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tv   Lockup Grand Rapids Extended Stay  MSNBC  March 19, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ i got that body swag throw him in the trunk ♪ >> i write very violently and i write about murder and killing things. >> an inmate that writes and raps on stage is in jail for assaulting his girlfriend. and he's about to return to the streets. >> how did i become a monster? i became a monster by dealing with drugs and alcohol. >> an inmate worker deals with
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the pressure of creating the jail's most popular dish. >> if you screw up on the cakes obviously they're going to know who did it. >> the cake is the only part that's good. >> a female inmate pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from her retired parents but says she did it for the love of another inmate. >> he had a lot of girls before me and i just felt insecure. >> do i trust her? not as far as i can throw her. >> and now -- >> hi, daddy, it's me, elijah joe, your little boy. you seem to have forgotten about me and mommy. >> now the incarcerated lovers might have another mouth to feed. >> either she's telling the truth about the kid or she's completely psychotic. or both. though grand rapids is the second-largest city in michigan,
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its residents describe it in terms of small-town charm and stable communities. on any given day, about a thousand others face uncertain futures. >> get ready. make sure you shut your door when you come out. make sure you make up your beds. >> they reside behind the razor wire-topped fences and brick walls of the kent county jail. most of the inmates are awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases. upon being booked into the jail, they change street clothes for jail uniforms and leave personal possessions, including cash and jewelry in sealed bags that will be stored until their release. a minor exception was made for brian abendroth. >> the guy when he was doing the patdowns, we had a long discussion about it. he told me my tongue ring, that's got to come out. i was like, it doesn't come out. if they go to cut it, they'll
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end up cutting my tongue. it's too short of a barbell. he said never mind, we're going to leave it be. >> abentroth was allowed to keep one other piece considered too embedded to safely remove. >> i keep it up my nose. i do that, i simply put it back in and leave it be. >> he's serving a six-month sentence at kent county for aggravated domestic violence. it's the second time he's been convicted and served time for assaulting his girlfriend. >> i could be doing a hell of a lot longer for what i did. the night i assaulted my girlfriend, i got so messed up that night. i mixed pills with my liquor. all i remember -- i thought she was choking me. i could have been dreaming for all i know. i woke up and i threw her across the room by her throat. that's all i remember. i don't remember nothing else. she's like, you gave me an hour-long ass-beating. i'm like, i don't remember this. ♪ >> the outside world, abendroth is a rapper known as krak rok and violence is a big part of his act.
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>> i write violently, i write about murder and killing things. i think the reason i write violent lyrics is because i want to act out a lot of the things i do but i know it's a bad idea to. it's kind of like an outlet. ♪ i duct tape ♪ no one will ever find you >> you see me on stage with my face painted, there's blood dripping off, i look like i'm in pain because i'm pissed. that's krak rok. it's full of pure anger. doesn't give a [ bleep ] who he destroys. doesn't care. nothing's going to get in his way. that's who krak rok is. ♪ ♪ body bag swag i got that body bag swag ♪ note i got that body bag swag with blood ♪ ♪ i got that body bag swag that's the [ bleep ] i do on the outside. it's pretty fun. >> that's what you to out there?
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>> that's what i do. >> abendroth's cellmate at kent county is ricky mckaskle. >> my bunky is definitely a very different individual. and he's definitely not someone that i would start kicking with or hang out with in the world. >> [ bleep ] cool, bro, but i don't think it's something that i just -- i couldn't get geeked off of it and go [ bleep ] some girls or something, know what i'm saying? >> he can tell i have intellectual value or i'm a pretty smart guy. he all the time asks me what do i think he should do about certain things when he gets out or how i dealt with it before or what i've done. and he's always got a lot of questions. every day he has different questions. >> let me get this straight. u.s. treasury, you have like an amount of money that's set aside when your birth certificate is sold to the government. >> you got a treasury trust account. when you were born, your birth certificate's worth $630,000.
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it goes up $100,000 every year you're alive. >> i'm 30 years old. [ bleep ]. i'm rich. >> rich bitch. >> mckaskle might not be the best source for financial advice or how to stay out of trouble. >> since i was 10 years old i've probably been arrested 25 times at least. i have 18 offenses on my juvenile record. as an adult i have like six fellows and 12 misdemeanors. >> mckaskle is currently charged second degree home invasion to which he pled not guilty. >> the evidence they have against me is a lot, actually. they have a lot of evidence against me. >> at the time of his alleged home invasions, mckaskle was not only on parole but required to wear a gps tracking device that informed authorities of his whereabouts 24/7. it placed him at the scenes of his alleged home invasions. >> they have gps satellite still photos of where i was at, they say.
