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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  April 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> i am ari melber and we are tracking several stories include obama, eric holder, top lawyer in the obama administration is calling out mike lee saying he must be held accountable for engaging with that coup plot amidst all the new texts leaking out. speaking this way about an active politician. that is a story that broke into the weekend and we are going to stay on it for you. we also special a have report on trump and the maga money. plus, new video of romger stone trashing the one-time mini trump ron desantis. this is a big political story with implications and later this hour, he go beyond some of the usual news to get into something i have talked to you about before, which is there accountability for political lies? defamation? attacking innocent people? there is free speech but that doesn't mean the right to lie in way that is incite silence or defame people and alex jones ask his right-wing conspiracy
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machine, info wars, are now filing for bank runsy because accountability. it is on "the beat" because we think it matters. that is a lot of news, including news in america. and we are going to bring you that to you this hour but we begin with the news abroad. ukraine says they are now facing formally, a new phase of putin's war focusing on the east. new offensive coming as those peace talks are clearly fading. russia hitting targets in lviv, that's in the west part of the country. near the polish boarder, officials say sechl seven people already dead. indeed, these are the first casualties in this city that have been formally confirmed since the invasion began what is now 54 days ago. nbc news reporters were on the ground when a cruise missile hit. >> smoke. stand by. three cruise missile caliber.
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standpy. five, six, eight, nine, ten, eleven, 12. there is the smoke. that's three. so three cruise missiles. yeah. >> russia says it hit hundreds of targets in the east trying to address the separatist regions. russia seeming attacking the whole country. residents concerned about finding any place to be safe. >> and in the port city of mariupol, ukrainian officials
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are surrounded. some trying resist inside a steel factory. they will not surrender. 90% of that city is estimated to approximate in ruins from constant shelling. now, that is critical to russian' war efforts taking that city because they want an unbroken land quarter that would stretch from the donbas up to the crimean peninsula. the mayor says 100,000 people are still trapped in the city and don't have heat, water, or electricity. zelenskyy says all this is inhumane. meanwhile, vladimir putin claims the western sanctions are not
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working, they are backfiring. moscow's mayor though says 200,000 people could lose jobs and the austrian chancellor spoke with putin and says the russian leader is convince he is winning this war. >> does he believe he is winning the war. >> or losing the war? >> no, i think he -- he believes he is winning the war. i think he is now in [ inaudible ]. you know, he thinks the war is necessary for security guarantees for the russian federation. >> joined now by efb lane farkas, obama defense official who specialized in the ukrainian portfolio. general, when people hear 54
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days, you start to realize this is a long-running conflict with putin trying to consolidate in those areas. what do you sigh in had phase as ukrainian president zelenskyy put it as a new phase to really focus on the siege and the east? >> blood shed in a very short period of time. the war, i initially thought it would go 90 days. this may grind on for much longer time. but time is an enemy for the ukrainians. major target of russian forces have been civilian population and their infrastructure. they are grinding down the nation state. ukrainian army doing pretty well. the big question at hand, though, ari, coming up in the coming weeks is the battle in the east. the target is not the donbas and land area. the target is the ukrainian arm kri. the russians are try and encircle it. shallow, deep encirclement. who knows? once the ukrainian army is destroyed, the nation is lost. i am betting on ukrainians this is tough days ahead. >> understood. efb lip, take a look to senator couldn'ts who talked about some parallels to other troubled wars
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and invasions we have seen fighting. let me read it, actually. senator coons says if putin has showed how brutal he can be, and allowed to continue to commit war crimes, i deeply worry what will happen next as ukraine will turn into syria. what do you think of that concern and the idea that however brave this resistance has been, in the long run, we are looking at assad or putin-type tactics that will grind down the populous because they are willing to kill civilians. >> i think the major difference, ari, is that you have this ukrainian military. i think it is about 200,000 strong, fif the if i have the numbers right. the general can correct me. and of course, aufrlt civilians willing to fight if they get munitions. we are speeding our munitions in. i understand from the media the first two shipments of that $800 million, the latest tranche from the united states have arrived or almost there. but the reality is senator coons
