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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 28, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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should be expecting this next, whether it's criminalizing patients or having abortions, or providers who are doing those procedures for them. >> doctor colleen mcnicholas, there in st. louis, thank you so much for taking little time away from your very important work to talk to us. thanks. that is "all in" on this monday night of the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, chris. i have to ask you, are you going to be there tomorrow night when we do the prime time breakout of tomorrow's january 6th hearing. >> i am going to be. there i was in los angeles for the last one but i will be absolutely here sitting at the table one seat away from you. >> i almost went to los angeles and bodily grabbed you and brought you back. >> turn the plane around. i'm not flying. >> it is not really that kind of plane. you are not allowed to leave the state tomorrow. we will have a lot of important work to do. >> i will definitely be there. >> see you then, my friend. thanks to you at home for
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joining us this hour. happy to have you here. quick personnel news, good news, i want to say congratulations to alex wagner, who is going to take over the slot that is now msnbc prime, this is just announced today by msnbc, it is great news, in terms of me, nothing about what i'm doing is changing, i'm going to be doing monday nights from here on out and here for big news events like i have been, things like the january 6th hearing and the supreme court decision friday on roe v. wade, nothing that i'm doing is changing at all. but it is great news that starting late this summer, starting mid august, it is going to be alex wagner in the chair here tuesday through friday night at 9:00 eastern. so congratulations to alex. everybody here thinks this is great news. myself included. again, you're still stuck with me for all of the same things you've been stuck with me on in
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recent weeks and months. that won't change. but alex is taking over that msnbc prime spot, it is great news. great to have the certainty. it's great to know it is her. just wanted to mention that right off the bat. but hey, speaking of the january 6th hearing, i need to tell you i was wrong, we all were wrong, or at least things changed to make us wrong, after the fact, you will remember that we had the two blockbuster hearings from the january 6th investigation last week. first one was the state officials from georgia, and from arizona, and the election worker from georgia, they all testified about the threats and intimidation that trump directed at people in individual states to try to force them to falsify election results in those states so he could stay in power, that was the first hearing last week. the second hearing last week was the department of justice officials who testified about trump trying to use the justice department to overthrow the government in order to
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effectuate the same outcome. we have those two really big, really dramatic, really just compelling hearings last week. and then after those two hearings last week, i said, we said, we all said, that that would be it for a while. that the january 6th verse was not going to convene any further hearings until at least mid july. turns out that was wrong. today, we got a legit surprise announcement from the january 6th investigate. they are convening a surprise hearing on short notice tomorrow. for all of the other hearings thus far, we've had a week's notice if not more. this one we got less than 24 hours notice. and we really don't know why. we do not know the subject of this hearing that they have suddenly called for tomorrow. we do not know the witness is going to be or the witnesses are going to be. most intriguingly we don't know what it is about the evidence and the witness testimony they're going to present tomorrow that requires such urgency.
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i mean it was only a few days ago that the chairman of the investigation, congressman bennie thompson, told reporters, you know, no, no, no no more hears for at least a few week, basically breathe easy, nothing else going to happen in june. that was just a few days ago. since then, something happened. that made it so this new hearing has to happen immediately tomorrow. so we're going to get expert help on that in just a moment in terms of whether that urgency, this apparent rush on the timing might have something to do with, i don't know, sequencing the witnesses in some particular way, stopping people from coordinating their stories, maybe there is something potentially going on in terms of preserving evidence, stopping people from tampering with, or destroying evidence. i feel like we need expert advice on this in part because we also know that this january 6th investigation in congress is happening in parallel with what appears to now be a very active federal criminal investigation.
