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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 20, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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biden should have chosen different names. is this a mistake. >> central park five, deportation, the discussion is if joe biden has these kinds of attitudes he's going to be donald trump-like. >> is donald trump-like better than donald trump. >> if you're dying on the streets -- >> joe biden is a far way from donald trump. >> yes, he is, but the perception he would be donald trump-like is a perception on the part of the voters. >> thank you. that wraps up this hour. you'll see you at 1:00 p.m. more news with hallie jackson. >> i am hallie jackson in washington. as the world holds its breath waiting and watching to see what the trump administration will do after a drone was shot down by iran, whether the white house will escalate. questions on that. something else. investigations by the house democrats as judiciary committee discusses live, starting now, whether to take hope hicks to court. that's after members spent hours asking questions without getting the answers they want. the president coming to defense
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of this confidante. >> hope hicks, she's a wonderful person. she's been through hell, they put this wonderful woman through hell. it's out of control. people are absolutely -- they use the word, it's a good word, i guess, unhinged. >> as though that wasn't enough, we're live with the house speaker as she gets ready to answer questions on all of this this hour. nancy pelosi now using the i word in a new word. not impeachment but another one that might get under the president's skin. >> there's one word that i will use to describe him now after hearing that yesterday, it's ineffective. i've been using the word criminal but i think one that might have more persuasive to people is he's a totally ineffective president. >> our team is here with these stories and many others we're bringing you this hour. we'll talk about iran in a minute. let me start with kelly o'donnell on the hill. also white house coordinator for pbs news hours. politics reporter for "daily
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beast." both msnbc contributors. kelly, to you. this hearing with the judiciary committee is beginning as we speak, right, just moments ago? >> yes, this is chapter two, if you will, if you remember the john dean hearing where he came out as part of the narrative to tell to the american people the story of what they believe are the miss deeds of the trump white house. house democrats on that judiciary committee today will be looking at specifically the president's comments and his interview with george stephanopoulos where he was asking would he in 2020 be willing to take any kind of foreign help for his campaign. that was a much talked about exchange. the president first said he would look at it, maybe he would do to the fbi, backtracked a bit and said if it were necessary he would go to the fbi. it created a storm. so today we're going to have expert witnesses who will be talking about that. there are still reverberations at the hope hicks testimony.
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she spent eight hours behind doors with members of the committee in a transcribed deposition-style interview where she answered questions related to her time with president trump, then candidate trump, but not any questions related to her government service from the time he was inaugurated through march of 2018. of course that is key for that committee. i talk to the chairman jerrold nadler, other members of the committee. they intend to go to court, not to try to go after hope hicks, they said, but to battle the white house. a number of them said they believe hope hicks was trying to be responsive and appropriate in her own conduct but that it was the white house -- remember, two or three white house lawyers were in that room all day long yesterday, and they were the individuals asserting what they called absolute immunity, stopping her from responding to questions. she had her own lawyer. together they decided not to respond to certain questions. so there will be another round,
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a legal challenge we expect from the chairman. hallie. >> kelly, stand by. betsy, the headline of your piece is how democrats appear to be enraged. what are the next steps, in your view? >> the next steps, deciding whether or not to take hope to court to force her to comment. one multiple sources familiar with the interview described as pickly striking came when hope was asked to read from the mueller report, to read the portions in which she was quoted. and of course, she refused to answer a when will number of questions. counsel both from the white house and her personal counsel interjected throughout to block her from answering questions. you can't say no to reading off of a script, so she obliged. then after she was asked whether what the report said was true, whether the report was quoting her correctly and whether the things she said were true counsel stepped in and said she wouldn't be willing to answer that question. it characterized an
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extraordinary moment, encapsulating the extent to which white house counsel and hicks' own lawyers don't want to to answer questions whatever. >> the white house ends up in court? >> the plan is to exert executive privilege. the moment she was talking about is striking, the president allowed his staff to talk to mueller on the record. now to exert executive privilege, democrats think that's where they will get wiggle room, she already answered the questions. now we're tolling up and asking whether or not she's truthful. democrats say they will keep answering these questions. they think even in the questions they are striking in itself if they don't stick around. >> stick around. kelly, thank you. we want to get to that major story developing today, the flash point so many appeared to finally arrive, iran, now prepared for war after shooting down a u.s. drone overnight, we have new reaction from the
