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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 28, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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producer of michael jackson's "this is it" tour and the one who negotiated with dr. conrad murray to be michael's personal assistant and he was involved in the meetings where there was concern expressed about michael jackson's health. he is on the stand right now. later on when we will hear from a body guard and his personal assistant, michael williams. the prosecution pointed out that michael williams was one of the first calls from dr. conrad murray's iphone, even before he called 911. we should hear more about that last day of michael jackson's life later on today. now you asked about hearing michael jackson's voice in court yesterday. really the most compelling testimony of the day came from michael jackson himself. and there was shock in the courtroom. that was the first time that we
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heard that recording, the first time the prosecution made that public. michael jackson's family was there in the courtroom. you could see his mother dabbing her tears while she heard her son's voice there. apparently under the influence of something and recorded by dr. conrad murray. the family is back in court listening to the testimony that continues. >> yesterday i either heard or read that there is a chance during the course of the trial we may hear from one of michael jackson's children. is there any truth to that? >> yeah. michael jackson's son prince michael jackson is on the witness list. it is unclear whether or not he will actually testify and what he'll be able to say. the children were in the house during those final days, though. and on the day that michael jackson died. and so it is possible that his oldest son, prince, will take
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the stand. >> from outside the courthouse there in los angeles. we will let viewers know we will continue to monitor the trial and should something develop we will go back to it. will he or won't he? chris christie saying no. but maybe not as emphatic as he has been. last night he said he knows what it takes to be president. philip lucker is a national political reporter for the washington post. let's start with the obvious here. he said no. he said no. he said no 15, 20 times. what is it going to take for chris christie to say it and have people believe him. what will he have to say or do? >> he will have to say no he is not running. he didn't do that last night at the reagan library speech. he never mentioned the speculation in his 30-minute speech.
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it was in the question and answer session that he was put on the spot about it. he had an interesting response to it. >> we've got that. i want to show folks. >> the message you gave me is also not a reason for this me to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. oh, please. please, please stop asking me to be leader of the free world. [ laughter ] it's such a burden. >> a little sarcasm there at the end there. but you were saying that his response last night did it sound genuine to you? >> it did although he didn't close the door on it. he made it clear that he would consider this a little bit and keep thinking about it. he said i feel it too. he feels like he owes it to a lot of the donors and conservative leaders and activists who have been pleading with him to run. he feels he owes it to them to consider this. that doesn't mean he's going to
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run. it looks like he probably isn't going to run. >> mitt romney was on morning joe today. he was asked if he is frustrated by all the calls for christie. >> you have to find some excitement and have intrigue. >> we're not finding chris christie at the reagan library. >> that is his business to generate interest for him and his campaign for re-election in new jersey and his agenda in new jersey. maybe he decides to get in. >> you think mitt romney's nervous? >> i don't know. the thing with mitt romney who after losing his shot in 2008 he's been ready. he is ready to take the baton from the party but they are unwilling to hand it to him. we have had a chorus for different people. but the romney campaign says this doesn't bother them. they are continuing their sort of plan to show that he is the
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best able to go up against president obama. >> in your piece you note a few things that potential christie supporters might take issue with. for instance his idea on civil unions. he also has talked about a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. how will stances like those appeal to the conservative base that still seems unwilling to embrace any of the current crop of candidates? >> they may not sit well with the conservative base and a lot of the people urging chris christie to run may not know about his record or the conservative activists like the idea of chris christie but don't know about him. there would be a vetting process where people would left turn his stancen on these issues. me he may survive that or may not. but he has a few positions like immigration that are outside the orthodocky within the main stream of the base of the party.
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>> his speech last night for someone who is not running for president there were times where you sit and listen and it sounded like a campaign speech. >> to be sure. >> thank you so much for your time this afternoon. >> thank you for having me. reebok under fire for some unproven claims on their toning shoes. according to the federal government, the federal trade commission is fining reebok $25 million saying that the company falsely claimed in ad that the easy tone and run tone shoes, quote, strengthened and tone key leg and butt muscles. police are trying to figure without shot and killed five people in southeastern indiana. five bodies were found on two properties after a passerby found a four-year-old walking alone on a road on sunday. four of the five victims were in the same family. so far no suspects.
