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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  April 12, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a special response team overcomes an apparent act of sabotage on a fight call. >> there was so much water and soap on the floor. it was meant for us to slip and slide. >> a female inmate is accused of misconduct. >> if you're standing here and accusing me, of stealing, give me a lie detector test. i will pass it. get me a lie detector test. >> accuses an officer of misconduct. >> don't make me put my hands on you and show you how bisexual i
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can be. what is that. >> an 18-year-old charged with murder faces both the judge and -- >> you chased my son down and shot him in the back. >> the victim's mother. >> when you get behind them doors, i hope you get what you deserve. >> in the heart of downtown cleveland, sits an 11-story tall half block wide symbol of law and order. the cuyahoga county correction center. >> face the wall! >> about 30,000 men and women from the city and outlying areas are booked into this jail each
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year. the majority will be released within 24 hours. but about 2,200 occupied beds here for an indefinite period, most are only accused of crimes and are awaiting trial for resolution of their cases. and like cleveland itself, the jail can be said to have tough neighborhoods of its own, especially the tenth floor. >> this is our maximum security floor. for the most part, that is where we how's our problematic inmates, inmates in some type of disciplinary lockup and we have our individuals that are here on high profile charges. >> the floor is managed by the special response team or sert, a tactical unit trained in the use of riot gear and controlling high risk inmates. >> we like to keep them close to our problems. that's kind of why they manage the floor. >> and problems do occur here. sert has just been called to a fight.
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little do they know, they might have been sabotaged. >> wet floor. >> be advised, wet floor. >> proceed with caution. >> there was so much water on the floor, it was meant for us to slip and slide on. i mean, it was beyond mopping a floor. >> nobody on the response team was injured and the apparent sabotage did not prevent from quickly retraining the combatants, one is scott, the other is antwaan timberlake. >> do not turn off that wall, timberlake. >> the fight occurred inside his locked cell. >> in here? >> yeah. >> inmates sometimes finds ways to open up doors and sometimes they tamper with the lock. >> when used properly, a hard, flat object can sometimes jimmy a lock. >> in this case there was a chess board and he was able to pop it from the outside. >> officers separate the two men to get their versions of what happened.
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>> what's going on? >> nothing's going on. >> nothing? i'm up here for nothing? what happened? >> just fighting man. >> how did you get in his cell, his cell was locked. i don't know how [ bleep ]. >> who popped it open? >> he had to. >> where were you fighting at, outside or inside the cell? >> outside then inside the cell. he pulled me in the cell, man. >> take him down. >> the officers then move to timberlake's cell and question him. >> i was just laying in my bed trying to read and i heard my door pop. i thought it was someone coming in and i seen a dude coming in here just shut my door. >> at no time you left the cell. you weren't fighting and you pulled him inside? >> no, it's my room. >> the chess board's location outside the cell led officers to
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a preliminary conclusion as to which inmate was the aggressor and which was the victim. >> timberlake was a victim because they popped his door and fought with him. >> scott will remain confined while officials investigate the cause of the fight. timberlake is moved to a new unit as a safety precaution. >> i'm strong, i'm a big boy. i pretty much can handle it. >> in another part of the jail, tony goodwin was recently alleged to have been involved in a separate in-cell fight. >> he's known, wherever he goes, he's known. he's a member of two street gangs, one called the starter boys and the other is called the heartless felons. >> heartless felons is the jail's largest gang. most of its members were recruited when they were in county juvenile facilities. goodwin himself only recently transferred from the jail's juvenile wing to an adult housing unit when he turned 18. but he was first arrested 18 months earlier at age 16. he's charged with murder and has pled not guilty. >> i've been here so long, it's
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hard to cope sometimes. you try to adapt as much as you can but when you get around new people that ain't doing as much time as you is, sometimes you snap. >> see somebody coming here three or four times and i'm still sitting on the same case, it bothers you sometimes. take their life for granted. >> sam mcclaren has known goodwin since he arrived at the jail and now wants to speak to him about his alleged role in the fight. >> have a seat in that yellow chair, mr. goodwin. tony, we're here to talk about the incident that took place on jail 19b, altercation involved two individuals. tony, it's stated that you were there. >> i wasn't there. >> you wasn't there? why did they say you were there? >> i have no idea.
