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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 1, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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focusing on small businesses, tax credits for small businesses to increase hiring here. very specific elements that the president wants in a new jobs stimulation package that he talked about at the end of last year in december that the house has picked up. he still wants the senate to do as well. >> and real quick the politics of it, you have republicans already saying that, again, this is democrats trying to spend their way out of a problem. the comments of the president, he pointed out the climate after eight years of the republicans controlling things there. >> reporter: right. that's an argument you could make at the start of the administration and as you get to the middle and end of it he's putting it in the context what happened in the bush years, the economic downfall he inherited. clearly it is his budget and these are his numbers. >> all right, richard wolffe live for me at the white house. thank you very much, richard. and the world's richest investment bank is responding to stories its ceo is about to become a whole lot richer. the times of london reports
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goldman sachs head lloyd bla blankfein, seen here when he was grilled by congress, is expecting a bonus of, hold on, $100 million. that's what the paper is hearing from bankers at a meeting in switzerland. in fact, one rival banker said, quote, this is lloyd thumbing his nose at obama. goldman sachs' spokesperson release this had statement saying there's speculation and there is stupidity. the speculation transcends the stupidity and takes it to a new level. by the way goldman has not come clean how much it pays its top executives by the end of the month and did not shoot down this $100 million story. moving on, though, at least four people are dead in north carolina and seven in oklahoma after brutal winter storms turned deadly in the southern plains. mike bettes has more on what's happening there. what's the latest? where is the storm now? well, the good news is this, tamron. everything seems to have moved out. we have a couple areas out there we are watching this morning but
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nothing of particular concern and certainly nothing like we had over the weekend into late last week. we're going to show you what's happening across the west, the 5. we could have some issues through the day. san francisco and sacramento, it is not a warm morning at all. temperatures in the 40s. we're in and out of the rain. up the 5, more rain and more snow. that includes up around medford, northbound into portland and seattle. we'll be in and out of that rain throughout the day today as well. but if you work your way back into the midwest, that's where the snow is today. 1 to 3 inch coating, omaha, kansas city, minneapolis, chicago. light snow. don't bank on a lot of accumulation here but look at the big storms that have fired through florida. that's a big issue along alligator alley but that storm system working its way up the coast, tamron. that means even in places like the carolinas and virginias tomorrow where we had the big snow and ice, we have a chance for that again tomorrow morning and now it looks like late week, potentially friday, tamron, we have another chance for a third
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time in three weeks. of course we'll follow the forecast very closely. toyota says it has a fix for the gas pedal problem that led to a recall of 2.3 million american cars and trucks. it says dealers will receive new parts by week's end that will repair the problem. but, get this, technicians still need to learn how to install the parts. meanwhile, what's the repair for toyota's image? >> the car just accelerated and when it did, they flew off the cliff into the creek. >> couldn't move his legs or nothing. i was worried he was paralyzed. >> up until now, a pretty reliable toyota customer. i will never buy a car from them again. i can't. it's not safe. >> phil lebeau joins us. before we talk about the repairs, the ceo of toyota, they're trying a lot of things to ease the fears of people like we just heard from. >> this is damage control full force from toyota. it started with a newspaper ads run across the country yesterday essentially saying we're pausing
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with you in mind, the customer, so we get things correct. now they are coming out and saying we have a definitive fix here. we understand that people may not have confidence in the vehicles. our goal is to repair those vehicles and repair the confidence that has been lost on toyota. it's not going to happen overnight. it will take some time. >> phil, some people are concerned and expressing real questions regarding how long it took for the fix. i think it's 12 days later you have the fix for the problem, two weeks. >> and on top of that there was the recall back in october for floor mats holding the gas pedal down. then in december they come back and say we have a recall because the accelerators may be sticking unrelated to the floor mats. and now there are still questions out there whether or not the electronics involved in the gas pedal may be involved. toyota says no way. the electronics are not the issue. we've checked it. that's not the problem here. that said, over the last three months there's been a case of people hearing from toyota we have things fixed.
