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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 16, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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now. if you get the frozen turkey, the canned cranberry sauce, and things that you can put away. and you want to share with your friends and family for the budget overall. maybe help them out with the overall spending on thanksgiving day. >> great advice, my canned pumpkin is in the cupboard. thank you, that does it for me, andrea mitchell starts next. >> good day, erin, this is andrea mitchell reports. after the defendant drew six pieces of paper to narrow the pool down to the 12 juror that's
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will be decided his fate. they are considered five charges including first degree felony homicide. that's is a continues to be concerned about russian space debris as well as future space missions. it formed after a russian missile deliberately destructed. they will be speaking at a ageing bridge that could be rebuilt with the funds. both key swing states that will be important to democratic reelection hopes as the party wrestles with the internal debates other the biden social spending bill. it follows a three-hour virtual summit. the world leaders hitting on a range on hot topics including
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taiwan, trade, climate change and human rights. find out why she is calling it quits now. >> nbc senior congressional correspondent, and politico white house editor sam stein. so what is he going to say in new hampshire to keep it fresh and try to persuade people that he feels their pain other inflation but that help is on the way even though they say it won't be here soon enough because the inflation rise will not leave any time son.
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>>. >> the pressure is on for these types of trips. the former mayor of new orleans who will oversea the rollout. now the president's mess an will be that this is a game changer in communities leek the one that he will visit today. he will be in new hampshire at that bridge that you talked about. it is in desperate need for repair. and because of this bipartisan infrastructure bill it will get more tension more quickly than it would have. that will be jobs and it will mean that this community will see a real improvement. again that is what your going to hear from president biden. this is the beginning of a full
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court press by biden and cabinet officials. tomorrow he will with in michigan talking to uaw workers talking about how this will impact their lives. they're the one that's will be working on green energy and clean energy vehicles. and so he is going to be talking about how this is not only going to create jobs but help to fuel the economy. but the pressure is on and of course, a lot of skepticism about the second piece of his agenda. i know that garrett will go into the details about that, will americans in these key swing states see improvement. >> and garrett, to you, what about the legislative agenda? what about the scheduling that you heard today, yourself, from the leaders. thursday, friday, the rules committee may have to meet
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again? >> always take the other, but in this case they made it clear they will not go home for thanksgiving which usually would have been thursday or friday this week. that means that we're waiting on a cbo score. they swear in blood with the president's backing, wac it matters a great deal in the senate where senator joe manchin is watching and rating. >>. >> i think it is seeing what the real score is. and in this case, pelosi will
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find a way to move this forward, we think, in the house, but waiting in the senate are the questions about whether or not this bill will be paid for and joe manchin more so than the moderates show it is really needed. >> but arguably the social spending bill is needed just as much. there is a child care element and all of that will be very useful to folks in west virginia, too. it happens in ever corner and every hearing room. >> and you have two key states, new hampshire, michigan today and tomorrow, they are democrat that's are up for reelection
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like a host of house democrats that need the president's poll to come up and lift them in their upcoming races? >> that's right and in some cases they are saying that the president is going to speak to district where's it will impact the communities. there are also districts that he is going to to make sure that the democrats in those states feel comfort wnl the backing of the white house in action to talk about the impact of the bill. and we can expect the president today to, when when he goes on the woodstock bridge, an 80-year-old structure that has been on the red list for repairs to really double down on the idea that it was his administration and others that brought this home.
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one of the other things is joe manchin will continue to be the person that we have watched. i was watching him when there was talks about the build back better agenda. i didn't see joe manchin clapping. i saw him having his cards close to his vest, and when he tells me something about his stance and other democrats, especially those that are thinking about the build back better act. >> i saw that senator sinema had a speaking role yesterday on the south law with those 800 people. i didn't see joe manchin getting a speaking role, but you know new hampshire so well, there is some advantage in that a very popular senator, popular across party lines, decided not to run against her for the senate, but where is the president standing
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in new hampshire? >> yeah, new hampshire is such an interesting state. it has gone democratic, but there is a ton of libertarian in the state. the decision to run for reelection as governor was a huge hit for republicans that really wanted to get him in there. but even if they are not really top tier candidates, this will be a tough one to hold on to because the national environment is so toxic right now. you could see, you know, the social spending bill in order, but really it is about the prices of goods, the feeling of economic sentiment. and those are tough things to turn around. they have some time. but for others getting by, selling these bills, selling the progress being made on the covid front, those are critical.
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they already face the historical trends of a bad midterm cycle in power. but the only path forward is not to retreat, but to go forward with the agenda and try to sell the hell out of it. >> but in kentucky, you know, why are these veteran congressmen so ticked off? so fed up? he said, you know to the washington post the other day, he said it is toxic. aren't they also seeing republicans likely taking over the house? >> yeah, they're a great case study here. he is from louisville, a short plane ride. he got to be chair of the budget committee and he is looking at the next year when in all likelihood democrats will be in the minority.
