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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 31, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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tonight. the president scheduled to speak at the lunch tomorrow and as of right now, that is still the plan. apparently the vice president was in the oval office with the president and a number of other cabinet officials as this news broke. so they were able to sort of take this in together in realtime. i have been reaching out to republican leadership aids and other sources to try to get a handle on what i think will be the question later this afternoon potentially. whether or not they ultimately decide to go through with this conference or not. which again, as of now, is the plan. >> garrett, thank you to the entire team. and chris jansing takes it over right now. >> thank you so much. it is a rough day. you have been talking about the folk who is are on that train and also had been at that baseball practice when shooting broke out. good afternoon, we are in washington, d.c. we're going to start once again getting you up to date on the breaking news. that crash of an amtrak train carrying republican members of congress colliding with a
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garbage truck and one fatality has been con if you remembfirme. a spokesman from the conference tells msnbc there's also a critical injury on the truck. minor first aid was done by some people on the train. local law enforcement is investigating the incident and crews are inspecting the equipment for damage. that train originated in washington, d.c. we are going to have a lot more updates that will be provided from folks as we get them. but let's start on capitol hill with casey hunt, who comes to us by phone. and casey, we should say once again to establish. this was a chartered traun so there weren't members of the public on it. it was members of congress, families, spouses, staff, what else can you tell us? >> that's right, chris. this was a train chartered specifically to take members of congress to west virginia for their scheduled retreat. this is republicans from the
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house and the senate. we know that the leaders in the house, speaker paul ryan, the leader were on the train. they are okay. but the tragic news today that there's one american confirmed dead. somebody who was traveling on the truck that the train hit. and we also know that there was one person who was critically injured and taken to an area hospital who was also traveling in the truck. we also know now that congressman jason lewis of minnesota was transported to a hospital. we have a photo of him with his neck in a brace being treated by medical percesonnel. we don't know at this point the extent of his injuries. we heard from an aid previously there was one member of congress who was hurt who was standing up when this accident occurred. everybody who was on the train felt a jolt, especially those traveling near the front of the train. there were laptops, cell phones went fly iing. as you point out, many members had their spouses, children,
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other family members traveling on board this train. so jeff flake, the senator from arizona who was also involved in helping after the congressional baseball shooting also assisted injured people on the garbage truck afterward. jeff flake was traveling with his wife and son. again, they are headed down to this resort in west virginia. to have this issued conference that was supposed to feature. still planned to feature the vice president and the president. they are trying to figure out the logistics of moving forward. they are planning on take iing train back ward using ab engine on the back of the train because of the damage to the front of the train. back to charlottesville. they were just outside of charlottesville in a town and they will board buss and no major schedule changes planned for the retreat. but that's where things stand
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now. investigations getting underway to figure out exactly what happened here. and hopefully the second person in the garbage truck who was so badly injured will be okay in the end. we are still awaiting word on that. >> casey, thank you so much for that update. to that investigation you were just talking about. let's go to tom costello, who does cover transportation for us. where do they start with something like this, tom? >> they have a mess. but let me if i could give you at least one of the head lines that i believe we have at this moment. that's according to sources, this particular crossing was e equipped with lights. i think we have seen the lights as well as gates. and that it was run by the bucking ham branch railroad company. they own the tracks. they operate trains over them. but again, there should have been and i think we have seen the lights, those flashing lights you'll see at a crossing
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guard. then also should have had gates. we can't speak to whether they were operating, but it was one of those locations that should have been. e equipped with that. so the ntsb and federal railroad administration and amtrak will be looking at how did this happen. always keeping in. mind the train always has the right of way. and a train can take up to a mile and a half to stop. that's an estimate of how fast it was going. so they are going to pull this train back probably back to charlottesville. we're told members of congress will be boarding buss to go on to their retreat destination. investigators will be looking at why was this trash truck on the tracks. was it stuck? did the driver try to beat the train? the numbers are staggering. every year about 270 motorists are killed in chigss with trains. and 3400 people are killed us l
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usually because they are on the tracks too close to the tracks. so this is almost a daily occurrence. somebody is killed in a collision with the train. as we said a collision involving a motor vehicle occurs at least once and usually several times a week. it is always the train's right of way. >> the numbers are absolutely astonishing. i as we look at the numbers the first, second, third reason why that usually occurs? is it usually mechanical? is it usually because people are where they are not supposed to be? do you know? >> it's almost always, by the way, the train being pulled back so their priority is to clear this scene quickly. once they have gathered the evidence they have to reopen the tracks. it's not just passengers that rely on those train tracks. it's also a freight rail.