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that at least it's touching a lot of people who are involved in trump's plot. those two hearings last week that i just described, those were tuesday and thursday, you might remember, on the day between those two hearings on wednesday last week, it started raining federal search warrants and subpoenas. first, we learned that a whole bunch of republicans and a whole bunch of different states all involved in the forged electors, the fake electors part of the plot, first thing we learned is that a whole bun of them got subpoenas on wednesday from federal agents. this again is part of the plot where there were states that biden won, which means those states were going to cast their votes for biden in the electoral college, but the trump campaign nevertheless had republicans in those states create forged, fake slates of trump votes for the electoral college which they sent in fres from those states as if they were the real votes. so last week. so fake electors themselves, people involved in setting up
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the fake electors slat they all got subpoenaed on wednesday, and then after that we learned a justice department official, a trump george lawyer named jeffrey clark allegedly trying to use the power of justice department to help trump pull off this scheme, we learned thursday morning last week that he too had had a visit from federal agents the previous day. except in his case, he didn't get a subpoena the way the other fake electors people did. jeff clark had his house searched in a pre-dawn raid. with federal agents executing a search warrant at his home and taking all his electronic devices. well, now, today we learned there was yet another one. and it happened that same day. wednesday, last week, what we learned today was that it was also trump lawyer john eastman who was an outside lawyer for trump, he has been portrayed by the january 6th investigation as sort of an architect of the scheme that trump was trying to pull off, both in terms of trying to get the states to flip and pressuring the vice
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president and the fake electors, apparently that same day last week, wednesday, john eastman also got a visit from federal agents. they apparently confronted him as he was leaving a restaurant in albuquerque, new mexico and told them he had a search warrant for his phone and they took his iphone off him, bodily, they held the phone up to his face to use his face print to unlock it. note to self. never use a face print to unlock anything. we have all of these very granular details tonight about that search warrant being served on john eastman and federal agents taking his home. we have all of those details because john eastman filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to have the search warrant thrown out and seeking to have his phone returned to him and as part of that lawsuit that he filed, he disclosed the search warrants and his own description of what happened, when these agents turned up and said hand over your phone.
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so like i said, we are going to get some expert help on this in just a second. we've got federal agents executing search warrants which means a federal judge found probable cause that there is evidence of crime or crimes at the location beingch issed. in that case, this is in the home of one trump lawyer, jeffrey clark and on the cell phone of another, john eastman. we've got this torrent of new federal grand jury subpoenas of people involved in one part of the plot, the fake electors things, and we've got this investigation that is happening in congress. rushing now, not just to speak with a new witness, not to just get a deposition from someone, but rushing for some reason to get public televised testimony from that person tomorrow. someone that, for whom they're keeping their identity a secret. apparently, right up until the start of the hearing. and i say they're keeping it a secret and i mean. it i mean there's no such thing as a secret in washington. most of the time. but with this one, there really
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aren't leaks about it at all. there is a lot of speculation and i think a lot of trolling going on as to who it might be but there aren't leaks from the committee. nobody really knows. there is no informed speculation as to who the witness is going to be. so what's going on here? like i said, we will have expert help on that in just a moment. and you should know in terms of thinking ahead about the news week, that hearing, that surprise hearing from the january 6th committee, it's going to be held live at 1:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. special coverage of that live as it happens on msnbc and then of course tomorrow night, i will be here as part of a prime time recap of what happened in the hearing. so whether or not you're able to watch it live, we will recap it for you tomorrow night, in prime time, me and a cast of thousands, well, starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, it will be the prime time tomorrow. lots going on. even outside that, that sort of water fall of drama, there is a lot going on in the news.
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in general tonight. we've been watching dramatic footage and scary images tonight out of rural missouri. that's where there was a big derailment of an amtrak passenger train. the train that runs between chicago and los angeles. that train apparently hit a dump truck today at an intersection, multiple cars derailed and flipped over. now, at this hour, at least three people are known to have been killed in the crash. two people who were passengers on board the train, one person in the dump truck. there's an unknown number of injuries. but there's said to be a large number of people who are injured in this crash. southwest, is a steroid american passenger train, the kind of train to buy a sleeper train and some are double decker cars almost. those will be sleeper cars, where people were in berths when the train went over a huge accident scene with all of these cars overturned a very rural
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area. and the nearest town tiny, less than 300 people and in in this part of missouri, multiple deaths and a lot of people injured. we will let you know more about that over the course of the night tonight as we learn more about that train crash in missouri. we also got a bad news update today in the case of wnba all-star brittney griner. as you know, she was arrested in russia in february. just before russia invaded ukraine. she was arrested in mid february just days before russia invaded and started that war. and basically she has been held hostage in russia. they've charged her with what are very obviously very exaggerated large scale drug trafficking charges. they've been holding her since february. today, for the first time, we saw the first photos of her in
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russian custody, first photos of her since her mug shot was released back in march. today she was photographed in handcuffs as they brought her in for a court appearance. they're going to put her on trial, what counts for a trial in putin's russia, later this week, that trial is supposed to start in friday in a court in less than 1% of the defendants are exonerated because it is not a real court, a putin court and this is how russia is handling the case, we will have more on that coming up later on this hour. we're also going to be speaking this hour with a doctor, a doctor from the netherlands who has been working away for years now on a very delicate, very sensitive topic how to get women all over the world access to abortion when the place where they live has made it illegal or impossible to get. and this was an international news story for a long time for us.
