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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  March 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'm david gu ra on this sunday if new york. right now it is getting personal. president trump going after congressman maxine waters. a report behind a "new york times" piece and senate democrats, a long-time congress member of the black caution will join me live. what about that "time's" article hitting a nerve, what the paper is roaring today as the white house says the president sends
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to meet with the special counsel. 240 days before the mid-term elect, before that, a special election on tuesday you should be watching. you have that and the three political stories this week. let's start with that rally this week for rick saccone, really the president to promote himself, his victory in 2016. >> pennsylvania is the state that gabe us the 45th president of the united states. >> to promote his accomplishments in office. >> a new slogan, when we have done more than any first-term administration in the history of our country. we have. you take a look at where we're going. >> so layout with an exclamation point a few vision for his campaign. >> our new slogan when we start
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r running, can you believe it, in two years from now, keep america great! >> the drt going after fancy pelosi and maxine waters. >> did you ever see her? did you see her? we will impeach him. we will impeach the president. but he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't patz, we will impeach him. she's a low iq individual. you can't help him. she really is. >> a low iq individual. congressman she loo leeds joins me, a democrat from texas a member of the house judiciary budget and homeland committee. i want to get your reaction to what the president had to say particularly with your colleague from california. >> david, first of all, thank you for having me, let me acknowledge what democrats stand forbe, as i respond to these
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dastardly comments. first of all democrats will win in 2018 because we have a better deal as compared to the rou deal donald trump is giving people. wage increase all across the board and working men and women, we understand steele workers. we understand individuals who want to build bridges, roads, get to work. researchers and medical personnel. we're going to provide the economic opportunities across the board for all americans in all states. now, standing on those principles of a better deal for american people, i take great issue with the president of the united states, who is disrespectful, he is abiefs and he is certainly a candidate for the abuse of power for the president of the united states. if we were allowed to have hearings dealing with the question of impeachment, whether or not we have them now, next year or the year after, on the
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question of high crimes and misdemeanor, as a member of the judiciary committee, those hearings would be warranted. as it relates to my colleague, my friends, a member of the united states congress the ranking member of the financial services committee and that is congress woman maxine what'ss who happens to be a senior member. her iq is very high. she has commanded the elements of financial services, considered a real leader on the issues of the xi and finance in the united states congress. president trump is an abiefs and bullying personality, as evidenced on his treatment longstanding of women. but let me make this very clear. it seems that as an administration is committed to attacking black women as he has attacked all women. first his chief of staff called one member of congress an empty barrel. now he seeks to undermine a leader of our congress, not an african-americans or the congressional black caucus, but
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a leader on issues that have been very important for the american people, protecting consumers, making sure that banks treat all of its customers fairly, making sure the financial system of this nation works. i am disappointed in these comments. he owes an apology, he will not give an apology. all he have to do with work for a better deal. do they apt president like this, the same issues he thinks she dealing with, the democrats have been arguing for a long time, fair trade, economic enhancement of the american people, education. none of that is coming under trump. he does spurts. but at the same time he is busting the budget with his tax scram and undermining the very needs of the american people. >> congress woman, as you listen to the president talk last night to those dastardly comments as you put them. as we look ahead to 2018, how
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are democrats better prepared to respond or deal with comments we heard like that last night? >> i think you made a very good.the election other than the proof of russian interference in the elens and the skewing of the election by the comments of director -- of the fbi comey, we no ethat mr. trump bullied his way into the presidency. he bullied his fellow republicans and he attempted to bully hillary clinton, but she was standing strong until the collective efforts of the russians and others brought those numbers down right before the 2016 election. democrats are strong on their platform. that platform is continuing to build an economic fabric that really reaching all americans, the waitress, the bus driver. it raises wages. we haven't seen any increase in
