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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 15, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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california's overwhelmingly voted to keep gavin newsom as their governor. instead of handing the governorship to trump supported radio host, larry elder. here is governor gavin newsom tonight, thanking voters for rejecting trumpism, and larry elder in the state of california. anne >> we said yes to all those things that we hold dear as californians. and i would argue as american, economic justice. social justice. racial justice. environmental justice. our values were california's made so much progress, all of those things were on the ballot this evening. and so i'm humbled, in grateful to the millions and millions of californians that exercise their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly, by rejecting the division.
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fire rejecting the cynicism, by rejecting so much of the negativity that's defined our politics. >> leading off our election color tips at this hour, msnbc national corresponded steve kornacki, steve what are the latest numbers? >> we got him like here lawrence, basically two thirds of the votes wide instate, it is 2 to 1, almost a 3 million vote difference leading yes in this thing. in the last two weeks of this campaign, the polling was suggesting that there was a pretty significant shift against the recall, they were all asking the question, we remember 2020, we remember 2016. we were asking the question, could the polls be wrong? again if anything when you look at these results, the polls may have undersold the opposition to this recall. because you can expect these numbers to change some, as the final vote aren't counted in here. because what's left to come the remaining one third of the vote in the state, a lot of votes that were cast it today, same day votes, people who went out to the polls, voted on election
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day tends to be a more republican. group and a lot of people in california they have a male ballot at home, they drop it off on the day of the election. nor gets into the election office on election day. those votes, will be counted late. two it won't be that much of a republican group, but it could shake things a little. bit i don't expect that this is going to change more than, for five points of up on the aside. so this is going to be a dramatic landslide victory for opponents of the recall. in fact, what i think is no striking really, just look at the lane here, purple county are people that voted against the recall, orange counties are counties that voted for the recall. fix your eyes on that map, because i'm gonna do a little thing, i'm gonna flip over and show you the red blue map for trump versus biden. remember, this is recall anti-recall. not check out trump biden. look at that. the orange became red, and the purple became blue. the results tonight,
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geographically, really mirroring what we saw in the presidential election, last year. and you saw and you're talking about a democratic's made such an, effort to nationalize this election, joe biden coming, and telling folks he, if you're opposed to trump, be opposed to this recall, and it's not just that geographic distribution, take a look at the results within some of these counties, look just take a look at that. inland empire here, riverside county, this is a biggie. right now at two forwards of the voters in, no 54%, yes about 46%. compare that to the trump biden number. trump got 45%, the recall is running just a fraction of a point above 45%. take a look here, there were a few counties where there were a little bit of progress for recall supporters. i'll show you one, fresno county here, about 1 million people here, send wilkie valley, got 45% here, the recall here is doing a little. better it's getting to 47.7%
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point. what recall supporters, need they needed massive jumps, over donald trump's number in one county after another. and a county like this, they needed to have 60, 65% support. instead they're sitting right, now about 48%. in my kick up a couple of points. when the late votes are counted, but it's going to be nothing like the jump that they. needed in the and, lawrence, the challenge for recall supporters was, it's a deeply blue state, they needed to find people who voted for joe biden in the presidential election let's cheer, for that matter, who voted for gavin use in when he was first elected governor. they needed to find a significant number of those voters, and get them to. flip and get them to throw newsom, and vote for this recall. and with democrats were trying to do, and you really sought in your messaging late in this campaign, they were just trying to recreate what happened in 2020, they were trying to recreate that red blue divide, they were trying to recreate that margin they got in every county, and honestly, just look up and on the map in california,
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the surprise tonight is how little, deviation there is. and these results from the 2020 land side, that biden got in the state, the democratic message, that democratic strategy it carried the day. so again when we expect this member to move a little bit, they're not gonna move much, this is a landslide. >> now steve if i heard you correctly the surprise tonight is that there were no surprises. i've been watching the map unfold, and watching your coverage over the course of the, night i'm not struck me was, there's really, i don't see any surprises on that map of california. >> that's exactly right, we were looking, and if you are watching, earlier we were getting results one county after another, and i was going through them along with everybody watching at home, and i was looking for a single county where the story was, holy cow, here's where the recall is really catching on words and really getting traction. i just could not find a single, i showed you fresno county, this is one of the best counties on the map for the recall -- it's failing actually right now,
