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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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crater and we don't know for how much longer. kilauea's been oozing continually since 1983. it's just one of five volcanos on the big island alone, so-called fire fountains of magma have shot over 200 feet in the air. it's important to remember volcanos gave us hawaii. new overnight, new york's attorney general has resigned amid allegations that he physically abused four women. he deny it is accusations but faced pressure from top democrats. >> deal or no deal. president trump says he's going to announce his decision about whether the u.s. will stay in the i ran nuclear agreement later today. >> and first lady melania trump launches a new children's well being initiative called "be best." but did she borrow from michelle obama again? >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 8th.
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we begin right here in new york where the attorney general has resigned in the wake of abuse allegations. he made the announcement last night following an article published in the new yorker reporting claims that he had been vie lenolent towards four . two said he repeatedly hit them often after drinking frequently in bed and never with their consent. both said he threatened to kill them if they broke up with him. he says he never made any of these threats. sniderman writing in parts in the privacy of intimate relaugs ships i have engaged in role-playing and have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in n nonconsensual sex which is a line i would not cross. >> his ex-wife came out against the allegations calling them inconsistent with the man i know who has always been someone of the highest character,
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outstanding values and a loving father but following the article top new york democrats including cuomo began calling for him to resign. last night he issued a second statement again contesting the allegations but also announcing that he would be stepping down. he wrote in part quote, while these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. he has been a prominent supporter of the me too movement. he filed suit against weinstein earlier this year. he's also been a vocal critic against trump for years. coming you have, one of the authors of the new yorker piece will be a guest on the show. with saturday's deadline looming president trump says he will announce his decision this afternoon at 2:00 regarding whether to recertify the iran
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nuclear deal or not. trump has called this the worst deal in history and is expecting to end the waiver for imposed sanctions on iran. iran has stated that if the ut takes these steps they would consider the accord void and could restart its uranium program. former secretary of state john kerry has secretly been contacting allies in a last effort to preserve the deal. now, trump called kerry's quote, shattered diplomacy, possibly illegal. kerry responded in a statement from his spokesman saying quote he thinks every american would want every voice possible urging iran to remain in compliance with the a agreement. stays in touch with his counterparts around the world. this comes amid reports that aides to president trump hired
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an israeli spy firm to get dirt on several members of the obama administration who were involved in the iran deal as part of a dirty ops campaign. in an attempt to discredit the new yorker accord. >> all right. so first lady melania trump launched a new awareness campaign for dhirn yesterday and it seems the trump white house is once again borrowing from the obamas. the white house released this pamphlet as part of the initiative about keeping kids safe online. the administration described it as a quote, booklet by first lady melania trump and the federal trade commission but it's nearly identical to a pamphlet from the obama administration with some alterations to it. it now includes a photo and a message from the first lady.
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the graphics has been updated from what looks like a blackberry to an iphone and the section once labeled sexting is now labeled sexting, don't do it. the ftc approached us to include this as a good resource and we were happy to do so. it is a government resource which is meant to be distributed. there's also the name of mrs. trump's initiative. it's called quote, be best. it sounds like a lot like advice from michelle obama from men in the work place to be better. this reminds people of the last time mrs. trump copied michelle obama from her 2016 address to the rnc. then the irony of the platform, cyber bullying since many say
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her husband represents one of the most infamous cyber bullying cases. >> i do believe that children should be both seen and heard. and it is our responsibility as adults to educate and remind them that when they're using their voices, but they're verbally or online, they must choose their words wisely and speak with respect and compassion. >> does he accept responsibility for this climate that exists right now that there is the need to sort of address an issue like cyber bullying? >> i think the idea that you're trying to blame cyber bullying on the president is kind of ridiculous. when it comings to kids that has something that has been problematic and something that we have seen over the last decade and the first lady sees it to be an important issue and something that she wants to address. >> president trump's legal team has reportedly picked the anniversary of special counsel robert mueller's appointment to see if the president will grant the investigators an interview. giuliani says they aim to decide by may 17th whether the
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president testifies which has posed challenges. in an informal four hour practice session mr. trump's lawyers were only able to walk him through two questions. one person familiar with the matter said. giuliani has alleged misconduct by the special counsel. yesterday the white house deflected on whether the president will invoke the 5th amendment or refuse a subpoena. >> giuliani said yesterday that the president could plead the 5th if he's subpoenaed by the special counsel and i want to know why the president would even go that route if he hasn't done anything wrong as he said repeatedly that there was no collusion and there was no obstruction of justice. >> that's a question you'd have to ask the outside special counsel. i'm not an attorney. couldn't address that. >> is it with within his executive powers to reject a
