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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 31, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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studio to do this job, so that's why i'm broadcasting from home. it's just so i don't accidentally expose anyone network. that's why i'm here. nothing to worry about. i don't know how to do makeup, so my face looks like a light bulb with eyebrows. we will try to fix that in time for tomorrow night's show. but no promises. i'll see you again then. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. you look fabulous. let's just start with that and stay with that, but in solidarity i heard your announcement at the beginning of this hour about how you didn't have any way to do makeup tonight, basically because you don't know how. and which is another thing america learned about rachel maddow, but in solidarity with that you might want to stick around throughout the hour at home watching this, because anything could happen. i am working without any product in my hair tonight.
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just in solidarity with your makeup. >> has there been a collapse in that particular supply chain? what happened? >> no, really, i willfully decided to kind of join this, to join the amateur look. this is my hair with nothing, which is really wicked close to my hair with something. it is now -- my hair is now at the age where it behaves itself. >> i don't know. i think there is an extra sort of and seals. i think it's got a carefree, a little laissez-faire, we should feel a little looser. >> it's that drop to the surf board look and ran into the camera. that's where we're going. >> thank you very much, lawrence. >> thank you, rachel.
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thank you. well, and now there are two new reporting tonight indicating there are now two versions of an executive order prepared for donald trump to seize any and all voting machines that donald trump felt like seizing after the 2020 election. we already have reporting indicating that such a mellow directed executive order memo directed the defense department, and the american military to seize -- tonight cnn. com reported that another version of that executive order ordered the department of homeland security to seize the voting machines. no word on who, within the department of homeland security would do that. would be the coast guard? who are they going to send? in the department of homeland
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security? and so the incriminating evidence against donald trump continues to pile up. now fulton county georgia, attorney willis has put in writing, in a letter yesterday she said quote, i am conducting a criminal investigation of former president donald j trump. she has never said those words before. district attorney willis has made it clear that she is conducting a criminal investigation about the presidential election in georgia, and possibly the interference with it, but she has never said i am conducting a criminal investigation of former president donald j trump. never said that until now. and she said that because donald trump is dangerous. the letter's address to the special agent in charge of the fbi's atlanta field office. the letter asks the fbi to quote, immediately conduct a risk assessment of the fulton county courthouse and
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government center, and that you provide protective resources to include intelligence and federal agents. on january 6th, when donald trump told his followers to go to the capitol and fight like hell, thousands of them did exactly that. and that is with the district attorney willis fears after donald trump told a rally audience in texas to stage quote, the biggest protests we have ever had. those were his words. the biggest protest we ever had. that means bigger than january 6th? and he said to enlarge those protests against prosecutors in atlanta, new york, washington, d. c., who are investigating donald trump. this is the clearest statement yet of just how fully terrifying donald trump's of fani willis and other prosecutors investigating him. district attorney willis's letter tells the fbi wet they already knew. quote, security concerns were excavated this weekend by the
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rhetoric of former president trump at a public event. district attorney willis's letter quotes, the passages of donald trump's speech out of the texas rally that were specifically threatening to her and other prosecutors. donald trump said quote, these prosecutors are vicious, horrible people. because district attorney willis along with the district attorney in manhattan, the attorney general of the state of new york are african american, donald trump of course called them all racists. and in a classic bit of even more of what psychiatrists call projection, which is when a patient projects their issue on to others, donald trump said quote, they're mentally sick. district attorney willis's letter quotes donald trump making this campaign promise for which could be his next presidential campaign.
