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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i will hold it for a whole show. i call babies "it." stephanie picks up the coverage right now from capitol hill. >> you are right. where am i? right here in washington, d.c., where in two days right here at the capitol, donald trump will be sworn in. it's going to be a blockbuster on the hill, and four cabinet nominees go before the senate, and the man charged for dismantling obamacare, and he's under fire for allegations of insider trader. >> any prosecutor would say, oh, boy, i better look into this. donald trump speaking in a brand-new interview, and he's taking on congressman, john lewis. >> what he did was a very, very bad thing. not for me. for me, it doesn't matter. he did a bad thing for the country. and a sneak peek of the details of trump's inauguration ee. >> i have prepared it.
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dhe first line is thanking everybody. >> breaking overnight, president george w.h. bush hospitalized, and we are following the latest. communication controversy. military leaders are furious over this this morning and obama is set to answer questions on it today. we are following the breaking news on former president bush, and we will have a live update on his health, but we have to begin today on capitol hill. it will be a zoo. four cabinet nominees are going before committees at the same time. nikki haley for u.n. ambassador, and tom price is also going to testify, and he is up for health and human services and he can be facing the toughest question of the day, but you are in luck because we have the best team of reporters and a fantastic panel
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to get you started. i want to start with talking tom price. kasie hunt is following this on the hill. democrats did not want the hearing to happen today. it's busy out there. how come? >> reporter: yeah, this is not actually his official confirmation hearing. this is courtesy hearing before the senate health, education and pensions committee to talk about what might coming up and the official hearing will be with the finance committee. you can expect there to be a lot of focus today, and i call it a political-style campaign, and there's opposition research and dissection of his record and the stock trades he has conducted specifically one into a company called zimmer biomet, and the democrats say price then co-sponsored legislation to help that company, and look at what chuck schumer had to say earlier in the week.
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>> the legislation specifically affects implants and he puts it in a week after he buys the stock? that cries out for an investigation. >> by the house ethics committee? >> by the house ethics committee, or who knows. if he knew about it it could well be a violation of the law. >> reporter: democrats are asking for his official hearings to be delayed because of this particular inquiry, and part of the calculation here, steph, is that tom price is a lynchpin in republican plans to repeal the health care law, the affordable health care act, and if you listen to what donald trump and vice president mike pence has to say about this, and they will say let's wait until he gets confirmed and we will talk about how to replace this law, and they are going to rely on him for re-writing that, and for
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democrats, holding him off staves that off. >> courtesy hearing? i feel like they are not going to be too courteous today. and then wilber ross is going before the commerce committee, and kelly o'donnell is there with more. >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. this is a situation where billionaire, wilber ross, will be in charge of, if he is confirmed, trying to get the country's business going, and that sounds very much like donald trump. he is worth himself more than $2.5 billion, and he reached an agreement with the office of government ethics to divest a number of his holdings, and not everything but he reached an agreement, so he will separate himself from the massive fortune he amassed, and he's in the top 250 wealthiest people in the united states, and he's expected to get tough grilling. wilber ross is 79 years old and has a personal relationship with donald trump that goes back a ways and he has a tomorrow near
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mar-a-lago in florida. for wilber ross, the questions will be is his wealth going to affect his decision-making if he leads that department. wilber ross at 79 will be taking on a very big job. he is expected to get questioning that will deal with those issues, sort of the billionaire cabinet, what would that impact, the working person in the country, the business community in the untr those sorts of countries that create for wilr ross an environment where he could get tough questioning, and he is a donor and investor and he has some relationships on the senate committee. unlike other situations where we have seen cabinet nominees put through a real hot seat pace because they have strong differing views than the president-elect, and we will have to see how this unfolds and
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gets going around 10:00 this morning on capitol hill. >> i want to bring in my panel, rolen martin, and former maryland governor, and a trump supporter, robert ehrlich. look at this, already making friends. i want to talk tom price. why tom price, would he be involved in trading any sort of health care stocks ever given his job? >> i don't know. you don't know -- >> i do. >> and the american public -- that's the purpose of these hearings. it's a very transparent process, and we will get a hint today and you will know more tonight. >> here's why. stephanie, he lied and you are trying to get paid and you are enriching yourself by virtue of your job, and this is a bigger problem with this town, they are exempt from the very rules that impact other americans and that to me is fundamentally wrong and
