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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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yeah. every last one of us walked away, but we had nothing left down there. a weekend of severe weather. more than a dozen killed after a string of tornados touched down over the south and many at risk today. congress strikes a deal to keep the government open. what's in and out of a plan to avoid a shutdown. overnight, em and confirms cia director mike pompeo is in seoul amid rising tensions with
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north korea. good morning. everyone. it is monday, may 1. good to have yo with us. at least 13 people dead following a severe series of storms that ripped across the southern part of the country over the weekend. texas, crews are searching for survivors after tornados tore through the state of friday. at least four people killed, dozens hurt by four twisters. one canton man caught inside his motor home after a tornado hit and was knocked autoafter being tossed around. >> after the devastation hit, just brought me up. my head hit the top of the roof. slammed me down against the -- slam dunked med down against the roof of the motor home, that's where i was laying when i -- i was only unconscious for
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probably a for seconds because all this happened. i guarantee all this happened within five to ten seconds. that quick. >> parts of arkansas, missouri were hammered by heavy rains as winds. arkansas governor declared a state of emergency in the wake of flooding in his state. missouri's governor has taken similar action as his state grapples with massive flooding. officials say a woman was killed after a car she was in swept away. missouri, flooding was so bad. pushed by overflowing water into the trees and homes after creeks spilled over banks. bring in meteorologist for more on the severe weather. it was just wicked. >> hit by just about everything. even a blizzard in portions of kansas and colorado. lett get too big tornado saturday night. on the ground for estimated 51 consecutive miles. 's get too b
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saturday night. on the ground for estimated 51 consecutive miles. up to 165-mile-per-hour winds. see the damage it did there. literally taking the roof off and almost the second floor of that house. let's get to today's threat. we have a spring storm. the same storm you saw the damage done. now moving to the great lakes. drag the cold front to the warm humid air here. 80 million people at risk. mostly because it's a lot of population centers. not very concerned with any tornado problems whatsoever for areas like new york city or new england. timing on that, here's 8:00 a.m. we go through about 2, the storms nearly cleveland, pittsburgh, project manag enter appalachian. that's the timing out there. break there and talk about the historic river flooding. in the central plains that will continue to do damage until the
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weekend. >> late last night. learned word of a budget deal toll keep the government open through september. $1 trillion plan as of now includes $12 billion for defense spending, 18 billion less than president trump had asked for. also includes a permanent fix for coal miner's health. does not include border wall funding or money for a deportation force or cuts in funding the sanctuary cities. instead of tv $3 billion proposed for border security, it gets about 1.5 billion. also reportedly increases funding to the national institutes of health by $2 billion. and associated press reports the plan does not defund planned parenthood, but does partially fund puerto rico's medicaid gap. need to pass it by friday. that's when the continuing resolution that congress passed last week expires. in the spirit of bipartisan ship, nancy pelosi said does not
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fund moral and unwise border wall or create a yule new deportation force. omni bus is in sharp contrast. >> in an interview over the weekend. expressed frustration with system. signed 28 pieces of legislation. none of that particular lly significant. one directing the review of all existing trade agreements and another to establish a presidential office of trade and manufacturing. now on friday t president expressed frustration with the legislative process. legislative process. we don't have a lot of closers in politics.
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int i understand why. it's a very rough system. it's an archaic system. you look at the rules of the house and senate and the things you have to go through. it's a bad thing for the country in my opinion. they're archaic rules. maybe at some point we're going to have to take those rules on. for the good of the nation, things are going to have to be different. you can't go through a process like this. it's not fair. forces you to make bad decisions. you're forced into doing things that you would normally not do except for these archaic rules. the filibuster concept is not a good concept to start off with, but if you're going to have f l filibuster, let someone stand up 20 hours and talk and do whey that have to do. the whole, so many bad concepts
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in our rules and it's forcing bad decisions. >> as for presidential appointees reffing senate confirmation. analysis from nbc news finds the first 100 days trump's confirmation rate is average with other presidents. trump with 38 percent of nominees confirmed. president obama at 36%. bush saw 41% of his nominees get through. >> unleashed frustration on congressional democrats sunday morning. tweeted the democrats without a leader have become the party of obstruction. only interested in themselves. continued that line of criticism in an interview that aired sunday morning. the democrats have been totally obstructionist. chum chuck schumer has been a bad leader for the country. look where the democrats have ended up.
