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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reviews of one speech, enthusiastic, die namfammic and fun. >> not to be self-referential, he might have been reon could h that. he could have been moving in circles p. >> stephanie ruhle picks up our coverage. >> thanks, willie. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to hit this morning starting with a shutdown. threats to screaming matches. that's where we're going. the relationship between republicans and the president seems to be disintegrating. >> the republicans will never get anything passed. you're wasting your time. >> 17 and counting. charities pull out of commitments to hold their big events at the mar-a-lago club. >> they don't want to be associated with the president's remarks and many other actions that he's taken, to be quite honest. >> and that dossier about trump and russia is back after testimony by the founder of the firm that commissioned it before
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the senate judiciary committee. now a new push for the transcript of that testimony to be released publicly. >>ly vote to make them public. they should be made public. >> we begin with the riveting new details on the rapidly escalating battle between president trump and his own party, the gop. we have the best team here to break it all down for you starting with -- i do have kristen welker but we're going to peter alexander at the white house. peter, this battle is only getting nastier and it's extraordinary. it is president trump versus his own party. what gives? >> we gave welker a five-minute break. the latest flashpoint between the president and republicans is this threat of shutting down the government. as he said tuesday night in arizona, frankly, if they don't get funding for the border wall, he will shut down the government. a white house official telling
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me overnight that the president is serious about this threat, this warning, something he campaigned on, something he promised he would deliver on. they say if it doesn't happen in september it's likely to happen a little later this year after short-term spending bill. this morning the president targeting republican lawmakers again, many of them whose votes and support he'll need to pass his agenda on topics like military construction of that wall and tax reform. here's what he tweeted minutes ago. "i requested that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation into the popular va bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with dems holding them up as usual on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy. now a mess!" the bottom line here is that the president, according to officials here, has this uneasy alliance with republican lawmakers. they concede that's the case, but they believe there are place where is they can come together on their shared agenda. that's what they're focused on right now.
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frankly that's what paul ryan focus on as well after he heard the latest round of criticism between the president, purpose ported criticism between the president and mitch mcconnell. here's paul ryan in the last 24 authorities. >> it's important we all stay unified as republicans to complete our agenda. i think president is employing a strategy he thinks is effective for him. >> reporter: that was paul ryan speaking while traveling as congress prepares a return from its recess back in session next week. and as evidenced by his tweetintweets today the president is ready for him. >> fact check, trump, it was a campaign promise that's what's going on around the country wall would get built between the united states and mexico. part of the campaign promise we heard over and over was mexico would pay for it. >> reporter: i was going to say, to be clear, having reached out to the white house with that very question, their suggestion is the question about getting it built is the priority right now. it can be american money spent up front but mexico will
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ultimately pay for it. how that happens is unclear. >> i was unaware that there's a collections agency that works to collect money from sovereign countries. politico congressional reporter alana shore, matt welsh from the libertarian magazine reason and lehigh university professor james petrson. alana, extraordinary reporting. i want to get into this infighting because it is not just about the border wall. your article points out that this really goes to the heart of what gets president trump so upset -- russia. venting his frustration to two gop senators, the first tom tillis of north carolina. what can you tell us? >> tom and chris coons are sponsoring a bill that would prevent the president from firing robert mueller. and what we hear is that the president vented his unhappiness with this bill and made clear to tillis that he didn't want it to
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pass. tillis' office said, hey, it was a cordial conversation. mind you, the president may have cordially informed him he doesn't want his bill going anywhere. >> we need to remind viewers when robert mueller was nut putt in place, the president said, fine, put a special prosecutor in place. i'm okay with it. bob corker was speaking last friday about the president and his ability to get anything done. >> absolutely. >> i want to share that for a minute. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate. >> i mean, this for me has been stunning. i watched it over and over. bob corker saying that the president hasn't shown the stability or the competence and so much of this goes back to russia. when i speak to people inside the white house, they tell me even when we have the president
