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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is sort of back to the future, my friend. it is so great to see you. it is so great to see you and get to work with you again. >> and i feel the same way, my friend. have a great weekend. >> all right, thanks, you too. all right, thanks, you too. breaking news from the white house, president joe biden says vladimir putin has decided to invade ukraine. the president said, u.s. intelligence has determined that putin will proceed with the ukraine invasion, with the capital city of kyiv in the crosshairs. >> we have reason to believe that the russian forces -- in the coming week, the coming days. we believe that they will target ukraine's capital, kyiv, a city of 2.8 million innocent people. make no mistake, if russia pursues his plan, it will be responsible for catastrophic and needless war of choice.
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>> emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, president biden made what he said, were two vital calls today. the first, a group of bipartisan members of congress representing the members of the united states, and the munich security conference. the second, the leaders of canada, france and germany, italy, poland, romania, britain, the european union and nato. biden said, the u.s. said its allies remain unified against russian aggression. >> despite russia's efforts to divide us at home and abroad, i can affirm, that has not happened. the overwhelming message of both calls was one of unity, determination and resolve. >> tension along the ukraine russian border has escalated significantly in the last 24 hours. officials say russia has up to 190,000 troops along that border, and already inside to
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pro miles car regions in ukraine. russian-backed separatists in eastern ukraine called for a massive evacuation of the area, falsely claiming that ukraine was about to attack. western officials called that an attempt by moscow to create an excuse for putin to send thousands of troops into ukraine. senior american officials also say that they believe russia was responsible for cyberattacks on ukrainian banks this week. but, despite these escalations, president biden reiterated that russia can still choose a diplomatic solution to this crisis. >> it is not too late to de-escalate, and return to the negotiating table. last night, russia agreed -- and foreign minister, lavrov, should meet on february 24th. february 24th, in europe. but, if russia takes military action, before that day, it will be clear that they have slammed the door shut on
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diplomacy. >> president biden said, the u.s. and its allies are ready to impose severe sanctions against russia, if putin invades ukraine. something the president effectively said, it's not a matter of, if but when. >> do you have any indication about whether putin has made a decision on whether to invade, do you feel confident that he hasn't made that decision already? >> as of this moment, i'm convinced he made the decision. we have reason to believe that. >> joining us now, michael mcfaul, who served as the u.s. ambassador to russia from 2012 to 2014. he is an international affairs correspondent. president biden said that he's convinced vladimir putin has made the decision to invade ukraine. that language marks a stark change -- said that they didn't know if putin had made the decision. >> absolutely. it was a qualitatively different message today.
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remember, you don't put the president of the united states out before the american people, and the world, unless you have something important to say. i wore three years at the white house, with president obama, those decisions are not made lightly. he was very blunt, just like you said. he was straightforward, he was asked again by a reporter to clarify, he clarified. he thinks that putin has made the decision to invade. he also said, like you said, maybe not yet, hold on. let's give diplomacy one more chance. just because you made a decision, doesn't mean you can't reverse it, but it sounded pretty bad. to add to, that the news out of moscow was pretty supporting it, it's also grim and dire. >> here's some other news. -- is expected to leave ukraine, to attend the munich security conference and be face to face with vice president kamala harris. nbc news reports that biden administration is concerned about zelensky's plan to leave the country.