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>> they come out of the room you both hollering at each other. they say it was in cell 4. which cell were you in? >> i was in four. >> thank you. came out, grabbed the shirt. i feel a certain kind of way. you stepped into cell 15. from there, got him in a head lock. tony, you did not hit him, you did not get a chance to fight him. >> i didn't touch him. >> but you were there. >> come on, tony. >> guilty by association? >> no, sir, guilty because you stepped in the cell. >> i didn't step in the cell. >> the state says you did. give me your version of what happened. make it short. >> i can't really tell you. i ain't know nothing until they came and got me. >> come on, tony! >> for real. >> if you take part in gang activity, what can happen? you can receive how many days in lockup? 15, possible criminal charges can be brought against you. anything else you want to say before we close this?
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>> no. i'm all right. >> thank you. all right. that's the conclusion. mr. goodwin denied anything or taken part of the altercation that took place on -b pod, but with the witnesses we have and the statements they gave, it's clearly he did promote gang activity. he did take part in the activity that was going on. >> mr. goodwin back from talking to the investigator. come on. >> he's an individual that i think if he have taken a different road, people would have looked up to him. he chose the path that he took. he has to decide. time is running out on him. the more he takes part in the incidents like he did on 9-b, the farther he's going down that he can't return. you only can go so far. >> goodwin's future will soon come into focus. he's on trial for murder and if found guilty, could face life in prison. coming up --
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>> i'm going to do it until the day i die. >> an inmate well known to staff is targeted by other inmates. >> what are you accused of? >> being a gang member and having swastikas. >> i see how much hurt she has in her face and how much pain she's going through. >> tony goodwin sees his mother before a jury decides his fate. oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive.
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>> like many large urban jails, cleveland's cuyahoga county corrections center usually houses more inmates than it was built to acome date. that's due n large part, to inmate's drug use who led to other crimes and a revolving door relationship with the jail. staff recognize such inmates and some like lorraine green are more memorable than others.
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>> lorraine is an inmate that's been coming here before i started here. i've seen her come back and forth many times. >> heroin has kept green in cuyahoga for times. she's now awaiting sentencing on two counts of -- she worked as a nurse's aid for 15 years but funds her addictions for prostitution. >> still a prostitute? >> until the day i die. >> until i'm crippled and my -- my ass and hurts my neck. >> green says she made up to $800 a day as a prostitute. >> i may be old but i have a lot of regulars. i make a lot of money. i use condoms for everything. i don't let them kitss me. i don't like spit, other
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people's spit. don't let them kiss me. grosses me out even thinking about it. that's why i don't kiss. >> she has a strong aversion to her cell accommodations. >> my toilet is disgusting has poop on the inside. and this is what it is right here. if you look over here, these are mine. if you look over here, you see how nasty it is. they don't care about you. they could care less. >> she used to be more of a mellow inmate and usually you see it the opposite, come in more aggressive and mellow out. she's done the opposite. >> most of these are pictures of my children, who are they talking to disrespect me. >> as she's gotten older or tired of coming back and forth, she's become more of an aggressive inmate. >> this is where we're at. >> green was recently placed in a 23-hour observation after inmates reported that she had stolen food from them and part of a white supremacist gang. >> what did they tell you you're being accused of? >> being a gang member and having swastikas.
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>> yeah. >> i have tattoos but no gang -- >> you have some on your neck. can i see those? >> it's a cross. rest in peace. my mother and grandmother died. >> what is this on your arm. >> smile now, cry later. >> that's stated that you are supposed to be a leader of a gang unit or white supremacist activity. >> i have black children. my whole family is black. how can i be prejudice? huh how can i walk around when my whole family is black, white and puerto rican. >> i'm just asking. >> i'm telling you, i'm not -- if i was prejudice i wouldn't have mixed children. >> also accused of allegedly possibly be involved with commissary theft. >> i have my own money and commissary. why i do have to steal from anyone? i will pass a lie detector test. i will pass it with flying colors. get me a lie detector test and i
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will pass it. i'm not a thief. >> you haven't stolen. >> i stole out of stores at home, yeah. >> if you want to give me a lie detector test i guarantee i will pass it. >> let them say what they want to say, their girls. how they talk. >> they never called you that. they are accusing me of being a thief, dude. give me a lie detector test. i will pass it with flying colors. >> and claiming you were a white supremacist active. >> what do i look like, a gang member? i'm 50 years old. those girls are young. i'm not a gang member. i'm not a supremacist. >> we'll do a follow through, okay? all right, ma'am. >> thank you, sir. i like to have a lie detector for all three questions you asked me. >> yes, ma'am. >> i will even pay for it. i got money. >> you got money. >> yes, i do. >> thank you. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> green will remain in segregation at least until officer mcclaren concludes his investigation.