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flying straight, as soon as you get anywhere near russia or his taxes the wheels come off. what do you know? >> absolutely. and let's keep in mind, bob corker was considered for secretary of state. this is a close ally of this administration who's gotten increasingly critical. our reporting turned up a call trump made to cork e about the russia sanctions bill. this is the bipartisan bill that trump reluctantly signed after dragging his feet. then of course he dials up bob corker and says, again, this is unkons tug nal, you shouldn't be reining me in and he was clearly frustrated. >> frustration is something we've seen quite a bit in the last few months. matt, of course the white house was asked about this and the spokesperson gave this reaction to the politico story. "we do not comment on private conversations p the president has with members of congress. we are committed to working together on tax relief, border security, strengthening the military, and other important issues." talking points, talking point, talking points. what is your take on this? what is the president trying to
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do here? >> in one sense he is trying to kick-start congress into doing anything. i mean, bob corker is right that the president hasn't demonstrated a lot of competence when it comes to legislative issues, but neither has the republican-led congress. they can't pass a simple budget, right. so yes of course he's trying to deflect attention from the russia investigation and doing whatever he can there and it does enrage him in many respects. but also congress is just careening from what one debt ceiling increase and one continuing resolution to the next. and the president is absolutely right to call them out on it, but his whip hand has less strength than it does even back this may with the last continuing resolution. >> is it not the president's responsibility to work with congress? when you talk about the health care bill, was it not days before that lisa murkowski of alaska was getting threatened by the secretary tear of the interior? the president calling the health care bill mean. in addition, his campaign promises of what he offered do
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not mesh with what a republican congress wants to d. >> he was totally disinterested and unknowledgeable about the very health care rainstorm that he was trying to whip people into shape for. his legislative outreach team is in shambles. at the same time, congress had seven years, way before donald trump was doing everything, except floating birther conspiracies, to work on this problem to make politics for it. he's right to call them out on that. it's a complete dysfunction right now. republicans on a national level are very successful numerically. they have democrats in a row. but they can govern this the straich state, regulatory state, but can't legislate. he's right about that. >> is matt right that the president is right to call congress out publicly? what does that solve except the president serving his base passing the buck, saying it's not me, it's them? how does it help the president? how does it help anyone? >> it does serve his base and i think we should all note that government shutdowns are very
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expensive. but the legislative process doesn't work this way. they need a minimum of eight democrats in order to keep the government running beyond september 30th and you see the president tweeting this morning admonishing the leadership of the republican party about something they should have done. could have, would have, should have is not how the process works. refer to it as the sausage making process, it's intricate, complicated and messy. instead of spending time tweeting about the leadership, he's got to spend that time talking to them and building a relationship with them. i don't think he's interested in the complicated legislative process. >> it might be tough to make sauceage but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for republicans to have this kind of control. elana, i want to share a little more sound of what house speaker paul ryan had to say, his reaction to the president's threat of a government shutdown over the border wall. >> i don't think a government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see a government shutdown. ourselves included. >> oakie-doke. paul ryan clearly saying dwoent
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want we don't want to see a shutdown but is this, i hate the phrase, trump being trump? if there's one thing he knows from a background in real estate, it's how to bluff and how to play chicken. is that what he's doing? >> perhaps, but he might be playing chicken with his own party's leaders at this point. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan know when republicans are in a unified control of government they can't blame democrats for shutting everything down. >> am i being a silly girl optimist, but maybe somewhere here there's a silver luhning, much like the problem solvers caucus, could we see democrats and republicans work together around president trump like they're trying to do on health care, like they're trying to d on russia, securing bob mueller's position? could we see that here? >> it's not trump's call to make to shut down the government unless he's going to veto when democrats and republicans get together as they always do to pass a debt ceiling increase. they'll do it, right, and it won't be something that i particularly like because it's going to increase spending at time we have $20 million in