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they had everything going. now they don't have the presidency, they don't have the house. they don't have the senate. schumer is going around making a fuel out himself. he's not governoring from it will middle. he's governoriing from the hard right. if he changes, we could work together. >> i see everything as an opportunity and i never seen so much willingness to help when and winning means winning for the american people. that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities the of the american people and they are not what president trump -- so sorry, president bush. i never thought i would pray for the day you were presidenthow w
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republican president t way we worked with president bush. >> how does this come out for the president in particular. a lot of the key dplands he originally had, they're not in this we accomplipublished add s weeks ago. the private rhetoric we were hearing. privately they're in no mood for a government funding fight. as soon as health care collapsed the first time, that took off the table any real appetite for the administration to fight, you know, to the death of on these things like the wall. this is not surprising at all. the democrats would never --
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chuck schumer came up with a plan he wasn't going to fund the wall. that was never going to happen. the sanctuary city thing was a total -- was never going to happen as well. it's what we expected. the reason people have some distance is the public rhetoric was a lot more bullish. >> checking out your latest reporting you said the white house is ready to turn attention again to the health care. let's take a listen what the president said over the weekend. here it is. >> this bill has evolved. we didn't have a failure on the bill. it was reported like a failure. the one thing i wouldn't have done is put a timeline. the second it ration i didn't put a timeline. we have now preexisting conditions in the bill. set up a pool for the preexisting condition so that the premiums can be allowed to fall.
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have been sceptical along. they won't come out publicly and say what donald trump said. don't want to put an artificial deadline. they are generally apt mystic something can get done. they ha they will say he livered. he has delivered the most intractable members of caucus. now it's a member of getti ting moderates on board. you much rather have to convince se centrist to come on than the very hard line conservative. also learning this morning
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mime p moike pompeo pompeo is in sole with his wife. shortchange missile from an airfield north of pyongyang. did not leave north korean territory. exploding just off the launch. offering an eyebrow raising take on the young leader. pyongyang pooyongyangpyongyang. >> i will not be happy if he does a nuclear test.
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and i don't think the president of china who is a very respected man will be happy either. >> what do you make of the north korean leader. >> i have -- i really have no comment on him. people are saying is he sane? i have no idea. i can tell you this, a lot of people don't like when i say it, he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father. when his father died. he's dealing with obviously very tough people, in particular the generals and others. and at a very young age, he was able to assume power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away. whether it was his uncle or anybody else. he was able to do it. obviously he's a pretty smart cooky. >>ie. >> interview broke with the president over his comments last
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week south korea should pay for the $1 billion missile defense system to protect south korea from an attack by the north. >> what i told our south korean counter part, until any negotiation, the deal is in place. we'll adhere to our word. the president has asked us to look across all the alliance and have appropriate burden sharing and responsibility sharing. looking at that with great ally south korea, looking at that with nato. what you've seen because of the president's leadership, more and more nations are contributing more to our collective defense. >> still ahead, we're going to have more on the severe weather scene across the country. includes a late season blizzard in kansas if you can believe it. we're going to get full forecast. >> plus skips white house dinner. spends 12 minutes going after the media at a rally to mark 100 day. those stories and more come can go up next.
