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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 7, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following breaking news. take a look, the senate is voting and is expected to pass enda, a bill that bans employers from discriminating against gays, bisexual, and transgendered people. but while the senate vote is historic, the bill may not ever
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get a vote in the house of representatives. house speaker john boehner has previously said he's opposed to taking up the legislation. before today's vote that's happening right now, senators called on the house to act. >> let the house vote on it. i am convinced if the house votes on this, it will pass the house and go to the president for his signature. >> speaker boehner, please, please do what is right for the american people. >> nearly every time the senate passes a bill, it's like we're banishing the issue to a faraway jail and speaker boehner's the prison warden. >> nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill. so luke, what kind of pressure are senate republicans able, if any, to put on house republicans and ultimately get speaker boehner to do something here? >> reporter: not much, tamron. because this bill enda, it falls in that same area as the comprehensive bipartisan immigration bill did. remember marco rubio got behind
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that. a lot of people thought it would have a future in the house of representatives because out of electoral necessity for republicans, and it ended up dying in the house. same story for this bill. remember, after the 2012 elections, a lot of the millennial generation said, you know what, we like mitt romney's message on the economy, but we were much more concerned with our gay and lesbian friends being allowed to have equal rights. that's why we ultimately voted for the president. i heard a lot of kids say that in states like iowa and wisconsin. there's a part of the rnc said let's moderate on this, let's move forward on something like enda. the house representatives citing business interests as well as the outside conservative interest group heritage action, which has railed against this saying it would impose unfair e restraint on the individual liberty of businesses. >> luke, give us more details on
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the fact it would hurt businesses. what proof is being provided that that would be the case? are they talking about the bottom line? are they talking about litigation if there are accusations that these businesses would then have to fork over money to defend themselves? again, what proof of this? >> reporter: their argument is litigation, that this would bring businesses this unfair prosecution for possible violation of this legislation and that it needs to be narrower. this is way too broad, that people could sue for anything. if you look throughout history, tamron, these are the sort of same types of arguments brought against equal pay for women legislation, for minorities and having the ability to have equality in the workplace. so if you look at it overall, there's not concrete evidence that that is in fact the case. it's more sort of the overall arc of republicans door not want to give any ammo to trial lawyers, and there's a real cultural element here we cannot down play at all.
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the evangelical community, which has opposition to this. >> two things, though. religious institutions would be exempt as well as the military. there are about 21 states that already have laws that ban discrimination against someone being gay, lesbian, or transgendered here. >> right. it's something that -- and if you want to talk about business interests, which are heavily skewed usually to the republican party in term of voting, a lot of fortunate 500 companies already employ these practices and are supportive of this type of legislation. once again tamron, you're seeing is the house gop going towards a small minority of the population and being taken on the right flank because a lot of folks in conservative districts don't want to have to have this vote. >> all right. luke, thank you very much. well, the news nation is following developing news in florida where in the next hour a hearing will get underway on a bill to repeal the state's controversial stand your ground law. it is one of two gun-related
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measures that house is taking up. florida's republican-controlled house agreed to schedule the five-hour hearing this summer after a series of protests and sit-ins at the state's capitol building following the acquittal of george zimmerman. many demanded that republican governor rick scott call a special session to repeal the law, something he has refused to do. the democrat-backed measure to repeal the eight-year law faces little chance of actually passing florida's house and supporters are facing an increasingly uphill battle. as the miami herald puts it, the gop lawmaker chairing today's hearing famously said, and these are his words, not mine, quote, i did not support changing one damn comma in the 2005 law. he also told reporters this week, i've got to believe that putting criminals on notice that floridians won't be hapless victims anymore has certainly helped had improve safety in our state. even democrats are not optimistic. one leading democrat told reporters, we don't know what
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republicans are going to do. they're probably going to do not one damn thing. nbc's sarah daloff is in florida. we're clear where both sides stand. this is even after a task force looked at this issue. so what do we really expect to come out of this hearing, sarah? >> reporter: well, tamron, you're right. the lines are clearly drawn in the sand. neither side expecting this bill to pass today. so why even have it in the first place? well, one lawmaker tells us that it will allow people to be heard and this heated debate to reach a public forum and to know that lawmakers are, in fact, listening to people's concerns. now, among the people expected to speak today are the parents of jordan davis. he was the teenager that was shot to death last year in jacksonville by a man who claimed he felt threatened by the young man and his friends when he approached them in their car and asked them to turn their
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music down. obviously, that will be very emotional testimony. critics point to this case among others as prime examples of the flaws in stand your ground. they say it targets minorities and gives people very little inventive to strive to solve conflicts peacefully. proponents of this law, well, they credit it with helping halt a rising murder rate in florida. back when it was passed in 2005. now, this law has since become a model for similar laws in other states. we're seeing some pushback there as well. a lot of heated debate about this topic. people very clearly on one side or another. we expect to hear in about an hour when they start this historic five-hour hearing on repealing stand your ground. >> thank you so much for those details. now i want to bring in our legal analyst kendall coffee, former federal prosecutor. also, the political director of dream defenders. that's the group that staged those protests at the capital and met with governor scott.
