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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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we continue to monitor the tense standoff with russia along the ukrainian border. that is our broadcast for this thursday night, with our thanks for being with us. on behalf of all of my colleagues at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. nbc news, goodnight. that a bunch of comedians roast or make fun of some famous person. a famous person has to sit there and just take it. about a decade ago, in 2011, they held one of these rows of donald trump. the comedians that night, they were absolutely brutal. they made fun of trump's hair, his face, his family, his sex life, his allegedly racist business practices. nothing was off limits. there was not a single joke i can even repeat here pecans, of course, this is a family show.
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there was one thing that the comedians that night were told they could not joke about. one thing that was absolutely off limits. absolutely no jokes about donald trump not being as rich as he says he is. one of the writers for the roast said that that, that was the red line for trump. any joke that suggests trump is not actually as wealthy as he claims to be. the comedian as sonic that rose to trump that night says trump's one rule was don't say i have less money than i say i do. his kids refer game, his wife was very game. this, money, net worth. this is trump's kryptonite. he wants sued a rip harder for daring to write that trump was not, in fact, a billionaire. he pursued the case for years. when trump sat down for a deposition in that suit, and the lawyers tried to pin down
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that he was actually worth, trump testified, under oath, quote, my net worth fluctuates and it goes up and down with the markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings. feelings. donald trump lost that suit. hard to believe. i know. sometimes, donald trump needs something to backup whatever his feelings are about his net worth. he needs a piece of paper to show his sellers so that he can show some real estate, lender to get a loan, or, you know, to the american people so you get elected president. that's when he turned to something called the statement of financial condition, prepared by his longtime accounting firm, mazars. this he could show to potential lender or seller and say see, this is prepared in black and white. i, donald trump, and rich. you can imagine just how donald trump felt this week when his longtime accounting firm, mazars, announced they were quitting. and that they were renounce
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saying a decades worth of statements of financial condition that they had prepared for trump. those statements, quote, according to mazars, should no longer be relied upon. we've come to this conclusion based, in part, upon the findings made by the new york attorney general. new york attorney general, letitia james, has been investigating trump's business practices, in particular, whether he may have fraudulently missed rest presented his assets to obtain loans and tax benefits. trump's attracting accounting firm. she was like, we are out of here. donald trump's reaction to his accounting firm, basically saying, we can only vouch for trump saying he is as rich as he says he is... well, it was about what you would expect. trump put out what maybe the longest most rantings statement he has ever released since leaving office. the statement said, i'm paraphrasing here, i swear i'm really rich, even richer than
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you think. far from inflating his net worth, trump claimed that the mazars statement undercounted how rich he has, ultimately, of course, his statement ends with cars hillary clinton and why she should, probably, be put to death. remember, the main thing here... don't listen to anyone who says donald trump is not as rich as he says he has. that is the one thing prohibited, not allowed. that was just the start of donald trump's week. which has really gone from bad to worse. today, lawyers for trump and two of his adult children, donald junior and ivanka, argued with a judge why trump should not have to comply with subpoenas from new york attorney general, letitia james. it did not go well for them. for starters, the judges clerk had to keep reprimanding trump's lawyer for interrupting the judge. telling her, quote, counselor when the judge speaks, you need to stop talking.
