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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  June 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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welcome back,. everybody i'm yasmin vossoughian here at the supreme court, where protests continue over the overturning of roe v. wade. people are making their pain and anger heard. i've been talking to protester today about why it is just so important that they be here. >> it's between the doctor and the woman. obviously, it really should be. but again, if you look at the history, at everything that has culminated to this point, we have decided for our women. >> and why does it have to come down to us, to the black and brown women? why does it have to boil down to black and brown women, the women of domestic violence and sexual assault? why does it have to boil down
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to all of that to us to be able to make decisions on our own bodies? >> in a moment, i'm going to take you on a journey that more women will soon be taking. i followed a group traveling from texas to new mexico in order to get access to abortion. >> there are women out there who have been raped. you have women out there who don't have anybody or they got with the wrong person or they're just not ready. you can't make women be ready for taking care of a kid. >> this is coming as the president and democratic leaders vowed to take action and to protect abortion rights. >> my administration is going to focus on how they administer and whether or not they violate other laws by deciding not to allow people to across state lines to get public health services. then, we're going to take actions to protect women's rights and reproductive health. >> what can they really do with
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that would be an unexpected change in the political calculus on capitol hill? i'm going to talk to congressman barbara lee, who has been outspoken about abortion rights. and the fight in just a couple of moments, you don't wanna miss that conversation. we have the latest in the protests -- but i want to begin this hour with an up close look at the real impact the end of rubble half, perhaps, to up close and personal for some. last week, i flew with a group of women from texas to new mexico, a journey across state lines to access the right to abortion access, which includes witnessing an abortion by oral medication. it's a journey that is going to be the reality for so many more in the states where abortions will be banned. here's their story. >> it's early in the morning, and 20 young women meet at a church in texas for one reason. they will travel to new mexico and get an abortion. >> i can't do this. i can't put another kid through
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it. but two of them have already been going through this, it's just not an option right now. not for me, not for him, there is no support system right now. >> today, what happens is you get to make the choice about your own life. >> but a mexico religious coalition for reproductive choice and the first unitarian church of dallas. they're helping these young women leave texas, a state with one of the most repetitive abortion laws in the nation. >> where arriving at the airport here in dallas. this is just the first leg of a very long day for so many of these women. >> we are about to make it law. texas has banned the medical procedure after six weeks, and that with federal protection for abortion rights gone, traveling across state lines will be the reality for so many women. >> we -- it's also going to be, i have to go to albuquerque to get this done? >> advocates of this ban seeing this as a major victory, hoping
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to institute similar laws with the overturn of roe. on this trip, all of the women are below the poverty line, and 6 to 11 weeks pregnant. without help, they would not be able to make this journey. only memory and sally wanted to be used films using first names. sally asked not to use her real name to protect their privacy. >> how do you feel? one leg down? you are now here. >> it's almost over. it's just a little bizarre that we had to go all the way out here. >> dr. curtis boyd started this clinic in new mexico, and another in dallas. he's one of the oldest abortion doctors in the country, and says he's determined to make sure these women have a way out. >> and you may swallow that with some water.
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now, what's i must tell you is, that's it. >> they make it your choice. they make it reasonable. they make it wise. >> this is a decision that these women are making, according to their own faith and values. it's our duty, as a faith rooted organization, to trust what they've heard from god and support it. >> half of the woman on this trip came across state lines to take a pill. the other half for a ten minute surgical procedure. >> there are women out there who have been raped. you have women out there who have been, they don't have anybody or they got with the wrong person or they're just not ready. you can't make women be ready for taking care of kids. that's a huge step. >> but church where these women
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began the journey fought for abortion rights before roe helped roe v. wade to the supreme court, and is now fighting the texas law. >> we are going to see a public health crisis in this country. a lot of people don't even want to think about, it because they don't think it affects them. but what affects one affects the other, and this is where our faith also comes back into play. what i see is human life in front of me, and that's what's important. >> so, human life in front of me, and that what is important. i want to bring you deputy director of the aclu freedom project, brigitte. brigitte, thank you so much for joining us on. this one of my first questions to you is, the plan when it comes to the aclu of women crossing state lines for fear of prosecution, seeking out these abortion services, as i documented these women's travels in that piece. there is a possibility these women would not be protected.