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today, the president said, it's a decision for salons k to make. what's your take? >> i agree 100 percent. he's a democratically elected president of ukraine. he knows the security situation of his country, as well as anybody else. they also have good intelligence on these kinds of matters. that's a decision he wants to make. he wants to keep engaging with diplomacy, and he wants to keep engaging with unity with the west. i think, that's why he's made this decision. remember, it's only a 90 minute flight from kyiv to munich. he can go and come back quickly. i support sovereignty of ukraine, let the president make his own decision. >> president biden said that the u.s. and its allies are unified, how unified are they when it comes to sanctions, should putin invade? >> we'll only know once the invasion happens. we'll only know we -- only know based on the scale of the invasion. different scales will lead to
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different kinds of different conversations, in terms of unity. something that president biden said today was really scary. he went out of his way to say that we believe that the capital of kyiv, of ukraine, will be attacked. he didn't say whether that's air attack with ground forces, i think that's important. but, if they're going after the capitol, 2.8 million people, that suggests a major military invasion, therefore, i expect a major comprehensive sanction regime that will be launched immediately. at least, that's with the biden ministration officials are telling the world. i suspect that is what will happen. >> all right, ambassador mcfaul, i want to come back to the question about president zelensky going to munich. if, let's say the russians use his absence from the country, from the capital, as, hey, now is the time to launch an attack, you mentioned, just a moment ago, that munich is only 90
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minutes from kyiv, would it be possible that the president is not able to get back in time? >> yes, absolutely. most certainly, there are other historical cases of these military forces, were coup d'états, when the head of state is out of the capital. that happened to mikhail gorbachev, in 1981, when he was out of moscow. that's when they did their coup d'état. his soviet officials -- i don't want to speculate whether it's good or bad decision, i know it's his decision. i would also remind people that putin, himself, is escalating his rhetoric. just a few days ago, they're saying, we're not interested in, wore this is all hype, biden is hyping this. their messaging has changed, if that continues tomorrow morning, when president zelensky wakes up, maybe he'll change his
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mind. >> further muddying the water, the russian military will conduct drills over the weekend, that include the -- with tensions high, will this just add fuel to the fire? >> absolutely. it's exactly doing that. it's not just a coincidence that they were having those tested drills. it's very difficult to distinguish between what is practice and what is war. there's no doubt that president putin, on multiple fronts, three of the four borders of ukraine, including the sea, is putting the squeeze on. i want to underscore, he's also changing his tune. he saying, these are putin's, words not mine, i'm paraphrasing, of course, he saying, this genocide in the eastern parts of ukraine. those are ethnic russians. here is a map. when there's genocide against ethnic russians, and you are the president of russia, that
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sounds like you are putting together a pretext for war. >> former ambassador, michael mcfaul. thank you, as always. coming up, today was another bad day in court for donald trump, and this one could hit him workers most. his bank account. the legal vices tightening around trump. is the guy who bragged about shooting somebody on fifth avenue actually about to be held accountable? all as length -- and paul button are next. -- -- and paul so you can breathe better. claritin-d. breathe better. i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe. that thai restaurant we went to a couple weeks ago?
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court keeps going. today, a federal judge denied donald trump's -- accusing him of inciting the january 6th capitol attack. the judge's opinion states, quote, president trump's january 6th rally speech was akin to telling an excited mob that corn dealers star of the poor, in front of the quarantine lose home. he invited his supporters to
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washington d.c., and directed them to march onto the capital building, the metaphorical quarantine lure's house, where those very politicians were at work to certify an election that he had lost. these lawsuits brought by members of congress, and capitol police officers could move to the evidence gathering phase, and toward a trial. also, the national archives conversant that donald trump took classified documents from the white house to mar-a-lago. our caves veal that of the torn up records that were transferred, a number had not been reconstructed -- that certain social media records are still missing. the national archives took the step of referring donald trump to the justice department, the house oversight committee is also asked the general service administration to cancel the lease for -- in d.c., before donald trump can sell it. the committee estimates at the trump organization stands to make, get this, 100 million
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dollars profit from the sale. and a letter to the gse, the oversight committee writes, quote, nobody should be rewarded for providing false or misleading information to the federal government, or for seeking to profit off the presidency. joining us now, paul butler and glenn kirschner, both are msnbc legal analyst and former federal prosecutors. glenn, i'll start with you. it's been a week of bad legal news for donald trump. what's the likelihood that trump will face any consequences? >> you know, how could he not, jonathan. you just went through the trifecta of really crushing legal stories for donald trump. it's not that he's just losing these cases, but some of the things the judges are saying, for example, in a civil lawsuit that was brought against donald trump's, for inciting an insurrection, the judge, who i have to say is a former public