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wages. nave ing in fa in fact, the taxes caused a stacks scam and the whole woman understood that his plan does not help small businesses the benefits for the middle class are temporary. democrats plan to restore those to the american people. we want to build a real infrastructure plan that doesn't burdens the citizens of this nation and we will stand up to immigration. we will not run for it. we will fought divide the nation from muslims and other faith or daca young people and others, we will stand up to a comprehensive immigration program that deals with family and give daca to most individuals and we will address the saturday and security of our children by not going against the second amendment but recognizing what 80 some percent of the american people want. >> that is expanded background
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checks, holding in the ar-15s and others, we're going to answer the questions from the americans from the east to the west to the north and the south. i believe as evidenced just this past tuesday, where more than a million plus democrats voted in the democratic primary in a red state called texas we will have that kind of wave. i believe that americans like dignity and respect. they don't like a are the that has 19 women that have never had their day in court for a president. >> i was going to read -- >> a president undermining this nation's respect for the american people. >> let me close then by asking you about stephanie clifford, the woman known as stormy daniels, you sent out a tweet this week. i know you signed a letter by
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democrat judiciary committee to president trump's attorneys asking for more information on the stormy daniels scandal. where is this all headed as this story's legs continue to grow? >> well, isn't it interesting, david, we have come full circle to the behavior that really should have dismantled and unravelled president trump's campaign in 2016 when the "access hollywood" tapes came out. but unfortunately i don't know whether it was a lack of respect for women. i don't know what caused him to be able to roll past such an egregious and disgusting comments. here we are again, 16, 19 women have yet to have their day in court when men all over the nation unfortunately are being fired or leaving their jobs, are being disgraced because of there behavior. we have a president of the united states that bullies women of all color, including african-american women and then
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of course now has stormy daniels, stephanie, who indicates she wants her day in court and she has a lawyer. he has a lawyer frankly, mr. cohen and others who may have violated campaign laws on the basis of you cannot pay someone off right before an election, in this instance, a presidential election, intending to influence an election. he may have violated tax laws. you are not able to use funds and deduct them from your income taksim they were used for political purposes. we all know that. so there is a long litany of issues that mr. cohen as a barred lawyer has to deal w. he may have violated the ethics law by rying to sly lens an individual, when i say ethics, that is the bar code of fork state by trying to silence an individual who simply wants to use her first amendment rights.
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it may be interesting we have the only day in court for mr. trump will be the day in court of stormy daniels, mills cliffords, if you will, trial that she is now pursuing. rightly so. he would deserve to be in court because his respect for women is not even at the level of a tea cup and it is absolutely outrageous he has gone without punishment for all he has done to women over the years. he continues to believe me is above the law and he serves as president of the united states, which is a very poor example for the many families that have children that literally have to turn off the television because donald trump is not a role model. >> thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thank you for having me. well, if you missed the president's rally last night, never fear we have more of what he said. it was a lot. our political panel joins me next to break that down..
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welcome back. i'm david gura. there is nothing quite like a trump rally, something the president said last night in pennsylvania. president trump sounded more like candidate trump. the chief washington correspondent for bloomberg news, also is jane newton small arc "time's" magazine contributor, politics editor at and msnbc contributor. kevin, take us back down memory lane. how similar is what you heard last nit to the trail. >> it was like flashbacks. seriously, this is exactly what we saw, president trump really going all in for republican candidate saccone. quite frankly, the polls are inching closer together. colin lamb is making this interesting. president trump carried in southwestern pennsylvania by more than 20 percentage points and i got to be honest here, david, you know this, you are a
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policy buy the. the trade policy the white house announced last week is something that the union folks that i talked to tell me is going to play particularly well here but on the other side of that, democrats really pushing for a get out the vote effort. a lot of outside money, millions of dollars flooding in as well. >> jane newton small, let me ask you about the poll from monmouth university. 40% say they approve, 54% say they do not. talk if you would about the role of the president here on the cane trail. it was something else entirely when he was out there on his own strump u stumping for the united states. how much ease is there ae among candidates having him there on the stage with him? >> david the president has yet to prove he has any coat tails yet. this is his first rally since the senate seat. it was a heavily republican state.