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>> were you at those homes? >> i mean -- i -- no. >> as he awaits trial, he's discovered that celling with abendroth has its benefits. >> you have something for the poem. >> give me the last two. i'll enter it. >> the only true love i have comes from my father in heaven. >> with angel wings -- to make me fly. >> talking about love, bro. >> i know. i got you. in my heart is a place we call home. >> what do you got for after while we love birds roam? >> love blossoms like a flower. my sorrow and pain has run dry. inside of my heart is a place we call home. >> i'm going to send that to my girl tonight. this is my fiancee, heather. she's currently upstairs.
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i miss you, baby. >> we're actually engaged, pretty much married almost. >> i started having sex at a young age. and i was always drawn towards older women. >> he's going to be 26. so he's a few years younger than me, 15 years younger than me. because the both of us had been in prison and both spent time and had similar criminal backgrounds, it wasn't like a sick bond but it was a bond that we could relate to each other. >> heather pratt has pled guilty to identity theft and other charges related to credit card fraud and is awaiting sentences. she has numerous prior convictions for check and credit card fraud and served two prison terms as a result. her now retired parents have been her primary victims. >> over the years of me stealing from my mom and dad i've probably taken upwards of over
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$100,000. >> pratt says she's an addict and used some of the money on drugs. she also enjoyed spending on her young children. >> we spent a couple days at the mall and just went crazy. we went to so many different stores, bought shoes and clothes and hats. >> pratt says she also spent money on her boyfriend, ricky mckaskle. >> he's a very good-looking man. very attractive. he'd had, you know, a lot of girls before me. and i just felt insecure that he wouldn't love me just for me. he got very, very angry with me when i told him how i was getting money to support him. and he said, i don't want any part of that. >> heather's been in trouble a few times and been to prison before. and she's been in trouble for the same thing she's in trouble for now. and i didn't realize that she was as bad of a person that she is, like pertaining to lying and
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cheating. coming up, a new development for heather pratt and ricky mckaskle. >> right now i believe i am pregnant. >> and -- >> we don't come here because of the food. we all keep saying if they don't change the accommodations we're not even coming back. >> an insider's look at the kent county jail's kitchen.
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inside the kitchen of the kent county jail, teams of inmate and civilian workers prepare more than 3,000 meals a day. >> it looks like biscuits and stuff like that getting ready to be made for lunch, they're setting it all up. back here we got our big tubs where they cook the massive amounts of food.
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obviously today it looks like some kind of soup. what do we got today, guys? >> stew. ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ ♪ and i'm stirring this stew for free ♪ >> a day of kent county jail meals contains an average of 2,700 calories. as a result, many inmates gain weight during their stays here. one of the most high-calorie and popular items are the small cakes served with each meal. >> the cake is the only part that's good. >> why does everyone love the cake so much? >> either i'm so good at it or it's the best thing on the tray. >> jesse, serving a five-month sentence for domestic violence, is one of the bakers responsible for the ten pans of sheet cake baked daily. >> that's a hard number to come up with. well over -- i don't even know, a few thousand. >> if you get lucky you get a big piece of cake.
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>> brownies. >> moist brownies. >> as bakers we don't get a lot of complaints about the food. everyone, like i said, it's so routine in here, it's the same thing every day. they expect, you know, not so good of a meal. >> we don't come here because of the food. no. we all keep saying if they don't change the accommodations we're not even coming back. >> orlow and fellow baker, herby, serving three months on an assault charge, are both near the end of their sentences. when they get away with it, they say they take liberties with the recipe. >> like say i make banana cake, i'm only supposed to put 30 bananas in it. last week i think i put 150 bananas in there. everyone was like that cake was so good. i'm like, i don't know why, you know. now he goes home tomorrow. i go home next week. and we don't really care anymore, you know? we stopped caring. the next bakers can care. >> while jail food may not be to everyone's liking, officials say the meals are designed to
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provide a nutritionally sound diet. that's important to heather pratt, because she says she's eating for two now. >> right now i believe i am pregnant. ricky believes we've had a baby together. we've shared that together. >> pratt says she took a home pregnancy test just prior to her arrest a month earlier and believes the father is ricky mckaskle. >> do i know for sure she's telling the truth? about her pregnancy? no. she could be just saying she's pregnant. she could be using that as a way to try to keep me as being her man, i guess. >> pratt admits she's actually not 100% sure of her condition. >> my test at home said positive. the test here said negative. so i'm kind of waiting on a blood test. it is a possibility because of all the stress that i could have, plus my age, i could have lost the baby. i don't know. >> i'm kind of distraught because of the simple fact i still have love for her in my heart, because i care about her so much.