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debt. is president trump really going to veto that over border wall funding? i don't think so. just to add to your previous fact check, he said he paid for this by tax regular miing remit goods across the border. he's not doing those things either. he's not fulfilling the campaign promise. >> isn't that growing debt something the president touches? you can say trillion, billion or gazillion and most people aren't actually affected by it because they feel like it's abstract. that growing debt number, president trump has had a career of massive amounts of debt and it never seemed to faze him. if he wo do face a shutdown, who's it going to hurt the most? clearly it's going to hurt the reputation of the republicans. >> it hurts the american people the most because it shuts down national parks, the things people love about government. it doesn't shut down the sausage making process. folks need to understand this stalemate also has its flashpoint around the wall. i don't think you'll get democratic legislators to vote in any way for funding of that
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wall. and unless there's an end-around, straightaway to remove this from the legislate impressive says or a way for the president to think about he can move forward with this debt ceiling vote if the wall is not there, i don't see how it works. he's committed to that wall and people in his base believe the's the signature piece of what trump is, building the wall. whether or not mexico pays for it, people don't care too much about that. >> his base was only a portion of the americans that got him elected. there are a lot of people who voted for him, the wall didn't mean anything to him. elana, the president waging these public fights with gop leaders who recollect does it serve? >> well, clearly it serves the president. >> how does it serve the president? >> i think the president and perhaps rightly believes that republicans may fear him more than they let on. keep in mind a lot of these gop aides talking to news outlets like my own aren't attaching their name to it. clearly there is a constituency
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till within the gop that does not want to alienate this president and trump is flexing his muscle in response. >> all right. we have to break in. we have some new information about that transgender military ban that was recently announced by president trump via twitter. let's go live to hans nichols at the white house. hans, what can you tell us? when we first heard about this it was via twitter on the morning that paul manafort got raided and it seemed like the heads of the military didn't even know. >> it was true. heads of the military didn't know that president trump that far in advance was working on this memo or work ong a policy change. what we know now is the pentagon is expecting an official memo from the white house that will give guidance on how to treat transgender individuals and importantly in transgender individual who is may be thinking about joining the administration -- joining the military, excuse me. this is all according to military officials. here's what we know, and this hasn't been finalized and the memo hasn't been delivered to the pentagon so those are my
6:14 am
caveats. what we think is in there is there will not be any sort of provisions for transjender individuals to join the united states military, army, navy, or marines. then there will be a restriction on paying for gender reassi reassignment surgery for those transgender individuals already serving. key question what you do with the potential thousands of transgender individuals told by the previous administration they could come out and be honest and this administration they can't serve, the watch word will be deployability. because secretary mattis think they are deployable and it will seem like there may be some broad discretion give on the secretary of defense on how to interpret this notion of whether or not someone can deploy and fight for their country. >> matt, what's your thought? >> part of this is preliminary, a memo that hasn't been released. the moment it gets released there will be a flurry of
6:15 am
lawsuits. the deployability thing is interesting. the rand corporation looked at this and said a large majority of existing transgender troops are deployable. so who gets to make that determination is an interesting question. >> if a large number of lawsuits ensue, if this doesn't go anywhere, is it still a win for president trump that he says to his base, look, i tried, it's the government working against me? >> sadly it is still a win for him. this is textbook discrimination, though, no other way to frame t. for his base, this is precisely the kind of move that donald trump will be rewarded for whether or not it's successful. the lawsuits and the media attention is off in enough to s his base, i tried to get these folks out of the military but the government and the deep state prevented me from doing so. >> a win for his base except for his number-one person, ivanka trump, who in june put out the tweet she stands with the lgbtq community because clearly this administration ain't doing that. we'll take break.
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next, for the third time in three days president trump gives a public speech. and for the third time we've seen a different version of president trump. phil ruker from "the washington post" joins us on the trump whiplash. first, radio silence between the president and mitch mcconnell. it's cause for concern, but conan o'brien back again says one person may be looking for a way to replicate it. >> it's being reported that president trump is no longer speaking to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. no longer speaking to him. yeah. upon hearing this, melania went to mcconnell and said, teach me, master. please. k sheep, have you any wool? no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online.