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over in the men's segregation unit, 18-year-old tony goodwin is dealing with much bigger issues. he's currently on trial for murder. >> my judge told me if i were to lose trial my minimum sentence would be 23 to life and maximum 33 to life. >> goodwin, who was 16 at the time of his arrest, is accused of fatally shooting a 20-year-old man. >> i'm nervous. i was -- basically i want to speak from the heart to the victim's family, whatever part i played in this situation, i really apologize for it and i want them to know i'm sincere about it. >> i have to ask you then, what are you sorry for? >> the part that i did play in this case. >> do you want to tell me what that was?
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>> no. >> does tony know? >> i know what i'm guilty of. >> 18 months before his own arrest, goodwin's older brother was fatally shot while standing at a bus stop. >> people take losses different ways. some people find god, religion, family. i chose the streets. i went to the streets when i lost my brother. some people do things different. the streets helped me cope, i guess, the pain i was feeling. >> goodwin has at least one person who understands his pain. >> is it possible i can see tony now? >> yes. >> i'm not allowed to touch him? >> no, you aren't going to get to touch him. >> my mother, she's a strong individual, just for the simple fact she supported me through this case and how she coped with losing her son. >> eleanor goodwin visits her son as often as possible.
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>> you know these chairs hurt my backside. they're so hard. >> she's joined by her family's minister, loretta freeman. >> i kept telling your mom, she will not bury you in penitentiary. that's what the lord told me. >> doesn't he answer my prayers? >> yes, he does. he was little, don't pray for me. >> i used to always say that. i'm going to pray for you. don't -- please, mom, pray for me. >> i look at her and i see how much hurt she's got in her face, how much pain she's going through. sometimes it's hard just to look at her. >> in your precious holy name i pray. amen. >> if i get convicted, she feels she will lose another child. >> my god, i love you so much. >> i love you too, mom.
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recently, the special response team at the cuyahoga county correction center got more than it bargained for when responding to a fight between scott and timberlake. >> there was so much water and soap on the floor, it was meant for us to slip and slide on. >> the officers could not prove who might have sabotaged them but none was injured. timberlake received medical treatment for his eye. >> came in my cell, he got to fighting and punching and put his whole hand in my eye. i'm pulling my eye back, you know. the whole thing. >> why, who is this person to you? >> nobody. >> scott, who is a member of the jail's largest gang, the heartless felons didn't have a lot to say about it, either.
9:24 pm
>> for real -- >> later however, scott admitted to jail investigators that he popped timberlake's cell with the chess board and initiated the attack. >> some of these pieces with flat edges you can get into the doorway and pop open a lock like you would do on the street. you can do it in here. it takes a lot more effort but it can be done. you need something hard and straight and you can tell it was used the way it was crimped. >> while inmate scott initially pled guilty, he waived his right to be present at this hearing. >> scott will receive time in isolation. how much time is up to the jail's disciplinary committee, who will take timberlake's injuries into account. >> how seriously injured was this guy? >> he had a black eye. his left eye was swollen. i don't know if he had lacerations over his left eye at all or not. >> it was a little swollen when i saw him. he said scott tried to gouge his
9:25 pm
eye out. he said he was trying to reach inside. he had scratch marks. >> what was this about? what was the reasoning why? did he give a reason? >> well -- no. there's just been some issues with timberlake and the heartless felons in there because timberlake does his own thing. he doesn't want to associate with them. and he just believes that the gang is ridiculous. >> still, timberlake is known for causing problems as well. >> timberlake has an anger issue. it's been there for a long time. we've dealt with timberlake. we've had numerous lockups when i dealt with him. >> i'm just a little punk, that's all. only the strong survive. you come in here like a little chump, run you to hell early. if you're strong and stand your ground, they know not to mess with you, you know.