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and i say best because, this is one of the best improvements over trump's number that you see in any county in the state. and it's two and a half points. they needed 15, 20, 25 point improvement. and you don't see that anywhere. >> steve cardiac key great coverage getting us a cover on the election night, and joining us now david plouffe former campaign manager and white house senior adviser to what barack obama's. he is an nbc political analysts, also governor gavin newsom's chief, and director of media senator of -- for communication and journalism. and david let me begin with you, because i began with you quite literally in our first coverage of the california recall campaign, at on the last word and when we started this, discussion. the polling was not so strong for gavin newsom. not only did he open it up to
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what became a comfortable win, it is a landslide. >> that is lauren, i think it's likely that the march or, it's going to be longer than historic win in 20 teen. so i think it'll be a strengthening political thinker. but what you have to understand here is that there is a lot of lessons here, that we need to carry forward in 2022. i think you're going to see strength in performance among independent voters. amongst vaccinated republican werner's. tour -- but it's sort of the vote that was pro recall -- it's a distinct minority in california, but the sad thing is it's going to drive politics in this country for a long. time i think larry elder may decide he's a presidential candidate now, he distorted the country to believe that elections were stolen, that they are not doing the right thing around the pandemic, that they don't believe inclined
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challenge, there are the dead hand magnet. crowd and they're going to drive republican party politics. so i think that this is a tremendous victory tonight for the state of california. for science, for responsible leadership. it's a travesty by the way the hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on something that wasn't even close. but we really have to look at this. because the third of the votes that was very calm, distinct minority, but it's going to be with us for a very very long time. and it's going to be insidious stages thanks to this democracy. >> and i think one of the stories that, were put on the national hearings of this, but everyone who lived through this in california, how close we came to not having this recall election at all. they infected not obtain enough signatures on time according to the normal schedule, but a judge extended the time they had to collect the signatures because of the covid pandemic. that to me was an
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understandable ruling by the judge, under the circumstances. and we got this recall just because there was an extension given on obtaining the signatures. and so it's not necessarily automatic. that every democratic governor is going to face one of these recalls. >> you know that's absolutely right lawrence. what happened, and i think people don't remember, this is that gavin newsom came in, and this was actually in february of 2019, before the pandemic hits, is when this recall petition came on board, and it was really not about the pandemic, the pandemic couldn't really hit in the same, way it was about everything else, it was about homelessness, it was about credibility, it was about immigration, it was about some of that in decisiveness in the republican party. and only because of the pandemic did they get this extension. just to say that, the judge, said listen people who are at home they haven't had a chance to sign the petition, let's
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give them an extra opportunity. and of course that happened at the same time in which we were seeing a spike in covid, in november. and of course the fema's, we were told that the governor -- in regards going to a fancy restaurant. the fact of the matter is, is that the voters really appreciate that the governor has done. and i thought maybe we thought decisively tonight, they said thank you, this is who we voted for. this is who we wanted us to. lead they said thank you to governor newsom, and they said thank you to president. biden and i think this is really incredible, a vote of confidence for both the president and the governor. >> christina, as someone who lived through this in california, it started as something that looked like probably wouldn't get enough signatures, to get to the ballot, and as they got to the ballot it started to look increasingly threatening to governor newsom. and it was hard to see how the
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democrats would be able to stimulate a turnout for this, just after having a presidential election. but they obviously got there, and it seems, i'm not sure, i want to read this on election night, but it seems as though the governor is stronger tonight. then he was six months ago. or before this campaign against him started. >> yes, that's an interesting question. and i want to come back to. that one thing that i found remarkable in all of, this is that the democratic party were able to maintain cohesion here. they did not put up the candidate, there was no just in case candidate, 2003, there was this effort realizing that governor gray davis was probably going to. lose and they wanted to have that just in case candidate. and so the campaign was no one recall, yes on those demont'e. and cruised amounting who was the lieutenant governor, that