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the judge appeared unimpressed by trump's lawyers repeatedly bringing up, who else? hillary clinton. asking why letitia james is not investigating her. after that performance, it took the judge only a few hours to rule that, yes, donald trump, donald trump junior, and ivanka, must comply with the subpoenas. which means that all three of them must sit for depositions with a new york attorney general about the trump organization's business practices. their testimony could, potentially, be shared with the manhattan district attorney's office, which is conducting a parallel criminal probe. or, they could all just plead the fifth, as trump's other son, eric, already did over 500 times, when he testified to laetitia james's office. one thing that is important to understand here is a snowballing nature of trump's legal and financial
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predicament. today's ruling, compelling trump and his children to testify, is, in part, a result of mazars, trump's accounting firm. it's of mazars abandoning him earlier this week. in his ruling today, the judge specifically quotes that mazars letter, renouncing all the trump's financial statements... the implications need to be, yeah, the sketchy thing is exactly why you need to go testify about your business practices. but you know what's? being compelled to testify to the new york attorney general may not even be the worst thing that is happened to donald trump as a result of those dodgy financial statements. as you know, donald trump runs a hotel, just down the street from the white house. he doesn't on the building itself, though. he leases the govern the building from a federal government under a deal struck in 2013 before his president. like many of his properties, the trump hotel has been losing money. on like his other properties,
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trump has actually found a lucrative way to get out of that d. c. hotel. he has found a buyer willing to buy the least for him for a cool 300 and $75 million, which is well over the market rate. trump appears to really need that money. like i said, his properties are losing money. he is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due in the next few years. his primary bank, joined bank, has said they will not do any more business with him in the future. oh, did i mention his accountants just quit? at least, at least he has that 375 million dollar deal to sell that d. c. hotel, right? right? today the house oversight committee wrote to the federal agency that manages trump's least on his hotel and said they should consider canceling the lease. why? because his accountants just announced that no one should rely on the financial statements they prepared for trump and their financial statements were what's trump
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submitted to the federal government to get the least for his hotel. submitting false financial statements to get the lease would breach the terms of the deal. meaning that the government could terminate the lease. if there is no lease, then trump can't sell the lease, which means no 300 and $75 million. as if that weren't bad enough news for trump, the oversight committee says that they have also obtained parts of agreement from deutsche bank for 170 million dollar loan to finance the construction of that d. c. hotel. that loan agreement also relied on, take a guess, one of those financial statements from mazars. if trump provided false financial information to deutsche bank to get that loan, in theory, deutsche bank could decide the deal is broken and call in repayment of that 170 million dollar loan right now. that is how any normal would
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work, anyway. in other words, thanks to this report from the house oversight committee today, not only could donald trump, potentially, lose his ability to sell his d. c. hotel for a handsome profit, he may be on the hook for a giant loan on that very same hotel much sooner then he planned. joining us now is virginia democratic congressman, sherrie conley, senior chair of the house committee, one of the authors of that letter that was sent to the general services administration today regarding trump's d. c. hotel. congressman conley is also the chairman of the subcommittee on government operations. sir, thank you for being here. i know you are very busy with important things. we very much appreciate your time. >> my pleasure, alex. >> so, your committee has asked the gsa, general services administration, to consider terminating trump's police on the federal property on which the trump hotel in d. c. stands. why do you think that she s a has the right to terminate that lease?
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>> well, you know, alex... this goes back six years. i felt, 60 years ago, that gsa should not have given the least in the first place. once president trump became president trump, he was disqualified from benefiting from the terms of the lease, financially. gsa had, initially, in the fall of 26 team, in the fall, that he would be disqualified if you are elected. after his election, they change their minds. they never gave a proper explanation to our committee, at that time. the letter that chairwoman maloney, chairman of the committee said, basically, asking gsa to re-examine the validity of that lease given what mazars has done, which is, essentially, to invalidate ten years of financial statements that they prepared for him. said that no one should rely on that.
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that is a profoundly unprecedented kind of move by a major accounting firm and should raise alarm bells all over washington and new york as to the reliability of the trump organization and trump personally in any kind of financial statement. whether before alone, elise, or payment to taxes, remember that we had testimony before committee by michael cohen, his former attorney, who testified that he, essentially, committed fraud. he inflated the value of properties to qualify for loans, to finance those properties and other investments. but he deflated the value of his assets when it came time to paying taxes. so, the state of new york in the federal government... both of those things are potentially criminal in nature. i believe that the trump hotel might very well be, ironically, the key that unlocks the whole enterprise, which resembles, in many ways, a classic criminal
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enterprise. >> that is why both the manhattan da and letitia james are trying to get to the bottom of, as well, right? convenient inflation and convenient deflation when it concerns trump's net worth. if trump's company somehow does manage to sell the lease on the trump hotel in d. c., trump could net a personal profit of more than $75 million, even though the hotel properties losing money. what is the timeline here? when do you expect the gsa to respond to your concerns that trump has, likely, violated his contract with the government? >> obviously, i would hope that they would expedite their view and would come to the same conclusion many of us have already, which is that on his base, the action by missouri, this, week negates the validity of any financial information or disclosure trump has provided to gsa and justification for the lease he was granted six years ago.