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pentagon this morning calling this an unprovoked attack. two officials tell nbc news the drone, similar to the one seen on the screen, was shot down in international airspace above strait of hormuz. again, international airspace according to officials. not iranian airspace like tehran explains. an administration official tells us to expect meetings at the white house today, where the president may make some kind of announcement. he's set to talk with the canadian prime minister in two hours and reporters will be in that room. courtney covers and united emirates tlafling with the military. hans at the white house, joined by allied commander general wesley clark, a senior fellow at the uc berkeley center. courtney, get us up to speed on the latest and what you're hearing from your sources inside the pentagon. >> well, this was a global hawk. it's an rq 4 a variant drone
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shot down. it was shot down by iranian surface-to-air missile over the strait of hormuz. they maintain this is international airspace but iranians are saying the drone had drifted into iranian airspace. one reason this may be in dispute. iran tends to see much of the area, both waterways and airspace as iranian territorial water and air in and around the strait of hormuz, of course the rest of the world sees it as international airspace and water. this comes a day after u.s. military showed hard evidence that, in fact, one of the tankers in the gulf of oman attacked, the courageous was hit by olympic mine. while they aren't exactly pointing the finger at iran for the attack, they are saying that's one of the explosives they have in their arsenal. we're hearing directly from iranian guard corps this morning about this back and forth and the tension. he said in a statement today that iran is prepared for war and today's incident, referring
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to the drone shootdown, is a signal. we have no intention of war but we're standing strong. our message to the enemy, we warn you, wherever you are, we will find you. hallie. >> courtney in the region. i want to play sound from lindsey graham on capitol hill. this is moments ago, we'll play it and then hans, we'll come to you. >> iran, provocative act to the united states and israel and all bets are off and put in place military capability to go after their naval forces. their refineries are the economic backbone of this murderous regime. not intimidated by provocative acts to get to the negotiating table. if we give in here to intimidation and outrageous conduct, then north korea would do the same and on and on and
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on. >> you've been listening to senator lindsey graham on capitol hill moments ago saying all bets are off. hans nichols, senator graham has the ear of somebody pretty important in this situation, donald trump. how does that kind of language and position affect the president today. >> the most important thing we heard from lindsey graham linking what they are doing, calling it a provocative act to north korea. we know this president likes to appear tough. as courtney reportinging, two relevant things about the drone on tv. one, that is an expensive piece of equipment. donald trump doesn't like losing expensive pieces of equipment. number two, the iranians are boasting about shooting it down. president donald trump doesn't like being taunted. he doesn't like that aspect. when you look at how this president has responded in the past, guys, he's always done what he called a proportion ate response, namely when he fired tomahawk missiles in syria
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spring of '17 and 2018. up until this point the president's rhetoric on iran muted. he called the incident with the mines not that serious. listen to what he said just last night, again, before this attack just last night about how he would handle iran getting a nuclear weapon. >> don't worry about a thing. everything is under control. don't worry about a thing. iran is a much different country. i will tell you, much different today than when i took over. when i took over, it looked like there was no stopping them. right now bs problems. we'll see what happened. >> will you say they will get nukes? >> if i were you i wouldn't worry about a thing. >> the most important line we heard, all bets are off. we need to see who is meeting at the white house and if they are presenting military options to this president to take action. >> to be clear, our reporting based on what our colleagues told kristen welker, there will be meetings at the white house. i personally would be surprised if the president did not address iran 12:05 after he meets justin
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trudeau. hans, let me bring you into the conversation. he said all bets are off. what should the president do now? >> i think the united states has a real policy dilemma. that is to say we've lost an asset, so it's natural we would want to strike back, and i think the military options will be presented and discussed at the white house today. the dilemma part is where do you go from there. if we put the iranian region under so much pressure it has to resort to military action, they must consider it threatening to their regime. that invites iranian escalation. that means what we've really got to do before we do anything is get alliesen onboard. start with the europeans, get them on our side. then we've got to talk to russia and china. we've got have an international consensus. they are going to expect us then to say we're going to reengage diplomatically. that's what the abe mission was
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about. so there's a way of sort of snaking through this that might work but we can't prematurely go to military tit for tat, got to work the allies and find out what our instincts will be. >> joe biden saying it is a self-inflicting disaster bringing up jcpoa, the nuclear deal president trump pulled out of president trump, joe biden said, promised to abandon the deal and opposing sanctions would stop iran's aggression but they have only gotten more aggressive. do you, general clark, trace this all back to that moment, the president's position, on that nuclear deal? >> i think when president trump pulled out of the deal that he did two things. first of all, he set in motion something that put us at odds with european allies and with others who helped us negotiate the agreement. and he put iran under pressure. iran didn't want to get out of the agreement. they liked the agreement.
