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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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interference of the 2016 election and his chief of staff and son-in-law. >> trump was angry and gutting for a fight and he chose a trade war. that decision announced did not review by the state or taken his staffs by surprise and led the stock market dropped by hundreds of points. his chief of staff, john kelly, and his own family is locked in a battle right now. >> kelly backer says the chief of staff's standing remains tenuous. kushner himself over policy and personnel and white house structure. the president's son, donald trump jr. and eric were especially angry and felt that by not protecting kushner, kelly has been disloyaled to the
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president himself. meanwhile, the washington post reports that some colleagues privately mock kushner as a shadow of his former self. tired of the restraints and his own staffs. trump is rumbling and ticking off of every person who serves him. so he purposefully blew up kelly's process and announced planned tariffs in a haphazard way. >> joining me tonight, our national political reporter, jonathan swan. white house's chief phil rucker a and our republican strategist. >> i want to start with jonathan on this.
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give us the consequences of this craziness in the white house. he has to show that he's still the boss and will do anything to do that. >> well, i just want to emphasize for your viewers how chaotic it was. when the washington post broke that story that trump and wilbur ross were going to have a bunch of steel and announcing major tariffs of steel and aluminum. nobody knew a thing. wilbur ross knew about it and him and navarro knew about it and donald trump jr. knew about it. what is he planning and what us he doing? one thing everybody says that well, he's not going to sign anything because there is nothing for him to sign and
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there is no paper work and there is no agency process. this stuff was planned out for weeks and weeks in advance and was still being litigated among this trade team. this is not a small decision. 25% tariffs on steel, we don't know, this is something james mattis and defense secretary opposed on national security ground. mattis says it is going to do us harm. who do we get our aluminum from? it is actually canada and not china. and steel is down for some of the other countries. we are getting our allies and done in the most impulsive way. >> i want to get to shannon. this is big time stuff. a lot of countries spending all their time thinking of trades. remember how the president is doing it as a pout, i will show that kelly and i will do stuff
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when he's not around and i will end run him because i am in a bad mood and what happens to hope hicks and jared kushner is in the corner and he does not like sessions and what is his nam name -- mcmaster is ready to work. to show that he does not like how things are going, he calls a tom brady w trade policy war. >> i don't know if trade policy sounds wonkish sometimes. the impact on policy and national security and the role that steel play in all that is enormous. it is troubling a lot of people. we get back to those broader issues of governing, who's governing right now? we have issues around the budget, immigration, gun cont l
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control -- they would like to see reforment s on the hill. there is massive questions of what this president will sign. they cannot get that message from the president of their own party. as far as governing, i mean it is chaotic as you can imagine and it is hard to see how this ship gets strained out. >> phil, you cover for "the post." i am only asking you of this chaotic situation, it is like the white house merely destroying you and he looks in the mirror, he looks normal. this is crazy when you have the first son-in-law basically being miniaturized by the chief of staff and you got the chief, favorites of the president walking ahead of all the storm
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without telling him ahead of time of hope hicks, she walks out the door and he refers to mr. general, mr. mcgoo that you an old loser and does not know what he's doing here. this is weird and it gets weirder. there are consequences. if he starts a trade war. we need aluminum and steel to be made. we have to get it cheaper materials. you don't make the price of materials to go up by starting a trade war. okay, go okay. >> also, people who have been talking to the president the last few days, he's isolated and angry as they see him during this presidency. he's at war at his own justice department. he's got a son-in-law in trouble
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politically inside the building and legally and there is increasing investigation into his finances and other issues. the mueller probe is creeping closer and closer and it has the president very much on edge and unnerved and we are seeing the policy follow of that of the trade action. he's losing it according to the people that's interacting with him of the last 48 hours. >> let's talk about business trade. he had a son-in-law who just borrowed $175 million and he cuts the deal and sitting in the white house. there is a question that if he does not like qatar. this is scary stuff that a guy is using his white house to make money. >> not only that, he's been deemed vulnerable for potential enemies of our country to poach and go after because he does