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that ought to happen right away. this could be fraud. gsa should have nothing to do with it. awe to do the right thing and pull the plug, expeditiously. >> i guess, i wonder... this hotel project has been front from the beginning, right? it's always been the focus of a lot of lawsuits and consternation. what do you make of the deutch of bank loan... deutsche bank agreed to loan trump 100 $70 million for this hotel property. it turns out that they were only given access to two pages of his tax returns. they weren't allowed to keep any copies of financial statements. do you have a theory about why don't should banquet agreed to lend him so much money under those conditions, which is seem extraordinary given the lack of information? >> deutsche bank, you know, is a very prominent international
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financial institution. yet, it has always had a strange bromance with donald trump. it has cut corners. it's loaned when no one else would. it has taken very risky moves to finance investments that nobody else will touch. it has given him favorable treatment. as it did in this circumstance. what's bank, in its right mind, would loan anybody 100 and $70 million based on two pages on very thin gruel of by way of financial disclosure? that is reckless behavior by financial situation. the nature of the relationship between the trump organization, donald trump personally, and deutsche bank, is something that i think is highly questionable. it's worthy of examination by the da, by the u.s. attorney, and by, frankly, the department of justice.
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>> speaking of change romances, there's also the group, the hotel group, miami-based cgi merchant group that's trying to buy this lease off of trump for well over market value, somewhere two to 75 million or $100 million over the market value of the trump hotel in d. c.. do you know anything about this? what kind of concerns you have about gsa approving a sale of this property to an unlawful unknown investor who's willing to pay an inflated price? >> i don't have any particulars on this, c. j. management, but again, it just smells. why would anyone pay a premium above any kind of reasonable market value for lease on a hotel that's been losing money and trump's been lying about it? that's before the maze our decision to essentially renounce on financial disclosures. so what's going on here? why would anyone want to enrich
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donald trump at such a premium and that goes back to your other question about gsa and how quickly they ought to act. just say should not be an unable or to enrich donald trump, and clearly all falsification of documents in ways of financial falsification evaluation and falsification of income. and he's engaged in all three and it should not be rewarded by this potential investor in the least, and certainly not by gsa. gsa can bring it all to a screening halt and not see trump rewarded for bad behavior by pulling the lease and pulling it now. >> i think it's an understatement. the government should not be involved in any financial romance with the former president. virginia democratic congressman, jerry connally, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, alex.
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>> there is no one, and i mean no one who has done more in-depth reporting on the trump family, and its finances, that's our next guest. new york's times investigative reporter susan craig joins us to help unpack this new ruling coming up next. this new ruling coming up next it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and his two adult children, don junior and ivanka were ordered to testify about their company's finances. a civil investigation brought to you new york state's general, when that could have serious consequences, for the former president. the decision comes just days after trump's longtime accounting for sars cut off all ties with the trump family saying trump's financial statements should no longer be relied upon. using some truly inspired logic, trump lawyers try to use mazars's decision saying there was no longer any further investigation, but the well read judge overseeing the case was not having any of it. quote, the idea that an
9:22 pm
accounting firms announcement that no one should rely on a decades worth of financial statements issued based on a number submitted by an antique entity somehow exonerates that entity and renders an investigation into its practices moved -- well that's reminiscent of louis carroll. when i use a word, humpty-dumpty said, it just means when i chose it to be. it means either more or less. george orwell, or is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and alternative facts. to proclaim that bazaars warning of the trump financial statements are unreliable suddenly renders the attorney general's long-standing investigation moot is as audacious as it is preposterous. audacious and preposterous. scathing rulings like that are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fallout trump is experiencing after getting thumped by his accounting her.
