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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  May 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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there are a lot of them out there who root for this country every day of their lives making the strange conduct by the man carrying the nuclear codes. thanks for being with us, "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. if there are tapes, as the president has suggested, he should turn them over immediately. >> a bipartisan demand for tapes. >> you can't -- >> as the white house stonewalls. >> why won't you just explain whether or not there are recordings. >> the president has made it clear what his position is. >> our institutions are under assault internally. >> internally from the president. >> exactly. >> tonight, as the washington post reports the president divulged highly classified information to the russians in the white house. harvard law professor on his case to start impeachment right now. >> that had nothing to do with russia. i have no investments in russia.
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>> new questions and new reporting on russia's investment in trump with adam davidson of the new yorker. from climate hoax cover story, to a column turned into the trump tax plan. real stories of fake news becoming a white house policy, when "all in" starts right now. >> another day, another near unbelievable report about president donald trump. citing current and former u.s. officials the washington post, "new york times," roiters and buzz feed are all reporting tonight that the president revealed highly classified information to russian officials during an oval office meeting last week, jeopardizing a critical source on isis. the post which broke the story, reporting that the information trump relayed had been provided by u.s. partner through an intelligence share arrangement who had not given the united states to share the material with russia and who may now
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refuse to share information about the islamic state with the united states. and official telling the post that trump "revealed more information to the russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies." nbc news has not confirmed the reports about the meeting. roughly an hour ago national security adviser h.r. mcmaster emerged from the white house to offer this denial. >> there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. this story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation. at no time -- at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. two other senior officials who are present, including the secretary of state remember the
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meeting the same way and have said that. their on the record accounts should out weigh those of anonymous sources. i was in the room, it didn't happen. >> joining me now, white house correspondent kristin walker, what's your reaction to that denial, the sort of official on the record denial from h.r. mcmaster? >> well, the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster, is effectively parsoned his words, chris. you heard him say that at no time did the president compromise or share classified information about sources or methods, that's not what's in the washington post report. the washington post report deals with classified information that was given by an ally. i can tell you that i was just talking to a top press official here and tried to press this person for clarity, the response i got was that the white house has no further reaction to this report. i can tell you, though, top officials are huddled here behind the scenes in their offices trying to determine what the next steps are. this is, obviously, a bomb shell
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for this administration and they're trying to respond to it. the reaction is coming in from capitol hill from both democrats and republicans. let me read you a part of nancy pelosi's state, if these reports are true, president trump compromised isis and jeopardized the security of the american people. this from senator bob who, of course, the senior republican on the senate foreign relations committee, he says to compromise the source is something you just don't do. effectively argue that this administration is a downward spiral. this is just the latest in a series of controversies and difficult questions surrounding russia and worth reminding our viewers, chris, that in that meeting that president trump with the ambassador, the american media was not allowed in. that was controversial at the time and that aspect of this is getting even more scrutiny right now. so, again, administration officials here saying they have
