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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  August 22, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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and the painy important on a rescue flight. there heroic efforts made by th american medics to ensure its safe delivery. >> i believe totally in your freedoms, i you have to do what you have to do, but i recommend take the vaccines. i did it. it's good. >> after weeks of silence, months of silence, trump once again t urges his followers to o the covid vaccine. howe they took his message is another story. we'll show you their reaction from last night's rally. >> as we do say good morning, it is sunday, august 2nd. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. all eyes are on the northeast i
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believe this is new haven, connecticut. rhode island, new york. >> six states in all will be impacted by this storm. it will feel the brunt of this storm. rain coming down as you can see in new haechb. >> other video we can show you throughout the hour of storm surges already. we have a team of reporters.rt we're going to begin with hurricane henri getting ready to crash into the northeast coast. expected to make landfall within a few hours. can see janessa webb there, poor thing hanging on to a railing from then strong wind d rain. long island, southern new england are bracing for a direco hit for the first time in 30 years. as we saw from janessa's live shot, areas are already experiencing initial impacts. look at this video from new york city. eastern parkway behind the
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brooklynhi library. >> people in henri's path are emptying shelves like this one at a walmart in connecticut where flashlights are usually stocked. those close to the coast boarding up windows and in some kiess evacuating. new york governor andrew cuomo declaring emergencies in parts of new york state. warning this could be as devastating as superstorm sandy in 2012. >> superstorm sandy, which we all remember, was also a category 1 when it hit new york state so just to put it into perspective how serious this is. >> janessa webb and bill karins. what's the latest on the path of the storm? >> breaking news from the hurricane center. it is now a tropical storm.
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henri is no longer a hurricane and we will not have a hurricane making landfall in new england for the first time since 1991. that was hurricane bob. this will make landfall as a tropical storm. now the effects are pretty much going to be the same, just more for the history books. 75 miles per hour versus 70 miles per hour, you're not going to notice much of a difference. again, it is a tropical stofrmt and as far as what the comments you just heard there from governor cuomo of new york, this isn't even comparable to hurricane sandy. hurricane sandy was an entirely different beast. a huge, immense storm. this is not that storm. this is going to be a tropical storm. it will have impacts with wind at land fall. tropical storm henri.
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65 miles north of montauk. it was supposed to slow down a little more than s this. landfall looking like 2 p.m. or 1 p.m. landfall may occur as early as 11 a.m.? noon? maybe even as early as 10 a.m. you can do the math yourself. only three hours from landfall if it doesn't slow down. it should asl little bit. as far as the forecast, landfall sometime around noon. it may be slightly earlier than that. as far as watches and warnings go, these will be changed. there will no longer be hurricane warnings in effect because it'se no longer a hurricane. predicted winds, it could get into the 70 to 80 mile per hour winds.le i think it will be tough to get
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the 70 to 70 mile per hour wind gusts on long island. the wind totals have to be dropped. the reason that's important because wind gusts, 50-mile-per-hour plus with leaves on the trees to start getting widespread power outages. from islip to new york city, i don't expect any power outages. best chance of power outages in rhode island. storm surges continue even going down from a hurricane to a tropical it's not going to change. we're approaching high tide and as we go throughout the next couple of hours we will see the storm surge occurring. high tide in the next two hours. we're lucky this storm hasn't sped up anymore. then we would be talking about storm surge with the high tide.
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the tide should be going out as we watch the storm surge. >> let's check with janessa to see what it's looking like out ons long island. janessa? >> kendis, first and foremost, i'm okay and my crew is okay. we are just seeing this torrential rain. the reason why i'm bending down, when i stand up, we have seen a dramatic change in the last hour. it is t belting rain that is making its way across west hampton beach that you are currently seeing. now just in the last 15 to 20 minutes as bill said, we're seeing the storm system continuing to move pretty quickly. the visibility is really reduced in this area, but what we've really noticed, the rain. man, it has come down and it's very torrential at this time. also, we've been dealing with kind of a lull in the weather pattern so we're dealing with that mixture of calm conditions and then it picks up bhuns again.
