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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 1, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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a busy saturday in washington, d.c. millions of unemployed americans have their ears to the beltway ground. along with the coronavirus aid ending friday, they need more. republicans and democrats remain at a stalemate. administration and top democratic officials meeting today to strike a deal on what is or could be $600 of aid. department of homeland security announced they are removing an official who oversaw intelligence reports on journalists. and two jugger naunauts, isaias covid. what the lethal mix means for the country. and the president promised a comprehensive health care plan and immigration plan, though we have yet to see sign of progress on those, either. let's bring in the panel.
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let's start with this. the 4:00 hour on a saturday, both sides saying they're working and that they are talking. are are ththey working and talk about a deal for americans? >> richard, it has been a bad week on capitol hill for negotiations. it started with a poorly executed roll out of a senate republican package and ended with fiery partisan rhetoric after negotiations between the democratic leaders, nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer, and mark meadows, steve mnuchin didn't go anywhere. as you mention, unemployment benefits, $600 a week, about 20 million or more americans have been relying on expired yesterday. there's no clear path in sight to a deal in congress at the moment. just today, we saw the first sign of some positive talk from pelosi and schumer after meeting with administration officials yesterday. they say it was a productive
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discussion that they are making progress, but as schumer said, they're not close to a deal yet and there are many things to hammer out between what the democrats want and the $3.4 trillion that passed the house and what senate republicans propose, a $1 trillion package that doesn't have support of a lot of republicans. >> so mitch mcconnell, the senate leader, republican, working with the white house. is that happening? because he's not that involved right now. >> they also seem to have some disagreements about what needs to be in the package. white house press secretary saying yesterday with regard to questions of liability, which has been a big priority of senator mcconnell, apparently no longer a big priority of the white house. saying that was a question for senator mcconnell. it appears as though there's daylight there between the republican led senate and the white house and that's one of
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the sticking points in general that held up negotiations. >> michael steele, move to another topic as we are looking at stalemate in terms of an aid deal for 30 million americans. there's also issue of the department of homeland security announcing they removed an official that oversaw intelligence reports regarding journalists. what do you make of that? >> i think it was unconscionable. the first amendment is first for a reason. i don't think the government needs to be compiling information, files, monitoring reporters in any way, shape or fashion. i think that this is, if the action has been taken to correct the situation, that's good, but it never should have happened in the first place. >> then we have this, christina greer. we have the president talking about delaying potentially the election. and by all reports, he can't do that. >> no, he cannot, and that's why it's up to republicans to make sure they nip this story in the
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bud. we also knew this is something the president was going to attempt, the alarm many people have been worried about, just because we have seen his attacks on journalists and his attacks on the american people, not just immigrants. we have now seen that he is putting out military personnel, secret military to attack american citizens. this is the natural progression of someone like donald trump that wants an authoritarian regime, but it is up to the will of the people and elected officials to make sure they pledge loyalty to american citizens and not to donald trump. they must follow the constitution. he is floating the idea that we should get back to the fact that 150,000 americans have died, get back to the fact that millions upon millions of millions have no money coming in because the president handled the crisis so poorly.
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not just a health crisis but economic. tiktok, he is talking about elections, he is very concerned. he knows he has been handling so many things in the past few months abysmally. there's only so much his party and the supreme court can do to continue to prop him up. >> we'll have more on regarding what can happen with voting by mail, the requirements the president would like to have in terms of election night results later in the show. let's talk about tiktok. what does this mean long term in terms of china/u.s. business deals. this is typically common, this seems to have bubbled to the top. >> right. we don't seem to have an official document in terms of what the president will do. he made clear he wants to ban tiktok and two relevant pieces of context, there are lawmakers and political leaders both sides of the aisle that raised national security concerns because tiktok is owned by a company based in beijing.
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the concern is that china could weaponize it to spy on american citizens, collect data on them. the other relevant base of context is president trump didn't speak of this until after tiktok became home base of a bunch of teens and young people coordinating a prank that embarras his presidential campaign essentially by signing up for thousands upon thousands of tilk tickets to his tulsa rally. perhaps not something that he paid a lot of attention to, that ended in demotion of the campaign manager. so two important pieces of context for the president, seemingly moving towards banning tiktok. >> there are two sides of it, why the president would like to do this, and you look at the videos that might be tossed around, what information, meta data could be? based on all the dance moves.