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no further information this evening. i can tell you we're going to continue to try to get clarification. again, the national security adviser did not directly dispute what is the washington post report, kristin. >> joining me now is congressman, member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, your reaction to the news. >> good evening, chris. you know, the cost of the president's ties to russia cannot be our national security. if this story is true, i'm afraid that's a price we may pay. you know, if true, the president divulged to a foreign adversary, russia not being our friend, potentially classified information that could put at risk american lives. i think the administration should come to congress this week, tell us exactly what was shared because only the russian press was allowed in, not our own national press. also tell us, just what can we expect going forward staas far sharing information with russia. this defies all traditions of
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how we treat foreign adversary ris. >> the argumentment i've seen, paul ryan, i believe, senator rich, john mccain, a few others, there's nothing illegal here because the president has invested in his executive authority, unilateral ability to say anything he wants, what's your response to that? >> again, now, chris, if the cost, though, is that american troops or american lives are put at risk, you know, that bad judgment effects all of us, whether we're talking about committing a crime or not. so -- also, chris, this is a moment now for congress to really exercise the check that we have on the presidency. so this week, we'll be calling for a vote to have an independent commission. and the judiciary committee where i serve, we'll be pressing forward to have special counsel appointed to investigate trump's ties to russia. my colleague, elliot ingle and i have introduced regulation, essentially a freeze on anything
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that would help russia until the fbi's investigation is complete. we shouldn't act as if we are. >> there's been a lot of commentary on your leagcolleagu across the aisle, folks from the republican party, who don't seem moved by the revelations from the last week, from the yates testimony, to the comey firing, to the president under cutting the own accounts why he did it, admitting that it was tied to the russian investigation. do you've got a sense, privately, from him, their conversation is more concerned about this than they're letting on. do they feel like he's the president and he's the republican and we're going to ride with them. >> eve had a number of conversations in the past week since the firing of james comey about the need to join forces with democrats to have an independent commission. we've got one additional republican, i've showed it last week and came forward. i hope that others have the
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urgency to move. because, in our democracy, the integrity of free and fair elections and making sure we understand the ties to russia is counting on it. >> what is your reaction to the fact that we're now looking at the possible mishandling of classified information, carelessness, when that particular critique was, essentially, the core substance of the case against hillary clinton as prosecuted by the current president of the united states. >> that's right. and there seems to be a tweet from donald trump in the past that is contradicted by the current donald trump every time he opens his mouth or every time he acts, these days. you know, as you pointed out, chris, he's the declassifier, if he says something, it's declassified, that doesn't mean that's not bad judgment, it doesn't mean that back in congress we're powerless to hold him accountable. now is the time for republicans
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and democrats to really assert our first, you know, our article i, i think, jurisdiction and make sure this president doesn't put any american lives at risk. >> joining me now, nbc contributor, former assistant director, former deputy assistant secretary of state. this is pretty remarkable, if this story bears out and someone who worked in counter intelligence, what's your reaction? >> i'm trying to be objective about this, i simply can't. i mean, there are two rules that i followed and there's trust i had in my case officers, that was my identity and they would do everything to protect me. if you were that terrorist organization and you put two and two together you're going to roll up the people that access and put a bullet in the back of their head. in short, i don't know what we gained by giving this
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information to russia and we can't say if there was anything received in this information, the only conclusion i can draw is that the president gave away this information for nothing short of his vanity and his ego. it is a total betrayal of trust. >> as a career, having had a career in intelligence and high level classification, based on the reporting the washington, which did not divulge the details that the president, himself, divulged a -- purportedly how serious is this? >> well, several people pointed out and you mentioned, the president, by definition can't leak if he says it, it's unclassified, there's that issue. there have been other leaks by presidents. i can't recall any with this level of seriousness and detail and it comes to mind they're not quite as grayed assuming it happened the way it did.