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kendall, we have you alone here. i'm sorry. let's start off with you on this op-ed, for example, in "the new york times." it says in part -- the headline was "second thoughts on neighborhood watches." it says, it was about sanford and the shooting. it says florida's la day fair gun culture epitomized by the state's stand your ground law, it, unlike traditional doctrine requiring a citizen to retreat from danger. we know this hearing is about the discussion today. do you believe the stand your ground law gives that dangerous leeway we've discussed so much since the trayvon martin shooting? >> of course it has. in all too many cases, it's become a license to kill and an
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invitation to stand and shoot. do we think they'll repeal the law? no, but there can be changes made. to say not changing one darn comma is a slogan. it isn't a response to a serious problem, an experience that's told us this law has gone far beyond what was originally intended in 2005. >> and i can't stress enough, you're a former federal prosecutor. what do you believe you see the flaws in this law that others particularly those with the power to do something here with legislation are not seeing? >> well, let's use some examples of what's happened with the law, people who have been shot in the back have nevertheless been pronounced in effect stand your ground cases. drug dealers in a fatal shootout, they've been able to invoke stand your ground. what this law needs to get back to is self-defense, where it's reasonably necessary and where somebody has a burden of avoiding killing somebody if they possibly can. the other thing that i hope
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happens -- there's a bill in the state senate which is a little bit of a compromise. maybe there's hope for a compromise. it says in effect if you're the one that precipitated, that created the confrontation that turned out to be fatal, sounds a little bit like george zimmerman who went hunting for trayvon martin, we believe, then you can't claim stand your ground. even though that's a compromise, it would be a big step forward. >> okay. i think we have with us sierra taylor. she's standing by. are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> i see you have a number of people with you. you were a part of the group that did these sit-ins at the capitol. when you hear the leading republican in florida's house saying that he does not plan to change one thing about this law, how are you and your group still optimistic when there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel, at least in this battle right now? >> i think we're feeling a little optimistic, saying that we're able to get this hearing in the first place. usually when we go to these sort of hearings, we thank the champl
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for holding the hearing in the first place. i think that for this case, we really are just saying thank you or rather you're welcome, you know, for actually listening to the people in florida and actually listening to the constituents in florida who want to vote -- voice their opinions on the law and how it disproportionately affects minorities. >> speaking of opinions and people having an opportunity to voice them, it was right after trayvon martin was killed that the governor put together this 19-member task force and they spent several months as you well know traveling the state, talking to people and hearing public testimony. when they came back, the group only recommended a few minor tweaks to the law, including changes that could actually make it easier for someone to claim self-defense after killing another individual. so after the open forum, after months, that's what that task force came back with. what are your thoughts on at least that reaction from the public or those who are able to voice, as you pointed out?
