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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 14, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we're not going to watch that. they're adjourned until labor day, which is in september. they left nothing in sight for coronavirus relief. we will be back with you tomorrow even if mitch mcconnell and the u.s. senate won't. "first look" is up next. with less than three months until the 2020 election, president trump is voicing opposition to postal service funding because of mail-in voting. also the president boasts a racial conspiracy theory saying kamala harris is not eligible to be on the vice president ticket. and also issuing mandatory mask orders. good morning, everybody. it is friday, august 14th, and i'm yasmin vossoughian.
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we're going to begin with the president adding new fuel to claims that he's trying to tip the scales of the election by sabotaging efforts to vote by mail. he went on the record yesterday admitting that he opposes additional funding for the post office because it would help mail-in voting. >> they want $3.5 billion for -- to mail in votes, okay, universal mail-in ballots. they want $25 billion, billion, for the post office. they need that money to have the post office work so they can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. in the meantime they're not getting there. by the way, those are just two items, but if they don't get those two item, that means you can't have mail-in universal voting because they're not equipped to have it. >> if the post office is not going to approve the bill and the post office won't have the money and they're not going to approve a big bill, a bigger
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bill, and they're not going to have the $3.5 billion for the universal mail-in votes, how can you have those votes. >> negotiations are still ongoing about whether to get more money to the postal schls why not put more resources and more money yourself, find a way to do that to make sure they -- >> they didn't do it very easily. all they have do is make a deal. if they make a deal, the postal service is taken care of, the money they need for the mail-in ballots would be taken care of if we agree to it. that doesn't mean we agree to it. but all they have do is make a deal. >> all right. so the president's remarks follows reporting from the "washington post" that, quote, the republican and national committee are pursuing unprecedent effort to limit mail-in ballots before the november election, spending tens of millions of dollars on
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lawsuits and advertising aimed at restricting. >> the first ladies asked for absentee ballots. that's the first time that i've requested it. trump's mar-a-lago resort is shown as the president's legal resident. joe biden is now hitting back after the president's signal that he's against more funding for the post office. watch this. [ indiscernible ] what do you think about that? >> pure trump. >> okay, guys. come on, come on. >> he doesn't want an election. >> the biden camp also put out a
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statement not to fund the postal service, reading in part this. this is an assault on our democracy by a desperate man o who's terrified that the american people will force him to confront what he's done everything in his power to escape for months, responsibility for his own actions. and nancy pelosi also hit back on the postal service. >> the president is afraid of the american people. he's been afraid for a while. he knows on the legit, it would be hard for him to win, so he wants to put up obstacles. we don't agonize, we organize. the reality is if he refuses to honor the sacred right of the t vote, if he wants to undermine the post office for the moment -- we'll be here in january -- that's most unfortunate. >> all right. so as coronavirus cases
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continues to surge across the country, the united states is cutting back on testing. according to axios, nationally, the daily number of tests performed is about 17% lower than it was at the end of july with testing also declining in the hard-hit states. although they say it's done that, it's hindered the country's response. at the end of july, the country was conducting more than 800,000 tests a day. this week. it hovered at 715,000. the number of positive test results are still high, indicating more tests need to be conducted. also in an interview with "national geographic," dr. anthony fauci said he's not happy with the state of the outbreak in the united states. >> unless we all pull together
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to get that down and we don't have disparities in some states are doing this and some states are doing that, we're going to continue to have this up and down, so that's the thing that i'm concerned about because i believe we can. we have it within our power to be able to get that down. bottom line is i'm not pleased with how things are going. >> and with no coronavirus economic relief deal in sight, the senate hassed a jaurned until after labor day, mitch mcconnell acknowledging the talks between the house and the white house are still at a standstill. they'll return to the capitol to vote if a deal is reached while on break. this means americans will have to wait for weeks before another round of stimulus checks is made available by the federal government. all right. joining me now, white house and washington reporter for politico, daniel lippman. this is not good news for
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americans across the board who need that money, who need that help right now. when you're looking at a possible $300 of additional insurance instead of the $600 they used to v needing more stimulus checks at this point, and also heading likely into a wave 2 when we're not even done with a wave 1, what are the main roadblocks here, and could they get something done while they're on recess? that recess, i believe, going until september 14th. >> yeah. this is a very long time, and i think there's going to be some phone talks every so often, but the main obstacle is democrats will want to spend a trillion dollars more than republicans do, and republicans are maybe at 1.5, democrats at 3.5. if you meet in the middle at