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>> the other piece of important context, this is administration with some bipartisan support that has been concerned about other technology companies based in china. tiktok is the one getting a lot of attention now, that we are looking for something to happen shortly. there's conflict with huawei and companies with ties to china that u.s. officials, intelligence officials are concerned have created a pipeline for the chinese government to get intelligence. the political context mentioned is interesting an important. the intelligence and national security aspect of this has been a piece that's driving the tiktok story but also other ones. >> jeff mason known to throw a couple good moves on tiktok. we decided not to show it to viewers today. michael, i started by mentioning the president promising to
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release comprehensive health care and immigration plans and what might be in it that might at this point help him gain points in polls which he is falling behind steadily. >> one more political point on the tiktok issue, you're talking about if there were a ban, alienated tens of millions of potential voters that liked the platform, including conservatives that used it because they prefer it to some more traditional ones. when it comes to policy proposals, it is a joke. he gets pinned down in an interview, says two weeks, it seems like a reasonable period of time, we get to the end of two weeks and no closer to solution to the problems than we were when he first dodged the question. >> over to you, christina, on the announcement by the president he will be putting out plans, what will you be looking for as he prepares to put out two plans? >> well, i mean, this is yet another example, richard, of the
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president creating a crisis and trying to create a solution for the crisis he, himself created. this is the same president trying to defund the aca since it passed just to destroy president obama's legacy. i would think that, you know, obviously it would be something he would target for his white audience specifically. we saw this week that he is no longer dog when i sistling, say will keep it safe for folks that moved to the suburbs. if he knew anything about the suburbs, he would know they're quite diverse. if anything, a policy proposal would be for white americans and he would mashlrket it as such. that's sadly where we are with this president. he realizes his basis solid but he hasn't not bothered to garner other american support in the past three plus years, so he wants to double down with white
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nationalist rhetoric to make sure those voters stay with him. that's the policy program he is going with now in all aspects of his presidency. >> great start. have a good saturday. >> thanks, richard. the hangover continues after president trump floated the idea of delaying the november election which we were just talking about. it sparked outrage, condemnation, a firm republican resistance, though he since walked back that idea. he continues his tirade against mail-in voting, tweeting must know election results on the night of the election, not days, months, even years later. joining me, former federal election commission chair. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, richard. >> i was listening to one of your colleagues earlier. we look at the topic of what the president has said. the concern about the u.s. postal service, from your point of view, is there a real
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concern? >> well, now that someone is running the postal service who's going to slow down the mail and receipt of the mail, i think there is some concern that it will take longer or there's possibilities some people may not receive their ballots in mail-in voting. the postal service as it is now may be overwhelmed, they're used to doing these things, should be able to do them in sufficient time. they're not going to be able to probably have enough, if they come at the day of ballot, they probably won't have enough time to have the results that night. he is correct about that. but they don't anyway. it has nothing to do with the
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postal service or with any other fraud that he is suggesting. >> one of your colleagues was also a commissioner, speaking to my colleague last hour, you may have seen the conversation. the statement she made is only a tenth of federally allocated money that assists states as they implement day of preparation, which is before, and then after as they tabulate the results has been given so far. if that is true, are we already too far behind? that's a lot of money not given yet. >> there's a lot hasn't been done and it should have been done a long time ago. we were aware of this issue several months ago, we were aware of it during the primaries that have already taken place. it is taking congress way too long to give that money to
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states, to be able to have the right ballots, to be able to have enough people to be at polling places or to be -- >> security. >> that's right. it is really a problem. no question about it. and that is what's causing that. it is not fraud. >> as a former chair, you know this well, the secretaries of state probably have less hair than a year ago, they have been pulling it out now. what are they telling you in terms of what's keeping them up at night? >> well, i do think people are concerned who are secretaries of state about the ability to manage all the votes. a lot of states have done very good things, california is one, met one here in california, and the governor said they can start
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counting votes 29 days earlier. that is a really good thing. and some other states, even texas has altered their dates a little bit, too, to provide that ability for the secretaries of state. they're also concerned about the fact if people want to vote in person, it is hard to get poll workers. most of them are seniors throughout the country. many of them just like voters don't want to be exposed to coronavirus, so that's an issue, too. they're hoping to bring in more young people to work the polls. >> this is coming from "the washington post," abc news, a breakdown of in person preferences or by mail when you vote, democrats as well as republicans. 46% of democrats prefer in
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person, 51% say they refer by mail. when it comes to republicans, the majority is clearly to vote in person. when we look at in person voting, when you look at places like georgia that saw long lines, you mentioned texas a little earlier. have there been lernarnings bas on the primary that they can take forward that will alleviate lines and also the safety? >> i think one of the problems with regard to lines, i mean, this even happened in new york as well as places you mentioned. because they lowered the number of polling places because of covid and because they hoped there was going to be more mail in votes, they eliminated polling places often in low income and minority areas.