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if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly. we will treat them fairly. and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly. that clearly suggests that donald trump would give pardons to anyone who commits a federal crime in attacking any of the prosecutors who are investigating it. that campaign promise of pardons also adds some clarity to donald trump's intent and motivation on january 6th, offering pardons to the participants in the insurrection of the capital. adds to the evidence that donald trump really meant it literally when he told them to go to the capitol and fight like hell. no one testifies against donald trump better and more effectively and donald trump. donald trump is dangerous, and donald trump is also stupid, and that makes donald trump a
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danger to himself, especially a danger to himself legally as his criminal lawyers well know. fani willis has sought no public attention for her quite investigation of election fraud. it took donald trump's public stupidity to force district attorney willis to say publicly, i am conducting a criminal investigation of former president donald j trump. donald trump's public stupidity let him down another road this weekend that his harmful donald trump as evidence to the criminal investigations of election fraud. because donald trump is banned from twitter, yesterday he released a written statement seen by members of the news media and we are not sure who else, that has created more legal jeopardy for donald trump. a statement says that the legislative efforts now underway to clarify the electoral count act of 1887 means, according to donald trump quote, that mike pence
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did have the right to change the outcome, and they now want to take that right away. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power, he could have overturned the election! and there is donald trump saying that he wanted mike pence to do was overturn the election. not to clarify the true winner of the election, but to simply overturn the election. donald trump used criminal language in a statement that he alone dog thought was so clever. that statement can now be shown to funny willis's grand jury. to show in donald trump's own words that he was trying to overturn the election. big think of how profoundly and relentlessly stupid a person under criminal investigations for possibly attempting to overturn an election has to be. to publicly say he wanted to overturn the election
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unfortunately for donald trump stupidity is not a criminal defense. today nbc's -- got republican liz cheney's reaction to the promise of pardons for the over 700 people charged with attacking the capitol for donald trump. >> congresswoman, when the former president flirts the idea of pardoning people who are convicted of child -- crimes on january 6th. what message does that send? >> some of those people have been charged with things like seditious conspiracy. he says it at the same time that he also says he acknowledges that he was attempting to quote, overturn the election. he threatens prosecutors. he uses the same language that he knows caused the january 6th violence, and i think that it tells us that he clearly would do this all again if he were given the chance. >> and tonight we learned that vice president mike pence's chief of staff mark short who
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was with him at the capitol on january 6th has testified to the january six committee. nbc news reports that marc short was deposed by the committee on wednesday, leading off our discussion tonight is democratic from -- served as a house impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial trial of donald trump. thank you for joining us tonight. in that second impeachment trial, we did have helped for you to have donald trump's written statement that he released this weekend saying of course he wanted mike pence to overturn the election? >> yes. we ask for it. he did not come in. he did not provide any statements. that would have been a gift to show his criminal intent. it is a gift now. i would just say you characterized it as a harmful statement. it is only harmful if we still care about the rule of law. if we still care about law and order. right now,
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frankly, donald trump is undefeated against prosecutors in america. look at the russia investigation and the 2016 election. he said the election was going to be rigged, so the intelligence community backed off, and held back on the evidence they had that russia was trying to help trump. with the mueller investigation, he put this artificial timetable out there and said do not touch my finances. what did mueller do? he opted up to quicker, and he never went after the finances. you are also seeing i am afraid that he may be given the benefit of the doubt because he was a former president. now, kudos to the prosecutor down in georgia who is leaning in, but if only the rule of law matters does a statement like that matter. >> representative adam kinzinger, one of the republicans on the january six committee said this -- he could have overturned the election, this is an admission, and a massively on american statement. it is time for every republican leader to pick a side, trump or the constitution, there is no middle on defending
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our nation anymore. and congressman, the problem on the republican side of politics is not donald trump. because, every other republican has an opportunity to isolate him and condemn him, and they refuse to do so. >> it would work, lawrence. it has worked before. as a student of the senate, you know the 1954 censure of senator joseph mccarthy. he was a fellow republican press got busch who said that mccarthy had created such dangerous divisions among the american people that no one could have an honest disagreement with him, and that you are either fully with mccarthy, or you were labeled a communist. that type of solidarity among people in their own party against mccarthy worked. the difference here is, donald trump is a former president, he is more powerful than mccarthy. also, mccarthy at least stood for the principle of being anti