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and by that i mean that the main stuff that is going to happen, it seems after 2020 to elections will be high takes budget sfiegts, high takes debt ceiling standoffs, and they try to do better than it is right now. if you're someone that waited forever to be in the majority and you have that chance and you enjoy it now, there is not much incentive to stay. and i think that's what you're seeing here. >> thank you so much to sam stein. and missouri democrat congresswoman bush is joining me now. thank you for joining me, i want to start with a social spending bill. first the house passes child care and housing aid as renders
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fear evictions. are you concerned about the senate taking all of that out? is there any chance of getting this through the senate? >> i have to be hopeful that this will happen and that we'll continue to put the message out. first we were talking about saving lives. over the course of time between march and september september of next year. they are continuing to see over 430,000 covid cases and nearly 11,000 deaths right here in the united states. we're talking about 150 billion dollars for housing. we understand that housing is a
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primary determinant of health. so this is a place go to be nurtured, to heal, and to rest. this is just one aspect of it when we talk about our chirp right now. covid cases are soaring in some areas with our children in my own community just yesterday our county checktive spoke about throw is a 30% increase in a matter of days with our children with covid cases. we have to do the work to make sure that not only are we fixes what is happening in this pandemic, but we had a lot of problems prepandemic. congress is in a position with the white house, the senate, that we do the work to protect and save lives and we build this country back better. >> you did not vote for the infrastructure bill. if this comes back from the senate without some of these key components, what's your posture on the social spending bill?
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it could be your shot if the republicans take over two years from now. >> the thing is that the $3.5 trillion package was already the compromise for many of us. now having it back down to 1.75, or 2.1 depending on what we find out in the next few days, or if it is even more than that, if it comes back, if this bill has to come back to us the decisions will be made based on what programs are there. for many of us in the house, democrats and progressives, we have been been saying don't cut the programs. those are vital, we need those investments. if we have to cut back years, do that, but we we need childcare. people are very surprised when i tell them that the package is universal pre-k, kids three and
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four, to go today care i tell them this has not happened in 100 years. they have community violence, and they are flowing in our communities to help assist in stopping the violence that is happening and that is taking lyes. this is what we have to do now when we think about the meal that's will happen because the fund willing be there for students to be able to have those free meals, it will be there for them to have meals over the summer. we're talking about saving lives. we talk about our democratic colleagues on the fens, being fiscally responsible, being compassionate. holding up a bill is
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unacceptable. so that is the word. so i'm just urging all of our colleagues to look at this and see what is in the bills and decide humanity over profits, humanity other property and corporations. humanity over your own ambition. >> corey bush, thank you very much. coming up, tensions over taiwan after a call with joe biden. the president of china says america is playing with fire. another house democrat announcing she will not be on the ballot next year. jackie spear will explain her decision coming up. this is "andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. a mitchell reports on msnbc
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the two men knew each other well when they were both vice presidents. afterwards, president xi said they're playing with fire. joining me now is richard haas, and staff writer at the flant, welcome, the latest article is the bad guys are winning, a new league of autocrats is outstarting the west. let's start with taiwan and with the summit last night. a senior administration official saying that biden was clearly reaffirming the one china policy. how important is this in all of the build up to the cold war and the threatening military actions towards taiwan? look, as you know, the united
9:22 am
states and china agreed to disagree about taiwan now for more than four decades. and when the united states reaffirms the one china policy, that's a form of reainsurance to china that we do not support. at the same time we continue to make clear that we want the question of the long term relationship between taiwan and china to be resolved peacefully and we have commitments along those lines. i think last night's conversation was consistent with the fundamentals that inform this agreement to disagree for more than four decades rather than changing it. but as you say it has been heating up for some time. i think down the road the real question for the united states what more do we need to do to convince xi jing ping about what we need to do.
9:23 am
>> and both before and after the meeting last night what the foreign minister said was that it is inevitable, it is historic that taiwan will be incorporated, reunified as they put it, into china. >> nothing is inevitable. for the chinese to speak about it it is a kind of ir gans that i don't think we need to take seriously. regardless of what you call psi wan status, it is a uniquely, fiercely democratic culture, it is deeply intertwined with china and that makes it's statu
9:24 am
complicated. they are deciding what their relationship is with the mainland, but for china to weep off of the table, it is something they don't think we need to take seriously. >> do you think there was progress? there is all of this talk about a new cold war leading into this. some of that is because in many ways the biden administration is limiting china. they see it and they stay is very positive, it was very warm, it was talking about peace. it seemed like they were trying their best to be on a more positive optimistic footing.