9:26 pm
this is jail. it's either going to go the nice way or the hard way. either way, we're locked up, so -- >> timberlake who has prior convictions for burglary and theft recently pled guilty to attempted robbery and is awaiting sentencing. he says this offense sounds worse than what it is. >> you know what i'm in here for? for stealing a six pack of soap and deodorant. i'm a good person. i just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. i wasn't out there holding nobody at gun point or snatching old lady's purses or stealing cars. everybody is my friend, all of them. >> everybody thinks he's a [ bleep ]. >> don't listen to that. coming up -- >> we're about to tear it up. >> timberlake has a conflict
9:27 pm
with staff. and later, the jury reaches a decision in tony goodwin's murder trial.
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the top stories this hour, federal safety officials are urging anyone who saw a deadly crash in california between a fedex truck and a bus full of high school students to come forward. this after a couple said the truck was on fire before it hit the bus killing ten people. crews are continuing to search for a missing malaysian jet. a day after sounding optimistic about finding the plane, australian's prime minister saying the search could go on for a long time. more coming up on msnbc. now back to lockup. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >.> inside cleveland's cuyahoga
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county correction center lorraine green, currently in jail on drug possession charges, has been in segregation, pending an investigation into another inmate's claim that she's part of a white supremacist gang. >> it sucks to say i'm 50 years old and i'm a drug addict. here i sit in the county freaking jail, the worst hell hole you could be in. >> at least today, green will get a bit of good news from gang investigator sam mclaren. >> we have to have something solid or proof and we don't have none of that. so we're going to let her go. case closed. >> green is moved back to general population where she can be around other inmates and have her privileges restored. shortly after moving into her new cell, she has come forward with a allegation with a male officer that confronted her in segregation. >> he said i was kicking -- he says don't me put my hands on you, i can show you how bisexual
9:32 pm
my hands can be. who are you talking to like that? that's a sexual rude remark, comment to me that he shouldn't have said. >> the officer in question, corporal mets, along with the female officer that was with him when he smoke to green deny making any such comments. >> inmates make accusations and allegations. that was ou of nature, though. that one i still can't figure out that accusation. but, you know, we deal with it all the time. it's our policy here at the sheriff's department, interaction between male officers, female inmates, we always have a female officer with us during the interaction. >> after he was alerted to the allegation, associate warden eric ivey meets with green. >> why do you have an issue you want to talk to me about? >> when i was in my cell in lockdown, mr. corporal mets came in, came in my room because i was kicking my cover around the
9:33 pm
room, i had an attitude. maybe i was smart with the cos. that's just me. came in, i heard you're kicking your cover. treating my cos bad. i looked at him, i said, yeah, sure. and he started yelling. he said say sure again. i said, sure, whatever. he said don't make me put my hands on you and show you how bisexual i can be. what is that? >> i don't know but it just seems like there's something missing. >> i figured you might say that but it's not. >> are we going to talk or -- >> no. >> the only way we can get an understanding, i don't understand where the bisexual piece came in. he said he was going to -- you were offended by that? >> he told me don't make me put my hands on you and show you how bisexual my hands can be. >> so you were offended. >> did he put his hand on you at any point. >> no, did i not. >> is there anyone i can talk to that can verify. >> your co was in the room when he said that. it's on the grievance i filed with you.