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but i don't know, it's not that i don't know what to believe. because i know what to believe. i know to believe she's a liar. >> while mckaskle proclaims his love for pratt, right now she's feeling different emotions. >> i'm angry because i have not heard from him. i would expect he would have written me. so this is kind of a letter venting my feelings to him. i said, hey, there, remember me? doesn't feel like it. i cannot believe i fell again for someone who can just throw me away so easily. two weeks and nothing from you. >> one problem that is kent county inmates are prohibited from sending letters to each other. >> is out of sight out of mind easier for you to forget about me? all broken promises and lies. >> inmates often get around the rule by writing to friends from the outside and having them remail their letters to another inmate. >> obviously i don't mean a thing to you. i just don't get why you can't be loyal and faithful to me when you want me to be loyal and faithful to you. >> pratt acknowledges one person she's asked to forward her
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letters might not be so willing to cooperate. >> i have to send my mail to my mother, which is asking a lot, because i mean, they were the ones i did the crime against and my family doesn't really care for him too much. >> pratt estimates that over the last several years she has stolen about $100,000 from her retired parents. she recently pled guilty to fraudulently using their credit cards again and is now awaiting sentence. >> did i get a card from my youngest daughter emily who was very, very upset with me to the point she said i disgust her. and i got a card for my birthday from her that said dear mommy, i miss you but you made bad choices and i forgive you for that. i love you. then happy birthday. >> if pratt is struggling with the limitations of incarceration, mckaskle seems to be making the most of them. >> i find it easier to go into meditation by thinking about being on the beach and listening
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to the waves and trying to be able to smell the water and sand and sunshine and everything. >> mckaskle has also taken up tai chi. >> i don't know everything about tai chi. or like i've never actually been like consistent with doing it. >> but more than anything else, mckaskle continues finding ways to build up his body, a body he says once earned him a lucrative living. >> i'm a male stripper. most of the spots i stripped at were gay bars and everything and i'm not gay. i would make anywhere between $300 to $500 in a couple hours. >> when he told me he worked at some of the gay bars, i was a little bit more okay with it because i didn't care if he was dancing for men because i knew he wasn't gay. but i didn't want any other females or women touching him or getting near him.
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>> what pratt doesn't know yet is that mckaskle's time in jail has brought one other major change to his life. >> i didn't tell her that i've converted to judaism. coming up -- >> the most difficult part of converting to judaism for me so far is eating beans, rice and carrots every single day. other than that, i love it. and -- >> i'm not done yet because i have to talk about your moms. >> a battle rap erupts and one of the combatants is brian "krak rok" abendroth.
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life changes on a daily basis inside grand rapids kent county jail. new inmates arrive and others leave, due to being acquitted, bonded out or transferred to state prison. some like brian abendroth are permitted to serve shorter sentences at the jail and his is coming to an end. but his life on the outside will
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be considerably different. >> i've lost my girlfriend, i've lost my place to live. and it sucks. >> abendroth was sentenced to six months on a charge of aggravated domestic violence after assaulting his girlfriend. he says he was high on a mixture of drugs and alcohol. >> i could have been dreaming it or it really happened. i don't know. that's how messed up i was. >> during abendroth's stay at kent county, another inmate brutally assaulted a female deputy. she was beaten and choked to the point of unconsciousness. abendroth witnessed part of the attack. >> i see myself inside that person who was causing that woman harm. and i realized that that's not who i want to be. how did i become a monster? i became a monster by drugs and alcohol, making wrong choices and walking down the wrong road. ♪ stuff your body in a bag >> still his life on the outside revolves around his rap group. his music glorifies murder and mayhem. his stage name is krak rok. >> it's not crack rock. it's k-r-a-k r-o-k.