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need this financial health. >> just to make sure kushner has got problems. he bought a building on 666, whatever the avenue is in new york city right where i am at right now. he could not afford it and he's under water. >> and multiple properties. >> to fix the problem, he uses the white house as a cut of his debt deal. >> his sister went to china and that says we cid we can get you china if you can do a deal with us. >> this is third world stuff. >> this is what happens when you elect a president that's in over his head and does not understand government and he thinks he's entitled to do whatever he wants. >> i borrowed $175 million today
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sitting at the white house. is jared kushner on his way out? according to t"new york times," mr. trump is frustrated with mr. kushner. the investigation of the kushner's family real estate and his legal entanglements, the investigations of kushner family's real estate company and the publicity over having his security clearance. >> i can understand how that can be where you root for a guy and you spend your time rooting for the salvation of your son-in-law when you have other things to do. >> the president is conflicted as it is. he does vent about jared privately and he also likes having ivanka and jared to some extent around. the most interesting thing that happens this week on that front
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is the wall street journal put out materials in a possible way suggesting that ivanka and jared may consider walking out and leaving the white house for the good of the president. >> rupert murdock, they are very close. nothing of that will get published at a minimum and people who are familiar of the process say probably actually more than knowledge and probably a bit of a back and forth on that. that's a significant signal. >> well, the murdoch's mind is always about business. does he think it is smarter for the president to get rid of his daughter and son-in-law. >> that's what the editorial are saying. these are great people and they are failing the line. the press are after testimony.
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there comes to a point where you know about your vulnerability. >> this is not the end of trouble and he'll get rid of family members and we all know problems to come. it is a soap opera with characters dropping off. matthew leaves and hope hicks leaves but there is going to be more people leaving and more trouble. after starting a trade war yesterday, he just did it yesterday, the president tweeted today, how easy is it to win trade war, did you know that? he wrote. "when a country is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good and easy to win. example, when we are down $100 billion with certain country, and they get cute, don't trade anymore, we can win big. it is easy! let's watch him talk. >> i am not worried of 60 votes.
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i really believe that 60 votes, 60% should be so easy. >> that's very easy to be presidential. so many of these things are so easy to fix. >> we'll get our jobs back and we'll stop companies from leaving. it is so easy. >> a lot of politicians say you cannot get mexico to pay for the wall. oh, it is going to be so easy. >> you're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost and it is going to be easy. >> i do well with politicians. i worked with them all my life. >> i am so good at this stuff. i am so good. it is so easy. >> that's the one, two, thr three -- remember that song, it is so easy like taking candy from a baby. when he says i am going to knock that guy out when muhammad ali said, he's going to knock out the big bear, he did. >> to his credit, he did admit that health care is way more
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complicated than anyone realized. he did admit that one was not so easy and we did not get any health care legislations passed. >> that was mccain's fault. >> there was a lot of bounce in the step of people in the white house coming into january, getting tax reform done and i think maybe that did leave them with this perception that immigration would be easy that they had some momentum, it does seem like that momentum is ground to the horticulture and y and -- halt and you talk about people around them who are leaving and they spent so much time on hicks. even if jared kushner and ivanka have stayed on, they lost so much of their inner circle. that was there to help through washington and hope hicks and everyone people on the decembom policy. they are few and far between the left at this point. >> speaking of trump, fill this
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up, for some reason, the chief of staff, the president does not like that much. john kelly, the general is going back and filling over the question of what he knew or did not know about robert porter. and now he's saying that he did not know it was physical abuse, what did he make of that? >> well, i don't know whether to believe it or not? that's his version of events right now and does not match of his version of events a month ago. it does not match of his testimony from the fbi gave to congress that he made clear of the abuse of porter's wife and allegations were made clear to the white house. maybe kelly did not know of the physical abuse, i don't know, you have to ask him under oath. he's trying to get himself out of that hole. he lost a lot of credibility over his handling of the porter's crisis and the attempt today with reporters trying to clean up that mess. >> you know we talk about molestations and all that.