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we're under control and yet the problem has continued to grow and that's why people are losing their confidence. >> it's amazing, one of the most trusted brands we've seen survive all of this. thank you very much. good to see you in the studio, phil. >> you, too. new video we got in this morning. a small plane causing some big problems after an emergency landing on the new jersey turnpike. traffic was backed up for miles. the plane was being used ironically for traffic reports for a radio and tv station out of philadelphia. it ended up causing its own traffic jam. thankfully no one was injured in that. members of a church accused of trying to smuggle children out of haiti for illegal adoption. a hearing is planned for today for the ten americans being held in that country. the haitian orphan rescue mission says it was just trying to help. it thought its actions were on the up and up and now some are even questioning if these children were even orphans at all. michelle kosinski is in port-au-prince.
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michelle, we've been hearing conflicting times on when the hearing would start. what's the very latest on the hearing and what might come out of it today? i think we have some technical problems with michelle's live shot so we hope to get that up for you. members of the church are now saying at least the pastor of this church is saying he's very worried that the members being held right now could be charged with child trafficking. that is coming from the church here out of utah, that they're worried these ten members being held could, in fact, eventually be charged with child trafficking. michelle kosinski in her report earlier today did say, though, there were some discrepancies from the haitian government, whatever government they really have in place now, regarding this investigation whether this is a misunderstanding or, in fact, a case of child trafficking. there have been some very disturbing reports that authorities were led to believe they were trying to sell these kids for as much as $10,000.
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these are unconfirmed reports. this is some of the information coming out. we're going to move on following developments out of northern baghdad. at least 16 people were killed and over 100 wounded during a suicide attack. iraqi police say a female suicide bomber detonated explosives in a belt while walking among shiite pilgrims. thousands of shiites are making a religious pilgrimage. nbc news has confirmed the trial of alleged 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed will not take place in new york city as was previously announced. so where will the trial be held? the new 2011 budget the president submitted this morning includes a $200 million fund to help pay for security costs aso associated with the travel and where the trial might be held. the mopey that will be spent. justice correspondent pete williams is live for us out of washington. so, on sunday you saw the
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programs, axelrod, gibbs, a number of insiders were hesitant to say the trial would not happen in new york. so where are they looking now? >> reporter: it seems quite clear that it won't happen in new york and as to where, i'm told they are just now looking at some of the options and there are legal considerations, political considerations and you mentioned robert gibbs. he seemed quite confident that the trial would ebbed with the death penalty for the person whose picture you were just showed, khalid shaikh mohammed. here is what he said over the weekend. >> let me tell you what plan "a" is for khalid shaikh mohammed. he is going to meet justice and meet his maker. >> in a federal court or a military -- >> he will be brought to justice and he is likely to be executed for the heinous crimes that he committed in killing and masterminding the killing of 3,000 americans. >> reporter: now as for the legal restrictions, tamron, federal law does have some rules about where trials can be held especially those that involve c
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capital cases, those that could bring the death penalty so that's one consideration. another one is the sort of physical possibilities. yes, you could put this on an air force base or an army base but if there's no courtroom there you'd have to build one. you'd have to have a place for the jury to be. that's a complication the government would just as soon not get into. so it's looking at other possibilities, looking at whether there are legal restrictions and finally, at the same time congress is preparing another vote on a bill that has failed the last time that would limit the government from holding these trials in civilian court, forcing them potentially to go to a military. >> is this being perceived as an embarrassment for the justice department, for attorney general holder? and i ask this question because you know immediately after the announcement you had people saying this was wrong and now there's an admission by moving the trial. >> reporter: i think they're saying factors have changed. at first new york officials were willing to hold it but then they decided it was too expensive, the security risk was too high.
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an intervening fact was the christmas day bomb plot which has changed the political atmosphere here in washington, tamron. >> nbc's pete williams, thank you, pete. and who dat. ♪ oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh, when the saints go >> so the saints have been chanting who dat since the '80s and call themselves the who dat nation. there's a back and forth over who owns the nickname and the nfl is actually involved in this fight. plus, could illinois follow massachusetts and stun the political world? republicans have laser focus on the seat once held by president obama. and one of the top gop challengers will join me live next. and michael jackson's kids back on stage, back in the spotlight. hear what they said last night at the grammys. we also have a couple of other grammy moments that people are talking about coming up.
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welcome back to msnbc live with tamron hall. we're keeping our eye on a couple of stories. first this who dat controversy happening down in the big easy. the saints fans have been calling themselves the who dat nation since the '80s. now the nfl is not happy with that. the controversy. a fire out of lawrence, massachusetts, our affiliate has some video if we can show our audience that. a lot of smoke coming from the building. it looks like a residential property, a home, the smoke -- looks like the top floor. you can see the building has burned considerably and a lot of activity coming in out of this area in lawrence, massachusetts, working to find out if people managed to get out of there.
