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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  June 25, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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it was great to have you! please stay safe. that does it for me! i am zerlina, you can find me monday through friday streaming on peacock through the msnbc hub. be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, tiktok, and youtube. more news coming up here on msnbc! here o msnbc! this is the katie fang showed live from miami, florida. we have a lot of news to cover in a lot of questions to answer. let's get started. nationwide protests in the wake of the supreme court justice to overturn roe v. wade. politics are already seizing abortion services and a lot of states. texas state representative, david crockett, say how democrats plan to fight back. as americans grapple with a moment of profound transformation a warning for what is to come. justice clarence thomas goes after contraception and gay
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rights next. can the court do that. joyce vance is here. on the defensive, several gop lawmakers panicked dropped following revelations that they strategize with donald trump to help him overturn the 2020 election. later, president biden is on the cusp of citing this morning in decades.rst gun legislatio this is after is a cream court ruling brought in gun laws and strengthened the second amendment. all of the and more is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ in a not so good at saturday morning, in my opinion. i am katie fang. american women are working off today in a different world than they did on friday morning thanks to the conservative super majority. many women live in states where abortion is now illegal. the number will grow larger in the coming weeks. overnight, thousands of people
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filled the streets across the country, as well as the space around the supreme court, to protest the justices decision and rally for rights. the protests remained remained peaceful and we want to see more today. let's look at how things stand today. seven states have activated their trigger laws, outlying abortion. those states are arkansas, kentucky, louisiana, missouri, oklahoma, south dakota, and utah. more states are set to activate their trigger laws over the coming weeks including the state of texas. even though those laws have not been activated yet, some abortion groups are saying that many providers in those states have already stopped providing abortions. on top of, that several states have zombie abortion bans. bans were on the books before the days of roe. there's a lot we're going to talk about when it comes to abortion and the future of personal freedoms in this
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country. let's start by taking a moment to listen to american women reacting to friday's decision. >> we've known this is going to happen for a while. it does not lessen the impact that it has. sorry. it does not lessen the affects and the feeling of total despair. the feeling that there is nothing you can do except for crying for help and no one is listening to you. >> for me personally, i am adopted. knowing other mothers out there who cannot, who cannot make a choice. it is pretty hard to see. i was lucky that i have a wonderful mother. this is insane. >> so much unbelievable a
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motion. where do we go from here? our coverage is going to start with nbc allie raffa. she is live outside the united states supreme court. ali. >> good morning, katie. it has not been a full 24 hours since the supreme court's decision to overturn roe was released. the sheer amount of overwhelming reaction that we have seen has been so immense. thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the front steps of the supreme court on both sides of this issue, yesterday. they stayed here until 11 pm last night. foot tall demonstrations yesterday remained largely peaceful as we mentioned at the top. some sides cheering, some waiting, saying they've been waiting for this decision for years. other sides say that they wonder how it is possible that
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the nation's highest court has been able to reach to strip away right instead of giving one. the first female vice president, kamala harris, asked herself the same questions yesterday. listen here. >> today's decision on that theory calls into question other rights that we thought were settled, such as the right to use birth control, the right to same sex marriage, the right to interracial marriage. >> harris referring to the rights that are now under question, writes that we know justice clarence thomas has considered in his opinion, to be in full review as well. as far as what we are expecting today, you can see security presence is out here, outside
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of the supreme court. we can expect more crowds here today than we saw yesterday. security is definitely in a large force as we expect the crowds to gather as the morning and afternoon goes on, katie. >> our thanks to allie raffa who is live outside of the supreme court. let's get into more of the legal implications of all of this and what could be next on the court's chopping block. i want to welcome back my nbc legal list and a friend, joy slant. she's also a professor at the university of alabama located in tuscaloosa, alabama. i bring this up because alabama has a zombie abortion ban on the books. people there in tuscaloosa would have to make a five hour drive, or a 16-hour transit by one train and six buses to the nearest abortion clinic in a tallahassee, a florida. joyce, thank you for being here. let's talk about the legal repercussions for both women and their providers in these states where abortion, now or,
