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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  March 6, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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twitcher. kate e y tur is up next. >> back to the news this afternoon. good afternoon, i'm filling in for craig melvin. lots of stories we're following. travel ban take two. the trump administration rolls out a revised version of its controversial executive order on immigration. will it withstand legal scrutiny? factor fiction, the trump administration doubling down on claims that president obama wire tapped trump tower during the election but is there any evidence? and nude photo scandal, the pentagon investigating disturbing allegations that hundreds of marines distributed nude photos of female colleagues on a social media network. let's start with the new travel ban and specifically what is missing. today's announcement by the secretary of state, secretary of homeland security, and attorney general revokes the old ban and a far cry from the attention the white house gave it this january.
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unlike that speech seen here there was no appearance by the. the today nor any by the vice president and secretary of defense. not even video of the signing. let's go to nbc reporters pete williams is in our washington newsroom and chris jansing is there at the white house. chris, why did we not see the president today rolling out this new executive order with the same sort of fanfare he's done almost every other executive order? >> reporter: that's the key question. we asked it when they did that almost hour-long call with seor administration fici anthe answer was ask the white house. so far the white hse isn't talking about that but there is the briefing off camera with sean spicer that is coming up at 1:30. look, we both know that this is a central part of the campaign that president trump waged, talking about making america safer, and that there was a lot of fanfare when he signed it the first time. this time, he did it without any cameras there, except a picture tweeted by sean spicer, not sure what the origin of that
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photograph is. look, the white house knows that the questions that people wanted to ask the president are not about this e.o. necessarily. they're about his unsubstantiated claims that president obama wire tapped him, wire tapped trump tower during the campaign. so it's going to be interesting to see when we do hear from the president, because as you well know, katy, president trump believes nobody is a better messenger for his policies and white house than he is but so far radio silence, nothing today that allows any access to the press, even for a shouted question. >> no doubt about that, and pete i want to talk about the wire tapping in just a moment, but i do want to get your take on the travel ban. what specifically is different from the original one, and are officials squaring that circle? originally donald trump said this ban if it was announced with a one-week notice that the "bad would rush into our country during that week." right now we're getting a ten-day notice.
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>> well, dma except government honor any visas issued after the president's executive order, the first one was issued in january so they still have that safety valve there, but back to the full screen here of the list we have of what's new about this one, it's six countries this time, instead of seven. it doesn't include iraq. the government says iraq has cleaned up its act now and can provide better information to vet the backgrounds of people, as we just said, this one takes effect march 16th, so there's sort of a ten-day heads up. we talked about the fact that it's january 27th was the cutoff date for visas. no blanket ban for syrian refugees so there's a 90-day hold on the six countries and 120-day hold on refugees, but after that, the old ban would have continued a ban on syrian refugees, that's gone now. doesn't apply to green cardholders and there's no language in this one that gives any kind of preference to certain religions, and most
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importantly perhaps for all the legal wrangling that's been going on over this, today's order specifically resinds or takes away or declares invalid the original order. all the court cases that we've seen have all been based on the original executive order so the restraining order, the injunction that was in place now evaporates because there's nothing to restrain or enjoin anymore. we're waiting to hear from the state of washington, which filed the main lawsuit about what they're going to do. will they go ahead and ask the judge now to impose a neworder, saying that this one isn't different enough or will the states be in a weaker position to make that claim? as i say, we have ten days before anything really happens, because this new one doesn't take effect for ten days so it will give a little time for this legal business to play out here. >> and pete, let's switch topics to that wire tap, the wire tap allegations which arguably will be the biggest story out of this
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administration so far. the fbi director is asking the doj to knock this down, according to a senior u.s. official, as you reported, but are we going to see the fbi director himself come out and knock these allegations down at any point? >> not that i know of, no. >> why not? >> well, for one thing, i think that they don't want to publicly be in a position of poking a finger in the eye of the president here, basically. it's just not his style on this sort of classified activity. if there were a foreign intelligence warrant that got this wire tap or a conventional wire tap order, that wouldn't be public, so it puts them in a bit of a difficult position here. i don't think the fbi wanted the fact that the director wanted this statement. i don't think they wanted that to become public. and i still don't know what the justice department is going to
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do about this. so far they're not commenting. >> so far no response from doj. chris is the white house digging? >> reporter: doubling down without a doubt. reince priebus said we'll not have any more to say about this. here's what sarah huckabee sanders said today. >> just so we're clear on this specific point, is his information, president owe pa ma tapped his phone, based solely on something he read in the media? yes or no. >> look, i haven't had the chance to have the conversation directly with the president and he's at a much higher classification than i am so he may have access to documents that i don't know about. >> reporter: so does he have access to some documents that no one we've spoken to within the administration, within the intelligence community seems to have any idea exist? was it because of a radio talk show suggestion up substantiated that ended up on breitbart? but what sarah had to say was that they want a congressional investigation.
