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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  June 26, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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is one dancing up there. i promise you. every time we have a class, she's dancing. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. m craig melvin thank you fo ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for joining me today. i'm maria teresa kumar in for ayman. today, the conservative supreme court ruled that over 50% of the population has less writes today than we did yesterday. you heard that right. as stated by three dissenting liberal justices, breyer, kagan, and so tomorrow who wrote, whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today's decision is certain -- the curl tele-mental men's rights and of their status, as freeing equal citizens. yesterday, the constitution
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guaranteed that a woman confronted with unplanned pregnancy could, within reasonable limits, make their own decision about whether to bear or child, with all the life transforming consequences that that act involves. and in the safeguarding each woman's reproductive freedom, the constitutional protective the ability of a woman to participate equally in this nation's economic and social life. but no longer, and quote. in a decision that is no less devastating, because we knew it was coming. the supreme court today decided that bodily autonomy is now a privilege, given only to men. a conservative majority overturned roe versus wade and casey versus planned parenthood. they ruled that we were -- constitutional right to abortion isn't protected by the constitution, after all. quote, we hold that roe and casey must be overruled. the constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional
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provision, and quote. -- 5 to 4. the conservative justices were led by alito, and a majority opinion that little power remarkably like the draft that was leaked in may. with a few exceptions that made it even worth. and a concurring opinion, thomas wrote the, following chilling sentence. quote, in future cases, we should reconsider all of this course substantive due process presidents, including griswold -- contraception, lawrence, which declared anti saudi laws unconstitutional and obergefell, which affirmed a right to same sex marriage. by this reasoning, all your privacy rights are at risk. every single one. the slippery slope can lead to shear -- and the conservative just -- a really good shove down the ditch. the media question now is how this decision today impacts the hundred and 68 million people in this country, whose universes is another subject of whims --
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for the first time since 1973. quoting justice breyer, kagan and so to my or, quote, with sorrow, for this court, but more for the many millions of american women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection, we dissent. already, nearly half the states in america have abortion bans or trigger laws, or pre-row laws on the books, ready to kick in, now that roe has been overturned. what recourse do women and teenagers and many nonbinary, or trans men, in those states now have? what can be done in the grassroots level in the states and in washington to get back when we have just lost? joining me now, terry o'neil. former president of now, the national organization of women. alfonso brought lure, president of emily's list. terry, i want to start with you. there's a little bit more from that dissenting opinion by breyer, kagan and so to my or about the state restrictions on our borscht. this is what they say. >> quote, under those laws, --
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rapist tiled or a young girl her father's, no matter if doing so will destroy her life. i have to say, that opinion really puts it into perspective. what does it say to you? >> it's absolutely true. we know that's true because they're such a thing is the turn away study. it was put out a little while ago, tracking what happens to women who are turned away from abortion. we know that, for many states, -- progressively restricting access to abortion care. when we find is that, for instance, women who were turned away are more likely to stay tethered to the abusive partners. we've seen cases where rapists have insisted on taking custody of the children who are born of rape and incest. this is happened in this country. this is a disaster for many people in this country and has targeted this forced birth policy -- has embraced. it targets women as a class,
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but, as you pointed out, it actually sweeps in -- transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary people. anyone who can become pregnant a swept into this forced birth policy and it's truly dangerous. >> laphonza, you're the head of emily's list, and you are charges to -- identify, mobilized and elect pro-choice women. what do you say right now, at this moment? we knew this was coming, but it's far more devastating than most people realized. >> it is devastating, maria. thank you for having me. you know, i appreciate the words of the dissenters. i think they articulate so much of the anguish of women all over this country. i take my call to action and proud to stand as the president of emily's list, as i look at the words of the majority. justice alito and i quote, says, it's not that women are