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yet democrats won that seat with doug jones, so the same kind of scenario is happening here, vulnerable republicans are paying a lot of attention to this to see how much trump can turn a vote and deliver a seat to a candidate neck and neck in the polls and not doing very well. can trump coming in, in the last hour, really turn out and deliver this seat? if he doesn't do this, you may see a record number of retired incumbents this year in the cycle. you may see more because it will be very, very hard to run for election come to have. >> we talked at great length after president trump was eelection day and inaugurated about him metamorphosing, becoming more presidential. he even mocked last night and did a voice to make him sounds presidential. have you been surprised there hasn't been more of a
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transformation at this point? >> no, no, you stay with the person that brought you there. donald trump has not had any incentive to change his behavior or act like a different president. he has been rewarded every secretary general time. not rewarded in the poll, remember, he's not elections for a few more years. he has been getting policies he wants from republicans in congress. even as they look at a blue wave, special elections throughout the country going to democrats 36-4, donald trump has gotten done what he's gotten done him i'm not surprised he hasn't changed, he is still offensive. it may not work for anyone else. it may work for him. >> i want to ask you, he doesn't ask about stormy daniels, the elephant in the airplane hangar as he spoke. let's take a listen about his support among women. >> women won't like donald trump. i said, have i really had that kind of a problem? i don't think so. but women won't like donald
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trump. it will be a rough night for donald trump because the women won't come out. we got 52%. >> i just want to sus that out. 54% supported hillary clinton, 42% donald trump looking at white women, though, something president trump may have been alugd to, 53% supported trump and 43% clinton. how big an issue is this? a lot of people downplaying this as well. we have this woman, stephanie delivered, this shis this a growing problem for president trump? >> first there is a new polling out that shows amongst conservative millennial women there is a hitening of the polls to get out amongst millennial republican women. that is something i can tell you republican strategists here inside washington are pushing for, particularly in mid-trls.
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conservative women are a cree constituency. the second point to answer your question directly regarding stormy dan daniels, any source is at this point roll, their eyes at this story, where it gets interesting is that the e-mails that are out there the basis of this are from the trumpo. if there are subpoenas issued, that could lead to an expetition similar to antony weiner what you can have a situation where others are subpoenaed into the courts of law and lead to other questions that are asked. >> jay, last question, we're at the point of this scandal, we're looking at precedent, past instances when there has been scandals. i know you covered john edwards. we seen that parallel drawn now with real hunter. take us back to oregon burg, south carolina, how similar were the allegations when you look at your campaign finance law?
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>> they're actually very similar violations. you look at bunny mellon's financing of real hunter, who was the misstress that had the illegitimate child in the '08 campaign. that really that money trail led investigators to usually what was happening at john edwards put forth his personal aid to claim the child is his own. it turns out he had a vasektomy -- vasectomy, the denials, misplacing the blame. he had to come forward at some point and say yes the kid is mean. i had an affair. all the pieces for donald trump come forward, including stormy daniels, herself, he at some point will have to say when it happened. >> great to speak to all three of you. jason johnson, thanks to you as
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well. >> thank you. the white house is prepping for a high stakes meeting with north korea. what the u.s. should be talking what the u.s. should be talking about before those talks begin.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. just days after donald trump