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>> thank you so much for having me. the human devastation that the supreme court's decision is wreaking cannot be overstated. it is horrible what's happening in this country right now. you are right for the next phase of this is to try to prevent people from leaving their states to get abortion in another state. we already saw a bill that was introduced in missouri that would do that. obviously, there's a federal constitutional rights to travel that we will be looking into, but that's the next weight. not just for preventing people from leaving their states, but the other side had their eye on a national ban on abortion. so, even if you live on the state where abortion is legal and you think abortion is safe, think again. the other side has their eye on a national band eventually. >> so, what's the plan going forward for the aclu here, when it comes to some of these protections it's going to be put in place at the state level, to protect any further? bands >> right, now we're using
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all the tools in the tool box. for example, on the litigation, fronts we're looking at states courts and states constitution that protects abortion differently, independently than the federal constitution. so, for example, on monday, we are in court challenging the florida 15-week abortion ban under florida's constitution, that has protected abortion greater than the federal constitution and without the need of even looking to the federal constitution. we are also supporting ballots initiatives in the number of state, including my home state of michigan, that would protect and preserve access to abortion. also, we're making sure that people have their voices heard. the right to go to rallies and protests and have their voices heard and tell your local official how you feel about this issue, making your vote count. the aspect of voting rights that my colleagues do are so important to, because if your vote is watered down, it's hard to vote your values. >> brigitte, what's your reaction to hearing from justice thomas in his consenting opinion, also
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challenging precedence that when it comes to contraception and gay marriage? >> that's right. we know the other side has their eye on this, to. it's not just about abortion. it's also about contraception. it's also about same-sex marriage. we know this to be true, that if you don't believe that these rights are in the constitution unless they're actually, the words are written in the constitution, where does the line gets drawn? clearly, at least, justice thomas and others, don't want to recognize any constitutional rights unless they're very explicitly in the constitution. that's not how our justices work over the years. >> brigitte and mary with aclu, we appreciate. it friday's supreme court vote overturned 50 years of precedent set by roe v. wade, making it a contour -- the ruling directly contrasts the state of -- trump appointed supreme court nominees during congressional nominees. take a listen to this. >> senator, again, i will tell you again that roe v. wade
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decided in 1973 is a president of the united states supreme court. it has been reaffirmed, so a good judge would consider as president of the united states supreme court worthy as a treatment of precedents like any other. >> this is this is a precedent that's been a precedent that is reaffirmed many been times over reaffirmed many times over 45 years 45 years, including in including plantar inferred visits casey, where they planned parenthood versus specifically consider whether to casey, overrule, and where they specifically considered whether to we affirm and apply -- the factors to overrule, and that, reaffirmed -- it importantly, it became became precedent a precedent upon precedent in this on precedent context. >> in this context. >> democratic representative barbara lee of california. president, precedent, respecting roe versus wade, won't be overturned, those justices voted to overturn roe v. wade did they lie? >> i knew they were telling the truth, they were lying, when they said that. this is part of a long term
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agenda for the far right extremist republicans begin to erode our democratic rights. starting with a right to reproductive freedom and personal liberty. so let's? next same-sex marriage. voting rights. could be banning interracial marriages also, who knows where they're going. that is why it is so important we shop at the ballot box and continue till elect a pro choice house of representatives and make sure we show up to elect senators who are going to support the women's health protection act, get it to the president, and put it into law the woman's right to access all of the republic reproductive care they need. >> i want to talk about the supreme court as well and the reputation -- bus knocked about your experiences. first you know what it's like to have an illegal abortion. new know what it was like to
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live in a world without roe v. wade. you saw the documentary about these women going from dallas to new mexico. you did not take a journey unlike there? >> i'm listening and watching the story, it triggered a lot for me. i was young. 15 almost 16. i got pregnant. i did not want to do. i talked with my mother who help me understand the consequences, the costs, and gave me the right to make my own decision. she supported that. and abortion were legal everywhere, california, texas, everywhere. so she called a friend in el paso, where i grew, up and she introduced me to a good doctor with a good reputation. my mother gave me $200, which is what it's cost, put me on an airplane, of course by myself that 15, her friend pick-me-up for the airport. i spent the night. there are the next night, her friend took me across the border to a dark back alley,