9:34 pm
>> what did you do with the grievance. >> i gave it to them, said they were going to give it to you. it said grievance and warden. >> when you write a grievance, if you look in the back of your handbook, anytime you write a formal grievance, place it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it out. that makes it a formal grievance. it's right in the back of the handbook -- >> you don't have one. >> i threw it away. >> oh, you probably should read the handbook so you are aware of the rules and policies and procedures and the right protocol to follow when you have things like a grievance. >> they do. why didn't they tell me. >> i can tell you, the information was given to you and you had access to that information and you threw that away. i'm going to address this issue and see if i can get to the bottom of it. >> i know them cos and corporals will stick together. as far as that goes, i'm still filing a grievance and i am still getting my lawyer, because i talked to him already and i'm
9:35 pm
going to press charges on that man for what he did. >> that's your right to followup. >> i will follow up while you do what you have to do in here. in here. >> okay. >> it's not imperative that we like each other. what's imperative is that we respect each other, respect what everybody has to do. >> exactly. >> we have to understand that. >> yes, we do. >> have a good day. nice meeting you. >> you, too. >> i will speak with the accused and the witnesses that she gave me. hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this. >> up on the tenth floor, antuan timberlake is waiting for an answer as well. and he's growing impatient. >> i got to know what's going on. i have a right to know what going on. >> timberlake recently pled guilty to attempted robbery. he was due in court for sentencing three hours ago. but the judge has yet to send for him and he's anxious to know
9:36 pm
why. >> you think because i'm a prisoner i don't know [ bleep ]. i just want to know what's going on. >> i don't know. >> you're not trying to take the time to know, man. you're too busy being an a-hole to me, man. >> timberlake likes to get on my nerves and we try our best to be professional as much as possible. he has to wait like the rest of us. >> you're going to have to wait. >> we're about to tear it up in this [ bleep ]. you don't want to help me, i make sure i do something so you can call your boss. all right? cool on that? we got an agreement? >> no, we don't. >> you want to know me, you want to help me. you don't want to help us until we start acting like [ bleep ]. >> you need to sit and wait just like me. >> all you have to do is call the corporal and figure it out. >> speaking of the corporal,
9:37 pm
here he is. >> yes. >> i'm supposed to have court at 10:00 and evaluation at 1:00. i ain't got called for none of that. >> they didn't need you. if they need you, we'll get you up there. >> ain't no way you can call down there. >> the judge might have been involved in another case or something like that. i can look and see if there's anything else put in the computer. that's not a problem. >> i don't want to be in here. >> we don't want to either but -- until the judge says they need you, we can't take you up there if the judge doesn't want you. >> i just want to know what's going on. if they canceled it or what the. >> i'll check and let you know. >> a lot of inmates don't want to listen to cos, they think just because the supervisor is around, that they can give them the same information that i can give them but because it comes from me, it's a better answer.
9:38 pm
>> corporal johnson checks for updates in the court schedule but finds nothing new to report. >> i'll go in and tell them still showing he's supposed to have sentencing today. when they set a new date, i'll let him know. other than that, that's where it's at. >> good? >> good. it is what it is. >> later that afternoon, timberlake did get news, the judge delayed it for another two weeks. so timberlake will remain in jail until then. >> this one time, however, where delays almost never occur. when a jury has reached a verdict. and that time has come for tony goodwin. >> trying to give me the false hope of freedom somewhat. >> goodwin, who was arrested as a juvenile but being tried as an adult, has been incarcerated for the past 18 months while on trial for murder.
9:39 pm
>> i got to find out what my fate hold. >> if the jury finds him guilty, they must choose between murder or aggravated murder. the latter carries a longer maximum sentence, 33 years to life. >> i'm a little nervous. they kind of came back faster than i expected. thought they'd need another day. >> goodwin testified in court that at age 16, he shot 20-year-old dwayne rimm, who later died from his wound. but his lawyers presented a defense they hope will sway a jury to acquit goodwin. >> i don't know what the verdict going to be. hopefully it's a good one. but if not -- i don't know. i can't even tell you what i'll be thinking. coming up, the surprising defense strategy that tony
9:40 pm
goodwin's lawyers hope will get him off. and the jury hands down its decision. >> we the jury in this case, being duly empaneled and sworn do find the defendant, tony goodwin -- when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums! . . .
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inside a holding cell at the cuyahoga county criminal court building, 18-year-old tony goodwin is about to find out if he will be convicted for murder. goodwin's mother is already grieving for an older son who was murdered. she's hopeful now that she will not lose tony to a life in prison. >> he's a great young man. he's a strong young man. right now he's in a lot of pain. he's in a lot of stress. he's in a lot of confusion. he's hurting right now about his brother right now. tomorrow is his birthday, jerry's birthday.