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communism, donald trump only stands for the principle of himself. so, if we are going to successfully beat back trumpism, and the authoritarian streak that that would bring to our country, we need more kinzinger's, and cheney's. more people like press got busch. >> at this point, we are hearing nothing from the republican leadership, certainly about this. and, we focus on donald trump, and it makes perfect sense to do that, and especially as a possible criminal defendant, he should be focused on as an individual. but nothing he does wouldn't be threatening in any way to the rest of us if he didn't have the support of the republican party. >> and lawrence, i think that is why every candidate on the democratic side, and every honest reporter needs to ask republican candidates and the house, and the senate, are you with pardoning the cop killers, or are you going to side with the cops of january 6th? do you
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acknowledge that joseph biden is the president of the united states? can you disavow violence as a senator in the state house in michigan said they need to be locked and loaded going into the next election? we need to make them answer these questions. i think that what you will see is that one party prefers voting, and one party prefers violence. and we need to make that election voting over violence. >> and as we go forward, what is the schedule that the january six committee has to keep an eye on just in terms of getting the work done before bumping into election campaign, reelection campaigns, taking over in washington? >> recognizing to get one shot at the. that shot takes place in primetime, so that working class americans shift working americans can view the evidence. if they do it once they have interviewed people like marc short, and they give people like vice president pence every opportunity in the
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world to come forward, so that they can animate for the american people how donald trump decided this mob against capital to overturn every american -- every american's vote, and to put it in the hands of a person rather than of the hands of people. and that is, frankly with this upcoming election is going to be about. one party believes in majority rules, and that means that on climate, on women's rights, they can make their own health care decisions, on childcare, tax credit, the majority will decide whether we have those things or not. one party believes in violence. one party believes in not in a ruling, but in ruining. >> congressman eric, thank you very much for starting off our discussion. we appreciate it. and coming up later in the hour, we will be joined by kenneth brought to, with his extraordinary new film belfast, which reflects more on the current state of the american
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condition than it should. but first, harvard law professor laurence tribe, will join us with his analysis of how many state and federal crimes donald trump might have confessed to this weekend. and one american -- attorney general should do about it, professor laurence tribe is next. urence tribe is next. mory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪
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>> i am conducting a criminal investigation of former president donald j trump, wrote fani willis's district attorney in the first sentence of her letter addressed to mr. j c hacker, special agent in charge, atlanta field office, federal bureau of investigation. the letter request additional security because of donald trump's public threats against district eternally willis, and other prosecutors investigating donald trump in new york, and washington. fani willis letter
10:21 pm
is secede to 19 people. all of them, georgia government officials except a person whose name appears at the top of the c list, the honorable merrick garland, united states attorney general. our next guest says about donald trump's public comments are quote, daring the attorney general to seek a grand jury indictment against him for seditious conspiracy and for giving aid and comfort to an insurrection to overturn the election. joining us now is laurence tribe, university professor of constitutional law, at harvard law school, he has won 35 cases in the united states supreme court. professor tribe, thank you so much for joining us tonight. could you give us a review of what criminal liability is you think increased for donald trump as a result of his recent public statements? >> he essentially confessed
10:22 pm
publicly, and openly, without any coercion, without any pressure, to having committed the crime of conspiracy to engage in sedition. seditious conspiracy, because the united states government, punishable by 20 years in prison, because he quite specifically said that he thought he had a right to overturn the election. and that vice president pence had better straighten up and overturn the election for him. he also confessed publicly to inciting and fomenting, and more importantly giving aid and comfort to an insurrection. which is punishable by ten years in prison, and importantly by permanent disqualification from ever again holding office under the united states. there are other less serious crimes to which he
10:23 pm
confessed, but just take a step back and recognize how extraordinary this is. he basically is during the united states government, and the attorney general, and the justice department, to enforce the rule of law. he is saying make my day, if you come after me, i am going to stir up my angry mobs, and you will suffer. he has been so threatening to the district attorney in atlanta, that she now has formally announced that she is criminally investigating him, and needs fbi protection. merrick garland has said that he will not stop just with the people on the ground, he will follow the evidence where it leads. but he does not have to follow a trail of bread crumbs here. as jamie raskin pointed out, representative raskin, the
10:24 pm