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but now, of course, it's our story, too, here in america, at the supreme court's ruling on friday, overturning row v weight wade. as of right now, there are seven different states who say they are actively enforcing a total ban on abortion but that doesn't fully account for what is going on and doesn't count texas where the so-called trigger ban technically isn't legally in effect yet but nevertheless the state's republican attorney general just proclaimed on twitter that all abortions are now illegal in texas and texas clinics have stopped providing abortions even though the lawful prohibition in texas is not clear at all beyond the intimidation effort from the republican state attorney general. the list of states with an active ban on abortion as of right now also doesn't include for example the state of arizona. but because there's a legal confusion in arizona as well, we're told that eight of the nine clinics that provide abortions in arizona have stopped providing abortions
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there, too. so it's almost a total ban in arizona that's in effect. even though legal confusion would suggest that that's not happening there. earlier in the day today, louisiana was one of the states that said they were enforcing a total league ban on abortion, but then the louisiana ban was blocked by court. the court issued a temporary restraining order stopping the state of louisiana from imparting their ban. same thing in utah tonight. in the last few hours. so utah had said they would totally ban abortion, they would legally enforce it, but now abortions can resume in utah, just for the next 14 days. so it's a mess. and you know, with everything this uncertain, with the abortion providers and doctors, they said threats of ten years in prison and all of these, you know, insane draconian felony charges and all of these red states, with various types of abortion bans, with everything that is uncertain, groups that
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support abortion rights are talking about stuff that seems, you know, like thought experiments, as recently as, you know, four days ago. stuff that seems like fantastical sci-fi approaches, to solving the problem of abortion access for american women. and they're now talking about getting it up and running. things like setting up local clinics on the other side of the state boarder from states where abortion is being banned, literally getting a drive-through clinic built, an abortion clinic in an rv or some sort of ban that they can use just over the state line. for pregnancies that are less than ten weeks under way, most abortions can now be done safely by just taking a pill, just by taking abortion inducing medication effectively. but republican governors and republicans attorneys general and republican state legislatures will say they will try to block you from being accessing that pill from the privacy of your own home, an fda approved medication, so abortion
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rights dwoengts are stepping up their efforts to get women access to those meds despite what republicans are trying to do in republican controlled states to block even that. we will have an update tonight on that very real fight with one of the people who pioneered that approach globally, and americans now have a lot to learn from her, in terms of what she is able to accomplish, it has been again, an international news story, for years and is now our domestic truth as well. that is ahead this hour. again, just one of those days in which so much is happening. russia tied shot missiles into a crowded civilian target today in ukraine. russia shot missiles today in a shopping center. with a thousand people inside of it. this of course as russia says they're only shooting at military targets. oh, yeah? well literally, this was a mall. president biden was at the g-7 today where g-7 leaders talked about artificially forcing down the price of russian oil so putin can't use it to fund his war, let alone the whole
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sclerotic economy. former president, president trump, today, he saw shares in his new media company swirl down the toilet. when the company had to announce a regulatory filing that the entire board of directors just got served with federal grand jury subpoenas from fdny, from federal prosecutors in the southern district of new york. it was previously known that they were being investigated by the s.e.c. and finra, a financial industry watchdog but now apparently it is federal prosecutors as well. so maybe that's a criminal investigation now? i mean if you're trying to keep up, i think this is everything, but maybe there's more. just off the top of my head, the former president is facing state criminal investigation in georgia, an investigation related to his effort to overthrow the government and stay in power. a state civil investigation in new york, related to alleged fraud in his family business.