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that created some outrageous lines. five hours some people waited to vote. it was amazing that they persevered and did it. that needs to change. there needs to be more assessment of the number of people and it is true, older people tend to want to vote in person because they need the assistance of the poll workers to help fill out the ballots, and that's a problem with mail voting, you don't have that ability. and they should be providing that assistance in mail voting, and it would help if they did. in terms of security, of course. there has not been sufficient money allocated for security of votes and i'm not concerned about americans committing fraud. i don't think that that's really truthful, that those allegations by the president are solely to
1:17 pm
suppress the vote. they have nothing to do with what may happen, and what may happen is like what happened in 2016 where there was clearly russian intervention in the election and potentially hacking. we know there's been hacking done by i believe china and ris russia in the two political parties, so we have to be conscious of that, we have to spend more money insecurity. many states haven't accepted the money to do it. >> ann ravell, thank you for joining us. a lot of election expertise. do as i say, not as i do, that's the president's message. alarming delay on delivering the votes and the critical roll it
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welcome back. a stunning move by department of homeland security. brian murphy reportedly out. politico reports murphy's removal comes amid questions of his office's role with civil unrest in portland. joining me now with details on the leadership change, co-author of the report, betsy woodruff-swan, national political reporter and msnbc contributor. betsy, that's one of reports you have out. what do we know? >> what we know is that department of homeland security's acting secretary, chad wolf, made the decision to reassign brian murphy. brian murphy used to be director of dhs office of intelligence
1:23 pm
and analysis. it was a little known office within the department of homeland security, but it played an important role because it represented dhs' footprint in the broader intelligence community and played a key role connecting department of homeland security's intelligence enterprise with state and local law enforcement partners. what we have learned is that blm b brian murphy is not heading that office. they compiled intelligence reports looking at journalists covering the protests in portland and reporting about dhs' involvement there. his removal from that influential but under the radar position comes in the wake of pretty stunning reporting. >> from your reporting, betsy, is that typical that dhs would be collecting intelligence on reporters? >> absolutely not, and it is something that raises legal concerns, it has raised legal
1:24 pm
concerns within the department that a component of the united states intelligence community would put together intelligence documents regarding what american journalists are doing. to be clear, we don't have any evidence they obtained the information through warrantless wire taps or classic tools more associated with espionage and with spying. according to the post's report, these intelligence products were based on public tweets that reporters covering the protests had. even then, when you hack american intelligence, monitoring reporters, using it as part of intelligence work raises civil liberties concerns. >> you're reporting on the dhs again, and as we look at the coverage over the last recent weeks, they have been in the headlines based on implementing, deploying federal personnel into states and cities. what does this say about what might be happening, betsy, as we see the ouster of murphy.