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the winds, they've been around 30 toee 40 miles per hour but t biggest difference is definitely the rainfall. if you can see out there, as i turn my tback, you can see the pelting rain across this area, but the seas, they are starting to pick up. we'll continue to watch that storm surge as high tide cycle is expected to come in. kendis. >> janessa, we'll continue to watch t. be safe out there. bill karins, thank you. let's bring in ken grant. what are you going to be looking for over the next few hours? >> yeah, we're getting that rainfall already producing some flooding in some areas. i've seen some of those flash flood warnings. we're looking at that with time. 40-mile-an-hour winds at narragansett. winds at block island, 50-mile-an-hour gusts. pretty significant winds associated with this already. thatth heavy rainfall, it's so
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important we remind everybody. no such thing as a tropical storm. we only adjusted the winds by 5 miles an hour. >> what areas are you most concerned t about? we did hear from bill, it won't necessarily be like superstorm sandy, but what concerns you the most as you're watching this? >> i mean, look at this radar. just seeing this intense rainfall. we havese rainfall headed for boston which had so much rain as far away as new jersey. it's the intense rain. looking at the rain that can fall. it will make landfall. some areas will get 4 to 6 to 10 inches of rain. small gusts could knock down trees. saturated soil and more rain on top of that. some of the storm surge as well. that's still yet to come. you have the surge coming in and places could get 3 to a 5 feet
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of storm surges. >> the third wettest july in some parts. new york city. then you had fred just last week, remnants rolling through and now this. this seems to be the scenario for a bad situation. >> it is. we're so sat curated. we've had fred. you've had some other rainfall, even last night. you saw some of those totals to 2, 3, 4 inches of rain already. so much moisture in the atmosphere righth now. it doesn't take much to squeeze out this rain. tropical rain is so different. it's so efficient. 4 to 6 inches of rain on saturated soil. >> even 4 inches can cause flash flooding.
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new york city is not going to get a direct hit from henri, not even close. already seeing plenty of the impacts on flooded streets of new york. these are some steps at the brooklyn library near eastern parkway. i used to run up these steps as a kid. wouldn't do it now. just because i'm old. but -- >> some weigh stations, reports
4:15 am
that they're flooded as well. in connecticut, they declared a state of emergency. evacuation orders are underway for people who live on the coast there. one of the electric companies saying some could lose power for up to three weeks. joining us in new london, connecticut, kathy parks. what are your conditions like and how is connecticut preparing? >> reporter: hey, lindsey. good morning to you. right now we are kind of in a bit of a lull. so henri obviously is heading this way and there seems to be a pattern where we get dumped with a lot of rain and then there is just a light drizzle which we are seeing right now. obviously you can see behind me the beach is closed indefinitely until the storm passes and yesterday, this is, you know, a much different scene from what we saw yesterday because this beach was pretty much packed. towards the evening hours a lot of people were obviously heading on out of here and preparing for the storm. moving ahead, the biggest
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concern in connecticut obviously is flooding, especially in the coastal areas and the low lying areas, that's why you have mandatory evacuation orders in place as well as power outages. we're not talking about hours in some of these places. officials are warning people could be without power for several days. yesterday we saw a lot of people stocking up on the essentials. we were at a nearby hardware store and they were picking up flashlights, batteries, generators were pretty popular items. that is something they are gearing up for, the extended power outages. if sandy was any indication, a lot of memories from that time. we are told especially on this beach, ocean beach park, we're told the water got to the boardwalk which is right below us. debris was scattered everywhere. this beach didn't look anything like this. the beach was closed for a week.
4:17 am
obviously that is something they don't want a repeat of. officials held a press conference. emergency activation system is activated. they are telling folks to hunker down, not to be on the roadways especially when the storm gets closer to our area in the noon hour. back to you. >> kathy park, you and your crew stay safe. hopefully you have some cover and can get dry. thank you so much. long island residents are also bracing for the hurricane. >> let's bring in nassau county executive laura curran. henri is quickly moving in on long island, at least off the coast after governor cuomo declared a state of emergency. what measures are in your way right now? >> we have our office of emergency management activated. as you've been reporting, the
4:18 am
ground has been saturated by rain. we are coastal communities, prone to flooding. our dpw crews have been clearing storm drains, making sure the stormwater outfalls are clear so the drainage can be as functional as possible. we're working with our local partners, our state partners. the good news for us here in nassau county is the storm is tilting a little bit to the east. we probably won't see as much flooding on our south shore but our north shore can be used to flooding coastal communities. that makes it unacceptable when the power companies say they'll need 7 to 10 days to respond to power outages. have they responded? >> yes. they are scouring the country because they've gotten more crews in.