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as to why this happened, people just try to beat the train. we see it time and time and time again. and very often if not most often they are in these rural settings where somebody thinks they can goose the pickup truck, if you will, and get across before the train. they just miscalculate because the big looming train is traveling a heck of a lot faster than it would appear if you're just sitting still or trying to beat it across railroad tracks. it's absolutely a tragedy. look now on the left. that's one of the crossing arms that you saw down. so how did that trash truck get stuck on the track, trying to beat the train. >> tom, thank you for that. joining me on the phone is congressman michael burgess of texas, who was on the train. he's a doctor. he jumped in to administer aid
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to people who needed it. congressman, tell me what you saw and what kind of injuries there were. >> like your previous report, i can confirm both of the arms of the crossing were down by the time i exited the train. i don't know what that means over the course of the investigation, but it appears the railroad cross dg have the appropriate safety equipment. one was able to go into the ambulance under his own power. there were two other individuals on the ground. it does not appear that one did not survive. trying to make sure his airway
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stayed open and he was breathing spontaneously, was not conscious and clearly was in tough shape when arrangements were made to move him out of the scene. >> as a drrks you're someone who is used to treating people, but this is an accident that you r were involved in. where were you when this happened? describe what happened. >> i was sitting on the train sitting at a dining table that they have. i didn't see the accident itself. but you can see the side of the train the truck was. and you can see the trailer from
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the garbage trucks that spilled over the railroad right away. it was pretty obvious this was a vehicle accident. >> how are you? there's a young man that's not going to go home to his family tonight. that's always pretty tough. >> congressman, i know you have business to attend to. you're all going to try to make your way to this conference. >> i don't know we know that. the train is not under its own power. we're being towed to a larger town. at this point, i can't confirm i know what the plans are from this point forward. >> do you think they want to go
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ahead and go on with the conference? >> honestly, i'm conflicted right now. there's a large part of me that says go be with your family. at the same time, there's business to attend to. this is something we do every year. it's an opportunity for the house and senate to be present out of the pressure of washington, d.c. and have a chance to communicate with each other on a face to face basis. hopefully off the record. the democracy will do a similar exercise next week. >> there are a couple things that struck me when this happened. one is that there are people on board that train. we have talked about this on the air. who went through the shooting at the baseball practice where steve scalise sofs seriously
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injured. so two brushes potentially with death. there were children on the train as well. >> yes, many of the members have their family and spouses on the train. >> we are glad you are okay. and we will wait for a final decision on exactly what is going to happen at the retreat. understanding that people are very shaken u up. this was a close call and i assume you feel, as i heard one other member of congress say, that he's grateful that it could have been a lot worse. >> congressman, thank you for your time. wee appreciate it after what has
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been a harrowing experience. were all those people were going is west virginia to what they do every year when they have this retreat. garrett haake got there earlier. he has been standing by there. you just heard what the congressman had to say. others probably have members of their family who just want them to come home. what are you hearing from where you are and what's the latest? >> the idea of being cob flikted makes a lot of sense. especially when you remember there's a will the of overlap between folks at that baseball field last summer. and folks on this train and involved in this. and the idea of proceeding with a working vacation, which is essentially what this event is. it could be something that doesn't sit right with a lot of members. but the plan remains to go forward with this conference.