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i don't want to spell it as the drug terminology but it want it to sound like the drug terminology. that way it intrigues you. parents hate it, kids love it. controversy sells. it always will. >> today a toned-down version of krak rok will be allowed to emerge inside the jail. he and another inmate are about to stage a battle rap. >> there's two different kind of scenarios of battle room and i done seen people mess this up all the time. one where you go in and diss the person to the fullest extent you can. the other is where you just freestyle and whoever's got the better freestyle. >> deputy king is assigned to abendroth's housing unit. >> the more you can occupy their time with different activities, the less time they have to think about someone in here that did them wrong. i'd rather have a battle rap than a physical fight any day. >> kep deputy king approved the battle rap between abendroth and the other man whose stage name is ben harper. he says he'll be watching closely. >> i'll joke around with the guys from time to time but they
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usually know when i mean business. >> right now, a three-round battle. all freestyle from the top of the dome. anything goes. you know what i mean? first round, whoever wants to take it, can take it. who wants to go first? >> you. >> you want do go first? >> you can go first. >> let's go. ♪ you the human body i'm chemo cancer ♪ ♪ before you start to ask questions i'm already giving answers ♪ ♪ [ bleep ] coming out the closet ♪ note they call me young sports listen ♪ ♪ gonna get you right they call mow ♪ >> oh, bro. ♪ we want to talk about coming out of the closet ♪ ♪ hold up dog let's stop for a second ♪ ♪ listen to what rok got to say ♪ ♪ i'm more [ bleep ] than most of the these people seen ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter because i'm so damn sick you can call me gang green ♪ ♪ i'm creeping through your mind i'll take you out ♪ ♪ i'm doing it silently ♪ first i'll duct tape your mouth ♪ ♪ put coffee over it to cover up
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all the funk ♪ >> as the battle rap continues officers keep a close eye to make sure things don't escalate. >> round three right now, man. come on. ♪ i say i'm a hard money lover ♪ i stack cash >> during the battle rap i was standing at the desk and observing whether their rap was going to elevate to some level of violence. >> i'm not done yet because i have to talk about your mom. >> i don't take too kind to mother jokes. so i wanted to slaughter him and get the battle over as fast as i could. ♪ welcome to the industry i'm about to end it ♪ ♪ [ bleep ] you should have never been born ♪ ♪ we're just going to pretend it ♪ note i said this is a pit versus a picanese this is not a fair fight north ♪ this is a clown like bozo ♪ ♪ i hit him with a 20-round extendo ♪ note that will make me reload ♪ ♪ call that marino ♪ 13 shots in your brand new peacoat ♪
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>> all the way! >> i think we need to have another one. >> oh, man. no. >> because you're not going to go with me on no peacoat. >> the winner be ben harper right here, man. >> what, what? >> hey, hey, hey. it sounds to me -- it sounds like ben harper sounds like he's taken the win, man. >> were you impressed? >> some of the lines they had were halfway decent. but -- fell flat a couple times. but, you know. they did what they could. i can't say it's something i've ever seen before in my career in corrections. it's definitely interesting. coming up -- >> my mom asked me what my job was. oh, i'm a baker, i bake cakes. she's like, oh that sounds fun. >> the cake baking partnership comes to an end. and -- >> hi, daddy, it's me, elijah joe, your little boy.
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you seem to have forgotten about me and mommy. >> ricky mckaskle gets a letter. from the womb.
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nearly every one of the 1,000 or so inmates incarcerated at the kent county jail in grand
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rapids feels pressure. it could be the pain of being separated from family, the thought of losing a job or being sent to prison. but the pressure jesse orlow feels is unique. >> the thing about baking is you're responsible for all the cakes. if you screw up on the cakes obviously they're going to know who did it, who screwed them up. you've got to make sure they're done right because you don't want to have to redo them. >> for the past four months, orlow and his fellow inmate baker herbie paveto have been in charge of the popular cakes served with most meals. >> my mom asked me what my job was. i said i'm a baker, i bake cakes. she's like, oh, that sounds fun. it's not like baking one cake for thanksgiving. it's a whole different situation. >> i kind of joked around when i first got here, maybe i'll be on "cupcake wars." this might be my start. "cake boss" maybe, you know, whatever.