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we cannot remain a force for peace in the world if we are not at peace with each other. a hit him with neo-nazi, i hit them with everything. i got the white supremacist, the neo-nazi, i got 'em all in there. let's see. yeah. kkk. we have kkk. i got them all. it's time to heal the wounds that divide us. we are people who love. >> kkk, on the checklist. that was of course president donald trump all in the last 72 hours. t"the washington post" called i, quote, trump's whiplash, three personas in three speech bus the same president.
6:21 am
just minutes ago the president himself tweeted, "the fake news is now complaining about my different types of back-to-back speeches. well, their was afghanistan, somber, the big rally, enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun, and the american legion va, respectful and strong. to bad the dems have no one who can change tones." we have to talk about this. joining me, the author of that "washington post" article, phil rucker and msnbc political analyst. first, phillip, congratulations. the president reading your reporting on this thursday morning. that's a win. >> i gsuess, yeah. the president will say this is part of a lrgeer strategy but when i talk to the people inside the white house they have their hands in their heads going please, stop, these unforced errors are the last thing we need. what is he doing? >> well, you know, on monday he stuck to that script pretty tightly and said exactly what his advisers wanted them to say about afghanistan and there were moments he was sere, talked about the gravity of the office, then tuesday it was almost like
6:22 am
a release for him. he'd been pent up and controlled for a few days there and he got at his rally in the arena and just let i rip. and that was clearly not the script on tuesday night, but it's really -- it's interesting to hear on tuesday really trying to divide the country and talk about the media and everyone who's against him, even the two republican senators from arizona. the next day in reno the third peach, he's trying to heal the wounds that divide us as uniter. it's quite a contrast for one. >> that's the ticktock. let goose through what it means. in the article you write, quote, like contestant on one of his reality tv shows, trump has taken on contrasting personas, showcasing divergent traits with flourishes seemingly to survive another day of his beleaguered presidency. or, as the trump television producer might put, to keep up the ratings." it might keep up the ratings but isn't this hurting the president's ability to move his agenda forward? think of it. it's like the boy who cried
6:23 am
wolf. fwop lead rs don't seem to be scared anymore. the market doesn't listen to him anymore. ceos have walked away. >> yeah. you know, he's trying to keep his base engaged. that's what he cares first and foremost about, keeping that loyal minority of americans supportive of him and fervently supportive of him. so he's trying to throw red meat, trying to get them shared enemies, give them reasons to rally behind him, but it's doing nothing to advance his legislative agenda. just look at the deterioration of his relationship with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he's not going to be able to get anything done if he can't get these republicans in the senate to work with him and he's calling them names and yelling and screaming at them. this is a recipe for failure. >> he might not care because when he goes to those rallies like he did in arizona, he says i've done more than any president ever in six months and people believe him. but put that aside -- >> that's just not true. yeah. >> listen, it's 100% not true. we'll fact check it all day long
6:24 am
and tomorrow, but his base will say no, you're not listening. he's done so much. think about those executive orders. but i want to talk about what james clapper said. this is the former director of national intelligence. i'm sure you've seen it before, but i want to play it again because it's important. take a look. >> i don't know when i've listened and watched something like this from a president that i found more disturbing. >> are you questioning his fitness? >> yes, i do. >> questioning the president's fitness and president trump taking to twitter again. i want to point out, remember a few weeks ago when the white house had put out, well, maybe we're going to be having lawyers vet the president's tweets? not only are lawyers not vetting them, they're not even getting spell-checked if you look at them this morning. he put out a tweet, james clap whoeshgs famously got caught lying to congress, is now an authority on donald trump. will he show you his beautiful letter to me?
