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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 12, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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this morning it's day two of the nato summit. the president trump continues to hammer allies over their spending. he was up early and tweeting of course. and the white house offers up an explanation of why chief of staff john kelly looked uncomfortable and it's not what you may think. good the federal judge orders that paul manafort be transferred from a jail where he has been treated like a "vip."
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>> good morning, it's thursday july 12th. we are going to start with president trump in brussels, for day two of the nato summit. it has been a highly contentious affair for president trump to say the least, as he continues to attack allies with a protection racket, to describe the involvement in the alliance. he said presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get germany and other rich nato nations to pay more toward their protection from russia. they pay only a fraction of their cost. the u.s. pays 10s of billions of dollars to much to subsidize europe and loses big on trade. and in a follow-up, tweeting that germany wants "protection from rush a-- from russia,"
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attendees repeated that nato nations need to pay more for defense and germany was too dependent on russia. >> during that session, trump told allies they must increases the amount of gdp toward defense to 4%. that doubles the 2% target that is set for 2024. and not 2025, as the president tweeted. and the president is now demanding that allies meet the 2% -- 3% of gdp toward defense per the pentagon. not the 4.2% figure that trump inaccurately stated in his breakfast with the secretary general. while he continues to question the importance of nato, his secretary state is taking the opposite approach saying nato is the most successful alliance in had history, all nato allies have committed to extending the
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success through increased defense spending and fighting terrori terrorism, weakness -- >> joining us live, kristin welker and international correspondence cal perry. >> really, after lambasting jrm any for most of the -- germany for most of the day. trump sat down with the chancellor. and all eyes were on that. the chancellor's response was pretty controlled, to say the least, talk to me about that? >> well, the optics of that bi-lateral meeting, that you reference. different from the president's firry remarks that kicked off the day yesterday. they reaffirmed their commitment to working together on a range of different issues much. but it's important to note that the german chancellor pushed back when asked about the
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president's remarks to reporters. she said, look, i'm prepared to have controversial discussions and said she grew up in east germany, and knows what it's like to be under russian rule. and so, this is not an example of that. she said germany operates independently, so, important for her to outside of that meeting with president trump really sort of reassert germany's independence. bottom line here, and this goes back to what we were talking about since yesterday, there are deep tensions at the backdrop of the nato summit which is now in its second day and it's raising real questions about which had president trump will continue to stand with its nato allies. >> walk us through the president's day. he arrived at nato headquarters, he is going to make his way to where you. what is on his schedule today? >> he has a series of bi-lateral meetings, david, before he leaves nato.
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he will be meeting with the leaders of ukraine, georgia, they will be discussing the possibility a number of those countries want to join nato, but they're going to be sort of discussing afghanistan, president trump has long talked about his desire to withdraw troops from afghanistan, expect that to be at the forefront today. the president of afghanistan also at the nay oh -- nato sum su summit, president trump will come and meet with the british prime minister, tereheresa may,d they had an awkward exchange. there will be a rot of eyes -- this will be a lot of eyes. they will have dinner this evening. and tomorrow, he will have tea with the queen. a lot of pomp and circumstance, but tensions at the background of the meetings, the american and uk has enjoyed what is
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referred to as a special relationship. that relationship now being tested in part because there are so many tensions between the president and the british prime minister over trade, over foreign policy, iran. but she needs him right now. she needs the u.s. she is looking for a trade deal. her government is in crisis and of course, they are in the process of trying to withdraw from the eu. so, a lot at stake as the meeting is set to get under way. >> cal, let's turn to you, the president, set to arrive in london later today. help us understand what kind of reception he should expect when he gets there. we have been following this story of this miniture blimp of baby trump that will greet him when he arrives there. what kind of -- what are we thinking in terms of the reaction that he will get when he comes? >> aside from baby trump. >> yeah, today, there's the blimp right there. i don't think that today, you will see many protests. he is here for a couple of hours. he will meet with the american ambassador, woody johnson, own
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of of the new york jets, of course, but the entire visit is to keep him out of london. he was supposed to come here, spend the day tomorrow at the u.s. embassy, the new exbamnish embassy in london. but because he is so unpopular, especially in london, the security measures are tight and they are trying keep his visibility down. he will be meeting with the prime minister a few hours outside of london. he will be meeting with the question, a few hours outside of london, and all of that is by design design. the prime minister can use any help she can get, she is barely holding together the government. she represents the strategy that is brexit, that is the united kingdom leaving the european union. she could use some kind of trade
