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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 27, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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teams and these players? >> that's right. that is the way to look at it and the way to think about it because the major league teams were thinking that was going to happen and protecting themselves from it. it's going to be a lot harder with 30 kids in a class. >> this is something i'm not sure there's this is a day by day story. we'll see what happens. thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. well, 31 days. it took 31 days, and today a reporter finally asked donald trump about what the reporter called, quote, reports of russia being bounties on our soldiers in afghanistan, and donald trump did exactly what we expected him to do. he lied and he quickly turned to the next question. and here is the question and answer that we have been waiting 31 days to hear. >> i wanted to ask if you did
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bring up the reports of russia having bounties on our soldiers in afghanistan. >> we had plenty of discussion, and i think it was very productive. please? >> that was please, as in please ask me another question that is not about russia paying to kill american soldiers in afghanistan, and of course the next reporter did exactly what donald trump wanted him to do and asked him, what's happened with the v-shaped recovery, to which donald trump lied again saying, i think the recovery has been very strong. tell that to the record number of unemployed people in america whose unemployment benefits donald trump is trying to cut. it took 31 days to get to that question because donald trump refused to take any reporters questions for weeks after "the new york times" investigative reporters broke the story 31 days ago that intelligence reports were presented to the president saying that vladimir
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putin was paying the taliban to kill afghanistan soldiers in afghanistan. they were simply counting on reporters to forget about it. and many of them did. and donald trump helped them forget about it by constantly saying distracting things that became the news of the day for those reporters who forgot about it. 10 days ago, donald trump sweated through an outdoor interview with chris wallace. that was a combination of very easy softball questions and some very, very tough and challenging questions. but not one of those questions was about intelligence reports that vladimir putin was paying bounties to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. six days ago, donald trump ventured back into the white house press briefing room for the first time in a long time to give what was called a briefing on the coronavirus in which no one in the room learned anything new about the coronavirus and
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not one of the reporters carefully selected by donald trump to ask the 15 questions that day asked about intelligence reports reported by "the new york times" that vladimir putin was paying bounties to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. donald trump did three of those white house briefings last week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and each day the reporters carefully selected by donald trump failed to ask him about russia paying bounties to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. that wasn't their only failure. those same reporters who were chosen to ask questions by donald trump failed to ask any questions about why he said in one of those briefings that he wishes an accused sex trafficker well. donald trump said i wish her well repeatedly about ghislaine maxwell, who is in federal custody, accused of procuring children for jeffrey epstein to rape. in the white house briefing room donald trump said he has known ghislaine maxwell a long time, and he wishes her well. he's known jeffrey epstein a long time and he's no longer
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around for donald trump to wish him well. there were reporters in the briefing room who wanted to follow up on that ghislaine maxwell thing, but donald trump was never going to call on those reporters. and then in donald trump's last briefing of the week on thursday in his opening remarks, he actually said that he was on the phone with vladimir putin that day. he threw that right in front of those reporters and still not one of the five questioners selected by donald trump asked him what he said to vladimir putin. not one of them asked anything about the vladimir putin phone call. not one of them asked, what do you say that he has been killing american soldiers in afghanistan. i pointed out this failure by those reporters on this program
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repeatedly. if the reporters didn't see me talking about it, i don't know, maybe their parents did because a few million people heard me talk about it here. and my tweet on this on thursday got a lot of circulation for a tweet so maybe that had something to do with the question finally being asked today, or maybe we just got lucky. and we did get lucky because the question almost did not get asked. the reporter who asked the question is with the appreciate press. he was allowed to ask the first three questions out of a total of six questions that the president took in north carolina today. the first two questions were softballs. his first question was is today's event about giving americans a sense of optimism. then what is the soonest you expect a vaccine to be ready for americans. he had fun with those questions.
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he promised a vaccine this year. and with donald trump, getting two questions in a row is very lucky, but being allowed to ask three questions in a row is more than anyone should ask for, and maybe throwing two softballs to donald trump that produced answers that tell us absolutely nothing was a very smart technique. maybe those two softballs are what kevin was using to soften up donald trump for the only question of the day that mattered in any way at all. question, you did talk with russian president vladimir putin, and i wanted to ask if you did bring it up, the reports of russia having bounties on our soldiers in afghanistan. trump answer, we don't talk about what we discuss, but we had plenty of discussion. and i think it was very productive.