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without electoral or political power. in this moment, i called i -- want to speak to the women in this country, who know that we are not second class citizens, who know that we are capable of making decisions about our own bodies, who are intent on passing those freedoms to our children, to our own daughters. let's meet justice alito at his word, let's show him our electoral and political power. let's show up at the ballot box in november, sending representatives, who will represent, not only our voice, but our values. >> i want to quote, because i think you're absolutely right, i think that a moment in america where we are at the crossroads of who do we want to be? do we want to go back in the past or actually provide our children with opportunity, so they can create the best version of themselves. i asked this -- i'm going to read from the speech -- these laws are so stream that doctors will be criminalized
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for fulfilling their duty of care. i so often is the case, poor women are hit the hardest. to continue quoting him, it's cruel, it's extreme. what do you tell people right now, who tried to say that it's the left that's extreme, when we are seeing in staring down the face of cruelty we, we may have to have children have to carry the burden of a father raped them? >> there is that the pro-life about this forced birth policy. i have to tell you, i'm so grateful to. organizations like emily's list because that has really what we need to do now. we can accept that the supreme -- are gaslighting us, or at least of trying to, by saying, hey, just go vote, when we know that the states were access to abortion is the most restricted are states that are not functioning democracy's, right? they're not functioning democracies. texas, florida, georgia, south
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carolina, oklahoma. they have such a draconian voter suppression laws in place, targeting black communities -- that it is very hard to actually go out and win the vote. with emily's list and other organizations -- it takes people who look like me to understand that our black and brown and indigenous sisters, we need to make sure that every one of them can vote and have their ballots counted. that's the challenge we face. that's where we really have to do the most organizing. >> i must also underscore something that the supreme court also said and this is something that was referenced by judge thomas, basically saying, today they start with abortion, but it doesn't end there. he specifically said, they want to go after same sex marriage. he basically said that -- he made a litany of it. we struck me more, as someone who is a mother to a beautiful daughter, who is openly gay, at
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the home of henry's list, how does this take you in particular? >> it hits my family squarely at her front door. and millions of families like mine. my wife and partner is an activist, an organizer. we are raising our young daughter to be the best that she can be in this country and make the world a better place. it meets us at a place of deciding how do we want to show up? in this moment -- a grateful to be a part of what could you see at a whose list were by full's office accepted. and welcomed. i want to make sure that when my daughter sees me, every single day, working to make sure that that is the society that she inherits. that we are going to, together, as a family, cast our ballot and make sure that she sees her mom saying doing everything in
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their power to ensure that her and her friends are able to be the best that they can be. maria, my daughter is seven years old. she's about to be a. in ten years, in ten years, she'll be casting her first ballot. america's first graders, right now, are experiencing a credible shift and when they go to cast their first ballot, the question for all of us will be will be sending them to do the work that we can do this november. who would be said to you live to cast their first ballot to protect reproductive freedom, or will we do that? and i think that the work and the commitment of organizations, like emily's list, and others, together, can push through the barriers that the republican party have put in front of us to cast our ballots. that we will get off of our
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couches and that we will organize in our communities. we will put on our sneakers and we will pick up our clipboards and we will fight like hell for a future that our children deserve. >> terry, i want to ask you, you talk a bit about intersectionality, i think it's something that -- on the need for all of us to come together. first lady, michelle obama, wrote, a public letter saying, she's heartbroken today. tomorrow, we've got to get up and find the courage to keep working towards creating the more just america we all deserve. we'll kind of legislative action can be taken at the local level, right now, an immediate future? what can we expect from biden and pelosi? >> at a local level, at the state level, we need more states to take a look at reproductive health equity acts. something like that was cast in oregon in 2017, where i live. it essentially opens up the to,
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the pool rivulets to all people. it expands medicaid, that expands the number of health services that must be covered by every insurance company in the state. a lot of states could be doing that. as health equity. it pays attention to the fact that different communities have different issues with access to the full range of reproductive health care. it pays attention to -- those edges legislation that page tension of the fact for, example, that black women are three to form times more -- to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. we need to address those issues. we need to work in coalition to address all of the reproductive health care needs of the different types of communities that we have in this country. it's not just one size fits all. if it was, it would just before upper middle class white women to get abortion and that is not the future. the future is intersectional.