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>> but now orlow has a new challenge. paveto has been released and orlow must break in a rookie. >> there's two bakers, me and cody over here. he's my partner. he's actually just started today. i'm actually training him at the same time. i go home next week and someone will have to take my place, too. take the paddle off so it don't spill all over the floor. per bag we get ten. ten cakes. they're not the best, thickest cakes. but obviously it's a money thing. sometimes i come up a little short and i only do nine pans of cake. after the pouring process you throw them in the oven. do you want to do the honor of throwing them in the oven? >> why not? >> change is an inevitable part of jail life. brian abendroth has noticed a significant change in his cellmate, ricky mckaskle. >> ricky is thirsty for a
1:35 am
spiritual enlightening is what i believe. people will find a lot of different things when they find religion. people, when they found god, their life has changed. other people, he's smacked the crap out of them, knocked them down quite a few notches. >> mckaskle says he feels he's on the right track with his new-found religion. >> i decided to convert to judaism because i heard jesus was a jew. i heard that got god was a jew. if the jewish people are the chosen ones then i want to be one of them. >> how do you become jewish? >> you start living like the jewish people live and consider yourself a jew. i don't know. i was wondering the same thing, am i actually a jew? but i think -- one of the main things is you have to be circumcised, i guess. >> so, you got that covered? >> i am definitely circumcised, yes.
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so maybe it was meant for me to be jewish already >> some inmates have been known to convert to judaism on the belief they will eat better on a kosher meal plan. but they must first go through a transition period to assure they're serious. in that case, going kosher means going spaurls. >> the most difficult part of converting to judaism for me so far is eating beans, rice and carrots and bread for lunch and dinner. every single day. other than that, i love it. whoever made this tray should be put in jail. but it's all right. i accept it for what it is, you know. it's god's will. i guess that's what i'm supposed to eat. >> though mckaskle has been writing to his girlfriend, heather pratt, who is currently incarcerated in the women's wing
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of the jail, he hasn't shared his conversion yet. >> but i plan on it. i don't think she'll really have any problem with it. there's nothing that she's really going to be able to say about it. other than accept it, you know. i mean, i don't know. maybe she won't. who knows. maybe that will push her away from me. that i'm a jew now. hm. never thought of that. >> pratt recently sent mckaskle an angry letter accusing him of not writing to her. since inmates are prohibited from writing to each other and must send their letters through a third party on the outside, mail is often delayed. >> i did write her letters. i sent the letters to the person she told me would send them to her. and i guess she never got them. either the lady didn't send them to her or heather is getting the letters and she's just like trying to play like a big, you know, mind game. >> just before her arrival at
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kent county, pratt contacted mckaskle to inform him she was pregnant by him. now, after not hearing from mckaskle, she has written again. this time channeling their unborn son. >> it gives me confirmation either she's telling the truth about the kid or she's completely psychotic. or both. hi, daddy, it's me, elijah joe, your little boy. you seem to have forgotten about me and mommy. why are you hurting mommy so much? is it my fault you don't want us anymore? why do you not love us anymore? please don't be so mean to mommy. she cries a lot, especially at night. she wakes up in the middle of the night so sad wondering and waiting for a letter from you. daddies are so special and mommy thinks you threw her away. why would you do that, daddy? she said we were going to visit you in prison and become a real family. she was excited about marrying you and spending forever with you. i know you're scared, daddy, mommy is, too but daddies are supposed to be strong for mommies and little guys like me. i want to meet you so bad but
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you aren't being very strong, daddy. you're making mommy very, very, very sad, scared, lonely and doesn't know why you won't love her anymore. please write soon and make mommy smile again. love you. mommy said she wanted to get a tattoo on the inside of her ring finger with your initials. guess i should tell her not to since you don't want us anymore. and you missed mommy's b-day today. i did write her letters. >> and 24 hours later -- >> heather. >> yes. >> mail for you. >> mckaskle's letters, though delayed, have finally arrived. >> oh, my baby. holy crap. letters from ricky that i've been waiting for forever. there's like a handful of them. poor guy got that one that i sent him that was really not very nice.
1:40 am
but i didn't know. he disappeared off the face of the earth. oh, my gosh. i am like -- whoo. heather, hey, beautiful, what's up my lovely lady? i miss you a lot baby and i would give anything right now to be able to see you for one minute or to be able to kiss you one time. if you are pregnant, that's wonderful. if not, don't think i wouldn't want to be with you. you're my endless love, sincerely, your man. >> while the couple's relationship appears to be intact, their future family is not to be. pratt has recently found out she is not pregnant. she's yet to share the news with mckaskle. >> my last pregnancy test came back negative. so there's a possibility that i did have a miscarriage. because i had some signs of that. >> part of me accepted the fact that i probably did. all things happen for a reason. coming up -- >> awesome day. it's the countdown to 13 hours and i'm out of this hell hole. >> brian abendroth's release day arrived.