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congress does it all of the time, and -- >> that's called being convicted before the evidence is in, by the way. >> it's not. it's a certifiable fact that congress consistently writes themselves out -- >> yeah, before my class got here in '94, that was the regular practice of the town, i agree. >> let's talk about what tom price can do in terms of him being the lynchpin to repeal obamacare. you have higher ratings for people who are happier with obamacare today, and grant it, it's still under 50%, and we have a real plan and we don't know what it is, and that's 18 million people that will lose coverage. >> we are speculating here, and by any measure it has been a disaster. as you run around the -- >> no, it hasn't. >> it wasn't insurance. insurance is for future acts, not if you get sick today, you can get -- it was an anti-market
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mechanism, and more than half of the co-ops are belly up today. >> then what is the solution? >> it was never meant to work because nobody read the bill before they passed it. >> it's easy to say i hate it and it's not good enough, and what do they need to deliver? >> there have been dozens of bills offered in regard to obamacare, and we don't know today and you are not going to know for a few weeks, the u.s. public will not know until obviously the hearings and the bill gets put together. we know the elements. the medical device tax is the worst idea ever and that will be repealed and that's a bipartisan issue, are we agreed? >> no. >> geez. >> you are saying it's a total disaster, and you are wrong. for the people out there who have had their lives saved and children on their health care, and they are saying you are 100% wrong. >> if you wanted to enlarge medicaid, which is what this amounted to, because with regard
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to the market mechanisms, it's a disaster. if they went to congress and said we have a problem here, and we have poor people that can't get access to health care, and we have states that are in trouble with regards to existing medicaid programs but we are going to expand it because it's the right thing, at least somebody could have at least read that. >> guess what? there's so much happening today, and we are going to cover that. and president obama's final press conference about the commuting of the sentence of manning. >> we know that ash carter, secretary of defense, was opposed to granting chelsea manning, then bradley manning,
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convicted for that 35-year sentence, and ash carter was opposed to it, and there are upsets in terms of the standard it sets and whether or not there will be additional further leaks. what is getting a lot of tention here, general cartwright also getting his pardon. we don't have a lot of time, but roland, paul ryan said this is a dangerous precedent to set, and think of all the leaks right now and the fact that president obama is commuting that sentence? >> if you spy against the united states, that should be the ultimate penalty and you should not get out, so it's extremely problematic, so i can't wait to hear the president explain why he did this, but this is a problem because when you steal secrets and leak them, they are secrets for a reason, and this is the president that went after
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other leakers in a vigorous way the last eight years. >> concur completely. i will just add this, what this person did, what she did is place american lives at risk, and by the way, not just american lives but our allied's lives, and people were in dangerous situations to help us and i want to see what the president has to say, too, because the military today is depressed. >> clearly the act was wrong, but in terms of the sentence, for that kind of crime, most people get one to three. >> no. >> the reason that's right, there are people sitting in prison who stole $20 and got long sentences and people who have three strikes out and i will not sit here and make excuses, but 35 years is not long when you look at how, we and other citizens, and pple that oppose that, i want to see them talk about maximum minimums and how they oppose those.
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>> i don't like when you agree. this is a serious story. former president bush has been hospitalized, and he has been responding well to treatments. chris jansing is live at the white house. the former president is 92 years old and this is a concern. how is he doing? >> he's said to be resting comfortably. they brought him to the hospital as a precaution, and having said that anytime you are 92 years old and he suffered from parkinson's and gets around mostly in one of the motorized wheelchair or a regular wheelchair, and it's a sub of concern, and he was hospitalized for the same reason in 2014, and you might remember in 2015 he was hospitalized after falling and breaking a bone in his neck, and after having said that, you also know those famous pictures of him on his 90th birthday jumping out of a plane in a tandem parachute jump, and he
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invited wounded warriors out on the lake for his 92nd birthday, and they are hopeful this morning he will be in the hospital a couple days and then released once they get him stabilized. >> that's one great american and we are wishing him health. the trump nominees hearings to begin at the top of the hour. if a man nicknamed the king of bankruptcy, and another suing the epa, are they really the best picks for a presidential cabinet? maybe this was a changed election. first, donald trump speaking out about why what john lewis said was not hurtful to him but bad for the country. i don't know. i think donald trump got his feelings hurt there.