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say what it was, we are grown up. why didn't mcgahn, the white house's lawyer is supposed to clear all this stuff. why didn't he tell the chief of staff? >> according to kelly, he was not told. i am not sure if i will believe that statement. i don't understand how this man could be working at the white house and gone through the clearances, the fbi made this a big flag. if mcbeggahn did not tell kelly that's crazy. i don't think it is true that the president does not know what's happening. >> it reminds me of the horrible thing of somebody told somebody, just say it and be grown-ups and be responsible and accept the accountable of the world world.
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thank you, all, coming up, the trump's family is in trouble of nbc news reporting that jared kushner is being investigated for using his position in the white house for personal financial advantage. the royal family is using the presidency to make personal cash, don't you think that's bad? >> that's ahead. why is the first thing on trump's brain this morning starting a twitter fight with actor comedian, alec baldwin, and not saying anything of the nuclear threat of alec baldwin. at 6:00 in the morning he was tweeting about alec baldwin. we saw donald trump proposed numerous gun control at the white house but then we did not see anything else. last night at the white house no cameras with the nra apparently, they brought trump back to the nra side.
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with all due respect for you personally, you must have people with degrees, 100% you do. people who are educated must understand that we russia could not prosecute anyone if they did not violate the law. if you don't have a legal degree, i can explain to you. >> i do. >> what it takes is a request for the general prosecutioner,
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give us a document and an official request. >> you said that last time and now i am back with an indictment. >> this has to go through the british channel and not through the press. >> we'll have more of megyn kelly's interview, we'll be right back. owners and lessees can get this 2018 chevy equinox for around $199 a month. chevrolet. find new roads. he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using. for around $199 a month. tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price.
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welcome back to "hardball." yesterday we covered the loans of jared kushner's. well, today another story that suggests that kushner may have used his public office for personal gains. federal investigators are scrutinizing whether any of jared kushner's business discussions with foreigners during the transition later shaped white house policies in ways designed to either benefit or retaliate against those he spoke with. those witnesses say the special
8:22 pm
counsel is asking about kushner's effort to secure his financing and family's real estate family and focusing on turkey and as well as russia and united emirates. folks of kushner's says he did not mix his business and politics. joining us now, tell us what you know of the over lay of kushner of the son-in-law of the president and the kushner, the dealer. >> what we learned of his white house business is that the special counsel is looking at whether there is a link between his conversations during the
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transition with foreigners. the other thing that's significant that we learned is that mueller is reaching out to foreign nationals so for instance in turkey, he's reached out to the fbi field office to see if he can talk to turkish nationals about part of the investigation which is a new dimension that we did not know publicly. >> what did we know so far though? did we know that he got that loan using his prestige as the son-in-law of the president's? >> we don't know of this specific wrong doing. >> well, it smells bad. >> negotiating deals where you get credit that you would not normally get. anything that the special counsel is looking at, clearly the special counsel thinks it is worth looking into. in this instance and another example of what he's looking at
8:24 pm
is with qatar and you take that example there where kushner's company has discussions with qatar of possibly funding their properties and those talks go through. >> what was the time sequence between not getting the money they wanted and hurting them? >> well, it was weeks or months. the sequencing was close and you think of when the blockades started in place and it was last spring. >> reporting on this. there is an over lay here, he's doing business with middle eastern potent case and he's over viewing and designing u.s. middle east policy. there is certainly a conflict there. >> and one piece of this qatar story to qatari officials was that kushner is a key player in