4:19 am
they learned from the tropical storm last year which was a total disaster. they know all eyes are watching them and the problem is as an island, we have big trees and we have above the ground power lines and when the trees fall, the power lines fall. at this point we've been through this so many times i'm expecting our utilities to be up to the challenge. >> when superstorm sandy hit in 2012, there were notices well in advance warning about the storm. with henri's shifting trajectory, less notice this time frankly. are you worried that many of the 1.4 million residents didn't have enough time to prepare? >> you know, we've been through this so many times it's not our first rodeo and i think people who live in those coastal communities prone to flooding, prone to storm surge and they know how to get ready. we talk about it all the time.
4:20 am
if you have to evacuate, know your evacuation plan. have plans for your pets. people have been through this before and they know the drill. it has been unpredictable and it has changed but we're ready for that. >> leave it there with laura curran who has a lot to do, even with the storm a little bit off shore from where you are in nassau county. thank you so much. escape plan, shakeup, new threats in afghanistan have the u.s. thinking how they get evacuees to the airport. the extra manpower they're anticipating. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community.
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in afghanistan the chaos at the kabul airport is intensifying. seven afghan civilians have been killed in a stampede there as people try to flee the country amid the taliban takeover.
4:25 am
>> the u.s. state department said five flights left from kabul yesterday on their way to the u.s. >> flights are continuing to go full of afghan refugees. there was an incredible miracle on board one of those evacuation flights after it landed in germany. a woman nine months pregnant gave birth to a baby. the pilot flew at a lower air pressure to save the woman's life reducing air pressure. >> reporter: it's been an hour and the containers -- the only british lines. things have calmed down quite a lot. i think people are beginning to understand if they're rioting, shouting, screaming, rushing at the front there's no way they can get anything done. the process is taking place here. let's go towards the americans.
4:26 am
this pen has been slightly empty. this is the area where if they're going to the united states they're getting processed. the united states will only accept people with passports, visas or green cards. pretty much everyone else, they're on their own. they can't cope with the numbers they're trying to get into the states. it was always more than the united kingdom. these people have been here for days probably. it is actually quite remarkable. thousands upon thousands are in here. they're surrounded by american soldiers. the britts are over here. it is calmer than it was yesterday. it was hard yesterday. much better than it was yesterday. the message has to get through to the people, if you don't just wait, there is no way they can
4:27 am
process anyone. it is miserable. not much water. they've been in there for hours, some of them days. all the time you get the sense that this air operation, this relief operation has a limited time in it. there's much discussion amongst politicians whether it can be suspended. a lot of that will have to do with what the taliban has to say. it's grim work, it's calmer but that could change at any time. >> our thanks to stewart there. people are waiting for any kind of opportunity. hours from now president biden will update everyone. we're learning about a stunning new development. >> the u.s. military now resorting to alternate ways to get americans to the airport in kabul because of threats by an isis offshoot. it is known as isis k. officials won't give anymore details about the threats but describe them as significant. according to the washington
4:28 am
post, this threat is prompting the pentagon to consider moving rescue operations outside the kabul airport. nbc news correspondent josh fedderman is joining us from his post at the white house. the president will meet with his national security team ahead of the remarks this afternoon as well. >> reporter: that's right, kendis. several hours we expect to hear from president biden for an update from the white house where the president is on the hook to explain what is a gargantuan task, how they're going to be able to accomplish that given it is becoming harder and harder by the day. at first it was a bottleneck issue where they ran out of room in the airbase in doja and then they had to scramble to find other places to take them into trans sis. there's now isis k, the corasan
4:29 am
group. they're sworn enemies of the taliban, but this is creating all kinds of hurdles for the u.s. as they have to find some other way to get americans and potentially afghan allies to the airport. we've seen one incident where several chinnok helicopters left the compound and went a couple hundred feet to rescue people trying to get to the airport for evacuation. this is a complicated mission under the most dangerous of missions. we expect we may hear from the president about a new potential program where the defense department would actually enlist u.s. commercial airlines like delta, united, american to fly potentially tens of thousands of people from that he is transit hubs such as in qatar and bahrain and wherever else
4:30 am
