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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. ♪ this morning, all eyes are on wall street as the dow hit a new low yesterday and amazon stock took a big hit after attacks by president trump. plus -- >> the nova nation has another national championship. >> a win for the wildcats. villanova is taking home its second national title in three seasons after defeating michigan in the ncaa championship.
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good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, april 3rd. do you want to show us what the villanova wildcats did? >> i'm good. you should probably go ahead. >> the controversial firings of two top officials and a doubling of resources to respond to house republicans' request, tt president trump continued to attack the fbi yesterday. those words in air quotes and the fbi are slow walking or even not giving the unredacted documents requested by congress. an embarrassment to our country. it refers to republicans complaints that doj officials have taken too long to hand over materials about the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server, spy ing on trump adviser carter a page and about former fbi deputy
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director andrew mccabe. >> and dr. joe he mccabe, the the wife of the former fbi director is now responding to the president. after more than a year of speeches, though jill mccabe ran as a democrat, she writes in the washington post, a reliable republican in that she has voted for republicans and democrats himself, andrew kept himself separate from my campaign. when the kids and i went door knocking, he did not participate. he wouldn't even drive us adding, quote, he could have attended my fund-raisers but never did. >> on the president's attacks about mcauliff, mccabe responded on par with what other candidates in competitive races on both sides of the aisle received. and, of course, clinton's e-mails never came up. if they had, i would have found that alarming, immediately reported it and likely pulled out of the campaign.
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to have my personal reputation and integrity and those of my family attacked this way is beyond horrible. it feels awful. every day it keeps me up at night. i made the decision to run for office because i was trying to help people. instead, it turned into something used to attack our family, my husband's career and the fbi. document documents filed last night reveal only portions about paul manafort responding to the former trump campaign chair's motion for dismissal claiming mueller's indictment of him on money laundering went beyond his mandate to investigation links between russia and the trump campaign. but a heaviry redacted letter from august 2nd of last year detailed what mueller could probe, including, quote, allegations that paul manafort,
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quote, committed a crime or crimes by colluding with russian government officials, with respect to the efforts to interfere with the 2016 election for president of the united states and violation of united states law. and allegations la paul manafort, who has pleaded not guilty, is one of 19 people facing criminal charges from the investigation. another attorney alexander vanderswan is expected to be sentenced today for hiding documents and lying about conversations with manafort's former deputy, rick gates. back at the white house, the white house is now confirming that president trump and russian president putin discussed the idea of meeting at the white house during a phone call two weeks ago. the kremlin's foreign policy adviser revealed yesterday that trump made the suggestion during
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his call with putin on march 20th. >> i had a call with president putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory. the call had to do also with the fact that we will probably get together in the not too distant future. >> sara huh huckabee sanders released a statement saying tensions have escalated. 60 russian diplomateser were expelled. russia retaliated in kind. it's not clear whether a meeting between the two sides is viable. some major market moves yesterday, overseas markets are seeing losses this morning following the latest sell-off on
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wall street. the dow fell as much as 758 points yesterday before trimming its losses. the nasdaq with the was the hardest hit of the indices shredding nearly 3%. china announced yesterday that it implemented tariffs on 128 different types of exports in response to president trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum last month. shares of amazon were hammered yesterday. the president tweeted, quote, only fools or worse are saying that other money-losing post office makes money with amazon. they lose a fortune and this will be changed. also, our fully tax paying retailers are closing stores all over the country, not a level playing field. but as we told you yesterday,
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while the post office is losing a fortune, the president is wrong to blame amazon for it. federal regulators have found the postal service's contract to deliver some amazon orders has been pretty profitable for the postal service. the post office's losses are mostly due to pension and health care costs, not its deal to deliver packages for amazon. house speaker paul ryan has remained silent on his re-election plans. his challenges announced he raised $2.1 million last quarter alone. that brings his total to 4.75 million dollars so far. yet even with the spike in fund-raising, ryan will still be hard to beat. the house speaker currently has a war chest of about $10