8:25 pm
getting the white house to support the saudi's decisions, cutting off food imports and cutting ties. but instead of tillerson getting his way which is what the qataris wanted, jared kushner stepped in and played a major role in shifting the white house instead of having the white house opposed this blockade, the white house supported it. that's something where if you are a qatari official or a diplomat and you look at the separation and the difference where the state department is or where the white house is and then you look at the facts that kushner's father, hit up folks for your government for money and folks in your government said no. all the pieces put together and
8:26 pm
all those facts, it looks really terrible. it is not a surprise that mueller is trying to figure out what the answer to those questions are. if there is anything, more is going on. >> you know, there is a long pattern, sam john and richard nixon's brother, donald and billy carter. the history, often siblings who cannot resist taking advantage of their relative's power. they always embarrass the president and it seems to come with the territory and in this case, he's working inside with an official position kushner. >> this is why you talk to ethics expert is that kushner is making a decision to not fully vest from his company. he did not sell his estate and walk away. >> but, also maintaining some connections with his company and
8:27 pm
so that opens him up to a whole other level of scrutiny because you cannot do that job. he cannot be ahead, figuring out if the administration can do ahm a middle east deal and not dealing with his government mixing with his family's business. what you do in a situation like that is completely just detangle urs fr yourself from your business and kushner chose not to do that. >> everybody does business with the united states especially with the middle east. i have a baseball card on kushner. a little card that tells you everything you need to know about kushner. what's on that card? how can they possibly perhaps, manipulating him knowing what they know about him? >> one thing without a doubt on that card is 666 aver new. he had his company buys in 2007,
8:28 pm
when the bubble was just about to burst. they bought that building for a significant amount of money, they took out a loan of more than a billion dollars then the white housing bubble pops and the building lost a ton of its values. the loan is up for kushner's family, for his family. they have been searching the globe for cash so they can find a way to pay off that loan. that far has very little evidence that this cash hunt that is gotten them all the capital that they need to make the mortgage. if you are a foreign government official and you are familiar of international financial dealings work, and you know kushner and his family's companies have this major liability, that's something you pay attention and that's something you follow and look at as a possible vulnerability to exploit. >> this is a development, it looks like fertile territory.
8:29 pm
thank you very much, we rely so much on this great reporting especially of the nbc kind. up next, when president trump woke up at 6:00 this morning in the a.m., he tweets at dawn. the first thing in his mind is attacking alec baldwin. why does he constantly taking the bait instead of focusing things like -- well, russia. this is "hardball." you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says: you picked the wrong insurance plan. 'no. i picked the wrong insurance company.' with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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welcome back to "hardball." of everything that's going on in the white house and around the world right now, president trump woke up and delivered an attack against alec baldwin. the president said quote "alec baldwin, whose dying mediocre career was saved by terrible impersonation of me on snl. now says playing me was agony. al alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. bring back hammond. >> why would a man of any age of at responsibilities, led alone the president of the united states get up at dawn and began tweeting about a comedian. >> this is just avoidance.
8:34 pm
sometimes donald trump wakes up and looks at security briefings and i don't want to deal with this now. let me do something that's going to end up on "tmz." i don't understand how he can be concerned of alec baldwin who shows up at every episode of snl or things around our country. >> do you believe it works or make him feel better? i don't see how it hurts and baldwin is fantastic in this role. i like hammond too, but baldwin has this whole new blossoming of his career because of this and it has not hurt him. i mean in the building here, it is been fabulous. why does he want to bring more attention to it as we go into another "saturday night." he's promoting the show. >> he's promoting the show and he's learning tricks.