11:15 am
this is our affiliate bringing this in to us. a home fire it appears in lawrence, massachusetts. the smoke is gray which is an indicator the fire is out but i cannot go and say that with sure confidence but the amount of charring significant. you can see some of the pieces of the building being plucked off or kicked off, if you will, by firefighters. our vantage point far off here. hopefully everyone made it out alive and voters head to the polls tomorrow in the much-watched illinois state primaries. one republican candidate in the state. they actually believe illinois could be the next massachusetts. that the upset we saw, the stunner could happen in illinois. and, come on "snl." do you think this is what house speaker nancy pelosi is thinking about when she sees the new gop superstar, massachusetts senator elect scott brown?
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so there are a lot of things this morning considered news in this world. there are only a few stories that make all of us around here say no way. a newly elected senator with a sexy nude photo spread in his past can mean only one thing for the people at "saturday night live." a new target for political parody. >> thanks, speaker pelosi, and let me just say i'm looking forward to working closely with you. >> chosely? >> okay. let's talk economy. with this new spending freeze, job creation is going to be harder than ever. >> nancy, you're the speaker of the house. i hope you're a screamer in the bedroom. i want to do something to the
11:20 am
floor. it's called your panties. >> oh, that's wrong for so many reasons. and if that's not enough action for you, the scott brown action figure is here. is releasing not one but three action figures for 2012 executive, the every man action figure, and one is anatomically correct. okay, whatever. where is a good samaritan when you need one? this cab ended up on its roof after the taxi driver ran a red light and then was hit by another car. police say instead of lending a helping hand, a man used his hand to reach in and take money from the passengers inside. police are looking at surveillance cameras in the area to try to identify the suspect. talk about bad. well, the eyes of the political world will be on illinois as the state kicks off the 2010 primary season. up for grabs the senate seat once held by president obama. it's now held by roland burris who is not running and the president is reportedly
11:21 am
concerned that his former seat could end up in republican hands. tomorrow's democratic primary the leading candidate is state treasurer alexi giannoulias. his strongest challenger ceo cheryle jackson. mark kirk is expected to win, at least he's leading in the polls. his strongest challenge is real estate developer patrick hughes, who joins us now. thank you so much, mr. hughes, for joining us. >> hi, tamron. how are you. >> i'm very good. many reports out there the president is not happy with what's happening. why do you believe you and congressman kirk and republican party have been able to make inroads with this seat? >> well, you know, what happened in massachusetts, tamron, obviously was very big. it showed that a republican could win in what is ostensibly a blue state. i think unlike congressman kirk, i'm a conservative and scott brown was a conservative outsider from washington. i think as a conservative outsider, i can do the same thing scott brown did here in
11:22 am
illinois and so we're battling for the next couple of days and getting the grassroots out to win the primary and then the general come november. >> when you say conservative, i know you know much has been made of this conservative litmus test to be a true conservative in this country. for example, one of the questions was do you think the president was born in the united states? is that your definition of conservative or is it in the perimeter of a conservative? >> no, i mean, my definition of a conservative is reagan conservatism, limited government, low taxes, economic freedom and the traditional social values that we've had in our country since its inception and a strong national defense. these are the american values that are conservative values. the birther movement i do not subscribe to and conservatism in that way should not be pared together. >> you're in a tight race with mark kirk and shows you are pretty far behind. how do you think you can make up the difference and then eventually go on to meet the democratic challenger?