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would you be willing to sit down with congressman lewis? >> sure, i would be, but it's just we're off to a bad start, no question about it. what he did was a very, very bad thing. not for me. for me it doesn't matter. he did a bat thing fd thing for country, very divisive. >> i am speechless, and he is putting the blame on john lewis for dividing the country, and trump says he doesn't care if they skip the inauguration, because he said, quote, we need the seats. john lewis, he is clearly a civil rights icon, but he did skip a previous inauguration, and while he may have been
6:18 am
speaking from his heart, this did set off a chain reaction. did he go too far? >> no, he didn't. donald trump still owes america apology when it comes to the barack obama birther issue, and he disrespected obama for the eight years, and he owes the president and america an apology for what he did, and what he did was shameful when it came to the birther issue. >> it's kind of rich for donald trump to say lewis was divisive. >> she asked me what my thoughts were on it, and i brought up the -- >> that was not his rational. civil rights icon, and this is not complicated, and it's a free country and he can do what he
6:19 am
wants. >> the bottom line is what he was speaking to -- >> you don't get a free pass -- >> i didn't say free pass. you can criticize all you want to, and donald trump also -- you talk about what is unfortunate for the american people, this man still refuses to say anything remotely negative or critical about vladimir putin, so what lewis did say, this man is about to be sworn in and we have issues -- >> i am going to stay on russia. we are going to stay on russia. donald trump spoke about that dossier and maybe some leaks. take a look. >> nothing is ever going to show up, and there's never going to be a tape or anything that shows up. i would be very embarrassed if a tape showed up saying something like that, and i would be double embarrasses, because there's no tape or event because i was never in that room for a period of time. they made stuff up. >> that dossier unverified and
6:20 am
have not seen it. but donald trump saying if there's no tape it never happened. he has been around the block on this, and for donald trump to say in this interview, he considers angela merkel, and vladimir putin both getting a fresh start, starting on the same level. say what? >> the dossier doesn't deserve to be commented on, as you know. going back to the congressman, his rational was somehow the election was illegal. >> no, we are talking about russia here. >> let me finish that. the bottom line is, he said this is an illegitimate president because of the election. where is one shred of proof that anybody anywhere in the world did anything to impact the actual vote count in this election? >> no, no, no -- >> roland? >> so we are criticizing john lewis because we are saying there are no facts around that. >> yeah. >> and what about criticizing donald trump for not truly
6:21 am
acknowledging there was no -- >> he did. >> and you are comfortable with him saying angela merkel and vladimir putin, same page? >> well, i think it's legitimate -- >> donald trump failed the american people because we would not own up to the russian influence, and here is the other deal, no tape will surface, but when will the taxes surface, and when will you reveal with the people how much you owe other countries, and he is saying i never had business dealings in russia but his son said we had a lot of business in russia, and he's not true with the american people. i am waiting for a straight answer. i thought he was a straight shooter. >> and i knew you were this upset about the clinton foundation. >> nice try. i always say that if she won, shut down the clinton
6:22 am
foundation. >> after the fact? are you kidding me? >> gentlemen, gentlemen, we are taking a break, but guess what? hillary clinton did not win the election, and donald trump is the president-elect and there are many questions and issues around -- >> but there is no issues about him winning this election. >> bob, who does he owe millions to? we still don't know, and he's about to be sworn in as the president of the united states, and as a republican, you should beaying reveal everything to america. agreed? >> given that donald trump said there may have been russian interference, and -- >> clearly, everybody knows -- >> trump said he did no business and his son said they did, and which one is it? >> i am for transparency.