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his family business has already been criminally indicted as well in new york. his new media business may also now be under federal criminal investigation for these brands brand new subpoena, one of the lawyers at the justice department who allegedly helped with the overturn the government plot, had a search warrant, and another that tried to overthrow the government plot had, a search warrant executed for his phone. i mean this is fine, right? this is normal. there's eight states having primaries in runoff elections tomorrow. it is amazing at a very basic level. and people are still concerning themselves about the potency of endorsement in some of those races from that guy who i just described. i mean we're trying to figure out even his lawyers are potentially going to jail. and he's the most important figure in republican party politics still? really? it's amazing. but let's talk about this
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situation tomorrow. a surprise witness or witnesses who apparently we're not going to know the identity of until this last-minute surprise january 6th hearing kicks off at 1:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow, something urgent enough about the new evidence, the investigators have obtained over this witness testimony they're allowed to show us tomorrow that required them to up end their whole schedule and rush the hearing out on zero notice, what should we know about that? what should we know about investigators and the prosecutors think about things like this. what is the timing tell us? is the rush here likely to be about evidence where one piece of witness testimony comes out before another? i mean the department of justice appears to have coordinated a one-day surprise snowstorm of subpoenas and search warrants for people allegedly involved in parts of trump's scheme to stay in power. now, we've got the surprise public hearing being announced less than a week after the justice department took those dramatic steps last week.
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are those connected? what is going on here? what can we discern from what we've been allowed to see thus far. joining us is barbara mcquade, a former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of michigan and a law school professor. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, i am asking questions that make sense, obviously we don't know what is happening at the hearing tomorrow, there is a lot we don't know in particular about the federal grand jury investigation or investigations that seem to be under way, but given what we can see, is there a reason to either make an informed bit of speculation, or to say that we know how some of these things might inter-relate? >> yeah, i don't think we know, but i think we can make an educated guess. prosecutors are fond of saying there is no no. such thing as coincidences and i have to believe these things are related in some way. you may recall that the hearing day for d.o.j. day, which was held last thursday, was actually supposed to be on the prior wednesday.
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that got mysteriously delayed and the reason for it was that their video guy needed to get their act together. which truly didn't ring true in light of the heroic job they had done two days earlier in the bill stepien case when his wife went into labor. these are pretty professional people. that delay struck me as odd and last wednesday, there was a barrage of search warrants and grand jury subpoenas went out and only the next day the justice department, the day before the january 6th hearing. it does seem like there is this coordination. hurry up hearing tomorrow all of a sudden sort of suggests that they're trying to beat something. now there is a concern about a leak. or that this person might get cold feet. maybe that's what it is. but it does seem like the d.o.j. investigation and the committee's investigation have now become inter linked. >> in terms of that rush, i know that the federal criminal trial environment for example, if you're in a district court trial, the federal system, these
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states have to be all worked out, these things all have to be worked out through the judge, everybody needs to be noticed, the idea of a surprise witness like you get on tv doesn't really function in that same way in a federal criminal trial environment. obviously the january 6th investigators in congress do not need to coordinate with anybody other than bennie thompson's office. they don't need a judge to sign off on these things. but when do you change the timing up, when do you have to rush something, is it possible or should we be thinking about things like security concerns? should we be thinking about other ways in which witnesses might be potentially safer or better protected in terms of the value of their testimony, by moving them up and making them a surprise? >> i think so. and you know, i don't know that it's security in the sense that we're worried about donald trump and his minions attacking this person, or if it is simply security from the same kind of people who answered the call that stormed the capitol on january 6th.