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subpoena from -- >> that's a question i'd refer you to the special counsel. >> so juliyul giuliani denies h television appearances where he has at times contradicted the administration. one source says quote, the president still has confidence in rudy but he'll need more discipline. but giuliani tells nbc he's not frustrated at all. trump attorney said giuliani continues to provide valuable counsel to the president and the legal team and sarah sanders had this to say. >> is the president pleased with the appearances of rudy giuliani over the last few days? >> i didn't speak specifically about his feelings about it but certainly feels he's an added
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member -- added value member to his outside special counsel. >> so on top of this yesterday the white house gave no definitive answer after giuliani opened the door to unknown pay utes to women who had affairs with president trump. >> did michael cohen make other payouts to women for the president? >> i have no knowledge of that. he made payments for the president. he conducted business for the president. >> is that possible? are there other women out there who received money from the president to stay quiet? >> i'm not aware of any other ak tifr aktivety but i would refer tow you to giuliani to respond to any of those questions. >> but you've been in his circle for a long time now. is that something that came ayosz your desk? >> again, i'm not aware of anything like that but i would refer you to the president's outside counsel. >> joining us now reporter for
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the washington examiner. lots to talk about, but we want to start with in very trumpian fashion. his big announcement today. he's expected to make an announce m announcement about the iran nuclear deal. what are we expecting to hear from the president? >> thank you for having me. just like you said this is a very trumpian announce mts. stay tuned. this is coming at 2:00 p.m. you can find out what's happening, but the signals really are that the president will indeed withdraw the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal. just as recently as yesterday, president trump speaking about john kerry, called the deal one of the worst ever negotiated. this is a line that he often uses in criticizing the deal and even though he's been undergoing in his administration officials have been undergoing a pressure campaign from some of our allies abroad including angela merkel
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and macron. >> it seems as yesterday iran will stick within the parameters of the deal. it will be around 10:00 p.m. when the president makes the announcement so we'll have to wait and see what iran's reaction is to that. >> so sources say trump still has confidence in rudy giuliani even though some of his missteps in the media. do you think we could actually see rudy giuliani change his strategy and stop talking to the media so much? >> you're asking a lot. >> i think if he wants to keep his job it would be in his best interest to tamp down on these media appearances mplts he's got this historic summit with kim jong un coming up in the next few weeks, he had a good jobs report on friday and what are we all talking about? what is sarah sanders facing
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questions about? $130,000 payment that michael cohen made to stormy daniels, that giuliani said the president reimbursed cohen for. so this is distracting a lot of what's going on in the administration and as we've seen before with president trump, steve bannon, with attorney general jeff sessions the president is not exactly keen on some of his top advisors drawing a lot of headlines and media attention and right now it seems that giuliani is going just that. >> what do you make of president trump's legal team to announce whether or not he's going to sit down with the special counsel for an interview on the anniversary of robert mueller's appointment? >> another teaser. >> trying to build up the hype around that may 17th date. >> yeah, exactly. stay tuned here in the next few weeks. check back for more information. this is obviously nisomething tt has been a key question. whether or not the president will indeed meet with mueller
2:13 am
face to face. there are a lot of risks that come with it. it seems like the president's legal team is well aware of those risks. trump has a pension of rambling and going off topic and it could expose him to some legal risks but at this time this could signal an end to the russia probe if he does sit down with mueller. that is something the president is very much interested and he himself has signalled a willingness to sit down with mueller. obviously he has said time and time again this was a witch hunt, there is no collusion and he wants the opportunity to really tell that side. >> i've got to say, despite the fact that president trump seems as if he's not a big fan of the press, announcing these days allows us to prepare for them. that is for sure. >> all right. thanks, melissa. >> still ahead, the state department tries to distance itself from giuliani after his public statements concerning foreign policy. >> and a new immigration crackdown and jeff sessions has a warning for families crossing
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the border illegally. those stories and of course a check on your weather when we come back.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. so it appears that the trump administration is beginning to get frustrated with the president's new attorney, rudy giuliani especially as it relates to foreign affairs. you may recall that in addition to various revelations made about the stormy daniels cause he added his voice saying that three americans detained in north korea would be released that day. it remains unclear how giuliani as trump's attorney was privy to that information which turned out to be incorrect. over the weekend giuliani once again made news by saying trump was quote, mitted to regime change in iran and pretended to rip up a fake iran nuclear deal and spit on it as well.