6:25 am
first of all, if president trump is actually going to throw stones in terms of being a liar, that's extraordinary because we're in the hundreds at this point of fibs that we have heard. but executive order, yeah, james clapper could have written an extraordinary letter to the president soon after he was elected but times, they've changed. >> that's right. and remember, james clapper was one of the official who is actually briefed then president-elect trump truduringe transition to give hmm that intelligence briefing at the trump tower in december or january as his capacity as the top intelligence official in the obama administration. but his view, his assessment of donald trump as a president has deteriorated ever since he's had a number of moment where is he's come out to krit size or reflect upon the president's leadership but none more strong than on tuesday night where he questioned his bitetto and fitness to d this job. >> quick, before we go, bloomberg is reporting that john
6:26 am
kelly having a tough time getting anything done. i said before maybe reince was better than we thought he was. from people i speak to in the whoushgs they're saying john kelly's style, let's run this in a military fashion, it's simply not working. this is a circus-like white house. >> well, it's always been a chaotic place, the trump west wing, and as his campaigns and his businesses were. kelly's trying to completely change the culture overnight. he wants to flip a switch and instill order everywhere, but these are people who are accustomed to working and operating in a disorderly environment and, you know, they're used to being able to cut corners and talk to the president and manipulate things and get things done in their own unique ways and capitol hill is trying to change all that, so he needs time to make these changes. i don't know if they'll be successful or not. there certainly isn't any sort of big legislation here, any tangible victory that kelly can point to, but he is trying to streamline some of the process and we see the personnel changes
6:27 am
happening as well. >> i'm sure though are his goals but this is a white house more accustomed to flipping out. phil, great reporting. nice to see the president's reading your stuff. >> thanks, steph. next, a frightening new video from isis claims to show a 10-year-old american boy. we'll have the story behind it next. and president trump has threatened a government shutdown over the border wall which we all thought mexico was paying for. and trevor noah had one suggestion for president -- stick to the dpraetdst hits. >> you can't just change the words to your song, trump. who's going to pay for it? mexico. you can't just change the words. i like big brains and i cannot lie. because i'm a trivia guy. it's not the same! mexico pays for the wall! (vo) a lifetime of your dog's
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it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. jae crowder tabb . welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc and it is time for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to start your day. we begin in israel where white house senior adviser jared kushner met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours ago. he's scheduled to meet with the palestinian president later today in an effort to revive peace talks in the region. meanwhile, in the city of charlottesville, virginia, they have covered up the robert e.
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lee strach you atue at the cent controversy there. the city council voted for it. in texas, preparations under way ahead of tropical storm harvey with a hurricane warning in effect for parts of the coast. harvey could make landfall as early as saturday. the megamerger is full steam ahead. amazon cleared two of the biggest hurdles it needed to to close its $13.7 billion acquisition of whole foods. it got approvals from a u.s. regulator and the grocery chain's shareholders. and talking about big money, hougt this one. someone in massachusetts, god, this must be an amazing way to wake up, a whole lot rich they are morning. that is where the winning powerball ticket was sold in last night's drawing. ready for number? $758.7 million jackpot, which is the largest ever won by a single ticket. i can not wait to see who won.
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now to a far more serious story, isis propaganda has a new face this morning and it is disturbing pap video from the terror group show what is appears to be an american child insulting president trump and threatening the united states of america. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more from london. what is this? >> reporter: hey, there, stephanie. we've seen americans speaking for i us is before but never a child. experts say the words he's speaking were like i written for him, but to hear them spoke bin a young boy is unsettling to say the least. counterterrorism officials say that of course may be the goal, to deflect attention from the group's dwindling territory. in the video, the boy speaks fluent english. >> i'm 10 years old. >> reporter: appearing to read off a script, the child saying he and his mother moved to syria two years ago. >> my father is an american soldier. >> reporter: nbc news has not verified the boy's identity, national tay, or whereabouts.
