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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  June 27, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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trump. the two countries that showed more fate in trump over obama is israel and russia. in russia, president trump has a 42-point edge. good old r.t. "for the record with greta" starts now. the news keeps breaking every hour. got more for you. we're drowning in it. thank you. washington is in a full scale panic. it's everyone from the closed door to the republican senate bill to the dualing press conferences. today's chaos started with senator rand paul. a no vote. did trump convince him? at the same time vice president pen made a last ditch effort on capitol hill to get republicans on board. >> good discussions today. we're going to keep talking. obamacare is collapsing all over this country. president trump and republicans
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in congress are absolutely determined to repeal and replace obamacare and give the american people the kind of health care reform they deserve. we'll get it done. there's so much more. the democrat and republican leaders in both houses holding those duelling news conferences. one right after the other and the accusations flying. at 4:00 p.m., president trump calling republican senators to the white house for a big pow wow on the failing health care bill. they all boarded a bus and traveled down the hill to the white house. >> we're going to talk and we're going to see what we can do. we're getting very close. for the country we have to have health care. it can't be obamacare which is melting down. the other side is saying all sorts of things before they knew what the bill was. this will be great if we get it done. if we don't get it done, it's going to be something we're not going to like and that's okay.
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i understand that very well. i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public. very, very important for the people of our country that we love. >> i think the senate bill will be great. >> it's pure chaos. there's no vote. not even one scheduled. more republican senators coming out against the republican health care bill. there's now nine gop senators saying they will not vote for the bill. it only take three no votes to kill the bill. one of the nine determined to vote is senator ron johnson. he'll be here in a minute. all 100 u.s. senators, yes all of them are headed out of town friday for ten days. mcconnell is the boss. is that the way you do your job?
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hallie jackson is at the white house. nice to see you. what's going on down at the white house? >> reporter: it's the beating heart at the moment, at least. the health care discussion is happening a few minutes ago over in the east room where we walked in. we saw the senators seated arrange around a big square table. we saw a couple minutes ago two of those leaders walk out. mitch mcconnell and senator thune as well. talking about how they believe they could get there. i asked senator mcconnell whether he believes the longer it takes, the harder it will be to pass. he seems optimistic baa broached the possibility of having to work with democrats. sitting down with senator schumer. he pointed out that republicans might not be getting everything they would like to be getting. there's some action high pressuring today. let me talk about what's happening later on tonight which is the vice president having dinner with four conservative
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republican lawmakers trying to get them on board, i say, meaning bring them into some kind of a compromise. try to figure out where there's some wiggle room to get this thing done. you saw the vice president earlier. he returned to the white house with the senators for the big meeting here. >> it's just incredible. it changes every second as we move on. it's shocking. any way, thank you very much for joining us. >> reporter: thank you. >> well, there's a lot going on as hallie just mentioned. mitch mcconnell smoke to reports about senate republicans meeting with president trump. >> i think the main thing is i've said the status quo is unsustainable. it will be dealt with in one of two ways. either republicans will agree and change the status quo or the markets will continue to collapse and we'll have to sit down with senator schumer and my
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suspicion that in a negotiation with the democrats would include none of the reforms that we would like to make both on the market side and the medicaid side. >> senator ron johnson is one of the nine republicans opposing the health care bill in its current form and was at the meeting with president trump today. good evening, sir. >> let me correct you. what i've said i'm not a yes yet. the only thing i said no to was motion to proceed this week. i thought it was too fatst. i truly agreed the leader takes the time to get this right. >> we'll say an 8 now and you're a maybe at this point. all right. what is it that -- why aren't you a yes? what is the sticking point for you? >> well, if you read my new york times column, i was talking about focusing on premiums. obamacare caused these premiums to artificially skyrocket.
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some of them have tripled. that's creating so many problems for people that don't qualify for subsidies because they are working hard and making money. those folks that bill clinton talked about working 60 hours a week and also increasing the amount of taxpayer subsidies that we're paying out as well. we need focus on bringing those premiums down. one of the reasons i want to take a pause, we had a extremely good briefing by cbo at lunch and start getting into the numbers. a lot of people look at this and don't understand the complexities of cbo scores. for example, it's being reported that premiums go up 20% the first year and another 10%. it's 20% over the baseline.