2:18 am
in a statement yesterday, sam y simply, he speaks for himself. a south korea report says there's growing speculation that a high ranking official visiting china could be kim jong un. >> i feel like rudy giuliani is making a lot of headlines in his first week in office. >> the trump administration is taking new measures to crack down on illegal immigration. according to jeff sessions the justice department will begin prosecuting every person who illegally enters the united states along the south western border. sex sessions also warned that children could be separated from their parents. >> if you cross the border unlawfully then we will prosecute you. it's that simple. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated
2:19 am
from you as required by law. >> now, under the plan adults charged with illegal entry will be turned over to u.s. marshals and sent directly to federal court. children will be sent to the department of human services office of refugee resettlement which refers them to relatives in the united states or shelters. let's switch gears here and get a check on our weather now with someone in our good graces. >> after a long brutal winter. >> it had to be sunny, low humidity and 77. >> that's all we ask for. it's not much, bill. >> we get three of those a year. storm systems heading through the middle of the country. you can see the rainfall here, that's really about it. not a lot of bad weather. so the jet stream moves to the north this time of year. that's why much of the country frid
2:20 am
warms up and then the real summertime weather comes in and we get the storm systems going across the jet stream and we will get scattered storms on wednesday. we're mostly talking illinois into wisconsin, also michigan and portions of indiana. so here is how it looks on wednesday. not today. tomorrow afternoon and evening. 5 million people at risk. mostly st. louis, that's the slight risk of severe storms. possible some hail and isolated strong storms around chicago and milwaukee. if you want a picture perfect tuesday, 82 in sunny chicago. new york 72, partly cloudy. washington, d.c. at 78. low humidity here all through the eastern seaboard. this is about as perfect. if you liked yesterday we'll call that repeat and rinse. >> repeat and rinse. >> all right. appreciate it. still ahead, history does repeat itself, not just in the weather. king james and company complete the sweep of the raptors for the third, that is correct, the third consecutive year in a row
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♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. welcome back. let's go down to sports starting with the nba playoff. the top seeded raptors looking good to avoid a sweep in an early exit from the playoffs for the third straight season by the cavaliers. let's just say there's a king of the north and his name, lebron
2:24 am
james. kyle lowery pitiful, scoring just a combined 18 points. i mean, just a mental thing. right? in 30 minutes. lebron 29 points, 11 assists. kevin love, 23 points. the cavs hot. 60% from the field. 46% from three. cleveland completes the series sweep in a 128-93 victory as lebron and company march on to their fourth consecutive eastern conference finals. they wait on the winners of the celtics and sixers series. speaking of which, in philadelphia, the 76ers lis mov. odds not in their favor as they look to game five of the oern conference semifinals where no team has ever won a series after being down three games to none.
2:25 am
to hockey, the nhl in round two. winnipeg, the predators shut out the jets 4-0. they survive and force a game 7. two goals each in the contest for this year's president's trophy winners. game 7 thursday night as the series heads back to nashville. and to pittsburgh, it's happened. celebration in the streets. the back to back champion penguins will not be able to pull it off again after losing to the capitals. it punches washington's ticket to the eastern conference finals for the first time in two decades and i saw the stat last night, it has been 19 years since any washington, d.c. sports team has been in an eastern conference finals. >> take it away. >> what do you make of that. >> they've been cursed.