6:34 am
the slickly produced seven-minute propaganda video shows him playing with another child. he says is his 7-year-old best friend. the two children seen walking through rubble in what he says is the syrian town of raqqah where the u.s. estimates 2,000 isis fighters remain under siege. the boy mentions the president by name. >> my message to trump -- >> reporter: and he's seen training with i sis fighters, threatening to take the battle to the u.s. >> so get ready for the fighting has just begun. >> reporter: the video seen my by many as exploiting a young boy, glamorizing a terrorist lifestyle. what does isis hope to get out of using this child? >> i think this video is very carefully choreographed cinema. it's deliberate. it's designed to capture the attention of america and americans. >> reporter: isis has shown children in videos before. researchers estimate about two dozen children are used in operations every month. but who this boy is remains a
6:35 am
mystery this morning. >> we've been able to build up a large profile on lots of people but we don't have anything on this child. >> reporter: so the state department called this sick and depraved. the u.s. military tells nbc news that no service members have reported this as their child. experts say if he is american they don't think it will take long to identify him and any relatives still living in the u.s. still a lot of questions, stephanie, but obviously very disturbing. >> disturbing indeed. thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, my favorite part of the show, "money, power, politics." nearly 20 charities pull fund-raising events from president trump's mar-a-lago resort. has it become bad business to be connected with president trump? for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure. choose a low mileage lease on this xt5 for around $339 per month. welcome back. my favorite part of the show, "money, power, politics." trouble many paradise for donald trump's mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida. more than a dozen charities have pulled fund-raising events from the so-called summer white house. i believe it's the winter white house. the list is growing. many left after the president's controversial comments about the violence in charlottesville. gabe gutierrez is in miami with more. give us the latest on the fallout. >> reporter: this had been bubbling up for months but it's reached a boiling point post-charlottesville. charities pulling out of mar mar-a-lago many saying the
6:40 am
president's comments have become a distraction. long known as the epitome of high society and glitzy palm beach, mar-a-lago is facing an exodus. >> they don't want to be associated with the president's remarks and many other actions that he's taken to be quite honest. >> reporter: at least 17 charities have pulled their annual fund-raising events from the so-called southern white house. many after the president's controversial comments about the violence in charlottesville. >> very fine people on both sides. >> reporter: among the late toast leave the palm beach zoo and conservation society. others include the red cross, the american cancer society and the salvation army. >> the decision was made because the whole conversation had become a distraction to the mission of the salvation army. >> reporter: tax records show rental fees at mar-a-lago run up to $276,000 per event, so the departures could cost the trump organization more than a million dollars. profits from mar-a-lago are placed in a trust for the duration of mr. trump's presidency while his sons manage the estate. the trump organization and mar-a-lago did not return a
6:41 am
request for comment. at least two organizations have not yet bailed, a police foundation and palm beach county gop. tammy donnally is the group's vice chair. >> i think it's a shame that organizations that are supposed to be nonpartisan and not involved in politics have made a very political decision by pulling out of mar-a-lago. >> reporter: the board of another organization is set to vote this week on whether to yank its event from mar-a-lago, joining a growing list of groups for which politics and charity no longer mix. it is no small decision for some of these organizations to pull out of mar-a-lago. at least some of them are forfeiting deposits. there's a vote going on this morning by one group called life, furthering education, voting on whether to pull an event in december and the president of that group is recommending that they leave mar-a-lago too. she's recommending it to the board and in a written statement she said, standing up to hatred and discrimination in all forms
6:42 am