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obamacare markets are always collapsing but in far worse shape. i've got to complete this. we're barely losing number of insured compared to january 2017 baseline. we got to get the numbers right. we got to get this information out. >> i got that. let me ask you a couple quick questions. you don't want the premiums to go up, right? >> i want them to decline. they should decline. >> you think the subsidies are too much, right? >> what i want to do is by premium decreases because they are tied together. >> that's my point is the subsidies are keeping the premiums down for certain people. if you lower the subsidies the premiums will go up? >> i'm talking about gross premiums before subsidies. if we get rid of those market
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reforms and cbo saying the repeal of one market reform, the actual value causes premiums to climb the third year by 30% from the current baseline and decline the second year. we can address that if we do root cause analysis and are honest with ourselves. >> the senate bill permits annual and lifetime limits on coverage. now you're in a situation where you'll lose everything. >> i would recommends we not include that in the senate package because page 26 and lifetime maximums havea negligible. >> the annual limits could kill
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you. >> i know. >> when you met with president trump today, did he say anything that convince you this is a good bill minus the premiums? >> i'mcbo analysis and if you lk at it hard there's some pretty good news in that. we have 52 senators and the president want to solve this problem, i just came way pretty optimistic. >> let me box you in a bit on this one as a nice wisconsin man, it's my home state. what do you make of the fact the
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senate is going on recess instead of taking care of this problem? just stick it out. >> i wouldn't go on recess if we haven't come to an agreement. leader mcconnell's goal is to come to an agreement within 72 hours. >> if you don't. >> then we should stay here. maybe not all of us stay here. those of us who have issues. >> this is the job and it's a little, it's a crisis for most americans. >> again, i'm willing to work 24/7 to get this thing done. >> good. i've got you on record. thank you for joining me, sir. >> have a great night. paul ryan seeming to dismiss a number of americans losing their health care because he says they don't want the coverage. >> what they are saying at the
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congressional budget office is if you're not going to force people to buy obamacare, then they won't buy it. it's not that people are getting pushed off our plan, it's
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they would destroy the lives of 23 million people. >> they may be forced to work together. >> that would be a good thing. >> well, that's -- >> right now this is mcconnell's threat. we're going to work with democrats. isn't that what most americans would like to see, republicans and democrats working together? >> i think most americans like to see them working together. governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> president trump issues a warning to syria, that warning having to do with chemical weapons. is the president once about to launch an air strike in syria. and back to the issue of health care. protests outside the offices of republican senators. >> health care is a right! health care is right. >> the democrats keep up the pressure. i'll talk to a democratic senator from a battleground state that president trump won sealing the fate of secretary clinton. plus a star is born.
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so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. would you be a proponent of trying to work across the aisle to make some of those fixes as opposed to saying we've got to start over? >> absolutely. >> your ongoing discussions, will they include democrats? >> they are not interested in participating in this. >> there you have it, with the senate gop health care bill in limbo senator lei can a murkowski said she would absolutely love to work with democrats and then moments later senator mitch mcconnell saying nope, that's not going to happen and protesters outside the home offices of the republican senators. this one was in north carolina outside the local office of
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republican senator tom tillis. another in pittsburgh outside the office of republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania. with me democratic senator bob casey from the great state of pennsylvania, a member of the health committee, and he was on the senate floor late last night speaking against the gop bill. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta, good to be with you. thank you. sir, just to sort of pick apart a few issues. what's the single most thing that you dislike the most about this senate bill? >> well, first of all, i think the most egregious part of the bill is what it does to medicaid. the senate bill is worse than the house bill on medicaid because the cuts are deeper over time. 15 million people lose their coverage on medicaid as opposed to 14 in the house bill. that is unacceptable to me. we should never support anything close to that, and at the same time, greta, it's even worse than that. they cut -- they cut medicaid by -- by numbers we can't even begin to imagine, and they give away the store to the very rich. >> let she -- >> that's obscene in a word. >> let me ask you a couple of questions. in terms of -- okay, right from
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the get go, i want people to have medical care and access to it so, you know, that's where i am. i'm trying to sort through possible solutions. i suspect the republicans would say in part what they want to do is block grants to states in lieu of the federal payments and let the states take care of it. is that something you're opposed to? >> i am opposed to it, but here's the problem. states have to balance their budget, and they have got heavy burdens already, so if they have a bad budget year, medicaid gets cut more than in recent history. this is just a washing of the hands to make it a state problem and pretend that it's not your cut. this is a scheme, and it's -- it's deliberately misleading, and we should oppose it with all our might, and we're just getting warmed up to oppose what they are trying to do. i know they are making some deals now, but if they were serious about health care instead of just using an alleged health care bill as a tax cut bill because that's all this