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was not the case. here and that to me felt like a calculated democratic strategy. in fact many democratic voters just left the candidate completely blank. i'm very curious to see how many people did that. did people follow the democratic party marching order. and what does that suggest about not just newsom's own strength. but the party strength behind him. you know he is going to be facing reelection not very long hair as it's been pointed out tonight by your guest in. others and i think that you're going to see some of these candidates we service. probably not larry elder, although who. nose and, the question is, it is nuisance truong? or i would argue he isn't as strong as he was when he won a landslide election to begin with in 2018. but this is enough opportunity for him to, say look, the voters overall, like where i'm going, or at least the majority of them do and particularly that he's got that strength from the democratic party, it's going to matter particularly as we're heading into these 2022 congressional midterm elections,
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where california is going to be one of the biggest grounds for fighting these battles. >> david plouffe, whence field good. everyone in sports knows that, everyone in politics knows that. democrats just had a big night in the biggest state in the union, joe biden was part of that, he went out, he made the closing argument. big win for joe biden. the big win for gavin your sin. personally, is this the kind of thing that actually is going to be cheering and help build enthusiasm in the democratic party? >> well lawrence, it's a hell of a lot better than the alternative. yes, i think it will build enthusiasm. they were thoroughly embarrassed. which they should've been because this was a irresponsible thing to begin. with but i think again we need to look at 2022. this was the first major election when really the handling of the pandemic was on the ballot for 2020. that vaccinations was on the
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ballot. how we handled masks in school was on the ballot. and i think it shows the democrats can go on the offense. i also think it shows that turnout, which was so strong in 18, strong enough in 20, were strong tonight. and that certainly is going to be the big battle in 22. without trump on the ballot and, can republicans -- can democrats have three successful elections where they get the turnout and need the win. so yeah i think there should be energizing. and again it reminds, just this third of the country, that basically fox news, [inaudible] [inaudible] , are they symphony they live in a very very tortured false reality. but it's all they know, and they're going to nominate people for house and senate, and governor,. but i think the question is can we make the republican party pay a price for nominating those. people i think we can in 2022.
12:16 am
so i think democrats should be enthused. we shouldn't assume that everything that happened in california, is going to happen next november. but we are prepared. the other thing that did workers keeping the message simple. which is just vote no. i certainly learned that in politics. the more simple you can make your -- the more successful you are going to be. and i think that was a risky strategy that was criticized by some. but i think the numbers i've, seen is basically less than half the people who voted on that question. of no yes getting voted for a replacement, exceeding the rail. >> very plouffe and o'leary and antonio, thank you all very much for starting this discussion this hour i really appreciate it we. have great news, larry elder just toured his supporters to be quote gracious in defeat. california congresswoman joins us next.
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you don't throw it around, it's more like a, i don't know antique vase, you can drop in smash in 1 million different pieces, and that's what we're capable of doing if we don't stand up to meet the moment and push back, that was governor
12:21 am
gavin newsom. two hours ago. in his own victory speech, after winning a landslide victory tonight on the california recall election. here is what some of what republican candidate larry elder had to say. >> let's let's be gracious in defeat by the way we may have lost the battle but we're going to win the war. >> turning our discussion now is democratic congresswomen of california, thank you very much for joining us tonight. we just heard larry elder say, let's be gracious in defeat, and so we have a concession speech. from the republican candidate. something that i earlier tonight did not expect to hear.
12:22 am
>> i certainly welcome anyone in politics being gracious. so that's my take on it, but beyond larry elder, this is an extraordinary victory tonight in california. it's overwhelming. i think californians know very well what's the states record has been, what our values are here, and i honestly think that there are two exhaustion, one from the pandemic, that the governor has worked so hard to help bring californians through it. and there's another exhaustion there's a political one. of divisiveness. really nastiness between people, and i think californians rejected that tonight overwhelmingly.
12:23 am
>> it seems there's also a lesson tonight about the effectiveness of the mail-in ballot, for voter participation. in the tap past it's been very difficult to get voter participation rates up during non presidential elections. but every californian, received a ballot in the mail, in the turnout as we call it, really was a matter for any voters of simply signing their names on those ballots and mailing them back in. lawrence, there is something to making it easy to vote. the ballot came to my home, all i have to do is open the envelope, read it, voted, put it back in the envelope and put it in the mail. no stamps, it's already has postage on it. that makes it absolutely the easiest thing to do.