9:25 am
>> i think you're on to there. certainly the public criticisms of the other. this is a rivalry of the era, and i don't think it is just the basics, about the economic practices, the south china see or anything else was resolved. it is not a negotiates effort. i think it is a private diplomacy and i think you will see follow up conversations, but between senior u.s. national security officials and their chinese counter parts. so moving this into more class ic
9:26 am
diplomats. >> you wrote that nature is a vacuum and so is geopolitics. if america sees this in the feat of other democracies and other movements, then autocracies will take our place as sources of funding. if they fail we will encounter them at home. i'm thinking of ungary and other places in central computer and ush sha under trump. and is president biden doing enough to promote the democracy with his summit next month talking about human rights, and if there is a meeting with the state department, there is no talk about getting people out of friday, freedom, and human
9:27 am
rights? >> one of the points of my article is i want people to focus lez on u.s. and china and more on their rep with the autocraies around the world. they don't often work together in all kinds of ways. they are companies investing in one another. they earn money on the same kinds of deals. they share surveillance technology, they share tactics and weapons of disinformation. and when we talk about fighting those networks now, i think we need more language. they need to reduce the amount of of this in the world to change our own financial practices so we're not facilitying corruption abroad.
9:28 am
we need to think harder about how we will deal with disinformation on social media. those are the kinds of changes in the discussion of democracy that i think need to happy and i hope some of them will happen after biden's summit in september. >> what do you think we can or should be doing in belarus. we can see how horrific the treatment of migrants is. >> there has been a creative migrant crisis, and people have been imported from the middle east to the border and they're now stuck there and they're being told to force they way through the border wire fence that has been cut, and there are all kinds of tactics being used. there it is a difficult
9:29 am
situation. they have not always braved probably. some people are freezing to death in these forests. so you know what is really needed is a concerted effort on the part of the whole west. or the democratic world. this is beginning pressure on the airline that's are bringing migrants. pressure on the middle eastern companies that are taking these and what we need in this could was some calls from the european union to the leaders of moscow to work on this to work on reducing the flow of migrants. a concerted unified effort. an indication that the democratic world would accept this is the beginning of an answer. >> thank you so much. her new article is in the
9:30 am
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veteran democratic congresswoman, jackie spear, who started her career years ago as a staffer in the '70s a s
9:34 am
announcing that she will not seek reelection next year. so, why are you deciding to retire from congress? >> first of all it is great to be with you. i decided this because i put 39 years into public office. i have a husband at home tired of a weekend spouse, and it is time for me to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. i continue to work for another 14 months on behalf of my constituents and the military service members under my jurisdiction and i look forward to more opportunities in the future. i'll still going to be active and involved, it's just not here
9:35 am
in congress. >> it would be different if this was a republican takeover? >> i spent the majority of my time in congress serving the majority. it is truly a family decision at some point. i am 71, how many more years of good health do i have? i don't know, but i hope it is a lot. >> especially considering what you're going through back in 1978. all of those years ago, a horrific ambush, there will be constituents there.
9:36 am
and you survived that ambush. reverend jim jones, the hit squads, your devotion to public service and i made a promise that if i survived that horl experience that i would dedicate my life to public service. so i was able to keep that promise. it has been a wonderful opportunity. that experience in jones town certainly taught me to be fearless. it taught me that when you look in the eye you don't have to be afraid of much else. it is a freedom to address issues that member i would not have had if i had not had that
9:37 am
experience. and when my husband was in an automobile accident and is was pregnant with my second child, it was another experience of learning to be a single mother with two children. >> ta to me about the threats, threats against some of your republican kreegs now. what has changed in congress? >> it is diabolical. we have to put a stop to it this is what i introduced the legislation. even if it is in a cartoon, or spying with the president, i think the vitrial has grown so
9:38 am
high and the opportunity for some members to use this very extraordinarily, i don't know how to explain it, but such violent talk. they're using it to fund raise. and now you have republican members whose telephone numbers have been given out and their lives are threatened and they have. the speaker is often times the subject of a lot of threats. the da has taken some up. i was wearing body armor at another opponent in time in my career. i'm hoping they will be able to move forward with this resolution and draw a very red line in the stand that that is
9:39 am
not going to be tolerated by members of congress against other members of congress or the president of the united states. >> on a personal level, your service has been so much appreciated even from those beyond your district as a national spokesperson for a lot of these issues and we continue to watch you in the next 14 months and hope you'll be back often. >> thank you, andrea, i do, too. >> thank you. >> and the verdict watch. the jury beginning deliberations today in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. rittenhouse. or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor
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9:44 am
gutierrez. i guess the days melt into each other as you have been on duty in kenosha. what is the situation today and what is the situation for the courtroom today? >> several demonstrators showing up. right now relative ri quiet, but moving to court today the jury has been deliberating here for a little over two hours, and the judge narrowed down a list of jurors from 18 to 12, and it was kyle himself that drew the names from a lottery tumbler.