3:22 pm
why the hell does a health care bill have to follow these tax cuts. >> is it in part -- >> 400 families. >> is it in part because, i'm just asking didn't obamacare create a number of taxes, new taxes. isn't that the thinking the republicans disagree with that and what was done before under obama eight years ago are now trying to take that wac. it's not necessarily a reward to the richest as the democrats say but rather addressing an issue they thought for whatever reason was not right. >> i think most very rich people, we can give you several million dollars in tax cut or maintain medicaid for kids with disabilities for older citizens to get this nursing holme ining. i think most rich people would say i don't need. there's not a single person in pennsylvania since 2009 or '10 or said you took too much money
3:23 pm
of mine away and expanded coverage for 20 million people. it was the right thing to do and those rich people know it. i think they would agree with me. >> one of the things that makes me pause about this senate republican bill is when i read there's going to be limitations on annual costs and also lifetime costs because more and more people are running up these huge
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he wants a chance to respond to the testimony of hillary clinton campaign chair.
3:26 pm
afterwards podesta responding to questions about whether president obama did enough to stop russia election meddling. >> i think the president and the entire administration were dealing with an unprecedented incident of the weaponization of the fruits of russian cyber activity, and i think they were trying to make the best judgments that they could on behalf of the american people. >> coming back to the house and senate to testify? >> i hope not. >> stone's lawyer telling reporters his client asked for a public hearing. >> and ahead, president trump in an unusual way warns syrian president assad. that's coming up. and why is assad climbing into the cockpit of a russian fighter jet? and also despite president trump's war with the media, the cameras were actually on today in the white house briefing room, and there was a guest appearance, and he did not want to leave. who was it? a hint, climate change came up. (baby crying)
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i believe that the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message, that if this happens again we are putting you on notice, and my hope is that the president's warning will certainly get russia and iran to take a second look, and i hope that it will caution assad from the fact that we don't want to see innocent men, women and children hurt again. >> u.n. ambassador nikki healy with a stern message. she's putting syria on notice as well as iran and russia. her me, too, comments after the white house release its warning to syria's president assad saying assad will pay a heavy price if he launches another chemical attack. those warnings erupting from the white house and ambassador haley as the pentagon is saying it is seeing activity strongly suggestive of the assad regime's intent to use chemical weapons. meanwhile, reports at the white house issued this morning, but left key agencies apparently out
3:31 pm
of the loop about the release. nbc news defensing defense, military and intelligence officials were caught off guard by this white house statement. officials telling the associated press they were likely caught off guard. >> were members of the team at the state department or the defense department taken aback by that statement, or were they fully involved? can you give us an idea of how the process internally worked to deliberate that statement and then create the statement for public release? >> right. i can tell you that leadership from the state department, dod, dni, the cia, as well as members of the administration within this building were part of that process from the very qing and fully aware. >> today assad toured a russian air base in western syria climbing into the cockpit of a russian fighter jet. now, russia and syria have dismissed the warning from the white house. with me retired army colonel
3:32 pm
jack jacobs. we have a message that goes out to the media in a statement which was a shout across the bow at syria and perhaps russia as well. >> it doesn't sound like the west wing is talking to its cabinet secretaries. that's not necessarily anything new. the second thing is you have to ask yourself the question, if true, why is syria doing this, and it may very well be to test the united states. you remember, last time there was an attack. we sent 59 cruise missiles and it didn't do any damage. i think less than 48 hours later the airfield we struck was back in business again and it doesn't necessarily look like the united states is serious about bringing the war to assad. also it may very well be trying to test russia. don't forget that russia said
3:33 pm
that they were going to attack any aircraft that strayed west of the euphrates river, and we put lots of air strikes in raqqa since then. have gone across the euphrates river many times, an russia hasn't done anything, so maybe it's everybody testing everybody else. it's certainly a confused situation in washington, i can tell you that. >> steve, when you look at this whole situation, plus we've got the dynamics going on with russia here, the -- the investigation here, the allegations, only allegations at this point and you've got the president who may be running into putin at a big leader's meeting in germany next month. >> i mean, i think that's exactly right. the complexity of this as jack just laid out is enormous, but look what's glaring in this is that through raw intelligence the president and his team just said they still believe chemical weapons are in play inside syria. what have they done since the last attack? absolutely nothing. now they are threatening about the possible use.