1:25 pm
>> murphy's ouster is the first sign that dhs senior leadership have taken a move in response to the broad public concern regarding how they handle the portland protests, the first indicator there may be remorse or concerns at the highest levels of the department about their controversial decision to send unwelcome law enforcement officials into portland to respond to the protests. up until murphy's ouster, the message from senior dhs officials has been sort of defending the fact they increased their footprint in that city, handled the protests the way they did. murphy being removed from his post is a sign that at least someone thinks something went wrong in terms of how dhs responded to portland. >> something was amiss there. i want to get to another report you put out this week, we may have forgot about it only because it is so long ago.
1:26 pm
but it was big. we had all of the biggies from tech sitting there, having to answer tough questions, not doing so well necessarily. i think they were kind of listening to how the other ceo was answering, and repeated the same thing. we'll get back to you and talk to your office with the answers. what stood out do you think, obviously tech is driving a big part of our economy. as we move forward into the election, a big part of politicking. >> no question. one thing i thought was noticeable was that jeff bezos, ceo of amazon and richest man in the world testifying for the first time said that he thinks that social media might be bad for democracy. he suggested it is a nuanced destruction machine, paraphrasing, colorful term or phrase he used, said it is something that could raise concerns about how democracies function. and mark zuckerberg, chairman of facebook said off the bat in his opening statement that facebook still has more work to do when it comes to trying to combat
1:27 pm
disinformation, voter suppression that is propagated on the platform. there was some rare intro specs. big is good and size and power of the companies isn't the problem. >> they were saying that guy, it is his fault, it is the other company. the question as you know as you have been covering tech is the r word, regulation. i think it was zuckerberg that said we want some rules. give us some rules, we'll do it. is there any sort of coming to the middle to agree on whether there should be more or less regulation? >> one of the big topics of the house judiciary committee that handled the hearing is focused on is whether they should break up some of the companies. they particularly looked at facebook which purchased instagram and what's app, taking
1:28 pm
over a significant portion of how americans communicate. we know the justice department is looking into some of the tech companies, as well as the federal trade commission, asking are these companies so big, are they monopolistic in a way that would justify federal intervention to break them into component pieces. we don't know how those investigations will conclude. we expect the justice department to sue google in coming months because of concerns about its ad business and antitrust concerns worries there. it is something that's front of mind for regulators, but also a black box in terms of what they'll actually do. >> a rare gathering we saw this week. thank you so much, betsy. >> thanks, richard. >> you got it. up next, new reporting on potential delays delivering mail-in votes. we have a deep dive report on that after this. we have a epde dive report on that after this.
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this week, the country said good-bye to one of the greatest voting rights champions, congressman john lewis. during his eulogy, president barack obama reminded that john lewis' life's work is not finished yet. >> even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations, targeting minorities and students with restrictive id laws, attacking voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the runup to an election that's going to be depending on mail-in ballots so people don't get sick. >> while the president of the united states continues to suggest without evidence that vote by mail will be rife with fraud. his new post master general has
1:34 pm
instituted new regulations within the postal service causing massive delays. "the washington post" is reporting regular postal employees and union officials are sounding that alarm. they saw the measures contribute to a growing perception that mail delays are part of a political effort to undermine absentee voting. joined by one of the authors of the report, michelle lee, national political enterprise and accountability reporter for "the washington post." michelle, let's get straight to what the former president, barack obama, was saying, and that the current president is undermining the process. what in your reporting might give more understanding of that statement. >> well, the president has been like you said without evidence attacking the method of mail-in voting as susceptible to widespread fraud. one of the issues that could come up this fall is potential delays. saw some of that in spring primaries, certain states, ballots didn't get delivered in
1:35 pm
time to voters or were rejected because they arrived too late back at the county or city. the concern now is the post master general, a top donor to president trump, lead fundraiser for the republican convention that was going to happen in a few weeks is instituting new rules that are leading to backlog of mail. workers are reporting up to four days of delays in some areas. we have heard from workers and union leaders in several states, including key battleground states for november which is another alarm that the workers are raising. >> it is a deep dive report from "the washington post." you have to read it if you want to understand the details behind the concern about the usps. michelle, one of the states, you mentioned a swing state, michigan. you spoke to some officials there at the usps or around that particular industry, what did they tell you in terms of what's holding them back i guess?