2:26 am
philly's had a great run. obviously new york. boston as of late. >> it's capitals' time. what do you think of irving matching up with lebron james in the eastern conference finals. that's going to be exciting, don't you think for the celtics? they have one more game to go. right? >> you know he's injured. right sf. >> i'm just talking about -- >> can we switch spots? >> gina has pel makes her way around the hill but can she get support by both sides of the aisle? we'll be right back.
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i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. >> we're awaiting a major decision about the fate of the iran nuclear deal. president trump tweeted out he would be announcing if they would remain in the deal at 2:00 p.m. >> reporter: is the deal dead? it may be the biggest foreign policy test yet for a president who campaigned on a vow to rip up the deal increasingly signaling he's now eyeing the exits.
2:31 am
>> it should have never ever been made. >> the six nation agreement required iran to reduce its nuclear stock piles and facilities in exchange for lifting most economic sanctions. the president argues the pact isn't tough enough at preventing iran from advancing its nuclear and missile programs, but proponents say it's the only way to keep iran in check. global allies have been shuttling through the white house to apply pressure including the leaders of france and germany and the british foreign secretary also in d.c. >> you've got to do that without just throwing the baby out with the bath water. >> reporter: foreign policy experts warn pulling out could be a violation of the agreement. >> the iran will be under no obligation to live under restrictions. >> let's switch gears. so president trump used twitter to taunt a former fbi official who voluntarily resigned last week along with another official
2:32 am
who worked with ex- director jim comey while wrongly linking them to the special
2:33 am
2:34 am
. >> all right. so scott pruitt's days could potentially be numbered as seen your white house staff members are encouraging president trump to fire him according to the new york times citing two top administration officials while the president has stood by pruitt his eagerness for
2:35 am
supporting him may be cooling amid the continuing wave of alleged ethical issues facing pruitt. the times says while president trump has continued to support pruitt, that is likely to change in the coming weeks. one official telling the paper there is recognition now that the embattled epa chief's problems are quote, a bottomless pit and that the white house does not know how many more issues there are or what direction they could take. the times also says it may help the president in deciding to fire pruitt. a strong replacement waiting in the wings. former lobbyist andrew wheeler was confirmed as pruitt's deputy last month. they believe if pruitt is fired or resigns, wheeler would continue to effectively push through the president's agenda to help the coal industry and roll back environmental regulations minus the embarrassing headlines of course of his boss. the white house declined to
2:36 am
comment on pruitt's future and whether wheeler would be a suitable replacement. >> i don't have any personnel announcements. we have confidence in the number two, otherwise the president wouldn't ask him to serve in such a senior level. >> a full court press to try and win the support of senators ahead of her confirmation hearing. gina haspel was making the rounds and meeting with lawmakers before tomorrow's hearing before ever the senate intelligence committee. she ignored questions about whether she would withdraw the nomination for the cia director post. the cia sent boxes of classified documents. the move is an effort to answer some questions in some of the roles she played in some of the most controversial interrogation policies in the post 9/11 era. they appear confident that she
2:37 am
will be confirmed but locking up support across the aisle could prove to be trickier. democratic senator said he would not vote in favor of confirming haspel after their meeting yesterday. he cites what he calls the failure to satisfactorily anxious questions about her background in the agency. but joe manchin is considered highly likely to support her. he seemed satisfied with haspel following their meeting. >> we had a great conversation. we talked about a lot of things that helped clarify for me and i appreciate her so much. and i'm looking forward to the hearing on wednesday to see what my other colleagues and concerns they might have and questions they may have. >> let's talk more about this. reporter from the washington examiner once again. good to talk to you. let's talk first about gina haspel. she's going to testify on capitol hill tomorrow. a lot of anticipation for this testimony of course with so much
2:38 am
controversy surrounding her possible nomination and so do you think that we are likely to see the same sort of grilling and sort of tough road ahead that pompeo had? >> yeah, i definitely think so. we have already heard from numerous senate democrat who is have raised significant concerns about gina haspel's role during her 33 years with the cia. she also oversaw black site in thailand that has raised a lot of concerns among democrats in the senate and of course there is also the role that she played in destroying the tapes of some of those interrogation sessions. so i think those three things are most definitely going to come up during the confirmation hearing tomorrow, but i i this another thing we can see is really her introduce herself to the american people. we have to remember this is someone who has spent three decades in the cia. a lot of that time was in covert positions, so this is really her
2:39 am