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she came into the room with me, she had to leave during the procedure. the doctor had a white coat on. it was terrifying. terrifying for several reasons. first of all, the largest reason for death of black women were aseptic abortion. i thought there by the grace of god go, i i thought of that. i don't know i was gonna lift through that. but i knew it was illegal. it was illegal in california, illegal in texas, illegal in california. i don't know if i was gonna get stopped in el paso, i do know that's gonna get stopped in -- and once again the criminalization of people who just want to exercise their ripped up to reproductive freedom. i'm furious. it's gut wrenching. i'm sad. but we have to take this energy and take our focus and make sure we show up at the ballot box. so we never have to do this again. >> how do you do that? >> we galvanized people. there are so many people who
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don't know a world without roe v. wade. i'll tell you one thing, they were waking up today and realizing the rights are being taken away. >> women sitting in a clinic about to get an abortion who were told that you cannot get an abortion today. 10:15 am yesterday morning. >> they were had the rights taken away. their bodily autonomy. what's next? that's why we have to do is to make sure we have state, local, and federal officials who are going to put into law the right to an abortion. this is crazy. people that are understanding, they come for me today, they come for you tomorrow. >> would you say to people that believe democratic lawmakers and democratic voters took roe v. wade for granted? >> i hope that's not the case. but a lot of people didn't vote. i remember the election with hillary clinton. and things would be totally different today had those who even disagreed with her shot up
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at the polls. the power of the president to appoint supreme court justices -- so i say let's move forward. let's get to the polls. 75% or so of the public supports a woman's right to make her own decision about her body. whether you agree or disagree with abortion. it's not about. that it's about personal decisions. not allowing the supreme court justices are politicians making decisions over my body. that's what it's about. >> passion coming from . our live coverage continues outside the supreme court. still ahead, less than five months to the midterms, how ending national abortion rights or reap shaping -- battle for control in washington. president signing landmark gun legislation -- texas gutierrez represents a city of
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other state in the country hasse is that we have a senator in tina smith who is the only senator out of all 100 that worked at planned parenthood. that really understands this on the front line. i give you my friend tina smith. >> thank you very much. thank you senator. thank you governor walz. mrs. waltz. thank you john milton. lieutenant governor flanagan. and to my dear friend, president of planned parenthood, service states. yesterday, an extremist supreme
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court overturn 50 years of precedent. overturning roe v. wade and eviscerate-ing a constitutional right to abortion. the six, right-wing justices, five of them put their by presidents who did not win the popular vote, have said, that not pregnant women, the government has the power to make crucial decisions, critical decisions, about whether or not to continue a pregnancy. they have that it's up to the government to decide, not women. they base this decision on the judgment of men who were around hundreds of years ago would've believed about women and their freedom. long before i was in the united states senate, i worked at planned parenthood. i'm the only united states senator with that experience. in that role, i saw firsthand the capacity of women to make good, moral decisions about abortion. so yesterday, as the word of roe versus wade and the casey
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decision being overturned, i was thinking of women sitting and waiting's in the clinic waiting rooms in texas, mississippi, and north dakota. each one of those people has a unique, personal story, each one of them made a personal decision about abortion that was the right choice for them. the best choice for them. and i figured out how to get to the clinic, how to help pull the money together, how to get time off from work, some folks that travels long distances yesterday. these women were not paying attention to the supreme court or politics. they were just trying to live their lives. yesterday, they were sent. home they were sent. home they were told it wasn't their decision anymore, because some person who would never would know them or their stories had decided that they, in fact, got to control what happens in that person's life. it is outrageous. 26 states are on the brink of severely restricting or outright banding -- >> that's senator tina spit mid speaking there alongside amy klobuchar as well.
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she's making innocent essentially, that minnesota's conduct can be committed to protecting abortion rights in that state. we're going to follow the express conference as they continue to make any more news that we will break to you. while all of this is happening, of course, on friday, with the release decision come pinning roe v. wade, there was also gun legislation that was also signed into place air and washington, d.c., along with the decision from the supreme court on guns on thursday. i want to listen first to the president on that. >> from columbine to sandy hook to charleston, orlando, parkland, el paso, buffalo, you've all day, the shootings that happen every day, the mass shootings you don't even hear about. the number of people killed every day in the streets. their message to us was to something. how many times if you heard some that? just do something. for god's sake, just do something.