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deal, right now the u.s. has those tariffs on steel and aluminum and a potential victory would be avoiding land mines. avoiding a public incident with president trump. >> i imagine the prime minister will be measured in her response and greetings of president trump when he does arrive there. this, this meeting, between the two leaders is really going to test the durability, i believe, of the relationship between the uk and the u.s. talk to us about that and also, the fact that before the president left, to had head overseas, he said that he wanted to sit down and speak to his friend, boris johnson, who a couple of days later, stepped down. adding a little bit of spice to all of this. >> yeah, boris johnson is the consumate politician. he is seen selfish the way he resigned and it's the beginning of a campaign to take over the
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leadership from prime minister may. if president trump meets with boris johnson, that under cuts anything that he would do with the prime minister here, almost immediately. that would take over the story. this special relationship between the united states and the united kingdom is on shaky ground. but so are all of the institutions that president trump seeming wants to tear down much. he does not seem to care about n -- about nato or the european union. that's why there's giant blimp of the american president floating over the english capit capitol. >> the break down as to why there's a baby blimp. we will talk to you in a bit. some of trump's criticisms toward nato allies is being met with push backs from lawmakers on both sides of the i'll t house passed a resolution, expressing support for nato and
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passed one the bay before, with only rand paul and mike lee voting against it. there was mixed reaction in the gop, some republicans are rallying behind him. >> he wants to make sure that they get to the full percentage, whether it's 2%, or something, that they need to be spending. and in other words, put your money are where your mouth is. >> we value our alliance. we value our allies. but you have to pay your own way. okay, america, the american taxpayer has carried them on their backs. >> now, some members of the party are rebuking the president, but much of it is coming from republicans that are not running for re-election. >> i subscribe to the view that we should not be criticizing our president while he is overseas. let me say a couple of things. nato is as important today as it ever has been. >> it seems like the tone of
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what we are doing is, is something that is, that is not good for the alliance. >> i think sometimes we can be too critical of our counterparts and i don't think we should be critical. >> the white house is offering up an explanation as to why john kelly looked displeased at the start of the breakfast, president trump suggested that germany was being totally controlled by russia. a number of news outlets that kelly looked uncomfortable as trump made those comments. but according to white house press secretary, he looked displeased because he was hoping for a full breakfast and they only had pastries and cheese. >> i mean, that's what upsets you, right? you want an omlette and you have pastries and cheese, it h-- it will turn things around.
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>> lawmakers -- the vote comes after the trump administration announced a new round of tariffs on china this week. but the president's trade war against beijing and u.s. allies may signal a boost to the u.s. economy,al beit temporarily. the new york times reports that the economists are predicting the gdp for the second quarter could reach 5%. that boost would likely be because china stocked up on american soybeans, crude oil and other exports before the president's initial tariffs kicked in earlier this month. >> let's talk paul manafort, a federal judge has refused to keep him in a rule virginia jail. the prosecutors say he bragged of receiving vip treatment. last week, man a foraformanafor
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asked for a delay in the trial, saying that being in rural virginia made it difficult for him to assist in his own defense. but the prison phone logs shows that he had more than 100 phone calls with his attorneys. speaking with them every day. he also has a personal laptop that unlike other inmates, he is allowed to use in his unit. manafort was recorded in a jailhouse phone conversation saying he is able to visit with his lawyers every day and that he has all my files like i would at home. now, the judge, the same judge who the president and conservatives once cheered for questioning the scope of the mueller probe, seemed aannoyed at manafort's legal team after it requested to be moved closer to washington, only to fight the decision that the judge wrote in its favor. it's surprising and confusing when council identifies a problem and then opposes the most logical solution to that problem. manafort is currently awaiting
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trial and jail, after his bail was revoked because of witness tampering. the perks he received while behind bars, was hi own bathroom, shower and no jail uniform. it's unclear in the same privileges will follow him to the next jail, where he is ordered to move. still ahead, the president is overseas as we have been talking about. but he is lashing out on twitter at a former fbi lawyer. lisa page. but adult film star, stormy daniels, arrested in ohio, what they are saying about it, those stories and more coming up next.