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the risk to the liaison relationship with whichever nation provide us with intelligence and then there's the risk to other relationships who may decide, we can't share this with the americans. we can't -- you can't -- you know, they're not going to give intelligence to the cia and by the way, please don't tell the president. so there's a wider risk to -- and we have dozens and dozens of liaison relationships. all of them become difficult at this point, because the providing country may say, i don't think i can risk this any longer. >> this also struck me, mark, to follow up on this, this struck me as the meta story of how this came to the public. a kind of bright bold sos from the intelligence community. the fact -- it's an extraordinary act to, essentially, leak this to the press that this happened and it both is a tremendous escalation in terms of this kind of war brewing between the president
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and his own ic. but also kind of just -- signal of distress, it would seem to me, is that your interpretation. >> i think that's correct. i think the unfortunate part of this story is if i'm reading between the lines correctly, the leak itself probably came from the intelligence community, greg miller reported was that after the president's conversation, some people were so concerned about what he said to them, they immediately informed nsa and cia, probably to go back to the liaison partners and say we've had a problem here in the oval office. the likelihood it did come from u.s. intelligence. i don't advocate people leaking and it does further under mine what has already been very rocky relationship between the president and the intelligence agencies. >> it sounds like, according to the reporting in the washington post, that the one of the assistants to the president for national security had to call and say, look, this has been compromised, we may be facing
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questions about this. put these points together. this is all happening, the remarkable span of 24 hours, president fires james comey he has a meeting in which he's not in the read out and does not allow american photographers in with the russian official who is sort of also russian media is in, which is how he learned of them and they're talking, apparently, divulging classified information, all this in 24 hours. >> chris, i mean, from that read out and from everything that's been reported, i don't know what the russians gave us. i don't know if anything was obtained. i don't know of any objective, whether it be with syria, but what we do know now is that potentially classified information that could have compromised. when we say sources and methods, let's be clear about this. these are human collectors, these are people designed to infiltrate and spy on that. so we've compromised for what, exactly. i have not heard of anything
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that came out of that meeting that was substantive other than grip. the russians walked away with something pretty big here. >> thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> coming up, more on tonight's breaking news and lingering question surrounding president's firing of fbi director james comey, he joins me after this two-minute break. for these pareg around was the only way to get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked... customer: we can't drive this car. tech: ...they wanted it fixed right. so they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond, every time. at safelite, we stand behind our work. bye, bye. because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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on a day dominated by news that president trump allegedly gave classified information. members of congress, a wide -- and even former most senior intelligence officer in the country to do something to investigate branging in this president. he's trying to turn the page, he's moving rapidly to replace fired fbi director james comey. the lingering questions around that firing are not going away. including trump suggested, made secret recordings of this conversations with comey and
5:17 pm
whether he will turn them over to congress if they exist. >> clear last week that the president has nothing further on that. >> does that mean that the president will deny. >> i've said, i'm very clear, the president will have nothing further on that. >> i understand. alexis, i made it clear what the president's issue is on that issue. >> why won't you explain whether or not there are reportings. >> the president has made it clear what the position is. >> i understand that. that's what the president's position is. >> given that you refusing to confirm or deny any of this. >> the president has made it clear what his position is. >> american people are not happy with the president's decision to fire the man investigating his campaign ties to russia. 29% of americans approve, 38% disapprove of the firing. they don't trust congress to investigate the possible trump/russia connection. asked if they would have a,
5:18 pm
congress, or b independent commission special prosecutor, just 15% say congress, while 78% support independent commission or special prosecutor, something the white house insist is not necessary. president has repeatedly pointed to testimony national intelligence james clapper argue there's no evidence collusion, he said in his testimony shows no such thing. and added a scathing indictment of the man in the oval office. >> i think in many ways our institutions are under assault, both externally and that's the big news here, russian interference in our election system. and i think, as well, our institutions are under assault internally. >> internally from the president? >> exactly. >> joining me now congressman from texas what was called for the impeachment of the president. congressman, what is your case for impeachment? >> chris if i may, thank you for allowing me on.