12:24 am
it's this simple as putting a stamp on an envelope honestly. when we talk about expanding access to voting, it may sound like a bunch of words to some people, but you know what when those words walk into your life, and make it so easy for people to vote, it really is marvelous. taxes come with, me we can all do this. because we make it easy. >> what do you make of david plus argument that this is the first election we've had statewide anyway, that is really a covid precaution's election? about masks about vaccines? >> i think it's an excellent observation, i was worried about the mood people were in
12:25 am
in california, some were looking to be angry at someone because their life is changed. our lives have been amended by this where i live in the bay area, we were the very first in the entire nation to shut down. so people have gone through a great deal. but i think they also recognize in the vote, the governor is bringing us through this. step-by-step, masks, vaccinations, new platforms. there's no modern playbook for this, he's done a marvelous job. i think everyone said thank you. >> california congresswoman, thank you very much for joining us, we really appreciate it. we will be right back. we really appreciate it. we will be right back.
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ the eyes of the nation is not hyperbole, the eyes of the
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nation in california. the decision you're about to make, is going to happen in going to have a huge impact in california it is going to reverberate around the nation. >> that is a speech that we recovered live here last night, his closing argument to california. where the government has the power to appoint a member of the united states senate if a senate seat becomes vacant. democrats losing one seat would change the balance of power in the senate. in january california governor gavin newsom, appointed -- to the open seat and now vice president kamala harris, today is one of the eight democratic senators who negotiated, and revised a bill that will need the support of all 50 democratic senators and the support of it least ten republican senators to clear a 50 vote, senator joe manchin is saying he's working to get those ten republican votes. but
12:31 am
today mcconnell said there will be no republican votes for that bill. joining us now is democratic janitor, he previously served as california secretary of state. senator padilla, first of all, i want to get your reaction to where things stand in the recall election. tonight >> i think that the polling seems to be consistent, and the people that i've talked to in all parts of california, are pretty sure this recalls going to be defeated. and defeated big. because this recall is not just consequential for the direction of the future of california, but truly did have national implication, could you imagine if the rest of the country saw california voters choose trump-ism? as a new direction? as a consequence of the newsom in being bold in his leadership early in the pandemic? it would be completely the wrong message but california's are saying the lies they're saying the truth, and they're voting the right way in a big. way >> so you are
12:32 am
in the room for this very important negotiation with senator joe manchin, and others to come to a new revived voting rights bill for the united states senate to consider. but this bill under the current rules, has to pass a 60 vote threshold to even be considered by the senate. we now know, we didn't know this this morning, we didn't know this one the bill was first announced, but we now know, there will not be a single republican vote for this bill. senator manchin went off in search for republican votes earlier today, now we know there will be none. what happens next for this? >> i think senate democrats are in agreement that this has to get done. it is about protecting our fundamental democracy, which would see under attack, not just from voters or state houses across the country, but from the deadly insurrection of january six. and so in good faith, trying to work with our
12:33 am
republican colleagues, were to complain that before people act, it was too broad, too comprehensive. okay, we have tailored bill, that encompasses all the best practices, frankly, to maintain the integrity of our election, and -- voter participation. if they're not convinced, then we are coming back to that conversation about the rules of the senate. that abolished or reform the filibuster, so that this can get done. the 2022 elections. and all of the actions frankly just. a >> well senator schumer said that he intends to bring up this bill very soon, possibly early next week. and he said that before there was any attempt, by joe manchin to secure the republican votes. and before the republicans announced there will be absolutely no republican votes. so it sounds like senator schumer was going to bring this
12:34 am