3:34 pm
they are acquiescing to the fact that chemical weapons are on the table in syria and no one seems to be doing anything nels there's yet another attack so that's something that hasn't been discussed. the other thing we know now is rex tillerson and james mattis were consulted on the statement but their underlings were not, that huge elements. bureaucracy normally involved with synthesizing and acquiescing a message and making sure that this isn't what donald trump did to james comey a loose threat thrown out there but you have muscle potentially behind it, that that aspect of it didn't happen, and we should all be very worried about that. >> colonel, what would you advise? this is actually enormously complicated and had the situation of president obama talking about the red line back i think in 2012 in syria that was then i think subsequently crossed, and now you have the situation where a late-night threat is put out publicly to assad. i mean, what would you advise president trump to do? >> well, you know, we already have contingency plans to do
3:35 pm
retaliatory strikes at a wide variety of targets inside syria. what's really important is we don't necessarily have any strategy overall for syria. if we want to attack syria in the event that they attack civilians with chemical weapons. we can do that. we've done it before and we have targets to do it again, but what happens if syria decides to use chemical weapons but not against civilians, instead against military targets? are we going to respond to that? we need to have a policy to respond to whatever syria does, and it doesn't take -- it doesn't take a room full of people to figure out exactly what the contingencies are. i think in the circumstances at the moment the white house and maybe the pentagon, too, is reluctant to make a commitment to use any kind of retaliatory strikes and my advice would be to sit down and work out a contingency plan to be able to respond to any active aggression
3:36 pm
on the part of assad. >> steve, ambassador nikki haley certainly is -- rather, she makes her presence known. i mean, she's quite -- more so than in the last couple of decades that we've seen from u.n. ambassadors. >> right. >> i mean, nikki haley right now is the hawk on russia, and she's completely different and distinct from the president of the united states who has a very different position. this is one of the things that is very hard for analysts to work out. nikki haley has been bold, thoughtful, you know, raising the lines that america should care about and raising these questions about russian aggression and russian behavior and russian complicity with syrian crimes. donald trump himself has not been doing that, and so it's hard sometimes to tell what is the trow policy of this administration? is it nikki haley who is saying impressive things or donald trump who has not yet even tweeted about the syria case and chemical weapons yet so it's hard to know. >> gentlemen, thank you both very much. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> moments ago, president trump
3:37 pm
did take to twitter, but it wasn't about syria and assad. it's about the health care bill. we'll tell what you he said, and it is energy week at the white house, in case you didn't know, and today energy secretary rick perry was asked about climate change and that time he called donald trump a cancer on conservatism. we'll tell you what he said today. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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day 159 for president trump. here it is in 60 seconds. >> a surprise statement on syria catching capitol hill off guard. >> the white house is issuing a stern warning to syria citing evidence that the syrian government is preparing another deadly chemical weapons attack. >> it's an uner inving statement. i don't know what information the president has. >> the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message. if this happens again, we are putting you on notice. >> late afternoon the gop putting pin in trump care. >> have you seen a single person saying this is a good bill? >> no. >> it's total silence. >> i would not bet against mitch mcconnell. >> 22, 23 million americans that lose health care. that's great public policy. what, are you kidding me? >> we're hearing there's no health care vote this week. >> we're still working towards getting at least 50 people and a