9:44 pm
>> your son who was murdered? >> yes, yes. >> goodwin's lawyers acknowledge their klein the shot 20-year-old dwayne rimm who later died from his wound. they had hoped to reach a plea bargain for manslaughter but prosecutors would only accept a murder plea. in ohio, a murder conviction requires precalculation or the intent to murder and the defense set out to prove that it did not exist in this case. they say two years earlier, rimm broke goodwin's jaw and that when goodwin unexpectedly saw rimm on the street shot him, not to murder him but stop him from fleeing. rimm was struck in the buttock. they argue he then only punched rimm in the face to break his jaw. they can only hope the jury understood the importance of this distinction. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it's my understanding that you have reached a verdict, is that true?
9:45 pm
>> yes, your honor. >> rimm's mother and other family members are also in the courtroom. >> thank you. >> all right. count one, we the jury in this case being duly empaneled and sworn, do find the defendant tony goodwin not guilty of aggravated murder as charged in count one of the indictment. we the jury in the case being duly empaneled and sworn to find the defendant not guilty of murder. we find the defendant guilty of discharge of firearm on or near prohibited premises. that is signed by all 12 juries. -- jurors. that he did have a firearm on or about hi person or under his control. or about his person, under his control, indicated he possessed it or used it to facilitate the offense and that finally, that
9:46 pm
the defendant did cause a substantial risk of serious physical harm to dwayne rimm. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is this in fact your verdict? >> yes. >> while goodwin was acquitted of the murder charges that could have send him to life, he is guilty of illegally firing a gun. for that he could get up to 14 years when he returns to court for sentencing. >> i want to thank you all. okay. in all rise for the jury. >> thank you. >> court is adjourned. >> what went through your mind. >> there's a changed young man. >> are you scared? >> no. >> you weren't fearful of a guilty verdict. >> honest to god, no. i was not scared. i was just prepared. if god would have sent him down with 25 years, that's between god and him. tony know that. i was prepared. >> until he is sentenced, goodwin will remain in jail.
9:47 pm
>> everything has been going good today. let's keep that positive energy and keep doing that. it's hard. it's all about choices. >> i got the verdict and it's like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. i thought i was hearing it wrong. that's why i was just -- i wanted to look like, uh, did he really say that? i was shocked. i was just waiting, like oh, i'm sorry, i was just thinking to get let down. so i didn't really have a reaction, but i was happy, though. >> great. >> in a very different matter associate ivy has reached another decision regarding lorraine green's allegation that a male officer made an inappropriate remark to her. >> he says don't make me put my hands on you and show you how
9:48 pm
bisexual i can be. what is that? >> ivy has questioned the male and female officer who was with him. when the comment was allegedly made. >> i want to see lorraine green. she's in c pod. i want to see if there are any additional witnesses. at the end of the day you have to have witnesses and somebody for me to talk to and prove the statement you are making. >> good morning. >> what's up? >> okay. >> were there any witnesses you would like me to talk to? >> only person was there me your c.o., brian and mr. met. >> okay. >> i spoke with the corporal and the officer that was there at the time. the corporal statement said at no time did he make any comments of a sexual content. >> i bet he did. i bet he did. >> let me finish what i'm saying. >> what's the sense of it.
9:49 pm
you are agreeing to each other. what's the sense of it. i'm here looking like an idiot while they are agreeing with each other when he did say it. what's the sense of you speaking more about it. >> that's what i'm supposed to do. >> it's over. >> i'm going to have to continue with what i have to say and when i'm done talking and explaining the outcome you are welcome to comment or do whatever you feel is necessary. >> i'm going to. >> to resolve this in a why way that you think is appropriate. >> i am going to. >> i spoke though corporal and he said at no time did he make any comments of this nature to you. the officer that you said was present during this has read a statement saying the same thing. >> i bet. >> if you have no further witnesses for me to talk to there's no way i can prove of what you are saying to be of truth or whatever. i will conclude at this point the grievance is resolved.