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they want to get to the bottom of this, that this is what the president believes. so what you seem to have here, katy, is the white house asking congress to investigate whether something the president said is true actually is true. >> remarkable. nbc's chris jansing at the white house, and pete williams our justice correspondent in our washington bureau newsroom thank you so much. squon than swann national political reporter and ari melber an msnbc chief legal correspondent, gu is join me on set. my first question is what is sarah huckabee's job if she doesn't speak for the president, doesn't know where the president is coming from? >> she actually admitted yesterday she doesn't know her job as much in i had television interview. i'm going off of what the president said but i don't have any actual backup for it. >> show that didn't speak with him the entire weekend despite this being the entire story? >> lord knows. the trump tweet storm caught the
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entire white house off balance. he didn't clear it with anybody. they're playing catchup to the conspiracy theory essentially the president was adopting and they could only talk about it so much before punting it back to him and saying we're not going to talk about this anymore even though we'll kind of talk about it every day and make the i intimation he has access to information he's not talking about that might pro this thing that nobody believes is true. >> how do you get a wire tap? >> domestically the traditional door is you say you believe that somebody has committed or will commit a crime, and you go to a judge, and you get the warrant for the tap. in the international context, it's a little different. there's a foreign intelligence surveillance court we're hearing more and more about and there you don't necessarily need a domestic crime. that would be one option, if you thought there was domestic espionage occurring inside the u.s. but more typically for intelligence gathering which means you think there is a foreign power or agent of a foreign power that's speaking to someone in the u.s. which is why you need the warrant and you get
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it that way. >> you need probable cause that they're an agent working for a foreign power. if they had a wire tap presumably there was probable cause and isn't that exactly what the white house has been trying to push back on and debunk for the last god knows how many months now that they had nothing to do with russia? wouldn't a confirmation of an investigation or a wire tap into trump tower be confirmation that there were some very suspicious things going on? >> right, at a certain point this is sort of like trying to interpret a meat ball sandwich or a piece of contemporary art. it is not decipherable because it cannot be deciphered, so what is the meatball mean in the context of the tomato sauce, of the russia conspiracy? the words fall apart and maybe that's by design because the president is not interested in actually putting forward a logical argument but no it doesn't add up. if there were lawful taps that would be bad for trump, so him
10:10 am
saying oh -- >> why would he want more of an investigation. >> but the only sort of again the only conspiracy theory you can pull him is the idea of him worrying what he heard on breitbart or believes may have happened is bad for him and he's going toet go ahead of it casting aspersions on everyone else. pete williams made the important point that for a president who has talked a lot about unauthorized leaks and why private stuff should stay private he has done a disservice to his argument and fbi and intelligence services trying to draw them out to confirm or deny in public something that is by its nature prate. fisa is a secret court, that is a bipartisan longstanding approach to it because some things should stay secret. he's made it public and now you have all this messy meatball debate. >> jonathan, talk to us about what the origin of these allegations are, right wing radio, breitbart story? >> well we know that breitbart story was being circulated
10:11 am
around the white house, but there's a bigger thing here, which is that ei hear the argument if there was an order that this is bad for trump, because it suggests that there was substance to this, but the way that donald trump and steve bannon see it is that there is this "deep state out to get them" and what they're doing is getting out in front of this and trying to delegitimize this shadowy, frankly the intelligence community, so yes he's got this one track war against the media. there's another one against the intelligence community and he's trying to delegitimize whatever comes out of is this. >> what happens next trying to delegitimize the media, inoculate himself from all criticism. where do we go from there? >> we operate in an information environment which at least 40% of the country won't trust, and
10:12 am
trump's trying to grow that. we're seeing sort of widespread confusion stories that are being attacked, journalists by name, singled out, and it's really widespread. it's actually in some ways amusing is the wrong word but certain people in trump's orbit that six months ago were tell me all this skeptical stuff and of warriors against the media, it's all kind of amusing, but they're taking their cues from donald trump, and there's no one in his or bit below that inner circle level who is willing to push back. that's why you're seeing sarah huckabee sappeders come out and double down is because if donald trump beliefs something, the worst thing you can do in his orbit is retreat from that, the wot sin in trumpland is backing down, retreating, apologizing so you won't see any of them do than. >> you're totally right. if it wasn't so tragic it would be funny. but matt, i want to switch gears