1:23 am
so witness security is certainly one. but also just witness integrity. that you maybe are concerned about someone getting to him, about, or her, about trying to tamper with the witness or even intimidate the witness. that is a possibility this. committee has also seen very close hold, worried about leak, not wanting for example to share the transcripts with the justice department until they're done with them, that they want to maximize the impact of a disclosure and so perhaps some worry about someone stealing their thunder, if too much time passes before this witness testifies publicly. >> let me ask you about one other aspect of this. and this may be just a, this seems like in one sense like a point, but maybe it is important to understand the scale of what is happening here and people's potential legal jeopardy but nbc news has learned when jeffrey clark, that trump justice department official, when his home was searched in the pre-dawn hours wednesday last
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week, it was federal agents that executed that federal search warrant signed off on by a federal judge but not fbi agents. that was other types of federal agents. and john eastman's case which we just learned about today, he says that it was agents, again, not from the fbi, but from the office of inspector general at the justice department that were the agents who executed this search warrant. and took his phone. what was that, what should we as sort of lay observers understand about that? >> well, it could signal, that the office of inspector general investigates internal d.o.j. crimes, fraud waste or abuse, so to the extent jeffrey clark is being investigated for abusing his office for example, that makes a lot of sense to me, that they would go to the office of inspector general. john eastman of course was not a d.o.j. employee but to the extent that he is being seen as a co-conspirator with someone inside the justice department, that could explain the use of the office of inspector general. or it could be something as simple as they've got the best lab for exploiting these things,
1:25 am
so they're part of the justice department and so they were used. so i think it is important not to read too much into it but it does maybe suggest that the roads are leading through jeffrey clark as the center piece of this investigation. >> barbara mcquade, u.s. attorney, former u.s. attorney for the eastern direct of michigan, it is always good to have you here. these, are i feel like we're going to know a lot more soon and certainly know a lot more this time tomorrow night. thanks for helping us understand as far as we know now. >> you bet. thanks, rachel. much more ahead tonight. stay with us. , rachel. much more ahead tonight. stay with us
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this is something i do not think we have seen before. it's from "the new york times" today. quote, within a few days, just the pill, a nonprofit organization that arranges for women to obtain abortion pills, just the pill plans to deploy in colorado the first of what will become a fleet of mobile clinics to park along state borders, providing consultations for
1:30 am
medication abortions and dispensing pills. called quote abortion delivered, the clinic on wheels program will also provide surgical abortions for patients who prefer that, or who are too far along in pregnancy for medication abortion. the program is designed to reach patients from states like texas, oklahoma, and south dakota, that quickly outlawed abortion after the court decision, as well as other states like utah that are expected to ban or sharply restrict abortions soon. so that's one potential on the ground response to the supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. overturning the rights of legal abortion. put abortion services on wheels and take them to the borders of states where abortion is outlawed. so american women can't get a legal abortion in state x, but they say take a few steps over the border from state x into state y, and then they can. again, this is like sort of a, this was a experiment kind of idea, a dystopian sci-fi con
1:31 am
concept in terms of how women can make decisions, about the most intimate decisions in their lives, it will apparently affect them within days. another way for women in states with abortion bans to access abortion may be for them to get abortion pills which you can use for many abortions within the first ten weeks or so of pregnancy, you can get abortion pills prescribed by a provider overseas, a provider in another country, who is there beyond the reach of u.s. state laws designed to block that kind of thing. behind the dutch doctor, spent decades figuring out innovative ways to get abortion services to women in countries where abortion is illegal. her organization, women on waves has for example provided abortions on ships, floating in international waters, and she then raet created women on web,
1:32 am
to mail abortion pills to women all around the globe. in 2018, she saw into the future and decided that the united states was joining the ranks of countries needing her group services and launched a group called aid access, specifically to provide medication abortions to patients in the united states, in states that had banned tele-medicine abortions. physicians have video consultations with women in the u.s. and then the pills are often mailed from overseas as well. we have entered a new era in america now. one in which an overseaing organization like aid access will not just be the only way to get a tele-medicine abortion in the united states. it may be the only way period to get an abortion in about half of the states in the union. the work that the doctor has been doing globally, figuring out how to get women abortion services when their countries have made it illegal, that's now work that is going to be need to be done across borders inside
1:33 am
the united states as well. figuring out how to get abortion services to women in states where it is illegal. the time now, for americans who have done pioneering work for decades. joining us is the doctor, the founder of women on waves and aid access. doctor, i appreciate you joining us. especially given how late it is where you are. it is really kind of you to be here. >> thank you so much, rachel. i'm glad to be with you. >> let me ask you first about the roe v. wade decision by the united states supreme court. i think it could not be described as a surprise in this country, even though i think it was still a shock. i know enough about your work to know that you probably saw it coming better than maybe some of us here did, and you have also taken steps even ahead of that ruling to try to mitigate some of the severe restrictions that
1:34 am
states had already put on abortion access, even with the roe law still in place. >> well, we started getting a lot of requests from women from the united states already for a few years, and the reason that they were looking for access was because they could often not afford the abortion services locally. but also privacy reasons, for several people that were living in domestic violence or they couldn't travel because the distance to travel was already quite long. so there was already, there were already women in that situation with abortions in the u.s. before the ruling. and it is just really unfortunate that it is three or four judges to the supreme court and roe v. wade has been overturned. we're looking to see how many
1:35 am
lives have been affected in the united states, and it might now be very difficult. >> you have pioneered from the international perspective, this tactic, essentially, of getting women access to medication abortion, getting them the pills, in ways that essentially work around restrictions at the local or national level that are designed to prevent that. what should americans now understand about whether or not medication abortion is offer american women a way to retain this right once states try to make it go away. we have already seen some republicans controlled states say they will essentially try to block women from getting abortion medications, from getting pills, any way they can, trying to block them from being sent through the mail, trying to block women from leaving to go other states to get them, what do you see about this sort of height of that legal barrier when it comes to medication abortion specifically.