5:19 pm
i would like to make my point quickly, i heard your story, for someone to make the argument that it wasn't illegal causes me a good deal of concern. it was wrong and at some point we have to focus on the fact that a lot of wrong things are taking place. yes, the president is above the law as it relates to super secret information being revealed, but it was just wrong. now, my case from impeachment is this, first american people have to understand what impeachment is. impeachment does not mean that the president will be removed from office. it is merely the charging of the president in the house of representatives. it's similar to an indictment, not the same but similar to. once these charges are filed against the president, if the president is, in fact, impeached, then it goes to the senate and the senate will have a trial and then the president may be convicted and may be removed from office. but impeachment is all about having the president charged in
5:20 pm
the house. it is my belief, and i believe it sincerely, that the president has obstructed justice. the president fired the person who was investigating him and after he fired the person who was investigating him, he revealed that he was considering the reason that he was being investigated when he fired the person. then he goes on to tweet, what might be intimidating words or threatening language, such that all of this combined causes me to conclude that the president should be impeached, constitution allows it. we ought to engage in the process. >> there are a lot of questions about the question of tapes, which become quite germane, particularly in the context of everything that's been happening. whether it's the discussion with comey at dinner, whether it was purportedly said in this meeting. there's a certain attentiveness
5:21 pm
to this. they want to see tapes. do you think congress will be able to get its hands on those tapes if they exist? >> well, if he's impeached, we will. and impeachment really is going to depend upon the american people. this is a participate ory democracy. this is a time for american people to weigh in. if the american people will simply say to the representatives and congress that they want impeachment, it can happen. it's not impossible and, yes, the tapes should be brought forth. i believe that there are other means by which we can acquire them, a proper -- pardon me, committee that is investigating can subpoena those tapes, that's the kind of evidence that can be subpoenaed. i think the president might try to exert executive privilege. but i believe there are constitutional scholars on both sides of this and i come down with those who say that sort of evidence should be made
5:22 pm
available if a proper investigation is taking place. if there is impeachment taking place, i am absolutely confident that we'll get those tapes. and we need those tapes. we need to know what was said so that we can understand better the level of intimidation that may have been taken place. >> we don't know if the tapes exist as of yet. we do know the white house denies it. >> i think we should assume they exist because the president has given us reason to believe so and until he denies the existence, we should assume that they do. >> that's a fair characterization. thank you for your time. speaking of constitutional scholars, joining me now is opinion piece in the washington post that's titled "trump must be impeached here is why." professor, there are two things that have happened now in the past week, the firing of james comey and the washington post story tonight about the president sharing highly sensitive classified information. defense of the president in both cases are that what he did was
5:23 pm
within his powers, within his article power, two powers the president, he can declassify anything he wants and he can fire the fbi director for cause or no cause. what say you to those this is within his authority. you may not like it. but he's acting lawfully. >> the main thing i say with great power comes great responsibility. i think that was aligned from super man or batman. we have a president who exercises his power, not with responsibility, but to cover himself and to make himself more wealthy. take the example of the firing of comey, of course he has the fire to power, i have the power to give $100 to detective investigating me for the police department. but if i say i'll give you that $100 if you stop investigating me or if i even hint that, then
5:24 pm
i'm committing some kind of bribery, basically, that's what the president did. even by his own account of what happened at that dinner. whether there are tapes or not, let's face it. the reality is that from the first day that donald trump was president, he was already violating the constitution because he was violating the provisions that say that you cannot have sources of wealth and influence coming from foreign governments. the basic reason they put that in there is because we, as a nation, don't know what the motive of the president is when he does something nice for foreign government. is he doing it just as your prior speaker said to get something good for the american people in return or is he doing it to, basically, on a cya basis, to protect himself and to
5:25 pm
make himself more wealthy, the more we learn about the russian connection, the more we need to look into that. now, i agree with congressman green, we need to start investigating, and that is what it means to open an impeachment inquiry in the house. >> it strikes me the sort of deep question here, is whether and how the law applies to the president. it seems to be one of the things that i'm sort of slowly learning. is that impeachment is the remedy. the president can't -- >> it is the remedy. >> the president can't be tried by the -- u.s. attorney for the southern district for violating some part of the federal criminal code in the famous law experiment of shooting a gun on fifth avenue. i mean, impeachment is the remedy and political remedy more than a judicial one and that seems to be the kind of bedrock issue here, right? >> exactly. the whole point is if the president is as casual about the law as he appears to be, if he's as reckless about our national
5:26 pm
secrets, if he is so reckless about, basically, offering to keep a guy on the job if only he'll layoff and not look at the truth, then we can't indict the president criminally for bribery oar for witness intimidation, those remedies are unavailable. the only remedy is the political one and the way you get that political one started is for the house of representatives to begin issuing subpoenas and conducting impeachment investigation. and when a lot of my e-mails said, this is too soon, my immediate reaction is, what are you waiting for? with every passing day this guy is a loose cannon threatens the national security. we cannot afford to let this go on, without at least starting the process of digging into the nature of the abu ssive power he
5:27 pm
and what the president is gaining. this amazing love affair with our adversary, the russians is explainable with what one of the president's sons said not long ago. we don't need money from american banks, we get all our money from the russians. >> we're going to be talking about that just a little bit in the show. thank you for your time tonight. coming up, good president trump's resistance could have less to collusion and more what might be uncovered about his businesses along the way. new reporting on that ahead. ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over.