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shocked the world with his decision to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un the president told folks at a rally in pennsylvania, talks could lead to the greatest deal in the world. some bunpundits call it a gift praise it as equal him great to have you with us. you have just been in japan. i'd like to start there the president tweeting a couple days ago, i spoke to prime minister abe of japan -- let's put aside the trade issue, which we can talk about at great length as well. about that enthusiasm the president made, how do our allies feel about what the president announced? >> well, the job news were caught off guard, they were surprised and amused by it. they will not admit it. prime minister abe is very close to president trump. they will not publicly push
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back. i think they are confused be i this, because they were supporting this sanctions, policies and where did this come from? so prime minister abe will come to meet with trump u president trump before this summit occurs to discuss this further i think. >> what role has the u.s. been playing in the ground work. you look at the role of president moon, he's pushed for these meeting. >> i don't think the use government had a plan such as this, it was all about maximum pressure policy, sanctions. so if way it occurred, the south korean envai was not supposed to meet with president trump until friday. he said he wanted to talk about i. as soon as he heard kim jong-un is going to invite him for a sum, he said, okay, i want to do this right now, i think it was spontaneous action by mr. trump. it was not coordinated. that's why you see a little
12:28 pm
energy pushback on this. >> i want to play a little of jeff flaerks he has been outspoken and announced he intends to retire from the in the. let's listen to what he has to say. >> the important thing is the diplomatic work that has to go in before a meeting. a meeting like that would be an afterthought after things are negotiate. here it looks as if that's the opening gambit and that's a little worry some. >> i want to get your per fe perspective on that, in your old job, you had responsibility for this. if you look at an ap paratus in the past, how much does that cripple the president even going into a conversation leak this in. >> this will be a very complicated negotiation, normally you are supposed to do it at low little the presidential summit is the last level you offer. we don't have people as you mentioned force u.s. ambassador to south korea.
12:29 pm
ambassador joseph eun, north korean envoy retired. so we don't have people that can advise president trump on this meeting. >> your colleague was by all accounts going to be the next ambassador to south korea. he's no longer in the running, he wrote in the "new york times," failed negotiations at the summit level leave all parties with no other recourse for diplomacy. what are the risks here if this meeting happens? i think that's very much an if and they don't go well, what does that mean for the path forward? >> i completely agree with him on this. right now once you try this, there is no other resource, you try the last possible thing, which is meeting with kim jong-un and trump. if it goes badly, what's going to happen afterwards? probably president trump says we will use the negotiation card. you say, okay, we move to phase
12:30 pm
two. the kenetic option, it comes back as a possibility. the opposite concern, what if mr. trump decides to do a grand bargain? north koreans say reduced security is important. if they have that, they will give up the weapons, what does it mean? it means breaking up u.s.-south korean alliance, putting out forces out of the korean forces. it's a ricky gambit. >> what does success look like? owe put this question to gem mccaffrey minutes ago. where are we and it goes successfully? >> hopefully president trump sees it as a beginning process. not the ends process so heed a least establishes some sort of relationship with kim jong-un and let the experts come in and negotiation negotiate. again, it gives a legitimacy, it normalizes the regime, north
12:31 pm
koreans have been looking for presidential summit for many decades. so it's a problem, too. they need to find a neutral location if they will realize a summit. >> thank you very much for your time. it may seem like we say this every week a lot did happen over the last seven days, a campaign adviser goes on a bizarre cable news blitz, tariff a porn star and north korea recapping the week it was a coming up number. my parents made love. and i screamed into life. together, they were unstoppable.