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million. however, with just under 60 days to the filing deadline, he has not said publicly whether he will seek another term. ryan said he and his wife wait until the spring of every election year to determine whether or not he will run. according to a fox news poll, 46% of democrats say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year. >> gabby, good to talk to you this morning. thanks for joining us so early. as we just talked about earlier, it seems as if russia is pushing the white house for a meeting with president trump. i guess the big question here is could this meeting actually happen.? and what are the optics of a meeting like this? >> first off, i think it's unlikely this will happen in the
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not so distant future. he has plans right now to meet with the leader of north korea. he has plans to host emmanuel macron from france for his first state visit of the trump presidency. so he really does have a jam packed schedule with foreign leaders in the next few months and i can it would be difficult on to fit a putin visit in. if they do meet by the end of this year, it will be a challenge for this white house to overcome the negative optics for president president, there has always been a discrepancy between his rhetoric on russia and the policies that this white house is pursuing on russia. he sanctioned russia over their meddling in the 2016 election, but at the same time, it's always felt very chummy when he and president putin meet. so it would be interesting for them obviously to have an
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extended bilateral meeting, to see if president trump pushes putin further for clearer answers on some of the herbs that they've been dealing with. >> and to gabby's point, the 60 russian diplomates will be allowed to fell those positions again. let's switch gears for a moment because i want to ask you about president trump taking aim the at the justice department and the fbi in a series of tweets that have some people scratching their heads. what do you make of this? could this the be yet another sign that attorney general jeff sessions' job is in jeopardy again? >>. >> i think this happens pretty much every other month now that the president is attacking his attorney general. but jeff sessions has received word from john kelly and others in the white house that his job
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is safe. they're pleased with what he's doing on immigration and other areas of law enforcement. and even as the president continues to disparage his attorney general on twitter, the policies that jeff session sess pursuing have made his hold on to that position. >> it will be interesting to see how it all mays out. thank you so much. still ahead, sinclair broadcast groups responds after a controversial promo goes viral. and now the president is weighing in on it, as well. and later, president trump's personal attorney michael cohen makes a new move to silence adult film star stormy daniels.
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welcome back, everybody. the sinclair broadcast group is respond to go criticism over a controversial promo. earlier this year, anchors from sin layer-owned stations across the country were required to read a script warning viewers about fake news and false reports being, quote, extremely dangerous to our democracy. the segment got widespreadtation after dead spin published this video montage showing anchors echoing the same lines over and over again. in a memo sent to sinclair employees yesterday, the senior vice president of news scott livingston wrote, quote, the critics are now upset about our well researched journalic reporting. >> we find it curious that we would be attacked for asking our news people to remind their audiences that unsubstantial
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stories exist on fake media. president trump tweeted sinclair is far sprr to superior to cnn. two-thirds of those stations are in trump country. the company is also seeking to acquire dozens more by purchasing tribune media. let's turn now to the congresswoman and outspoken youtube advocate who is accused of not protecting female staffers in her own saufs. yesterday, democrat elizabeth esty anounsd she would not run for re-election. this comes after scrutiny that she took to too long to release
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a staffer who was abusive. the house ethics committee has been asked to investigate her handling of the situation. she says she will use her time months in office to to strengthen workplace protections. let's switch gears and bring in bill karins with another hopefully optimistic forecast. >> what was crazy about yesterday was that it snowed hard in the morning. and then it was warm by 5:00 p.m. >> it's april. >> that's exactly what bill said yesterday morning would happen. >> is that what he said? >> literally. >> but sometimes what bill says is not what happens. >> go ahead, bill. let's see if today we get it right. >> every day we wake up for another opportunity. >> so the thunderstorms this morning are in the ohio valley. tip equal spring storms today. very warm on the front side. severe weather threat on the back side. unfortunately cold and snow. it's already snowing from rapid city to sioux falls. in minneapolis, the snow is
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beginning, too. let's focus first on the severe weather side. not a fun drive from st. louis to indianapolis to columbus interstate 70, a lot of heavy rain early this morning. we have 48 million people at risk. today is one of our severe widespread weather days. i don't think we're going to get a tornado outbreak out of this. but a couple tornados are possible. so we have on to keep an eye on this. this is the severe weather season. right now, it's smack in the middle of april. indianapolis to lexington, that's the area of enhanced risk. lower categories, the slight risk of severe weather in yellow and that includes a huge area from houston to baton rouge up to cleveland. so the area of greatest concern for tornados today is an enhanced risk. indianapolis, paducah, evansville, nashville. the timing of these storms looks to be pretty late today. a lot of them maybe even after the sunsets. and, of course, tornados in the evening hours, the storm chasers can't give yous as long as a lead time, heads up.