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republican senator is responding to the tonight. saying the white house needs to get itself under control, quote in here. obviously, they're in a downward spiral right now and they've got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that's happening. if you believe my next guest, the president couldn't get much worse as quickly as they begin to follow trump's money back to russia. that's next, don't go anywhere. e i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. that helps me to keep going to cure this. my great great grandfather lived to be 118 years old. i've heard many stories from patients and their physicians about what they are going through. i often told people "oh i'm going to easily live to be 100" and, uh, it looks like i might not make it to retirement age.
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regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey. i said to myself, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story, it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election that they should have won. >> when donald trump admitted that this russia thing is what he was thinking about when he fired fbi director, it fuelled speculation about why he keeps acting like he's covering up something. well, tonight, there's a new contender in the clubhouse. adam davidson joins me now. i like what you wrote. the question you get, if there's nothing there to the possibility of collusion with russia, then what could possibly explain the behavior that seems to be taking every possible action to cover it up.
5:34 pm
you present some -- compelling theory, what is it? >> my theory is -- well, the evidence is that -- sometimes from trump's own words is that for a very long time, for decades, but possibly heating up in the last 10, 15 years the trump organization did some fairly shady business with some fairly shady characters around the world. we certainly know from my own reporting and other people's reportings, that he has done business deals with some of the most corrupt folks in some of the most corrupt parts of the world. donald trump himself on cnbc said that the only way to do business around the world was to pay bribes so that would open up -- and and practices act violation, we know the trump organization was incredibly weak on its money laundering trying
5:35 pm
to avoid money laundering, casinos, as well as some real estate projects, casinos and real estate being two of the main ways money is laundered around the world. there is a kind of grand theory that there was some deep collusion between trump and putin and trump associates and putin, who knows. we know for sure that this is a company that really tried to hue as close to the line. >> right. >> between legality and ill legality for a long time. >> you did amazing reporting of hotel project where it seemed to be based on your reporting and possibly comlicit in the money laundering scheme. the treasury department is going to hand over documents to the senate committee and what possible threat that could spell for the trump work. >> this to me was possibly the
5:36 pm
most important last news last week, even more than the comey firing. they have enforcement network. it's kind of like the fbi of the treasury department. and every single day they collect something called suspicious activity reports from banks, casinos, all sorts of financial institutions all around the country and around the world. and this is part of a global consortium of hundreds of agencies like this. these are just -- they just form a repository, someone called it the google of financial crime, until someone starts investigating. now, five years ago, eight years ago, trump organization was a relatively small player in new york real estate, global real estate, there's no reason to think anyone could have gone looking. once they start searching the reports, they have the potential of really building a global historical map of the trump organization, where money came from, was it money laundering, was it other shady practices.
5:37 pm
then you can easily imagine trump staffers, family members being explored for criminal behavior. they have none of the immunities that the president himself has. >> right. you can imagine that the people around president, president himself thinking, even again, bracketing for a second the facts of what happened with you shall sha which we still don't know, but even if there's nothing there, just the thought of someone who is truly independent investigating the many operation of the trump is going to expose us to some serious possible potential liability that i do not want to happen. >> when i walked through what we know now, what is publicly known, what trump himself has admitted to with lawyers, they said, this is enormously risky from a legal standpoint. this is the kind of stuff that businesses just don't do in america. they're a real out liar. so, yes, i don't know for a fact that anyone in the trump organization ever committed a crime. but certainly did a lot of
5:38 pm
things of people who do commit crimes do and i think it will keep people busy. a lot of this is in jurisdictions outside of the department of justice, new york, miami, other countries in the world. so we could easily imagine investigators from other jurisdictions investigating. >> thank you. thank you for great reporting, really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> unsettling report on how this president gets his news. including printed out a internet hoax and gave it to the president. thing one, thing two, next. ♪
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♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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thing one tonight a pesticide poisoned a dozen workers. >> more than 50 farm workers exposed to a pesticide drip this morning southwest of bakers field. it shutdown har vettivesting operations.