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>> first of all, you took my last line. it's absolutely intersectional. we have to remind our selves that it was the hard work that we dislodged an autocrat, we have to do it again. i'm grateful for the work that you do, each of you, every single day. police and my warmest regards to your daughter, laphonza. thank you offer so much that you do. coming up, after nearly 50 years of abortion access, out of the supreme court get to a place where it rescinded to write it once called constitutionally protected? we discuss that when we get back from the break. stay tuned. when we ge when we ge back from the stay tuned riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote
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if you are someone country doesn't love me appreciate my body as a woman. i can't even chant because i can't say anything. it hurts. >> this is the first step in the culture of life. we want to support families, people who are in crisis presidencies, especially low income women and women in rural areas. >> the decision to overturn roe v. wade broke with with the majority of americans believe when it comes to a woman's right to choose. a pew poll found, from march, the nearly three quarters of adults believe that the decision about having an abortion should be solely to that of a pregnant woman.
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today, they will of most americans was overturned by a court that got its conservative majority from two republican presidents who came to office after losing the popular vote. joining me now is amy, how cofounder of -- director democracy policy for invisible, and mark joseph stern, senior writer for slate, focusing on courts and the law. megan, what is your reaction on today's ruling? >> this is a hard day. for everybody. who cares about abortion or who has people in the lives who have had abortions, who might need an abortion one day. it is one thing to know this was coming, because we all day. we saw the leaked draft from a month ago, and essentially this decision is the same. the outcome is effectively the same. but it is another thing to really have issues, david stay on the supreme court letterheads that basically, there are people in this country who don't deserve equal rights under the constitution, and that is with today's decision date. it puts women and people who a
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woman at grievous risk, especially, as folks have said, impacts low income women who cannot travel to states where abortion is still legal. and the worst part is, this is not the ends. it may be a combination of a 50-year project to overturn roe v. wade and casey, but it is not the end of the conservative project to ban abortion, nationwide. and then once they have done that, they're gonna certainly for the rest of our constitutional rights as well. access to contraception and private sexual relationships we might want to have, gay marriage, interracial marriage, all that is at stake. the supreme court is driving us unwillingly back to the 1800s, on a very dark path. it is a very bad day for this country. >> mark, amy basically alluded to what justice thomas said today. saying that this was the beginning of dismantling of peoples rights. we are talking about gay marriage, we are talking about
3:20 am
contraception. what are you hearing about your response to this? >> i think that the dissenters may very well, in their opinion today, compare this decision to someone taking a single block out of a drink a tower, watching it be but to topple, and say, oh, it will never fall over. the court has repudiated the constitutional basis for so many rights that are favored by progressives. the right to contraception, the right not to be forcibly sterilized, the right to same sex marriage. all of those rights are rooted in the idea that the constitution protects certain aspects of liberty, that are fundamental to dignity and autonomy. even if they weren't necessarily protected by the 14th amendment when it was ratified in 1868. again, the majority opinions in this case said that that entire doctrine is holcomb, and fully toss it out the window. it is very difficult for me to take seriously's assurances
3:21 am
that oh, this decision won't affect any other president. in fact, the court has really given conservative politicians and advocates a playbook for a eventually overruling all of these other rights. and what i am hearing is a lot of threats, the attorney general and politician, are already thinking about how they can make the same play that they did to topple abortion rights, to topple things like gay rights. >> amy, how are you feeling listening to this hearing? >> today's decision with a bombshell, really. it is something that people who have been covering the court for some time saw the road going in that direction, and then certainly with the confirmation of three justices appointed by the former president, donald trump, who promised to appoint justices who would overrule roe and casey, and then with the draft
3:22 am
opinion that was leaked in early may, the court said it was not a final decision. but we knew at the time that decision meant that there were five votes to overrule roe and casey. and we saw that today. it is one thing to expect something to happen. but then to actually see it happen is really remarkable. >> i want to follow up on that question with amy. when you make of the fact that justice roberts was not completely aligned with the conservative justices? why can we read into that? >> that is -- he has been a line in some of the other major cases that storm. a decision involving gun rights. and you decision involving religion, last week. there is undoubtedly a conservative majority. in the court. it was not a surprise at all that the chief justice penned the separate opinion. he is a very conservative. but he is an institutionalist.