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here is 4:00 p.m. this evening. there's the line of storms near st. louis. by the time we get to 7:00 p.m., we notice numerous storms here from the ohio valley through pa the duck ka, kentucky. nashville, it looks like for you timing around 10:00 p.m.ish. maybe 9:00 p.m. lexington, same for that. the this is a big wind damage threat as we head through the overnight hours. finally, those storms weaken by 2:00 a.m. in areas like chattanooga. i did mention the snow. minneapolis, 4 inches. lacrosse, around 4 inches. green bay, up to 6 inches. milwaukee, right around 2 to 4 and northern michigan, 6 to 8. winter is not quite done yet. but the this is a more typical spring storm. >> thanks a lot for that, bill. appreciate it. still ahead, it all came down to one game as villanova makes its case to be college basketball's latest dynasty. all the highlights from last night's championship. plus, yasmin will show you how the wildcats here on their teams.
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2:23 am
gave it back. jaylen brunson, the player of the year, he only had 9 points in the contest. no worries, villanova is super deal. donte scored 31 points off the bench. a sixth man in the national championship game. for that, he was awarded the most outstanding player of the final four. as coach jay wright and his team went on to win 79-62. the program's third overall title, they won their tournament game this year by -- listen to this -- all of them by at least 12 points. they never even had a close game. and it's never too early to start thinking about next year. of course, we don't really know which players and which teams are going to try to go pro, but the early westgate las vegas super bowl has decus the title favorite. the they have two incredible freshmen coming in next year. with villanova, kansas and kentucky, all the second tier
2:24 am
about 8-1. turning now to major league baseball where in houston the world series champion astros unveiled their title banner at minute maid park ahead of yesterday's home opener against the orioles. as for the game, the stros beat baltimore, 6-1. meanwhile, here in new york city, yankee fans will have to wait a little longer to see the baby bombers play in the home opener in the bronx. about 3 inches in the outfield yesterday. yesterday's game was postponed. today, they're supposed to play. it's supposed to be raining and 41 degrees. tickets will be cheap. to milwaukee where cardinals pitcher miles nicola delivered a solid performance on the mound in the first major league start since august of 2014. but that's the pitcher. he pitched well. he hit better. that one was deep, too. two-run homer to help st. louis spoil the bruins hope opener.
2:25 am
before that game started with, dexter fowler posted this self- motivating tweet. break out of it with a nice single up the middle in the third. after seeing his success, the indians jose ramirez and josh reddick followed suit on the social media sight. both players hoping to end their hitless streaks to start the season. the did it work? reddick would hit his game against the orioles. but ramirez is still waiting for his first hit. so, guys, the big story, obviously, the late-night game with nova blowing out michigan. >> you called it. bill karins called it yesterday. >> it wasn't a hard call. they were the favorites to win. actually win watched the first about ten minutes or so when i saw they were taking the lead. >> it got close.
2:26 am
>> at one point, it got within four points but then villanova ran away with it. >> i feel like a lot of people predicted them to win on their brackets. >> i have to say, no matter what, this year's tournament will be remembered forever. the 16 seed beating the 1 seed. >> i like that tweet. i will get a hit. i will get a hit. i always grew up telling myself, i think i can. i think i can. >> that's actually how we start the show every day. >> roar. >> that's how they celebrate. >> and now we have the masters come up and tiger watch next thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. still ahead, epa chief scott pruitt under pressure amid questions over ethics violations. there's new reporting that the white house has considered firing the embattled administrator. trump congratulated the egyptian president on his
2:27 am
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welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. >> there are new questions over whether vladimir putin could be welcomed to the white house after russia meddled in the 2016 election. this comes after learning president trump previously floated the idea. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander has the latest. >> the white house could be the venue for a block burst summit between president trump and vladimir putin, the kremlin
2:31 am
revealing mr. trump suggested it during his congratulatory call with putin last month. >> we will probably get together in the not too distant future so we can discuss arms. >> press secretary sarah sanders discussed it. putin's aides say there haven't been any concrete discussions since, but russia's ambassador with nbc news embraced the idea. >> i think it's a very positive signal from the united states that it's high time for two presidents to sit together. >> it would be a stunning sight, hosting the leader accused of meddling in the 2016 election. despite deteriorating ties between the u.s. and russia, president trump remains reluctant to criticize putin. even as his administration expelled dozens of russian diplomates from the u.s. last week. the president's last meeting
2:32 am
with russian officials sparked its own controversy when he shared classified information appear to go jeopardize a critical ally's intelligence source on isis. lashing out at his critics, president trump insisted getting along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. an aide to vladimir putin told reporters he hopes the u.s. will not back away from its proposal. ayman. >> thank you. the trump administration plans to increase its crackdown on both illegal and legal immigration after the latest string of tweets. the white house says it will work with congress to pass proposals aimed at reducing the number of undocumented immigrants. like those in an annual migrant cara van moving through mexico headed to the u.s. border where some will try to cross and others will apply for asylum. fewer than 11,000 rev ewe goes have been admitted in the country in the last six months.