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soon will be illegal. what's is the bottom line legal reality they are all facing? >> we now have a patch of laws where different states have different laws that are going to be enforced in different ways. that level of uncertainty of peoples legal rights if it is a crime to get an abortion at a certain point at a certain state. the level of uncertainty means that people will go down on the exercise of the rights that were made to them. nothing in the legal outlook is good, katie. we want our legal system to be clear. we want people to understand their rights and their responsibilities. this morning, we wake up to a country that has everything but this level of clarity. >> to your point, joyce, we all know that ignorance of the law is no defense when you are accused of violating this law. we do have, at this time, dozens of prosecutors,
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including those from states where abortions are legal. the prosecutors have signed a letter saying that they are going to refuse to prosecute people who are seeking assistance or providing abortions. can they actually do this? >> they can do that. prosecutors invested in the -- they prosecute every crime that takes place in their jurisdiction. what we are seeing here is a group of prosecutors. prosecutors are in my home county who are saying that we will not use limited resources to prosecute those who violate abortion laws. they have more important crimes in their jurisdictions to -- >> this is intriguing, joyce. you and i have had conversations to as several times because there is a focus on the shift of a state, and local races. even though there is wild outrageous mandating going on,
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if they would show up to focus on what happens in their own backyard, it will have more immediate impact on them versus what's happening nationally. this is what -- it sounds then, perhaps, we are going to have an even more complicated, legally chaotic, patchwork. we are going to work with prosecutors in states where it is illegal to have abortions. they will have to work with discretion. -- >> this is a fair assessment of where we are, katie. >> before the show started, the repeat with zerlina, with mimi in the district attorney, she said in essence, as she intends to be a sanction airy jurisdiction because the laws in new york permit a portion. people will be able to go to new york to take abortions there. in other parts of the country, the law will be less clear. perhaps abortion will be criminalized.
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perhaps a portion will be on available but not criminal. this is as all of the laws come back on the books. we begin to see what the enforcement will look like. there will be an enormous level of confusion. people will see news from one state and think that it applies to the state that they live in. we have the opposite rule of law that we wake up to this morning. we have a high level of confusion and people will not understand what they can safely do. >> joyce, i want to fast forward. the majority opinion was long. it was a vote of six. i want to be clear, chief justice roberts did not vote to overturn roe he voted in support of the opinion of a dog's. can he thread that needle? he's not going to overturn roe but he's going to vote in and with the majority in the dogs decision itself? >> the chief justice of you, and it was a clear oral
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argument, that this is the position he would a stake out. roe v. wade should not be reversed. the viability standard that they used for determining up to one point a states could not regulate women's ability to get abortions, that the standard no longer made sense in his view of the jurist prudence. it was a tight needle that he tried to thread. ultimately, he was unable to attract a single justice to pick up his view. that is why he wrote an opinion where he concurs a result. it is a result that the law in mississippi is going to remain in place. he did not concur any justice judgment rendered by his former justices. >> unfortunately, we do not have a lot of time, but i do want to ask you about the concurrence of clarence thomas. you answered it a lot. i want my ears to view -- my viewers to hear this morning. is it a fair view that he --
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he specifically identified the cases in his concurrence. it is a credible fear that these are the next ones on the chopping block? >> so, thomas, like the chief justices, he is unable to attract any justice to this view that he has. what he says is that a substance of due process, which is the legal doctrine on which all of these rights, abortions, same sex marriage, on which they are based, he has a fundamental disagreement with that theory. he says there should not be any such thing as substance to due process rights. he's not writing for the court. he's not issuing a legal opinion. when he's doing essentially is to tell people to bring these challenges. he says it go to court and challenge marriage equality cases. this is the process we will see beginning soon. >> unbelievable. let's hope that he remains in the minority on that. my thanks to you, joyce vance,
