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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 27, 2014 7:00am-7:11am JST

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." here's the latest at this hour. members of the islamist group hamas have resumed firing rockets at israel after u.n. brokered ceasefire ended in the gaza strip. the israeli military and hamas had suspended their attacks for 12 hours. israel agreed to extend the truce by four hours following the u.n. request. but hamas apparently rejected it.
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during the ceasefire, people searched for the missing in areas of gaza. they found the bodies of more than 100 people in the rubble. that brings the death toll in gaza to 1,032. hours before the ceasefire took effect, an israeli air strike hit a residential building in gaza. rescuers succeeded in pulling a pregnant woman from the rubble. she died while on the way to hospital, but a part of her managed to live on. abc television reports israeli missiles destroyed a two-story house in gaza on friday. a woman was trapped in the rubble. she was 23 years old and nine months pregnant. she was pronounced dead as she was being taken to hospital. however, doctors decided to carry out an emergency operation and ten minutes later they succeeded in delivering a baby girl.
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the doctors say the baby's condition remains unstable, but they will nonetheless put all their efforts into saving the newborn baby's life. military officials in south korea say their counterparts in the north have fired another missile into waters off the east coast. they say the short range ballistic weapon crashed into the sea of japan. the military officials suspect the missile was a scud and say north korea launched it from a location in a southwest province on saturday night. the missile traveled about 500 kilometers across the country before coming down in the sea. the officials say north korea did not issue a warning to aircraft ships. th pyongyang's strategy to engage other countries and pressure them into making concessions. they referred to the north's
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announcement that it will take part in the asian games in south korea in september. the launch was the latest in a number of weapons te this month north korea fired what were thought to be scud type missiles on two an international team of investigators hope to soon begin searching the site of an airplane crash in eastern ukraine. all 289 passengers and crew died when a malaysia airlines plane went down on july 17th. the investigation is being headed by the dutch safety board. a team plans to begin several missions at the crash site over the next few days. they are looking for clues into why the plane went down. the bodies of 180 victims have been transferred to the netherlands. officials with the safety board
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say the investigators will be supported in their search by international security organizations. but insuring the investigators' safety is a major concern. ukrainian forc militants are still engaged in fierce fighting near the crash site. in related news, the european union has announced it has imposed additional sanctions targeting the russian president vladimir putin aides and other officials and include freezing foreign held assets. eu officials say russia failed to use its influence over the armed separatists in armed eastern ukraine. russia has criticized the u.s. for suggesting that moscow was involved in shooting down the malaysian airliner. now the u.s. and british ambassadors to ukraine condemned russia for escalating the conflict in ukraine's eastern region. the u.s. ambassador cited the
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close connection between the kremlin and pro-russian separatists. he said moscow is pouring gasoline on the fire by sending in tanks and heavy weapons and training the rebels. >> what's very clear is that vladimir putin could stop this with one phone call. the kremlin could stop this with a clear signal to the separatists. the british ambassador to kiev, simon smith, also criticized russia's seeming refusal to de-escalate the situation. but the russian foreign mi issued a statement on friday saying the u.s. has failed to provide proof to back up its accusations. it says washington is simply repeating unsubstantiated fabrications. the statement says the u.s. should be held responsible for the violence in eastern ukraine since it supports the ukrainian government's ongoing military
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operations there. it also says the u.s. state department's anti-russian propaganda is leading to more tension between the two countries. chinese officials are planning to hold another round of military exercises in the east china sea. the drills will be held this week and will continue for five days. officials with china's maritime safety administration say the exercises will include live shell firing. they'll start on tuesday off the coast. all shipping in the region will be banned during t staff at china's civil aviation administration have also announced that commercial flights will be barred from entering areas near the east china sea at the end of the month. the area includes shanghai. officials say it is because of military and other reasons. china and russia held joint naval drills in the east china sea in may.
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chinese maritime patrol boats have repeatedly entered japanese waters in the east china sea. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. indonesia's president elect is using an unusual method to help choose members of his cabinet. he has launched an online survey to seek public input on his list of finalists. he was declared the winner of the presidential election earlier last week. he will assume office in october. he began the survey on thursday. people can choose among three candidates for each ministerial post. the candidates come from various backgrounds. they include politicians, professors, and journalists. respondents can also t another name if they choose.
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as governor he earned a reputation for being pro-reform. he frequently visited poor neighborhoods to hear what people had to say. he has said he will use the survey to guide his final decision. the move is gaining attention as his first attempt to make government more transparent. past president selected cabinet members based on affiliation with political parties in the governing coalition. up next, the world weather forecast.
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and that concludes this
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edition of "newsline." on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us. .. ..


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