1:36 pm
>> well, right now what's happening in mail facilities across the country is that it is taking longer to sort mail. workers have a limited time to pick up mail from the facilities to deliver it, and are not allowed to work overtime to catch up backlogs. what we're seeing in michigan in scattered parts of the state where voters, although the election is tuesday, as of just a few days ago, they have not received ballots. and that's a huge concern. there's not enough time to mail that back in order for it to be counted in time, so the election officials in michigan are telling voters now just don't mail it back, come drop it off at the election polling place or the county, let us count it that way instead of leaning on the mail service because we're seeing all these delays throughout the state and country. you're already seeing some of the impact of the confusion around delays and backlogs spilling over into an election
1:37 pm
already, which has just been a few days. if you scale that up to potential chaotic november, you can see just how damaging this can be for the election season. >> in your reporting it says among changes, a new strict cutoff time in the morning for mail carriers to pick up items to deliver that day, and several postal employees from three different states told you that. how did that effect their ability to operate day to day, and adding onto that, when will it be too late to correct this situation for november? >> you have to remember that this is an agency full of workers who are very much committed to delivering the mail on time, no matter what it takes. the unofficial motto, through snow or rain, we deliver the mail. they're used to working overtime, they're used to working weekends, nights, to make sure the mail gets delivered. with new rules, it has shifted
1:38 pm
that thinking away and more to a strict standard of schedules and not working hours, and that led to piling up of mail workers haven't been able to deliver. and they're frustrated, this is very much against what they signed up for and what they believe in. and they're saying if this continues the next 60 days, it would be possibly bad for the election. some union officials told us this is a trial period 30 to 60 days, would be reevaluated around 60 days. they haven't confirmed that when we were reporting it. if you think of it, we're 90 days out from the election. the clock starts to tick fast if you start doing the math. they say to mail them in two
1:39 pm
weeks before due. just because you can wait until the deadline, you should mail it in as quickly as possible. >> michelle lee, thank you so much. iran is coming up with incentive ways to conceal how it exports oil, even with u.s. sanctions in place. nbc investigates next. . sanctions in place nbc veinstigates next. looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates
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when president trump
1:43 pm
reimposed sanctions on iran last year, he stated an ambitious goal, to drive iran oil exports to zero, deprive the iranian government of billions in oil revenue. new data suggesting the administration is falling short of the target, iran is coming up with increasingly sophisticated way to conceal how it exports oil. our correspondent in london has the story for us. >> reporter: great to be with you. iran makes no secret of its determination to get around u.s. sanctions, keep selling is oil, the life blood of its economy. what we haven't known until now is how it does it, the scale of its operations, how it moves millions of barrels of oil per month without the world knowing. we have been given a new report by tanker trackers, a maritime research firm that uses satellites to follow movement. they found an intricate ballet on the high seas, iranian ships
1:44 pm
make covert meetings with foreign vessels. each of the images shows one of the meetings, the iran ships and foreign vessels allegedly turn off tracking devices, manipulate tracking data to hide where they were. these meetings known as ship to ship transfers are complicated and can be dangerous. you have two giant oil tankers pull alongside each other to transfer up to a million barrels of oil at a time. the big picture, iran may be secretly using these techniques to export far more oil than experts thought. the trump administration set a goal of driving iran's exports to zero to stop them exporting even a single barrel of oil. a recent congressional report found the administration wasn't meeting that goal, but it was close. it estimated the oil exports are down 90% in two years, and are now around 200,000 barrels per day. tanker tracker says when you
1:45 pm
take into account hidden transfers, the real figure is more than 600,000 barrels a day, mainly going to china. that's more than twice the congressional estimate. we put that 600,000 barrel figure to the state department. in a statement, they didn't address that number directly but said that u.s. sanctions cost iran $65 billion in two years. it is worth saying iran is likely selling oil at a discount. even if it is exporting more, it is likely not reaping the full democratic benefits. with the sanctions, iran's oil is still flowing and secretly exported out into the world. >> ralph sanchez, nbc correspondent with that. it is not often you see three former u.s. presidents together from both parties. we'll look at some of the remarkable moments from the funeral of john lewis. f the remarkable moments from the funeral of john lewis.