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that's a lie. we don't -- we don't talk -- we don't talk about what we discuss. that's not true. donald trump has talked about what he discusses with vladimir putin plenty of times. and we could give you video of donald trump describing his conversations with vladimir putin talking about venezuela, his conversations about oil prices and how to fix oil prices and keep them high. he has described many conversations with vladimir putin, but he's never told us enough about his conversations with vladimir putin, never, but he absolutely has told us about conversations with vladimir putin. he says he has -- he says he's told us. today he wants to hide behind the idea that he absolutely never does that. he never does it. who could ever forget donald trump describing how vladimir putin told him very convincingly
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for donald trump that russia did not interfere in our presidential election. >> i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. leading off our discussion tonight former director of the cia. he is a senior national security and intelligence analyst. also with us democratic congressman jason crow, colorado. one of the seven house managers of the impeachment trial of donald trump in the united states senate. director brennan, let me begin with you. we finally got the question about his discussion with vladimir putin and of course the answer was we don't ever talk about what we talk about and we know that's not true. what was your reaction to the way donald trump handled it
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today? >> well, good evening, lawrence. first of all, i do think it is important for the presidents of the united states and russia to be in regular contact. i think that channel of communication is important for bilateral as well as international issues that need to be discussed. but it is particularly important during periods of tension or problems, and clearly the recent reporting about bounties that have been placed on the heads of u.s. servicemen and women in afghanistan is very, very troubling. and at a minimum, even if those reports have not been confirmed, donald trump had an obligation to the american people and to the women and men serving in afghanistan and in harm's way to let him know in no uncertain terms that those reports, if true, are totally unacceptable. they're outrageous and that russia will pay a heavy price if in fact it continues with this effort to try to have americans killed in afghanistan.
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it's clear that russia has been supporting the taliban for quite some time. but these most recent reports about bounties, donald trump had an obligation to the american people to let putin know in very clear and direct language that this has to stop and that we're going to get to the bottom of this. it is clear with his answer at the press conference today donald trump continues to give putin a pass, even on something as appalling as russian efforts to potentially spill american blood. >> congressman, you are a combat veteran. what is it like for you to have this question asked of the president today? and it's one thing for him to hide behind we don't talk about what we talk about, which is not true. he has in the past talked about his conversations of vladimir putin. but there is an opportunity for
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the president of the united states to address this country on this report about intelligence reports indicating that russia had been paying, has been paying to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. and donald trump does not say one word to this country about that, does not even attempt one word of reassurance, nothing, when he's given that opportunity today. >> yeah, lawrence. there is three really important take-aways here for me. one is the impact on our soldiers, over 8,000 men and women we have in afghanistan fighting right now as we speak. i know because i used to be one of those soldiers. i don't go a day without thinking about the impact on them. and they have to know. they have the confidence the commander in chief is looking out for them and their best interests and of course the president is not giving them those assurances. the second is the message that the president continues to send to russia. it's very clear that message is
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very clear if you are vladimir putin and that is he will not hold you accountable. he will not bring the issue up. it is a free pass for them to continue to get involved in our elections and meddle in our elections as they're doing every day and they're doing right now. and the third is just the general invitation for foreign governments and foreign leaders to help him win re-election. john bolton had indicated that he's done it with china, that he's done it with turkey. we know that he did it with ukraine. and of course all the indications are that he does it with the president of russia, with vladimir putin as well. i will say one other thing that john brennan knows better than anybody on this show tonight, and that is the practical impact on our national security. there is a reason why you have people in the room who prepare notes and gather information about a call between the president of the united states and the president of russia. it's to make sure that information is getting to our intelligence agencies, to the state department, to the
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pentagon, and we're keeping ourselves safe. this president has gone to extraordinary lengths to derail that process, and we are now less safe because we don't have the information that we need. >> john brennan, you have been
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people@ and as of tonight the united qok states has suffered 148,213 deaths from coronavirus.q "the washington post" is reporting that donald trump xd didn't care about those numbers at all, not the infections, not
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the deaths, none of it until began presenting trump with maps and data showing spikes of coronavirus among our people in republican states. a senior administration official said. they also shared projections showing it should hit fá politically important states in minnesota and wisconsin the official said. this approach seemed to resonate as he hewed closely to pre-scripted remarks in a trio . of remarks.e1 now an msnbc senior medical contributor.e1 he is also the author of the new book "which country has the world's best health care?" . zeke, the situation -- what is the situation with baseball tell
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us tonight?e1 herenu have the very, very, you have got 14 infections, 12 players, two staff and who know( how many we will have tomorrow. >> yeah. well, i think, lawrence, you said two very important things.i first, a bubble of sorts. a bubble is either a bubble or ó it's not a bubble if people can go in and out.lp you don't know who they're meeting with, and that's the problem.çó i have been advising a number of different companies, especially in the entertainment business xd where my brother works.jf and one of the things we say is
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and then you are going to go out. you go to a restaurant or a bar or someone you know has gone to a restaurant or bar, that's where you can contract çóçó coronavirus, and that's the problem.çó and the second point is, you ok know, they have all the testing you want, but testing doesn't e' prevent transmission. it only tells you that you have been infected. you have got to do other things to prevent transmission, and that's what you have to worry about. >> i don't know why i have been wasting my time asking your brother when show business is going to reopen when i could just have gone straight to the source. zeke, what about what we just heard from "the washington postc in that horrific reporting from inside the trump white house? you worked inside the white fá house. can you imagine being in the obama white house and in order 3 to get the president's attention r to something else, s attention some other possible epidemic, you would have to say to him, e1 your voters, your voters in your states might be killed?