2:33 am
the country is on pace to take in about 21,000 rev on ewe goes for the entire year. the lowest number the, by far, since the modern refugee programs was created back in 1980. this all happening as the department of justice announced new quotas for immigration judges, requiring these close 700 cases a year. a move to speed deportations. but the union for the judges says it threatens their independence. the wave of bad headlines for scott pruitt continue to pile up as the pressure on the administration over his ethics questions continues to mount. aides to the epa add men straighter considered leading a private jet last year to accommodate his travel needs. the program was ni x'd because the agency decided it would be incredibly expensive. according to current and former agency officials. >> meanwhile, the daily beast sam stein reports the condo
2:34 am
owned by an energy lob bowist that pruitt rented at reportedly below market rates served as a who location for republican lawmakers to raise money for their congressional campaign. stein says a review of fund-raising invitations reveals at least three republicans had fund-raisers at the condo during the same time that pruitt was living there. he adds several of those took place when pruitt was in washington, d.c. amides reports about that condo, lawmakers are demanding probes into pruitt's travel be expanded. and democratic senator sheldon whitehouse has told the epa's inspector general what that his review of schedules for pruitt's security team reveal significant agency resources being devoted to pruitt's round the clock security even when on nonbusiness trips.
2:35 am
"the wall street journal" is reporting the white house is reviewing pruitt's activity. politico is reporting that white house chief of staff john kelly has considered firing pruitt in the coming months as part of a series of ousting of top officials causing headache for the president. that, according to a senior administration official. amid all the negative headlines, pruitt announced yesterday he is revoked obama era standards requiring cars and light trucks sold in the u.s. to average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025. joining us now once again from washington, d.c., white house correspondent for the washington examiner, gabby. great to have you back with us. let's begin with this epa story and epa administrator scott pruitt, reportedly on the outside with the white house including chief of staff john kelly. what could we see happen in regards to his future before the end of the month? >> well, i think the precedent
2:36 am
set by va secretary shulkin and former hhs secretary tom price has really indicated that the white house is not going to tolerate this type of behavior from cabinet secretaries and that really does put scott pruitt in a place of jeopardy. he's coming under fire, not only for this condo situation. we just learned that not only was it being used as a fund-raising hub, but also the client, one of the lobbyists from whom he was renting this condo received approval from a project from the epa. he's come under fire for manipulating rules within the agency to offer salary raises to a few staffers. obviously, his travel at the expense of american taxpayers has been a huge issue. so there's a lot of things that the white house is looking into right now and i expect that there will be significant action taken against him in the future. >> so, gabby, we're kind of barreling towards the midterms coming november. do you think all of these staffing shake-ups coming from
2:37 am
the white house could actually impact republicans that are up for re-election? >> well, i think they really impact the way that this administration can help republicans in the midterm election. i mean, every time there is a significant change to the president's cabinet orrer a significant change to his west wing advisers, it obviously injects a bit of chaos into the overall efficiency of this administration. if they're not able to focus on delivering a continuous message that helps republicans in this midterm election cycle, if they're not able to ensure when president trump is out there campaigning or stumping for some of these gop candidates he's on message and not having to answer to questions about some of these staffing changes, yes with, it does absolutely impact republicans and is it's certainly not something that a lot of hill republicans are excited about at this point. >> thank you. appreciate it. switching gears, president trump called to congratulate the
2:38 am
egyptian president on his re-election. sisi was elected president after he reportedly won 97% of the vote. the election had had lower voter turnout is widely considered a sham. in fact, the white house said the two leaders are looking forward to addressing common challenges. this is not the first time trumps has called to congratulate a leader whose election was at the least questionable. last month, trump called the turkey's president to congratulate him on his referendum that cemented his rule. >> i can't help but ask why is it that he makes these phone calls? and my only instinct is that he does the complete anthesis of
2:39 am