they're going. the airlines have been put on notice by the defense department they're probably going to be needed. if they absolutely have to, the government can invoke a special law to force these airlines to fly with this, although they are hoping the airlines will voluntarily agree to use their aircraft and their crews to ferry some of these tens of thousands of people who need to get out of afghanistan back to the united states or to some other safe location, kendis. >> they are clearly desperate times. josh ledderman, thank you. for more on afghanistan, let's bring in the illinois representative, raja murthi and joel reuben. welcome to both of you. congressman, i do want to start with you. according to the u.s. intelligence, this isis threat is real and significant. it's prompting the pentagon to
4:31 am
consider moving troops out of the kabul airport to help to get americans out. how big is this operation going to get? how dangerous is it right now from what you're learning? >> it's dangerous and i'll be learning more tomorrow at the intelligence briefing. two days ago i have been asked by family and people to help them get out. we had a family show up and they were told to show up for an evacuation and getting there is extremely dangerous. now we have to clear the
4:32 am
bottleneck at the airport and probably go outside the perimeter and ferry others to safety. >> that can't be a very -- that's no doubt a risky mission right there. joel, i want to talk to you and get more information on the isis threat. you were deptism assistant secretary of state during the obama era. give us a sense of how bad it might be. >> kendis, it's great to be with you and the congressman. isis is clearly always a threat. it's a threat that we in the united states never take our eyes off of. and back in the period in the obama administration when isis was over iraq we were very aggressive in combatting it. i think we've seen the united states overall is able to work with our allies, we're able to work with our intelligence seas
4:33 am
and the taliban so there are a lot of factors and take advantage of an opportunity, harming familiar tlims and i think that our military and intelligence assets understand how to take on that threat. one should not be surprised. president biden's move to move us out of afghanistan is the right one. this was not going to be easy. now we're seeing the results of how hard this can be. i'm confident we have to plan to combat isis. >> since you're on it, would your old boss have done it the same way president biden is doing this? this same extraction, would it have played out like obama.
4:34 am
>> this extraction is unprecedented. imagine air lifting thousands of people out of a hostile environment in a repetitive manner day after day after day with as the report showed physical harm and challenges that those who are trying to leave are facing. i think, yes, we would have seen president obama in a similar dynamic pulling out refugees and others in a similar situation but that wasn't the case back in 2014, 2015 in iraq and also i want to point out, this is really important to remember. right now republicans are choosing politics over patriotism when it comes to the refugees. they're not providing the support and the political space of president biden to get the job done. six years ago they came. >> listen, there's a delicate
4:35 am
situation on the ground now. there are times to talk politics and discuss what happened in the past. there are desperate americans who are on the ground right now who are being beaten. congressman, you will get a classified briefing tomorrow and you got one a few days ago. they said americans are being harassed and beaten. you've called the situation heartbreaking. have you reached out to the white house to say, do better? >> absolutely. i think right now -- first of all, i want to say a special thank you to all the men and women who are on the ground in our armed forces who are securing the airport. they cannot be blamed for anything they are being reinserted into it. i have to say there's been an intelligence failure on a massive scale. we should have simply hustled with the thousands and thousands
4:36 am
of afghan allies we knew we had to rescue from the country. at this point what we have to do is get them to third party countries. there are 13 countries according to secretary blinken willing to host them, at least temporarily. then let's do the processing there. secondly, we have to streamline the process for these people to apply for refuge. the siv, special immigrant visa status process takes 14 steps. for gosh sakes, alcoholics anonymous is a 12-step process. why it should be more complicated is beyond me. we have to rescue our people and afghans. >> i hope the white house is getting your message and help is on the way hopefully. congressman and joel rubin, thank you. good to see you both. we continue to keep our eye on tropical storm henri. on the left we have a live look
4:37 am
at help ri. -- henri. cape cod is not expected to get the brunt of it. how can we get a picture of just how strong henri is shaping up to be? we're going to ask the guy who flew through it yesterday. this hurricane hunter details his rocky ride next. are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help. align contains a quality probiotic developed by gastroenterologists. it adds more good bacteria to your gut to naturally help soothe your occasional bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. support your digestive health with align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic.