5:42 pm
>> don't wait, particularly, if you're suffering from any symptoms, whether it's nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seek medical attention immediately. >> the active ingredient is reported to cause severe neuro toxic symptoms in humans if touched, inhaled or eaten. >> the chemical on that pesticide was banned from household use over a decade ago. under the direction of president obama, they were on track to ban agri cultural earlier this year. and we know of one person with a special pen who is pretty happy about that. >> should i give this pen to andrew? i think, maybe, right. [ applause ] >> the trump administration and dangerous chemical that is still in use, that's thing two, in 60 seconds. you too, unnecessary er visits.
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the epa made headlines in march owned the scientific findings and decided not to ban an insecticide that uses a poisonous chemical. among farm workers and young children. a month later the chemical poisoned a bunch of farm workers who reported nausea and vomiting. it sells about 5 million pounds. it donated $1 million to trump's inauguration funds and sent letters asking them to ignore studies that say their products threaten endangered species. we don't know how the trump administration will respond to those letters. their ceo andrew knows just the man to write to if they run into problems. >> should i give this pen to andrew, douw chemical.
5:45 pm
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the president's doctor once predicted his patient would be "the healthiest individual elected to presidency." there are several reasons we believe that may not be accurate, not only is the president the oldest one ever, he has a thing for fast food. here he was eating kfc. we learned, the president gets two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie instead of the single scoop for everyone else. he plays an awful lot of golf making 21 golf course visits thus far, the president is apparently not a big fan of exercise as the washington post reported this weekend, according to recent new yorker, other than golf he considers it misguided arguing a person like a battery is burn with finite amount of energy. trump believed the human body was like a battery with a finite amount of energy which exercise only depleted, so he didn't work
5:48 pm
out. the president told "new york times" magazine in 2015, all my friends who work out all the time, they're going in for knee replacements and hip replacements. he stands in front of an audience for an hour that's exercise. now everyone has got their host includ included, but not everyone is the president of the united states. new report sheds light on where the president is getting his information and that's coming up next. i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had.
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the president of the united states is getting fake flies his own senior white house state of according to a new report out today. political reports that deputy national security advisory mac far inland fox news talking head gave the president a printout of two-time magazine covers one supposedly from the '70s warning of an ice age, according to four white house officials familiar with the matter. the president got lathered up about the hypocrisy. there was one glaring problem. one of thosetime covers was a fake. this image appears to be what mcfarland shared with the president. it's an online hoax that's circulating for years. this was the real cover from 2007. fortunately other staff were able to chase down the truth and intervene before trump tweeted or talked publicly about it.