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for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. i also want to know what this decision means on the ground for women, especially those who will be disproportionately affected by the loss of legally available abortions. coming up, i'm going to talk to texas a state representative, jasmine crockett. first, we chain turn now to our capitol. reaction is coming in from the testimony of this january 6th hearings. the panel hearing how donald trump directed an extensive scheme to abuse the department of justice in order to himself in power. i won't, point the committee said that trump demanded why his justice department did not quote, a seize voting machines. for more on the bombshells and what we can expect from the future hearings, we turn to ali vitali on capitol hill. >> katie, several weeks of bombshell hearings. now we have a pause for the january 6th select committee. this is a group that has been both laying out its public narrative over the course of
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the last month, showing the american public what it has found on each of these different topics. it is everything from the false slates of electors strategy put forward from the white house, to the pressure campaign that was mounted at the state level against elected officials, and most recently, the pressure campaign inside the department of justice using live witnesses, the top former doj officials themselves, and appear in person to detail all manner of treaties in the white house from the former president himself. it effectively overturned the election, or at the very least, provide the department justice a stamp of approval that would have mud in the waters in all of these false and bogus conspiracy theme -- this is what trump and his accolades were trying to push. in terms of where this goes next, there is a bit break that the committee is taking, in part because they are still finding new information. as the hearings are going on last week, this past week, we
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were still getting more information about them inviting people to talk to them. this is like a chingy thomas. i talked after the hearing if they had spoken to her yet but he said no. she said that she is interested in speaking with the committee and that they have invited her. then there is the documentarian and all of the footage that he could provide, including interviews with the former president of before and after january six. he was testifying on the very day that the committee themselves was doing another hearing. the two-pronged track that this committee has been operating on of presenting public findings will also fact finding, it is very much at play here. the question that we had for multiple committee members as they were leaving this week is at what point do you put the pen down and accept that you know enough? that is not a question that i have a readily acceptable answer to. nevertheless, it is the one that they are going to have to push forward with as we continue into the hearings in july, katie. >> our thanks to ali vitale.
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coming up, i will speak with former fbi intelligence agent about why several gop lawmakers want to request a pardon following the january 6th attack and what we should make about ron johnson, admitting that he helped coordinate an effort to pass along a fake slate of electors to former vice president michael pence. turning now overseas as ukraine forces withdraw from the critical eastern city of severodonetsk. president zelenskyy sat down with our nbc's richard, and talked about the americans captured while fighting in ukraine. abc molly hunter is in kyiv with more. what did president zelenskyy say? >> hey, katie. we are talking about alex drueke and win. they were captured two weeks ago. they are both americans. they both came here to volunteer along ukraine forces. there was u.s. ay bets. the cost to our richard asking president zelenskyy about them. >> they are heroes.
4:17 am
for me, they seem like ukrainians. they give. they give and demand things. what they have good lives. they have lives. i'm sure we will fight for them and we will get them back. >> now, andy and alex are two of hundreds and estimated hundreds of hundreds of americans who have come to volunteer alongside the ukrainian troops. zelenskyy went on to tell richard angle that it is an honor for him to see soldiers and people who are not afraid to come to support our sovereignty and our independence. yesterday, katie, i was in kharkiv. the easternmost city. the second largest city in this country. and ian alex went missing and were captured just outside of that city. it is very close to the russian border. we actually met another american, a guy who goes up by grinch. he is serving in the foreign legion. he is the troop leader for andean alex both when they got over here. he says they are great guys.
4:18 am
he says they are doing everything they can to get them home safely with honor, katie. >> molly hunter, thank you. coming up next, our marjorie taylor greene and matt gates in a full panic moment? thursday january 6th hearing reveals that he asked trump for a pardon. how are they responding is quite telling. i'm going to break it down with peter's trump, a former fbi agent who was once trump's the biggest target. this coming up next. a little later, my daughter is seven years old but she now has fewer reproductive rights than i did when i were's her age. my take on overturning roe. it comes with a message to democrats on two voters. a stay with us. with us migraine attacks? you can't always avoid triggers like stress. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. you can't prevent what's going on outside that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time.