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then you need xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. welcome back everyone, president trump is in europe, but his head is in the russia scandal tweeting about house republicans demands that former fbi lawyer lisa paige testify by tomorrow morning about
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investigations involving hillary clinton and donald trump. paige's lawyer said she had not received access to documents to prepare for the testimony until after 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. accused the house panels of using unnecessary bullying tactics to push paige in to an interview immediately when she has offered to voluntarily appear before the committee late their month. but the chairman said that paige will be held in contempt of congress unless she testified in some way by friday. giving her the option of appearing in public today along side fbi agent peter struck, whom she shared her dislike for trump in text messages during a romantic relationship. yesterday, speaker paul ryan said he would support a contempt vote on the house floor. watch this. >> congressional subpoenas for testimony is are not optional. i stand firmly behind the
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chairman, she was part of the mess that we have uncovered at the doj, she has an obligation to testify, if she wants to plead the fifth, that is her choice, but a subpoena to testify before congress is not optional. it's mandatory. >> president trump has been questioning why the russia probe continues. 8:00 a.m. brussels time, trump wrote, as i head to a very important nato meeting i see that fbi lover/lisa paige is dodging a subpoena and refusing to show up and testify, what can she possibly say about her statement and lies, so much corruption, where is the attorney general? tagging fox news in the tweet and then shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time, how can the rigged witch hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on for an extended period of time by former fbi
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agent/lover peter struck. the answer is clear. struck is scheduled to testify before the house oversight committee this morning. he has sat through 11 hours of interviews behind closed doors. struck has called for the full transcript of that session to be released. >> president trump weighed in, hammering x fbi/layer, meaning lawyer, saying she has refused to testify, and wow, is anybody surprised. steve bannon defied a subpoena to testify as well. bannon's silence was attributed to the white house. a white house official defended its position saying the lawmakers overlooked a standard practice of coordinating with the white house to get
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information. it's a grandstanding move an official said of the subpoena issued to bannon. >> and still ahead, a republican senator who returns from moscow, gives his opinion of the up coming summit of trump and putin. stay with us, that is next, everyone.
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here are his two cents on whether or not he is comfortable with the president sitting down one on one with president putin. >> i just got back from russia, we had frank talks with the duma and the senate and the foreign minister. you know, i mean, we didn't hit us off with the foreign minister and i didn't. he is very aggressive. i can probably describe him with another a-word, but i won't. >> huh, okay, and new overnight the lawyer for stormy daniels said his client was arrested while performs in an ohio strip club last night. he claiming that it happened in columbus, tweeting this, she was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a nonsexual manner. are you kidding in me, they are devoting law enforcement
1:25 am
resources for sting operations for this. there has to be higher priorities. he called it a politically motivated set up, and reeks of desperation and vowed to fight the charges. daniels claims she had an affair with donald trump in 2006 and suing to void the hush money agreement before the 2016 election. the important star is suing the president for defamation, and trump denies the allegations of the affair. >> dwayne the rock johnson will not run for president in 2020, with the rock saying that the position requires years of hard work and experience to learn the skills and due to his up coming film schedule, he will not be able to commit to the real life role of president. he said i have so much respect for the position, it's something that i considered, what i need is time to go out and learn.