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welcome back. let's get a quick check on your weather. >> showed you flooding; tornado damage. how about the blizzard conditions on the backside of the same storm. western portions of kansas. from colorado. one spot picked up 32 inches in the mountains the of colorado. ridiculous stuff. little bit of snow for minnesota, south dakota. and nebraska getting snow on the backside. front side we're worried about today. 80 million people at risk of severe weather. go over the timeline. a lot of activities with the kids. 2:00 p.m. around pittsburgh. charleston. by 7:00 p.m. storms at the strongest and peak as they go through central new york. central pennsylvania including
2:19 am
state college and then looks like they get towards dc by about 7-8:00. storms break up a little bit after that. they're not going be the straight line doing a lot of damage. we are at a slight risk in areas like new york city and albany and washington, d.c. and philly and baltimore. wind damage throughout as the storms go through. isolated strong tornado today. if that happens. most likely pennsylvania, new york. how about the rainfall. this was # 5-10 inches from missouri to illinois. try to do a visual on some of those things. 32 estimated trillion gallons of water. how many olympic size swimming pools is that. 49 million dumps this weekend in the middle of the country. that's why we have historic problems on all our river sgls crazy numbers. >> hard to visualize. >> that did it. it's ginormous. >> still dangerous conditions out there. >> still ahead. paul pierce places final nba game.
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meet the top seeded warriors. meanwhile with la knocked out of the playoffs. paul pierce leaves the floor for the final time after 19 nba seasons. ten time all-star played 15 in boston. won a championship in 2008 before going on to play for the nets, wizards and clippers f. you ask the great kobe bryant, tweeting his congratulations to hall of fame career. boston, wizards and wizards probably been visit bid the tooth feror fairy. inadvertent elbow from washington otto porter. if we learned anything about thomas in this post season, he performs well even while facing adversity. thomas scored add game high 33 points with j crowder and al.
2:24 am
each adding more than 20. celtics take the opener against the wizards 123-111. he should definitely get that tooth looked at. turning now to stanley cup playoff. technical difficulties make for a patriotic crowd ahead of the puck drop between the ducks and oilers. take a listen to this. >> is this working. let's sing it together. o' say can you see, by the dawns early light. what so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming. whose broad stripes and bright stars. >> that's the canadian crowd helping sing the star-spangled banner. 6-3 bins the dungs c sducks cut
2:25 am
oilers lead. bouncing back from first loss of the playoffs 3-1 win last night. let's go onto major league baseball. total melt down by the mets visiting the nationals. you got to take a look at this. the new york noah as i understand gpulled from yesterday's run. pitcher reportedly refused an mri from being scratched from the lineup in first start because of a biceps issue then. if seriously issued will be added to a growing list of mets players on the dl. washington did not stop with cinder guard. mlb record for runs in 32. nationals beat the mets by a final score of listen to this, 23-5. if you're a mets fan. that hurts: finally the zurich classic will be decide instead a playoff earlier this morning.
2:26 am
chipped in for an eagle. 95 feet away from the pin on the final hole. take a look at that. still ahead. mike pence gets pressed on the president's tax plan. plus. joe biden returns to new hampshire feeling speculation he might be looking ahead to 2020. former vice president trying to put rumors to rest. tell you about that when we come back. go number 2. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze air effects with odorclear technology cleans... ...away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up... 30 days. breathe happy with new febreze.