what he's advised to do. >> the president obviously has to congratulate world leaders. but these elections are not considered to be fair or free. obviously, human rights abuses and all kinds of human rights abuses and reports coming out of countries like egypt, turkey and russia. the president goes that extra step to congratulate as opposed to calling the president on the -- >> but the real question is what is the in sentive from the president's point of view? >> personal relationships with these strong auto autocratic leaders. still ahead, president trump takes new action to keep the stormy daniels case out of the public eye. the latest court file to go take the case out of the courts. and it may be spring, but bill karins says no, not just yet. he has more news about a winter storm making its way across the country bringing heavy snow with it. my day starts well before
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welcome back. now to the new move by president trump to keep the stormy daniels issue under wraps. yesterday, michaelco.en filed paperwork asking the judge have the case be resolved in private arbitration. the p on orn star is suing trump to have the nondisclosure agreement nullified. she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair with trump back in 2006. the president denies the allegations, respondsing to the new filing. the porn star's law tweeted out saying we will vigorously oppose the just-filed motion by trump and cohen to have this case decided in a private arbitration in a private conference room hiding from the american public. the this is a democracy and this matter should be decided in an open court of law owned by the people. let's get a check on your weather from someone else who is not going away. >> well, we like having bill
2:44 am
around. >> the groundhog said, what, six more weeks or winter or something like that? >> you see, i remember the groundhog predicting the winter would be longer. >> but that was like 12 weeks ago. >> oh. >> so it's past that. >> that was back in february. >> yes. >> so today, the winter weather is up here and it's snowing in sioux falls, snowing in minneapolis. heavy rain, warmer conditions in the ohio valley. the life threatening weather will be severe weather. we're in on our severe weather season. we haven't had any big outbreaks yet so far this spring. we could see isolated tornados today. i don't think we're going to see dozens of tornados, but we could get a handful of them. if they happen, it's in this area of orange. northern mississippi, eastern sections of arkansas. the winter side of this storm, winter storm warnings for minneapolis to lacrosse to green bay, everybody in between, and northern portions on of
2:45 am
michigan. as far as snow goes, it's not block burst amounts. we're not talking one footer or plus, 4 to 8 ivens of snow the first week of april is kind of on rude. alpena has a chance of getting close to 8 inches. milwaukee, right on the edge of heavy snow. chicago, you kind of miss out. detroit, you get lucky on this one, too. >> when are with we finally going to get rid of all the cold we've been dealing with? today obviously with our spring storm, you figure we're going to get severe weather. today is very mild. warmest day you'll see probably for the next week at least. cincinnati, atlanta, new orleans. but here comes the cold on the backside. rapid city, 31 for the high. st. louis on wednesday, 45. cleveland 41. we get one warm day tomorrow in the northeast before it cools back down. here is the bad news. chicago, a high of 31. fargo, only in the 20s. memphis drops into the 50s by the time we get to saturday. new york city saturday, we drop
2:46 am
to 44. so no end in situ these shots of cold air. >> come august we will miss this. >> i won't. >> tomorrow, i'll have another day of 119 degrees. >> totally fine by me. still ahead, market overseas are seeing red this morning following the latest sell-off on wall street. live to london for more on the global trade wars. at ally, we offer low rates on home loans. but if that's not enough, we offer our price match guarantee too. and if that's not enough... we should move. our home team will help you every step of the way. still not enough? it's smaller than i'd like. we'll help you finance your dream home. it's perfect. oh, was this built on an ancient burial ground? okay... then we'll have her cleanse your house of evil spirits. we'll do anything, (spiritual chatter) seriously anything to help you get your home. ally. do it right.
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welcome back, everybody. let's turn on to business. stocks fell sharply on the first trading day of this second quarter. jomana is joining us live from london. up until now, tech companies have been reliable market leaders. how have the tides turned? >> yes. so it was a bumpy start to the quarter with all the major indices down 2% with the tech heavy nasdaq leading the way down almost 3%. just the to give you an idea, this is the worst start to april since 1929 for all of these indices and the big question has been what the tech sector is going to do. it's an interesting set for you. the tech sector year-to-date is the only sector in the green as far as the s&p indices are concerned and most people are saying fundamentals are still there, but this is a correction from a high valuation.