to a vote, watch this get blocked on the 60 vote threshold, by republicans, and then presumably ask for vote to overrule the chair on that ruling on the 60 vote threshold. >> i think it should be coming as no surprise, earlier in the year, only a handful of republicans can bring themselves to do the right thing on the impeachment trial of donald trump. just a couple of months ago not one republican could bring themselves to vote, or to even have a discussion, or debate, about voting rights on the floor about the senate. they cannot bring themselves to support this tailored focus voting rights measure, then that should answer the question to anybody, any citizen, any democrat, about how genuine republicans are about protecting your right to vote. if they can't have it both ways, they can't come to the senate and say to protect the bipartisan both basis. and then
12:35 am
become complicit when republican senate, are undermining the right to vote and access to the ballots. if it means getting rid of the filibuster, or getting it out of the way, to preserve our right to vote, then that's where we're gonna have to. do >> senator manchin has said this year that there could be some modifications to the 60 vote threshold rule, is it likely that senator manchin will vote for a modification to the 60 vote rule when it comes to voting rights legislation only, so that he can get this bill through with 50 democratic votes, plus vice president harris vote? >> lawrence, are you suggesting that they're some tea leaves to be right here? i think he is providing, short of abolishing the
12:36 am
filibuster there, a reform. a term of resumption of the filibuster in some way around the 60 vote trash hold, for those as fundamentally important as our right to vote. anybody who wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, that they are genuine i want to work with us on, this they have had their answer, and we just got it again. >> california senator alex padilla thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you lawrence >> and coming up in a phone call with the chairman, and the chief of staff about preventing donald trump from using nuclear weapons when he was president, speaker nancy pelosi says. i hope you can prevail in the in saying snail pit of the oval office and the crazy family as well. we'll have more on what was happening in that snake pit
12:37 am
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12:40 am
after the trump mob's attack on the capitol, house speaker nancy pelosi called the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley, and
12:41 am
said quote, i hope you can prevail on the insane snake pit from the oval office and the crazy family as well. you would think there'd been an intervention by now. the republicans have blood on their hands and everybody who enables him to do what he does has blood on their hands in the dramatic effect for our country. this man is a knot everybody knows it and nobody will act upon it. we've been taken over by a dictator who used force against another branch of the government. and he still sitting there. he should've been arrested. he should've been arrested on the spot. he had a coup d'état against us so he can stay in office. there should be some way to remove him. during the call, general milley repeatedly said, he agreed with speaker pelosi. general milley promised the speaker that he personally would block any attempt by donald trump, to use nuclear weapons or launch any kind of military attack on another country, in order to create a crisis that he would then try
12:42 am
to use to keep himself in office. all of that is revealed in the new book peril, coauthored by washington post bob woodward, and robert costa. according to the book two days after, he called his counterpart in the chinese military to try to maintain calm between the two countries, when it seems so chaotic in washington. general milley said quote, we are 100% steady, everything is, fine but democracy can be sloppy sometimes. general milley assured the chinese general, that donald trump would not attack china as a way of trying to hold on to power. according to the book, general milley said this, quote, general li, you and i have known each other for now five years. if we are going to attack, i am going to
12:43 am
call you ahead of time. it's not going to be a surprise. donald trump issued a written statement tonight saying that if general milley said that he should be charged with a crime for quote, telling china that he would give them notification of an attack. the book, described general milley, convening a meeting with top military leaders to review a procedure for launching nuclear weapons, at that meeting general milley said quote, no matter what you are told, you do the procedure. you do the process and i'm part of that procedure, then he went around the room asking each officer for confirmation they understood, he looked them in the eye. got it, millions he asked. yes sir. milley considered an oath. joining us now is an nbc news and analyst, host in an executive producer of showtime's the circus. also with us maria, president and ceo of voto latino an msnbc contributor. here is general milley once again, a major
12:44 am
source in a book telling about what it was like, in the snake pit as nancy pelosi calls it, with donald trump. general milley is now the focus of donald trump's wrath again, with this statement tonight saying that if what he's saying in here he actually said, then general milley should be charged with a crime. the milley versus trump battle continues. >> yes lawrence, it's like a battle of not just an adult, but an adult who is supremely concerned, scared, terrified, putrefied, mortified, about the state of the country in the moments after the november election, and particularly in the moments after the january 6th insurrection, that adult trying