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also went to say some more interesting things, ari. he said we need to be prepared to do more, and sort of hinted at even u.s. military becoming involved and i, again, as somebody who really doesn't want to stand by while he watch innocent civilians be slaughtered and do nothing, i think we need to leave these options on the take. so, humanitarian, no-fly zones, and even again i am not advocating for u.s. forces to get directly involved. but i don't think we should take it off the take if the munitions that we he get to the ukrainians don't do the job. and that's of course what we are hoping will happen. >> well, you mentioned arming ask the support of the ukrainian people. take a listen to admiral kirby who, of course, you -- you know, general, outlining what the pentagon's trying to do. >> we think we will be able to start some basks training on that hautsers outside of ukraine. it will be much of the train the
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trainers environment. so training a small number of forces that will go back ask train their colleagues and we think we will approximate able to do that in relatively short order. >> skrernl, how do you assess this? we know you are hoping for what you view as the best and supporting, of course, these hard-working colleagues and yet an honest appraisal i think would say we are deep into the war in the damage in ukraine for starting up certain efforts, no? >> well look, by the way, evelyn is correct. ukrainians have quarter million troops. they are calling up 200,000 territorial forces. i think the biden teem's done an utterly magnificent job during the first phase of this war. and was -- i think one of the reasons besides ukrainian' courage in which they achieved victories up in the north and the russians had to pull out and going to try a new, shorter access from the east. having said that, you know, i listen to admiral kirby this morning great interest.
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er going to send 18 155 millimeter howitzers ask radars. that's one battalion. my division in desert storm had ten artillery battalions fighting the last night of the war. they got to raise their sights. ukrainians need high mars, a pack of missile 200-mile range. they got to strike deep targets. they need a qualitative improvement in armor. the m1 tank, not the piece of dpash garbage the t 72 soviet tank we destroyed 20 years ago in the dpufl car. so i think err going to get energized and decide to go all in, not engaging u.s. military forces. i agree with the president and his senior people on that. >> evelyn, how about that point? i mean, this has been a debate that's played out. a ceiling, or red line, or whatever you want to call it about not engaging militarily
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with a nuclear power. i think people get that and yet the skrernl seems to aslud to what you referenced earlier and ha others have said. there seems to be some other set of pressures that are holding i say back and european countries to approximate fair. not justest u.s. and they are closer to the region from drn from giving ukraine more weapons. >> yeah. i think general mccaffrey is correct. there is something holding us back. though some of it is pragmatic. they obviously the ukrainians would need to be trained on western equipment that they have no familiarity with. however, as admiral kirby said, that can be dope. so done. so i we we need to find a way to provide more equipment because the other thing you said earlier, ar kri, is true. time is on on the side of the ukrainians so we need to move fast so get as much hardware as we can, as much training as we can, as much intelligence we can so the war can come to an end as
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fast as possible which is what he said to the chancellor of austria. he wants war to end quickly. we do, too. >> right. and clearly, different ways. different sides of the conflict. last question to you, general, putin has clearly shown he is willing to approximate brutish. if he has an edge or superpower, it is clearly operating well below the lines that many other world leaders, including those involved in armed conflicts, operate under the modern laws of war and the idea of respects laws of war, civilizations, civilians. he clearly does not care. this is kbha he is going to do. we showed viewers the heartbreaking image of a missile labeled for the children. which -- which is as much you can telegraph a war crime in the modern era as you can see. does he also have patience? will he really see this out if it takes much longer than he wants it to? >> we shouldn't be surprised by
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mr. putin. he is kgb. he murders people, he poisons them, he uses radioactive materials on, he imprisons his opposition, he murders them within eyesight of the kremlin, they destroyed grozny. killed tens of thousands. they destroyed aleppo. we watched what they are doing inside ukraine now. at the highest level, at the strategic level, he has constructed a criminal operation against ukraine. what somewhat surprises me is the brutality of the russians at ground level. this is undisciplined soldiers free, acting like savages against women ask children. it's an astonishing display of the danger of the russians to europe. that part -- and nato is now reinvigorated and in a way he's
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lost the strategic objective already. >> yeah, great point. it is a cold comfort to anyone hos dealing with the humanitarian side. but as you say, geopolitically, putin and trumpet are both wrong to say nato is i irrelevant. it doesn't feel irrelevant this year. got a lot of other western countries saying you have to staff up ask get serious about dealing with this nuclear power when they act like this. my thanks to general mccaffrey and evelyn farkas, thank you both. appreciate it. >> break. come look back at the local frost when we return. senator mike lee's texting scandal, the talk of coups, and why former attorney general for barack obama trying to get involved. plus, the video of roger stone absolutely trashing a mini trump. and then, the blow to alex jones' conspiracy machine. a story i told you we would stay on. how accountability can work even in this difficult time. that's tonight as well.