impeachment manager for the second impeachment, as he pointed out the other day, this is a smoking gun. you do not have to look any further. yes, more evidence could be gathered, the evidence could be tightened, but you have the final conclusion that the january 6th committee has been leading up to, and trying to prove, naming ali that the president wasn't simply exercising freedom of speech, but he was organizing an attempt to overturn the election. the initial plan, i call it plan a, was to overturn the election simply by sending in phony identical phony certificates from seven different states claiming that they were the real electors. i am the real electors for donald trump, even though he lost those states. that was the plan. and the plan was to twist the arm of the vice president,
10:25 pm
tried to persuade him that under the electoral count act, he had this magic power to toss out the electors who were certified by the states, and except these alternative slates, and send the matter back to the states and ultimately have the election result for the president. that was an attempt to overturn the election without violence. a bloodless coup. if that had succeeded, we would not have necessarily seen officers crushed in some cases, severely injured in the capitol. because it would have all succeeded without the insurrection. but plan be, which he ended up having to resort to, plan b was the attack of the capitol, and the attempt through violence to seize power. he has made it very clear that he has given
10:26 pm
eight and comfort to that violent insurrection after the fact, by offering that if he gets elected, he will basically pardon the people who got the capitol. that is aid and comfort to a violent insurrection, which under section 23, 84, and 23 83, this nullifies him from ever holding office again, just a section three of the 14th amendment contemplates. just think about what it would mean if the attorney general just sits still now, having promised to pursue right to the very top, whoever might be guilty of trying to overturn the election of 2020. what it would mean to the people of the united states if he says, well, we are not going to do anything. or if he does not say anything. that will feed into the trumpian narrative that he is entitled to have it his way no matter
10:27 pm
what the people of the united states vote for. and he has said as plainly as possible he is going to do it again. i do not think that this attorney general can afford simply to lay down and play dead in front of the domestic terrorist. that is what this is, domestic terrorism. no former president has ever done it. and we simply cannot let this go on any longer. >> what do you make of donald trump's point that the fact that congress is considering clarifying the electoral vote count law, that that proves that in fact mike pence did have the power to simply give the election to donald trump, and now they are trying to take that power away from the vice president for the first time? >> well, he cannot really needed, because that would mean that kamala harris would have the power to resolve the next election. i don't think that is really what he means. but he is trying to do is say that
10:28 pm
because an effort is underway to clarify the language of this terribly ambiguous statute that was done in the 19th century, and plug is loopholes, and leave absolutely no doubt about the role of the vice president is simply to preside ceremonially over the counting of the electoral votes, that because we are trying to clarify some how it follows that the electoral count act magically gave the vice president the power to pick the next president. it did not do that. it obviously didn't do that. but if it had tried to do it, that would have clearly violated the constitution. so, it is a ridiculous argument. but it is typical of many of his arguments. we should not forget the fact that they are stupid and ridiculous, we should not let it prevent us from seeing the danger that it
10:29 pm
poses. it is a danger that requires action now. >> professor laurence tribe, thank you very much for joining us once again. we always appreciate it. >> thank you, laurence. >> thank you. and coming up, when they get around to building a statue to patrick murphy at cork harbor in ireland, the inscription should say, we are not moving. those now famous words by patrick murphy, the leader of a group of irish fishermen forced vladimir putin and the russian navy to back down. you will hear what's ireland's newest folk hero, patrick murphy said when he accepted vladimir putin's surrender. that is next. is next this old spice fiji hand and body lotion has me smoother than ever. that's what it does.
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friday night, the irish violence did not shrink. >> or not adverse in our
10:34 pm
industry. we are not shrinking violence, and it's something that is just ingrained in us. when this came about we said simply all we want to do is fish. these are our fishing grounds. this is where we fish and we don't see any reason why you should come to the grounds where we are the ones who have to make way. that is our stance. doug we said then that it would be our protest, is that if the russian fleet came and and they wanted to deliver exercises and we were fishing, our protest was no big, we are just going to keep fishing here and you have to leave. you have to go away. >> that was the no legendary patrick murphy on the rachel maddow show friday night at the end of more than a week of publicly telling vladimir push putin and the russian navy to stay away from irish fishing grounds when conducting their war games at the end of this coming week.
10:35 pm
the russian navy plans to invade the fishing grounds, which are technically on international waters. the irish fisherman's protest led by patrick murphy became worldwide news. the russian ambassador to ireland met with patrick murphy and other fishermen. after the meeting, the russian government insisted that they would continue their war games as planned without any changes to which patrick murphy said memorably, we are not moving. and now we can expect an irish fight song to be written about patrick murphy we are not moving, because on saturday, after patrick murphy stood his ground on msnbc friday night, vladimir putin surrendered to patrick murphy. on saturday, the russian ambassador to ireland announced that the russian navy would indeed stay far away from the irish fishing grounds, quote, as a gesture of goodwill with