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congress is poised to keep the lights on until at least this fall after reaching a deal on a $1 trillion budget. doesn't have many of the demands from president trump. it does increase defense spending by about $12 billion. it does not include money for a border wall. they're going to have to pass it by friday. that's when the latest continuing resolution runs out. marching and rallies scheduled in cities across the nation to mark may day. also known as international workers day. this year's demonstration shine a light on various zcivil right
2:31 am
issues. mobilizing in opposition of president trump. >> skipped the white house correspondence dinner to send a message to news media. holding campaign rally in harrisburg pennsylvania. spen spent the opening 12 minutes of speech attacking journalists and offering an assessment of his own. >> theif the media's job is to honest and tell the truth, i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade. >> uh-huh. meanwhile, at the correspondence dinner t "washington post" bob woodward joined by former reporting partner, counseled reporters to have humility. >> we all need to face the reality that polling numbers show that most americans disapprove of and distrust the media. this is no time for self
2:32 am
satisfaction or smugness. >> yesterday, white house chief of staff, reince priebus. considered new restrictions floated by the president. >> there was what he said about opening up the liable laws. that would require, as i understand it, a constitutional amendment. is he really going to pursue that? >> i think it's something we looked at. how that gets executed it's a different story. reince priebus rieeince priebus if this tax reform plan increases the deficit, will the president still sign it. >> nearly a $20 trillion national debt that doubled under the last administration. the american people are crying out for tax relief. we have one of the highest
2:33 am
corporate tax rates in the world. the president is going to drive to lower that to 15% to make businesses large and small more competitive. lower the tax rate to 3 marginal rates for every american. >> how are you going to pay for it. it is going to increase the deficit. period. how do you prevent that. >> the only way we're going to meet the obligations that we face in deficits today are long-term obligations in our entitlements chuck. it's through growth. >> you are going to increase the deficit. >> maybe in the short-term, but the truth is if we don't get this economy growing at 3% or more as the president believes that we can, we're never going to meet the obligations we made
2:34 am
today. >> choingwhat are the outstandi items. just kept saying we're very close. saw the deal come in. health care, everyone is a bit more cautious because they've been burned before and the moderate still are nervous about this. they're calling over the weekend. the whip team has been calling the moderates and talking through concerns. people do think in leadership people who are very, very skeptical that a vote could happen this week. >> jonathan, i wanted to ask you about this interview the president gave with fox news friday night. spoke about the roadblocks he's run into in congress. take a listen. >> i think more than anything else, i'm a person of common sense. i understand what has to be done.
2:35 am
i get things done. i've always been a closer. we don't have a lot of closers in politics. i understand why. very rough system. it's an archaic system. you look at the rules of the senate. even the rules of the house. the rules of the senate and the things you have to go through. it's a b thing for the country in my opinion. they're archaic rules. maybe at some point we're going to have to take those rules on. for the good of the nation, things are going to have to be different. you can't go through a process like this. it's not fair. it forces you to make bad decisions. you're really forced into doing things that you would normally not do. >> i'm curious to get your thoughts. is this just the president coming to grips with how difficult washington can be or do you think there is something at play here with the president against congress. >> the president came into office genuinely believing he had the right preparation to deal with congress. and you got to remember, he did
2:36 am
quite complex, you know, in reality terms. had to deal with casino operation and things like that. in his own mind, he dealt with complicated government bureaucracy. he greased the wheels. he had written the checks. he thought he could do the same thing in washington. he's discovering it's a lot harder. the first 100 days have been very frustrating for him. incredibly frustrated with the health care process. we've heard him say it publicly. he's open to changing traditions and norms in the senate. he's particularly irritated beside i the filibuster. he sees no sense. he used to be very disdainful when he saw images of ted cruz standing up and reading doctor susz. >> green eggs and ham. >> trump is a practical guy. just can't understand this
2:37 am
stuff. time to start talking about 2020. this morning plenty of trend pieces about whether joe biden will enter the fray. political reports quote privately the former vice president and staff have started talking about how to begin planning a strategy with roughly 18 month timeline if he decides on another presidential run, he'll be best positioned to get it off the ground there. biden will be 77 by the time of the next iowa caucus, by 2020 just might happen. the former vice president last night in new hampshire speaking to about 800 democrats. >> i got to asked by ray to come up here, there wasn't a doubt in my mind. even though i knowspeculations:
2:38 am
running. >> a quarter of the democrats, 48 members in the senatere giving some consideration to running. there's a generational divide between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. president trump was in atlanta friday for the nra convention and while there he made his own prediction about the election, four years away, take a listen to this. have i a feeling, that in the next election you you're going to be swamped with candidates. you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over and saying no sir, no thank you. no, ma'am. perhaps ma'am. it may be poke hon tas. remember that. gym demint is stepping down.