6:23 am
>> guess what? we are going to -- we are going to take a commercial break. more transparency is better and it would help people to come together if we did see the ambassador. >> the u.n. ambassador. wilber ross testifies at the top of the hour. these guys make me crazy! later, should president obama have commuted chelsea manning's sentence? when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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6:27 am
houston hospital because of shortness of breath. the president is, quote, doing well. in addition to chelsea manning, president obama commuted the sentence of general james cartwright and baseball hall of famer, mcilroy. and president obama has commuted more sentences than any other officer. and then controversial educational secretary nominee, betsy devos, went before a fired up senate on tuesday, and lawmakers grilled her on trump's proposal to ban guns in schools. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds 7 in 10 people disapprove of the president-elect's social media
6:28 am
use, a similar number, 69% believe his tweets will have consequences. guess what? tough luck. he's not getting off twitter. you are looking at what is going to be a busy morning, and wilber ross will face a tough senate hearing at the top of the hour. i want to walk you through this man's career because you might not know him. wilber ross, 79 years old, and earned the nickname the king of bankruptcy after buying bankrupted businesses and flipped them for a profit, and that's legal. these restructureings costs many their jobs, and he had the same populist ideas, and case in point, ross has long rallied
6:29 am
against what he calls bad trade deals and the decline of manufacturing jobs here in the u.s. >> what we are doing is exporting jobs and importing products instead of exporting products and keeping jobs. >> ross has faced severe criticism after the death of 12 mi miners after he purchased a mine and it had a number of safety violations. walk us through this. you have heard wilber ross's critics, and do you share any of their concerns? >> i am looking forward to having a confirmation hearing this morning in a few minutes with mr. ross. i know it will be vigorous questioning, as it is and should be for all the nominees put forward by mr. trump. i had a personal meeting with
6:30 am
mr. ross, and i appreciate his honesty and he was forthright with me. >> what was it that he told you specifically that you felt good about, because he doesn't have any experience in government? >> mr. ross has a lot of experience with companies, and he understands efficiencies and really how to get the job done, so he's got a big department that he is going to be overseeing, and there's over 40,000 employees in the commerce department, and he will look at that. we talked a lot about trade, and nebraska, of course, is a state that we export a lot, and we are dependent upon trade for our robust economy that we have in nebraska, when agriculture products are suffering and it's going to hurt the economy of my state, so it was really
6:31 am
interesting to hear mr. ross' thoughts on trade, and as your clip showed, to make sure we have jobs here in the united states and that was a focus for mr. trump in the election, and it is one that is going to be a focus for mr. ross moving forward. >> to your point, he has gotten the job done, and he's gotten a different job done, and his expertise is around job operation and excellence which often results in slashing jobs, and he has been critical with tpp, which he called horrible and he wants to renegotiate nafta, and this is not something wilber ross has expertise in, and what if we get in a trade war, a trade deficit and budget deficit are two different things, and a lot of people in america like to buy cheap
6:32 am
products and that's how this system works? >> we are looking at all of his comments today, and there are some i don't agree with, because i support tpp, and i supported trade, as i said, and we'll have that conversation moving forward. the senate does provide a backstop when we are looking at trade, you know. we need to approve these agreements as well, so if we can negotiate good agreements, and if we want to make sure the workers in this country are protected and we want an open market for products in this country, and i think you will find support by the american people for that. >> you are going to be part of the confirmation hearing for scott pruitt looking to head up the epa, and it makes sense to have somebody critical of the epa, because it's the environmental protection agency,
6:33 am
but scott pruitt, he sued the epa 14 times and has a cozy relationship with the industry, and the fact they worked so close together potentially he doubts the existence of climate change, and are you comfortable with a nominee like pruitt? >> first of all, i have to take issue with your last comment. david green with npr has said there's really no evidence out there that mr. pruitt ever denied that the climate is changing. you know, in my conversation with mr. pruitt, he has been, again, very forthright and we talked about ethanol, which at times is in conflict with the oil industry, and we met a number of senators from foreign states wheret etthanol is important, and the private conversations and at that
6:34 am
meeting is that he will follow the rule of law and that's all we are asking for, follow the law as it is set by congress. there's congressional intent, and i happen to believe that the epa in many instances in recent years has had tremendous overreach, you know. we see that with waters of the u.s., and there's a stay on that with the circuit court and the supreme court just decided to take up that issue, and that was in my opinion, a tremendous overreach by the epa, and it affects every nebraskaen and every american. this is not just an issue that is going to affect one segment of the population. it's going to hit taxpayers because they are going to be paying more when it comes to maintaining roads and constructing new roads, and it's going to affect home builders and a to their cost whi rit now 25% of the cost of a
6:35 am
new home is due to regulations. if you add even more regulations on to that, my gosh, you have taken away an american dream where people want to own their own homes. i believe that mr. pruitt is going to follow the law, follow congressional intent, and make sure that we have clean air, clean water, and we have an agency that is focused on really their duty and their mission, and that is following the law and following the intent of the law when passed. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. i do want to point out that scott pruitt has said in the past the science of climate change is, quote, far from settled. this is clearly an important issue because the planet, the health of planet earth affects all of us and our futures. >> right. >> thanks again. coming up at the top of the hour, four hearings from trump's nominees including tom price,
6:36 am
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controversy is raging after president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning. manning, of course, served more than six years of her 35-year prison sentence after pleading guilty after a leak of classified documents to wikileak. and we have glenn greenwald and robert scales. good morning, gentlemen. major general, paul ryan called this outrageous. what do you think? >> i think it is outrageous. people look at this in different perspectives.