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well, today, we did. this bill doesn't do everything i want, but it does include actions i've long called for that are going to save lives. >> that was the president, as i mentioned, signing the most significant piece of gun legislation in decades there. you could see some of the key pieces of reform, including new criminal offenses for gun trafficking, and increased funding for crisis intervention programs and red flag laws. but this compromise becoming law just days after the supreme court expands the second amendment, with a supreme court justices saying the rights to carry a gun outside the home. it's a split screen moment on gun policy, coming just one month after 19 young kids and two adults were shot at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas. i want to bring in state senator gutierrez, who represented you fall day. senator, it's already great to talk to you once again. and as i mentioned, it really was a split screen moment. it expanded second amendment rights as it comes to guns with
12:23 pm
a supreme court behind me, but alongside that legislation, coming out of congress, expanding background checks. what is your reaction to the? >> disappointed for short with what's happening in the supreme courts. on the bill itself, we are happy we are getting something. if we are dying in thirst in the duster here. but the reality is it will probably do very little for what happened here in uvalde. it remains to be seen whether greg abbott would either avail the state of texas or make the state of texas available for red flag incentives. he has come out for them in the past, and he's come out against them. so, who knows where he's out with that? at the end of the day, we need to do some very important things and texas, which is raise the age limit to 21 like florida that after parkland. this is my hope that this governor brings us back into a special session to do just that.
12:24 pm
>> is there any optimism, senator, that he will do that? >> i think he's probably going to take senator cornyn's actions here. we already have ted cruz voted against this bill. senator cornyn at least had enough fortitude to be able to do the right thing on, what i consider to be a pretty barebones, modest bill. if you ask me if it wasn't enough, i'd say well, it's pretty modest, right? we have a lot more to go in this space. especially here in texas. why do you have to be 21 to buy a handgun, but you have to be 18 to buy it for ar-15? that's something the state of texas can do and should do, but greg abbott doesn't have the fortitude to do it. >> i want to talk to you about the major developments in the investigation and more about what we're learning on what's happening on that incredibly tragic day. first and foremost, you follow the suit against dps in the
12:25 pm
failure to release records related to the shooting response. where are you on that? >> so, we have served them now, and we are waiting on a hearing date. i had a mansion in the next 10 to 14, days will be in the courtroom talking, about some preliminary matters. we have filed all the necessary protocols and necessary notices. we have heard nothing from dps. we now know after my cross examination of the colonel that there was 91 state troopers onsite, 12 in that hallway. so he really is responsible for the incidences and delays that occurred here on may 24th, pointing the finger at the local school cup just simply isn't satisfactory for me. we spent four billion dollars on this failed board of security policy. 91 of those cops were from that task force, and they failed our children just as much as anyone else did. we have to pull the band-aid off so we ensure this never happens again. >> i just ask you, as one last
12:26 pm
thing. it was learning the shocking detail of the fact of the classroom door was unlocked. >> i'll tell you. that's what we've been told as of late. i remember preliminary briefing, were a federal agent said they use a key, and so we've gotten so much contradictory statements on this thing that we just simply don't know what happened, and that's why i followed this lawsuit. we have been told back and forth, different stories that contradict one another, and it's time we get to the bottom of this. >> absolutely. state senator guterres, as always, thank you. pro abortion rights protesters call at the supreme court for going against most americans on roe. >> i wouldn't even say we could call this a democracy anymore. six judges essentially ruled against the majority of americans who do not want roe to be overturned, and just ignored 50 years of precedent. it's absolutely ridiculous and
12:27 pm
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should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. welcome back everybody to our special coverage of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. a lot of people here are protesting. i want to bring two of these people. both are with rise up for abortion rights. thank you guys so much for joining us. so, talk to me about why you wanted to come out here today? something that struck me was when you are speaking earlier and you mentioned your anger because you had received a text message from the biden campaign. why is that? >> i received a text message from joe biden's campaign yesterday saying that the supreme court had overturned roe v. wade. it was my responsibility to rush $15 to the democratic national party. i thought that was outrageous.