2:39 am
the white house chief strategist would leave the foundation. moved it closer to president trump promising that her item of damage ice policy experts would be at the disposal of the trump administration should he win the election. friday. president trump praised both the organization and embattled president. president trump blames president obama saying he inherited a mess. apparently that extends to national security adviser
2:40 am
michael flynn. looked to deflect questions about why they didn't reflect paydays from russia. >> in fact i just heard where general flynn got his clearance from the obama administration. >> you don't -- >> excuse me. >> when he went to russia, i didn't realize this, it was 2015. he was on the obama clearance. when general flynn came to us as you now know, he already had the highest clearance you can have. i think the same clearance as the president of the united states would have. he had this really high clearance. and by the way, they're so devastated because this only came up two days ago. >> now, according to nbc news, the trump transition team had an additional responsibility to do a separate background check on flynn skpidespite previous work obama administration. while that did apparently happen. he was appointed anyway.
2:41 am
still ahead, stalled contract negotiations means some of your favorite television shows may not make it past midnight. latest on the looming writer's strike. so sorry, president bush. i never thought i would pray for the day you're president again. >> how do you like me now? history proving to be kinder to me than many of you thought. >> will ferl reprices role of president bush.
2:42 am
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how do you like me now? you always snuck up on me with questions. why did we go to war? got you. why didn't we respond to
2:45 am
hurricane katrina. >> got you. >> i wish someone would have told me all you had to say was fake news over and over again. that could be your answer for everything. >> why can't with play more. will ferrell reprising aike c i role as george bush. bracing for potential writer's strike. writer's gild of america appear to be moving closer to a deal. contracts expire at midnight tonight. several shows could be affected by the strike. late night talk shows could be cut short. including tonight show with jimmy fallen. "saturday night live" which has three episodes left could grind to a halt. other shows could be affected american horror story, walking
2:46 am
dead. fans of orange is the new black faced a dilemma over the weekend released the first episode of the season to an illegal file sharing sight. debut not for release until june 9. rest of the episodes were released onto that same site. release came after netflix reportedly ignored requests for ran some. the streaming svice did release a statement adding that that i recall security had been compromised. law enforcement authorities are getting involved. kind of a scary story. >> it may not also stop with orange is the new black. still ahead, mike pompeo arising solo. >> bill tracking severe weather for us this morning.
2:47 am
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welcome back at 49 past. going to get a check on the weather now. what does it look like today. >> still tracking the storm that produced all the horrible weather over the weekend. tornados, blizzards, flooding, all the damage that was done. we're going to do a little more today also. this was the most significant tornado we had. 17 reports of tornados over the
2:50 am
weekend. this was east of the dallas area. responsible for at least four deaths. that's the tornado. big wedge tornado on the ground. estimated to have 165-mile-per-hour winds. ef 3 place it at. it was also on the ground continuously for an hour. that's why the damage was so extreme. damage near the gulf towards pensacola, panama city area. watch that closely. atlanta about to get rain. later this afternoon, winds stronger, wind damage, isolated storms ahead of the squall line, we could get a couple tornadoes. 80 million people. the threat if we're going to get any central new york, pennsylvania, down right over appalachians. the other story besides the severe weather, historic flooding. everywhere in red is under a flood warning, tulsa to indianapolis. just a ton of rain fell in this region. these are river gauges. we measure how high the water is. major flooding on so many rivers
2:51 am
in missouri and illinois. this will continue until the upcomi weeken right now the small rivers have died off but now we're watching the water still going up and it will all be in the mississippi by the weekend. we expect possibly historic flooding. >> all right. well, president trump said steps must be taken to keep north korea from improving its missile system days after the failed launch. the president made his comment during his interview with cbs where he played coy whether the u.s. was behind the failed test. >> why do these missiles keep blowing up. >> well, i'd rather not discuss it but perhaps they are not very good missiles but eventually he'll have good missiles. >> you don't want to discuss it because we had something to do with it. >> i think you know me very well, you asked me over the years about military. i said we shouldn't be announcing we're going into mosul, all our moves, it is a chess game. i just don't know what people to