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2.5, you might have a deal. democrats feel like the pressure on the public will only increase as more americans realize they're not getting enough money from their unemployment checks, and it's in the republicans' interest to have this big economic stimulus right before president trump's re-election, because a weak economy hurts trump. it's very ironic republicans -- it's almost like they don't want trump to win. >> that's an interesting point actually. let's talk about this post office funding or the lack thereof. much of the reaction you saw online was that the president basically said the quiet part out lout, that he does not want to fund the post office because he does not want mail-in balloting for the election. it's astounding to me he wants millions to go to the polls when we will for all intents and
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purposes be dead smack in the midst of wave 2 of the pandemic or wave. what kind of reaction are you hearing about the president's latest talk or what he's been saying about mail-in voting and wanting fwlok funding for the post office, additional funding. >> yeah. i think republicans don't like what he's saying because it hurts the republican brand and also they need to have people have faith in the mail-in voting system because there are a lot of elder republicans, older republicans, who are going to need to vote by mail. they don't want to go to the polls. and so -- and they've already tried to advertise mail-in voting for florida, for voters there, and trump himself has tweeted about that. so this is not going to help him electorally. so it's more about, you know, basically casting doubt on the
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legitimacy of his loss if he indeed loses, and so it may be less about actually trying to steal the election than blaming mail-in ballots when he actually does lose. >> it's incredibly worrisome, i think, across the board. i think many americans are feeling that as well as we look toward the november election and wanting this to be a fair election, everybody having access to vote. daniel lippman, stay close. thank you, my friend. still ahead, the justice department accusing gayle university of admissions bias. we're going to bring in legal analyst danny cevallos for that. and the president speak at the white house despite criticism it would be inappropriate. no surprises there. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back. k
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welcome back, everybody. the justice department is accusing yale university of a violation of civil rights law. a two-year investigation into the ivy league university has given too much weight when it comes to applications. in july of 2018 trump officials resinlded guidance from the obama administration on how schools could follow key court rulings to use race in selecting class. they told the doj it has no plans to change its admission practices on, quote, a hasty accusation. the university says its practices comply with decades of supreme court precedence with race as one of many factors for
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admissi admission. let's talk about this. joining me, msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. let's talk about the numbers on the screen for acceptances. how does a charge like this get leveled, in fact? break this down for us. >> the doj cites a statistic that asian-americans and white applicants are one-fourth to one-tenth as likely to get admissions as black applicants who are comparable applicants, and that last part is what vexed this issue by the supreme court issued many decades ago. what is that? is that straight up grade or a holistic view, looking at the entire student, were they in marching brand, were they in
2:16 am
done jens & dragons club -- hello, by the way -- what was it besides classes and grades. the supreme court has never really defined what exactly diversity is and what the goals of diversity are. >> i talked about number, and i want to bring that up. 20% of graduates are of asian decent, 14% hispanic, 8 percent are black, and 7% are multi racial. the administration, we know now,
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has rescinded the guidelines using those precedents. so where does that leave universities here? >> the obama-era guidelines were not law themselves. they were the executive branch's interpretation of the law. so they don't conflict or can't conflict with federal and supreme court precedent, and that goes all the way back to the late '70s in a supreme court case. university goals are about diversity, but it never defined what diversity is and what those goals are, so that leaves universities now with a morphous definition of what diversity is. they can consider race a factor, but at the same time, any race-based admission must satisfy a test called strict scrutiny. it must achieve a compelling
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government interest. if strict scrutiny applies, then someone like the university almost always loses because it's a very, very difficult test to satisfy. however, universities so far have been able to satisfy. >> danny cevallos, thank you, my friend. good to see you this morning. also the president's former counsel posts the fore word to his tell-all on his website revealing that the president once trusted him so much their cellphone contacts were 'nsync. he announced the day has finally arrived. i have waited a long time to share my truth. deputy morgenstern responds, michael cohen's book is fan
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fiction. he readily admits to lying routinely but expects people to believe him now so that he can make money from book sales. it's unfortunate that the media is exploiting this sad and desperate man to attack president trump. the book will be released on september 8th. still ahead, we'll tell you what to expect for the election. we're back in a moment. electio. we're back in a moment hem, it mr detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum.