5:53 pm
i'm joined by rick wilson. michael, there's a nexus between story on the and the "washington post" and the president talking russian officials about classified information which is a lack of discipline in this white house, what comes in and goes out. nothing is being controlled. how important is that for a president. >> it's so important. and it starts we chief of staff office. he's the gatekeeper and the one that is the force that will allow something to get to the president's desk or block it. in that ploitco story they talked about rhinoceros telling everybody stop going around me and just giving the president stuff that you want him to have. that is vitally important because when you have a president that takes that kind of information and just absorbs it immediately whether it's fake or real or true or not, and then goes out and retweets it, it
5:54 pm
becomes a problem. >> and rick, it strikes me that's why the story in "the washington post" tonight is so plausible because the lack of discipline has been demonstrated publicly time and time again whether it's about things he retweets or things he tweets or says on the australia that aren't true. tas plausible story he's in a conversation and talks about things that are classified because we know that this is not a particularly disciplined operation. >> my friend smielk exactly correct. the chief of staff would be the one person you would rely on in a normal white house to control the flow of information to the president and to make sure the president knew where the lanes were when he's dealing with other people, whether it's a domestic matter or diplomatic matter that he knows what the parameters are. because there's no one in control of the white house except donald trump's egoand no one in control he want his impulses of the moment, the fire
5:55 pm
hose of bizarre outlandish stories that donald trump is handed by his pack of lunatic aides and misfit toys, these guys are putting stuff in front of him. trump goes out and says whatever is put in front of him. it's like ron burgundy. he'll read whatever's on the prompter. >> to rick and michael's point, you could put this on the feet of rhinoceros, but the president himself has created a structure where all the normal channels put in place for specific reasons about restricting access to the president, who gets to go in the room, how he's scheduled, it's been thrown out the window by the president. the office doors are open. anyone can come in and stick a memo in. >> i think that's probably the biggest underlying story here is the extent to which the president has totally up ended the normal channels for him to
5:56 pm
receive information. remember, the parallel to trump receiving a fake internet hoax, "time" magazine cover is he seems to be paying little attention to the intelligence information he's receiving. the news from tonight and over previous weeks has been incredibly disheartening to members of the community because they feel like he doesn't take their work seriously. like he has this open door oval office policy, but at the same time he's willing to get into trouble with russian officials in a way that will likely make it harder for american intelligence foishlz work with our partners to gather vital intelligence. it's two sides of the same story here, and that's something that's dorng folks in the intel community. >> michael, here's bob corker talking about the downward spiral. thoofrm frto hear that from a
5:57 pm
republican. >> obviously they're a in a downward spiral right now and have got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that's happening. the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment that, i think, makes -- it creates a worrisome environment. >> michael, you can't help but note that carelessness and recklessness were the core of the case of hillary clinton, particularly the e-mails. that there was a lack of compare that was exercised that she should have known better that things before flying around and they didn't know who was going on. look what's happening in this white house. >> actually, there were telltale signs of this on the republican side, and folks just chose to ignore it. all of this how did we get here
5:58 pm
moment, particularly in this area, it's phony at this point because you saw the signs, they were there. he told you who he was. to expect a 70 year old man who built an enterprise around media, a cult personality, it's going to change that, it's not going to happen. and here we are >> yeah. >> and rick, that was the case, right? that was case of the folks that were in this sort of never trump camp. and the question here to me, i ask this question of someone last week, and i want to hear it from you. i watch all this happen and i think of the "access hollywood" 48 hours and i remember omega he's toast and obviously he's going to lose and there were republicans who jumped off the train and, frankly, paid the price for it. and i just wonder how much that is in the calculations made by congressional republicans while these stories are coming out. >> bob corker's been a steady supporter of the president.
5:59 pm
this is like an iceberg. you're seeing the tip where he's nervous about this. under the waterline, these guys are in a raging panic right now. they recognize that at any moment donald trump can finally snap and run down pennsylvania avenue in a gold speedo and these guys are going to be held responsible for his crazy actions. they're very nervous right now. they fare the criminal liability is ridesing. he puts his head in the noose every single day. it's not a place for people who are very sanguine right now about donald trump. >> is that our sense that the temperature on capitol hill? >> yeah, certainly. skplil throughout the federal agencies within the intel community, within the justice department, you name it, right? i've been getting texts from sources this evening that have a lot of bad words in them. the anxiety level is pretty high.
6:00 pm
the reality the president is willing to surprise people. it's going to get topped. if you work in the federal government that is time when you're on red alert constantly. >> that is all in for this evening. good evening rachel. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. i feel like things are getting unsubtle, are getting very blunt very fast. in the first week of april, on april 3rd, the "washington post" broke this very strange story. four great reporters by lined on the story. you can tell it was sourced to the hilt. they have u.s. officials initials europe and arab countries all kwij this strange thing, all confirming that on january 11th and january 12th this year, which


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