1:26 am
it's not over yet, just last night on the late show, the rock held open the possibilitity of making a run in 2024. >> there you go. >> young man. >> keeping all of our hopes alive. >> keep the hope alive. >> i wanted to see the campaign video for dwayne the rock johnson. >> well produced, highly produced. >> action pack. >> he would be climbing a building and who knows what. i should not be doing campaign videos obviously. still ahead, a top democrat demands answers on whether north korea is willing to reduce its nuclear stock pile. >> and we are going to go live to brussels for the late oest o day two of the summit
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. ♪ welcome back everyone, lewis is with us as well, and it's the bottom of the hour, let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump in meetings in brussels, day two of the nato summit. rolling on, it's so far been a highly contentious affair for thepresident who spent much of the day levying heavy criticism on germany over a natural gas pipeline to russia. and then he met with angela merkel saying they discussed the gas situation before oddly praising her saying that he has a very, very good relationship with the chancellor. trump later had a bi-lateral meeting with francis mac arerond
1:31 am
macron was asked about his opinion of what president trump said earlier in the day, that germany is beholden to the russia. >> thank you, thank you very much for that. >> thank you. >> no, i think -- no, we just ---ed we work together. >> join us now life from brussels is nbc white house corresponde correspondent, jeff bennett. the president is raising the stakes and asking countries to raise their spending on security to 4%. they have six years to meet the target that was agreed to. what is the reason for that? ratcheting up that demand over the course of the summit? >> the president is having a
1:32 am
specific request, asking nato member nations to boost their spending t reaction among theal lies -- the reaction of the allies was best captured by the secretary, he said we agreed to -- we agreed to 2%, let start with that. we are not sure the president is serious about it or it's a negotiating tactic. what we know, the 4% number, 4% of a country's total economic output is higher than what the u.s. spends now. the u.s. spends 3.5, 3.6%. germany spends 1.2%. which had is one of the reasons that -- which is one of the reasons that germany is the target of the president's ire, that 4% would be representing an
1:33 am
enormous militarization of europe. >> how do we see things shaping up today? >> he has a couple of meetings before going to the uk, he has a meeting focused on the security situation in eastern europe. he will meet with the presidents of romania, and georgia and ukraine. and that is important given russia's growing influence in the region. it's fairly remarkable. nato was set up 70 yearsing ago as a bul -- years ago against russian aggression, and here we are still talking about the same issue. and he is going to have a meeting about the nato military mission in afghanistan. the president opposed staying in afghanistan and listened to the advice of his advisers. but leaders here want to hear more about the president's plan there. the u.s. revised the military strategy this time last year, stepped up the number of air strikes in the region. i think the allies are focus odd what is going to happen in a few days -- focused on what is going
1:34 am
to happen in a few days time when the president sits down with putin. if putin leaves that meeting emboldened, it would leave europe vulnerable. >> how much is centered on the subsequent summit. there was a piece talking about how that meeting could be a success if the president had wind in his had sails, from this nato summit going in toyota. if he had the support of it going in to the one on one meeting with vladimir putin. how much of the conversation in brussels has been about the next summit? >> it's a great point, there's a great deal of concern that when the president is pressed will not stand up for small d democratic values. but there's issues that the president could agree to concessions without notifying the nato members first.