3:23 am
we saw him raise this line of arguments at the -- in december. saying, effectively, we do not have to formally overrule roe and casey right now. we can still uphold the mississippi law. there didn't seem to be any other support for that line of thinking. at the orlando meant in december. and we saw today that some of the conservative justices, none of the other conservative justices, bought into. it's the chief justice was conferring the opinion all by himself. >> so, one of the questions i had for you, megan, is that we are starting to hear rumblings from 80s to get done here today, from the president of the united states. i'd say with the only way to overthrow the waste by codify roe v. wade. and that means we are talking about the midterm elections. when we say the right now? when the american people to do right now? if you believe that is a pathway to ensure that women have equal access to the health
3:24 am
agency over their bodies? >> the president was right when he said that rose on the ballot. right now, i think this congress has done everything it can do to codify roe at the federal level. we have a couple of fake democrats who don't want to do it we need to do to pass the women's health protection act, which would codify roe. that would be -- the don't get rid of the filibuster to pass critical pieces of legislation that would make our country better. so if that bothers, you make sure your voter registration is up to date, and that you are one of the good democrats. this is not a vote who no matter who situation. it really does matter. how we should be voting for democrats who fight for the things that we need. but we need to codify roe's that federal level. we cannot just do that and move. on because of this court, the supreme court, is a hostile to abortion rights. any bill that passes which protects women, protects pregnant people, or in any way tries to make life more equitable for more people, this court will attack. every single opportunity they
3:25 am
get ours taken in. so they also must pass the judiciary act. have access in the supreme court. because these sex conservatives are completely untethered from reality. just yesterday they said, we need more guns in the street, guns everywhere, they cannot be trusted to regulate guns. and today he said that the states must regulate the bodily autonomy of women in the state. this is unhinged. this is possibly the most deranged conservative majority in the history of this court. so, democrats must do something about to the court, also. they cannot just pass legislation. if you salute to protect the legislation but the pass. and that means adding things to the supreme court, underlying the power that these justices have over our lives. >> i think pelosi had a little bit to say about what we are hearing right now, about this idea that the supreme court seems to be doing, speaking on two sides of his mouth. saying that the state can induce certain things, but not other things.
3:26 am
when it comes to lifesaving procedures such as who cannot, meghan and who was allowed to give birth. take a listen. >> such a contradiction. yesterday they say the states cannot make laws governing the constitutional right to bear arms. and today, they are saying the exact reverse. that the states can overturn a constitutional right, from 50 years. a constitutional right. four woman having the right to choose. the hypocrisy is raging. but the harm is endless. what this means to woman is such an insult. >> mark, what is your reaction to that? >> i think she put it quite well, and it is impossible to
3:27 am
ignore the hypocrisy of the conservative majority, between yesterday and today. today the court praises itself as a great defender of democracy. it says, we are so wonderful, we are turning this issue to the people. where it belongs. they and their elected representatives can sorted out it is not for us to decide. yesterday they, said actually, the people cannot decide on matters of gun regulation. that is not a topic that is legitimate subject of legislation, by the elected representatives. instead it is unlikely judges who will decide when and how individuals can carry guns. deploying with i. consider to be an extremely weak and dilute ontario approach to historical analysis. in order to find the so-called right to self address that allegedly encompasses a right to carry arms in public. which was broadly banned and restricted within the second amendment was ratified at the state. so i think it is very clear
3:28 am
that this conservative court has writes. that it supports. and writes it doesn't. it wants to withdraw the rights from the neighbors in the democratic process. saying we simply have no control of them as american citizens. it is happy to talk to the sharks and say, how about it republican legislators, you can do whatever you want. >> amy megaton mark, stay with us. up next, this major supreme court decision not only turns abortion rights over to the states, but it puts other law and founding rights into jeopardy. what is at stake when we get right back. we get right back right back the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly.