3:42 pm
comfortable place. we're still optimistic. >> the republican bill is rotten at the core. we'll fight the ball tooth-and-nail. >> we have no choice really if you solve this situation. >> day 159 and republicans are furiously trying to jump start their stalled senate health care bill. moments ago trump taking to his favorite twitter. quote, with zero democrats to help and a failed, expensive and dangerous obamacare as the dems legacy, the republican senators are working hard. and he tweeted i just finished a great meeting with republican senators concerning health care. they really want to get it right, unlike ocare. with me national political reporter for the "new york times" and a national reporter for the "boston globe" and the white house reporter for politico. any chance that this is going to be bipartisan? you heard that senator murkowski from alaska said she would like to work on it and -- and senate majority leader mcconnell says he doesn't want to. >> i would be so surprised if the democrats came to the table
3:43 pm
on this mainly because they don't want to hand donald trump a win because at some point he could say see i even brought the democrats to the table and they knew that this was a bad bill and as a result they even helped us fix health care. i also think it's really hard because the democrats want so much -- you have a wing of the democratic party that's talking about single payer which so far from what the republicans want and democrats that are even left to the moderate republicans which means that you would have the more conservative republicans thinking of ted cruz, rand paul, they would then say, well, we don't want what the democrats want so it's really hard to see that happening. >> i don't know why the moderates, you know, not the far right and the far left but those in between don't rise up and take control because, you know, it's -- it's -- we should stop thinking about winning but start thinking about solutions, and you see a lot of moderates who really do want to fix this. and don't want to get into this food fight. >> susan collins i think from maine, you see her, sort of like the return of the moderate
3:44 pm
there. for years we've been writing about moderates are dead. they have no influence, but i think show has been a key voice here in ending this version of the bill. >> where are the rest of them? >> well, i mean, you don't need that many. i think, that's the thing, you really don't need that many of them, and she's certainly one to look at. >> the problem that the president has you don't need that many moderates but you only have such a small margin for him hand majority leader mcconnell. you can lose two votes and if you lose rand paul or ted cruz or even one moderate, when you have one person pull away and even more people pull away. it's such a thin balance to get. >> the problem is the bill is -- trump is right. there is a problem with the health care system. >> right. >> and it is going to get worse. you can see a scenario where, you know, you have joe manchin, you do have some democrats who are in states where this is a problem that needs to get fixed, and they might be willing to
3:45 pm
join a susan collins and come up with something else. that's perhaps wildly optimistic. >> you know, we were talking off camera about this, about the class warfare aspect, and every hospital i've ever been in, whether the university of maryland in baltimore, have huge wings because these very wealthy people have built these huge wings. bill gates has given a lot of money, an all of lot of generous people and every time the democrats paint all rich people as greedy, i think that's a bad strategy. >> but it is definitely the strategy that democrats have landed on and stuck on, the 99% versus the 1%, that really is one of a very clear message and one that says when you talk to democrats they are also talking about health care as though the tax break for the rich is what's driving health care, so even as they talk about health care, what they are really saying is you're just trying to balance the budget and trying to give a break to very, very rich people for poor people and the conversation they have having with health care is all about class. >> and i think that's the far right and far left.