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to the immigration order, because we only have a couple minutes left. what does it mean that donald trump initially tried to rule this out saying this is immediate, has to happen now and now we get a ten-day lead on it. pete williams said that those visas will be revoked immediately but doesn't this sort of give them, you know, doesn't it telegraph what we're doing to the "enemy"? >> sure it does but he's not worried about the negative reaction from his own base in this case. so the people most likely to beat him up in hypocrisy are media who don't agree with it or don't agree with the rollout. yes it's a backtrack. he removed a lot of categories of people, the most egregious that fell under it beginning with the green cardholders but what we have at the end is still a pretty radical thing. we're stopping refugees from entering with 120 days, we have 200 a day. there will be zero with the exception of case by case and we're cutting the number of refugees to 50,000 a year. we've only had it that low four
10:14 am
times in the last four decades. that's a radical change. >> is it going to pass legal muster? >> we don't know. we have to see what the courts do. i will say this, the rollout of this revised order is more orderly t has notice, it has more clarity. it responds in a substantive way to parts of judicial conclusions that we know the administration disagreed with, so credit where it's due, this is a far better process. whether you like all the outcomes or not, and there are things as we point to it that haven't gotten much attention. the old order was silent on whether victims of torture abroad have any kind of refuge or protection here, something that has always been obviously just universally agreed upon by presidents in both parties. that was odd that was called out. the new order today says if you are protected under the convention against torture, you do have a safe home here in the united states. so in ways large and small, this is clearly a more professional and more legally carefully drafted order. is it still an outgrowth of an
10:15 am
unconstitutional religious test? that'something that e courts are going to have to resolve. that's a big fight. but it is by far, again i want to be clear and accurate, it is by far a more professional process this time. >> what it didn't have today donald trump's face on it. instead a number of his cabinet secretaries and you posted this on twitter literally putting a new face on this executive order. >> there you have it. >> follow ari on twitter. for that matter follow everybody that's on my show. matt welch, jonathan swann as well and now that brings us to our microsoft pulse question of the day. do you believe trump tower was wiretapped, as president trump says?" the pulse is now open, let us know what you think at we'll check back in later in the hour. up next we'll have more on the trump administration's new immigration travel ban. we'll drill down how it is different and whether it will survive the avalanche of expected legal challenges. >> and still ahead, marine misconduct, the defense department investigating allegations of hundreds of current and former
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it is the president's solemn duty to protect the american people, and with this order, president trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe. >> this executive order responsibly provides a needed
10:20 am
pause so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern. >> since the announcement of that immigration executive order, that revised one, at least two states say they are ready to challenge it in court. joining me now to talk about it is omar jadwat director of the aclu immigrants rights project and former u.s. assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley. p.j., the language has been tweaked to remove the appearance of racial profiling at least. do you believe that it does shield the administration from that criticism? >> well i think it fixes one obvious problem from the first order, which is taking iraq off the list. it was an unforced error. we have iraqi soldiers and american soldiers fighting to liberate mosul as we speak, and certainly tit undermined that
10:21 am
relationship. i think broadly speaking this is a campaign promise in search of a strategic rationale, and the question remains whether questionable security gains come at an unacceptable strategic cost. i think they do. not only undermines relationships around the world, it feeds into extremist narratives of this intractable war between the west and the islamic world, and here at home, it undermines the relationship between the government and immigration communities that will be fundamental to finding to much people that infiltrate into the united states but people that are radicalized in place already here in the united states. >> and the new york attorney general as well as the washington state attorney general both say they are planning to litigate this executive order. omar, you've called it unconstitutional again. what is the aclu planning on doing to combat this? >> sure, well just to be clear,
10:22 am
this order continues as its core the same plan that the initial order did, which is to ban muslims from the united states as a fulfillment of donald trump's campaign pledge to do that. it scales it back. it signals that the administration recognizes that it failed entirely the first time around, that what they did was indefensible in court but it fails to really take the deeper lesson that the administration should have learned, which is that this attempt at unconstitutional religious discrimination will not hold up. so certainly we are moving forward in the cases that we've already filed, and as you've noted, there are states as well that have challenged the initial executive order and will continue those challenges as this second order goes, you know, has been signed, but i think there will continue to be challenges and because this