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it's supposed to get start ed i earnest later this vice president dinner. yes shs the vice president plans to comp. he tweeted a little while ago he would be attending this afternoon event that he was supposed to have in west virginia today that's separate in from this conference. it's supposed to be his lead in to his arrival today. there's no discussion that i've been made aware of and i've been reaching out to sources throughout the afternoon to see if there's that high level discussion yet about potentially walking this back, canceling a day, cancelling this event. so far, it seems like everyone wants to go forward. and i can tell you the congre congressional institute, which is the nonpartisan organization that sponsor this is retreat has said from their side of things, they still do intend to go forward when the train backs up to charlottes vilville, there w be buss waiting to bring the members presumably the members who still want to come back down here to west virginia for this conference with their families
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and their children and staffs. if that's what people still want to do. wh that train stops in charlottesville. >> you describe this as a working vacation. what's on the agenda as far as we know it? >> sure, the working agenda is a number of seminars, breakout sessions like you might see at any kind of corporate conference. they are talking about infrastructure with the transportation secretary. there's going to be a session with polling group to talk about how republicans can best go sell the tax reform plan that they passed last year. when they go pack out to the midterms. a will the of this is forward looking in that way. it's more party specific than the work they can do on the hill about elections. and about looking ahead to november. so there's a lot of those types of conversations and those types of working meetings and things like that that happen throughout the kourls of these days. tomorrow there's supposed to be a big lunch with the president who is schedule d to be on the
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ground here for about two hours. so it's an opportunity for members who might not be the types of folks who get invited to the white house every day or every week to get some face time with the the leadership of their parties as well. and for the house and senate, members who don't know each other to work together and to try to cross pollinate ideas, if you will, on some of the policy things they want to try to get done in this congressional session. >> garrett, thank you. i know you'll keep us posted as you hear more. buddy carter of dpa was on that train as well. he joins us on the phone. how are you doing, congressman? >> i'm doing fine. my wife and i u are fine. as you can imagine, it's a harrowing experience. we were traveling along at what appeared to be a normal rate of speed. all of a sudden there was a big jolt. we were in the second to last car and we realized that as the
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train came to a stop, we stopped just about at the point where the truck had been essentially cut in half. the cab was separated from the back part of the truck. there was trash everywhere. then we realized what had happened. >> it sournds horrific, as i'm sure it was. were people calm. was there panic on the train? describe the scene after the impact. >> i think there was a lot of confusion. what just happened. as i mentioned earlier, wh we were at somewhat is of an advantage that we could see that obviously we hit something and realized what had happened then. i suspect a lot of people at front of the trab may not have realized that. but it was a very strong jolt
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and it did -- i'm sure there was some bumps and bruises. i heard one member was taken to the hospital with a concussion. there's some -- >> we obviously are having some trouble with the cell phone, but thank you, congressman. we are glad you are okay. i was just handed some additional information from the uva health system. this is outside of charlottesville. and they say at this time of train crashed, three patients have been transported to the uva medical center. two additional patients are on their way there. one patient is in critical condition. the remaining patients are still being e evaluated.
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kelly o'donnell is is at the white house for us. >> reporter: we can tell you that the president and house speaker paul ryan have now connected by phone. you would anticipate this sort of a call in the aftermath of this kind of a situation where there's an ongoing crisis but also a need for the connection to the white house. so that phone call has now taken place. the vice president plans to go to west virginia as scheduled. we are not clear on how is and to what degree there would be changes to the course of events planned. but there's this link now between the white house and the scene. and any time we're talking about the vice president, it's important to remember he was a member of the house for many years and has long ties there. so much of his time in office as the vice president has been doing the sort of liaison between the administration and congress when there have been
10:20 am
critical votes. some that have gone for the administration, and some that have not. there's a real relationship there. one of the things i also wanted to note for our viewers who may not realize that each chamber of congress has its own chaplain. the house chaplain is is a priest who was on this train as well. and i understand from members he was administering prayers and concern to those who were injured. you don't often have a member of the clergy right there at that tragic moment. because he is the chaplain of the house, a full-time position appointed by the speaker, he was present. that is something that can provide first responders who contend to the physical wounds. there are spiritual and emotional components to a situation like this. so i think that's an interesting part of this story involving lawmakers and their families traveling to this conference.