11:23 am
they have their own problems with their primary certainly. >> yeah, they certainly do. i'm catching up on the congressman every single day. that poll is a little bit old. we have internal polls that show we're closing. i have tremendous grassroots, tamron, not just in illinois but across the country. i have phone banks in texas to florida and massachusetts and connecticut, so we have a lot of people out there pounding the pavement for us, getting our message out and we think we're going to be successful and catch congressman kirk on tuesday. and then the democrats in our state and independents in our state are tired of the bill it have goods that democratic legislators and the governor have sold them. we're at 11% unemployment. we need to stop that. we need reform. we need a new message and a new leader and i'm hoping to provide that for the people of illinois. >> it sure is a very vast difference when the republicans had alan keyes as their candidate who ran against barack obama for the seat. we've come a long way from that for sure. thank you very much. go ahead. >> thank you, tamron. thank you. >> thank you. good luck. and ten american church
11:24 am
workers accused of child trafficking in haiti. we'll head out to idaho for reaction from the neighbors in the community about these stunning accusations. and in their first public appearance since their father's funeral, michael jackson's children remember their dad in one of the most emotional moments at the grammys last night. acon. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip? dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time! not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at today, the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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a couple of stories we're following right now, breaking news out of lawrence, massachusetts, where a pretty big house fire they're trying to get under control. we're working to get information on whether there were people inside the home at the time. you see there firefighters still trying to get control of what is a significant house fire in lawrence, massachusetts. also, the americans from idaho being held in haiti right now. we're waiting to get an update on a court appearance scheduled for them today. they could face charges of child trafficking. allegations pretty serious that they tried to smuggle at least 33 children into the dominican
11:28 am
republic for illegal adoptions. the community and pastor of the church is standing by the people arrested. and president obama unveiled his 2011 budget with $3.8 trillion in spending. a record breaking deficit as well of $1.5 trillion. the president planning on tackling the unemployment and also freezing what he calls unnecessary spending. and a re-energized republican party is preparing to seize what is considered a great if unexpected opportunity in this year's midterm elections. the gop is watching as president obama's approval ratings go up and down and he's riding a string of victories, or they are riding a string of victories of massachusetts, new jersey and virginia. the republican national committee just wrapped up a four-day strategy session in hawaii where one speak er declared, quote, you can count on the democratic majority in the house being toast this fall. i'm joined by nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. luke, very interesting comments
11:29 am
there but it is not a big surprise. you had many people predicting that democrats especially in the house could be in big trouble. >> reporter: yeah, they are, tamron, and there's two areas where republicans really feel they can exploit democrats. number one is the stimulus bill with unemployment being at 10%, a lot of folks around the country have not felt the benefits of that. you'll see a real interesting debate between democrats and republicans to define what the stimulus bill is. a lot feel they can come out on top. an issue getting a lot of play is national security. americans -- a lot of americans do not want guantanamo bay terrorists in their backyard. republicans are scoring really high with that. also, the christmas day bomber, there seems to be an idea the intelligence community, that it was a bad idea for the fbi to give the christmas day bomber his miranda rights after 60 minutes and not have a cia interrogation. republicans are going to exploit that. republicans in the senate there are two races they feel good about. number one, arkansas with
11:30 am
lincoln. she is trailing in a lot of polls there directly tied to president obama, his health care bill. they feel they can hammer her. in nevada, harry reid, the majority leader. one republican i spoke to said if there is any symbolic person we'd like to take down it would be harry reid in 2010. >> you got the republicans trying to tie in the candidates with president obama. they see in their eye as trend that he went to massachusetts and campaigned, he went to new jersey, he went to virginia and all of those candidates did not fare well. they lost. his approval rating, it's all still very good at 50% but it's certainly not where it was. >> reporter: no, it wasn't, but what republicans want to do with that strategy is they want to personally not attack obama because he remains popular. a lot of folks like him. but his policies in a lot of areas, the poll numbers are dropping. the house republican conference, bob mcdonald, the current
11:31 am
governor of virginia, a lot of house republicans told me that was the strategy they wanted to follow. go after the democrat on the issues, president obama is the leader, the president. but lack at what he's done, get away from the cult of personality. it will be interesting to see if they do that in 2010 and a lot of them say in the high level republican leadership folks have said we guarantee we'll take back the house. those are big words. it is only february. anything could happen. >> on any given sunday, luke. any given sunday. >> reporter: you know. >> thank you very much, luke. certainly appreciate it. >> reporter: be well. a developing story we're keeping an eye on this hour, according to a new report some active duty agents are selling their expert heise to those on side. should they moonlight? financial firms and hedge funds are getting access to our country's top intelligence talent. in one case cia officers offered tips on deception, detection, or figuring out when executives
11:32 am
might be lying based on clues and how they are speaking. sources tell politico the cia needs to prevent talent from leaving the agency so the moonlighting policy is necessary. right now lawmakers and politicians are raising a big stink over the nfl's claims to a little phrase. this coming just days before the big game on sunday. >> who dat? who dat? >> so the saints fans have been chanting who dat for decades. they call themselves the who dat nation, and last week the nfl said cease and desist letters to some mom and pop stores in louisiana who were selling who dat purchase and today the louisiana governor bobby lyndal is considering a lawsuit.