10:36 pm
the aim not to hinder fishing activities by the irish vessels and the traditional fishing areas. on saturday, after accepting vladimir putin's surrender, patrick murphy said this: >> is enough families around here that have lost their loved ones to the sea. that's enough of a danger to be facing without going out facing a military exercise. now at the same time, they're forced to go out there because that's their fishing, it's their job. so they're going to be relieved. it's a simple as that. i'm elated. we were questioned about it. everybody made a joke of it. they never expected the russians to move away. but they did and they have. >> no, they are not shrinking violence. we have more from ireland coming up next in an expansion of our house divided series
10:37 pm
where we discussed the new books that suggest the possibility of a new civil war in the united states. we will be joined tonight by someone who lived through the kind of civil war that both books described, the political violence interrupted in northern ireland in the 1960s and lasted 30 years. kenneth brown was there. his new autobiographical film about a little boy trying to dodge the bullets and explosions in northern ireland 's called belfast. it has received several award nominations already, and my personal focus group of the academy voters suggests that belfast will be among the oscar nominees announced next week. kenneth branagh will join us next. next [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me
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10:42 pm
he saw that piece come in his lifetime. and one day, walking through his district in dairy, he said to me a line that i have never forgotten, that explains so much of irish history. just off the top of his head he said, the irish never forgot, and the english never remember. kenneth branagh this irish. so he remembers. you heard our discussion of the 30 years of violence in northern ireland, and our segments discussing the new scourge in books and articles that the consider the possibility of a new civil war of sorts in the united states in this era of sharp political division. our next guest was a little boy in belfast, northern ireland, when violence broke out in his neighborhood in 1969. he has captured his feelings about that time in a masterful new film called simply, belfast. which will probably be
10:43 pm
acknowledged in next week's summit announcement of this year's oscar nominees, if there is any justice left in hollywood at all. here is a quick look at kenneth branagh's belfast. >> he knew she was a catholic. >> we are looking to cleanse the community. >> was that our side? >> there is no are side on their side in our street. >> we are in the midst of a war. >> joining us now is five-time oscar nominee kenneth branagh, highly likely to be an oscar nominee again next week. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i cannot begin to tell you how
10:44 pm
much i love this film. i just want to begin, though, with a name you're film begins. with these beautiful shots of belfast which were inconceivable as recently as the early 1990s. cruise ships in belfast harbor. as someone who was there in the 1970s myself, those images were absolutely inconceivable, and you go from this current peaceable plays, back to that time that was considered a civil war. let's begin with how did we get to this beautiful technicolor belfast thought as they are now, not as used as a place to shoot movies, and house crew ships at the docks? >> well lawrence, as you know very well, you are there it is a complex situation. you quoted and spoke about
10:45 pm
already a very impressive man that is already in the middle of all of that, part of the reason to try to write something about my experience of belfast, my lived experience as a nine year old is to try to find a micro part of it. talking about irish experience, it is often overwhelming because it is so vast and complicated. i wanted to concentrate on one, boy one family, one street, and see whether politics, which is how we kind of understood it on the ground, then which was men then suits on television talking about these kinds of things, and trying to see how ordinary people dealt with it as dramatic change occurred. but i would agree with you, putting it so eloquently then, the miracle in my lifetime of 61 years old now, this kicked off when i was nine, 30 years and 3700 deaths later, much more damage to the larger breaches of the world as well, later, the good friday agreement happened and from 1998 until now, although imperfect and flawed, and always, always not a risk with
10:46 pm
the peace meeting to be won every day, there has been this extraordinary effort, sometimes very, very delicately and hard one, to find a way back to, as the way we do it in the beginning of the film, celebrate the amazing absolutely gargantuan leaps in terms of economic growth and societal development across those 25 years. it is the jeanne yang of an incredibly powerful an extraordinary 50, 60 years. >> you know, my first moment in belfast, i took the ferry over from scotland in the summer of 1979. i had just bought a british motorcycle, i was driving down belfast streets for the very first time. how this problem with my chain, i pulled over, and this guy on a motorcycle pulled over beside me to help me up. i ended up going home and living with him for quite awhile.
10:47 pm
his protestant neighborhood, very similar to yours, it was an adventure like -- unlike anything, i mean you can imagine, i just want to say how that part of my own personal life experience, i never, ever expected to see it on film. those barricades on those blocks that you show. those explosions, the car bombs, you would be falling asleep at night, you would hear the explosions going off. the british troops everywhere. and the way you captured it, with a relatively tight frame on it all, i think it delivers more than we have ever seen about without life was. >> thank you lawrence. your story, i mean, that isn't only in belfast story. you are a very brave man to be writing around the streets of belfast in 1971 on your motorbike. there are plenty of places you could have broken down that might have provided a different kind of experience.