12:32 pm
my rights should not be a fund raising point for them. or a campaigning point. they have had multiple opportunities to codify roe into law over the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and they haven't done. it if they're gonna keep campaigning on this point they should actually do something about. >> i am most worried about what comes next. row reverses way was a precedent for our that -- gay, marriage privacy in the bedroom. and they're gonna be falling like dominoes, as clarence thomas came out yesterday and said. >> abortion is gonna be banned in your state in 30 days. >> -- most women don't even realize they're pregnant before that point. there are women in texas who have already died and i've already been arrested for having an abortion or a miscarriage. we can't really tell the. >> this angry is towards the democratic party because they
12:33 pm
have missed chances to codify roe v. wade until this point. what does that mean for you when it comes to midterm elections getting democrats elected trying to codify roe. >> when it comes down to the primaries, which are coming up in the next couple of months, we need to get as many people to the polls as possible to vote for mueller progressive democrats. we need to get old, white, democrats out of office, and put in new young, people. when it comes to midterms, we should have the same people who voted for the people in the primaries coming bad and voting in the midterms. so they can get into office and make the change that funny. >> is that gonna be the number one issue for voting? >> for me, yes. but for the rise up for the abortion rights dot org, it's legal abortion on demand nationwide, we don't really care about how they get that done. we don't care about which
12:34 pm
institution gets it done. we know won't be the supreme court. but somebody needs to do. it whether it's through an executive order or due to the house of representatives action. >> and this is the number one issue, the polls? >> i agree with. her we need to be calling on the biden administration, the congress, whoever can help, us we don't care who, we don't care how, but abortion needs to be ratified into u.s. law. needs to be a fundamental right that all women in this country. hat no sanctuary states. know some women have access. know some people get funding to go. every single woman in this country needs her inalienable right to bodily autonomy. right now we have less bodily autonomy as women than corpses do. and it's terrifying. >> thank you so. much we just mentioned texas, obviously, we're a troubled trigger lawmaking all abortions there illegal and just about 30 days or so. stephanie -- is in there for us in austin, texas. take us there stephanie.
12:35 pm
what's happening on the ground there in austin? >> good afternoon to you yasmin. protests here in austin have been ongoing. last night we saw thousands marching at the capital behind me. in just a few hours for now, another pro rally is set to begin. earlier today, we saw a pro life rally. a small group of supporters gathered outside the capital holding signs to express their viewpoints on the recent decision by the supreme regarding roe versus wade. they talked about how many were happy to see that. you talk about texas is one about a dozen states that have trigger laws that will go in effect as a result of this decision. once the decision is put into a formal judgment by the supreme court, that is when here in texas, that 30-day clock begins, that is when we understand that abortion will essentially become illegal, only in the case if the woman's like is at
12:36 pm
stake. doctors who perform illegal abortions in the state will be penalized as well. they could face up to life in prison and fines of $100,000. we did talk to some people on the ground here about all of this. their opinions about the ruling. as you might imagine, they are sharply divided. >> it's on all of us, no matter where you stand on the issue, to stand with women and direct them to the resources that will empower them to make informed decisions. and say, i hear you, i know you're scared right now, your life is not over. >> this is a tremendous outpouring, but how many of these people actually voted? how many of these people actually sitting out here right now are gonna become more politically involved? >> the van here in texas will not officially take place until the supreme court enters its
12:37 pm
official judgment. it will have 30 days after that point. but protests here are ongoing all weekend long. we are seeing another pro rally starting in just a few hours from now. tomorrow yasmin, here in downtown austin, there will be another pro choice rally, attended by democratic gubernatorial candidate -- >> we're gonna be right back. breaking news we are getting in right now, planned parenthood in one state has make is making a move to stop the trigger ban from getting into effect. ting into effect
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
all right more on the abortion rights fight. i first want to get to you some of the top stories we're following this afternoon. biden is in europe for a five-day trip. his first top will be in germany, where he scheduled to meet with g7 leaders. he will then head to spain, for
12:41 pm
the members of eu nations. he will address leaders and both of. summits the ukraine, the key city has fallen to russian forces. after weeks of fighting. it marks a major blow for the ukrainians control in the donbas region. combat will now switch to the neighboring city. norway has raised its terror threat level to five, following a mass shooting that killed two in a nightclub in oslo. 14 others were injured in that attack as well. shooting outside a popular gay club, the festival has since been canceled. authorities described the attack as a extreme islamist terror attack. one suspect is in custody. >> planned parenthood has filed a lawsuit in utah. it is the first legal effort to stop a trigger law.