9:50 pm
if you would like to follow up with your attorney. >> yes, i will. >> i will get a lie detector test from both of them. >> whatever you feel is necessary. >> because you guys are sticking together. i respect you as a warden and everything but how am i going to have witnesses. i'm in lockdown. all i have is your c.o. and corporal. >> how am i going to prove if i don't have witnesses. >> this is a bunch of crap. they are your c.o.s and corporals. that's what they are going to do. that's the code of honor in what would you like me to do. >> it doesn't matter. i'm going to get a lawyer. >> is there somebody you would like me to speak to. >> i will get a lawyer and have lie detector tests take and prove how wrong they are. i got this. >> okay. >> i got this. >> okay. any way, i'm done with this. so you can have a good day. >> you too. >> take care. >> yep. >> she's a difficult person to even communicate with because she wants to say what she has to
9:51 pm
say and see things her way and she think that everything is a conspiracy and made it clear how she feels about law enforcement, correction officers and things like. that as far as i'm concerned i'm done with it and comfortable with the decision that we made about it. >> coming up -- >> that was my son. that was my child. yes, you lost somebody, but that's not a reason for you to carry a gun and shoot somebody because you lost your brother. >> the mother of tony goodwin's victim implores him to give him the max. latte or au lait?
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> after his sentencing for attempted robbery was postponed, antwan timberlake finally went before the judge, and this time he got good news. >> the judge showed mercy on me. i'm happy for that. i got one year probation. i believe freedom is a blessing.
9:55 pm
so, you know, anything instead of being in this wretched place i will, i will do anything to stay away. >> timberlake will remain in jail for a few more days until the proper paperwork is filed with the probation department, but there are higher stakes on the line for tony goodwin. >> got sentencing today. >> yeah. >> are you nervous in. >> little bit. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> goodwin is on his way back to court to learn his sentence for illegally discharging a fiemplt an act that led to the death of a 21-year-old. he is eligible for up to 14 years in prison. >> i hope i get the minimum but i bet i get the max. basically the jerusalem will give some type of comfort by giving me the max on the gun charge. we will have to wait and see. >> both goodwin's mother an the mother of his victim are present in the courtroom. >> mr. goodwin, as you will recall in this case, following a
9:56 pm
trial jury returned a verdict of not guilty of counts of one and two, but guilty as to count three, discharge of a firearm near or on prohibited premises. >> before the judge announces his sentence, he asks the victim's mother, beatrice, to address the court. >> you chased my son down and you shot him in the back. and they said you are not guilty. i don't have no peace. he deserves the mac, whatever he can get because it's not right. that's my baby. that was my son. that was my child. yes, you lost somebody. that's not a reason for you to carry a gun and shoot another person because you lost your brother. that's not right. that's no justice. when you in them doors, when you go down the road, i hope you get what you deserve. my son didn't deserve to be shot.
9:57 pm
>> is there anything you would like to say before sentence is pronounced. >> i'd like to apologize about everything that happened in this case. i'd like to apologize to each and every one of you all for the situation that took place. i'm truly sorry. with that, your honor, i'd like to say i'm here today to take full responsibility of my actions as a man. >> we have a serious felony. what you did did cause the death of a victim in this case. accordingly, i don't think the maximum sentence is appropriate, and on the other hand, i cannot impose the minimum. i'm forced to compromise. keeping in mind your youth and lack of prior record and the fact that you did cause the death here.
9:58 pm
i'm going to sentence you to lorraine correctional institution for the underlying offense for six years and to that will be added three years mandatory on the firearm specification for a total sentence of nine years, plus court costs. you do get credit for the time you have been in jail and we'll have to calculate that. deputies will have the paperwork done shortly. >> goodwin will return to jail until he is transferred to state prison, but for the victim's mother, nine years is not enough. >> i was hoping he'd get more than nine years. when he go down that road, that's when the real world starts for him. you know what i mean? he's going to get what's coming to him. >> goodwin thinks prison could be a chance to turn his life around. >> i didn't have no life expectancy for me when i was out. it was just hope to see 18.
9:59 pm
i feel like i went and i was living like no tomorrow. i can realize how much i took for granted and how many people cared about me. >> you know you have to stay away from that gang stuff and you have to be your own man. officer henderson has known goodwin since he first arrived at age 16 in the juvenile wing. >> he is still young and hopefully he will make good choices. if he gets around the wrong people, he will have hard time to do. if he goes down and be positive and be a man and stay out of the way, he'll do good. so it is 50/50. it's all on him.
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. after six years in segregation, a violent gang member asks to move back to general population. >> he trains against staff members and he trains to fight against inmates both. >> an oakland street corner becomes a memorial site for a football star. >> today is basically his two-year heaven-versary i guess you could say it. >> two years a


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