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>> i think the problem with the task force on stand your ground that rick scott convened, the problem with that task force is there weren't actually representation from people from our communities, people who look like us, people who are young, people who are the ones who are a supposed threat to other people who have, you know, their own discriminatory views on young black and brown people. that was the problem with the task force. we had elected officials and people from, you know, esteemed leaders from the different communities, but they were already in support of stand your ground. so the task force itself was a joke. >> right. so after this hearing, this five-hour hearing completes today, what is the next step for you and those young people behind you, sierra? >> the next step for us is the same thing that we've been doing. we're going to continue building power in our communities. we're going to continue educating our communities on how these legislators are affecting us, affecting our daily lives, and quite frankly, we're going to get people out to vote in this next election. that's the most important thing.
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we have to have legislators who are actually representing our communities and not so worried about keeping their own power and keeping their own positions but actually worried about the lives that matter, worried about the actual voters in those communities. >> all right. and kendall, one other bill that's up for consideration is the ability to grant immunity to a person who fires a warning shot to protect themselves and others. this is specific to marissa alexander. she's the woman, the jacksonville woman, who received 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot to scare her husband during a domestic violence incident. she ended up, obviously, behind bars. george zimmerman not behind bars. but now this bill is being considered. >> right -- so hb-89 -- >> warning shots are a lot better than license to kill somebody. i'm still concerned with anything that encourages private citizens to use guns and have guns in terms of a situation
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where they can't control outcomes. >> sierra, quickly, i heard you want to get in on this. go ahead. >> yes, so the problem with hb-89 is that it started out with good intentions. it started out with the intention to protect people in situations of domestic violence like marissa alexander and grant them immunity from the mandatory minimum sentencing here in florida. the problem with hb-89 after the amendment that matt gates made to it is that there isn't actually immunity being granted anymore. they aren't immuning the people who are claiming what hb-89 seeks to claim. there isn't that reduction in the mandatory minimums, nor is there the ability to have judicial review, which is something we feel is very important for anyone who's claiming self-defense, including marissa alexander. >> your dedication and passion quite clear and that of those behind you. kendall coffee, thank you as well. >> thanks. when we come back, twitter shares hit the market this morning and the price is climbing. should you, if you've got the
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cash, get in on it? zachary carabell is standing by to talk about the twitter effect. plus -- >> it's important to remember every race is particular to this state that it's run in. there are factors in new jersey that i think are individual to that race. >> dishing the dirt. chris christie's gop rivals have plenty to say since his big victory. nbc's senior political editor mark murray will join us with our political postscript from the week that was and what the first read team sees comiing no. and thousands of people in the philippines are being evacuated as a super typhoon with winds approaching 200 miles an hour bears down. it's one of the stories in our news around the nation. and of course you can join our conversation any time you want. find me @tamronhall and my team @newsnation. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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welcome back. twitter is now trading at $46.62 a share after opening this morning at $45.10. the opening price was already 73% above the initial public offering price set last night at $26 a share. this morning twitter executives rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. investors are betting that twitter is destined to become wildly profitable, although it's never turned a profit in its seven years of existence. here's twitter's ceo on that. >> there's nothing structural about twitter that prevents us from having the kinds of margin profiles of our peer group. we are investing for the long term. we think this is a long-term
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company, a company that for which there is a fantastic use case for every person on the planet. >> so joining me now, reuters and the atlantic columnist zachary carabell. so let's get to it. seven years, no profit, but we're all excited. why? >> look, it is making $600 million plus a year. at their current growth rate, they'll make "x" billions. there's every expectation they'll be able to make profit because there are 200 million plus users. we talk about it all day long. it's a mobile-based thing increasingly and advertisers are in the really early stages of moving on to mobile. the whole hope is the fact we're using this and touting this all the time and the fact it's on mobile devices and becoming a part of communications for people means there will be ad dollars. >> so why am i seeing this hope from you and others with twitter and then there was not necessarily from you extreme snarkiness regarding facebook and the same issues and questions. >> we talked a lot on this show about facebook a year and a half ago. the problem with facebook is
2:21 pm
they priced themselves egregi s egregiously. twitter priced itself modestly. we see it's up 80% on day one. that does not mean you should plunges in here and buy the stock. ipos, as anyone who has any memory of what went on in the 1990s, can do really well on the first day because insiders get them. a lot of people make a lot of quick money. that has nothing to do with twitter as a company and everything to do with traders. >> at the high today, $50.09. pulled back there, why? >> i think that reached for ten seconds. you get a number of people who get shares early. they get them at 26 or whatever. they're up 90% so they're like, i'm selling them now. they don't care about twitter as a business. they care about the money they made. tesla is a really interesting company. doesn't mean you should buy the stock because they are not yet profitable and they are likely to be. for my money, i'd rath eer use
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twitter, but i'm not jumping in. >> all right. good stuff. thank you very much. coming up, dolphins players come to the defense of richie incognito amid allegations of bullying. >> he brought a lot of laughter to this locker room, a lot of cohesiveness to this locker room. >> and get this. some of incognito's teammates are even suggesting that he had an unofficial pass to use the "n" word. that basically he was one of the brothers, as somebody said. kerry sanders has the latest on what's going on in florida. and a top tech officer working for the insurance website has resigned, but officials insist it is not over the botched rollout. it is just one of the things we thought you should know today. to all the veterans... no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues...