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welcome back. i'm david gura. as we head into a new week, let's take a look at some of the stories last week that made us think, remember when that happened? well, let's start on monday. a media circus-on-around sam nunberg. he ended up testifying at the end of the week. vowing to back away a subpoena lev individual on him by robert mueller and his investigation. tuesday, gary cohn stepped town is now before adult film store stormy daniels sued the president alleging he never signed a fawn disclosure agreement that barred her from talking about an intimate relationship she had with president trump. white house counsellor kellyanne conway violated the hatching a, moving to wednesday on this incredibly busy week, the washington post reports bob mueller gathered information before a secret meeting to establish a back channel of
12:36 pm
communication between the incoming administration and the cell len. >> that happened on the same day nbc news president trump's lawyer obtained a restraining order to try to silence stormy daniels, stephanie clifford. to top the day off, she spoke to witnesses about the conversations they've had us that far with bob mueller and his team, moving to thursday now in this incredibly busy week, company manager corey lewandowski appeared in front of the house intelligence committee, miles away, trump's other former company manager paul manafort arraigned in federal court, he pled not guilty to tax charges and signed if law tariffs asteel and alluminum imports members of his own party voted against vociferously, struggling for breath, another stormy headline, nbc news reporting michael
12:37 pm
cohen, the president's personal attorney, used his trump organization e-mail to arrange payments to stormy daniels, sam nunberg, back on monday, he testified before robert mueller's grand jury down if washington, d.c. and to wrap it all up, the "wall street journal" reporting president trump's lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with bob mueller, terms for the president to speak to him and his team to tuque about all this, a follow at the roosevelt -- a fellow at the roosevelt institute and robert watkins aid to president george h.w. bush. let me start with you, ask you how much the presidency, donald trump's presidency changed over the course of this week? >> david it's been a whirlwind week, i was out of breath as you went through everyone. this has been every week since inauguration last year. i don't know how much it's changed except there is one story you didn't mention about
12:38 pm
the power of a key right wing interest group him that's the power of the nra and the story in florida around governor rick scott signing that not perfect legislation around gun safety. that was a result of a new generation of students and activists who have stepped up and said no more to the nra. so that actually more than any of these other stories that will stay in the news in terms of the mueller investigation, stormy daniels, we will see that soap opera play out. >> that seems to be the real political story around legislation, okay, we didn't hear anything from the president around gun safety in florida this week. >> joe watkins, i want to return to the trade announcement. i want to ask you about the broader implications of what happened there. the president said he was going to do this. as i mentioned, he heard from a lot of republicanssh members of his own party, they agreed with.
12:39 pm
that they didn't think it was done thoughtfully. pulling pack from trade here what does that moment of opposition say to you about the rank and file republicans and the president of the united states? >> well, of course the relationship being the president and members of congress may change from day to day depending on the issue and clearly on the issue of raising tariffs in these alluminum an steel imports is a issue where most republicans disagree with him. gary cohn the chief economic adviser disagreed enough to re59 i seen from his post-because of it. that was a pretty big statement in and of itself. most republicans see this, a lot of democrats see this as a protectionist sounding move, one that will hurt our trading partners and ends up hurting american workers in other industries. so many republicans and many democrats think raising tariffs
12:40 pm
on steel and alluminum imports is a bad decision one that needs to be reit haved by the president. >> i want to get your insight how people respond to decisions to do this. we talked about north korea and tariffs as well. these were instans of trump being trump, decide wag he needs to do despite expert analysis or device. how do democrats as they look ahead to 2018 and 2020 forecast what will happen if there is that degree of uncertainty. >> there are two things here, one is the consequences of the decisions this president is making, so for the tariffs, for instance, we know they will hurt key elements of his base. think about farmers in the mid-west who will be affected be i the retaliation from the countries for whom we administer these tariffs, but secondly and most important, there has been so much resistance energy to trump in the last year-and-a-half. that is not enough for the
12:41 pm