10:16 pm
defender in the courts of washington d.c., back when i was across a cuter, very highly regarded, knows his way around the courtroom, he used words and phrases allowing that suit to go forward, like donald trump and his angry mob were working toward a common goal. he used the phrase, donald trump's call to collective action. and then i think, the most devastating phrase that the judge used, he described donald trump's conduct as the essence of civil conspiracy. jonathan, those are the words and phrases of federal crimes, like seditious conspiracy, and inciting an insurrection. things are getting really bad. i think the investigative circle is tightening around donald trump. >> strong words. paul, a judge -- accusing him of inciting january 6th. the judge dismissed a lawsuit
10:17 pm
for donald trump jr., rudy giuliani, and congressman moe brooks. what does that mean for the case? >> i agree with glenn. trump is facing more and more pressure. a lot of this, though,, ultimately, will be up to the justice department and whether merrick garland has the will to bring the prosecution against trump, with all of this mounting evidence. he is facing the state investigations. i think he's got the most exposures in georgia, but, at the end of the day, it's going to be about whether the attorney general has the resolve to hold a former president accountable. >> you know, glenda, judges ruling says, quote, to deny president immunity from civil damages is no small step. the court well understands the gravity of its decision, but the alleged facts of this case
10:18 pm
are without precedent. your reaction. >> my reaction is donald trump may be reaching the end of his rope. i agree with paul, there is a hesitation among prosecutors. both, state and federal. nobody wants to be the first one to charge a former president, who's committed any number of crimes. i predict, once the first brave prosecutor, who has the evidence to indict donald trump, brings that indictment, everybody is going to want to be the second prosecutor to indict donald trump. because he's committed crimes in multiple jurisdictions, and once that barrier is broken, and he is indicted for the first time, i think prosecutors, nationwide, are going to say, if he's committed crimes in my jurisdiction, i now need to step up as well. i do think that it is coming. it's been a very long time coming. we have to balance frustration with patience, but i do think that justice will bear down on
10:19 pm
donald trump. >> paul, do you agree with glenn's assessment. that all that needs to happen is one prosecutor to take that first step, and the dominoes will fall? >> my buddy glenn is a little bit more optimistic than me. merrick garland's concern is, you don't bring the first prosecution ever, against the former president, unless it's a slam dunk case. unless you know you can win. where i do see a slam dunk case is with this prosecution in georgia, where the evidence is on tape from donald trump's own mouth. you just have to find the certain number of votes. it just happens to be the number of votes he has to be to win. for a federal prosecution, again, we're looking at things, or hopefully the justice department is looking at things, like sedition. including some of the financial
10:20 pm
improprieties that trump is famous for. but, whether the federal government brings those criminal prosecutions, i think, at this moment, is still unlikely. >> glenn, switching topics a little bit, how can the january six committee used information that donald trump took classified documents to further its investigation? >> that's a five-year felony. the national archives has reported and referred to the department of justice for the investigation. the fact that donald trump removed classified national security information from the white house, and he wished it away to mar-a-lago. jonathan, if that were you, or me, or paul, you can bet that we'd already to be indicted. i was really disturbed to hear that the way our federal government handle that, knowing it was improper, knowing it was likely crime, was they took about a year to try and negotiate and cajole and
10:21 pm
convince donald trump -- hey, please give us those documents that you probably unlawfully remove from the white house that's troubling. we see other instances of people being promptly prosecuted for doing much less, when it comes to mishandling classified information. you know, if you don't have equal justice for everybody, then i think you are really eroding the confidence in our justice system. >> all i keep thinking is -- her emails, to your entire response. glenn kirschner, paul butler, thank you both for coming to the last word. joining us now, democratic congressman, raja krishnamoorthi, of illinois. he's a member of the -- congressman, thank you very much for being with us. your committee is asked the gsa to cancel trump's hotels lease before he can sell it. why is this more bad news for donald trump? >> as you mentioned, in your opening, jonathan, he's banking
10:22 pm
on 100 million dollar profit. the sale of that leads to undisclosed purchasers. the it turns out, that lease was procured from the federal government on a quicksand of potentially faulty documents. that includes one document, a statement of financial condition from 2013, that the mazars accounting firm, which is originally certified, is no longer standing by that statement. there are numerous other row misrepresentations, potentially, very similar to the ones that are the subject of the similar -- in new york, with regard to a raft of other financial statements as well. >> the national archives are for donald trump, after discovering he took home classified documents. what is your take on whether or not attorney general merrick garland will act on this?