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we're back with the latest on henri. downgraded to a tropical storm. don't use that. our next guest flew through the storm this weekend as it made its way north. >> nick underwood is a hurricane hunter as well as an aerospace engineer. he's with nasa. that was video from his flight. you spent nine hours in the air. what did you see during your flight? did anything concern you? >> at the time it was certainly a developing storm. henri was really starting to get his act together. thankfully this morning as you said, it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. folks at home should listen to national updates and do the best they can to keep themselves and the neighbors in place. >> you are was if develop
4:42 am
developed at the time? it was unusually bumpy for you. why was that? >> the weaker storms, category 1s and hurricanes tend to be the bummier rides. more powerful hurricanes are more established. they have their horizontal wind fields. there are a lot of up drafts and down drafts. there's a lot of wind sheer and dry air. that led through a bumpy ride and in clear air around it. it was one of the bumiest i was in. you can see for a second you got a little bit of zero gravity. this is sort of stuff that billionaires spend a lot of money to get, right there. a little bump from the drop. there it is. >> how much drama mean do you keep on -- no. serious question. what is the purpose of these
4:43 am
flights. gathering data. keeping people safe is number one. what do you do when you're up there? how does the data you gather keep us on the ground here? >> that is the whole point of these flights is to get into the storm and actually get data from it. so we have a crew of about 10 to 12 people on board, that includes pilots and navigators and meteorologists, electronic technicians and engineers like myself. we're all gathering accurate data and getting it to the national hurricane center on time so they can make this forecast as good as possible. the better the job we can do, the better the folks on the ground will be prepared. >> you can see the bumpiness. >> given your experience, what sort of warning do you want?
4:44 am
for the folks on the ground. even still going to be a lot of rain, potential for storm surge. folks in the past should do their best to listen to officials and we'll all get through this. >> nick underwood, thank you for the work you do. you risk safety, motion sickness for all of us here on the ground and we certainly do appreciate it. thank you for coming on and explaining what you do. hurricane watcher. >> thank you. vaccine push from an unlikely source. the former president. why trump world wasn't going for that pitch though. the sunday institute. dr. francis collins, they are joining us at 10 a.m. eastern.
4:45 am
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i think it's a very good idea. the cdc will be giving advice on who should be getting them first. nursing homes were in the front of the line. health care workers, we need to keep pro teching them. i think as the recommendations evolve, people will become eligible for them. i think it's a good idea. it will restore a lot of confidence in people in the
4:50 am
vaccine. >> dr. fauci said it would be a bad idea for people to jump ahead and get their booster shots before it's their turn. why is that? >> well, we'd like to do this in a reasonable and straightforward way and not confuse the the circumstances out there. local health departments will be telling us when it's time for us to get our boosters. and you know, we don't want to give them too soon. having time evolve is good for our immune system because a little bit longer actually turns out to be a little better in getting a stronger immune response. >> let's talk about where we are. you treat patients at vanderbilt in tennessee. they're seeing a shortage of icu beds in the state. tennessee reports the highest number of cases since january. do you see this getting worse before it gets better? >> oh, i'm afraid so. we're trending up. not a hot spot but we certainly are warming up. and we're seeing lots of younger adults being admitted now, and
4:51 am
children, too. to our children's hospitals. we need to get everybody who is not vaccinated, vaccinated. and i certainly hope full licensure of the pfizer vaccine will help us do that. >> more kids in hospitals and also seeing more cases of mis-c. why are we seeing more kids entering the hospital now that we have this delta variant? >> yeah, you got it. it's the delta variant. it's so contagious. it's seeking out everyone who is not yet been protected. younger adults and it's getting down into children also. more so than those earlier strains that we were dealing with. >> doctor, we know there's a lot of vaccine hesitancy in the south. former president trump was actually booed at his alabama rally last night after suggesting people should get the vaccine. let's listen. >> i recommend, take the vaccines. i did it. it's good. take the vaccines. but you got -- no, that's okay. that's all right.