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for a body in motion. shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is! it is both our challenge and our priority to ensure a smooth developing right now, we're watching the senate floor where they have just passed the
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employment nondiscrimination act, which provides workplace protection to the lgbt community. the bill passed 64-32, but it may not even get to the house. speaker john boehner has prie previously said he's opposed to taking up that legislation. and we have new developments in the scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. the nfl has brought in a high-powered attorney as an independent investigator to look into bullying allegations within the franchise. meanwhile, many miami dolphins players are rallying around richie incog niincognito, telli reporters he's not racist and had a good relationship with his teammate jonathan martin. >> whenever i saw jon and hung out with jon, it was usually with richie. they were friend. they're always playing around. you know, the o-line as a group is a big family. >> kerry sanders is at the dolphins training facility in south florida. now more details, obviously, kerry, are coming out here. what is the team saying at this
2:27 pm
point? >> reporter: well, there are so many new developments. perhaps top of the list is what is now reporting, which is that the general manager here at the dolphins was made aware of allegedly that jonathan martin claimed he was being harassed by fellow player richie incognito. the report goes on to say that the general manager told jonathan martin he should fight back, that he, according to the report, should punch richie incognito and that's how it should be settled. the dolphins say because there is an ongoing investigation, they are not going to respond to any specific reports like this. this morning while the miami dolphins tried to stay focused on their game, the nfl has hired an independent investigator, prominent attorney ted wells, to look into allegations that guard richie incognito bullied teammate jonathan martin,
2:28 pm
reportedly leaving him hate-filled phone messages that included the "n" word. >> if it the review reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take all necessary measures to fix it, to ensure that this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: and with reports surfacing that dolphin coaches pressed incognito to, quote, toughen up martin, head coach joe philbin fended off questions about the scandal. >> everything we do here is based on the best interest of the players. >> reporter: as for the two principle players, martin remains out of sight. his father gave a brief answer when asked how his son was doing. >> he's a strong man. he's doing fine. >> reporter: incognito was seen driving his new ferrari wednesday. he wasn't answering questions, but his glendale, arizona, high school football coach described him as a hard working kid. >> he wasn't a boy scout by any stretch of the imagination, but we never saw anything like this coming down the road. >> reporter: dolphin teammates say they didn't either.
2:29 pm
>> do you believe richie is a racist? >> no. that's the kracraziest -- i can understand that question. >> i've been around this guy four years. i know he don't mean it in the way people are saying it. >> richie was like jonathan's brother. he was the first one there to have his back. it's a big surprise what's going on. >> reporter: that's just a sampling of opinion from some of the players i spoke to here in the locker room. there are 53 players, not all of them were in the locker room. all that were in the locker room and spoke came out in defense on incognito. while many of them said they felt for whatever situation jonathan martin is going through, they said that they felt unified behind incognito. tamron? >> all right, kerry. thank you. let me bring in sirius xm's michael smerconish. michael, this story has taken many twist and turns since it first broke.