10:21 am
so from the white house, we expect that there will be an opportunity to hear from the president today on his planned schedule as you have been talking about. he was intending to go to west virginia tomorrow to address the group. we don't have any indication there's a change to that schedule, but it's so soon after these events, they may have to e evaluate what the next best steps should be. but this is one of those situations where there's an emotional jolt to the lawmakers tlp. there's the loss of life. we don't have the specifics on those who have been seriously injured, but this certainly is an upsetting circumstance to everyone involved. then to go and get back to business, there's a push and pull between wanting to do work with serious dead lines that the congress is facing, the white house is facing and at the same time being in the moment of the severity of what has happened here. >> thank you for that. we should also say as far as that emotional jolt, we saw very real signs last night at the
10:22 am
state of the union of the partisanship of capitol hill of the divide on issues and so on. when something like this happens on capitol hill, there are a lot of people across the aisle who have known each other for years, if not decades. this is something that's going to resinate throughout the halls of congress among congress members, staff, family members who though each other. so we're going to keep our eye and keep you updated on that. we're going to take a quick break. the other breaking news on the republican memo and what the fbi had to say in a rare statement. if you're 65 or older, you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia that can take you out of the game for weeks, even if you're healthy. pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that in severe cases can lead to hospitalization. it may hit quickly, without warning, causing you to miss out on the things you enjoy most. prevnar 13® is not a treatment for pneumococcal pneumonia...
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we'll keep you posted on the train accident that has sent people to the hospital and we're still waiting for official word about what's going to happen at the republican retreat. but there's other breaking news now on that classified republican memo alleging abuses by the fbi and justice department. let's go right to justice correspondent pete williams pr the latest. we got a statement from the fbi. what did they have to say. >> two points basically. they say this shouldn't come out because it's classified and second ly, it shouldn't come ou because it's wrong. what the fbi says it has solemn obligations to the fisa court is what this memo involves. an application for permission to monitor the communications of an american citizen who was connected to the trump campaign and according to those who are
10:27 am
familiar with the memo, the allegation may have been he was communicating with the russians. but. the fbi says number one, this this is stuff shouldn't come out. but then they say the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review the memo the day before the house intelligence committee voted to release it. as expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. so that's the second part. where they think the memo is wrong. the first part of the statement that this sort of thing is classified and shouldn't come out. the fbi has obligations to the fi is sa court not to reveal these classified matters. it's an interesting statement, i think, because it hasn't been released yet. we were told earlier today by justice department official if the memo did come out, there wasn't much the government could say about it because it deals with classified material.
10:28 am
so this statement it seems to me is in essence a bit of last-minute lobbying by the fbi trying to urge the white house to say if it does come out, it's wrong. >> pete, i want to bring in julia, the national security and justice reporter. as you know, the white house was asked today about a report that says they helped congressman nunez author this memo. i want to play what was said in response. >> that was a different piece. that was the president last night caught on open mike saying 100% chance he's going to make sure this get res leased. there seemed to be a little walking back. what's going on at the white
10:29 am
house and explain why this is such a big deal. >> i think what you were referring to is the exchange with sara sanders where she wouldn't say they weighed in on memo, but consulting with congress. that's a big deal because nunez, who authored this memo has been accused of being kind of a mouthpiece for the white house. of not doing his job as a chairman of an oversight committee, but really playing politics and doing the white house's work to undermine the mueller investigation. which would already raise a lot of concerns about what's going to come out. as pete said, there's a lot of concern from the justice department and the fbi that this isn't accurate and there won't be anything anyone can say because if there were other sources that were used that nunez chose to ignore because it doesn't go along with his narrative they won't be able to correct the record because they will be adding on to classified information that shouldn't come out. so the fact that they could be working on this memo brings up even more concerns about its
10:30 am
legitimacy. >> so pete, if he's still with us, basically the fbi finds itself in a situation where except to do what may be sort of a last-minute bit of lobbying, there's really no control that they have over this. >> that's right. all they can do is try to persuade the white house. if this whole conversation has a strange i just came in tin the middle of a soap opera kault kwa, we don't know what's in the memo. we haven't seen it. it's written by staffers about an application presented by the fbi to this foreign intelligence court to get this wiretap what the memo says is look at what it relied ob. look at how undependable this is. what the fbi and justice department are saying here is is there's a lot more to the application than what you may
10:31 am
read in this memo and that's why we think this memo gives an incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete picture of what really happened here. >> thank you to both of you. i want to bring in josh ernest, white house press secretary under president obama. and michael steele, both msnbc contributors. why are so many republicans stand iing back and letting nun, who has been discredited as a courier for the white house, why are they backing him on this? >> because that's the president's ploy. that's his player on the field for him. i think pete put his fingers on it in describing the way it's playing out. the reality of it is the administration wants to be hands off. they don't want to get into the political machinations of all of this. so they have someone that can carry that water and advance their agenda on this subject matter.