4:52 am
you got your freedoms. but i happen to take the vaccine. if it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, okay? i'll call up alabama and say, hey, you know what? but it is working. you do have your freedoms. you have to maintain that. you have to maintain that. and you got to get your kids back to school. >> all right, doctor, how are we supposed to handle vaccine hesitancy when we have somebody that so many people who are hesitant and admire and he's telling them to get it, and they're booing him. >> it won't happen overnight. i'm so glad that the former president is out there promoting vaccination. i wish he'd do it in more sustained and clear fashion. we need local religious leaders, chamber of commerce, the rotary and kiwanis. we need leaders at every level promoting vaccination. >> certainly, doctor. and people like you. leaders like you who come on and
4:53 am
speak to us. dr. william schaffner, thank you for your time. still ahead -- we're keeping an eye on henri. we'll get one last check on its path before it makes landfall in just a matter of hours. at the top of the hour, maria teresa kumar is in for ali velshi and will speak with congressman gregory meeks who predicted that president biden's deadline to get americans out of afghanistan is not going to happen. it starts in just a few minutes. . that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build
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we're back with breaking news from washington, d.c., and it deals with afghanistan and confirms something we had been learning about a little bit earlier. the pentagon activating the civil reserve air fleet. basically means they'll be granting the department of defense access to commercial planes to help evacuate all of those people that are trapped right there in afghanistan. you see the scenes there at the airport. >> those evacuation efforts have only been getting further complicated by crowds at the airport. chaos ensuing. now threats from an offshoot group called isis k. so the federal government will tap american atlas delta, omni, hawaiian and united to get passengers from temporary safe havens and interim staging bases. we should mention this is the third activation in the history of the program. desert shield and storm and iraqi freedom were the other two. >> many of those planes and airlines being activated have
4:58 am
larger planes. atlas has a lot of 747s. many of these planes have been dormant due to the pandemic and now placed into action to try to get some folks out of afghanistan. henri is now tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at 70 miles an hour. >> just because it's been downgraded, experts tell us don't underestimate this impact. we're looking at the cone of concern here. bill karins has been telling us the -- to the right there of landfall is going to be where people need to be most concerned. that's where we'll see the strongest winds and storm surges. newport, rhode island is in for it. six states are on the lookout and right now we've already seen heavy rain and flooding from new york city to parts of long island. even before this has made landfall. >> tens of millions of people are feeling the impact of henry. this was even before the storm made its way near the new york city area. this is in brooklyn.
4:59 am
it is expected to be this sort of situation throughout the day for many people. >> thanks for watching "msnbc reports." >> we'll be back next weekend. "velshi" starts right now. today on "velshi," tropical storm henri is set to make landfall in a matter of hours. it will potentially bring a storm surge of up to five feet and strong winds fanning over 45 miles. we'll bring you the latest. plus, president biden set to give the nation an update on afghanistan this afternoon. the u.s. is now forced to look at alternative evacuation plans to get americans and allies out of afghanistan as the situation continues to unravel. and one florida mother is suffering the consequences of her governor banning basic safety protocols in the schools. how is president biden's approval holding up under all the pressure of the chaotic
5:00 am
withdrawal from afghanistan? and then resurgence of covid. a brand-new exclusive nbc poll drops at 9:00 a.m. eastern. we'll have all the detils right now. good morning. it's sunday, august 22nd. i'm maria teresa kumar in for ali velshi who is taking some much very deservedly time off. we begin with the latest on henri which has just been downgraded to tropical storm. it's still expected to cause dangerous conditions when it makes landfall in a matter of hours. let's get to meteorologist bill karins. we rarely see tropical storms hit the northeast. what can we expect? >> good morning. we're going to still see -- just because it got downgraded from 5 miles per hour, that's it. it's really not much of a difference. low category 1 and a strong tropical storm. still deal with the same storm sue.


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