is both a personal responsibility and the right thing to d, she sz. stephanie? >> breaks my heart, though, forfeiting deposits. this is money that should be going to help all sorts of people. it's bummer that this is where we are. i want to bring in wes moore, awe thoshgs army combat veteran, entrepreneur, and the ceo of one of the most extraordinary nonprofits on the planet, robin hood. the largest poverty-fighting organization that saves new yorkers day after day. wes, welcome. when i hear that, that, well, nonprofits should be making this political, are they making it political or are they just trying to focus on the work they do? >> i think the decision that's being made is the antithesis of political. you know, we have an obligation to our community, and when i say community, it's the donor, the people we're serving, everyone who's part of our organizations, and the responsibilities that we're going to focus on the work. so when you have an organization whetheritis the american cancer so it, whether it is the salvation army, whether it's robin hood and our focus on
6:43 am
poverty and being anti-poverty focused, if you're focusing on conversations about venue, that means you're not focused on the work. and that's why i think these organizations are making decisions that they feel is not just in the best interest of their brand, but making what's in the best interest of the actual impact that we're actually trying to get done. >> are they also making organizations based on pressure -- these organization, you, don't want to be getting a call from me saying, hey, wes, you're plan ong having an event at trump property,000 do you feel about the ku klux klan? are they also making this decision because the pressure is so great they want to get out of the conversation? it seems like that's what ceos did. >> i think that's exactly right. i think you're making a decision that's putting values first. to your point, this is not just a mar-a-lago conversation, this is a conversation that we have advisory councils that deal with everything from business to the arts who have now said we are going to either disband or individually separate from these organizations because in the absence of leadership, leaders
6:44 am
must step up and be very clear about where their values lie and the things they will stand for and not stand for. >> don't you find it extraordinary that right now the moral leadership, when we point to where it's going, you're looking at bank ceos, looking at hedge fund managers, filling the gap where is the federal budget may cut programs that help some of the poorest people in this country. don't you find that stunning? just a few years ago we looked at corporate america as the bad guy. >> people are now realizing that leadership doesn't happen simply because someone tapped you on the shoulder and said you're a leader. it doesn't happen because it's your turn to step up and be a leader because of a job description you have. there are people who have no job title or job description who are remarkable leaders in our society right now and people with really big titles who are doing nothing with those title. leadership is about finding a human need and deciding you'll do something about it. we've seen people from a variety of different sectors and platforms who have said it's
6:45 am
time for leadership, we're going the step up and do it. >> it's about impact. what do you think about some of these organization, one, unicorn, if they don't find another place they could lose up to 160 grand because that's how much they normally make or project to make in that fund-raiser. without 160 grand, they could have to cut programs. how serious is this? >> it's serious and also another reason why the people who have the ability to d something about it need to step up. other venues and places that can be supportive in a time and absence and situation like that where that is going to have real human impacts. i think about our work, where there are over 40 million people currently living in poverty and millions more right on the cusp. many of those are working poor, people who are working jobs and still poor. this has real significant impacts on the people that we're serving and the organizations that we are then working with and protecting. and so i think this is actually a great opportunity for additional leadership to step up and do something that means something. when you find an organization
6:46 am
that's in this situation, what is your own responsibility to saiki help? >> get engaged, step up, be a leader. anyone can do it. wes, stick around. next, one of the key men behind the infamous trump dossier testified behind closed doors for ten hours. i mean, that's a lot of talking. now senator chuck grassley says the transcript could be released unless some bigger fish come to testify. and the video of the day, this one's for me, a police sergeant in austin, minnesota, pumed into a parking lot where she spotted 92-year-old millie sevier dancing along. listen, when i hear "i like to move it move it" i definitely bust a move. and since dancing is not illegal, the sergeant got out of her car and broke it on down with millie. i love this. that is leadership. those are some great americans. ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you.