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they thought it was working in their favor. but as we've tightened the sanctions against them, we assumed that would bring them back. but at some point the sanctions become so powerful that they look at other alternatives. this is what happened actually in 1941 and why japan struck the united states at pearl harbor. our economic sanctions against japan were so powerful that they had no resource but to go to war. we have to be careful in this case. nobody wants a war, but that's where we're headed. >> general wesley clark, hans nichols at the white house. hans, i'll see you in a bit as we await to see if and when the president will address this l e latest provocation from iran. we have breaking news from the supreme court. justice coordinator pete williams is there. pete, i understand that the justices have now decided on one of the key cases this term on i believe gerrymandering. what can you tell me? >> no, this is a freedom of
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religion case, religious exercise case. this involves a 40 foot tall concrete cross not far from here in washington in bladensberg, maryland. by a 7-2 vote, the supreme court said that cross can stand. it's known as the peace cross. it was put up to honor world war i dead, and it is in the shape of a giant cross. and a group sued saying this amounts to a government endorsement of religion because the cross is now maintained by the county and sits on county land in a busy traffic interchange. so this group said this is a government endorsement of religion. this is the county saying we're all about christianity. today by a 7-2 vote with justices sotomayer and ginsburg dissenting, the court said this cross can stand because it is a symbol of sacrifice. it's not primarily a religious symbol, it's not primarily a
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christian symbol, it's primarily a symbol of sacrifice. this is what the state had argued, the state of maryland, this is what the american legion argued defending the cross saying the cross, in essence, was the symbol of sacrifice in world war i. think about the poem about flanders fields where the poppies grow, the crosses row by row, that it was a symbol of sacrifice for all religions. justice ginsburg in her accident said there's no doubt it's all about christianity. this adds to frankly a muddle of the supreme court's views on what constitutes state endorsement of religion. the court has said the cross can stand because it's a symbol of sacrifice. you can have ten commandment monuments if there are other monuments in place. you can open legislative sessions in prayer, have one
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nation under god on currency, under god in the pledge but can't post in the courthouse. the supreme court muddled jurisprudence in this area. as predicted, the supreme court was not going to say this cross had taken taken down or moved or the county was going to have to be moved or taken down from the property it stands on. >> a couple of cases we are waiting on decisions this term, sometime in the next week or so from this court? >> the court has a week left in this term. yes, we're still waiting for the biggest cases including whether the government can put a question about citizenship on the form. the partisan gerrymandering case when state legislatures draw political boundaries, can they take politics so much into account it crosses constitutional line and harms minority party so we're still waiting for those decisions.
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>> pete williams live outside the supreme court. pete, great to have you on. thank you so much. up next, worst scenario for republicans may become reality in alabama after a gop lawmaker defeated by democrat after allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers makes a big announcement today. roy moore back on the scene and we are live down south. plus joe biden insisting he's owed an apology and doesn't need to give one after comments he made about working with segregationists in the senate. the new backlash from his democratic rivals next. the new backlash from his democratic rivals next >> one thing my wife says, the good old days were not so good for many, many americans. >> to suggest that individuals who literally made it their life's work to take america back on the issue of race is a real problem for me. on the issue of race is a real problem for me join t-mobile. 1. do you like netflix? sure you do. that's why it's on us. 2. unlimited data.