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this week concluded six days of services celebrating congressman john lewis. monday he became the first black lawmaker to lie in state at the u.s. capitol amid an outpouring of condolences and respects. >> from the city of nashville to the freedom of washington, he alwaysoutward, not in-ward. he always thought of others. he always believed in preaching the gospel in word and in deed. and insisting that hate and fear had to be answered with love and hope. john lewis believed in the lord. he believed in humanity. and he believed in america.
1:51 pm
he has been called an american saint. a believer willing to give up everything. even life itself to bear witness to the truth that drove him all his life. that we could build a world of peace and justice, arm any a ha dignity and love. and the first crucial step on that journey was the recognition that all people are born in the image of god and carry a spark of the divine within them. there is a story in the old scriptures that meant a lot to john. in the hebrew bible, the lord is looking for a prophet, whom shall i send and who will go for us? isaiah answers hear am i, send me. john lewis heard that call a long time ago in seg gregated alabama and the took up the wor of the lord. his lesson for us is that we
1:52 pm
must all keep us open to hearing the call of love. the call of service. and the call to sacrifice for others. john and i had our disagreements, of course. but in the america john lewis fought for and the america i believe in, differences of opinion are in-effortabevitable and evidence of democracy in being action. we live in a better country today because of john lieu iewi his abiding faith in the power of god, in the power of democracy and the power of love to lift us all to a higher ground. the story that began in troy isn't ending here today, nor is the work. john lewis lives forever in his father's house. and he will live forever in the
1:53 pm
hearts of americans who have justly loved mercy and walk humbly with their god. may the flights of angels see john lewis to his rest. and may god bless the country he loved. >> so we honor our friend. for his faith and for living his faith. the scripture says is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. john lewis was a walking rebuke to people who thought, well, we ain't there yet, we've been working a long time. isn't it time to bag it? he kept moving. he opened for and imagined and lived and worked and moved for
1:54 pm
his beloved community pep got into a lot of good trouble, but he also developed an uncanny ability to heal troubled waters. when he could have been angry and determined to cancel his adversaries, he tried to get converts instead. he thought the open hand was better than the clenched fist. john lewis was many but he was a man. a friend and sunshine in the storm, a friend who would walk the stone any roads that he asked you to walk. that would brave the rods he asked you to be whipped by.any d you to walk. that would brave the rods he asked you to be whipped by. always keeping his eyes on the prize, always believing none of us will be free until all of us are equal.
1:55 pm
i just loved him. i always will. and i'm sof grateful that he stayed true to form. he's gone up yonder and left us with marching orders. i suggest since he is close enough to god to keep his eye on the sparrow and us, we salute, suit up and march on. >> lewis wrote an essay shortly before his passing published in the "new york times." he left instructions for fellow americans he now leaves behind, writing in part, though i may not be here but, i urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe. in my life i have done all i can do to demonstrate that the way of peace, the way of love and nonviolence in the more excellent way. now it is your turn to let
1:56 pm
freedom ring. that wraps it up for me. i'll be back tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. you did follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. for now i turn it over to "politics nation" and the thoughts on william barr's testimony. ony. you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you can't claim that because it's inanimate! people ask me what sort of a person should become a celebrity accountant. and, i tell them, "nobody should." hey, buddy. what's the damage? i bought it!
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the waterfall? nope! a new volkswagen. a volkswagen? i think we're having a breakthrough here! welcome to caesar's palace. thank you.
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good evening and welcome to
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"politics nation." tonight's lead, if you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em. four years in to his presidency and three months out from a re-election that may only occur in his mind, donald trump's campaign continues to slide against joe biden who may get yet another boost when he announces his pick for vice president as early as next week. and the president's trump card so to speak, the solid red state support that elected him, even that is in question as coronavirus continues to decimate the nation. cases totaling more than 4.5 million americans, deaths above 150,000, and the federal unemployment relief that has been a lifeline for millions, if the


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