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easter is time for basket. it's time for bunny. and frankly, bonnet, okay? and let's not forget egg. and you know what? i would love to bunny. i told america covid would be over by easter. i just didn't say which one. >> let's not forget egg. facts. the former president clearly a punch line that keeps working for "snl." but his power and influence in the wider-political culture is waning. i am not just saying that.
3:19 pm
i am going to he show you some examples right now. but there are also details about the despite the fact he has less juice in all of america, he still has a grip over republican primaries. york times detailing how he silts around mar-a-lago and has a kind of obsession of political wannabes. they are also hangers-on and has-beens, like convicted felon roger stone, who. showing video, trichl is what at appears to be mar-a-lago who then trashes ron desantis. >> roger. >> roger >> ask that's how that relationship works. trump says oh, i didn't see you
3:20 pm
and he knows the cameras are on. he powells around for a second, and stone gets a dig in at detan sis. but the issue here is so many people in the republican right wing are still trying to get something from donald frump trump. some basically begging for endorsement. "the times" article i mejsdsed details it is an effort for trump to be modern-day parrot boss and he does have over $100 million, which doubles coffers of the rnc. within party note that is precisely because he doesn't work like the rnc, representing the whole party, or appealing vision for america, but may actually damage it. take congressman upton, who was one who did vote to impeach trump over the insurrection. in his retirement marks, he is making sure people know he has a warning for the party he has long served. >> lauren boebert and marjorie taylor greene. is that a different element you have ever seen before? >> i don't think we have had as
3:21 pm
many folks in that sort of wing of the paefrt as we have lfr but i think they are very popular back at home. i mean -- >> ha does that tell you about the republican party? >> troubled waters, i guess you could say. >> see the pivot. when pressed, he admits this is troubled waters, in his view, for his republican party. and that is a conservative. so the maga bubble did burst when it has contact with the outside world ask that goes to the point. when we cover pool ticks on "the beat," we try to give you the facts of the story just like any other. although admittedly, there is a lot of lies and crap that circulates in political news, especially involving the former president so let me just show you some facts. you decide whether you like them or not but there are signs donald trump today is not the trump of even just a few years ago. so when he launched his blog, it went nowhere and he had to shut
3:22 pm
it town because the numbers and readership was so low as to embarrass him within a month. he also tried starting his own entire social meed kra site, which is something would seem to have an advantage on except that also failed and in the first year after biden was inaugurated, we see the wider interest in what donald trump is doing ask saying has been plummeting. the data shows there is just not the interest. the days when donald trump could just drive news cycles have definitely faded. which is a sign of less interest in what he has to say and maybe different algorithms social media companies try to consider whether they are just reacting to the worst-possible impulses, rather than a new or interesting idea. and then, there is the problem he created for himself. if your entire brand is always trying to do a kind of norm-shattering shock value. if you do that for four or five years straight, then attacking and shattering those norms becomes the norm.
