s.-based osi group owns the chinese company. it posted a statement saying it will carry out a thorough
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internal investigation of past and present managers to identify the cause of the wrong doing. a number of companies in hong kong and japan have dropped the supplier. officials are distributing iodine tablets to people near a power plant in southwestern japan. the facility is off line but preparations are under way to resume operations. the power company operates this plant. following the accident at the plant in 2011, regulators imposed stricter safety standards. all nuclear plants in the country are currently off-line as they await screening. this may be the first to restart. officials are distributing the tablets as a preindication aurry measure. they plan to provide them to everyone 3 and older with a five kilometer radius of the plant. there are nearly 5,000 residents in the area. iodine helps prevent the thyroid
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gland from absorbing radioactive substances which can increase cancer risks. pharmacists explain thousand can be useful in the case of a nuclear accident. >> translator: it's good to have it in advance. but i hope there won't be an accident which forces me to take it. >> officials are planning to meet with other residents late they are year and provide them with iodine tablets. more to come. but first let's see what weather conditions are like in cities across the globe.
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about 4,000 people gathered in shanghai to hear the results of a unique election. it was the first vote to choose the most popular member of a shang-high based all-girl pop group.
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snh 48 is a sister unit of akb-48. it includes young women from across china along with two japanese members. fans who bought the group's cd were invited to cast ballots online. the winner received is more than 19,000 votes. >> translator: it was an event that any fan could attend. i will always remember it. >> snh-48 started holding concerts in january last year. let's hope bilateral friendship will take flight on the wings of pop music. for all of us here on "newsline," thanks for watching.
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in the heart of the african savannah is a unique stretch of water -- the kazinga channel. it's paradise of some of africa's giants, hippos. there's everything here that they could want, water, food, and plenty of company. there are also family fallouts, noisy neighbors, and a constant battle to be leader.


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