11:33 am
can anyone really own the phrase who dat? somebody owns three-peat. two men who run a company, who dat inc actually say they do. steve, thank you for joining us. you're in san antonio. first off, explain why you're in san antonio. >> i'm in san antonio because i have a home here and i also have a home in new orleans and i'm going back home to new orleans here in the next few days for the game. >> so you have the who dat shirt on. you have the symbol for not only new orleans but the saints. are you in violation with what the nfl wants? >> i want to point out a few things, okay, and i'll get to the shirt in a moment. this is the original who dat logo that we trademarked in 1983 after making it famous with the
11:34 am
song. this is the original logo. this is what we trademarked. during that time we produced this album. if you notice there is nothing that says saints on it. it says who dat on it. during the same time between 1983 and today this is a mug that we throw out during mardi gras from the floats. it's a popular thing to do in new orleans. it doesn't say saints on it. it says who dat. it's a new orleans thing. i'm going to roll through this quick. >> are you trying to sell me merchandise? we get the point, steve. >> no, no. i am not trying to -- tamron, no. i am not trying to sell you merchandise. i am going to show the united states of america the greed of the nfl. this is our original who dat shirt. doesn't say saints on it. >> right. >> this is for a kid. it says i'm a who dat. you get the point. this shirt here was the shirt that was produced in 2005 and not opposed by the lead counsel for the new orleans saints. not opposed by it.
11:35 am
it was okay. so the answer to your question am i in violation, no. the saints and the nfl are in violation. >> that's clearly different from the who dat stuff you showed us, the cup, that just said who dat. it did not have the symbol for the city, the saints on it. you have that on there now which many would associate, and i'm no attorney here, but people would associate that with the nfl team, the new orleans saints. >> tamron, you just hit on a crucial point. you are not an attorney and it's amazing all of the experts that have come out. the media all of a sudden trademark experts. the politicians, everybody is an expert. what the people don't know is trademark law. what the media doesn't know is intellectual property law. >> here's the reality. >> no, no, tamron, hang on. i'm sorry. >> we're all for small business. hang on. we're not against you. we're all for small business. i just want to know simply do you think you're in violation? i have no stock in the nfl. i don't know anyone in the nfl.
11:36 am
>> to answer your question absolutely not. we're not only not in violation, we have documented evidence, we have agreements with the new orleans saints where they acknowledge our ownership and promise to never oppose it and actually promise to help us uphold it. >> you're going to keep selling? you're going to keep selling your things, right? >> why wouldn't i? it belongs to us. what we're doing is -- >> okay. we're out of time. >> see, that's the problem, too, so little time and so much information. >> you're so ungrateful. we got you on here telling your story, all for the saints winning and you're going to dis me on the show. thanks, steve. way to go. >> dis you? >> we're giving you your time. we appreciate it. we appreciate you joining us. we're cutting you off because we have other news stories. thank you. good luck. britain's prince harry took a spill in a polo match in barbados. he was playing in a match for
11:37 am
charity which helps african children. harry rolled clear of his horse. he wasn't hurt but he also wasn't happy. apparently, like steve, was pretty upset and he threw the mallett and punched his helmet to the ground. and the grammy goes to -- "halo." >> this has been an amazing night and i'd like to thank the grammys. >> taylor swift. >> we get to take this back to nashville. >> so the big buzz in the entertainment world this morning is all about the grammys. music's big night and the beloved ladies who pulled in a lot of grammy gold. beyonce took home six, a record for female solo singer and country crossover sweetheart taylor swift snagged four including album of the year but here's what some people think really stole the show. michael jackson's children, paris and prince along with their cousins accepting their father's lifetime achievement award. with me courtney hazlett. we were tweeting and texting
11:38 am
each other throughout the show. we have a lot of opinions we can't share. >> those text messages must never be -- >> delete them. what did you think of the jackson kids? >> going into it we didn't know what to expect. obviously the number one priority here is the children's best interests and a lot of people were nervous maybe they'd be exploited in some way when they appeared at the grammys last night. by all accounts it was really a heartfelt, sincere moment. take a listen to what prince had to say. >> we would also like to thank the fans. our father loved you so much because you were always there for him. through all his songs, his message was simple, love. we will continue to spread his message and help the world. thank you. >> he seems so nervous, both of them. >> and they definitely were nervous. and i know that they were initially expected at the rehearsals the day before. they didn't go to those rehearsals so that was a genuine moment, not something they practiced, that they'd gone up on stage. they had not been on that stage