3:23 pm
and it's less interesting. we tell you something. know governing requires a lot more than slogans or tweets and that former president is not even allowed to tweet anymore. but i will tell you the point here is one that would certainly wound the ex-blogger and ex-tweeter in florida. pause a lot of the data we have shows his shtick has become boring. now, what does everyone else do with ha? well on the democratic side, senator warren has a piece many are stusing today that ran in "the new york times" where she says look, there is 200 days left and she is telling her party it is time to hit accomplishments and have a clear governing leadership and message on taking on corporate power so where do we go from here? and is donald trump the most boring person in the world right now? el, a veteran of several democratic presidential campaigns, ask david plough are here and we are back in 60 seconds. rwhat you need?
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we are back with former obama campaign manager david plough. welcome to both of you. >> good to be here, ari. >> great to have you. david, i am sure you read "the times" piece with some interest and moderate announce. real party bosses, whatever the party, um, care about the party. right? there are people who actually care about the republican party, its policies, what it wants to do. we know and i think the audience ail knows, donald trump doesn't care about policy. but it is a portrait of his strain for relevance against the metrics i ran through, that he has become, in some measurable ways, david, boring. what is the challenge and opportunity there? >> well, i am wholeheartedly dprae with you. i said for some time, i doubt he
3:26 pm
ends up running because i think, e end of the day, you can see the trend lines. in some focus groups that have been reported on republicans, even people like him say it's time for something new because they think that is eat best route to in. and what is fascinating about the pilgrimage to mar-a-lago is i believe it's quitely republicans that are most successful this november, in true swing competitive, you know, senate, dporcher, and house races, are those that show a little distance from trump. even approximate it's just time to move on, joe biden was elected but that he is not where the party is still. so, i think the risk will be -- what trump is doing is deeply damaging this party. you remember pack in '10 and '12, the respects left three, four, five senate races on the cutting-room floor because they nominated people that could not win general elections. and i think that some of the people trump's laying hands on may lose winnable races so that's what is fascinating. i think you see a dichotomy. but i think the folks that are going to end up doing pest with the skrernl election because i think there is going to be swing
3:27 pm
voters that will want to reward republicans. you saw it in virginia. i mean, youngkin tried to dance a very delicate dance but i think the signal that most voters deposit got in virginia if not nationally was he was kind of mitt romney 2.0. >> yeah, and shay, i mentioned this. welk throw it back on the screen. i mentioned in the set up, that there are signs that there is less interests. i think we all know in 2015 or 2016, a donald trump news center or blog would have felt larger and bigger and certainly would have been boosted by twitter ask other things. and you sigh this. i am going to lachb this up while you talk. this is a crash for donald trump. interest in what he is saying and doing. >> it is. but let me take a little bit of a contrary view to this. i total hi agree, the metrics are very real. trump's influence has waned. it is declieping. that is all very true. the problem is that he is
3:28 pm
still,py far, the most powerful person in the republican party by a mile. he is the most important ask influential member of that party. he is the important who is still most likely to be the gop nominee in 2024. he is still that by a long mile. if you think about it historically -- >> are you allowed -- shay, are you allowed to disagree with the former-obama campaign manager? i guess so. >> now, i can, yes. i couldn't do that before, in 2008. but i can do it now. >> go ahead. >> and you know, he also is somebody who has done something really remarkable historically. what he has done is as an ex-president, he has positioned himself really as the leader and punitive nominee of the party. nobody was talking about bush sr. running again and being the nominee in '96. nobody was talking about carter running again anding the nominee
3:29 pm
in '84. donald trump what he has done as ex-president who lost an election is remarkable. grover cleveland won the popular vote. donald trump was a total loser on every level. he should have walked out of here disgraced and humiliated and that is not what has occurred. >> david? >> well, i think again, he has enormous poll. i think it is dwindling but still a large part of republican base that drives primaries but we are going to get some sense. i don't think it is a completely accurate sense but i think the primary in ohio, we will see. we are going to have a record that he supported and how they did in the primary, number one. the most important question then will be how do those people do if they get through the primary in the fall? and the trumpiest candidates outperform normal republicans in swing districts or in the? and my strong sense is they will