first introduction to the american public and it seems like a lot of that time will not only be spent facing tough questions but trying to make sure that the american people know who she is and why she is the right woman for the job. >> one thing to remember i feel like is a lot of times cia individuals like someone like gina haspel are not necessarily forthcoming in a lot of these q and a sessions so it's going to be swresing to see what she's able to talk about and reveal. >> she'll be well versed in dodging certain questions. >> exactly. >> scott pruitt's days may be numbered. i feel like we're on repeat. what's difference now about what has happened in the last couple of days in terms of what could be the final blow to scott pruitt's time in office? >> i think the key difference here is just as you mentioned earlier is the fact that he now has his deputy in place, andrew wheeler. this is somebody who republicans in congress have said they
2:40 am
really feel like he could do an effective job at considering -- at pushing along with the president's agenda much in the way that a lot of those republicans say that scott pruitt has done. but we have to remember that the white house had a few weeks ago reportedly told pruitt and his staff that they didn't want to be caught offguard anymore by a lot of these headlines involving his indiscretions yet here we are still seeing headline after headline about things that are now coming up, questions that are being raised about pruitt's behavior in his past. so now that there is a reliable deputy in place that could make all the difference about pruitt's future. >> we'll see how that plays out. great to have you with us this morning. still ahead, the nra announcing new leadership tapping a former presidential aide to take the helm of the organization. >> details on who's stepping into that role. plus bill karins is back with another check on the forecast
2:41 am
when we return. stay with us.
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. welcome back. retired marine colonel oliver north has been tapped to become the next president of the nra. he was convicted on multiple felony charges before they were later overturned. he fell out of favor with the reagans saying he has trouble making fact from fantasy. hosting a show on msnbc in the early 2000s. he says he is honored and eager to hit the ground running. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. >> picture perfect weather for so many today. the only exceptions are in the northern plains and tomorrow we
2:45 am
have to watch out around st. louis, chicago. airports out of that area you may get severe weather. still some lightning strikes outs of this here, but nothing too bad and then we're watching here, about 5 million people at risk. st. louis, decatur included. this is for tomorrow. this is really the only big severe weather threat we have all week long. this is the story. so this chart shows you the warm colors are above average. the cooler colors below average. all of april we were in the cooler colors. now everywhere is on the mild side. warm weather today all the way from hartford to mobile. look atlas vegas. 100 degrees today. even green bay up to 80 today. 15 degrees warmer than average and we continue into wednesday. philadelphia, gorgeous 77. st. louis at 89. we could see some record highs in the desert southwest. phoenix up to 104 on wednesday.
2:46 am
by the time we get to late in the week we're still getting warmer. look at raleigh up near 90. florida in the 90s. it's only the northern tier that cools off as we head to friday, saturday including new england, but it's quite a nice run right into the weekend. >> bill even has a sunnier outlook himself. >> i'm affected by the weather. >> you must be doing your makeup differently or something when it's sunny out. >> that will be the day i do my own makeup. >> still ahead, comcast reportedly ramps up its efforts for control of some of fox's assets in a battle of media jientss. >> and the oracle of omaha sounding off on his version of bitcoin and the iphone. what? it says he's not sold on these two pieces of technology.
2:47 am
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welcome back, everyone. let's turn to business. comcast is planning an all cash bid of $60 million for most of fox's assets surpassing disney's current bid. we're joined live from london. great to have you with us this morning. this has been an interesting financial battle so to speak. comcast would also acquire 100% uk provider sky. who's going to win out, do you think? >> it's very complicated. comcast which is the parent owner of nbc, cnbc is crushing
2:50 am
this disney deal. they had agreed deal between fox and disney where disney would buy upmost of fox's media assets for $52 billion but today comcast has come out
2:51 am
indeed. let me ask you quickly about warren buffett. he's made it clear he's not a big fan of investing in bit koip. some of us trying to understand what that crypto currency is all about. he calls it rat poison squared. not mincing his words, what more can you tell us what about his views are on bitcoin. >> exactly so definitely the oracle of omaha is not mincing words. he likens crypto currencies to rat poison squares. he says they will definitely come to a bad ending and he will gladly buy a put on crypto currency. his vice chairman says, at the beginning of the year bitcoin was trading at about $17,000 and now trading at $9,000. >> i would trust warren buffett's assessment of bitcoin. >> you think? >> i'll do anything warren
2:52 am
buffett says. coming up, axios's mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing. and "morning joe," decision day on the iran nuclear deal. whether to certify the international accord. with expectations of him pulling out of the deal. the ramifications. and the president's legal team takes a day to decide whether he'll sit down with robert mueller for the highly-sought interview. details on the challenges his lawyers are facing in getting trump to sit down with the special counsel.