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we will help get you the best result possible. just a samuel ego -- ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ justice clarence thomas voted with the majority and wrote a concurring opinion that's gotten a lot of attention for one particular section, quote, and future cases, we should reconsider all of this court substituted of due process presidents, including griswold, lawrence and obergefell. for those who don't have those three landmark rulings memorized, they ensure that americans have the right to contraception access, same sex relations and same sex marriage. we're back with amy -- cofounder of scotus blog. megan hatch maze, director of democracy -- mark joseph stern, senior riser
3:33 am
for slate, focusing on courts in the law. amy, i want to ask you, that seem so stunning of a transmission of what they believe roe does for a blueprint of other laws and other rights to illuminate. what do you say to that? >> i mean, i think that's right. that was one of the real surprises today, actually. after the draft opinion, it wasn't a surprise that the court overruled roe and casey. the cour in that draft opinion, which we already saw, had, in essence, tried to provider sherine's is that it abortion is different from other rights. -- the right to contraception because only abortion involves the termination of life. the dissenters pointed out that those rights fall under the same right to privacy, on which the right to abortion rested.
3:34 am
the dissenter said, you know, in essence, watch out for what's next. justice thomas, it was a solo concurring opinion, to be sure, said, in this decision, i don't believe that there is a right to what's called substantive due process. that the consultation -- i think, even though he's -- i think we should take up this question in future cases. >> megan, would i find the most stunning, this outline of the notion of our rights -- and they're going to continue. what do you say to individuals that say, well, i think that if the law wants to interfere on it right to choose, it really doesn't impact me. would you say to those people? >> of course it does. if there's a right that you care about, a constitutional right that you enjoy, that is not explicitly written down in the constitution, it's at risk. well we know, if you are or a
3:35 am
gun, you're good, but if you're neither of those things, good luck. we're all in trouble. it goes to what you've been talking about here, and what amy was just talking about. there are all these other rights that are underpinned by the same legal principles, that underpin roe and casey. all of those things are now at risk, regardless of what alito says or will john roberts as. john roberts is the king of public relations. he want to do bad things, he just doesn't want to anybody to notice. he wants to minimize what he thinks is going on, which is why he came up with this ridiculous compromise for keeping this mississippi law in place. it does harm to people. this court is doing harm to people. they are not ever going to stop. again, this is like the zenith of their right-wing project, to overturn roe v. wade. who knows what's next beyond a contraception and same-sex relation ships. they can go after brown next. -- it really does raise some
3:36 am
questions about which supreme court presidents are truly safe. in my view, none of them are. that's what this conservative, legal movement has been about, since the reagan years. this is a very scary time. if there are people sitting at home thinking, well, i'm good, i can't get pregnant so this is fine. think again. this is a problem. >> following up on that, mark, a leader's opinion claim that the right to constitutional same-sex marriage aren't at risk at all. thomas points out, they might be. can we really be at a place in america where one day woman could not have contraception? >> i don't think that this would begin with an outright ban on safe birth control pills, but we were already seeing, as the dissenters noted, red states trying to reclassify cobban forwards obtrusive shouldn't as, so-called, abortive -- that terminate a pregnancy in
3:37 am