10:23 am
order is unconstitutional, it should never go into effect. >> and p.j., talk to me about why iraq is no longer on this list. after all, among the three of us you are the expert on this. >> well it's no longer on the list because i think there were legitimate objections raised by secretary of state tillerson, by secretary of defense mattis. i think it also was controversial within the military ranks because it did temporarily and perhaps in other cases prevent those who had worked closely with u.s. military forces in iraq during the iraq campaign from coming to the united states, and i think for many military members, they felt that it violated pledges that we gave to those individuals that they would have the opportunity to come to the united states. >> and p.j., the merits of this are still certainly under a cloud of, you know, suspicion or questioning. take a look at this leaked dhs release, draft release by the
10:24 am
associated press. they were able to obtain it, and also rachel maddow concluding a few people from these countries that very few people from the countries carry out attacks. the reports saying foreign-born u.s. citizens violent extremists among foreign born or radicalized several years after they enter the united states if >> right. >> so why are they still concentrating on these i guess now six muslim majority countries? >> well, in three cases, they are state sponsors of terrorism. that said, in the case of syria, sudan, and iran, there's no dication of an active campaign directed at the united states. there were terrorists activity directed at u.s. interests overseas but not so much here and then in the case of the other three countries, it's legitimate concern that these are countries that are failing, yemen, syria, libya, somalia, and are the governments there
10:25 am
able to provide information that enables u.s. immigration authorities to make a sensible decision? but here the prerogative is if there are gaps in what we know about these individuals, they don't come to the united states. and i think it has a dated element to it. today as you were just saying, the challenge is primarily radicalization in place. infiltration was a concern 15 years ago with the 9/11 attack, for example, but we've done so much over the past 15 years to make it much more difficult for actual terrorist suspects, those affiliated with these movements to come to the united states. >> omar and p.j. thank you for joining me. moving on to what is happening in this country, regarding deportations, there's outrage growing after this video surfaced of a father being arrested by i.c.e. agents right in front of his teenaged daughter at school. a live report on a community up in arms after a family is torn apart. next.
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more breaking news out of washington, d.c.
10:30 am
the supreme court decided it will not hear a major case about transgender student rights and bathroom preference. it was set to hear 17-year-old virginia student gavin grimm's case against his school board march 28th. since the trump white house changed the government's position on bathrooms, the court vacated judgment. the case now goes back to a lower court to decide whether title nine guards against gender identity discrimination. and the marine corps is reeling from a social media scandal. defense department officials are now investigating what could be hundreds of marines for allegedly circulating nude pictures of their female colleagues online. those photos some taken without the women's knowledge, were posted to a facebook group called marines united, with nearly 30,000 followers. all of this first revealed by the war horse, a nonprofit news organization run by a marine veteran. nbc's hans anichols has the latest. >> secretary mattis finds these
10:31 am
allegations troubling. he's unlikely to weigh in formally because he's in the chain of command. mattis a former long time marine so what we have here is a formal investigation taking place, that's why we're unlikely to get a lot of comments and the allegations are there is this outside group marines united some 30,000 members facebook page and that there are some photos that were shared, some of themuite explicit, but also very explicit commentary on fellow female marines and also servicemembers, all this taking place in the context of there now are inventory units that have females in there pem. one of these pictures taken at camp lejuene where the integration is taking place. investigation is continuing. we still don't know the number of marines that were active duty that were involved in this. >> talk to me, hans, about the culture out there, though. is anything being done to address what is clearly an
10:32 am
institutional crisis, if you're having marines post photos of female marines naked without their knowledge. >> the top brass of the marine corps has come out and said they need to do something to treat all marines with respect and they need to change the culture but you're also going to have a lot more congressional calls, krist kristen gillebrand from new york public about this. saying there needs to be a full investigation. >> hans nichols thank you very much. a video getting a lot of attention on social media. [ crying ] >> what you hear right there is a daughter crying, a teenaged daughter crying outside of her school. what you're seeing is her father being arrested by men in uniforms that just read "police." apparently he is being arrested by i.c.e. nbc's steve patterson joins us with more details on that.