3:46 pm
that game whether it's the far right, they don't want any money to go anyplace and the far left who want to take every dime. it's the death of the moderates and they are failing us. >> it's really where the energy is though on the democratic side. >> and the right. >> and you have all of these members going back to their districts for the july 4th recess, and when they are there, they are going to hear from their base, you know. >> you have folks like elizabeth warren on left that are calling for a single payer health care like she did in "the journal" today and bernie sanders now pushing for things. the freedom caucus in the house pushing for no changes, no subsidies. >> maybe we should think about those things, but nobody wants to talk. everybody wants to win and fight and insult. maybe -- i mean, maybe it's a bad idea, maybe that's a good idea but we're not talking about it. >> which democrat is going to come out and actually help republicans pass health care and then have to go back to their district and have to maybe face a primary where they will then
3:47 pm
have to be faced with the idea that you helped trump -- >> joe manchin is one? >> you do have democrats -- >> i don't know if you have enough? >> heidi heidkamp. >> work out a solution instead of putting stake in the ground and hating everybody that doesn't agree with you political. >> there are people not being rewarded for taking tough votes. the mid terms, you know, soon, people are susceptible to taking tough votes. >> no one trusts donald trump, even his own party. if this goes wrong, if this turns -- >> you have to be willing to lose your job. >> yeah. >> but the president might call you mean down the road even if you celebrates the bill. >> mean might be some of the nicer things he said. >> ahead, we have news on bill
3:48 pm
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a few sfoirs should be on your radar. saying they will defeat isis in mosul. they are closing in on the few hundred fighters left in the old city. and it looks like bill cosby's town hall tour will not happen after all. a judge has set a date next year for a civil trial. that trial for an alleged assault that happened back in 1974. one of cosby's lawyers saying she can't imagine his legal team would allow him to speak publicly before this new trial. and finally, security experts say he an attack in europe using tools created by
3:52 pm
the nsa. they were leaked to the web. the countries include a hospital and a health care system in pennsylvania. and is there a new star of the white house press briefings? governor rick perry is back and now energy secretary leading off today's briefing taking questions for more than half an hour. and boy, did he seal to be having fun? >> the french who i've always thought were a little bit, you know, different, by and large, i wouldn't talk about anything outside of energy. but you touched on one of my favorite subjects. that's federalism. and i had, here we go. you asked. thank you, ma'am. i would always look at an invitation to a party as a good thing. >> during the campaign, you famously said of candidate trump that his candidacy was a cancer on conservatives. that has nothing to do with energy today. >> josh, i don't want to reninld
3:53 pm
governor that candidate trump made a grak his glasses. >> yeah. he was one of dozens of neeks g who got cracks on the campaign trail. he it was interesting to see him today as a foe to trump, back in the briefing room, seemingly comfortable and being a pretty forceful advocate. >> what happened to chris christie? he didn't get anything out of this. and he was on the transition. >> i think the governor, chris christie, is an example of why loyalty the donald trump might not turn into something good happening to you. you think of all the people we were talking about for secretary of state. all the characters that were around him in the campaign. when it came time govern, he got rid of a lot of people and chris christie got nothing for his trouble. >> he was certainly in the cross hairs. somebody else, jared kushner.
3:54 pm
to the briefing today, greta, i think the temperature was changed, for once. it was light-hearted. >> it was fun. and i think it gets to him, harry being a little bit of a goof ball up. there it gets to how much stress there's been in that room for six months. it is such an ordeal. and i think everybody was like, we just need a little bit of a light-hearted moment here. >> as soon as he left, it was back to the usual, dog and pony show of fake news and the battle between reporters and the press office and back to the temperature going straight back up. >> it was so striking. >> that was the tone. i don't know if it is a press briefing, whatever you want to call the monologue that sean spicer delivered. it was nice to see him have fun too. >> i think they should bring him back more often. >> they should make him the press secretary. >> is sean spicer really out?
3:55 pm
>> i don't think so. >> thank you, everybody. something happened today other than the health care chaos. and it needs all our attention. i'll tell you what it is, next. i never miss an early morning market. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep or get up in time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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(bell rings) i have something to say for the record. it is no secret there is a fierce food fight going on in washington right now. it is hardly civilized and there's no hint the two political parties will talk to each other to work toward a solution and the fight is over
3:59 pm
something important, very important, health care. but with the huge importance of health care, i don't want us to overlook something else that happened today. the u.s. navy honoring seven sailors who volunteered to serve the nation to protect all of us and who died on june 17th when a cargo ship rammed into the uss fitzgerald. thousands today lined the streets to pay tribute to the fallen he sailors in japan. the least we should do as we fight over health care, is to make sure we at least take a minute and remember those seven sailors and their families. they grieve, we all grieve. [ taps ] >> absolutely heart breaking. seven sailors who volunteered to
4:00 pm
help all of us. thank you. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we have a lot going on tomorrow night so i hope do you show up. "hardball" starts right now. trump retreats. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. senate republicans cowered from a vote to overhaul the nation's health care system. it came a day after the congressional budget office said 22 million fewer americans would be covered. today mitch mcconnell told reporters, they were still working on getting legislation passed, but that the process was,


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