his very first pages and outlaw those, on the grounds that they're actually abortions. those include plan b, iuds, other forms of contraception's that conservatives claim allow for an egg to be fertilized. scientists generally disagree with that, but the supreme court has been very differential to the beliefs of red state legislatures and especially evangelical christians. i do think that -- realm of possibility that we would see states begin to roll back access to contraception, not just for legal adults but also for minors. that was one of the big fights that the supreme court actually had, in the wake of roe. whether minors had access to contraception. the court said, yes, at the time, but of course, his decision was rooted in the same doctrine that was -- by the majority of the court today. i think there's a real possibility, not a certainty, but a possibility that within the next few months and years, we will see legal limitations
3:38 am
on access to various forms of commonly use contraception. >> i want to follow up more on the tone of this, because i think that we're all in a bit of shock in trying to figure out what does this mean for all the other rights that we've laid out on the table. i want to ask, someone who's covered scotus all the time, what is the buddha's side of that courthouse right out, after this dissent the three liberal judges who represent the majority of americans? >> the mood at this time, even at the best of times, -- clearly this is not the best of times, tends to be frayed. the justices are all working overtime to try and get the decisions out. you always send some tension. we have seen this term, the debate over masks -- justice gorsuch showed up when
3:39 am
covid was at its peak in january, wearing masks. justice thomas gave a speech last month, talking about how much better the court used to be, in essence, before the chief justice arrived. he said the court we had, up until 2005, for 11 years, with justice breyer at the, was fantastic. you also saw, truthfully, at the end of the dissenting opinion today, one of the common courtesy that the justices w's there -- respectfully. here, they did not use afraid. they said, with sorrow, we dissent. >> so, amy, just quickly follow up on that, do we have any idea who leaked this beforehand? was it on the conservative side? >> we have no idea. this is one of those things that you can certainly argue,
3:40 am
depending on what you think. i think we did see today was that if the purpose of leaking it was to try and change the minds of one of the five justices who voted back in december to overrule roe and casey, i clearly did not have that effect. >> megan hatch are, amy how and mark joseph stern, thank you so much. thank you for reminding us that voting does have consequences. who is appointed to the supreme court has consequences and is up to the american people if they want to see change. appreciate you. coming up, with this decision, many states are moving quickly to ban access to abortion. in texas, that's already been the law for over a year. i talk to the democratic nominee for texas attorney general next. torney general next that makes working from home work. a 12-megapixel lens makes sure your presentation is crystal clear. and smart camera auto pans and zooms
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decisions was even issued, most gop led states were already aggressively repairing in passing anti abortion laws. friendly concerted justices holding up their bands. one of those states was texas. last year governor greg abbott's ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and a lot for ordinary citizens to suit anyone, a doctor, a friend, even they were driver. anyone who help someone get in the abortion. that was gone in 30 days. texas rollout will make all abortions illegal at the moment fertilization. so what does this mean for texas, and one elected state officials do to keep abortion accessible? joining me now is -- a garcia. thank you for joining me rachelle. what is your reaction today from the supreme court? >> my first reaction is absolute devastation but also anger.
3:46 am
today, my daughter, who turns three months old, is going to have less rights and i did, less than her grandmother. but we can fight back as a state, as texas, against this antichoice action that is taking away rights from millions of people in the state of texas. millions of people across the country. >> you are republican appointed in current texas ag ken paxton said this about the decision. take a listen. americans have had to live under these illegitimate, evil, constitutional dictates. we will suffer in the supreme court no. more today, the question for him returns to the states. and in texas, that question has already been answered. abortion is illegal here. what is your response to the attorney general? >> can paxton does not care about texans, he does not care about making our families safer. abortion care has been at the forefront of his radical right-wing agenda. he has created a lot of confusion across the state.