10:23 pm
>> my take is that he's going to look very carefully and what those documents were, what was the intent, if he can glean it from taking those classified documents, another materials. my big concern, and i've kind of been beating the drum on this for six years, i believe that donald trump has a big counter intelligence risk. and the sense, he owes a lot of people a lot of money. he's deeply in debt, especially to foreign leaders, including in russia. and taking home, or carding 15 boxes of documents, including potentially top secret documents, are ones that basically our advert aries my want to get their hands on. we have to figure out what those documents are, and why were they taking out, and who might have seen them? >> so, congressman, what is all of this mean, do you think, for a potential trump 2024 run for
10:24 pm
president? does he have the nerve? some >> yes. i think he has the nerve. i don't know whether he is going to pull the trigger, but suffice to say, these financial improprieties have been swirling around him for years. i think, the legal walls are starting to cave in from different sides. we did not talk about the laetitia james civil lawsuit in new york where the criminal prosecution by the da in new york. those are very serious, as well. now they're the mazars accounting firm is retracted its certification of ten years worth of financial statements, that causes a cascade of other potential consequences. >> congressman, we would need a whole other show, a whole other hour to talk about all of those other cases. congressman raja krishnamoorthi, thank you very much for joining
10:25 pm
us. >> jonathan, thank you, it's been a pleasure. >> coming up, my clue severe interview with california governor gavin newsom, who beat back a republican recall effort against him last year. i asked him about this week's successful recall of some san francisco school board members, and what it means. his answer blew me away. you can hear it for yourself next. hear it for yourself ♪are you ready♪ next okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ with 30 grams of protein. aleve-x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever...
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sunny california, and i am here because earlier today, i interviewed california governor gavin newsom. as you probably remember, governor newsom emerged victorious last september in a high-profile republican effort to recall him. on tuesday, a school board recall effort in san francisco made national headlines, after voters chose to oust three progressive board members. some of the issues and the race were distinctly local, changing on a league high school from
10:30 pm
merit-based admissions to lottery, at the school boards focus ultimately unsuccessful. changing the names of schools are named after george washington and abraham linking, during a time of unprecedented covid challenges. but even though san francisco's and will forever be one of the bluest cities and america the recall has fox salivating about a red wave reckoning in november. i asked governor newsom about that and what he said blew me away and every democrat should listen and learn from it take a look. >> your you are a former mayor of san francisco we just saw three members of the san francisco school board recalled by overwhelming majority what is your reaction to that? >> nothing surprising about it. in every way, shape or form, that could have been 20 years ago for the same reasons. and we're focused on, it wasn't just naming, changing names of schools, including diane feinstein.
10:31 pm
but it was also focused on murals, and everybody's focus on their kids and getting them safely back in there -- so there was a deficit at the time, and they doubled down on it. and then, there was a company that's not been well shared. remember the school board said something, insensitive things, that were particularly insensitive against the asian community. and i'm just as a former mayor, who was elected, disproportionately, because of this poor asian community, that was the end of their time tenure on that school board. i think we can over read this from a national prism. it is a very familiar san francisco story, west side, east side, very familiar tenants that i think one should be very cautious in terms of our -- >> okay, i'm glad you brought that up. because there are people who are looking at what happened in san francisco earlier. what happened in the virginia governor's race that democrats or progressives can overreach and can do things that are detrimental to the party.
10:32 pm
what's your message to the democratic party, to democrats, on this issue? i'm not gonna use -- there's no other way to talk about it, because that's the way everyone is talking about it. >> i mean, i was sitting there in 2004, married same sex couples, from 46 states and six countries. over 4000 couples. is that the definition of wokeness? i thought that was the right thing to do. to celebrate differences, the things that binds together, i don't know how one defines it. i know how one politicizes this. i mean, we've seen it. talk about just extreme weather absurdities that are going on in the seat back early primary poll, which are all things texas in florida right now. and what's happening on the can't say gay bill, and what's happening on this and tie -- it just absurd what's going on in the far-right on this. and it's all part of the culture war. and if it's not this, it will be something else tomorrow. that said, at the end of the day, if you are focused more on
10:33 pm
green naming things, then focusing on fundamentally getting to the nuts and bolts of the job that you are hired to do, that's a problem in any or in anyone's experience. and so, that, at the moment, obviously tense to lead to a lot of anxiety. we have a book that reads, california, the recall defeat. that's the approach. they don't say, no, two weeks later, it's that youngkin approach. no, i think we need to be a little cautious at this moment, recognize what we're up against, which is an issue gosh, full-time propaganda coming from the discipline for extreme right, that will continue to racially prime, continue to promote these cultural wars, in any way shape or form. they're pointing books. you can't make this up! you can't make up the moment we're living in. but that requires us to change course. to just our sales, and address these things a little bit more head on, a little bit more formally. and forcefully, and not on the receiving end of their terms, but now, moreover on their terms.