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>> not true for president obama, i could tell you that. for president obama, you wanted to get his attention, you wrote out a memo. he read the briefing book and q took it in. you got back the memo and notesf on the side with his reflections and direction as to which way to go. look, the president is obsessed by one and only one thing it appears, and that's re-election. and if the coronavirus threatens re-election, that's all that counts. and we can see it now that he's got only one strategy left, which is we're going to get a e1 vaccine before election day. i predicted this two months ago in an op-ed in the new york times that the october surprise1 will be an approval of a vaccine. but, lawrence, we should remember that having a vaccine and the average american like you and i getting a shot, thosef are two different things.xd manufacturing, putting in vilesá
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shipping it out, making sure that there are needless and syringes to give you a shot and that there are people who know how to give you a shot and tható it can all be traced. that's very big hurdles and there is no telling that this administration actually is prepared to address all of those hurdles before we can actually get shots.xd so just approving a vaccine >> zeke, we're seeing big increases now in a state like california where the california government has tried to do i]q everything right and governor gavin newsom did an early shutdown, tried to do everything right.u we're also seeing it in states they did not try. what does that tell y& >> well, you know, tried to do everything right and then eased up and probably eased up too g fast before we had the testing in place, the contact tracing e1 and the ability to actually address any little outbreaks.xd i think that is a so %=um
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problem, and we haven't gotten people accustomed to the things they need to do. we know from europe and from e1 places like italy that had a big explosion that actually if we do have self-discipline, if we do have perseverance, in eight weeks you can bring this down to a very, very minimal level and q open up in the proper way, do q things outside. don't have crowds. don't do internal restaurants and bars. you can see italy has less than one case in 8,000, and the xd
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having a daughter does not make a man decent. having a wife does not make a decent man. >> the day after that, ted yoho went on fox to lie and say thatd
10:35 pm
and they're right. as i showed last week, ted yoho a)s"r she told the story on the1 floor of the house, she was
10:36 pm
followed at that microphone by congresswoman ayanna pressley. >> we are not on the house floor today because of one callus incident.lp what brings us to this is the structural and cultural conditions and, yes, the very men that marlized women and jf specifically women of color since this nation's very inception.5a
10:37 pm
>> thank you. xd >> what we saw on the floor on thursday felt, watching it from my distance, as if a trip wire had been hit. it felt like this was a pent-upó force that had not yet been the house floor. but it did not feel like the ted yoho event was the only event that had you all out there.w3 i think we have a sound problem with the congresswoman.8he1i] let's listen to more of congresswoman pressley had to say on thursday on the house
10:38 pm
floor while we try to get her sound back. >> i first set foot in this institution at the age of 19. my mother poured into me a sense of reverence for this 5at( institution of the awesome power that it held. i walked through hallways and still do flanked by the statues of men that enslaved my xd ancestors in a building built by my enslaved ancestors. çó >> let's listen to more of what congresswoman pressley's audio it is cultural.0l it is a culture of lack of impunity, of accepting of violence and violent language against women in an entire e1 structure of power that supportl that. çóq >> and congresswoman pressley, 1 that point that congresswoman q
10:39 pm
ocasio-cortez just made is what i'm talking about when i say yo( can feel the enormity of what was being discussed was much, f1 much bigger than what happened on the capital steps. >> absolutely.r the halls of congress, i think people think because they're fá marble that if you have a woman1 that you are exempt from experiencing this pervasive culture. his remarks were meant to e1 marginalized the congresswoman 3 for speaking truth to power.i] i think the solidarity does signal a new day, that no longer will we accept it is a conflate1 part of our lived experience in this world as girls and women to be marginalized in such a way
10:40 pm
and to tolerate such vulgarities and folks should get used to us being there.e1 more woman, more woman of color taking up space and taking up the table because we're going t3 keep running. we're going to keep winning t( ele#(k=9m this is something that you're trying to break. e1 >> yes. this is the second budget cycle in a row that i have introduced an amendment to repeal hyde.i] this is the first pro-choice majority congress in the history of congress, the most diverse and representative congress in the history of congress.