2:50 am
we'll wait and see. however, there is a new name being added to the tech sell-off and that is amazon. the stock was down almost 4% in trade yesterday after a series of tweets by president donald trumpavoiding paying sales taxes and also using the postal service. marco rubio weighed in and he said while amazon has brought lower prices it could hurt competition in the long run and amazon has hit back and said they do pay sales taxes and they found that the contracts with the postal service has been profitable for the postal service. >> there's another breach. >> panera bread and obviously it patched up a security breach that exposed the information of up to 37 million customers, and they've known about this breach for months. what more do you know? >> absolutely. this was revealed by the cyber
2:51 am
security blog and they reported the website had been leaking customer records for the last eight months or so and it included names, e-mail addresses, birthdays and also the last four digits of credit cards. panera has said the report was not true, but only less than 10,000 customers had been affected. still, that's 10,000 people so they've got a lot of questions to answer. >> it's just another example of cyber vulnerability that we all live in now days at any vendor. coming up, the cofounder of axios looks at our one big thing and donald trump bashes the department of justice calling it an embarrassment. t we'll have the latest developments on that. >> and will the white house play host to the man who meddled in the white house election. new revelations between that
2:52 am
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all right. welcome back. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios am mike allen, what is axios' one big thing for the morning? >> the one big thing is why president trump thinks he's winning his war on the media. we have the rise of trump tv, morning joe yesterday had a lot of fun with that viral video of the sin clair anchors mouthing talking points that the white house likes. the president in his own reality, in his own feedback loop is seeing this conservative tv coverage. he's consulting these conservative tv hosts. he listens to them. he phones them, he takes their advice and this bonds him to his base, his base on conservative tv sees his complaints even
2:56 am
about other republicans and that helps him cement him to them even though the other coverage is so barrish. >> so mike, the president obviously yesterday tweeting his support of sin clair amongst all the backlash from main stream media outlets. what exactly, mike, are you seeing as the president's sort of thinking behind this, behind supporting sin clair so fervently? >> he see this is suicides this rooting section. loves the fact that the main stream media is squawking about it. that's one of the reasons that' he is convinced that sin clair is doing a great thing. i asked sin clair's ceo if he would do this again. i said, would you have a promo campaign like this or would you give the anchors a little local flexibility and trump would like the answer that sin clair's ceo
2:57 am
said this is designed to get more viewers and whether or not that happens is how i decide whether i do this campaign again. >> all about the ratings. >> let me ask you quickly about something that your colleague at ox i don't say has pointed out that the president has a modern version of call and response with the media. what more can you tell us about that? >> yeah, so this is president trump's instant gratification. he tweets and then he sees it on the ki rons on tv and that is why he's constantly consulting these hosts and as formal advisors, the people that we think of as actual white house officials, as they see marginalized, absent, more and more he's listening to what he hears on conservative front tv. >> the more we report on stories that are happening on fox news, it seems as if it only sort of invigorate's trump's space. >> no, exactly. the fact that we are covering it
2:58 am
critically or skeptically is part of what convinces them that trump is right. trump has a math problem. he barely won last time and this approach doesn't add people. so he has a demographic problem. there's nothing in these groups that he's talking to on trump tv that are going to bring in new people, that are going to bring in young people. they're going to potentially expand his base which usually in politics is what you want to do. that's definitely not this white house's strategy. >> and let me ask you quickly about another thing that ox i don't say axios is looking at. what kind of rules do you think we could see congress try to push down the pipeline here? >> we're getting a clear picture and we popped up a story on axios how to regulate facebook and there's three ideas that seem to be taking the lead here. one, transparency that the
2:59 am
social platforms would have to tell us more about what they're doing with our data, the fact that we gave a blanket okay isn't enough. second, portability, that means we could yank our data back and third, giving us more control in the first place. additional privacy, controls and opting out more clearly than we can now. >> we've been talking about cambridge analytica and facebook for that matter. you actually spoke with billionaire mark cuban at the axios event at ohio state university yesterday about the facebook scandal. what did he say? >> we had a great time in buckeye columbus with the ohio state university. mark cuban was on stage with us talking to the students about the future of work and he said he would be more likely to run for president as an independent if republicans keep control of congress. he thinks that if democrats get control of the house that there
3:00 am
wouldn't be quite as much of an opening. >> oprah winfrey, donald trump, all running. >> quite a lineup, my friends. are you running? >> no. >> mike allen, thank you very much. of course we'll be reading axios am in just a while. you too can sign up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for us this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i want to thank the white house historical association and all of the people that worked so hard with melania, with everybody to keep this incredible house or building or whatever you want to call it, because it really is no name for it. it is special. and we keep it in tiptop shape. we call it sometimes tippy top shape and it's a great, great place. >> well, the markets are feeling a little less tippy top shedding hundreds of


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