10:34 pm
and that's what we're doing on guns. that's all we're doing a series of other issues. we're leaning in, and i'm not naive to our success, but it's an old playbook here, and let's not all act surprised as democrats and victims around this. we know how to work around it. let's own our responsibility and do more to be better, because american people need us. we can't allow these guys to win. we can't. kids can't afford it. quite literally, their lives are at stake. >> joining us now is maria teresa kumar, president and ceo of voto latino, and an msnbc contributor. maria teresa, so much to discuss. one thing that stands out, this is the scene old playbook. your reaction? >> he's not wrong. what's really striking about that conversation for more than anything was that the far-right is incredibly difficult in the messaging. they keep doing it over and
10:35 pm
over. and we keep trying to wring our hands and trying to figure out? what do we do with this, jonathan? we do what we did right after donald trump was elected. we got up. we organized. we outvoted them. we mobilized. and we ran for office. and now, we were able to claim the house, the senate and the white house. and then, you still have individuals trying to relay, what do we do? we do that. and he's not wrong. the reason that these individuals in the board of elections thought it would be -- was because they weren't doing their job. they were trying to do the easy stuff, change the names of the buildings. but as a parent who has had two children out of school for a year and a half, you want your child to go back to school, and to level off, because we all can be honest with each other, these children have missed a lot.
10:36 pm
and so, they missed not only the room, but the essence of what their job was. and i think it is absolutely right. >> you know, at the end, governor newsom articulated that in states like this, we can't allow these guys to win. lives, literally, depend on it. that is a clean sweep moment, won on any issue in america today. look at the alternative. the party of anti-vaxxers and coup plotters. he was being very, giving a very clear message to democrats. here's how you talk about it, talk about stuff. >> so when donald trump -- again, back to when trump was in his inauguration, what did we do as progressives left? we went. we protested in every single, all 50 states. we did it through the confidence of the law. when the republicans lost, they went to the capitol, and they tried to do an attempted coup.
10:37 pm
there was an attempted insurrection on american soil at the capitol. so if there is any question, any question in americans mind that our democracy is at stake, all we need to do is to point to that, and the amount of receipts that keep coming out during the january six committee. we know what's plan b is, and it doesn't look pretty. if we deeply believe in our democracy, if we deeply believe that in climate change, women's rights over their bodies, and future for our children, we have to get this involved. and i have to say, this idea of folks, again, saying, i don't know, it looks like the gentlemen might gets echelon k november, this is shellacking, if you choose not to participate. if you choose to stop in the middle of what we know is sadly a fight for our democracy. talk about receipts, the amount of receipts, i, guess against the republicans. >> you know, when you go to cbs, and you get that receipt. i got one more question. i want to end on governor newsom's experience. he said he did not know if he
10:38 pm
would be considered woke to a married gay couples back in the bush era, but he said it was the right thing to do. it seems like a good compass for democrats, right? >> well, again, to remind the democrats who elected joe biden to power? there is a multi cultural america. and let's be clear, disproportionately black brown and asian, because sadly, white male voters has not voted overwhelmingly for presidents since 1963. and if we remind the democrats that what they want to do is maintain a multi cultural coalition, where they see themselves in the efforts that they vote into office, that is what we need. we need consistent outreach and reminder of what happens when we don't, because the democrats have done a fantastic job of getting people back to work, people back to schools. we see the economy, a little hazy, but it's getting back on
10:39 pm
track, after two and a half years of pandemic, and four years of complete chaos. and so, again, they need to own, because they too have receipts, that is positive, and actually promotes this democracy. >> maria teresa kumar, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, jonathan. >> and there's so much else from my exclusive interview with governor newsom on covid and gun safety. see the full interview, this weekend, on the sunday show. coming up, this election here, it's democrats versus republican elections deniers. up next, i'll talk to a democrat who is literally running against a trump endorsed republican who got a subpoena this week from the january 6th committee. that is next.