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2:23 am
obama and barack obama and hillary clinton. quite a lineup there. and the dnc confirming both michael bloomberg and andrew yang will also be speaking next week. they confirmed yang will be added to the lineup for thursday. it's not clear which day bloomberg will speak. after they first unveiled their speaker lineup earlier this week yang expressed disappointment. he said, i've got to be honest. i kind of expected to speak. the national convention is expected to start monday and run through thursday. let's switch gears and get a first look at your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hi, bill. >> hey, good friday morning, yasmin. as we head into the weekend, there's a couple of weather headlines. it's going to be a mixed bag. in the west, at the peak of the fire season, many states have got blazes going. colorado for one has one fire
2:24 am
that's their fifth biggest in the state's history. look at this. 80 million people are under heat advisories and watches and it will spread. it's late in the summer too. you don't want to deal with this. 105 in dallas today. 116 in phoenix. sacramento, 107. and on saturday, even the pacific northwest, even portland, oregon, has a chance of being 100 degrees, which doesn't happen very often. other concerns, we've had really strong thunderstorms rolling through the northern plains. we still have one of those. one line of thunderstorms went through duluth. it looks like it's going to dissipate before it gets to st. cloud, minneapolis. a little slice of wisconsin and down through omaha. and we still have a quarter of a million people without power from the derecho in areas of
2:25 am
iowa and illinois. yesterday josephine did form. already on our j-named storm. earliest we've done that in our calendar year. it has a chance of maybe clipping bermuda. it looks to stay pretty weak. it's going to turn from the united states and misses puerto rico. it looks like we're safe from that storm, yasmin. for today forecast you want great weather, new york toward new england, you've got two nice days and rain on the weekend. weekend forecast coming up a little later. >> all right. thank you, bill. still ahead, everybody, with the election just months away, there are concerns over the postal service impacting mail-in ballots. and the president is promoting a new birther conspiracy about the vice president pick of kamala harris. we're back in a moment. s. we're back in a moment
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welcome back, everybody. we begin this half hour with new concerns about efforts to undermine mail-in voting and amid the pandemic. the united states postal service is reportedly removing mail sorting machines from facilities around the country without any explanation. "vice news" reporting that in many occasions these are the ones that would be used during the november election. 19 mail-sort machines from five processing facilities across the u.s. have either already been
2:30 am
removed or are scheduled to be in the near future. in a statement to nbc news, a spokespenn said this, normal adjustments, they routinely move equipment around to adjust to match changing mail and package volumes. some mail-in ballots might not be delivered on time because it's too tight. the warning came in a july 29th letter from the gentle counsel and executive vice president of the postal service to pennsylvania's secretary of state whose department oversees elections in that state. the letter was made public yesterday in a filing to the supreme court asking it to order that mail ballots be counted as long as they're received up to three days after november 3rd. so if the court agrees, the presidential election results may not be known for days after election night. many of us are preparing for
2:31 am
that. at a yesterday's coronavirus briefing the president appeared to legitimize a campaign against vice presidential candidate kamala harris. >> i heard it today that she doesn't meet the requirements. and, by the way, the lawyer that brought that piece is highly qualified and talented. i had no idea. i would assume the democrats would have checked that out before she gets chose on the run for vice president. >> okay. so let's clear this up here. the theory that senator harris is ineligible to serve is as false of a claim as president obama was not born in hawaii, but trump nevertheless said he would, quote, take a look. they're both lies, they're both false. a jothe fact is any person bornn
2:32 am
the united states regardless of their parents' nationality is a u.s. citizen. eastman says her parents had to be permanent residents at the time. the president trump plans to give his speech from the white house lawn. the president said he would visit the battlefield of the gettysburg and described a socially distanced speech at the white house. he said it would be, quote, a tremendous saving and cost since he lives there and he didn't like the idea of delivering an address at the battlefield in the middle of sum every. set to be held from august 24th
2:33 am
to august 27th. let's bring in once again daniel lippman. you touched on this earlier. let's revisit this, this concern about the post office, especially now deactivating mail sorting machines. you've got a lot of postal workers across this country up in arms raising a red flag saying this is not okay, this is not appropriate. how are lawmakers reacting? >> well, you've seen lawmakers from both sides, both democrats and republicans raise red flags and say this is outrageous. a lot of people rely on the postal service to get medications in the mail. they don't want to necessarily go to pharmacies in, you know, stores in person if they're over the age of 60 or 70. a lot of veterans receive medications that way. the people are basically saying
2:34 am
this is not going to -- this is going to lead to chaos at the polls, and they're urging the postal service to reverse some of these at time to make sure ballots get through to election -- observe election counters. >> also i want to suggest what the president has falsely said. i want to talk about it today and not address it again. the president says is of high standing. does this reflect the fact that they have no idea what to do with kamala harris or how to go about attacking her? because it seems as if -- since her name has been announced.