1:36 am
well, in other countries where abortion is illegal, there's no way that those pills can be stopped. there will be women's organizations, other people that will bring in medicines to make sure that women have will it, and be able to use it when they need it. i think what is going to be -- it will make it much harder for many, and especially the more vulnerable women, likely trying to get pills. but we see that it won't stop being from from having abortions and this is what we've seen already in states where people are writing about how they were trying to induce they're borgss by for example, using their abortions or by for example using herbs or jumping off stairs or using a needle, so we will be able to access pills and those who will try to harm themselves through their pregnancies, and then of course,
1:37 am
later, later in pregnancy, the pills can still be used, still safe to use them, after 12 weeks the world health organization is supporting use after 12 weeks but the research shows that it is also safe, that people have to be close to emergency care, and one of the concern that we have is that we're seeing that sometimes doctors that work in emergency wards, they don't want to help people when they present with a miscarriage or an abortion because they are scared that it will make them, that they will be prosecuted on the strict abortion laws. so for example, because this happens as well, i think one of things that is very important to teach the doctors that they can help women when they are presenting and they're in danger and they need medical care. >> that's terrifying.
1:38 am
not only because we have seen it happen, as you just described, but the prospect that health care providers will see a woman who has naturally miscarriaged or medication abortion and for some reason has a complication that could hurt her and kill her and standing by and afraid of being prosecuted. are there lessons learned that you can convey to us as a country where abortion is legal or illegal, in just the most effective organizing, the most potent work that people who support abortion rights can do to try to save women's lives? >> i think at this moment, what people in the u.s. can do is they make sure that they have abortion pills at home, for when they need it or when a friend needs it. so we should get the abortion pills as much as they can, so it's everywhere. and make sure it is easier for women, when they need it. >> dr. rebecca goesperts, thank
1:39 am
you so much for your time and your insight tonight. i think we're sailing into what are uncharted waters for us. you know them much better than we do. thanks for being with us here tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. more news ahead tonight. stay with us. ou. more news ahead tonight. stay with us
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president trump, on behalf of all maga patriots in america, i want to thank you for the historic victory for lives and
1:44 am
the supreme court, for white life in the supreme court yesterday. >> the historic victory for white life in the supreme court yesterday. >> that was illinois congresswoman, a member of congress, mary miller at a campaign rally with president trump this weekend. before that saturday rally, congresswoman mary miller was probably best known for telling attendees of a previous rally about what hitler got right. hitler was right, let me stop you there but after the stuff hitler was right about, kind of faded into the background, there she was this week calling the supreme court decision a victory for white life. congresswoman mary miller's office put out a statement
1:45 am
saying it was a misstatement right to life is what she meant to say and what she actually said out loud very leerl is that the supreme court's ruling was a victory for white life. and the crowd had a hearty cheer for white life and the trump t-shirts behind them didn't know what to do. the reason trump held that rally this weekend was congresswoman hitler was right, mary miller white life, and facing off a fellow republican member of congress, rodney davis, a redistricting in their state squeezed those two republicans into one district and they have a primary tomorrow. trump is obviously supporting the hitler was right, victory for white life lady. race tomorrow. we will have to see whether or not she stays in congress. and so that will be one to watch. but there are my primary races
1:46 am