1:41 am
heather pratt races for a nerve-racking court appearance. >> my parents will be there. it's going to be hard to see my mom and dad today.
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nearly 80% of the inmates housed at kent county jail have at least one prior conviction on their records. brian abendroth is among them. >> if you google my name you're going to see all my mugshots. i had corn rows in my hair, red and black. you'll see my franklin county picture. it looks like a calvin klein model pose. you're going to see a picture with a red mohawk and beat the [ bleep ] up. you're also going to see my famous coolio pose which is really funny. >> it has been six months since abendroth was convicted for
1:45 am
assaulting his girlfriend. he says he was high and drunk at the time and remembers little, if anything, about what happened. now his sentence is nearly complete. he has another chance to make it on the outside. >> ow! come on, man, that's my nuts. >> it was an awesome day because the countdown to 13 hours and i'm out of this hell hole. i will no longer be in kent county. i will be free like a bird. >> krak rok. you know what i'm saying? i can't make fun of nobody, you know what i'm saying? >> can't slap nobody on the head no more. >> can't smack nobody. >> no more rednecks. >> like this. >> the only thing i'm worried about is if my p.o. want today's drug test me or violate me. ♪ >> on the streets, abendroth is a rapper known as krak rok. though he has blamed drugs for his numerous troubles with the law, he says they're part of his job.
1:46 am
>> i'm a musician. you know how music and drugs go hand in hand. that's the truth. if i'm nervous i'm going to smoke pot. if i feel too jittery before i get onstage one night, i'm going to drink. it's hand in hand. >> i wish you the best. good luck on your tour. >> oh, yeah. >> don't forget about ama. >> i don't forget about you. >> the following day, abendroth begins the departure process. >> this is a good day. this is better than being born. i'm thinking i'm about to go out and see my -- see my homies. i'm going to smoke a cigarette. definitely probably have to go see my p.o. today. i think i'm definitely going to go smoke some weed, for sure. oh, man, i can see outside. it's all sunny. [ bleep ].
1:47 am
>> just need sandals back from you guys. >> i'm not going to miss any of this. i'm not going to miss these bob barker classics on my feet. i'm getting the hell out of here. >> what's up, dog? what's good? [ bleep ]. >> abendroth is met by friends, leaves behind his cellmate, ricky mckaskle. >> i'm going to hope the best for him out there. personally, i don't think he's going to make it that long. he's on probation and he's already talking about drinking and smoking, you know. so -- hopefully, you know, he does the right thing. but -- i don't know. >> freedom! free at last! free at last! you're free! can't [ bleep ] pull me down i'm free! >> mckaskle has recently begun a journey of his own. >> how's the conversion going to judaism? are you still on track? are you jewish yet? >> yeah, i'm jewish.
1:48 am
i pray every day. i read everything i can that the rabbi brings me. i spoke to him today on the phone. >> have you learned any hebrew? >> i know shabbat means saturday. and shalom is a personal greeting. yarmulke, the little hat that they wear, the jewish wear. >> mckaskle has even bigger news about his charges. he's just reached a plea deal with prosecutors. >> i went to my conference today and pled guilty to second degree home invasion for a habitual offender. that means for me i'm going back to prison. >> even with a plea deal, mckaskle could face lengthy prison time during to prior con vicks. his sentence can run anywhere from four to 16 years. that will be up to the judge. mckaskle will remain in jail until his sentencing but that day has already arrived for mckaskle's girlfriend, heather pratt.
1:49 am
>> i'm a barrel of nerves. fear, anxiety, peace, i have a little bit of everything. butterflies. >> pratt has pled guilty to identity theft and other charges related to her fraudulent use of credit cards. she has prior convictions for credit card fraud and forging checks as well. and her victims have most often been her elderly parents. >> my parents are going to be there. it breaks my heart. it's going to be hard to see my mom and dad there today. a letter was read to me by my attorney a little while ago that was from my father. and he feels that i have absolutely no remorse, no regret per se. i just wish there was a way i could express to him how much remorse i truly do have. >> pratt says she committed these latest offenses in order to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, ricky mckaskle.