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back to breaking news from iran with the response from the president. hans, the first we've heard of him, hans at the white house, and it comes as responses so obvious do on twitter. >> for general wesley lark they wanted consultation with allies. the president is letting his thumbs do the talking saying iran made a very big mistake. that's an indication potentially, and i want to hedge this, we could see some sort of military response. when you look at the language lindsey graham used, hallie, lindsey graham is, of course, an air lawyer, he was laying the
7:22 am
legal predicate for some sort of military response. that's why lindsey graham's responses are so important. as to the debate where it was, in international airspace, over iran, that is largely academic. if the united states military, the institutions that have the most fire hour in the region, if they think that drone was in international waters, that will govern and guide their response. i think we need to wait to see what happens at this meeting at noon. we know mike pompeo will be there. this appears the president is escalating and not deescalating and that's significant. >> hans nichols, stay on top of this. appreciate it. on the democrats, not the response some democrats wanted to see from joe biden as former vice president defends his comments about working with segregationist senators in the '70s. in his first comment about the controversy, blowing off criticism from people like senator cory booker. watch. >> are you going to apologize. >> apologize for what? >> cory booker has called for
7:23 am
it. >> cory should apologize. he knows better. there's not a racist bone in my body. i've been involved in civil rights my whole career, period. >> spoiler, cory booker is not apologizing. >> for his posture to be to me, i've done nothing wrong. you should apologize, i'm not a racist is so insulting and so missing the larger point that he should not have to have explained to him. >> let me get right to nbc's garrett haake. what's the thinking on team biden. >> they have made it clear over the last day they think most of this episode is a fairly cynical polit category, almost intentional misreading of the point he was trying to make. biden did a better job at cleaning up at his last fundraiser last night. he tried to explain the whole point that sometimes you have to work with odious people who hold
7:24 am
terrible views you may not agree with to try to get things done. that said, other than that little exchange back and forth with cory booker, i think the biden team feels reasonably confident they can move on from this episode. this is not the kind of thing that will be a decisive issue in the primary. that said any time you have a white candidate talking to a black candidate or white man talking to a black man on what they should be offended about pertaining to race, it's not a good look. for the debate, joe biden and cory booker will not be on the same stage together. while the issue comes up, the debate works as a cap on any political issue in terms of 2020 because the subject will certainly change starting wednesday night. >> good point. garrett haake, thank you. let me bring in adrian elrod, for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign and betsy woodruff back with us.
7:25 am
adrian, were you advising joe biden, how would you be telling him to handle this right now? >> first of all, if i was advising joe biden, i would advise him not to use an example like this, even if you're at a fundraiser with small pool press. the bottom line is -- >> here is the thing. apparently, based on our reporting, and the team for nbc that covers joe biden, his advisers have been telling him exactly that. stop talking about these men. >> hallie, and you i know very well there are ways to draw contrast and ways to explain your ability to work with republicans across the aisle without using an example like this. this is something joe biden's campaign, his team has been saying this is something -- an example he's been using for several decades to really explain his bipartisanship leanings. you've got to kind of give a different example here. this obviously struck a nerve, understandably with a lot of voters, and provided an opening for candidates like cory booker to come in and say, hey, listen, i take major offense to this.
7:26 am
let me tell you about all the work i've done working across the aisle but i'm not saying i'm going to do that by working with racist republicans. the bottom line is -- >> democrats both the men biden mentioned. >> of course, of course. the bottom line is joe biden has been to an extent kind of running a campaign the way he ran when he placed fourth or fifth in the primary in 2008. this is a little bit of a different ball game being the front-runner and i think he and his team are trying to catch up and figure out how exactly to strategically place him and articulate his viewpoints with this now front-runner status. >> adrian makes the point, betsy, this provided an opening for other democrats and plenty of joe biden's rivals have commented on this. look at this, kamala harris calling him misinformed -- calling the comments, i should say, misinformed and wrong. cory booker saying, wrong should apologize. elizabeth warren, kristen gillibrand said you shouldn't be bragging about working with segregatist.
7:27 am
bill de blasio, amy klobuchar, it would be best to use different examples. is this an apology to the real world when things stop getting nice and start getting real. >> it's been real a long time. i've been getting e-mails from campaigns flagging statements, in case you want to know -- i've been talking to a lot of democrats about this. i think what people are seeing in joe biden is someone who instantly got defensive and instantly started attacking the people saying, hey, maybe you should think of this in a different way. i think whenever you're in a position where you're attacking an african-american man saying he should apologize and he's the one that's wrong, you really are in a bad situation there. i also think that people understand joe biden is kind of a wild card. his advisers are going to be telling him, don't do this again. stick to the script. joe biden is still joe biden. i would not be surprised andening a lot of democrats why they are speaking out, wouldn't be surprised if joe biden brought this up again a year from now because he feels he has
7:28 am
good standing on this issue. >> that's the point the post makes. not somebody you go to, an adviser of biden. not someone you can go to and saying you've been doing this x number of years and it doesn't work. >> this moment is a really important one. when we look back at the alabama primary in a year, i think this is one of the moments we're going to highlight. it sort of crystallizes what is a major theme in this primary, that theme is generational divide, between the older version of the democratic party, who biden embodies, someone who spent decades in parts of his history, of course, really excite the democratic base. other pieces of his legacy and politics are deeply divisive and frustrating to democratic voters. the contrast is with candidates like cory booker and kamala harris, candidates of color, newer to the national political scene and willing to sort of talk frankly and openly about these issues in a way that can make older candidates like biden push back on their heels.