10:48 pm
but suddenly going home and being suddenly hunkered in with that particular new host, it is part of the ordinary, and extraordinary nature of a place that really does gets interested in other people. the irish just generally can talk, as you know, they can talk about football, and philosophy, they are ready to leap into any kind of discussion. and they take people to their hearts, and it is an intense experience that you have, and that is what we had. even in the midst of those troubles were everything you just described so well with that play, with our playground, the streets suddenly overnight -- not overnight but within a matter of a few hours turning into a fortress, still with every step of the way, every step of the social experience from that point onward's, was trying to find with the irish love by way of coping mechanism, i'm sure you'll experience much of it. laughter, music, parties, dancing, everything that affirms on the season's life in the midst of such an
10:49 pm
extraordinary situation. there is a line and shakespeare at the end of lovers lane, where he is charged with making people up in hospital. he says -- to move wild laughter in the throat of death, it cannot be, it is impossible. back in those dark days of the troubles, the irish somehow made it possible. >> you know, i took notes last night on my third watching of the film. and here is the entirety of my notes. belfast: a love story. marital love. puppy love. and love of place. love of family. it is such a love letter to this place, belfast, which has been resurrected during your lifetime. but to see that grand parent marital love story, the parent marital love story, and then this little boy and his very first love, which is as far as
10:50 pm
i can tell, the best capturing of the first love of the little boy and little girl that i have ever seen. >> thank you lawrence. it is certainly what my experience was of the privacy of that quality. maybe because of the sense of being under assault by the forces at the time. it was a kind of sense of quite frankly not unlike our current experience of the pandemic, where it has forced us to. could produce an understanding of that which is precious and in a time like ours we earn certain of the future just as we were back then. life is very unsettled and uncertain and there are few constants, but one of them if you are lucky enough to
10:51 pm
experience it, besides the example of love, i certainly saw that in my parents. it was passionate love. it was full of fizz, occasionally crockery, flying across that kitchen in moments of passion. >> you didn't shy away from the realities of marital love and what kind of stress could occur in that big. that house that i was staying in what was it like for you to be spending all that time with a camera. it >> was time travel was like in the backyard where, my granddad had this willy wonka junk shop factory. every piece of ad hoc, mangled
10:52 pm
wired bottles, pieces of wood anything he could put his hands to. it became this informal men's lounge in these tiny houses. i don't know that was your experience. but in order sometimes to pretend there was a separation between -- the men with step outside. my grandfather would sit on the outside liu and my father would sit on a mad piece of willy wonka heath robinson equipment that my grandfather was building. i would sit and listen and we would be in this kind of separate area, which of course was being entirely listened to and monitored by the people who really run it, my mother and grandmother. but to go back there in this film -- our production designer, karen hines plays the grandfather who was brought up half a mile from me walked up to me and said my god, these rooms are small, aren't they? but to me they were huge. as you know, they were tiny,
10:53 pm
but one of the things that everybody in that street was absolutely the same. same economic opportunities. same sizes of houses. same levels of employment on that street. we had the worst level of employment in the whole of the uk. whether you are a catholic or protestant, the kind of rules of the game in most ways or the same. to go back and sort of tasted again was quite an emotional experience. >> i'm so glad that it shows just how much interaction with still survive-able between the populations that even with all the stresses, most people were not involved with the violence and were not affected by the violence and lives went on in so many normal ways. kenneth brianna, you and i could go on and on about this, but the commercial beckons, they insist that we stop at some point. so it's painful for me to say, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really an honor to have you. >> it's been a pleasure, lawrence. thank you so much.
10:54 pm
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new york times at this hour under the headline, trump rolled in wing proposals to seize voting machines. the new york times reports, president donald j trump directed his director to make a
10:59 pm
remarkable call. mr. trump wanted him to ask the department of homeland security if it could legally take control of voting machines in key swing states. do people familiar with the matter said, the new york times has more reporting on this, which you will be hearing in the 11th hour. and, i have to apologize if i somehow gave the impression that you have to be irish to love kenneth brennan's new film, the alpha. yes he is the kind of writer who can definitely slip in a line in the normal flow of conversation. and if you know the line and the point that deep into the moment a bid. but if you don't, you still experience all the emotional dimensions of that beautiful line. too long a sacrifice and make a stone of the heart. the three generations of love stories told in this film are universal. of all experiences, some of what we've seen this stories. and the gore collapse of the society that northern ireland experienced and then survived
11:00 pm
takes on a new important for our consideration of the january 6th attack on the capitol. and then, there is van morrison's music which we didn't even get to in our discussion. when you see the office you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn. that is tonight's last word. more of tonight breaking news on the 11th hour which starts now. on the 1 good evening, i'm ali velshi, and we will continue with that breaking is from the new york times. about the involvement. on around december 18th of the year 2020 of donald trump in an active decisions that resulted in the executive bashing that was found in the documents that were sent from the u.s. archives to the january six committee. it does suggest that rudy giuliani told donald trump that he cannot use the military to seize voting machines. he then started using the department of homeland security will have much more on that. it is day


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