10:33 am
steve, talk to me, what exactly about what exactly happened in this video. >> well, katy, this is 48-year-old romelo gonzalez. his family claims he's been in the united states for more than 25 years, undocumented immigrant from mexico, who is a father of four, u.s. born citizens, including his 13-year-old daughter fatima who you can hear in that video who took that video, you can hear crying as she's watching her father be arrested, and then deta. she ss that her father was sily dropping the kids off for school on tuesday morning, when two black unmarked cars rolled up on them, and made that arrest. as you mentioned, they just have the words "police" on their back, but they turned out to be immigrations customs enforcement agents. so they take him into custody, where he remains in i.c.e. custody at this time. this video though has outraged the community in los angeles, particularly in east l.a., where
10:34 am
they were in an area near highland park. also in dispute here is the closeness to the proximity to those schools, where he was dropping his daughters off, the family says it was just about two blocks away from where the school was. there's a longstanding i.c.e. policy that says they're not supposed to make these arrests in sensitive areas like churches or schools, and they said it was very close to that. immigrations customs enforcement released a statement they say he was removed because he had multiple prior criminal convictions including a dui in 2000 the, as well as an outstanding order of removal dating back to 20147. as we mentioned the community outraged. there is a march at 3:00 p.m. pacific today. the school district has been involved in this and the community is very involved in this. so this is not the last we're going to hear about this case. katy? >> do we know what happened to his crying daughter? >> his daughters are back in school. they didn't want to miss a day of school. they were not removed, nothing happened to them, and they were
10:35 am
picked up later by immigrations customs enforcement. the family got them and so they are now back in school. they're obviously upset, outraged in tears about this, but they're at home and safe and okay. katy? >> nbc's steve patterson, thank you very much. now let's see what you are saying about today's microsoft pulse question. do you believe trump tower was wiretapped as president trump has said? only 13% of you say no. 87% of you say, or excuse me, flip that. 13% of you say yes, 87% of you say no. there's time to weigh in at cast your vote and we can check back in. in the next hour, president trump men while is demanding a congressional inquiry into the claims that president obama ordered a wiretap on trump tower. should the president have to provide evidence of his claim before lawmakers te the bait and investigate the matter? and house gop is set to unveil much anticipated details of
10:36 am
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10:40 am
joining me now are former cia operative and 2016 independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen and msnbc terrorism analyst michael malcolm nance, mike mcfaul, former u.s. ambassador to russia who joins us via remote in stanford. evan, i'm going to ask you the if, question. earlier today former cia director michael hayden was on "morning joe" basically saying it wasn't plausible president obama ordered a wiretap because presidents can't order wiretaps. explain. >> there's a whole process for this to happen. when there's a need to collect intelligence on a foreign agent, on an agent of a foreign power, or on a foreign power operating inside the united states, that request comes from the nsa usually or the fbi, goes to a fisa court that's a classified intelligence court that evaluates that request. there's some back and forth between the court and the agency that submits the request, and then ultimately there's a final
10:41 am
request submitted and that's either approved or not. the point is there's a whole process involved with lots of people, and you can't, the president doesn't just make the request. the president can't bypass that process. if a president were to attempt to bypass that process, a lot of people would know because it takes people to actually implement a wiretap as we're calling it here, and it would be a big conspacy that would really be hard to contain and wouldn't likely even be successful in being implented. >> we should note that a spokesman for the former president, president obama, has denied that this happened. we're also hearing from u.s. official that the fbi has asked the doj to knock down these allegations, and yesterday former dni james clapper was on "meet the press" with chuck todd denying it. let's listen to that. >> just going to say if the fbi, for instance, had a fisa court order of some sort for surveillance, would that be information you would know or