2:30 pm
now you have at least one former dolphins player, not named, that said richie is an honorary black guy. he says, i don't expect you to understand because you're not black, but being a black guy, being a brother is more than just about skin color. it's about how you carry yourself, how you play, where you come from, what you've experienced. when this story went from bullying to the issue of race, obviously, that became a headline everywhere. now you've got some of these players defending richie incognito. what's your take on this? >> my take on it is that none of this behavior would fly at msnbc or in any other workplace. but i wonder if there's a special set of rules and circumstances that kick in when it's an nfl locker room. and tamron, i'm thinking about a legal case that was litigated within the last couple of years in california where there was some really baudy language used in it the writers room in hollywood. the finding was the different set of circumstances applies. there's a creative process in
2:31 pm
the locker room where there's going to be what would otherwise be regarded as sexual harassment. there's going to be foul language. this is part and parcel what they do to come up with scripts. i'm not sure the nfl is ready for typical workplace rules to apply to the league generally. if they're all closing ranks around this guy, it would seem that there would need to be a seat change to bring about more decorum. >> we've seen people close ranks, police investigations, the list goes on and on. it doesn't make it right, but i totally get your point that it is not your traditional workplace. there are things that are said. i've covered sports for years. there are things you hear in a locker room and around that environment that would make the hair on the back of your neck rise up. but at some point, even though this behavior is acceptable, when does the victim get the opportunity as in the case of martin to say, yes, this has always happened, but i don't like it now? is there ever a line where someone can say enough?
2:32 pm
>> well, i'm feeling sorry for him because, you know, to read about this online and to see all the conjecture, he gets portrayed by some as being soft. and i don't think that's fair to, you know, look at this guy and all of the sudden have people kick sand in his face. he seems like he's really getting the short end of the stick. if i can make one other quick observation, this couldn't come at a worse time for the nfl. now here's this news with regard to tony dorsett, one of the heroes with whom i grew up. >> one of my favorite players of all time. >> the league just seems to be suffering from all angles. >> for people who have not seen the news regarding tony dorsett, it appears that he may be suffering from some of the same issues that other players have after taking punishment on that field. now they are seeing neurological problems. >> and so you wonder, is this going to be yet one more reason why moms in particular start to say, you know, i don't want my son playing this sport.
2:33 pm
i don't want him growing up to aspire to be in that locker room and getting hit on the head that many times. better he plays soccer. >> yeah, you know, bryant gumball had an incredible op-ed on his show. there was a time when track and field and horse racing were the number one sports. people thought they would always be popular and sports we enjoyed watching. look at the case now. that may very well be what happens to football. >> right. i don't think it's going to be because of litigation. i don't think it's because the rules will change by the nfl. i think parents are going to start to make this call for their kids. >> all right. thank you very much, michael. greatly appreciate it. coming up, new surveillance video surrounding the death of the georgia teenager. we've been following this story about kendrick johnson. now more questions than answers from his family, wondering about what they call suspicious edits, blurry images, and missing time
2:34 pm
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so with friends like these, what will chris christie's enemies look like? chris christie may have upstaged the republican party with his big victory tuesday night, and with that comes some not-so-subtle shots from his future republican rivals. >> some of these ads people running for office put their mug all over these ads while they're in the middle of a political campaign. in new jersey, $25 million was spent on ads that included somebody running for political office. you think there might be a conflict of interest there? you know, that's a real problem. >> every race is particular to the state that it's run in. there are factors in new jersey
2:38 pm