8:35 pm
that made things much easier for him. alec baldwin buried him on twitter and buried him on twitter. you don't start a twitter fight with a comedian, they are smarter and quicker than you and they're always going to get a final word. trump should have learned that lesson that he's advertising on a show that's going to make fun of him more. >> vladimir putin unveiled of what he called a new missile that has the ability to avoid detections and some putin says -- in one of the videos, he shows nuclear war heads desce descending on the state of florida. nobody listens to russia. listen to us now. >> while the u.s. is questioning whether putin is bluffing of this capability. the president has not responded
8:36 pm
to this but yet he responded to alec baldwin. >> this is one time i am happy that trump did not say anything. i don't feel safe when the president decides to use tweeter to do policy. at some point, he should meet with the chief, hey, is this missile real or how do we feel the fact that putin is putting cartoon war game video of attacking mar-a-lago. >> don't call him rocket man in other words. >> thank you jason johnson of that psychological explanation. >> up next, president trump mocked lawmakers saying they're afraid of the nra but it turns out he's the one that's most fearful. what happens to that meeting? thumb screws? you are watching "hardball." even if you're healthy. pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious
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the reason that nothing's done here is the gun lobby has veto power. >> fellas, we got to do something. they do have great power over you people. they have less power over me, i don't need it. what do i need? i will tell you, they are well mo meaning. >> welcome back to "hardball." just roughly 48 hours, president trump changed his tune on gun control. all it took is a gentle nudge from his friends from the nra. trump held a private dinner with the leaders of the nra last night. these are the same people he spent roughly $30 million helping him get elected as president. chris cox attended the meeting and he later tweeted i had a great meeting with donald trump
8:41 pm
and the vice president. the president of the united states and the vice president supports the second amendment and support strong due process and don't want gun control. rou rough an hour later, the president tweeted, great meeting at the oval office with the nra. >> more than two weeks of the parkland high school shooting, we still have what the president is going to ask for. that's part of trump sometimes, promised everything and delivered nothing in the end. for more, kimberley atkin and edward isaac, and ginger gibson. kimberley, start off, tell me what you are seeing in these several hours, 48 or so hours watching the very nice and i think we all enjoyed that give/take of the democrats and
8:42 pm
republican senators and other people in the roosevelt's room of becoming of nightfall with the meeting of the nra would be important. >> we saw a replay of what the president did with the daca debate play out over guns where initially he brought together lawmakers had a big discussion on camera and he threw out all kinds of ideas or expressed support for all kinds of things and reigned in later by the conservative folks and the nra to back off some of the things he expressed and support for background checks and raising the age limit. at that meeting at one point, he banded around the idea of taking guns from people who are suspected of mental people and due process later and you had senat senator feinstein -- this is
8:43 pm
what happens when you have a president who does not have an ideology about guns. he wants to be in the center of it but when he has that position and opportunity to lead, he leaves it to lawmakers and leaves it to other folks with power like the nra and looks like nothing is going to get done here. >> do you think he can get away, isaac, of doing nothing on guns after parkland? >> well, i would seem on the one hand, not. what he's done over the course of his presidency, it would not be the first time that he talked a lot about doing something big especially in front of the camera and when the camera goes away, he backs off of it. that was a classic reality show. it was great reality television but it reminded me of "the bachelor" but it seems like love but nobody gets married at the end. it does not seem like we are closer to have legislation going through congress or by the way, any executive action taken by
8:44 pm
the white house or the administration about guns. i don't know when we'll get to that point. if you are asked as a reporter to make a projection, will there be action on guns as a result of what happened in florida? >> we could see tiny, incremental change. i think the midterm is playing a role in change in congress this year. we see on the ground or states, unlike many previous time of a real pressure from voters that something would be done. i think we can get a sense of that polls when donald trump is handling this. he wants to ride the fence because he knows there is a sizable group of people, a group of people who are amped up about this issue on the other side and he's not willing to just walk away from them. i think that's why he wants to be able to say one thing on camera and tweet another thing
8:45 pm
from the oval office later on and making everyone happy and making no one happy at the end of the day. >> kimberley, a big crowd of young people and teachers and parents showed up in washington, filled the streets, will that put him in the position of not wanting to be in the bunker of doing anything, will that make him turn a bit? >> it will certainly get his attention. the issues of guns are going to have to start. it has to start from the bottom up. that's what you see this movement of young people really pushing and trying to change minds of people. it is that movement that has spurted retailers to stop selling some of these high powered guns. that's where the action and the energy is right now. i think it will be incumbent on congress to respond to that. i don't think they're the ones that are going to lead the change here. >> on wednesday, president trump