7:29 am
>> you have, too, president trump here talking about the guy he so often, adrian, has talked about before. it's really just two he menti mentions. new interview with jose, the moderator next week on nbc, the president talked about what he perceives to be one of his biggest rivals. >> joe biden, he looks like he's just exhausted. i don't know what happened to him. he's exhausted. he doesn't do any work. he's not working. one thing i found out about doing this job if you do it right, and i've done it right, you have to work hard. >> you think this is a preview of what we'll see over the next 15 months from president trump. >> i think president trump because he doesn't really understand policy, he has to resort to these ridiculous jabs that he looks tired, he looks exhausted. i'm not sure that's really going to have that much of an impact. going back to joe biden and his stake in the democratic primary,
7:30 am
he's got to figure out, as you mentioned, how to placate two younger voters. right now you are seeing this major contrast between him and candidates like kamala harris and cory booker. of course we've got to remember on the debate stage he'll be standing next to mayor pete who is significantly younger and who to an extent preprepresents a generational change in the democratic party. again, if i was advising joe biden, i would make it very clear you've got to be very careful about the comments that maybe work for you 10, 15 years ago but probably don't work in this maddern day era. >> adrian elrod, thank you for coming on. we want to go back to the supreme court for an update, just one week left in the term. pete williams back in front of the camera where we like to see him. pete, what's up? >> two things, number one, just one big decision today. the supreme court said a 40 foot tall concrete crash outside washington in bladensberg, washington can stand despite it
7:31 am
being a christian symbol. by a 7-2 vote, the supreme court said it's undoubtedly a christian symbol and because it's history and a war memorial, it has taken on a secular context as well and not a government endorsement of religion as ruth bader ginsburg and sotomayer accidedissented. by maintaining on a highway, elevating christian faiths over other religions. tomorrow there are now 16 cases left to be handed down, including big census decision, the decision on partisan gerrymandering and a few others of note. back tomorrow for decisions. then the following monday, and undoubtedly other days next week before the court will probably finish a week from tomorrow, june 27th, the same day that i think something else is happening. >> one of those things. pete williams, our debate right here on msnbc and nbc news.
7:32 am
pete, thank you very much, my friend. appreciate it. reminder, the debates will be one week from yesterday, next wednesday and thursday in miami. we'll see you on the road from there. still ahead, the big gamble. in a new interview with "time" magazine, president trump lays out let the chips fall where they may. what he's banking on to retake the white house with one of the reporters who interviewed him in the oval office. reporters who interviewed him in the oval office. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. pieces including any minute what you see in that room, news conference from house speaker nancy pelosi. it was set to start five minutes ago. we're watching for her as president trump rachets up tension on iran. we expect that and many other topics. we'll bring it to you the second we get it. "time" magazine taking us inside the president's plan to try to hold onto the white house. they are out with the cover story on the exclusive oval office interview with him. what's the president relying on to win this time around? his own gut, again. here is an example, when asked about the democratic field the president calls joe biden not the same, kamala harris hasn't served, he says, bernie sanders is, quote, going in the wrong direction but admits elizabeth
7:37 am
warren is doing pretty well. as for pete buttigieg, the president said he never had a chance. i just don't feel it, the self-styled political strategist in chief says. politics is all instinct. joining me now tessa barrington, "time" magazine white house coordinator in the oval office interviewing the president with brian bennett. congratulations on the great get. >> thank you. >> the president says he generally does his own thing and the campaign follows. >> he's the incumbent president. you would expect a different campaign than the upstart one he ran last time. they are building this infrastructure around him but in fundamental ways he's running pretty much the same as he did when he had never held elected office and was not a politician in that it's just him. he calls all of the shots. >> there seems to be a difference in 2016. that is in 2016, it was clear from what i remember covering on the campaign trail as well, the president knew he had this base.