that were particular to that race. clearly, he was able to speak to that. >> governor christie said there's not enough compromise. >> i think it's terrific he's brash, that he's outspoken, and that he won his race. i think we need more leaders in washington with the courage to stand for principle. in particular, obama care is not working. >> what a pivot. joining me now live with ted cruz there, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i think it's cindy lauper who sings the colors "true colors. >>in political attacks, these are very, very light. >> because it's early. that's why they're light, mark. >> it is early, but it's knot the drag-down, knock-out stuff you normally see in the corn
2:39 pm
fields of iowa or the snowy areas of new hampshire. >> not yet. >> but it was interesting just a day after chris christie's 22-point win in new jersey that some republicans were taking very subtle shots at the new jersey governor. tamron, i think when we're looking at this from 2015 or 2016 if chris christie decides to run, one of the attacks on him and maybe the big attack will be he's not one of us. that will be the message that republicans would try to deflate to conservatives. here is someone from new jersey. new jersey has legal same-sex marriage. chris christie has said some things regarding gun control, support for gun control, some things in support of immigration reform. they'll try to make the larger argument that he isn't a conservative conservative. >> and as far as what we will be talking about next week here, we saw the vote with enda, the historic vote in the senate. speaker boehner has been clear
2:40 pm
he doesn't plan to bring it to the house floor. what will be the big headlines coming in next week? >> well, yeah, i think the turn to what happens in the house with edna is going to be key. house republicans are don't seem to want to bring it to the floor, though they've often said that and we've seen legislation go to the floor with just a minority of support from the governing caucus. so it will be interesting on what ends up happening. remember, this is a very long congress. something doesn't have to happen at the end of this year. you could have something happen at the end of 2014. then you get close to that mid-term window. >> all right, mark. thank you very much. i rushed you to what we'll be talking about next week. for some reason in my mind, i think it's friday. not sure why that is. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. thank you, mark. well, there are more developments in the kendrick johnson case. new surveillance video is out from the day the 17-year-old was found dead in a rolled up wrestling mat at his high school in southern georgia. but the video is missing key
2:41 pm
time stamps. today attorneys for the johnson family are calling the release, quote, suspicious. investigators have repeatedly said the death was an accident, but johnson's parents called it murder. nbc's gabe gutierrez has been following the story from the beginning. how are authorities explaining if this it the case that there are missing portions of this tape? >> reporter: well, tamron, the video released yesterday seems to add to this mystery. it does not have any time stamp, which raises questions about the sequence of events that led to johnson's death. now, here is a portion of that new video that shows kendrick johnson in a white t-shirt entering a gym from a different angle than previously seen, but it does not show how he got in the rolled up wrestling mat. neither does other footage from about three dozen cameras. interestingly, the main camera aimed at the mats is very blurry. the sheriffs office says that's because it may have been hit with a basketball at some point. as for the missing time stamps,
2:42 pm
the lieutenant says that's because only the original files on the school district's server have them. the copies of the video do not have the time stamps. and he says the cameras did not record how johnson ended up in the mats because they were motion activated. whatever happened to the 17-year-old occurred outside the camera's range. those are all explanations that do not sit well with the johnson family. they're concerned and convinced their son was murdered and someone is trying to cover it up. >> if it doesn't show kendrick entering the mat and how he got in the mat, how can they come up with the theory he was reaching for his shoe and got stuck? >> yes, we're running into intentional roadblocks. >> reporter: the sheriffs office says none of the video has been edited. local investigators are standing
2:43 pm
by their initial autopsy that concluded johnson's death was a tragic accident. a federal prosecutor is now reviewing the case. >> all right. thank you very much, gabe. coming up, tensions are high in russia as officials prepare for the winter games in sochi. >> if an athlete stands up at a press conference and speaks out in favor of gay rights, will that athlete be arrested? >> we're going to go live to moscow and play what that official said to matt's questions. thomas roberts will join us. he is on the ground in moscow. plus, what do frozen pizza, microwave popcorn and coffee creamer all have in common? well, they're all typically made with transfats. the fda may be hitting up items with transfats inside. just one of the things we thought you should know.