8:46 pm
asked some of the gatherers from the meeting why they are so scared from the nra. >> i think it is to think about. i am curious as to what you did in your bill? >> we did not address it mr. president. >> you know why? because you are afraid of the nra. >> isaac, the president is ta talking tal talking about changing the age of buying rifles. it looks like to me senators are scared to death about that idea. >> i wonder whether we are in the midst of a change and how this is played out. guns was the number two issue for people voting for ralph
8:47 pm
northam. if that's true in virginia, it is true elsewhere around the country. we don't know how it is going to play out. it may be a factor in the end in the florida's senate race and the governor's race and right around parkland but it may be a factor elsewhere around the country as this election takes shape. >> rick scott is coming out in florida raising the age to 21 and state law is saying now you have to be 21 to buy an assault weapon, is that a smart move there, ginger. >> we have to remember that rick scott's name gets thrown out a lot. it is about politics. politics is about responding to your voters. that's what we are seeing here. a smart move is what to do the majority of what your voters want you to do. the president wants to sort of joke about the power of the nra. the nra spent a lot of money
8:48 pm
advocating for him to be president and a lot of money advocating for a lot of members of congress to be president. but, when they start seeing the shift in the public in their own membership. we know polls tells us, that's when we start to see those changes. people are responding what voters are telling them. >> i am not sure the florida voters are strong of pro-gun. i think rick scott can get away with stuff that joe mansion cannot get away with and toomey cannot get away with us. >> the roundtable will stick around with us. up next these three will tell me something i don't know. you are watching "hardball." what would our founding fathers
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washington may be unwilling to act on guns, but the same can't be said of the private sector. l.l. bean became the latest retailer to announce it'll no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21. meanwhile, the outdoor retail giant rei says it is cutting off one of its key suppliers due to the fact the company also makes ammunition and assault style rifles. wow. we'll be right back. bundle and save big, but now it's time to find my dream abode. -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. -keep going. stop. a little bit down. stop. back up again. is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon? -yeah. -sure, i want that discount on car insurance just for owning a home, but i'm not compromising. -you're taking a shower?
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8:53 pm
of power outages are affecting nearly 1 million people. and we're a few weeks away from the start of hurricane season. >> how many electoral votes does puerto rico have? >> more if more if the people move to florida. >> zero explains a lot. isaac, go ahead. >> you've had anthony scaramucci in the last day or two coming out hard against john kelly. he is not the only person in the trump orbit who is doing that, trying to seed the idea that kelly should be kicked out. kelly seemed defensive, meeting with reporters at the white house today and talking about the rob porter scandal again. they thought they'd gotten past that in the white house. he dug his hole deeper because he gave another version of what happened. >> thank you. let me go to ginger. ginger? >> all of this chaos in the last 24 hours about tariffs on steel and aluminum, it's not over. i talked to a lot of sources today that phones were ringing in the commerce department and the white house.
8:54 pm
business is still trying to get the president to back down or carve out all kinds of exemptions, where the proposed new tariffs would not apply. could be gutted very quickly. >> thank you so much, kimberly, isaac and ginger. we'll be right back. does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined.
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trump watch friday march 2, 2018. so here it is friday at the end of a long desperate week in the
8:59 pm
donald trump soap opera. with everyone just trying to keep their heads above water. let's call it search for tomorrow. this has been an especially bad week for fans of hope hicks. also, this week, more trouble with jared. lots of fans are wondering whether the son-in-law is using his family ties to prop up his business investments. getting lines of credit he wouldn't have gotten if he weren't meeting the new creditors in the white house. but here's the rub, how does donald trump deal with a son-in-law who is causing him trouble without hurting his beloved daughter ivanka? tune in next week. meanwhile, people are calling mr. trump unglued, like a little off the beat based on the wild trade thing he threw out the other day. some say it was to show general kelly he can do anything he wants. so it keeps getting crazier in trump world. his own lawyer pays off an actress for him, and trump has to dump rob porter for spousal abuse. his son-in-law may be skimming business opportunities on the side.
9:00 pm
all the time, the potter himself, donald trump, has to show he's not sweating. somehow, through all of this, show that, yes, even in the 21st century, this father knows best. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. see you monday night at 7:00 eastern. my dad on the phone told us jenny was gone. >> a house in flames. the body of a woman inside. >> we have a body. i need a medic. >> but it wasn't the fire that killed her. she was dead before it started. >> accidents will happen. this was no accident. >> who wanted her dead? her boyfriend said he knew. >> there's people after us. >> what does that mean? >> they're trying to get us. >> but police knew better. >> strangulation is a very personal killing. that's a very angry killing.


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