12:42 pm
i want to bring in kristen. thanks for joining us on. this talk me first about your reaction to it came down from the supreme court, and what's next? >> well, we've been expecting this for a while. we've anticipated this. this is why we rose up and fight back so far hard against the supreme court appointments of kavanaugh and amy coney barrett. we knew this was gonna happen. we told our leadership this was gonna happen. that brought us to where we are today. the radical right has been organizing for decades to bring us to this point. even though we expected it, it's still a tremendous emotional impact. it's a huge blow. i thought, emotionally, that i was more prepared than i actually was. i have daughters, i'm a former teacher, i'm thinking about all the students i've got who are really terrified in this moment. it's an enormous blow for all
12:43 pm
of us. for choice, for reproductive freedom. for privacy. it's a historic moment for really bad reasons. >> what is the center doing to protect women now, to move forward for this? it seems at this point, as of today, this is the new law of the land after 50 years of precedent. so what is the center doing to protect him going forward? >> i'm with the center for popular democracy action. we are one of the main immobilizers pushing back against the appointments of kavanaugh and amy coney barrett. now we're organizing again to demand that are sitting legislatures do something. now this week we're mobilizing with reproductive rights groups in the country. there is going to be a record breaking act of mass disobedience this coming thursday in d.c.. that means that we expect maybe over 500 women, allies, people,
12:44 pm
people standing with us to stay take a stand here in d.c. that were willing to take arrest for this peaceful act of civil disobedience. there are intersectional leaders from the reproductive movement who are coming into town from as far away as alaska to take part in this action because it's that important. we know that there are actions that could be taken at the federal level. right now, despite the state of congress, we are calling on biden to act. we could have abortion clinics being set up on federal lands in red state, for example. we could be finding travel to other states. there are absolutely our options. we need all of -- every person, regardless of party, for whom this issue is important, they need to be vocalizing those options and pushing for those options right now. it cannot wait. >> what about the efforts to
12:45 pm
create funds for the women on the ground who are most affected like by. this members of the marginalized community? >> there are groups nonprofits, grassroots groups, who have been preparing for this for a long time. they've sprung into action, now, that have been planning for this was quite some time. fundraising, so that we're all ready starting to mobilize those funds. with people across state lines. what that looks like it's changing rapidly. even as we speak, there are states that are shutting down abortion rights. west virginia, for example, is one of them. their last abortion clinic disclosed. now, my state, i'm in maryland, we're gonna see this huge influx of people from west virginia another areas coming into our area. even though maryland is a relatively blue state, having pro-choice people in office -- myself or county council district five, they're, as pro-choice, i'm one of the only women on the ballots, there. we have to have leadership at
12:46 pm
the local and state levels who are going to fight for choice, who are going to fight for our rights and our privacy. and help all the people who are going to be flooding across state lines to make sure that they're able to get the care they need, as well. >> thank you so much. >> all right still ahead everybody, the supreme court has lit a fire, we just heard from christian. which side is going to benefit most? >> elections in november. i'll be there, and everyone i know will be there. i'll be driving people there. i hope that mobilizes people who maybe wouldn't have been mobilized before. d before and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ (music) with 30 grams of protein. who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad?