1:35 am
he agreed to end the joint military exercises in south korea without notifying our counterparts in south korea ahead of time. so, there's a lot of, a lot of attention focused on this meeting, a lot of concerns and hand bringing about what will happen when the president sits down with putin with no advisers or interpreters present. >> all right had, joining us from washington, a member of the house armed services committee, congressman. thank you for joining us so early. very much appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> as you know, a tense day one at the nato summit in brussels there. while we have you, i want to first get your reaction to what took place, specifically what we heard in the breakfast. >> well, it was disgusting. no other way to describe it. germany and europe, the question european countries are our allies and to publically harang
1:36 am
germany and to be so incorrect about the facts that he is using and haranging, there's no excuse for that kind of action by the president of the united states. the only person that is delighted with what happened is putin. putin has been all about disrupting the western alliance. the european union, going after elections throughout europe and certainly going after the united states elections. and here is the president of the united states haranging, and taking on the principal european country that we depend upon for so many different things. not just the economy, but our relationships and certainly nato. it was disgusting. >> what is your sense on to the degree the president has been funding the defense budget for nato over anything else. we heard the president will be
1:37 am
talking about afghanistan later. germany has more than a thousand troops in afghanistan. yes, there's the contribution of cash and other resources, isn't there had? >> certainly other resources. take a look at the fundamental bases are in germany. we depend on germany, the -- for our principal bases not only the hospitals in germany and frankfort, but the major military bases are in germany. and they pay for us to be there. part of their contribution. it's not just about money, it's far more than money. this is a principal ally, that has been in place since the end of world war ii, against the russian aggression. and now we have putin who is clearly aggressive in trying disrupt the european union and nato, and he is successful in doing so. he has managed through a variety
1:38 am
of things, involvement in elections and principally helping elect president donald trump in creating discord, disarray and hopefully not being able to meet his ultimate objective which is to end nato and to end the european union so, that the influence of russia in that region can be expanded. we have seen what happens, we have seen what happens in crimea, we see what is happening in eastern ukraine. i know that the baltic states are nervous of russia having little green men, and in taking over their countries. that's where nato comes in. so, it's a very, very serious problem. the one person that is happy, once again, about all of this, is putin. because he has been extraordinarily skeful in his goal of disrupting and a tool for that disruption is the president of the united states.
1:39 am
>> congressman, do you believe that the president is trying to end nato all together? we heard from secretary pompeo on twitter saying, they very much appreciate the relationship that they have with the allies from nato. that they understand the importance of the existence of nato, so, obviously mixed messaging from the white house when we are hearing that from pompeo and heard what took place at the breakfast yesterday morning. and then, you coming on the air now and saying you believe the president is trying to end nato all together. do you think that is his incentive here? >> well, take his words. he has said throughout the campaign, and before, that nato is obsolete, there's no need for it. those are his words not nine. what is he doing? he is taking actions that disrupt at least at the very minimum, discorrect and diminish the role of nato. he keeps haranging the european countries, totally ignoring
1:40 am
their contributions. let's be very, very clear here. nato is a mutual defense alliance, that has been used once. it's article 5. and that is when the united states was attacked in 9/11. nato came to the assistance of the united states and 17 years later continues to assist the united states in its war against terrorism. in afghanistan, you mentioned a moment ago, a thousand german troops. and they have lost, and our nato allies have their soldiers have lost their lives protecting and assisting the united states in the one time that the alliance was used when the united states was attacked. and now, the president is totally ignoring that. and not adequately recognizing or dismissing, not even recognizing, but dismissing the fact that nato is an alliance
1:41 am
that pries the united states with -- provides the united states with extraordinary security. not just against russia. and in the war on terrorism. so, i don't understand this man. the one, as i said before, the one person in this world that is so delighted with what this president is doing, is putin. i cannot, although there's others that made suggestions about why the president of the united states is cozying up to the russian bear, it makes no sense in terms of our security, makes no sense in terms of our economic circumstances here. and toss on top of this, why did the president decide to engage in a trade war with the european union with canada, and mexico, all of whom are our allies. >> right. >> makes no sense, unless you are trying to help russia.
1:42 am
>> all right, congressman. we appreciate you joining us so early. thank you so much. >> certainly. >> and senator mark warner is questioning whether president trump's up beat statements about north korea's willingness to give up nuclear weapons are consistent with the finding of the u.s. intelligence agencies. one of the ranking democrats on the senate intel committee is asking the director of national intelligence to deliver to congress a detailed assessment of whether kim jong-un is willing to take concrete measures to significantly reduce his country's nuclear weapon stock pile or accept international inspections. u.s. intel agencies have detected secret facilities north korea, where it has increased its fuel. and u.s. spies believe that kim and his regime is working on plans to deceive the international community about i.t. nuclear facilities, the number of weapons it possesses and the state of its ballistic
1:43 am
missiles program. a spokes person told msnbc, we have received the letter and will respond to the senator directly. rob rosen stein has asked for help in vetting the president's supreme court nominee. he asked all united states attorneys to review the documents for brett kavanaugh. who is going to replace anthony kennedy. rosenstein said he needed the people to go over the appointment. it's a broad request. that usually has career department lawyers and highlights a growing concern among republicans as former aid to george w. bush and independent council investigator against bill clinton and the other 300 opinions issued in his tenure on the u.s. court of
1:44 am
appeals. he has generated a lengthy paper trail that democrats could use to slow down confirmation proceedings. >> the trump administration looks to ramp up tariffs with china and jared kushner's family business is going to get relief on one of the most prized investments. the company that is willing to put up the money and the deal they are waiting for the trump administration to sign off on.