7:38 am
he knew they were showing up atrialies. ors didn't know how sort of fervent his supporters were. his campaign manager is so explicit talking about it telling you guys you think you have to change people's minds. they say they don't, you have to get people showing up for you. this is just super charged debate strategy and they said that. >> the president said that, too. we asked him are you going to try and reach if not across the aisle but more moderate republicans, bring more people into the fold, he said no. my base is loyal to me, i'm loyal to them. i don't think i have to. i'm president so maybe i would want to just because i'm president of the united states. but he said as a political matter he doesn't think he needs to do that to win. >> it's a different tone from whether or not we heard from him when he used to talk beauty making deals with chuck and nancy. i'm old enough to remember those days, too. >> it's remarkable, the president is trying to get them out to the polls by getting them angry.
7:39 am
if you listen to his rally in florida, he was saying democrats want to destroy you. they want to take away your way of life. i think it's this idea that the turnout in their mind is we need to get people riled up, make people understand the media is against you, democrats are your enemy, i'm the only person that has your back in washington. show up at the polls with that in mind. >> one thing he's pitching is immigration. in the interview with jose diaz-balart, telemundo next week, he talked about the attacks the president has made on undocumented grants and migrants the president and jose diaz-balart got into it. >> when people come through you have m s.e. 13 coming through. >> that's not the majority, mr. president. >> it's a lot of people. >> maybe some. >> 100 is too many. >> mothers coming with children aren't ms-13. >> the people who rape -- >> if it's 1 in 100 it's too many. >> betsy, you cover immigration.
7:40 am
put this in perspective for us. >> the president is not totally incorrect when he says sometimes people with bad backgrounds sometimes cross the southern border. that's been an issue. that's why we have border protection and border patrol agents that deal with this process. it's why we have a robust asylum process where the homeland security screens people who are looking at people who come into the united states and want asylum to make sure people who present a danger to this country don't come in. that's stats quo. what the president is doing in this interview is acting like there's more of a threat he is and trying to galvanize his base by using scare tactics by making people think if he isn't able to build a wall, deport the millions of people that he, himself, tweeted about trying to deport that somehow americans are going to be in danger. the data doesn't support those claims. >> there is a soft spot there. i was talking to trump supporters. they told me they don't like child separation policies.
7:41 am
they don't like the fact he's going after families. that, i think, is what the president understands and why jose is saying don't stereotype grants. >> that's a good point. we'll come back to you on the show. great to have you on set. >> thank you. >> a murder trial the president is watching closely. a navy s.e.a.l. accused of killing a wounded isis prisoner in iraq. the explosive testimony we're hearing from members of his own s.e.a.l. team. speaker nancy pelosi, she's now there. we're monitoring for news. we'll take you there when we get it. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california!
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more testimony today at the war crimes trial of a decorated navy s.e.a.l., a trial that has certainly gotten the attention of the commander in chief. if it's anything like wednesday, brace yourself. navy s.e.a.l. chief gallagher is accused of killing a wounded prisoner. steve patterson has been on the story and has details. >> reporter: chief gallagher listening as navy s.e.a.l. miller said he personally saw him stab a wounded isis prisoner twice in the neck. when challenged on cross-examination, miller had trouble remembering some details of the may 27 incident including why no blood from those wounds got on gallagher or his knife. another witness testifying the prisoner had been bleeding from his leg but didn't seem close to
7:46 am
death. witnesses hearing gallagher say, don't touch him, he's fine. the defense say there's no proof, physical or photographic, of what gallagher is accused of. >> there's no evidence whatsoever this guy was stabbed. it would have been so easy to walk up and snap a picture of a stab wound if that's what really happened. they didn't. they chose not to. >> gallagher's defense team includes trump lawyer mark mukazi and another who served time in prison for tax fraud. it's drawn the attention of president trump who mentioned he might pardon gallagher if convicted. >> we teach them how to be great fighters. when they fight, sometimes they get treated really unfairly. >> gallagher has pleaded not guilty to seven counts including charges he shot an elderly man and a young girl from a sniper perch in 2017. if convicted, he could face life in prison. keep in mind because this is a
7:47 am
court-martial and not a civil case, the prosecution only needs five of the seven jurors for a conviction. testimony is expected again today. two more navy s.e.a.l.s expected to take the stand in a case that could take upwards the next two to three weeks and could end in presidential pardon depending how things go. a lot of moving parts on the ground in san diego. >> that is for sure. steve patterson, live. thank you. up next, republican redo no republican wants to redo, except maybe one guy, roy moore. the failed senate candidate announcing in just hours if he's going to try again in 2020. we're live in alabama. again in0 we're live in alabama. i didn't have to run for help.