democratic party to run on. they have to come with a compelling alternative vision hoff you they would enact policies to help every day americans in 201820 a 19 and 2020. it's not just to be against something. you have to be for something. it has to be that compelling vision. it's not a surprise to me that we have heard some silences from chuck schumer an nancy pelosi in the last week or two. there is a sense democrats are letting this president do the damage on his own for his own party. so every time he speaks at a rally for a candidate, think roy moore in alabama and of course last fight in pennsylvania, it's kind of like let him talk. let him do the damage. what they haven't been able do is pivot and say here is the bold alternative vision that will motivate 350e78 who are enthusiastic and will turn out in 2018 as we seen in alabama and other special elections. >> joe, it's not often that i stand in front of that that has
12:42 pm
pictures of an adult porn star on them, there are more instances than in weeks past, you as a republican, what do you make of this scandal? you listen to how they hitch their star on core values. at what point do you want to hear more from the president on this issue? >> well, i think a lot of republicans want to hear more and republicans have taken a big hit and the evangelical leadership has given the president a mull began on this one and a number of other issues that he faces that have to do with values him with regard of the stormy daniels issue, it's probably not going to go away any time soon. the reason why is because her lawyer has filed a complaint with the fec and also with the department of justice and that complaint is saying for the most part the $130,000 exchanged to supposedly buy her silence was
12:43 pm
an if kind campaign contribution, which would be a federal election law violation. this will not go away any time as soon as clearly it can get strictier before it gets better. >> thank you very much. joe watkins joining me here in new york. let's turn ahead the clocks to two weeks before that now infamous access heat tape and two months before donald trump was elected. by the time they were talking about a victory, allen lichtman made a bold prediction, donald trump will be our next president. we now know he was correct. he's predicted the presidential election correctly for more than 30 years. he joins us now. he is also predicting that president trump will be impeached him let me ask you first of all about a name in the news, the president tweeting about an article in the "new york times" suggesting the president interviewed or hiring
12:44 pm
emmett t flood. >> that's right. he works for a major law firm. he's been involved in a lot of white collar issues. he worked as a special counsel during the administration of george w. bush and of course is best known for counseling bill clinton during his impeachment. so this shows how seriously the trump administration is taking this investigation and how worried his lawyers are about possible testimony under oath in the mueller investigation. it's a major step. >> help us under the role he played. there are many high powered lawyers representing the president. it went to the house for trial. what role is he playing specifically here? what is his particular expertise as you understand it? smr it's in high level lilt litigation, white collar crime, in politics as well. he was a confidante and a
12:45 pm
counselor to clinton helping go i'd the strategy through the impeachment process, which apparently is exactly what donald trump wants. >> i should say the president denying that he's thinking of mixing up his legal team in a tweet this morning. let's take the "new york times" here at face, i sort of wonder what this says to you about where we are in this investigation, if the president is considering this option reportedly? >> i think he will make changes to his team. not that the president necessarily listens to what his team says, apparently they're in sensitive negotiations or going to enter negotiations about the president's possible testimony and they need to be very, very careful about that. because this president is a -- fact checkers document 2500 lies in over a year him he also lice under oath. from my book the case for impeachment. i studied his 2007 deposition
12:46 pm
when he unsuccessfully sued the journalist timothy o'brien for allegedly under stating his wealth and trump's deposition is riddled with lies. he claims he was paid more than a million dollars for a speech by the learning annex in new york. because he's in such great demand, but he was actually only paid $400,000. he claimed he owed 50% interest in a major development in manhattan. he cla aimed that a development in las vegas was so terrific that they sold out all of the units in less than a week and in fact property records indicate months later, 30% of the units were unknown. he claimed he barely new a russian connection shiedy businessman who had partnered with trump on many business ventures and had been photographed with trump two
12:47 pm
month earlier when they opened the soho hotel condominium in new york. by the way, he emerges twice again in the trump saga. he was the guy who was trying to broker a deal in 2015 during the campaign for a trump tower moscow. he said, we'll get putin on board and we're going to let you buddy boy president and then he emerges again as one of the three men along by the way with michael cohen the lawyer involved in the stormy daniels affair who gave a proposal to michael flynn the national security adviser just before he resigned for lifting the sanctions against russia, the connections are amazing and you can see why the idea of trump testifying is so sensitive and they never want to get more legal fire power involved. >> lucidly laid out as in the book. thank you very much for the time. coming up, the insiders take on
12:48 pm
what to watch for this week in politics. tonight this happens, sex, lies and the candidate, explains how the gary hart made the private lives of public figures fair game for the press. watch that tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc.