3:30 pm
not but his pull is enormous. it is not ant him, it is about the party. we saw, like listen, our democracy is just about ended right now. the notion that he would run for president, and not even get his party's nomination and i think you are going to see hunger out there and what is interesting to me, ari, you see more republicans. they are careful about it but starting to take issue with him but once this election is over and the presidential election begins after the midterms, this is their one shot to be president and trump or no trump, they know it goes through him. >> as you say, the motives of someone like desantis or cruz, who was plenty negative on trump hefs running against him, as incentives change, you may see that in a harsher, stronger way because they didn't really find a way to deal him in the party. after the mention of potential french candidates, this bridges us back to the political
3:31 pm
culture. you can't make a skroek on snl unless there is booid spread snding of the punch line. ask this is their rendering of how fringe some right-wing republicans are. take a look. >> hi. i'm marjorie taylor greene. i have opinion saying aggressively to all my jewish and muslim colleagues, happy easter. so happy easter, and god bless russia -- i mean, america. kind of both, right? >> uh, it's funny enough for people to recognize the habit and what's serious there is casual bigotry, casual anti-semitism, casual putin support at a time there are mass graves abroad, right, is not where the republican party historically has wanted to be, shay. >> yeah, but that is also why trump is still so powerful in the gop. you know, you have a trump base in the gop and trump understands that you can't replace something
3:32 pm
with nothing. trump is, you know, what are whatever you think of it, he is offering the gop base voters something. gop has offered them nothing in return. nobody has even try today offer a trumpy alternative that is not non-trumpist of the gop base. the only one who kind of has has been ron desantis ask his solution has to be even more -- to be even trumpier than trump. >> trumpier than trump and, yet, he would argue i think behind closed doors that it's less chaos that wall street ask those power bases can deal with desantis as harvard grad and former marine, i believe, former military, but he can still do all the other, um -- what's the word -- political crap. um, i suspect he will be hearing from both of you again as midterms approach. i appreciate you joining us. david plough and jake. >> thank you, ari. up ahead. accountability story.
3:33 pm
alex jones in the snoop. i will explain. also, revelations about mike lee's leaked tests and why obama's former-top prosecutor is involved here to explain, when we return. rosecutor is involved here to explain, when we return. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ and every person... it's spring! claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity— and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear.
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new scrutiny of mike lee for involvement in discussions that could have overthrown the 2020 election. this was in the days after -- the days after the election, through january, mike lee's role in trump's attempted coup. according to washington important, and mike lee busted for lying about the election stream. hooefrs how he sounded january
3:38 pm
6th. >> our job is to open, this then count. that's it. that's all there is. now, there are, of course, rare instainses. ip stances in which multiple slates of electors can be mittedpy the same state. happened in 1960, happened in 1876. that did not happen here, thank heavens, and let's hope it never did. >> let's hope it never happens that there are alternate slates. this is the mike lee you meet in public. that was on television on a day when he knew many would be watching, january 6th. and you get the impression of ap honest conservative, very concerned about the state of democracy. ask yet, this is what he was secretory texting. cnn first obtained these in their scoop. nbc verified the texts for our coverage. lee told chief of staff nosk 7th, exhaust every
3:39 pm
constitutional remedy and raefring to one of trump's most controversial lawyers, he has really interesting research on this. that is the lawyer that was pushing the coup plans. bob woodward, no knows his way around white house corruption has a report lee was shocked to receive a memo on skraurn 2nd about seven states transmitting duel states of electors. but interesting research back in november. it's up to mike lee to clarify kr he seemed so supportive of going down this road in private. on december 8th, lee also texted chief of staff if a very small handful of states were to have their legislature appoint al tern tichb slates of electors. we are joined we neil to get back into it. thauchks for being here. >> thank you. >> i mentioned the two portraits here because it is not news to our viewers, politicians say one thing and do another. but rarely, do you have it so close together.