7:48 am
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. we are back with breaking news. house speaker nancy pelosi has just addressed the situation and escalating tensions with iran. we showed you that she had been at the podium taking questions from record are reporters. speaker pelosi telling reporters there will be a briefing for members of congress, roughly a dozen, 20 or so, later today on that in the we are monitoring what else speaker pelosi has to say. we're also watching to see what the white house response will be on iran. we've seen that meeting with the president in about ab hour and change. he meets with canadian president justin trudeau. we're also expecting to learn whether republican roy moore will make another attempt
7:52 am
at that alabama senate seat. a seat democrats will need to keep 'if they hope to win back the senate next year. president trump has a preference. he doesn't want moore to run because he says he probably won't win. vaughan hilliard is in montgomery, alabama, where moore will make his announcement, the course long after the race where he was accused of decades old counsel of sexual misconduct against teens. vaughan, it would be surprising if he brings this big announcement and then decides he's not running. do you have any independent occasion on which way he's leaning? >> reporter: following his twitter account there's no reason that he will not run. he seems ready for the fight. he took on richard shelby. he is the other republican senator from alabama who actually wrote in somebody else back in that 2017 special election. roy moore plams blames it on pe like richard shelby because there were 22,000 write-ins but
7:53 am
he lot of by 2,100 votes. he seemed ready to go. frankly if you go back to 2017, it's hard to recall, whathe's n been one to stand down from a fight. he said all of those allegations against him were hatched up plans by the likes of the republican establishment, by socialist, by the lgbt he referred to the gay community as. this was a roy moore who was defiant and we should expect him to be so again. there's already several republicans that be in this race and each of them have said that the republican party needs to turn to somebody else to take on doug jones this upcoming november. >> vaughan hilliard live for us there in alabama. thank you very much. still ahead, several undi unidentified aircraft spotted by the navy. we're all over that story coming
7:54 am
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we are back. time now to get a check of what our sources are saying. let me start with you, the reparations hearing on capitol hill which you covered. what are your sources telling you about it. >> they'ring at the me that reparations is not a topic that's going to be lost. people are talking to candidates
7:58 am
about this asking them what is your plan and do you understand the lasting impact of slavery and enslaved people all across the country? so i think that this is an issue we saw a really powerful couple hours yesterday on this topic and that's just, i think, a preview of what we're going to see in a run-up to the democratic primaries. >> throughout the campaign and on the hill. >> yeah. >> both places. >> betsy, your sources telling you some very hot scoops. this is breaking you during the show. what'd you got? >> we'll be public lehrke story momentarily reporting on court documents showing that the long time ad firm for the nra is claiming in court that the nra owes it more than $1.6 million in unpaid bills and that if the nra doesn't pay those bills, the firm itself could be in jeopardy. that's really important because this is the firm that manages and runs nra tv which is online programming that's often very bombastic, frequently
7:59 am
controversial. the firm is basically saying that the nra is not paying for that work and that if the nra doesn't pay its bills, that prograepr programming could be kaput. i've reached out, haven't got a response yet. >> is it significant this is coming to light publicly in these court filings? >> for sure. covering the nra is like covering the vatican. it is so secretive and so hard to get people to talk. so the fact that they're having this public court battle shows just how acrimonious their internal disputes have gotten. >> thank you so much. we have much more to get to throughout the day. i know you two will be covering everything do with the white house and iran as we wait to see what the president has to say about this at noon, 2012:05. are you heading over to the white house? >> definitely heading over to the white house. >> what's your sense of whether the president will talk about this? >> i'm thinking because he's tweeting about it that the president is eager to get on the record and say what he thinks about them shooting down a u.s. drone. >> and there's also that congressional briefing on the
8:00 am
hill that's set to begin just moments from now as well. thank you so much for being with us that. does it for this hour of msnbc live. right now my colleague craig melvin picks it up in new york. craig, busy morning for you, my friend. >> busy indeed. thank you so much, hallie. craig melvin here, msnbc headquarters. not backing down from his 2020 rivals and pushback reportedly from members of his own team. joe biden defending those remarks that he made about his work with two segregationist senators decades ago. and he's even slamming one rival who says he should apologize to him. plus, a new flash point that's sure to escalate tensions in the middle east. a u.s. aircraft shot down by iran overnight as both sides are contradicting each other on a key detail. president trump set to meet with advisers very soon to talk about a possible response. also this morning, the top secret briefing on capitol hill not about the mueller report, not about russia, but ufo


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