2:52 am
know what my thinking is. eventually he'll have a better delivery system. if that happens, we can't allow it to happen. >> joining us now from seoul, south korea nbc correspondent kelly cobiella. good morning to you there. we're learning mike pompeo is in south korea days after that missile test occurred what do we know about his visit and the purpose of it. >> the ceo director here to talk strategies meeting with u.s. military and embassy official here after that failed missile test over the weekend s military officials first detected the test in the early hours on saturday. two u.s. military officials say it was medium range ballistic missile which blew up midair 20 miles from the launch site north of pyongyang, the capital. in this interview over the weekend you've baseball talkibe about, president trump downplayed this launch. he also said he would not hesitate to use force against
2:53 am
north korea if necessary. this is a time when more military assets headed into the region. japan sending its largest warship into the area. it's supporting a u.s. supply ship for uss carl vin son aircra -- "uss carl vinson" strike group. mcmaster talking to his south korean counterpart about thaad, that anti-missile defense system, reassuring the ally the u.s. would stand by a deal for -- they would pay for the missile system despite what president trump said over the weekend. one final note, north koreans speaking out through their foreign ministry saying they will pursue their nuclear program, quote, at a maximum pace. guys. >> kelly cobiella live in south korea. thank you, kelly. saturday turkey expelled 3900 civil service and military
2:54 am
members including 600 officers. they were fired for, quote, links to terrorist organizations and structures presenting a threat to national security. it's the second such instance of a major percentage of officials since president erdogan was granted new powers in a referendum last month where 9,000 police officers were suspended last wednesday on top of 1,000 more who were detained. since the failed coup last july, 3500 suspended or fired from their positions and 40,000 have been arrested. meanwhile turkish authorities have banned tv dating shows which the country's prime minister says are in violation of their faith and culture. president trump set to meet with president erdogan later this month. >> a member with mahmoud abbas on wednesday, the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders. president trump invited philippine leader did yuterte.
2:55 am
did not touch on human rights abuses. they did discuss the contradown that started after his rise to power last june has led to 1 million people being arrested and more than 7,000 reported deaths. "the new york times" reports the state department and other officials were caught off-guard by the invitation. it is not the first time president trump has invited a controversial leader to washington. he hosted egyptian president el sisi last month. coming up on "morning joe" president trump looks to lock down legislative wins in his next 100 days. will health care reform be the first? >> among many guests this morning republican congressman charity de charlie dent who has been critical of his party's health care plan moments away.
2:56 am
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>> before we toss to "morning joe," a check of the stories ahead. >> a top priority and another packed week for the president, nbc news kelly o'donnell is at the white house with more. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, lewis. as the president begins the new
2:59 am
workweek he delivers a succinct message to north korea. if kim jong-un has a nuclear weapon, the president said i will not be happy leaving open what that would mean in terms of a counter-response as the world watches that volatile regime. turning to the middle east, this week the president will invite to the white house the leader of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. later this week the president will make his first visit back to new york city since he took office. he'll be there to visit the uss intrepid, a former aircraft carrier for a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of a world war ii battle. he will also visit with the australian prime minister. they have had a tense relationship over issues related to pacific trade and refugees. lewis. >> busy week ahead. thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. >> also tonight the met gala getsnder way. in a couple hours space ex will try to launch that u.s. slight for intelligence agencies again.
3:00 am
it was delayed yesterday because of a sensor. >> we'll watch for that. a lot more but that does it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. i see everything as an opportunity, and i never see so much willingness to help within. if winning means winning for the american people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the american people and they are not what president bush -- excuse me -- i'm so sorry -- president bush. i never thought i would pray the day you are president again. >> praying for the day he's president again. >> asked the question how would i work with a republican president, the way we worked with president bush. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers ala


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