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the decision could soon it can have all kinds of implications for trump's ability to secure future loans or even keep his current creditors from calling in his stats. in 2020 the new york times reported that trump had personally, personally guaranteed $421 million in debt. a rare step that lenders only required businesses that may not be able to repay. so it happens to these loans know that trump has been deemed unreliable by his own accountants? joining us now is suzanne craig, one of the reporters who broke that story about trump's deaths. she and her pulitzer prize -winning reporting team who've done by far the best reporting since he was president. great seeing you susan. >> thanks for having me. >> so you reported in 2020 that trump had personally guaranteed $420 million and loans for his own company. who does he owe all this money to? >> will, it's a small group of lenders. it's interesting if we step back and think about there's been a lot of talk about not
9:24 pm
only this has happened that his accounts have stepped back, chief financial officer and his company is under indictment, his company's under indictment. there's a lot going on here. the confidence could be breached. he has just in the coming couple years hundreds of millions of dollars that he's going to have to it go she ate and the accounting firm and we've heard about this week, i went back after i heard about the news and i found in a filing that was in january, it kind of took on new meaning, that there is another accounting firm that is in place, affirmed named whitley pence. the first step. it's out of texas. he's moved to at least another firm in place for at least some of his accounting. but what happens to all these wounds and the first one that comes up and it's coming up this year's on the trump tower. there's 100 million dollar loan there that he's going to have to negotiate. this was a public company, you'd be while.
9:25 pm
you would just be -- so much trouble for them, because i think their stock, so many rabid -- ramifications, but in this case on that loan he may be able to renegotiate it. i think it's going to probably be at a higher rate, but he knows the lender, and the lenders friendly to his company. it's on trump tower and occupancy rates have gone down on trump tower, but i still think he will probably be able to get that when maybe over the line with higher rates. but there are other loans that's going to be more difficult. i think about dirrell, is one, dirrell, he bought it in 2012 and he spent 100 and some million dollars to buy that golf course. he's using it -- losing a huge amount of money, pumped more than $200 million of capital into it. and deutsche bank is the lender. deutsche bank signaled they may not want to do business with him, so i think when he comes up against that, you know, it could be some problems there. i mean none of this is good news. i just think when you think
9:26 pm
about how he's going to have to handle the media debt, it's gonna be potentially higher rates and also just in some cases i wonder who the lender is going to end up being. >> i think we're all wondering whether the charm of donald trump is going to be enough to just get away with a higher rate and that's all. >> that's all, yeah. >> donald trump turns out not to be a great businessman -- hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt on properties been pumping money into. >> i think -- you were talking about the old post office earlier, and i was thinking wow, we're so much going on. there's so much we don't know how much he is going to get out of that. everybody think he's going to walk away with, i think i've heard 70 million, 100 million. we don't know the terms of that deal and that it is cash. she's going to have to pay back $170 million, because we just don't know the terms of that deal. i'm always hang on, i haven't seen that. i just want to caution people about that. then i also think about the whole post office that he's selling.
9:27 pm
he's selling -- acts like a last asset that he actually put a lot into. and he is selling it so he must need cash or he wouldn't be selling it like it's when it first things when i hear i think we're gonna potentially see other asset cells here of his main assets, his golf courses that he has that are making money, he's got golf courses overseas and none of them are making money. i've seen a tax returns. it's the exception where he has a business in making money 2018, last year that i've seen his tax returns, he lost $47 million in change, a tax loss. and then he headed in from there and he got into covid were a lot of his properties were really struggling. this is not a company that's doing great. it's the opposite of that. >> i mean, i don't mean to -- i'm not joking here when i say it's possible that the only
9:28 pm
asset trump may have in a few years that's worth anything is a potential bid at the presidency. it's the scepter of potential power that could keep people off of his back. is that an overstatement? >> i think he's got moral argo has made money in the past, but there's very few that are. i think you don't know -- he's gonna have to start selling out. we're seeing. selling the old post office, i mean that's a major sale for him and it's not something i would imagine somebody -- it's not probably something he wanted to get rid of. i think that that's what you're going to see as it moves forward in order to keep these other properties going. you start looking for where you can raise cash and you do that by selling assets. >> and stakes, vegas and ties. suzanne craig, investigative reporter for the new york times. thank you so much for your work and thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> much more to come here.