12:45 am
to make sure that the child's, inwards than child, the demented child in the white house, would not reek havoc or cause vengeance, or possibilities that are running through his, mine that's how you can characterize it. here you have someone who cared a lot about the country, and someone who cared nothing about it only about himself. and milly's story, as conveyed by this book, vividly and other books we've had in the last couple of months, has been very consistent throughout. i will say, the thing you know trump enjoyed the most about that statement is he got to call general milley, dumb ass, in the statement. which is kind of just about a good illustration of why general milley was so concerned about the state of affairs in that period. and i will say once again, reading the accounts, we all now learn every time one of these stories come, out how much closer to the brink we were than we understood. and how much we owe people like general million others, the few remaining adults in charge of that point, for having the country's best interest at heart and being there in case the worst
12:46 am
happened. >> marie according to them bob woodward and robert costa reporting, mike pence did the right thing on january 6th, which by the way it was the only thing he could do, i'm not sure why anyone gets credit for doing the thing that's the only thing you are legally allowed to do, and we call that the right thing, but he did it, only after desperately trying to find a way to do the wrong thing. and help install donald trump in a fall second term. there is a passage here with mike pence, speaking to former vice president dan quail, who was the last republican vice president who had to in effect, be part of the certification of his own ticket's loss of the reelection campaign. and so here's dan quail telling mike pence, mike you have no flexibility on this. none. zero. forget it, put it away quail said, pence said i know, that's what i've been trying to tell trump and said, but he
12:47 am
really thinks he can, and there are other guys in there saying, i've got this power, and quail said no you don't. just stop. it murray, one of the interesting investigative routes for the january six committee in the house, is who are the other guys, who are the other people in the white house who pence is referring to right, there who were saying that mike pence does have this power? >> i think first before we go, there who would've thought that it would be dan quail who would save our democracy, lawrence. and all seriousness, i think there is a lot of republicans that have been whispering behind closed doors, at the end of the day they came forward and said they had this authority, i would say ted cruz is one of, them anyone who voted against the certification that day, of january six. those are the republicans that behind closed doors, in the congressional side we're seeing that the president had this authority. then you also had
12:48 am
more information in the book where it was that he knew, pence knew it was the wrong thing to do, he was allowed himself to be bullied, and what was going to be the most important day of his life he left a legacy, but it was because he was pushed by a previous vice president, who had done things and pushed him to do the right thing, and what you said lawrence, there is no congratulations for doing his job, that's demanded by the constitution, if anything, we should actually have a moment of pause, that he even had to have a conscience through dan quail to do the right thing. >> john you're in los angeles tonight. i'm assuming this sunday nights episode of the circus on showtime will be all about the recall. >> i wouldn't necessarily say all about the recall, but a big chunk for sure. i was out there with joe biden and gavin newsom, -- and
12:49 am
jaime harrison, the whole democratic, state local and national leadership in long beach last night and it's my home as you know, it's my home state los angeles is my home, city i'm happy to be out here. but we are using the recall to get it some larger themes. talking about a lot of this backlash against the biden administration's vaccine mandate, in the fact that larry elder is doing what he's doing right, now bringing the big lie to california, creating a slightly less big lie, but letting us know, putting us all on notice that this is now s. o. p. for the gop. we will be seeing in 2022. 2024 and beyond. if republicans are losing, they will claim fraud. and that's another one of the unfortunate legacies of donald trump and we will see a i'm afraid, we've already seen a, here amiss think will see it and even even louder way tomorrow, if gavin newsom prevails, and we expect he will. >> john reporting from los angeles tonight, this
12:50 am
circus return sunday night to showtime, thank you very much for joining us, thank you both. >> thank you. lawrence >> thank. you coming up it's rare for donald trump to speak without, lying it's even more rare for donald trump to stop telling a particular lie that he has already told. we'll show you the lie, that donald trump said once, and never again. the lie that even donald trump is afraid of repeating. that's next. of repeating. that's next. that's next. when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep.