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., the co-founder of axios, mike allen. what's the one big thing axios is watching? >> well axios's one big thing is how a wave becomes a tsunami. we're not trying to encroach on bill karins' territory here. this is not meelteorology, thiss
2:56 am
politics. it's 182 until the mid term elections. and we've seen what head winds republicans have in trying to keep the house, here's some figures that show how that wave could become a tidal wave. why republicans are struggling so much. so look at approval of congress. 17% job approval. now there's not many of us who would survive in our job if our customers felt like that. also, look at the direction of the country. this is what people call the right track/wrong track. a lot of political professionals will tell you the key indicator that 55% of us say things aren't getting better this is even with trump and the republicans in office. and can you look at president trump's job approval. so many of these -- local candidates are trying to be their version of trump.
2:57 am
but if you're trying to reach those middle voters, trying to get back some of the voters who traditionally would have been democrats, keep them this makes it harder. >> as i was looking at the numbers, at one point in the run-up to the mid terms it seems that the gop and the republicans felt like they could bank on the tax cut policy of the trump administration but looking at the numbers you guys sent us, republicans are under water in sort of the key area of support like tax cuts. how do they combat that? how do they deal with that? >> and this is a huge problem. the tax cuts is what the republicans were hanging their hat on. they would always atrump isn't popular, yeah, we're in trouble. but we always have the tax cut. and for while it was looking like that really would bail them out. now look at this number, it's moving the wrong direction for republicans. and there's some reporting from out in the states that candidates are talking less about it. and that it isn't the go-to in
2:58 am
ads that it used to be. one other data point that we see here is the number of people who say that they would vote for a republican versus a democrat. not your particular candidate, but how you feel about the parties and here's where the brands show their weakness, the republican brand is showing the beating that it's taking. that's a notable difference, it means when republicans are spending on tv, they have to overcome it to build their own name so when you have this much trouble for a party. it's harder for an individual candidate to distinguish themselves or distance themselves. >> speak of mid terms, we've got several primaries in states where president trump would be in 2016. how big of a factor is trump in these elections today and going into the mid-term? >> well the fascinating factor we see is we see candidates try the to out-trump trump, so west virginia, north carolina, ohio,
2:59 am
indiana, the four where the president won, what we see in every case is candidates running to the right when they're republicans so that will make it harder for them to come back to the middle to get the swing voters. and then the other factor that we see and this could be trouble for trump in the long-term, everybody is trying to be the most anti-washington, the most anti-establishment candidate. and trump going into 2020, now he's washington, now he's the establishment. >> we'll be having wall-to-wall coverage of the primaries today. how do you see today's primaries playing out? >> msnbc has been great on this one. everybody is talking about the west virginia race where don blankenship, the former coal executive, looks like he's been moving for republicans. president trump tweeted yesterday, said don't vote for this guy. said he can't win in the general elections and what axios is hearing from top republicans, is that don blankenship wins that
3:00 am
republican primary tonight and he has two opponents, he could, that means the republicans will give up on that and they say joe manchin, the democrat, will be re-elected. >> mike allen, live in washington, d.c., we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little while and you, too, can sign up for the news letter by going to >> that does it for us on this tuesday, i'm yasmin vossoughian, along side ayman mohyeldin, "morning joe" starts right now. it is turs, may 8th, welcome to "morning joe" to say we have a lot to cover this morning is an understatement. new overnight, attorney general's attorney general, eric schneiderman has resigned, among allegations that he physically abused four women. he announced his resignation within hours of the allegations being printed by "the new yorker." president trump tweeted that he will be


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