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(mail recipient 6) just like this. (delivery man) every text you send is just as open as your letters! including pictures! your texts are open! >> mister president, how high
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is the threat of a russian invasion right now? >> it's very high. >> why? >> because they have not moved [inaudible] they've moved more troops. number one. number two, we have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false played operation. every indication we have is that they are prepared to go into ukraine. >> do you have a sense of this guy to happen? >> yes. my sense is that it will happen in the next several days. >> that was president biden this afternoon saying that the likelihood of russia rain baiting ukraine is very high,
9:34 pm
and could happen in the next several days. it comes as the administration continues to seek a diplomatic path forward. to that end, defense secretary lloyd austin spent today in belgium, speaking with nato. vice president harris left today for munich, where she will meet with world leaders. including ukrainian president zelensky. anthony blinken macon and expect a trip to -- planning to manufacture a pretext for going to war through the use of fabricated attacks. that point was especially notable given that it appears that russia may have done something exactly along those lines today at the un. nbc has obtained a copy of the 45-page report that russia submitted to the un this afternoon, one that includes that ukraine is committing genocide against russian -speaking area of ukraine. this echoes claims that russian leaders have been making for a while now. the claims that the international community has claimed --
9:35 pm
misinformation. we are not gonna go into the details of the allegations since it very clearly could be used as propaganda. the submission of the report itself is important. this is russia very formally accusing ukraine of committing genocide. certainly, not something you would do to de-escalate the situation. it comes as the u.s. and international partners insist that russia is continuing to add to their buildup of more than 150,000 troops at the border with ukraine. it also comes amid a escalation on the force at donbass where the ukrainian military and russian bass secretary are accusing each other of breaking a cease fire. this morning, just after 9 am local time, this kindergarten at donbass was hit by mortar shells. there were no fatalities, but about 20 children were in the building at the time. ukrainian president zelensky called a mortar attack a big provocation by pro-russian forces. the kremlin spokesman, dimitri peskov, told russian state
9:36 pm
media said, it's clear that the situation and donbass is ramping up. the situation at the borders of russia may ignited any moment. the highest level u.s. diplomats are now fanned out across the world, attempting to push this towards a diplomatic off-ramp. where do things stand in moscow? what is the sense on the ground there, as to whether or not russia is really ready to go to war? joining us now is ann simmons, for the wall street journal. and, thank you very much for getting up so egregiously early for us, once again. >> thank you for having me. >> let's... we have so little perspective from moscow. how does this all playing out in moscow? are the russians themselves buying putin's claims of moscow's claims of ukrainian aggression, including this new formal 45-page report that the russians filed at the un alleging genocide on the part of the ukrainians?
9:37 pm
>> well, the situation here... it remains extremely tense. most russians feel that there is a sense of hysteria, they say, among western nations. you do not get the sense in moscow out that people are ready for war. obviously, the rhetoric is extremely charged. if you listen to state media. .. there is a sense that negotiations are still possible. now, i say a, bearing in mind in course that russians are sending mixed signals. on the one hand, the kremlin has said that it is withdrawing troops, some of its troops, from the ukrainian border. on the other, we see that western intelligence shows that there is a buildup. also, today, the russians sent a message, a document, to the u.s.. basically saying that it has
9:38 pm
feels that the u.s. has dismissed russia's concerns about obtaining security guarantees by... its security guarantees. russia threatened to take some kind of, what it calls, military technical measures, if the u.s. doesn't comply and take into consideration these security guarantees. so, we are at an extremely troubling stalemate and tensions remain high. >> the messaging is so key here. well, the information, so here, and. i wonder, when you talk about the rhetoric being charged in coverage of all of this and russia... what does that mean, specifically? how is russian media covering what president biden says? he was so clear today with the press about what he believes russia to be doing. does that get aired in moscow? >> it certainly does on state media. it certainly does on some of the talk shows that are very much pro kremlin.
9:39 pm
the tone is that the u.s., in fact, is making this into a far greater and more tense situation than it needs to be. there is that sense, that tone, that it is the west that is causing this hysteria, this tension. that is, basically, how it is been playing out. >> you mentioned a letter of grievances that the russian sent over to the u.s. today. where do you think putin's head is at, in terms of what he might except diplomatically at this stage in the game? >> it really is difficult in the head of president putin. certainly, number one, his playbook has been, in many ways, to keep people guessing. and that way, he creates the sense of insecurity, of uncertainty. the one diplomatic off-ramp, which might be possible for moscow, is implementation of the so-called minsk agreements.