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or... his nose. >> this is a freedom issue. this is about who gets to make decisions about your body, but your education, about your trajectory and life. it should be up to every american. so for me this is fundamentally a bitter pill to swallow. we talk about the sweet land of liberty. yet we have a court this trampling on the rights of the majority of people, and taking a constitutional rights. democratic congresswoman katie porter, laying out the rights taken away yesterday. let's get into this with republican strategist --
12:51 pm
, danielle i soggier instagram this morning. i'm just gonna let you talk. so go, danielle. >> i think that what we witnessed yesterday it was an absolute and total disgrace. i want people to understand we're here not just because what republicans have been working in daylight to do for the last 50 years which is undermine the ability for women to have an abortion, the reality is that democrats have known wet the republicans were doing. so where was the pushback? where was the packing of the court? where was the grand opposition to realizing these people are no longer your friends are rational republicans across the aisle? they're coming for every single right. if you could overturn on 111 year old gun ban in new york, that now allows for conceal and carry in the state that has 8 million people in the largest city -- now you have a 15-year-old man
12:52 pm
-- you have clarence thomas telling us, telling us, that he's coming after obergefell, and he's coming after lawrence, and he's coming after all of these rights that we think we have in this country that we no longer have. this is not a democracy. when you have nine people who are not elected by the members of this country. right? who get to dictate? and we have to sit around and think about wet right there gonna take away next. so i'm waiting for democrats who are in power to stand up and actually start to fight, and fight the way they need to for these people who they're so afraid of the reaction. the reaction is here. it has arrived. so now when we gonna do? >> susan, daniel brings up a couple of good points. when that i've been hearing is the slippery slope. folks are not just worried about abortion rights, they're worried about the precedent set
12:53 pm
when it comes to contraception. they're worried about interracial marriage, as well. to those things mentioned in the concurring opinion by adjusting justice thomas. is there a sense that democrats don't necessarily understand the gravity of the situation? and that they don't understand the gravity of how influx roe actually was, that there is a possibility of roe being overturned, and here we are? >> they should've known, for 50 years. republicans have been trying to get roe overturned -- they finally got their. donald trump said, in 2016, i will elect conservative judges that will overturn roe v. wade. he put on three justices to the supreme court. but i would also like to talk about something else that danielle mentioned. democrats aren't doing their bit either. whether it's a republican administration or democrat
12:54 pm
administration, whoever has control of the house or the senate, no one's governing. no one's been governing this country for a good 20 years. meaning, we leave it to the supreme court. we leave it to nine people to make our decisions because the people elected to office can't get the job done. so we need to start electing people -- >> but it's also, susan, because the laws that own place in congress, there's the filibuster -- we talked a lot about the fact that the democrats have the control of the senate, but they don't have control because of the filibuster. >> well, yasmin, two things today. that's exactly what we're talking about. we've not been governing. we've not had compromise on either side. they're not working towards anything. moving our country forward. or leaving it to the courts because it's easy. when it comes to the filibuster, let me tell you, when mitch mcconnell gets the chance to bust it, he will! he absolutely will.
12:55 pm
here's your notice. >> danielle, what is standing up look like? >> standing up looks like fighting the way the republicans fight. we have truth, right, and facts of the people on our side. we don't have to lie, we don't have to steal, we don't have to act like criminals in the way that trumpism has consumed the republican party. it looks like getting joe manchin in line and saying we're going to run candidates against you. it looks like creating an environment where you are in lockstep with the domestic democratic party -- if you're not -- lauren candidates against you. which are -- all of a sudden when democrats are in power, they're so timid, so feckless, so tepid. i'm saying now is the time to stop pretending that these are people you can compromise and work with. they are overturning our democracy. one right, one case at a time. susan is putting us a notice,
12:56 pm
the supreme court put us on notice multiple times this week. it's time for democrats to stop pretending the voting alone is going to save us. it is not. not when they are obstructing every single point of our ability to do so. >> i'll have to do is press go with these two women. oh as always, daniel moody, thank you both. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards
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12:59 pm
this hour.
1:00 pm
i'm yasmin vossoughian. i'll be back, when we speak to texas senator wendy davis who famously held a 13-hour filibuster back in 2018. for now, oh see you -- >> greetings everyone, you are walking watching simon. with so much happening this week it's hard to process. america is facing a scary new reality. the supreme court of the united states rolling back women's ability to make decisions about our own bodies. what a post-roe world means right now, and the chilling impact ahead of other civil rights. and president biden signs gun legislation. a by partisan effort, even as another high court decision makes it easier to carry guns in public. let's


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