6:40 am
i look at it as a perspective of a soldier and the only way to talk about this is she's guilty of treason. she put les at risk and leed more than 450,000 documents, all of the documents were related to operations, not to politics or diplomacy. and the sacred bond of a soldier is to stand by and protect his buddy, and in this case he let his buddies down, and the only word a professional soldier would use is treason, and she's guilty of that. >> glenn, treason is what the general said, and not even the military charged her with treason, and how do you go on television and accuse somebody of treason that was not tried of that crime, and the reason treason has no application because treason is selling documents to an intelligent foreign service, or handing them
6:41 am
to a foreign government in secret, and she went to the iraq war and volunteered because she believed her government what they were saying about what they were doing in iraq, and when she got there she saw it was opposite, the military and government were lying to the people, and they were committing atrocities and war crimes, and in releasing documents to journalist to inform the public, and that's what she did, and it's crucial to realize that she received by far the longest prison term for any leaker in the history of the united states who leaked to the public opposed to a foreign government, and she served seven years under conditions that were abusive and inhumane, and david petraeus leaked high level top-secret documents, and not one document that manning leaked was top secret, and petraeus did not spend a single day in prison,
6:42 am
and people like the general never get that, and if you don't have power you go to jail for seven years, and if you are a powerful and important person in washington like david petraeus, you don't spend a single second in prison and that's the injustice president obama just corrected. >> look who he represents, edward snowden. >> to his points, think about the fact chelsea manning already served seven years? >> two issues, here. petraeus did commit a crime and he was punished -- >> was he punished? he was punished with probation. >> probation and a fine. but that didn't rise to the level of treason. he did not give away information that directly affected the safety of american soldiers -- >> he gave away code names and the names of agency, and what he gave away was so much more
6:43 am
sensitive, top secret code names and agents in the field he gave away, way more sensitive and way higher level of a secrecy than anything chelsea manning leaked, so please be honest and factual. >> the major general is not trying to be dishonest, but it's true, petraeus gave top-secret information which was a higher level than what chelsea manning did. >> what manning gave away was information on ongoing operations in afghanistan and iraq, and the names or the inferences through code names of the people that he gave away were put at physical risk. what dave gave away, which was illegal for which he was punished, comes in at a much, much lower level of danger to our soldiers in the field. now it's the case that sometimes generals are punished to a lesser degree than privates?
6:44 am
absolutely. is the right? no. >> so he should have gotten a tighter sentence -- >> no, that's not what i am saying. the level of crime is enormous, and he didn't release them from the taliban, but they went online and got them from wikileaks, so what is the difference? >> thank you for joining me. we will take a break, and next at the top of the hour, four very big hearings for trump's nominees, and we will bring you them live. we will go to the border to see how the residents feel about the prospect of a brand-new border wall. rds can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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the wall, the wall, the wall. donald trump made building a border wall a big part of his
6:48 am
presidential campaign, and now the question is will he carry through with that promise? gadi schwartz has gone all the way to the u.s./mexico border traveling from one tip of texas to the other, and he is gauging the temperature over this topic. he's on the road in texas, and what is the mood down there. >> reporter: well, stephanie, it's a lot of wait and see. i can't really convey just how expansive this border is. we have been driving for two days and we covered about 1,000 miles, and that's the texas/mexico border, and the united states and mexico border is 2,000 miles. we have been talking to people all along the border, and earlier we were near el paso, and we found people that voted for trump, and interesting enough along the border in the united states are blue counties including here in texas, but this was a red county, and we
6:49 am
talked to formers and they took us down to see the wall and while we were down there, we heard gunshots going off and we talked to one law enforcement officer said violence spilling over to the united states is one reason why a lot of people supported trump. take a listen. do you think trump can build a wall? >> i don't know. when i see it i will believe it. it's going to be -- too much money. >> reporter: this wall over here is a million dollars a mile? >> that's what i hear. it's going to cost billions. >> reporter: and that's just a fence, and he wants to build a wall. >> that's just a fence. >> reporter: this county recently went trump, and do you think it's because people fear what is going on in mexico? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: yeah? they are scared the violence will spill over. >> they are scared about the violence coming over, especially in a little border town. >> this is an area that is
6:50 am
ground zero for a lot of people crossing over into the united states before trump's inauguration, and we are going to take you live along the border for one of those patrols coming up. stephanie, back to you.gadi. two days driving in texas. that is some good eating. up next, we'll look ahead at the four major hearings starting at the top of the hour. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend.