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. welcome back. president trump seeming to truly enjoy a chance to stump last night, connecting with the western pennsylvania crowd in his roughly one and half hour speech saying quote the whole world, remember that, they are all watching. it is a very important race. so what makes this special election and others particular locale so prit cal heading into the 2018 mid term elections? joining us for an insiders take is msnbc senior editor of politics, beth. you're watching this in one way others aren't. we've talked about steel workers and women in the presence and brought them up last night. break down the district. what are you looking for? >> sure. very, very rural district primarily. a lot of suburban areas that could be make or break for democrat in this race. connor lamb. a number of these district went, a number of the small communities more suburban affluent did vote for hillary clinton in 2016 by fairly big
12:53 pm
numbers. connor lamb needs to turn out a lot of votes out of there if he is mitigating losses in the more red areas that are more heavily for trump. this candidate connor lamb is not hillary clinton. he is very much part of that region. he is talking about local issues. not campaigning against the president. he knows that president trump is very popular down there. he is very much with the president on this issue of tariffs on imported steel. so there is no daylight between him and the republican candidate. so the question is now, whether or not those more affluent folks up in the suburbs come out and whether those union workers, unions are a very, very big force. very diminished in other parts of the country. with you in steel country, coal country, a big force. they endorsed connor lamb, whether or not that will bring him over to victory, is yet to be seen. >> very quickly, here. how much do you see this as a litness with your background and experience. this is a referendum on what trump is doing.
12:54 pm
>> it'll be taken as one. president trump owns all of the political oxygen right now. there is no way to say that local is local. local is national. national is local. trump is there last night. he put his reputation on the line in the race. no way to say it won't be perceived as validation of him one way or the other. >> let's look it california. president heads thereafter his attorney general made comments about sanctuary sit niece that state. what are you working for in there? what does that visit tell you? >> we are watching the fact that it is his first visit to california since becoming president. first president not to visit california and first year in office since dwight eisenhower. very much the bull work of resistance against president trump. the fact he is going out there a week as you say jeff sessions waged war on california saying the federal government would sue because of the sanctuary law protecting undocumented immigrants. what i'm watching for is there a lot of protest? my guess is probably not. a big state, people are on the freeways driving everywhere.
12:55 pm
doing their own thing. idea of people, everybody stepping out to like doing organized protests against president trump is likely not happening. that might sort of disappoint progressive activists around the country who think california is supposed to respond that way to his visit. he is going to san diego county. where prototypes of the wall will be there and take a look at them, they have been there a few months now and he is go into the heart of blue california, beverly pil beverly hill, to do a fund-raiser for his campaign and rnc. there could be protests there. a very blue environment. but we will see. it might be a dud for progressives and other state that he is checking on his list. >> last question here. about protests. there's been this movement emerging from the shooting in parkland as we move it a big march in washington, d.c. as we see prospects for walk outs this week -- >> right. on march 14th, one-month anniversary since the shooting of february 14th, 2600 stools are expected to walk out,
12:56 pm
students in schools to walk out of class at 10:00 for 17 minutes. that's to designate 17 victims of parkland. 2600 is a lot of schools. certainly not majority by any means but a sign that there is a school walk-out, organizers tell us in every state so far except south dakota. we are seeing red states like south carolina and alaska and louisiana. folks are going to walk out. it is going to be a precurser to that big march 24, march for our lives going on in washington. parkland students are organizing. this is a different operation, grass roots, coming from parents who say their kids are not safe in school and let's do this as a symbolic measure. coming right after governor rick scott in florida signed sort of surprised the 11 gun advocates by signing legislation and making it harder for younger people to buy a gun raising age from 18 to 21. there is a lot of activity going around on the gun issue. the latest sign of whether this
12:57 pm
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. that's it for me. you can find me here every saturday and sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern time on twitter and instagram between now and then. the news continues right now with my colleague, yasmin. >> president trump in campaign mode. no surprise there. stumping in


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