10:32 am
the fact of the matter is he has not seen the underlying documents. all his staff did was put together some cliff notes around what they think they know and think they saw. now they are going to project this out as somehow as an indictment against the fbi. why? because that furthers the narrative they want to create can to discredit not just the institution, but the individuals that run it who happen to be investigating the president of the united states. >> i was thinking about your white house and can you imagine being in his office and top officials from the fbi, the fbi director and the justice department come in and say, this is a threat to national security if you put it out there. it's wrong. by the way, it's also classified. and let's just say dennis used to be the head of homeland security and e he says, well, okay.
10:33 am
>> this is an outrage. this is government by conspiracy theory. that right now what you have is you have the white house conspireing with a republican stooge on capitol hill to try to drum up some evidence of a conspiracy inside the department of justice against donald trump. there's no evidence for that. so what they have to do is they are making it up. that's why you're seeing the fbi indicate there's omissions of fact that actually give people a mistaken impression about the work that the fbi has been doing. that's all that's happening here. and it is unthinkable that something like that would have happened in the obama white house. let's be clear about this. it's unthinkable something like that would have happened in the bush white house. this is not normal. with so many other things, it's unprecedented. >> michael, put yourself here. will there be no consequences for this?
10:34 am
do they think that indeed the net outcome of this is going to be so overwhelmingly positive that the same people who raised so much concern about national security and hillary clinton's e-mail server have completely done an about face about national security now. >> two things, tax cuts. everybody has $20 starting next month. that's going to alleviate that. people are going to be in the fog of getting a little money in their paycheck, they won't care about this. and to the extent they happen to turn away from all that money in their paycheck, they will look at this issue and say, that's just a bunch of noise. it's all made up. it's fake news. they are creating a fake news narrative in advance of what mueller will do. we don't know what that is. mueller could say the president is completely ab solved from all of this. but the fact of the matter is is you do have two people who pled guilty. there must be something here that bothers the white house and certain republicans on the hill enough that they feel they need
10:35 am
to apun the character and create a false narrative making up fake evidence really. because that's essentially what you're doing. you don't have all the facts in front of you. you're gathering the pieces to create a narrative that doesn't exist. >> this has been described as writing a book report about a book you haven't read. not even checking the cliff notes. let me say that in the last several weeks, i have gone to pennsylvania and ohio and sat down and talked to a lot of voters. i was over the weekend in ohio i was in a family restaurant and talking to people. frankly, these are people who were democrats who decided to vote for trump, who think this is much to do about nothing. they are sick of the russia investigation. is this about the democrat messaging? have they not explained this well? because again, this is purely n anecdotal, but i will tell you going out there and talking to people over the course of the
10:36 am
last several months, the russia investigation is not high on the list of moderate to conservative democrats and swing voters. >> i think the reason for that is going back to the truism about politics. people are fundamentally self-interested when they are making political decisions. and people recognize that these questions about russia, it's complicated. ait doesn't affect their day-to-day lives. there are broader questions about what's happening in washington, d.c. related to health care, related to immigration and the broader economy. it's not surprising to me that people are more likely to base their decisions and their assessment about what's happening in washington, d.c. based on how those issues are shaking out. i had an opportunity to have dinner with a house democratic caucus meeting ermier this week. i had a discussion with several dozen house democrats. i was speaking at this meeting. we talked about messaging.