3:40 pm
mike lee seems to be pushing the idea that this stuff would just happen, and if it did, it would create a tougher call for congress to potentially get involved and overthrow the outcome! yet, the texts at a legal investigative level at least, neil, seem to raise questions about what he was trying to do. break it down for us. >> 100%, ari. i guess it turns out mike lee was for alternate slates of electors before he was against them and it is so sad because i didn't think of mike lee as some ordinary politician. i had a great deal of respect for him. i used to debate him on c span and stuff. his dad was former solicitor general of the united states. enormously respected and nobody doubted that man's love of the country and constitution and what these e-mails depict is something far different, twisted, and different. it is a win-at-all-cost mentality. indeed, the only reason mike lee backs down from this crazy plot is not because it's wrong.
3:41 pm
it's because he can't get it to succeed because it's so hair-brained, it can't work but that is the reason and it shows ha donald trump has done to the republican party even formerly meaningly good people like mike leigh and they don't even realize it. mike lee, two weeks ago, voted against skrus tis ketanji brown jackson's nomination because said she uphold the constitution. my god, when mike lee was asked to up hold the constitution at a dark moment, what did he do? he plotted mark meadows and others to try to subvert ourndo mean, when you look at that night. i mean, i remember i was -- i'm sure you do, many people do -- it was this terrible day with deaths and violence at the capitol and you see mike lee clearly trying to turn that corner and try to present himself as someone who says, hey, guys, this isn't how it
3:42 pm
works. he clearly doesn't want to own the violence that occurred on the floor where he was standing. and yet, now it is all out this again goes to why investigations matter. i am not aware of anyone at this juncture suggesting any criminal liability for senator lee. we are talking about something more nuanced but quite important. your former colleague -- attorney general holder was the person in charge of domg for a period of time. this is what he said. plik mike leigh must be confronted quote about his actions to subvert our electoral process and approximate held accountable. um, what do you think of that point from holder? and what lee owes at least his constituents, if not the nation? >> eric holder is absolutely right, 100%. it may not be criminal, ari. it might be but it's certainly a betrayal of our constitutional democracy or that he is the way it looks from these texts. now, maybe he has got some explanation. i'd like to hear it and i would
3:43 pm
like to hear people like senator romney, who have stood up for the constitution in these moments from his state, you know, ask some of these questions. and there is a really important article today, ari, in the bulwark we amanda carpenter and she really goes into an explanation of what senator leigh was doing. that he was trying to get legislators to try ask throw out the popular vote. and she goes through this in some detail. and i guess, you could say well nobody's perfect. i mean, hasn't made a rush to judgment and realize they made a mistake but, you know, this is really a constitutional betrayal. this is not some minor thing. >> neil with democracy is dying dad-joke pun, we are here for it. congressman raskin, also, speaking out. take a listen. >> this was a coup organized by the president against the vice president and against the congress in order to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
3:44 pm
trump was prepared to seize the presidency, and likely to invoke the insurrection act and declare martial law. >> based on what he knows, your response to that? and the fact that, at every turn, trump never showed the ultimate willingness -- um -- i am not going to use a word, like, boldness. but whatever you want to call it, he didn't do some of those things when he was alone. he wanted ag or someone to cover him. your final reaction there? >> right i mean, congressman raskin obviously has access to information that you ask i don't. but the information we have seen shows exactly that, that trump would have done it if he could get away with it. and he enlisted or at least had the support of all sorts of people like mike lee who were plotting before, during, and after the election to try and hand trump the, you know, the -- the presidency even if he didn't win the actual vote or the electoral college vote. i mean, this is -- it doesn't
3:45 pm
get more chilling than this, ari. and so, you know, i know we with talk about crime a lot and so on but there is a much deeper thing here, which is the essence of our democracy is giving everyone the right to vote and what these people wanted to do was give it to the hands of some state legislators. most americans don't know who their state legislators are and have them pick the president instead of voters. >> neil, thank you, sir. when we come back, as promised, the accountability for alex jones. your doctor gives you a prescription. “let's get you on some antibiotics right away.” we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up, and get your questions answered? because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box.