3:47 am
we have a trigger law that will go into effect 30 days following the judgment from the supreme court. and he is creating confusion by telling folks that they can be prosecuted today for enabling abortion, or helping someone access abortion care. he needs to be worrying about his own criminality and facing the cruel charges that he has had pending for over seven years. and stop attacking texas woman. >> one of the things that i find fascinating about texas is the fact that so many of you do not vote. you are sitting on the sidelines. roughly 7 million texans who are eligible to vote figured out. what is your message to them? we know the roughly 70, million 5 million are disproportionately people of color. and we know that a large percentage of them are young woman and people, young people. what do you say to them with this decision? >> elections have consequences. this decision shows us that.
3:48 am
we just had our rights completely taken away, from a group of people that were put into power through no choice of our own. if you are going to vote, you need to vote now. because we need to get ken paxton out of office, we need to change the entire state of texas, if we are going to change or civil rights. the people who are going to experience the most harm in the state of texas are communities of color. they are people that live in brutal counties that do not even have a hospital. we need to stand together, and fight against this erosion of our important civil rights. we need to repeal the trigger law that will go into effect. we need to repeal the six-week abortion ban, the ban on medication in the portion. texans have been living under a post-roe world for the last several months, since september of 2021. and now, the rest of your country is going to experience
3:49 am
with texans have been experiencing. and it is not good. it is only going to cause further harm, and push more people into poverty. we need to stop it, and get to the polls in november. >> i am having a hard time with your audio, rachelle. one of the questions i wanted to ask is, why should folks vote for you? >> i am here to stand for texas families. i mentioned that i have a little girl. i was pregnant throughout this process. and i know it every day texans are going through, how critical it is to have access to basic health care. my daughter is three months old now. what kind of future is it? will there be for her and for all the texas children? if we don't change what this state looks like right now? there is so much at stake. our civil rights are completely on the chopping block. it is roe right now. it is reproductive rights right now. it is going to be returned
3:50 am
closer. it is just a cascade. and we need to stop. it i'm here for you, texas. i'm going to fight for you. but from a november, because we need to get these folks out of office. >> one final question. a lot of texans right now feel demoralized, whether we are talking about the lack of gun restrictions, or we are seeing now with roe being on the ballot in november, or what we saw with the government when it came to the electric grid, and so many people nearly froze. what do you say to them when they are feeling disenchanted about the government? >> we still have a voice. at the end of the day, this is our, country this is our state. we have the right to vote. we can elect people who are going to share our values, and fight for the things that matter the most to us. one of the things i have learned in my legal career, and just living in a community in
3:51 am
southern texas, is that we care about each other. texas care about their families, their neighbors. that is who we are at our core. texas is big enough for everyone. >> and we need to show their interactions and their voting number. >> michelle garza, thank you so much for joining me. thank you. we will be right back with my final thoughts. back with m final thoughts final thoughts yeah, i wonder. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re- announcer: type 2 diabetes? subway keeps refreshing discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack,
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impact of friday's supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade. it leaves today's young woman, my daughter, impossible even hard either, with fewer rights than i had if we allow this to stand. this is a travesty. the fight is not over. not even a little bit. my democracy, thank goodness, is dynamic. and while this is the law of the land today, it is hard enough to make sure that leads back towards justice. i remember, the majority of americans do not agree with today's ruling. remember also, we did the hardest part in 2020. our collective america dislodged authoritarian president. right, now in the wake of this decision, we grieve, we get angry. but tomorrow, we channel that anger and get back to work. that's does it for me. catch more continuing coverage right here on msnbc tonight, starting at 9 pm eastern. and remember, you can stream this show anytime at msnbc hub, on peacock. for now, goodbye from d.c..
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because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. this is the katie phang show. live from miami, florida. we have lots of news to cover in lots of questions to answer, so let's get started. emotions running high on the streets of america, as more states enact bans on abortions. and one, state a state senate candidate is dropping out of this race, accused of assaulting his female component opponent acid abortion rally. some states are positioning themselves now as sanctuaries, where people can come for safe and legal abortion. i'll take that live with a california lawmaker. plus, millions of americans have watched the january 6th hearings, and there is still more to come.


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