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welcome barck everyone, president trump is heading to the uk, he is expected to be fwre greeted by massive protests, which will include this giant charicature of president trump. there was this awkward display, of the pulling out of the handshake. a lot to look forward to, maybe? >> let's bring in cal. >> and possibly running in to cal on the street? >> perhaps. >> that would be the ultimate. >> let me ask you --
1:54 am
>> that hang shake, hang on, that handshake is what my 9-year-old daughter does outside her school when i come to pick her up. i'm like, it's good to pick you up, and she is like, no, i'm my own person now. >> wait for me down the block, i will see you there in five minutes. >> cal, i want you to square for you us, what president trump wanted out of the visit versus what he is getting. we were talking a while ago about the embassy that opened there in london. we saw the president ridiculing that, saying it cost too much money, and casting aspersions on the quality or the design of the building. >> etc. n-- he is not getting w wanted out of the united kingdom visit. but he is getting what he wanted out of the nato visit. all of the same slogans we are hearing from him on twitter. about paying for things, paying for things. we pay too much and they pay too little. it's a message to his base, take
1:55 am
the pipeline frofor example, it the perfect cover for him politically for people saying he is too close to putin. and it'sthe perfect way for him to say, i'm looking out for your wallet. the refineries in oklahoma have shut down becauses the price of oil is too low, and they are not competitive. if that pipeline between russia and germany goes through, the refineries will stay shut he iss being tough. >> everything that he said at the nato summit is speaking to one audience and one audience only. the fact that he asked, defense spending to be increased to 4% and the u.s. output is 3.5%. i wonder if anybody in the room actually asked him, hey, does the u.s. plan to up their output
1:56 am
to 4% as well, since you are not at that level had. cal, talk about what you expect to hear in the meeting between president trump and theresa may when he arrives there. >> it plays in to his hands and the trumpian message, brexit is the trumpian message, he will talk about trade and the tariffs on aluminum and steel, that is an industry that employees 30,000 people here had in the u -- here in the united kingdom. he will put pressure on prime minister may. her government is falling apart, and so is europe. nato is asserting itself more and the priority is for the president is to spend time with at the president of russia. >> do you think the president understands how much may is on shaky ground right now? quickly, i think we have 20 seconds. >> i think he sees her as vulnerable and he may take advantage of it. >> thanks, we will talking again
1:57 am
shortly. more on president trump's nato summit. >> we will go back overseas for the latest as the president is wrapping up when has been a truly contentious gathering. >> what the fall-out for the summit could mean with the closest allies, we are back be in less than 3:00. (alex trebek) but you don't need any of those numbers to get affordable life insurance. you just need this number. i'm alex trebek, and if you're between age 50 and 85, this is the number to call about the number one most popular whole life insurance plan available through the colonial penn program. coverage options start at just $9.95 a month. with no health questions and no medical exam, you can't be turned down for any medical reason.
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this morning, it is day two of the nato summit and president trump continues to hammer nato allies over their defense spending. he was up early and tweeting. plus the white house offering up an explanation for why chief of staff john kelly looked uncomfortable during nato talks yesterday, and it is not what you might think. a federal judge orders that former trump campaign chair paul manafort be transferred from a jail where he has reportedly been treated like a vip. ♪ good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 12th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside david gurro. we a


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