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or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. and you can pay as little as $0 if eligible for your first 2 prescriptions. when bipolar i overwhelms, captain patrick brown ran into vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. the north tower in the world on 9/11 leading his two firefighters from ladder. after the south tower collapse the fire department ordered firefighters to evacuate the north town. in a recorded radio respond, to the ordered to evacuate the north tower, pat brown said this. >> this is the officer of letter company three i refuse the order. i have too many burned people here with me, and i'm not leaving them.
12:55 am
>> that is the kind of pain and loss, and heroism. that was being commemorated on saturday ground zero by president biden, and two former presidents, and thousands of the loved ones of people who lost their lives in 9/11. president george w. you bush joins in shanksville pennsylvania, for flight 93 was brought down. as well as passengers who did not let the hijackers fly that plane to washington where it could have destroyed the capital or the white house. donald trump did not participate in any of the commemorations, he dropped by a fire station very close to his manhattan home. for photo op with a few firefighters, he told a few jokes there before heading off to florida for a paid day, on 9/11. as a commentator for pay-per-view boxing match. which the new york times good scribe as, three hours of trump recalling different boxers eve
12:56 am
known and been friends with, before too depressing top bout, both over in the first round, each of which featured one washed up fighter beating another. the man who claimed to be a billionaire, did that on 9/11. because he apparently things he needs the money. in the reports of donald trump 's visit to the fire station near his home. it does not appear that he told the firefighters any of his usual lies about his experience on 9/11. he told a new one last week on one of these more skewers trump supporting tv networks. >> well i was down there right after the event and i brought a big crew of people down. and i helped, a lot of people helped, and those first responders are very brave. i'm telling you, we were here in creeks. i've never forgotten. it there, was i think the united states still building was called at the. time it 50 stories tall, and we
12:57 am
heard. creeks i said that it is going to come down and two big pharma and grabbed me, and grabbed other people, and they just moved out of the area. never came down, but i never heard a noise like that. >> no he never heard a noise like that because that never happened. none of that happened. it's all a lie. he was not down there after the event, he did not help, he did not hear any creaking building. but he did do after not 11 was not about contributing to charitable funds, for the victims of 9/11. and donald trump told his worst lie about 9/11, when he was running for president in 2016. >> how did you keep us safe in the world -- the world, excuse me, i lost hundreds of friends. >> as soon as he said that during the self carolina did they'd, i tweeted that that was a lot. i knew it was impossible that donald trump lost hundreds of friends on 9/11, donald trump
12:58 am
was following my tweets closely in those states because. i was just about the only member of the news media at that time, who was hauling his lies, lies. he attacked me on twitter of course, but he paid attention to my tweets in those days. so the next morning on week the press, he changed his life, about losing hundreds of friends on 9/11. >> i was there, i lost many many friends in the tragedy. >> and as soon as he said that i tweeted that that was also a lie. donald trump knew he was caught in that lie. but he also knew i was the only one who caught him. and so he never said it again. for less than 24 hours, donald trump lied about losing friends on 9/11, and then never said it again for fear of being caught, by all the major news organizations in that despicable lie. donald trump lost zero friends on 9/11. donald trump attended zero 9/11
12:59 am
funerals. zero. donald trump tried to steal the grief of all the families who lost someone on 9/11. he tried to steal the grief of all the thousands and thousands of people who lost loved ones and dear friends and coworkers on 9/11. donald trump tried to steal their grief so that he could exploit that grief as his own, in a political campaign debate. presidential historians for clues to the character of american president, future historians will find nothing that illuminate the depravity of donald trump more vividly than his lie that he lost hundreds of friends on 9/11. ally so vile that even donald trump is afraid to repeat.
1:00 am
thanks for joining us this hour we got up early the book is called peril it is by washington post journalist barr rewarded and robert costa it bob word woodward and bob costa. we've obtained a copy tonight, evidence of speed-reading here, a rachel maddow specialty. this book has important news in it. what this book is about broadly speaking the peril it's describing in its title is just how fraught and dangerous the period was for the country surrounding the 2020 election and immediately thereafter. and in the broader possible strokes, of course, we know it was fraught and dangerous, right? we had our national capitol come under a violent attack. but the thing that is so bracing and nerve-wracking and important about this new book is what it reveals about how much worse it


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