10:42 am
not know? >> yes. >> you would be told this. >> i would know that. >> if there was a fisa court order. >> something like this absolutely. >> at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> there is no fisa court order. >> not to my knowledge. >> of anything at trump tower? >> no. >> so from how we understand it at least now this originated from i believe a breitbart story. malcolm what does it say that the intelligence community now has to fight for credibility in the white house with breitbart? >> well it says that we're living a period of insanity quite obviously. i worked at the national security agency and i did signals intelligence, that would have been similar to this. you know, even inadvertent collection is a hands off situation, where we don't touch the systems, we wait for t lawyers to come down, and if it's not an actual intelligence target, which has a warrant on it, it's not going to be done. as evan said just a moment ago,
10:43 am
there is no way for this to happen. now, donald trump has this "sopranos" image in his head, black bag teams coming into the building and putting in physical wire taps which if you knew anything about it and asked for a briefing we wouldn't have to do anything like that. >> what would you have to do, i'm curious. >> let's just say i don't have to be in the building. but the point is, that would be a conspiracy an order of magnitude greater than anything we've seen. this is coming from a conspiracy theory website. that's what breitbart news is. they have a face of, you know, a news organization, but for them to put that out, to attack a former sitting president with that accusation, you'd better come loaded for bear and have all the facts in a row. >> it's an undisciplined rant or trying to draw attention away from the sessions recusarecusal? >> i think it's an undisciplined rant. anything we've seen about donald trump those of you think he's crazy like a fox, no. he's not a fox.
10:44 am
he's, he just sees things and he reacts to them. this does not, this damages the intelligence process, both of our agencies, you know, agencies that we may have worked at, we're having to put, sit there every day, put out high quality product that we think is going to be used to keep the people of the united states protected and then we get this. >> mike, you've been sitting patiently. we talk all the time about this presidency losing credibility, this white house losing credibility, both at home and overseas, in a case like this, where this is such an explosive allegation, that doesn't have any evidence to back it up, does he really risk now saying hey, maybe there's a threat to america, looking at our allies, and saying we need to you come help us, and having the allies sayou know what? i just don't believe you. >> or the american people. i mean that's why i find this completely outrageous. first of all, just to underscore the facts, the president of the united states can never be involved in one of these fisa
10:45 am
court warrants, never. number two, we've had the former dni clapper now reported in the "new york times" the fbi director comey say that there wasn't one, so this is absolutely false, and i just want to add in the tweet he also called my former boss bad and sick. so when do you thyou do that yo credibility, you lose credibility with your allies and you lose credibility with the american people and when he's going to have to come to someday with some intelligence that's going to be serious about north korea, or iran or some terrorist threat, and it's going to be hard for some of us to believe him because he puts out these kinds of tweets. it's really damaging to our national security. >> evan mcmullin, malcolm, senator mcfaul who we promise is not tied to that camera out there in stanford. we do let him leave and have lunch. >> always glad to be here. >> he's on our air all the time talking about russia, because you are of course the expert,
10:46 am
sir. thank you guys. thanks for joining me and happy monday to all of you. >> same to you. house republicans in the white house working hand in hand to resolve the final outstanding issues surrounding the gop health care bill. they're nearly ready to roll it out, b is it going to satisfy republican lawmakers who want nothing less than the total repeal of obamacare? grown man now. i don't want to pry... dad. but have you made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son... ...a cash man. dad, are you crying? nah, just something in my eye. the volkswagen 3 and easy event... ...where you can choose one of three easy ways to get a $1000 offer. hurry in to your volkswagen dealer now and you can get $1000 as an apr bonus, a lease bonus, or cash back.