10:37 am
the concern that is palpable among democrats on capitol hill is is the fact that president trump is getting some political strength from a strong economy. an economy that's doing well. >> i got to ask you about last night. the other thing i hear consistently, even about democrats who are in office is that the democrats don't have a clear message. last night they had five messages. >> they had five messengers, but that's indicative of a diverse party. >> or a party that doesn't know who it is? >> those messages were not contradictory. there's a lot of overlap. the fact we have multiple ma messengers is indicative of a party out of power, but also of a different parts of the party. a diverse party eager to hear a contrast with the president. i'm not saying it's an ideal situation, but it's not
10:38 am
problematic there are multiple voices that are making their message heard. >> the problem that you have and you know this very well having seen it from the other side from the white house and having the republicans kind of anchor against the white house, you don't have that central voice that rises up and that leads the call for rank and file democrats to come to the aid of the party, i if you will. we were in the same position when president obama gave his state of the union, there were five or six responses by republicans. and i and some others criticized that because the idea is in that moment, you want to centralized message that cuts through and galvanizes all those parts of the party. that's the short koming right now the democrats have and the advantage the president has taken clear advantage of over the last year without that person, that voice, it's not chuck schumer, who is it? as long as that state is vacant,
10:39 am
he will play the game the way he's playing it. >> the slight difference between now and then is you had unfortunately for republicans at the time, you had republicans in their own party criticizing their own republicans. >> they are doing it more quietly than we did. >> there's another piece of breaking news that came out in the last hour. trey gowdy, who said i'm stepping down because my schedule is too crazy. i think politico called him hillary clinton's number one enemy has decided to step down. what do you make of it? >> it tells me that guys like him are looking down the pike and they see the writing on the wall. they do not want to be the ranking member on the committee come this time next year. so they see what's about to happen. despite everything else that's going on, the complex, the composition of the congress will change this november.
10:40 am
republicans, like trey gowdy and others see it. they are getting out while the getting is good. >> josh ernest and michael steel, thank you so much. we are going to stay on top of the breaking news in virginia. that train carrying republican members of congress, staff and families, crashing with a trash tra truck. we're going to speak with one of the congressman who was on that train, next. let's get started. show of hands. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go.
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back with breaking coverage of the train track. the amtrak train carrying republican members of congress colliding with a garbage truck. one fatality has been confirmed. one member of congress has been hospitalized. moments ago a spokesman said two crew members and two passengers were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. local law enforcement investigating the incident and crews are inspecting equipment for damage. the train originated in washington, d.c. updates will be coming as we get them. but for more, casey hunt is on the phone from charlottesville. that's where the train was towed to. i understand it just arrived. i know you're probably seeing
10:45 am
this as i am. sponsoring the weekend that after consultation with leadership and the house and senate the retreat will proceed with an adjusted program. . >> we just awe arrived here in virginia along with a couple other colleagues who have rerouted. as i'm sure you can see pictures all this morning. it was chartered. local police officers come out to assist in the effort. there are seven puss that have arrived already to take members to the retreat. members have not started to get off the train yet, but we saw it being towed back ward.
10:46 am
they attached an engine to what was the back of the train to pull it back towards the station. just up the road. now we are seeing capital police officers with canine dogs and others clearing the scene to make sure it's safe for these members of congress as they try to get this back on track. we are watching and monitoring reports of the congressman who was injured. came to the hospital as well as a staffer for paul ryan. as we have reported, there was one fatality involved in the garbage truck as well as that one man who was critically injured. we're waiting for updated reports on his condition. but at this point, they do seem to be moving forward with this plan to continue the retreat on relative schedule. we'll keep you posted if we're able to catch up with other members of congress.
10:47 am
>> we'll let you go, but thank you for that update from the scene. kevin cramer from north dakota was actually doing a radio interview on the train at the time of the crash. take a listen to his reaction. >> sorry about that. we just hit a bump here. >> somebody on the ground we have a number of doctors on board. the doctor is a war veteran and surgeon. so it's quite an ordeal to say the least. the back end has been separated from the cab. the garbage is in the ditch. and i u don't know whether
10:48 am
everyone is okay. >> i just experienced a power of a train. while it was a jolt, it didn't even really lose -- a valuable lesson. do not challenge a train at a crossing. >> he was on on live. joining me now is tom costello, who covers transportation for us. what's the latest you have? >> we just got off the phone with federal authority who is tell us federal railroad investigators and the ntsb will send go teams and should be enroute any moment now down it this area. his point, don't ever challenge a train. driven home nearly every day if not weekly.