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listeria-laced cantaloupes from a farm in colorado have sparked the nation's deadliest food borne outbreak in a decade. 16 people have died. 72 others have been infected. so far, 18 states have reported illnesses. the centers for disease control has traced the tainted cantaloupes to jensen farms. a republican presidential candidates are hoping to capitalize on immigration and the hispanic vote in 2012. i'll talk to bill richardson about that. but let's look at wall street right now. we look at the boards. the dow is up 46 and s&p up just a shade and the nasdaq is down. [ male announcer ] chicken broccoli alfredo. mushroom smothered beef burgers. hearty chicken and noodle casserole. so easy, you just need campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make them
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. education, education, education. it is what's on the president's mind today. next hour he will deliver his back to school address at a d.c. high school. right now he is holding a round table with hispanic voters in his latest jobs pitch. his $447 billion plan would prevent a double-dip recession according to analysts. >> it boils down to two things, putting home back to work and putting more money in the pockets of working americans. >> it's a message that is resonating with some but not republicans gunning for his job. >> our president may be a nice guy but he doesn't have a clue when it comes to getting the economy going again. >> reporter: on even with those who insist they don't want his job. >> we continue to wait and hope
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that our president will finally stop being a bystander in the oval office. >> reporter: governor christie's speech lauded as presidential while voters in the typically democratic golden state are giving president obama his worst approval rating. 46% approve of his performance and 44% disapprove. >> four more years. >> reporter: but you wouldn't know that from the reception he got monday in los angeles. the president hammered home the importance of spending on infrastructure and education, manager he reiterated in denver on tuesday. >> why should our children be allowed to study in crumbling, outdated schools. >> as he mentioned he will be speaking to high schoolers in d.c. shortly. the message is getting a good-paying job later in life starts right now. joining us to talk about the domestic agenda, melody barnes,
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thank you for joining us. >> it's my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> day three of education nation. want to get in education in just a moment. but first, though, jobs. this is what the president told high schoolers in denver yesterday after. i want to sign this jobs bill so we can start putting people to work. i've already got the pens all ready and every one of you can make it happen by sending a message to congress that says, we have heard this line a couple of times now, pass this jobs bill. the new york times reporting that the senate wants to tackle china and currency manipulation there first. why is the senate not taking the jobs bill seriously? >> the senate is taking the american jobs bill seriously. congress is because the american people are. we know that the number one thing on everyone's mind is creating and saving jobs. that's why the president sent
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the american jobs act to congress. that's why he is going around the country talking about it. and was in your clip you can see the enthusiasm around this. in fact one of the provisions, modernizing schools connects two needs, the need to put people back to work and to make sure our children are educated in schools. >> why is it not at the top of the agenda for the senate then? >> because we believe the senate will be taking up this bill in the very, very near future. there are a number of issue that will affect the economy and making sure people get back to work. the american jobs act is one of them. we have heard over the course of the last couple week that people like the ideas in this bill. they are bipartisan. people supported them in the past. the president has shown us a way to pay for it. we believe it will be debated. >> one other item of note, the kaiser family foundation which
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skudies healthcare insurance said that premiums for employers jumped it%. you pointed to the president's healthcare plan as one of his signature accomplishments. critics point to the spike and they say look we told you this is what obama care would mean. how is the white house explaining the increase today? >> sure. i would suggest that the critics read the entire report. what the report does is it talks about healthcare premiums for this past year when a lot of assumptions were made about healthcare costs and the impact to the affordable care act. we are looking at 2012 when the impact starts to kick in in ernst and we see that outside analysts are saying that healthcare costs are going down in many cases because of the affordable care act and the provisions starting to go in place. this is the smart thing to do to make sure that people will get affordable, quality healthcare. >> you mentioned 2011.
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let's talk 2012 here. this is david axelrod on the president's chances. >> we don't have the wind at our backs in this election. the american people have their the wind in their faces. so do we. this is going to be a titanic struggle. but i firmly believe we are on the right side of the struggle. >> a titanic struggle. if i remember the titanic sank. with every poll showing that the president barely treading water. a poor choice of words there? >> the president is swimming and he's swimming with the american people towards job creation. i mean what axelrod was talking about is what all of us know. i was just in my hometown of richmond talking to people this weekend. i've been in milwaukee, chicago, dallas. . we know that people are hurting. people need jobs. that's why the president crafted this legislation and sent it to congress why we are putting more
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money in the pockets of the american people and doing smart things to create jobs along with school modernization, putting people back to work making sure they have the support that they need and our economy can grow while making investments in education. >> let's talk about education. day three of education nation here. talk a little bit in the simplest of terms. talk about the change that the president is making to no child left behind. >> what the president announced this past friday is that we're moving forward. he has been encouraging and trying to work with congress for the past few years to reauthorize the elementary and secondary education act. a number of people are trying but congress has not gotten over the finish line. the kids cannot wait any longer. we are using the flexibility in the law to make sure that we are supporting our teachers and we're doing the best to help them do their jobs. we are releasing them from the cookie-cutter requirements of no
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child left behind that were leaving states to dumb down their standards. maybe good for the state but bad for the students. >> you will provide waivers. >> that's the kind of flexibility i'm talking about. >> melody barnes from the white house. thank you for your time. >> thank. it's a pleasure. >> president obama just wrapped up a round table on hispanic issues, including immigration. >> our biggest challenge right now, the vast majority of democrats are supportive of comprehensive immigration reform. but given that the republicans control the house of representatives epa we need 60 votes in the senate our key approach is trying to push republicans to get back to where they were only a few years ago. >> the president hoping to shore up support from his papanics.