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i felt like being blocked and that conversation might help make it clear to the president these allegations aren't true. i went on to correct him in a serial file shun saying that these are not true. >> they made it as easy to understand as they could, right? did it work? his own justice department repeatedly tried to convince him that it was not stolen. evidence suggests that trump knew all along was not election fraud. he turned to his maga allies in court. this is according to testimony on the january six. hearing after joining trump and his pressure campaign, six house members asked for pardons. two of these lawmakers, a prairie and big, are denying that they asked for a pardon. once the clear, neither of them have stated that denial under oath. two others are now taking another tack. congressman matt gates is
4:24 am
tweeting that the committee is a political sideshow. marjorie taylor greene is tweeting that it is a witch hunt. they rely on hearsay. seeking a pardon is not in admission of guilt, it does suggest that these elected officials believe that they were in significant legal power -- peril. senator ron johnson finds himself involved in a new controversy, after tuesday's hearing revealed that his staff tried to win hand over us list of fake electors to vice print. we are going to turn to former fbi intelligence agent peter. thank you for being here. it's good to see you on the show. let's begin with pardons. as a former law official, why would these six republicans need or want pardons. should the doj be investigating them for criminal exposure? >> katie, you want a pardon because you've done something wrong and you do not want to be prosecuted for it. they might argue that their
4:25 am
fear is that it could be politically persecuted as part of some opposing administration. the fact of the matter is, each of these individuals, through the information that the january six committee has laid out, there is a clear pattern of activity that they were engaged in illegal behavior. certainly when it comes to folks like matt gates, he was asking, and the reporting is, it is not just a pardon for the activities on january 6th, but a pardon for anything that he may have done anywhere. others have more information reporting that he is under investigation in florida for allegedly having sexual relationships with minors that has yet to be charged or prosecuted. there are a number of things that gates is asking for which is a get out of jail free card for anything i have done in my life. it causes me to raise my eyebrows a little bit. >> peter, let's shift to the investigative end of what is happening at the doj. federal investigators descended
4:26 am
on the home of jeffrey clark. jeffrey clark's name was a huge part of the hearing this thursday for the 16 committee. formal investigators executed a search warrant in connection with the doj investigation. jeffrey clark has since gone on to fox news. let's take a quick listen. >> i think this is highly politicized. increasingly, i do not recognize the country with these kinds of things happening. >> putting aside the fact that clark warned against the self incrimination andra 25 times when he was interviewed, he goes on fox news. other media's reporting that the fbi served a search warrant the same morning on the head of the nevada republican party, seizing his personal electronic devices as well. as a former fbi agent, what is going on, peter? it is a coordinated move to serve multiple search warrants? >> it seems to be, katie.
4:27 am
a lot of times when you do something that might be made public, like serving a search warrant, this is the tendency to let other people know what's going on. these are the visible things, that in the public, we can see behind the curtain about what the doj is doing. in this case, the search warrants are not just on clark but on gop officials in nevada. these are just the people who have tipped off the press of the search warrants or their attorneys have mentioned it. it is possible there are other search warrants that we do not know about. for your listeners, a search warrant is different than a subpoena. they are a dime a dozen. you can get them based on the potential that there is information relevant to an investigation. a search warrant means that the government, the federal government in this case, has gone to a judge. the judge has a file that there is probable cause to believe that there is evidence of a crime of those things that are being seized through the search warrant. this is a big deal, particularly about someone at clarks level. this is someone at the oval
4:28 am
office that trump was trying to install to pull off the insurrection. for fbi or federal agents to show up at his house, sees his electronic devices, now, 16 or 17 months after the insurrection, this means a tremendous amount. i think it is an indication of just how advanced and widespread at the fbi and doj investigation is. >> peter, i have less than a minute. i have to ask you. you mentioned subpoenas. according to the one 60 minute they organized the scheme of a fake electors in 17 states,. on wednesday, according to walk, but they grandeur ease subpoenas with people -- why are we seeing subpoena from the grand jury? more importantly, what do we need to know about senator ron johnson's role to pass off this fake elector slates to mike pence? >> it means that there is a graduate who was looking into the violations of the law and want to understand whether crimes were committed. they need information.