10:49 am
260 people dying in 2016. motorist us killed when they get in front of the train. the train has the right-of-way. it can take a mile to a mile and a half to stop. we do also know that that particular train crossing area right there, that intersection was equipped with not only flashing lights, but also with the train arms on both sides. so how did this garbage truck end up on the tracks? did it try to go around the arms? we do have witnesses who have been on msnbc saying that poet. arms were working and the lights were working. so investigators are going to try to figure out exactly why was this garbage truck on the tracks. was it stuck, was it trying to beat the train, those are the questions. it is nearly impossible for them to slam on the brakes in time. the injuries that they are most concerned about would be the other individual who was inside that trash truck.
10:50 am
one of them seriously injured. the driver of the trash truck did not survive. and then one member of congress who was on the train taken to nearby charlottesville medical center for
10:51 am
congressman jeff denim of california who was on the train when it hit the truck. and i understand as we saw from kasie casey hunt that you're back now in charlottes vilville. are you still on the train. >> we are still on the train. >> it pulled it back into the station and we're ready to board puss to finish with our
10:52 am
conference. >> how are you doing? >> i think everyone on the train is shaken up. going into an accident of this sort, everybody has some bumps and bruises. fortunate fortunately, only minor injuries on the train. there were a couple individuals that were transported to the hospital just for observation. but we all feel fortunate that everybody on the train had minor injuries at best. but our prayers do go out to the three individuals in the trash truck. one fatality and two air lifted out. we hit the train and the truck at immediate impact with no braking. it certainly was a surprise to all of us. >> there was at least one member of congress who said that at least least -- most everyone came through it okay that it could have been much worse. are you having a little bit of a
10:53 am
feeling there but for the grace of god go i? >> yeah, absolutely. this is a train. it's a smooth ride. you're expected to have a safe ride. and certainly with children on board and people walking around, there's certainly the opportunity for greater injury. so we're fortune only minor injuries today. >> the congressional institute just within the last half an hour put out a statement saying that they talked to the leadership of the house and senate. and they decided the retreat will proceed with an adjusted program. we were talking to your colleague earlier who said he was conflicted that he should go home to his family. i don't know if your family is with you, but do you think everybody's okay with that decision? >> i do. i think it's norton we're looking after the priorities of the country. the democrats will have their conference next week. and i think it's important for
10:54 am
both parties to strategize and prioritize. the one thing i can say specifically about my democrat colleagues, a number of my friends on the other side of the aisle have texted me and called me this morning to make sure we're all okay. i'm very be appreciative to have those friendships. >> this is a situation where partisanship must be put cede. [ no audio ] garrett haake is standing by. they've decided to move forward. do we know about any adjustments in this schedule that were referred to in the statement? >> the only thing we know for sure is the addition of the moment of silence for the victims in this crash today and also a briefing about security by the capital police that will be added. the first thing we know about on
10:55 am
the calendar for this today is a 5:30 event about tax reform. i can't help but think how jarring that is for members that have been a part of this. to get to the reporters and be sat down in a conference room to talk about tax reform, it's a strange turn. later on in the evening there's an open event, or a partially open event a dinner with vice president pence that reporters will be allowed to watch at least part of. we'll probably hear from the vice president in his leadership role as the vice president of the united states talking about this incident and what it may mean. he's got an event sort of separate from this conference going on in west virginia this afternoon before that happens tonight. but again, you hear it from the congressional institute. this event will go on despite the amount of misgivings from members who've been on our air.
10:56 am
>> garrett haake, thank you for that. we'll be back with more after this. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! we help all types of businesses with money, tools and know-how to get business done. american express open.
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10:59 am
. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing. katy tur joins me from new york. >> there's a lot of breaking news coming out of capitol hill today, including a new statement, a very rare statement from the fbi regarding that secret memo. we're going to get to all of
11:00 am
this in-depth in a little bit. but first, it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. breaking news out of virginia. an amtrak training carrying republican lawmakers collided with a truck just outside charlottesville. >> 55, 60 miles an hour, i'm not sure. but we were going at a good clip. it was a hard impact. obviously smashed the truck pretty badly. >> couldn't find a pulse. so we started cpr. worked on that person for several, several minutes and didn't go real well for that gentleman. we just could never get him


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