tomorrow in eight states all together and illinois and races in colorado, mississippi, nebraska, new york, oklahoma, south carolina, utah, and there is probably a bunch of these in a bun of those states, colorado republicans tomorrow, for example are going to be choosing their candidate for the top job overseeing elections across the entire state of colorado and one of the republican candidates in that secretary of state race is this woman, tina peters. now, if that name sounds familiar, it's because tina peters keeps making national news. because she is the county clerk in colorado who is currently under indictment charged with seven felonies and three misdemeanors after she allegedly tampered with official voting equipment and gave sensitive voter information to election conspiracy theorists to then promptly post it all online, including all of passwords. a college judge has already barred tina peters from oversea
1:47 am
seeing the 2020 elections in the county where she is clerk but now she is running to be head of the entire election system in the state of colorado. not the only one, and now brit lopez in colorado, he is running 0 an platform that republican votes should count more than democratic votes. seriously. he says if he is governor, he will change colorado's election law so votes from rural republican-leaning areas would count more, they would be worth more, than votes from urban democratic cities. okay. and tomorrow, help cans are set to choose their candidate to replace mr.ism imhoff, and scott
1:48 am
pruitt, head of the epa under trump, remember him, best known for neck and neck competing with ryan zinke for the tight whole could rack up the most scandals in the shortest tenure on trump's cabinet. scott pruitt was the scandal at epas it was truly jaw-dropping and ran the gamut from spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on private planes and tactical pants. what tactics do pants use? he allegedly used his office to try to get his wife her own chick-fil-a franchise and taxpayers paid for a soundproof phone booth that he installed in his epa administrator office. now, he wants to be the republican nominee for senate from the great state of oklahoma. so like i said, a lot of races to keep an eye on tomorrow in illinois, oklahoma, and also 8:00 eastern time tomorrow, in
1:49 am
colorado, polls are going to close at 9:00 p.m. eastern. watch this space. e at 9:00 p.m.n watch this space
1:50 am
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it has been nearly four 1/2 month since wnba star, two-time olympicgold medalist brittney griner was arrested in russia, in february, a week before russia invaded ukraine. the ridiculous charge for which she was arrested, that russian fishes say they found traces
1:54 am
of -- officials say they found traces traces of cannabis oil in empty vape cartridges in her luggage. okay, patently ridiculous charges against her of large scale drug trafficking for that. the first time since her arrest, we saw her in court. russian authorities are accusing her of smuggling a significant amount of a narcotic substance. but we also learned today that her trial will begin this week on friday, she is facing a prison sentence up to ten years, and in terms of the court where these charges are going to be heard, fewer than 1% of defendants in russian criminal cases in this kind of an acourt are acquitted, a chronicle of a conviction fortold. on friday in washington, the house of representatives had a resolution calling for her release and the russian federation has wrongfully detained u.s. citizen brittney griner. we will continue to press for her release. while that is all and good in washington, this is putin's russia and the reality is that
1:55 am
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quick reminder before we go, as we've been reporting, today, the january 6th investigation, added a surprise unexpected hearing to the calendar for tomorrow. they said they are going to present recently-obtained evidence and witness testimony. we don't have any idea what this is about but we are intrigued. that surprise hearing is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. msnbc will have live coverage starting at noon. and then tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern, i will host a prime time recap.
2:00 am
alongside a whole boat load of my beloved colleagues. anyway, i don't know what is going to happen. i'm not going to sleep a wink. which means you should get a good night's sleep tonight in order to be fully awake for me really botching everything tomorrow on no sleep. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is up next. washington, caught offguard after the january 6th committee announced a surprise hearing on the capitol attack, unlike the previous five hears the committee has nod not said what it is about or who will testify. the new fight with abortion and two states voting to outlaw the practice when ro ex was overturned. and a live report from ukraine after a russian strike on a crowded mall killed more than a dozen people. many are still missing.


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