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the long awaited the long-awaited obamacare repeal and replacement bill is expected to be unveiled by house republicans this week. it comes after a number of secret meetings on capitol hill last week to work out several sticking points, including tax credits, medicaid expansion, planned parenthood and funding. but with the narrow majorities in the house and senate, republicans won't be able to pass this legislation unless they remain absolutely united. joining me now on set, former congressman patrick murphy, democrat from florida, and
10:51 am
republican joe walsh of illinois. so, joe, i want to get you first. got to get on you the record about this. do you believe because he's put the attention, katy, on this, instead of the topic you and i want to talk b repealing obamacare. >> who gets in his ear and tells him to just stop tweeting? >> i think -- katy, i think it's to distract. look, jeff sessions, jeff sessions who? i think donald trump wanted to take the attention off of jeff sessions so he put out this blitzkrieg saturday morning, which i think is bad no matter how you cut it. >> how does paul ryan -- let's talk about obamacare. how does paul ryan balance all the demands of his congress and -- excuse me, of his conference, and also get this new repeal plan through? >> i think it's almost impossible now katy, because he's waited so long. this is an unforced error. republicans have created this mess. if they have a mandate for
10:52 am
anything, katy, it's to repeal obamacare. it's what got me elected in 2010. it's what gave the republicans the senate in 2014. the fact they've waited 45 days, and just as my dad would say, difficult dilly-dallied around and created legitimate protests out there. they better keep their promise and repeal obamacare or they'll have a real problem with their voters. >> patrick, i want to ask you, if joe says that that is what republicans were voted in on, but we saw in these town halls across the country, so much anger, frustration and fear about obamacare getting taken back and people losing their health care coverage, was thiscy case where maybe people thought it was what it was and when they realized the realities of it
10:53 am
changing they think, i could lose quite a bit of things i've been relying on. >> republicans have a mess on their hands. they should have been ready for prime time. it's clear that they aren't ready to govern. they've been talking about repealing obamacare for, what, seven years now and they still don't have a plan. talking to all my friends in the congress. they're all telling me, they are not going to be able to come up with a bill that suits both sides of the republican party. that is still divided, despite donald trump winning the presidency. they are still divided. and they're realizing that a lot of americans actually want affordable health care and they want some choices. >> democrats even acknowledge there are some aspects of the bill that could be amended or replaced, even fixed. is there a desire within the democrat -- the democratic party to potentially work with republicans to make it a stronger health care law? >> i read my first, second and third campaigns talking about the need to fix the affordable care act, and talking to
10:54 am
president obama himself would admit there are things that need to be improved. that's really where the focus should be. as we made a huge step forward with the affordable care act, let's talk about how we make it more affordable for more people and continue to bend that cost curve because we have to get health care right in our country. there is a large group in the democratic party that want to fix it. unfortunately, that goodwill, that relationship-building needed by president trump or others in the republican party just isn't there because of these continued incendiary comments we're hearing. the tweets over the weekend and the list goes on and on where the demratsresaying, wait a minute, are we really going to work with this guy after the things they're saying? >> are they running that risk, the republicans not having any democrats working with them because president trump is just all over the map with his twitter and making all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations? and if so, do they care. >> yeah, katy, i don't think this is on trump. this is on paul ryan and the republican party. patrick's right. i think the protests out there in the country against repeal
10:55 am
are real. they've scared republicans. but i can tell you what, katy, if the republicans don't repeal all of obamacare, there's going to be an uprising among their voters like they've never seen. we have been waiting for this vote for seven years. my god, we put a repeal obamacare bill on obama's desk, and we can't put one on our own president's desk within the past 45 days? that's embarrassing. they've got to keep their promise. >> i can't tell you how much i enjoy having two guys, one democrat, the other one a republican, saying they agree with each other and not scream at each other across the tv screen. thank you, guys, for making my monday. >> thank you. >> former congressman joe walsh and patrick murphy, again, thank you. coming up in our next hour, former nixon white house counsel john dean on president trump's claims of watergate nixonian style wiretapping. mike rounds on whether
10:56 am
republicans in congress are taking trump's claims seriously. also, another hour of me. stay with us. it's an important question you ask, but one i think with a simple answer. we have this need to peek over our neighbor's fence. and once we do, we see wonder waiting. every step you take, narrows the influence of narrow minds. bridges continents and brings this world one step closer. so, the question you asked me. what is the key? it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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11:00 am
>> while no system can be made completely infallible, the american people can have high confidence we're identifying ways to improve the vetting process and, thus, keep terrorists from entering our country. fallout over president trump's explosive claim -- they don't know what he's talking about. >> he's the president of the united states. he has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not. that's the way it should be for presidents. >> look, i haven't had the chance to have the conversation directly with the president. and he's at a much higher classification than i am. so he may have access to documents that i don't know about. the american people deserve to know if this happened because if it did, this would be the greatest overreach and the greatest abuse of power we have ever seen. >> president trump put the country's credibility on the line. reporters and guests, we've got it


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