4:29 am
these subpoenas are the mechanisms, one of the mechanisms, if you are comfort compelled to provide. it shows us that there is an active grand jury to go into these fake elector schemes. when it comes to senator johnson, i don't know what to make of it. he has changed statements multiple times. he initially indicated that he does not know anything about it and it was a random intern. they become's chief of staff. he did not know what was going on. his story overtime has changed. he is increasingly admitting knowledge and a role. stay tuned. i do not think we are at the end of understanding exactly what ron johnson is doing. it is clear that he is very much in his office and very involved in this plot and scheme to have alternate electors to try to up the results of the vote. >> maybe his tune will change after his hurt our show this morning. our thanks to you for joining us again. peter, we appreciate it. coming up, remember when texas catapulted the abortion debate
4:30 am
back into the public discourse with the bill, espy eight? >> it might have been like a lifetime ago. it did give a lot for women in that state. state representative crockett joins me about what we can learn from the father and how she is preparing up for the trigger law that will make things even worse. things even worse. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards
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june 24th, was declared a holiday. a day to celebrate the overturning of roe v. wade. does the sound outrageous? it is an outlandish concept that would exist to troll the millions of women in this country that will suffer as a result of an abortion ban. but ladies and gentlemen, that is literally what happened in texas. the states attorney general, paxton, closed up shop and announced that june 24th would now be an annual holiday for his agency, quote in recognition of this momentous
4:35 am
decision, according to a statement from his office. meanwhile, this is what women right outside the court we're feeling in minutes after the decision came down, with texans anticipating a full ban when the trigger law goes into effect in a few weeks. adding to the anguish that so many texans felt after the passing of s v eight, the law that made abortion illegal after detection, to talk about all this i'm glad to welcome back to texas state representative jasmine crockett. she is running for the u.s. house. it is worth noting that once the trigger law takes effect they would have to make a five hour drive or a ten hour bus ride to the nearest abortion clinic located in wichita kansas. representative, thank you for being here with us this morning. i have to ask a, what went through your mind when you found the attorney general, paxton, announced this ridiculous holiday? >> it is much of the same out of the state of texas. here we are. he wants to celebrate the fact
4:36 am
that this monumental legal change is actually going to kill women. let me be clear. we are going to have women who are still going to make sure that they have abortions. they are going to be unsafe. there are those who cannot afford, like you say. it is a five hour drive. not everyone can afford that. what's going to happen to the have-nots? we know and have seen this before, with these back alley abortions. we know that those illegal abortions will take place. we know that some people have already started traveling to mexico. imagine that? you have better access to abortion care in mexico than you do in the united states. i need people to think about the paradox that we are experiencing right now. yet another disappointment from our failed attorney general. >> the trigger law in texas, that we were talking about, it will outlaw all abortions. this goes into effect in a few
4:37 am
weeks. we know that one group that has run these in the state stop providing services as soon as the decision came down. what are you hearing from the ground about how the decision is already affecting the lives of women? >> it was quite a requiring. one of my constituents texted me yesterday and said that they just started telling my story and do not like that i am the face of someone who had enough abortion. we know that one in four people have had an abortion. when we think about one in four women having an abortion, that means that just about everyone knows at least one person was had an abortion. she said that my life would be so different if i did not have access to abortion care when i was younger, and i got pregnant. she said, i need people to know my story. i need them to know that this is something that has the ability to change peoples lives for the worst in this case,
4:38 am
hers was an optional case. we also know that the state of texas has failed to protect those who are in our cps system. we know that we have children who have been used, traffic, put into our system, and then they get houston trafficked again and end up a pet pregnant. the state of texas saying, hey, little girl, if you end up having an abortion. some who assist you or you yourself could face a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. can you imagine that being a rape victim and deciding that this is what is best for you, even if you are a child, yet, you end up being the one who is going to face 20 years in prison if you decide to go about this? i do want people to understand that, yes, there is a trigger law. 30 days after the judgment comes down, as of right now, abortions are still illegal in the state of texas. you still can make sure that you order on abortion pill. if someone is a need right now, order on abortion abortion pill
4:39 am