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with 91 days to go until the sochi olympic games, the olympic torch continues to make the rounds. three astronauts arrived at the international spaceati station carrying the torch with them. amid all the excitement over the olympic games, there's also growing anxiety over the recently passed anti-gay propaganda law in russia. this morning, the olympic games organizer tried y eiey eied to fears to rest during an interview with matt lauer. >> if an athlete marches in an opening ceremony with a rainbow pin or stands up at a press conference and speaks out in favor of gay rights, will that athlete be arrested? >> absolutely not. what else can i add when my president already said several times expressed the guarantees on behalf of the state leaders that there will be no discrimination whether by race, religion, or sexual orientation,
2:48 pm
and we organizers keep it as a key of our games. >> msnbc's thomas roberts is in russia where he will co-host the miss universe competition this saturday. he's also in russia in an everett effort to speak with lgbt advocates. thomas, you heard the words there from that official. there will be no arrests. he claims these things won't exist. but what's been the reaction to that assertion from him? >> reporter: well, it's certainly a strong message that's being sent this morning, but it'll remain to be seen, tamron, what exactly happens when all eyes turn to russia coming up for the winter olympics. now, that certainly is a nice message. i don't know if that's a lot of comfort to people that would like to suppress support or solidarity with the lgbt russian community. certainly, athletes are taking a message out of that. but what does it mean for spectators, demonstrators that
2:49 pm
come to russia that want to show their support? also, the question remains after the olympics, what happens? it seems as if the russian legislature has passed a law that's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and marginalized the lgbt community here, making it a second-class citizen and also making it socially illegal to talk about class distinction and gender inequality. this is a big issue for vladimir putin well beyond the olympics as he continues to try to raise his international profile and the international profile of russia in earlier. >> and thomas, i'm curious, you've been there i think about a day now. what has struck you most in being able to talk with a few of the advocates that have been courageous enough to talk with you? >> reporter: tamron, it's really been interesting because there are people here who were very well-represented and well-known people, prominent people within the russian culture, journalists
2:50 pm
that i've had an opportunity to speak to who were unceremoniously dismissed strictly and straightforwardly for saying they were gay. there was one very popular political journalist who was fired in january. then another culture correspondent who came out via facebook who was also fired. these are just people that are speaking out against these laws and being told, no, you can't do that, and then they lose their careers over it. so the one journalist i had an opportunity to speak to, anton, he has not worked in over a year. he's 38 years old. he's probably going to have to try something completely different. he says he's not leaving russia. he's staying here and wants to see these laws change. again, all eyes remain on russia for miss universe this week and beyond for the olympics coming up in february. >> all right, thomas. we look forward to seeing you there and all the work you're bringing into us. thank you very much, buddy. greatly appreciate it. a dangerous super typhoon headed toward the philippines
2:51 pm
tops our look at news today. parts. of indonesia are already feeling effects of the category 5 storm, packing winds estimated at 190 miles per hour. forecasters are warning of a widespread devastation and significant loss of life. residents in high-risk areas have been evacuated since yesterday ahead of the expected landfall tonight. and take a look at this. an unbelievable confrontation between a taxi driver and an suv. last week the driver blocked the suv standing in the middle of the stereet. when the suv tried to pull away, the driver starts beating on the window. the suv speeds away, runs into another taxi, backs up hitting another car, moving forward again, hitting the original taxi. police found the 19-year-old who had stolen that car. as you can imagine, he faces a number of charges. [ male announcer ] at humana, understanding what makes you different
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there's a lot going on
2:55 pm
today. here are some things we thought you should know. the food and drug administration has started taking steps to eliminate transfats into foods. the artery-clogging ingredient typically found in processed foods. the fda plan requires a gradual phasing out. officials say the move could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year. it's time now for the news nation gut check. new jersey governor chris christie is still getting a lot of attention after his landslide win in tuesday's election. it even landed him on the cover of "time" magazine, but the cover is not exactly going over well with everyone. it shows christie's silhouette accompanied by the headline "the elephant in the room." the issue contains a series of articles about christie's role in had the republican party and not-so-subtle hints he could be gearing up for 2016. some also wonder if it's not a cheap shot at his size.
2:56 pm
what does your gut tell you? take a look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check about a high school cross country runner in kentucky who refused to run under the bib number 666. race officials denied her request for a new number. he didn't want the number because of religious reasons. we asked you, should officials have allowed her to be change that number in 79% of you said yes. 21% of you said no. and that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm off tomorrow. i'll see you monday, but the show goes on. "the cycle" is up next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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