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ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. senate investigators met behind closed doors this week with glenn simpson whose team created that dossier. the transcripts of the ten-hour
6:51 am
meeting could be released. i need my panel to weigh in on this. matt welsh and james peterson. matt, walk me through this. chuck grassley said last night that maybe they're going to release these transcripts. why? why would chuck grassley think that's a good idea? >> because they're doing the american people's business in an investigation. i don't see any compelling reason to keep this thing secret at all. it's not so we can get salacious details from the dossier but where was the travel report of the dossier? who got it when? who did they share it with? when did it get into intelligence hands and the media's hands? all that is important information. we should know that. it's normal, standard operating procedure for investigations in capitol hill to become public information. >> many of the claims in that dossier have already been debunked. we're already dealing with such a chaotic, messy time. that's the last thing we need. does putting this out there help the american people? >> showing the american people
6:52 am
why your taking this seriously does matter. with this dossier, with senator tillis, putting together information that's making it harder for the president to fire mu lechlt ler. probably the most comprehensive investigation taking place right now around russian tampering. people who are stepping up, part of the president's party who are saying the seriousness of this is not about electoral victories. the seriousness of this is not about what's going to happen in '18 or '20. the seriousness about this is that we have a potential situation of espionage and international interference. the core thing that makes our country unique and special. the fact that you have people in the party actually saying it is not just important but i think they also understand the history they're watching right now. >> what do you think? >> i think legislators do have 2018 on their mind and think russia is a wedge issue they can use to distance themselves from the president.
6:53 am
let's keep this in mind. the dossier itself probably needs a parental rating for us to talk about it, i'm not sure that the testimony from mr. simpson and learning more about fusion gps and what the logistical system of collecting that is as important as it is salacious. i would love to see manafort's testimony, donald trump jr.'s testimony. >> me, too. >> they made private deals to keep those closed but the more transparency, the better. legislators are looking at 2018 and saying here is one way to create space between ourselves and president trump. >> let's hear a bit of what chuck grassley had to say. >> we have not given up the possibility that we would have trump junior and simpson and manaforte. it depends what comes out of the transcripts.
6:54 am
that's something that we'll wait. >> if the president is watching he will go off on the fact that chuck grassley is even talking about don junior and paul manafort. he has lit a fire to anyone touching this thing saying you should protect me. >> here is the problem. we talked about this earlier in the show. a lot of political capital going after mitch mcconnell, specifically after jeff flake. this gets into a lot of republican senator's hides right now, promoting kelly ward, borderline crackpot and has zero chance of winning in arizona to primary a principled conservative who everyone likes in the party. trump is calling him toxic, like battery acid calling milk toxic. it doesn't make sense. he is doing this at a time when he needs those people and is expecting and demanding them to cover his back on the russian investigation. if your popularity is going like this, if you can't pass and can't contribute to the passing of legislation and you're going after your own party, they are
6:55 am
not going to have your back, especially on an issue of national security. >> people might not think and talk about russia all day, every day, can the president continue to say it's a hoax, it's a rouse, the media made it up, when his own party is -- >> no. it's proving just the opposite. look at that clip. look where that statement took place t took place in front of voters, in front of people who are asking the questions in iowa, right? >> haert. >> the point about the base eroding and the base asking questions, that's real. that's not going anywhere. you're absolutely right. the idea of saying this isn't important and it's fake and we should look in another direction, it's the voters and, frankly, the conservative voters. it's the base who is not going to let this go either. no, this will not go away. nor should it. >> ted cruz, do you remember when you said the people in the state of texas don't care about russia? take a trip on over to iowa. they care. we'll talk a break. thank you, gentlemen. president trump threatens a shutdown. that's right. to shut down the government over the border wall.
6:56 am
but what did people living on the border think about that? that is all part of the third installment of "outside the beltway." hallie jackson in ft. worth, texas. that's going to come up next. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you!
6:57 am
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7:00 am
beltway again today. as they say, where the west begins, in ft. worth, texas. one of the reddest red states, right in the middle of big national debates on voting rights, redistricting, immigration and, hey, where better to talk about the upcoming fight over the border wall with the democrat and republican joining our show as the president and his team today suggest a shutdown is on the table over this border wall, telling congress either put up or shut up on one of his biggest campaign promises. it is all on the agenda as we head south. that seems to be the direction of the relationship between the president and members of congress with serious washington whiplash happening. three days, three different presidents. what are we going to see after the recess? you know what they say, everything is bigger in texas this show, right now, is no exception. from ft. worth to washington, our team is set up and ready to go. i want to start with my colleague, kristen welker, at the white house for us. let's talk about


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