and take care of yourself. >> representative, before i have to let you go, you bring up the fact of child protective services. we always talk about the children. we always talk about the women, but we do not talk about the men, children, any of the people affected. let's think plainly. it is going to disproportionately affected black black and brown women. how is this going to affect the future of these women, the children, and their loved ones? >> absolutely. i said yesterday. as it relates to the supreme court justices, which most of them are not of childbearing age, if they were women, we have these opinions that are coming down by old men. this is the majority of the time. this is whether they are in the court or on the legislature, but we are talking about a privileged few. if you accord to proportionally affected are the ones who do not have the means to go out and say i am going to go somewhere and make sure that i can have that health care access that i need. what is going to happen? the have-nots are going to
4:40 am
continue to do is suffer. we know that these same government only cares about mandating what happens to the uterus. once the child is in this world, we know that the government says no free hand outs. we are not going to help you. let's not get on the fact that as you are showing the picture of the trans community, the lgbtq committee, and the government just says, if these children go into the adoption services a system, we do not want the gays. we do not want them to have access, even though that these are people that could provide a loving environment. we are continually faced with roadblocks. the roadblocks are so much more hideous, as it relates to those that are coming from a social and economic disadvantaged situations. texas state representative, it crockett, we appreciate your candor and your bluntness. this is especially at this time. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> it was one step forward, and two steps back, for gun control this week. we are going to talk to
4:41 am
activists, affront guttenberg, about the impact of the recent supreme court ruling and the bipartisan gun safety law that is going to be signed today. coming up next. coming up next [submarine rising out of water] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. here we go... remember, mom's a kayak denier, so please don't bring it up. bring what up, kayak? excuse me? do the research, todd. listen to me, kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to find you great deals on flights, cars and hotels. they're lying to you! who's they? kayak? arr! open your eyes! compare hundreds of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done.
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4:44 am
in opposite directions this week about a contentious issue in america, gun laws. first time a major supreme court ruling that expanded gun rights. weeks after the school shooting in uvalde, texas, at the ruling
4:45 am
overturned a law that had been in since 1913 to carry guns in public. similar laws planted different states are scrambling of what to do next. fast forward 12 hours later. across the street from the court, the senate passed the most significant gun legislation in nearly three decades. a bipartisan bill designed to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. yesterday, the bill passed in the house. in less than an hour from now, president biden is set to sign it into law. fred gun bird lest his lost his 14-year-old daughter in a 2018 school shooting at douglas high school. he tweeted this is a historic day. i will never forget when he promised that he will sign gun legislation. today, this will be fulfilled. fred, he joins me today. i'm thankful for your time. i know it has been a world win for you.
4:46 am
i want to start by asking you this. it took nearly 30 years to break the impact on gun safety. is biden's moment actually being tainted by the supreme court's decision strengthening amendment rights? >> biden is going to sign gun safety legislation into. for 30 years, the legislation and the ability to pass this was held hostage by gun lobby. this has been broken. no, there is no diminished value to what is happening here. the supreme court, that is a completely separate issue that we need to deal with. the importance of what president biden will sign today and what it will mean for saving lives is a big deal. >> fred, let's talk about some of the provisions in the gun legislation that's going to be signed by president biden today. it is includes strengthening background checks for the youngest buyers, closing a
4:47 am
boyfriend loophole, and incentivizing states to pass red flag laws. fred, there is still work to be done. i know this package is going to fall short of what's democrats and pulls of americans a show, that americans want to see more. are we actually going to be safer after it becomes a law? >> biometric is really simple. will it save lives? will it reduce instances of gun violence? this big will. whether you look at how they are improving every state where they exist or to stay lives. if you close the boyfriend loophole, extended the background checks, a deal with the issues around trafficking, all of these as a big deal. it is not enough, but it is a big deal. it is necessary. i will say this, it has only been happening because americans voted in 2018 to deliver the house of representatives controlled by democrats. in 2020, and they delivered a senate controlled by democrats,
4:48 am
as well, where chris murphy was able to negotiate with the other side on relationships. he spent a long time investing and having president biden signed this. we want more. we need more. america, show up and vote in november 2022. >> let's talk about the political cooperation. 15 republicans in the senate, 14 in the house. they broke ranks to side with democrats. that is despite pressure threats from the nra. can you tell us? do you know? do you know what's the key was to reaching a compromise this time around? >> we did break the backs of the nra and the entire gun lobby. i think, maybe, for those who said enough is enough we need to actually tilt the scale to save lives, maybe it was the reality of ten children in school having their heads blown to smithereens. maybe it was the reality that will people like me have said for years, which, is you can be