9:40 pm
these agreements, which first came into force in 2014, the following year, 2015, call for cease-fire. but they also called for the disputed, breakaway regions of eastern ukraine in the donbass, the republic of, self proclaimed republics, to have some kind of special status. if they were to get that special status, this with me that they could also, still influence, politics in kyiv. as an extension, that might give russia a chance to give some sway over ukrainian politics, as well. that, for russia, would be a diplomatic off-ramp. >> i wonder, you know, it seems like putin is covering the waterfront. he is accelerating this sort of
9:41 pm
military presence. they're keeping the door to diplomacy open. we know the last hour that blinken and u.s. secretary of state, may meet with -- russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov, next week if there is no war, right? diplomacy is being pursued. what if he decides to go forward with an invasion? is their risk with the russian public not being on his side? do you think russians themselves, if putin decides, will stand behind him on the battlefront? i mean, quite literally and figuratively. >> well, russians are very proud and very, very nationalistic people. they really do want to have a sense of the unity, stability. but... you speak to many russians, they will tell you, we do not want war. invasion is not what we are looking for. many russians and ukrainians are related. russians will tell you that they feel that ukrainians are their slavic brothers.
9:42 pm
in fact, the two countries share really strong cultural and linguistic and religious ties. so, in general, there isn't a sense here, on the street, in terms of the man in the street, that russians are looking for war. >> ann simmons, moscow chief for the wall street journal. thank you so much, and, for helping us understand all of us tonight. >> thank you. >> up next, even with what's appears to be overwhelming evidence, proving that the man who killed ahmaud arbery were motivated by hate, still not easy. details, next. s, next. ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need.
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9:47 pm
with the killing of george floyd, breonna taylor and elijah mcclain -- all of those deaths led to massive racial protest in 2020. activists demand that they face justice in that the country combat the impact of white supremacy among us. still, this week is the first time that race is taking center stage in a trial over their deaths. prosecutors introduced more than two dozen messages written by the three men convicted of murder of ahmaud arbery. i have to warn you, the messages read like a dictionary of racist slurs and they promote violence against black people. the judge warned the courtroom gallery that some people might find some of the language quote morally repugnant, and we know that after these messages were presented yesterday one juror asked the judge if there were federal funds available for counseling given the nature of with the jury had hurt. we are about to describe some
9:48 pm
of these messages to you know, so if you need to skip this part or leave the room this would be a good time to do that. okay, the bulk of the communications were from travis mcmichael, the man who fatally shot arbery. in 2019, using the n-word he told a friend he liked his new job because he did not work with black people. quote, they ruin everything. that's why i love what i do. not an expletive insight. in response to a facebook video depicting a fight between some young black people and a white person he wrote quote, my tourist 38 hang guns as five of them would be taking a dirt nap. i say shoot all of them blank, those blank monkeys. in response to a video of a black woman hit by a car in a protest he wrote quote, nash on it and drive straight. there are several more messages and posts like that from travis mcmichael and similar writings from the other two defendants. travis mcmichael's father shared a meme on social media
9:49 pm
that said quote, white irish slaves were treated worse than any other race in the u.s.. when it comes to mr. bryan, prosecutors presented several text messages saying his distress over his daughter's new boyfriend who was black. he will quote, she has her and word now. prosecution pointed out that the men -- many of those words just days or months before they murdered arbery,'s been one of the post specifically mention arbery. prosecutors arranged for plea deals that would include emissions from travis and mcmichael that the crime was mostly motivated, but the arbery family rejected the terms of those deals so the judge threw them out. while the reaches -- racial and misses -- hate crime prosecutions are notorious and hard to prosecute, requiring greater expertise in another criminal cases. the justice department announced that u.s. attorneys declined to prosecute 82% of suspected hate crime cases between 2005 and 2019.
9:50 pm
but now the world can see what these men were saying behind closed doors, the question remains, what will it mean for the jury? can the prosecution prove the statement that they made in their opening argument quote, if armada arbery had been white, he would have went out on iran, check out a cool house under construction and been home in time for sunday dinner. instead, he was running for his life for no reason other than the color of his skin. joining us now is could've -- christopher bruce. mr. bruce, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i just gotta go right to the messages that we heard. do you feel like these are the smoking gun in a hate crimes trial. is this enough to prove the case that this was a hate crime? >> as we know, hate crimes is very hard to prove in different areas and different aspects of it. he's just add on to the factors that forced the trial within a.