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in just a few minutes, four hearings are going to begin for several trump nominees vying for cabinet positions in health and human services and epa. back with me, bob urlick and don diamond. i want to talk tom price for a moment. tom price is a sitting congressman yet now we're looking at him for potentially insider trading claims. if he did commit a crime, why haven't we been talking about this for months? >> i think you're asking the right question, which is that there are so many different
6:54 am
lawmakers who are investing in different trades. and if you start -- if you start looking at the various dots, and are trying to connect the various legislation that people put forward with the positions that they take, you can possibly make this case for lots of different lawmakers. the challenge is, we don't scrutinize lawmakers at this level very often. price is now going through this rapid confirmation process, and the trump team says, if you did this to any other lawmaker, you did this to democrats you'd find the same argument with them, too. >> we're seeing the rooms filling up. people are getting ready for these hearings. governor, when you think about a guy like wilbur ross, who is going to be commerce secretary, why does wilbur ross want this. a 79-year-old billionaire investor who has never had a job in government? >> i like the idea of having people who have signed the front of checks. and it's an interesting sort of -- i'm not accusing you of
6:55 am
this, but it's a class warfare where people say we don't want successful wealthy people in the cabinet giving up their wealth to come to government -- >> i'm not saying people who pursued and lived the american dream shouldn't be in the cabinet. but questions about what is this person's motivation because until now it's always been business, business, money, money. >> believe me. they are asking themselves the same question. they've never had to deal with you. but the -- seriously, the bottom line, it's part of the game. you'll give up a lot of money and your privacy for public service. this is the down side of public service, the scrutiny. it's part of it. >> i just have one wish today. anybody who prepped betsy devos, i hope you did not prep the four people going ahead. was that a horrible hearing yesterday? i'm a school choice supporter, but, my goodness, this is somebody who will be secretary of education? that is scary some of the questions she could not answer. >> we're going to move on and i'm going to point out people who are going to go for these
6:56 am
positions are going to give up privacy and money. four years from now, i'm not sure if donald trump will have given up much money or privacy because there's a good chance he makes quite a bit of it in the next four years. any minute from now those hearings are going to begin. hot seats across the board. we'll bring you those hearings live. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. all right. we have no time left to wrap this up. all these cabinet picks, we're criticizing them. does everyone go through? remember, republicans are in power. yes or no. >> yes. >> everybody gets confirmed? >> unfortunately, yes. price should not go through. >> all right, all right. i says one answer. everybody said yes. thank you roland martin, john. right now, hallie jackson. >> thank you, stephanie. right now, we have breaking news on several fronts. four hearings starting basically right now here on capitol hill. we've been waiting for them to begin. the nominees for commerce,
7:00 am
health and human services, epa administrator and u.n. ambassador. all of them ready to face senators. you can see the four boxes on your screen. also the pardon predicamenpredi. obama's pardons. and george h.w. bush in the hospital in texas this morning. the 92-year-old admitted for shortness of breath. we'll have the latest on his condition. we have our team of correspondents everywhere across the country with all of this covered today, including right here on capitol hill. msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt watching the tom price hearing. kasie, let's talk about the congressman under fire over some of his stock purchases. democrats really fired up about this. talk to us about what's going on. >>. >> that's right, hallie. democrats are very, very focused on this.


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