4:49 am
a gun owner and support the second amendment and hate gun violence, and you can want to reduce gun violence. maybe the message finally got through. in florida, we passed gun safety in 2018. there is not a single legal lawful gun owner that thinks about the gun law that we passed because it is working to do what is supposed to do. it is not affecting their rights >> fred, you get the promise that you made your beautiful daughter jaime, need to be able to continue with your activism and from old common sense gun legislation. you have made it this far. i know you want more. i know that you are right, a saving one life makes a difference. what is next for you? what is going to happen next for you, fred? >> let's talk about the supreme court and the election. this week, in 24-hour period, the supreme court essentially took a right by going after settled law and justices who
4:50 am
perjured themselves to get themselves in their. it expanded a ride by unsettling the law. it is easy to focus on the supreme court justices on this issue, however, i'm focusing on mitch mcconnell does. mitch mcconnell's plan. mitch mcconnell put this into motion. he is the reason we have the supreme court doing this today. what is next for me? i am going to work my tail off through the whole artillery date in november to ensure that mitch mcconnell stays far in the minority because we put more democrats in the senate. that's how we fix what happened this week. that is next. >> guttenberg, it is always a pleasure to have you. i salute you. you are relentless. you got it where you need to be. president biden, to your point, kept a province that he made to you. it is going to be a very big day today to have the bill signed. thank you for being with us this morning. >> vote, vote, vote. thanks, katie.
4:51 am
>> yesterday was a consequential day for america when roe was overturned. now, my daughter will grow up with fewer rights than i had. my thoughts on this and my message to democrats after the break. break. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions, post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects
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you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. mind otter is seven years old. i am grateful, for now, she does not realize everything that you lost after the supreme court issued its opinion in dobbs. i am grateful, for now, she does not realize how the idea of a woman and her personal bodily autonomy has now been trampled by the tyranny of a minority. in the aftermath of the death of roe, my daughter will not grow up in a world with fewer rights than i did. how is that even impossible? how am i not supposed to feel this combination of a fear, discussed, terror, for what is to come for her and countless women and their daughters?
4:55 am
to the conservative supreme court justices, that republicans, advocates were celebrating this decision, what is the point? why do we want to control women's bodies and what they choose to do with them? let's be clear, it is now beyond wanting to control millions of women, and some conservatives are giving us clear signals about what they intend to do next. justice clarence thomas and his king currying opinion called out griswold, and lawrence. they legalize contraception, same sex marriage, and your sexual privacy rights. he's highlighting those rights as being next on the supreme court's chopping block. we already heard the warning sirens that congressional republicans are gunning for a nationwide abortion ban as soon as they can. now what? to the democrats, is this enough to keep repeating that this is a ballot issue in november? does that truly meet the power and the urgency of the other
4:56 am
side, as they steamroll over our rights? you presently hold the white house, senate, and the house. albeit by small margins. what are you going to do? for too long, everyone saw the slow-moving train bearing down, and there was a sense of denial that roe v. wade could ever be overturned. what is more important to you, winning the battle in november and staying in power or upholding moments where i? it is not unlike the question faced by republicans liz cheney and kinzinger. they have all but sacrificed their political careers to hold the power accountable for what happened on january 6th. now, it is your turn. do you have what it takes to meet this moment? president biden is set to sign the bipartisan gun safety bill into law this morning. that is coming up on velshi in just a few minutes from now. few minutes from now.
4:57 am
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phang show this morning. i will be back tomorrow morning at 7 am eastern. maria teresa kumar is filling in for velshi coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it is saturday, a june 25th. i'm maria teresa kumar. i am in four ali velshi who is joining us next weekend. we begin this morning with a grim new reality for half the population of this country, who woke up with fewer rights today than they had yesterday. you heard that right. after months of speculation, the supreme court overturned roe versus wade. if his rating abortion rights nationwide and putting an end to reproductive freedom in united states. in a 5 to 4 ruling, the conservative majority throughout the landmark president that has granted constitutional protection for nearly 50 years. this


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