9:51 pm
and these messages are disgusting and every juror should be thinking about what has come out of these individuals mouths and back then and wet has happened during a trial for ahmaud arbery arbery and these are smoking guns but this is not it. the trial has just begun. >> i guess i wonder when prosecutors choose not to prosecute a case for he crimes, how much does the component of the jury have to do with that? you know in the murder trial of ahmaud arbery the jury had 11 white people in one black person. do you think that's the reason they chose not to go down the road of focusing on race and not trial? or do you think it's something else? i mean, we can also talk about the fact that the bar is so high. is that not a blind spot in our legal system that it's hard to prove a hate crime? >> well let's look at what's happening in the state of georgia. back then, the state did not
9:52 pm
have a hate crime. we were one of eight states that does not have hate crime protections or to be prosecuted, so even while the racists that would happened was racist, there was actually no recourse for that district attorney to charge them with a hate crime which is why it's so important for the federal government to look into this under the hate crime act. to make sure these people are brought to justice, because otherwise communities in the state of georgia and the rest of the nation may ignore the problems that are still happening with racial bias in the state of georgia. >> to that end we know that after those text messages were presented in the courtroom today, marcus arbery, harman's father said quote, i'm just glad the world can see this. there's the case itself and then there's a broader cultural implication of the case. which is the realization that you think the country should be taking away from all of this as they hear these text and see the hatred in the heart of these three men?
9:53 pm
>> let's remind the country that this is not ordered started with racial strife. i remember february 26 and 2012 wintry vaughan martin was murdered. and you go forward eight more years on february 23rd of 2020 where armada arbery was murdered. we have the dates of one black men are literally murdered and that's not great. it shouldn't be right now. it shouldn't have been right right back. and the question is when is it going to stop? and that question needs to be answered by the american people, of knowing that these continuous actions have been in the state of georgia around the south and where their areas of the nation, so it's important for the government to bring up these hate crime charges and to charge them to the fullest extent. for months mother to say no we are not going to accept the plea deal, i stand with her. and so does the community of saying, do not let these individuals get off lightly.
9:54 pm
they should be product secured to the fullest extent of the law. >> the entire country will be watching and we will continue to cover it. christopher bruce from aclu in georgia, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. you're doing great, alex. >> thanks. we have one more story ahead tonight. stay with us. with us ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ aleve-x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it... and see what's possible. we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be remade. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be 100%
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9:58 pm
the january 6th rioters and donald trump in the days after the attack on the capitol, house republican leader kevin mccarthy would later turn around and support the removal of liz cheney from the leadership position as the third ranking republican in the house for, you guessed it, condemning trump and voting to impeach him in the wake of the january 6th riot. after being centered by the republican party in her home state of wyoming this month, cheney was censored again, this time by the republican national committee. censored apparently for failing to understand that the mob attack on the capitol was not a
9:59 pm
violent insurrection, but actually a legitimate political discourse. put it on a tote bag. kevin mccarthy has revealed his true allegiances, taking the exceedingly rare step of endorsing cheney's pro trump primary challenger over a sitting member of his own caucus. that is republican cannibalism. there is more. to further ensure that house republicans won't run into cheney in the house of the capitol next year, political reports tonight that donald trump and his allies have been courting republican state lawmakers to support legislation that would change wyoming election loss by preventing voters from being able to switch party affiliation on the day of the primary in an attempt to further damage cheney's chances in the august primary. further proof, all the proof, as if we needed any more proof, the republicans allegiance to donald trump is more important than getting to the truth of what happened on january 6th. that does it for us tonight.
10:00 pm
we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with the great lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >>, to call themself a tenth. the tiniest tenth in the history of republican parties. you are not allowed in if you don't think that donald trump is the leader of the free world to this day. >> he is the -- who takes of the oxygen that happens to be orange. >> yes, tiny tent. thank you, alex. >> goodnight. >> thank you. the most important words in a new york church's opinion were order today requiring trump and his children to testify under oath in depositions. new york attorney general appear in the last lines of the


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