10:41 pm
more women than serving ever x(% before. we find ourselves in the midst of a reckoning on racial justice in this country, and this is a ] racial justice issue. it denies low income and disproportionately women of color access to reproductive health care. when 30% of african-american xd women are covered by medicaid, 24% of latinas, 14% of white women, hyde's days need to be fá numbers. it is deeply disappointing thaì% it would be included in one more budget cycle. i am tired of the full freedomsq of low income black and brown women being shelled and moderated.çó this is a moment of reckoning that must be represented in our lawmakers. 19ñfá >> thank you very much for joining usnnight.e1 >> thank you.e1 and when we come back, the 1 most important speech that we heard today in the capital fáñr
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what were you doing when you were 23 years old? well, when he was 23, john lewis was the youngest speaker to march on washington in 1963. he spoke at the same microphone that day where martin luther king jr. gave the most memorabl( speech of his life, the i have d dream speech. that was remembered today in the capital rotunda when john lewis' body was returned to the place where he worked for the last 33 years of his life.u
10:47 pm
it doesn't matter where we are f straight or gay. we are one people.ok we are one family. ouse.çóone family. be bold. be courageous. stand up.ok speak up.e1 speak out and find a way to peace, a world that will recognize the dignity of aló human kind. never become bitter. never become hostile. never hate.s7
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live in peace. we are one, one people and one love.fá thank you very much.e1 >> john lewis, once again, brought an audience to tears and a standing ovation today. iden paidqnovation today. his respects at the casket in the rotunda. on his way inside nbc news askei joe biden what he thought john k lewis' legacy would be and joe qe willing to fight for what's right. john lewis will lie in state flown back to atlanta to lie in state in the georgia state capital. his funeral will be thursday in atlanta. after this break, we will be joined by caroline randal
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here is more of that speechk by john lewis that we heard in 1 the capitol rotunda today. >> as young people, you must understand that there are forces that want to take us back to another period. but you must say, they will notr win.fáçó we've made too much progress, çó and we're going forward.çó there may be some setbacks, some delays, some disappointment, bu( you must never, ever give up. you must find a way to get in the way. you must find a way to get in tro&:uju)ouble, necessary trouble.t( [ applause ] >> joining our discussion now is caroline randall williams, writer in residence at r
10:54 pm
vanderbilt university. she recently published a highly ó((sprsq" public piece "new york times" titled "you want a confederate monument? mujjzument." caroline, i wanted to get just your reflections on what you saw today in the capitol rotunda with john lewis' body to be brought there to lie in state after basically touring washington, d.c., past landmark3 in his own history, in his own lia'a=9
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
it made him unafraid to put his body on the line and.
10:59 pm
it was amazing. i'm so grateful to carry on his legacy by having these conversations. >> >> caroline randall williams, thank you very much for joining us again tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> caroline randall williams gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. and good evening once again. day 1,285 of the trump administration, leaving 99 days to go until the presidential election. perhaps you're old enough to remember last week when a number of mainstream media publications and reporters and anchors were quick to report without a whiff of irony that the president, in his candor, telling us things were going to get better after they got worse, in his matter-of-fact handling of the pandemic at his newly revived press briefings. the president, to hear them tell
11:00 pm
it, was exhibiting a new tone. the new toners in the mainstream media were roundly mocked for having learned nothing during this presidency and for relying on old rules used to cover past presidency. then just today, today he was back, the president in north carolina, his nation leading the world in coronavirus. he wants governors to open up more. >> i really do believe a lot of the governors should be opening up states that are not opening, and we'll see what happens with them. >> donald trump taking his old tone out for a spin while visiting a north carolina biotech company taking part in the race for a vaccine for this virus. a few hours earlier, the president learned that his own national security adviser, robert o'brien, had tested positive for covid-19. o'brien is now the highest-ranking trump administration official to become infected.


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