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10:44 pm
candidates are running to gain more control over a future elections. the liberal group, american branch, is launching a 10 million dollar super pac to target those republicans running for state and local office in 12 key states, who any local, state, or federal local office in 12 key states, who denied the results of the 2020 election. one of those trump endorsed election deniers, sure to be singled out is arizona state representative mark finchem. he is one of some 21 candidates running for secretary of state who disputed joe biden's win. according to the new york times, these candidates are raising alarms that they quote, would weaponize those offices to undermine the democratic process -- whether by subverting and election outright or by sowing doubts about any local, state,
10:45 pm
or federal elections their party loses. this week, mark finchem was subpoenaed by the january six select committee for his role in that includes spreading lies about a rigged election, and organizing a hearing in november with rudy giuliani, and other trump allies who peddled baseless claims of trying to overturn the 2020 voter fraud. election. that includes spreading lies about a rigged election, and organizing a hearing in november with rudy mark finchem was also at the giuliani, and other trump allies capitol on january 6th, and communicated with stop the steal who peddled baseless claims of voter fraud. organizers according to the january 6th committee, which also revealed that mark finchem intended, quote, to deliver and evidence book and a letter to vice mark finchem was also at the capitol on january 6th, and president pence showing key communicated with stop the steal evidence of fraud in the arizona presidential election, and asking him to consider postponing the award of electors. joining us now is reginald bolding, democratic leader of the house of representatives. he is running for arizona secretary of state. thank you very much for being here this evening. i
10:46 pm
would love your reaction to mark finchem who is running to be the top election official in arizona. being subpoenaed by the january six committee for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election. >> you know, first, thank you for having me, jonathan. mark finchem is one of many patients that we have seen across this country. we are seeing trump like republicans, they are running a coordinated attack on key offices that can so elections in battleground states, and we should all be in high alert. they are trying to do in 2024 when they were not able to do in 2020, and they are setting that up now. and mark finchem is playing right into that strategy. he was there on the steps on january 6th during the insurrection, and he had a significant role in that process. he had everyone on high alert that this guy wants to control the elections in arizona, which will play a pivotal role in the 2024 presidential election. >> you know, representative reginald bolding, how
10:47 pm
challenging is it to run in this environment against so many republicans who continue to pedal lies about our elections? how do you plan to push back against those lies? >> there is a coordinated effort of misinformation. so we, here in arizona, we have the audit that you know was bogus. we call it the fraud audit here. you have other mechanisms in place and provide misinformation to continue to sow seed and doubt into voters minds. but the reality is, there is an existential threat to american democracy. and conservatives, they get it. mark finchem, there is a market out there for folks like mark finchem. he has raised nearly 1 million dollars pushing his theories. so for us, we have to make sure that we are fighting back with truth. and that begins with democracy, and making sure that people have an opportunity to go to the polls. so i encourage all of the viewers to step up fruit secretary of state races -- >> representative, why isn't so
10:48 pm
important to defeat candidates like mark finchem? what is at stake if election than i was like him take over state elections? >> you know, again, i would say that it is an existential threat to democracy. when you think about the 2020 elections, they were a key battleground state where we were all looking for those results. and former president trump was calling secretary of states, and governors across the country, hoping that they were not certifying the election. mark finchem? he has already told us that if he is secretary of state, he would not certify the election unless you have a trump like candidate. and that should cause alarms. that could lead to a constitutional crisis. we have to make sure that does not happen. >> arizona democratic leader, reginald bolding, thank you for joining us to. one of these days i am going to wake you up early, to come on my sunday
10:49 pm
show. thank you very much for coming on the last word. >> coming up, a little more than a year ago georgia helped deliver the presidency to joe biden on the senate democrats. could democrats do it again in 2022? that is next. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. what do you think healthier looks like? cvs can help you support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy ...even skin. so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future
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10:54 pm