2:35 am
, they really don't know what to say about her. they don't know what to do with her, so the president is trying to push this blatantly false lie. >> i think many americans see through that. i don't think there's a ton of people who say -- who subscribe to the theory if you're born in california but your parents aren't full citizens, that you aren't eligible to, you know, run for vice president.
2:36 am
>> i want to thanklpqcq theq pì% the united em
2:37 am
rarkts two fantastic people. i look forward toñi hosting the at the white house very soon to probablyé@, i would say, the next threelpxd weeks, and they'll be coming to washington. >> so ine1 response, the palestinian government recalled itsxd ambassadorq from the uae a 9yali] and an aggression against the palestinian people. the deal comes as thefáok sunnib tt)h partner. all right. ci still ahead, everybody. there's a promoted mask mandate
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many of the cases in the south and the west may have been caused largely by reopenings and relaxing social distancing. also efforts to stop the effort, they called on governors across the country to issue mask-wearing mandates. >>ea every single american shou be wearing a mask when they're outside for the next three months at a minimum. every governor should mandate, every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing. theat mandate by the experts wi save over 40,000 lives in the next three months, 40,000 lives.
2:43 am
if people act responsibly. it's not about your rights. about your responsibility as an american. >> so the president dismissed biden's mandate saying, quote, putting left wing politics before facts and evidence. let's switch gears and get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, every day when i'm out and about in new york city, i have a mask on. i think it's so interesting it feels so normal now to wear a mask whereas eight months ago i couldn't imagine a life like this, putting onnen a mask every single day. it's true. in new york at least, i don't know where you are, but in new york every person onbu the stre has a mask on unless they're a baby. >> it's very common. i'm with you. but i can remember the first time i went to the grocery store
2:44 am
wearing a mask and how weird and strange it felt. it's amazing what you can get used to. one thing we don't want to get used to is the numbers where they currently sit. we've talked about how we've gotten into this groove with the same number of cases and deaths every day. we're not change much. we're at a stalemate. we're not going up, we're not going down. yesterday, 1,284 deaths were reported. we did drifts a little lower lt week, but we drifted back up this week. as i said, we're kind of stalemate right now on the deaths in the country. as far as cases, the same thing. far right of the blue line it's kind of flat. yesterday we reported 55,000 new cases right on the seven-day average of 54,503. we'll wait and see what happens. we had the reopening that.
2:45 am
was largely responsible for the july peak. and now that we're having the reopening of schools and return of schools in some areas of the country, we'll wait and see if we get another uptick in the weeks ahead. as far as the forecast, we're having showers and storms in s the mid-atlantic region an minnesota. as far as the weekend goes, it's not going to be a complete washout, but on and off, richmond, roanoke. and, yasmin, some of that rain could sneak up to new york and philadelphia for sunday. enjoy your friday and saturday. i can't promiseda you a beautif sunday. it's beenbe trending in the wro direction. >> i'll take whaten i can get. still ahead, job claims fall for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. and could a federal digital currency bera on the way. the stories driving your day, coming up. e stories driving you coming up.
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welcome back, everybody.