1:50 am
but she also admits to going on shopping sprees for her children and spending money on her drug addiction. >> my family thought that i was done with the old lifestyle of drugs and using and stealing, which, you know, it had been almost seven years since i had been in any trouble. >> because of prior convictions in which she also financially victimized her parents, pratt could have been eligible for at least 20 years in prison. her guilty plea guarantees she will not receive the maximum. and other inmates have told her her judge might be lenient. >> this is the case of the people of the state of michigan versus heather lynn pratt. i'd like to advise the court that the victims are present in the courtroom, however, they do not went to give any additional statement at this time. coming up -- >> taking your parents at their word, this is the fourth time you've victimized them financially? >> yes.
1:51 am
>> heather pratt's past plays out in the courtroom.
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1:54 am
heather pratt admits to having victimized her elderly parents out of tens of thousands of dollars through credit card fraud and check forgery. though they have requested we not show their faces, they are in court today. pratt must not only face them but also the judge who is to sentence her. >> first and foremost, i take full responsibility for my actions. i want to apologize to my family for destroying their life, for the things i've done. i can't change those things but all i can do is work harder to try to find out what is going on in me and heal. >> pratt spends the next 20 minutes finishing her statement and answering questions from the judge. >> and taking your parents at
1:55 am
their word, apparently this is the fourth time that you've victimized them financially? >> yes. >> i'm assuming at this point while you've been incarcerated, they've been taking care of your children? >> yes, sir. >> finally, the judge is ready to hand down sentence. >> miss pratt, i know you are able to maintain periods of sobriety and i don't doubt that there are programs locally that can help you. but, again, you have multiple felonies. you've victimized your parents yet another time. so on identity theft it's the sentence of this court that you be committed to the michigan department of corrections for a term are not less than 23 months, no more than five years. on the financial transaction device offense, a sentence of not less than 17 months, no more than four years.
1:56 am
then on the first case with identity theft and financial transaction offense, restitution will be ordered as a condition of parole. that's in the $40,000 to $50,000 range. i'll advise you, miss pratt, each one of these is a final sentence or judgment of the court. you are entitled to file an application for leave to appeal in each one of these cases. >> thank you. >> pratt is sentenced to between 23 months and five years in state prison. more than she was expecting. >> he went completely opposite of what every single person that told me about this judge. i felt like i was going to collapse. i felt like i was going to throw up. i wanted to scream. >> one week later, pratt receives an ominous message over the intercom in her cell. >> pratt, start packing up. you'll be riding out today.
1:57 am
>> will you tell me what that was? >> what that was? them telling me i'm leaving today. i'm going to need some time. i got to brush my teeth. i got to get a bag. oh, that sucks. >> for security reasons, inmates are never told when their transfer to prison will occur until the transport van is ready to take them. for pratt, that time is now. >> i'm packing up things that i'm having sent to me. my mom will pick them up, pick them up and she'll mail them to me. paperwork, letters, numbers, pictures. that picture is definitely coming with me. >> miss pratt, you all set? >> yes. oh, mercy.
1:58 am
>> nervous? >> yes and no. the journey started. just wasn't ready this quick. >> prior to her sentencing hearing, pratt wrote let another letter to ricky mckaskle. he just received it. >> i just found out that heather had a miscarriage. i found out through a letter she sent to me. well, here it goes. i lost our sweet baby elijah joe. it was probably not a viable pregnancy. plus with my age and so many other factors. can't pinpoint to specific cause. at least now you know the truth so you can hate me if you want. you're an amazing man and will be an amazing daddy someday. if it's true, it's kind of devastating, you know what i'm saying? i kind of feel like it's a lie. you know what i'm saying? she was probably using it as a crutch to try to keep me from leaving her like she said in the letter, please don't leave me.
1:59 am
>> do you trust her? >> do i trust her? about as far as i can throw her. >> with mckaskle facing the possibility of even more time in prison than pratt the letter goes on to suggest one way they could have a baby sooner than later. >> send home some sperm in plastic, i'll implant inside me. the inmates in prison in different states have done that and it worked. would love to try it when i get out. what do you think? i love you. always and forever your girl, heather, xoxo.
2:00 am
i told myself, the worst part about dying is being afraid of dying. if i'm not afraid, it won't be so bad. i just couldn't believe this was the way it was going to happen. >> she was a college student found on a lonely road in texas. >> we figured she had been sexually assaulted and dumped here. >> tough questions for her boyfriend. >> where was i the night before? what had i been doing? when had i last seen her? >> i really thought he could be her killer. >> but while police try to prove it, another attack. >> he's got me by the throat and he's shaking me and yelling at me telling me not to say a word. >> you're a prisoner in this apartment now.


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