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alex jones is a liar.
3:50 pm
that has been shown in court ask there is new heat on him, whether in and out of political news, skroens company info wars has now filed for bankruptcy. it is igniting dabizations he is trying to duck the accountability longer gets to desecrate my son's memory. he no longer gets to negotiate my pain. and profit from it. >> with that false news, he just doesn't care who he hurts, the
3:51 pm
impact that it has on people who already had the worst thing that happened could ever happen in your life, to lose a child. >> that's just some of the view of the parents. this bankruptcy legally could try to let info wars operate while hitting pause on what they owe creditors. listing creditors relatives of children and teachers who died in the shooting relates to the fact he'll owe money in this defamation. he maxed out the lawyer claims and this is a way to hide money, basically trying to say we really are broke. back in march, the families rejected the most settlement offer of a measly $120,000. they want more accountability and as we've been reporting on this story, we've told you it can be a slow process but there are ways to hold these liars accountable and this suit is a powerful one. another update i wanted to bring you, a florida judge struck down the biden administration's mask mandate for planes, trains and buses, the judge saying the cdc
3:52 pm
over stepped its authority it violates procedures required for any agency rule making. basically, not saying you could never do this but they did it the wrong way and jen psaki responding today. >> the cdc recommended continuing the order for additional time, two weeks, to be able to assess the latest science in keeping with the responsibility to protect the american people. so this is obviously a disappointing decision. the cdc continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit. >> we've covered some of the times where the courts have upheld some of the safety rules, what is interesting here, the lower court level this is news of a court striking one down. the biden administration saying doj will consider whether to appeal this so that's an update on this big story. >> when we come back, we go in a totally different direction when i ask what does whitney houston and bruce springsteen have in an
3:53 pm
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the music world is marking a milestone for one of the most iconic leaders. behind springsteen, joplin, celebrating his 90th birthday is joining me this thursday for an event in manhattan. you can get tickets at the link you see coming up. clive's name may be familiar from the artists being open to new ideas and why success only takes you so far. here are the highlights. >> everybody was in robes and flowers in their hair and here was i in khakis and a white
3:58 pm
tennis sweater. i was seeing an artist i would never experience before. everything that she would do. >> clive is relevant because clive is open. >> the first record i was involved with, most people never thought rap would dominate top 40. >> you had to take a risk or a bet. >> i was prepared for failure. you can keep evolving and your material and your songs can still be appealing. after 30, 40, 50 years, that is success. i don't think anyone is going to play the records because i signed janice joplin and bruce springsteen. you have to prove it each time. >> you got to prove it each
3:59 pm
time. and i should mention his recent 90th bash there were artists that thought he did that decade after decade. bruce springsteen sang, berry manolo sang, buster rhymes was there. i was honored to be there, as well. i caught up with clive himself. we'll have more time to talk this thursday night april 21st. so i do invite you to join us in new york. you can get tickets or check the twitter page or google clive davis melbur. it will be the first link talking music, culture, the business and creativity and much more. if you come, we'd love to meet you. go to 92 davis which you see on your screen and i can tell you most of the seats are gone. there are a few left. go to the link now if you want to join us and stream online if you're interested and you're located somewhere else.
4:00 pm
so thank you for joining us here on "the beat." you can also online connect with me @ari mel and go at the beat where we have the link posted, as well. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with putin's war in ukraine. russia began an all out offensive in the east. in the latest video, the ukrainian leader said the russian military has begun the battle for donbas. a new phase of the war that could see three times as many russian troops in the donbas region including mariupol which russia needs in order to forge a land corridor to crimea. the city bar sieged with 100,000 people remain without food and water but ukrainian


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