2:49 am
time now for business weekly. unemployment claims dipping below 1 million for the first time in 21 weeks since the coronavirus pandemic began. karen tso joining us from london. talk to us about the numbers from the department of labor. >> they're back below the 1 million mark since the paendemi hit back in march. what we're seeing is it fell by 228,000 to a seasonally adjusted 963,000 for the week ending the 8th of august. keep in mind that was below expectations. meantime others collecting from programs that fell to 15.5 million at the beginning of the month. these numbers are still huge, well above what we've had pre-covid, also the worst during the financial crisis. some saying the jobless benefit
2:50 am
claims is a sign that hiring is picking up and laying off is easing up. people are less incentivized to seek the claims because the $600 supplement had rolled off and was not to be renewed. without that supplement, the state level fell back to an average of $330 a week. when it comes to what the fed is up to, it's exploring its options around hypothetical digital currency. it's building and tracing this program, which is an alternative to cash. it is allowing the central bank to workshop and learn about these types of payment systems and having an understanding. before you get too excited about the launch of a digital dollar, this is work in progress and many legal hurdles to cross before there's any launch of a digital dollar. yaz yasmin. >> i want you to weigh in on fortnite suing google and apple
2:51 am
after it was banned from the tech companis' app stores. >> we've seen the response from apple to quick fortnite, which is a hit game off the app store. you see the developer unleashed the response because its launched an in-app system that skirts around the payments that the likes of apple and google have, and apple collects a 30% fee. and it's known this is what apple and google demand, increasingly the services make up the revenue so it's important for apple to protect its ecosystem but the timing is concerning because there's been anti-trust concerns around these. it's airing a protest video using the platform and mocking the practices from apple.
2:52 am
yasmin, back to you. >> thank you so much, karen. good to see you this morning. up next a look at axios' one big thing. and coming up, new efforts to undermine mail-in voting. new remarks from the president and what's happening on the ground. the senate adjourns without a deal on economic relief amidst the pandemic. and the president has another birtherism theory this time aimed at kamala harris. theory aimed at kamala harris and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopausal status. and it's the only one of its kind you can take every day. verzenio + fulvestrant is approved for women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer whose disease has progressed after hormonal treatment. diarrhea is common, may be severe,
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., national political reporter for axios, jonathan swan. good morning to you. good to see you this morning. >> you too. >> today's 1 big thing is this exclusive new biden ad that is launching today. let's watch a bit of it. >> we're seeing it again, the virus spreading out of control. the president once again failing to act. joe biden knows we need to
2:56 am
listen to medical experts and take action now. that starts by expanding testing, calling for mask mandates nationwide starting immediately and producing more protective gear here at home. fighting this virus will take a president ready to lead. >> i'm joe biden and i approve this message. >> jonathan, it was interesting because when we saw that inaugural moment with biden and harris the other day, they spoke a lot about the president's response, or lack thereof, to the coronavirus and the 160,000 plus people that have died because of what the president did not do. and it seems as if in this ad, it is just echoing that. their whole strategy going forward inside this campaign is attacking the president on his lack of response to this coronavirus.
2:57 am
it seems as if i have lost jonathan swan. is he having a tough time hearing me, guys? are we going to try to get him back? all right. so we're going to try to get jonathan swan back and have him weigh in on the ad and much more. we also have some poll numbers showing that kamala harris may have boosted joe biden just in the last couple of days. we want to get to that as well. and also the trump campaign's views on kamala harris and how they plan on going after her. we have a lot to cover with axios, so i want to get jonathan swan back. we'll go to break and be right back. ack. we'll go to break and be right back and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at soccer practices...
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mr. president, after three and a half years do you regret at all all the lying you've done to the american people? >> all the what? >> all lying, all the
3:00 am
dishonesties. >> that who has done? >> that you have done. >> please, please. >> okay. no answer. how do you answer that? pretty easy. you should regret it. president trump's nonanswer when asked about all the lying that he has done in office, "the washington post" kept a tally. it's just every single day. and now about a life and death crisis facing this country. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is friday, august 14th. with us we have columnist and editor of "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson. white house reporter for the associated press, jonathan lemire. columnist for "the washington post" david ignatius. national security expert and author of the book "the death of expertise" tom nickels.


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