11:39 am
since their father's memorial so it was a really emotional moment. >> they did a great job. speaking of great jobs, who did you like last night? my favorite moment was lady gaga with elton john. >> that was a favorite moment of a lot of people, two icons, one current, one less current. >> covered in ash. >> covered in ash, yes. it's what do you really look at first there. also a big moment last night was pink doing her bizarre cirque de soleil esque thing covered in water. this added up to make the grammys more interesting this year. i will give it that. however, we get to a point now and say how are you going to shock us next? i would like to see more of just fantastic performances that don't require literally things hanging from the rafters because at some point you just can't be shocked by that anymore. and what are you left with. >> it's interesting because a lot of those things they do in their concerts and with tickets $100, $200, so a chance for
11:40 am
people to see the elaborate performance is there. >> spectacle shouldn't be exactly what sells. >> thank you, courtney. thank you very much. well, an actor goes before a judge in connecticut. the 78 "men in black" actor is charged with breaking into a bank on friday and they say he had a loaded handgun. they found him intoxicated inside the bank. he was arrested and held onneded 100,000 bond. he had been arrested several times for drunk driving. and a development in the case of a missing utah mom. police search the minivan belonging to her husband. what were they looking for in that van? we're going to talk with susan powell's father coming up. it shows. it slides. it tows. it sees. it calls. and it fits. we gave it more ideas per square inch...
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searching for clues inside a mi minivan belonging to the husband of the mom missing since december 7th. investigators are looking into the disappearance of 28-year-old susan powell and officials have not commented on what kind of evidence they were looking for or if they found anything significant in the van that is still impounded. charles cox is susan's father and joins me now over the phone. mr. cox, thank you so much for joining me. >> morning. >> do you know anything more from authorities regarding the search of this minivan of your son-in-law? >> no, we actually found out about it afterwards through the media. >> through the reports that were out there? what is the latest at least they're telling you? i know you want to keep the national attention on the search for susan and this certainly puts the spotlight back on when you have a report of this van being searched. what are you and your family doing to keep the story alive in the media? >> we talked to the police virtually every day and this is
11:45 am
just another example of the police get tips and acting on the tips and the case is being actively investigated and that gives us great hope. >> did they give you information they searched the van because of tips? >> no, they didn't. >> what about your grandchildren? we know josh relocated with the children. to be closer, he says, to his family. have you had a chance to see your daughter's children? >> we got to see them three times just around christmas and then january 3rd was the last time we saw them. >> for your part, where do you believe this investigation should focus at this moment? your daughter has been sadly missing since december 7th at this point. >> well, i don't think the police are excluding anything right now. i think they're taking the correct action investigating every lead, every tip they get and i'm very confident that they are following the right leads at the moment and they're pointed
11:46 am
in the right direction. >> and since you've not been able to see your grandchildren in a long time, are you and your family contemplating any legal action that might ensure that you would be able to see them at least on a regular basis as the search for your daughter continues? >> none that we have in the immediate future. we're working, trying to work with our son-in-law to see if we can get more time with the grandchildren. >> has he been willing to communicate with you, josh? has he been talking to you regularly? >> sporadically we've had contact with him. >> and how would you describe your relationship with him right now? >> it's strained at the moment. >> well, mr. cox, i know it's difficult to talk about these details that are happening behind the scenes with your family, but we sure hope that your daughter, susan, is brought back home safely as this continues. i know you miss her and the children miss her greatly. thank you so much, charles cox, father of susan powell.
11:47 am
thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> absolutely. well, the suspect in a thanksgiving day shooting massacre is appearing in a florida courtroom today. paul marriage is suspected of gunning down a young cousin, his twin sister and an aunt, when he opened fire. he faces four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder as well. prosecutors say they are going to ask for the death penalty in the case. and sparks are still flying over tim tebow's controversial super bowl ad. famed attorney gloria allred squaring off against tim tebow's mother. what's going on? we'll talk with her live. ♪ each day... [ female announcer ] our bodies need water... and women who drink crystal light drink 20% more of it. ♪ crystal light.... water your body. brand over the last decade... now over the counter at walmart as prevacid 24hr - to treat frequent heartburn.