about his one trillion dollar infrastructure law, but you also told this story about his own days, working as a councilman in newcastle county, delaware. >> i represented and middle class district to working class district, and i was wondering wealthy neighborhood. and i got a call one night. a woman said to me, obviously, the same persuasions i was politically, call me and said there's a dead dog on my lawn. [laughs] and i said, have you called the county? she said, yes, they're not here. i said, i want them remove now. i'll pay your salary. [laughs] so i went over it. [applause] i picked it up. she said i wanted out of my front yard. i put it on her doorstep. [laughs] well, i've got much better sense. so from personal experience, you know how hard is it --
10:55 pm
>> joining us now is larry johnson. he is the president of the national association of counties, and introduced president biden at that meeting earlier this week. it also serves as the county commissioner for dekalb county, georgia, looking just east of downtown atlanta, which is home to about 800,000 people. thank you very much for being here. as you know, georgia was critical for democrats in 2020 and 2021. helping joe biden win the presidency, and democrats to the senate. well that same enthusiasm hold for the midterms? >> it's looking pretty good. and i'll tell people all the time, an order to go from good to great, you have to engage the local officials. and i'm hoping that we can particularly engage, because we want to rub the rebels on the road, that could help propel where we need to go. we gotta get those gas prices down, and get the infrastructure dollars to the
10:56 pm
counties. >> what are the real impacts on the ground in georgia, from policies? and is that message breaking through? >> yes, it's -- with this infrastructure package, with the american rescue plan, the ability to help families who are in need of rental assistance, food, getting testing out, getting vaccines to the community, real life issues. and that's why, when we look at president biden as a free partner, because he's really helped us to really just build equality life, all the residents that we serve. the moms and pops, small businesses, helping folks in our community who may not have the food they need. utilities. these are basic things for essential workers, that are needed. and here on the ground, every day, and we see it. so this investment, the 65 billion dollars to counties, have made a great impact.
10:57 pm
>> mr. johnson, georgia has been a place where we've seen a lot of voter suppression efforts from republicans. where do you see that fight right now? >> i see it as a fight of just trying to educate, educate, educate. and continue to just move forward, as a county, as a country, as a state. you just can't give up. it's all about education, and you gotta have the will. the will to fight. they will to keep moving forward. and folks are fighting for democracy. people are not giving up. they don't give up in georgia. they don't give up in dekalb county. and that's all what it's about. it's about us making sure that we're moving forward. >> what's the one issue you are hearing voters talk about, that might surprise lawmakers here in washington? >> we have to get those infrastructure dialers to the local level.
10:58 pm
we want rail. we want sidewalks. we want trails. we want to improve our water systems, and that really improves economic development, and the quality of life of the residents that we serve. and president biden is a partner in this, and who understands he's doing it for counties. >> all right, dekalb county commissioner, larry johnson, coming to us from the great state of georgia. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, jonathan. >> all right, you too. that is tonight's last word. i'm jonathan kaye part. i will see you sunday morning at 10 am eastern on the sunday show, where you can see my interviews with secretary of the interior, deb haaland. we did an interview in mississippi. you don't want to miss it. she was touring sites related to the kidnapping and murder of emma, and you can see more of my exclusive interview with california governor, gavin
10:59 pm
newsom. we talked about covid, and we also talked about the big gun bills that he's having the legislature introduce. he announced that today in san diego, right after the interview i did with him. so that, and so much more, on the sunday show. with that, i want to say thank you for joining us tonight. the 11th hour starts, well, right now. >> good evening once again. i'm chris jansing. day 395 of the biden administration has become on tot the air tonight. it's 6 am saturday in ukraine's capital, as that country comes under intense pressure from russia, facing the threat of imminent invasion. today, the united states said moscow has stationed as many as 190,000 troops around ukraine's borders, nearly half, now in attack position. and late today, president biden said vladimir putin has made up his mind to go to war.
11:00 pm
>> as of this moment, i'm convinced he's made a decision. we have reason to believe that. >> to be clear, you are convinced -- you are convinced that president putin is going to invade ukraine? is that what you said a few moments ago? >> yes. yes. >> within biden made a grim assessment after holding another round of urgent talks this afternoon with european allies. the president also described with the administration believes are russia's next moves. >> we have reason to believe that russian forces are planning to, and intend to attack ukraine in the coming week, and the coming days. we believe that they will target ukraine's capital, kyiv, a city of 2. 8 million innocent people. the united states and our allies are prepared to defend every inch of nato territory, from any threat to our collective security's well. we'll also not send troops to fight in ukraine but, we'll continue to support the ukrainian pirro. if russia pursues its plans,


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