9:45 am
they remain in the courthouse. a short time ago we heard that the jury has asked for extra copies of the jury instruction. so no formal question so far, but it suggests that if they're asking for extra copy of the instructions they're certainly moving their way through it having to go point by point, and now they're asked to consider lesser charges for two of those five counts. jury deliberations under way for more than two hours, we anticipate some sort of heads up if they do reach a verdict, but it might be, it's hard to tell, exactly, the lead time between when they reach a verdict and when it is announced to the public. >> all of the noise of the few protestors that there are, and the public transsis behind you,
9:46 am
powering through all of that, thank you. and this judge has been so tough on the prosecute. >> fortunately andrea, most of the time the jury has been out of the room. if the judge is angry and that happens he should let people know about it. it happens, i have been in trials were the judge has gotten mad, and it blows over, and it passes, and i don't really think it affects the jury all that much because most judges are careful to exclude them from that. this judge seems to have bit of a temper. i thought some of his remarks
9:47 am
were temperred. >> what about his instructions on the lesser charges and the prosecute wanting the lesser charges. were they concerned about the prospect of the conviction? >> that is a great question. i would say that you're prosecuting me for arming bank robbery. at trial your proof of whether or not i'm carrying a weapon fails. if you don't think that chuck was carrying a weapon, you can convict him of an unarmed bank robbery. so they are seeking and they got
9:48 am
an instruction that they could find a lesser included offense. so it is an interesting thing to watch for. >> a great explanation, chuck, if you could be found guilty of armed or unarmed robbery. is there any way to read how long this jury based on the instructs -- instructions. >> i have tried many as a federal prosecutor. there is a hold up. and they had them for a very long time and they came back
9:49 am
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9:53 am
she's the first woman and person of color to serve as mayor, she vow to take on rising housing costs and a fair public transit system at boston's 56th mayor. you see her at age 36 with her children. michelle wu is also boston's first millennial mayor. and shelter in space -- a russian missile test endangering russians and americans on brd the international space station. that's coming up next. this is "andrea mitchel reports" on minnesota. mbs. mbs minnesota. capful of beads in minnesota. before each load. to give your laundry a light scent that lasts longer than detergent alone, with no heavy perfumes or dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day! new downy light, available in four naturally-inspired scents.
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9:57 am
there is high anxiety from nasa, because that satellite that was blown up by the russians created a debris field, and it's possible that a piece of debris about this size, maybe even the size of a dime, could strike the international space station, and if it did, it would hit at almost ten times the speed of a speeding bullet. space may be infinite, but this morning, a debris field threatens the space station. >> we were recently informed of a satellite breakup and need to have you guys start reviewing the safe haven procedure. >> reporter: that call from ground control to the space station coming after russia fired a missile at one of its own satellites destroying it, launching hundreds of thousands of pieces of dangerous debris into orbit and triggering a full-throated condemnation from the u.s. government. >> it was dangerous, it was reckless, it was irresponsible. >> reporter: the space station
9:58 am
circles the earth every 90 minutes, moving at more than 17 miles per hour. if it collides with even the smallest piece of debris, it would have the impact of ten time a bullet. nasa says the seven astronauts on board retreated to their docked capsules in case an emergency was needed but later all on board resumed normal operations. those seven astronauts including four americans, one german, and two russian astronauts. calmly signing off. >> thanks for a crazy but well coordinated day. it was a great way to bond as a crew. >> reporter: the three other americans and german astronaut arrived just last week on
9:59 am
spacex's crew three flight. the u.s. state department warning the u.s. will work with allies to respond to russia's action. u.s. space command is tracking the debris and said it could remain in orbit for years, possibly decades. >> what the russians did today with these 1,500 pieces of trackable orbitable debris poses a risk not only to the astronauts, the cosmonauts but satellite to the interest of all nation. >> reporter: russia is confirming it sent a missile up to blow up the satellite, but is pushing back, saying it has put nobody in danger, incluing their own astronauts. >> the russians have been in touch with officials today. we hoped to have bill nelson on the program, but he was in the
10:00 am
talks with russians and follow-up talks. we hope to have him on soon. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchel reports." check us out online. chuck todd with ""mtp daily"" starts right now. >> if it's tuesday, president biden hits the ground in new hampshire, trying to sell infrastructure as democrats try to make up for lost time and turn the tide on a souring political environment. plus, the jury is deliberating in the kyle rittenhouse trial, determining the fate of the armed teenager who shot three people, killed two of them in kenosha. later, the coronavirus pandemic, cases show signs of potentially a new surge across the u.s. as winter approaches. welcome to "meet the press


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