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our tweet of the day that caught our eye, couple of minutes ago i interviewed the guy from who-dat, inc. the nfl isn't sure they want
11:51 am
companies to sell who-dat. earl says u.s. media is commercial driven. the man was right. you were out of line. he says i'm out of line. i gave the guy four minutes. apparently we should have griffin him the whole hour. super bowl ad that nobody has seen but plenty are complaining about, christian group focus on family paid for the ad which features tim tebow and his mother, pam. it's supposed to, and it does she says, tell the story of how she -- it was suggested that she abort her pregnancy with tim tebow in 1987. she had gotten sick in the philippines and a doctor recommended she terminated the pregnancy, but abortion is illegal in the philippines. now some people are questioning pam's story. gloria allred joins me from los angeles. gloria, you're one of the people who are taking issue, and i understand you may even file a
11:52 am
complaint with the fcc. what is your problem with the ad itself? i believe it's not because it's an anti-abortion ad, right? >> exactly. the reason is because i question whether or not this is, in fact, misleading advertising, because at the time that his mother made the so-called choice to take a pregnancy to term and not to have an abortion, in fact, abortion was illegal, was a crime in the philippines. matter of fact, it still is a crime in the philippines. >> but people commit crimes all the time. do you have any proof? do you have any proof, though, that it did not happen? people, as you know -- you're an attorney -- break the law all of the time. >> yeah. well, she -- you know, she's alleging that she decided not to have an abortion, that her doctors in the philippines recommended that she have an abortion because it would be unsafe, they believed, for her to take a pregnancy to term.
11:53 am
and it might be unsafe for the fetus as well is what is reported. of course, none of us have seen the ad yet. what i'm saying is, if, in fact it was really a crime at the time, which it was, she could have gone to prison two to six years. was her choice, in fact, because of her faith or because it was not available legally to have a safe abortion? was it a practical choice? i don't know the answer to that. she'll have to say. i think the ad should reveal that it was illegal at that time. >> gloria, i want to play what tim tebow had to say about this last tuesday. >> that's the reason i'm here, because my mom is a very courageous woman and, you know, saying no under a lot of circumstances. that's the reason i'm here. i'm very thankful of that. >> any chance that because of what you are alleging that this
11:54 am
ad could be pulled? >> i don't know what cbs chooses to do. my sense of it is that that they would not want to run an ad that is misleading and that is why they should include the fact that it was a crime at the time and still is to have an abortion in the philippines. no one should be forced to have an abortion. if it is illegal and unsafe. i believe abortion should be legal, safe, available and affordable and that is what true choice is all about. if they don't include the fact that it's illegal, then i think it's appropriate to file a complaint with the federal communications commission or federal trade commission. >> gloria, thanks for your time. tim tebow and his mother, pam, stick by their story and say that is what happened with their situation. that does it for me in this hour. i'm tamron hall. see you back here at 11:00 and 2:00 pm eastern time. we'll be back up in a couple of hours. contessa brewer picks up at the head of the next hour.
11:55 am
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good monday morning to you, west coasters. here on the east coast it's noon. new this hour, we're getting reaction, we dive into the pros of spending to get the economy on track and the cons of running up a mega deficit. and pros and cons of hosting a 9/11 terror trial in the united states, the president is promising $200 million for security. is justice worth the price? american baptist detained in haiti for trying to take orphans out of haiti without permission. their pastor joins me and explains why they thought it was okay to adopt kids without asking anyone. president obama's record $3.8 trillion budget. a short time ago, president obama unveiled his new budget blueprint, which projects the federal deficit to sore to $1.6 trillion this year.
11:59 am
he blames president bush for that. the new budget slashes the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans but includes $100 billion to spur job growth. >> the budget includes new tax cuts for people who invest in small businesses, tax credits for small businesses that hire new workers, investments that will create jobs, repairing roads and bridges, and tax breaks for retro fitting homes to save energy. >> the house republican whip, eric cantore, be is already slamming the budget size. richard wolffe, author of "renegade" joins us now from the white house. $1.6 trillion, next year $1.3 trillion, next year's deficit is on par with what obama inherited when he came in after the bush administration. >> reporter: right, which is, for the administration, a sign of just how tough this economic decline was and the kind of long-term problems that are inherent in this budget, which is why they want this


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