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unemployment among hispanics is two percentage points above the national average. bill richardson has just been named for senior fellow for latin america. congratulations on the new gig. >> nice to be here. >> the president's approval rating, hispanic support for the president falling to 48% according to the same poll it was at 60% in january. why the dramatic drop? >> well, it's i think consistent with national polls in terms of his favoribilty with all americans. but what you see in the polls is that the american people if you ask do you like the president, do you trust him? it's very, very high. that's what i think is going to get him re-elected. >> you think people will vote for the president just because they like him? >> in the end, when everybody's
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attacking each other and the economy's in bad shape, i think that is a significant factor. because i have been in many elections. i have found that voters, they have to like and trust you. yeah, the policies are important. the economic conditions are important. but in the end that ask a big determinant and i think that the hispanic voters realize that the president is fighting for them on the dream act and education. >> let's talk -- let's talk about two of the things you mentioned there. there has been no dream act as promised beity white house. more illegal immigrants have been deported than under any previous president. why should hispanic voters remain loyal to this president? >> well, first, the white house announced a halt and reduction in the deportation policies. and the president has tried like president bush did to have
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comprehensive immigration reform in the congress. the president has tried a dream back. he pushed it but when the republicans in the senate and the house block it, it's very difficult to pass it. but the president has been on the side of latino voters. i think they're going to stick with him in the states of new mexico, nevada, colorado, states that he won for i believe will stick with him again. >> you have been trying to help the president sell the jobs plan. is it starting to pick up traction? >> yeah, it is. what people like is that the president has come out fighting. he wants the jobs plan. he is going to be tough. he's going to push very hard. but mostly they like the new fighting spirit of the president of his speech a week ago. my hope is he continues that. that will get him reside elected. >> you mentioned the pushing of
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the plan. as we noticed the senate has not scheduled. they are talking about chinese currency first. do you get the impression that president obama is one of the few in washington who is serious about the jobs plan? >> no. the senate and the house are serious. there are some that want to block it at all costs because they don't want to see him re-elected but i think his plan has support. it has support with working people because it gives emphasis to job creation and has support with the private sector because you give him tax incentives to hire the unemployed. it's a good, solid plan, infrastructure, creating jobs on highways, green jobs. the congress needs to act on it or they're going to end up suffering at the polls. >> governor richardson always a pleasure. thank you, sir. >> thank you. day two in the manslaughter trial for conrad murray, michael jackson's personal doctor
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doctor. an executive promoting the pop star's concert is on the stand right now. what he is saying about jackson's appearance in the days before his death. amazon unveiling what it hopes will be the answer to the ipad. ♪ sent her back to college for her sophomore year ♪ ♪ co-signed her credit card -- "buy books, not beer!" ♪ but the second that she shut the door ♪ ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for her whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ offer applies with enrollment in™. and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists...
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day two of the trial out in los angeles. dr. conrad murray on trial charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. some video here of his family going into court this morning. we saw his mother katherine, his brothers and sisters heading to the courtroom as well. they have vowed to be in court every day of the trial. the trial expected -- expected being the operative word to last roughly five weeks out there in los angeles. on the stand right now attorney kathy joy. we understand she is the woman
9:27 am
who drew up the contract between michael jackson and dr. murray. let's bring in mark gergos. we have seen the image of michael jackson's body on the gurney, the audio tape of jackson where he sounds like he is under the influence of something. those made impressions on the jury. what else made an impact yesterday? >> i think the defense opening statement was impactful. i tell you why. there has always been a problem about this idea that someone, a doctor is giving propofol in the house and generally people think of propofol as something you administer as anesthesia in a surgery setting. they brought up the fact they will bring in dr. white, the self professed father of
9:28 am
propofol. if you believe the defense's opening statement he is going to say that the amount that were given were not enough to cause the death. that's a real issue. because ultimately the jury, as you said there is an indelible impression of the picture on the gurney and the voice coming from the dead. but at the end of the day they have to deal with the causation. if he did not cause the death it is a not guilty. >> mark, what do you make of dr. murray, stone-faced throughout most of the day yesterday but breaks down in tears during the defense opening statement. >> well what i make of it is the jurors are instructed they are not supposed to consider the defendant as he is sitting there in the counsel table and his demeanor or anything else. as a practical matter jurors are looking at the defendant at all times. i can't tell you the number of
9:29 am
times i have heard jurors say i didn't like what the defendant did when he saw this picture or saw this or heard that. they are constantly looking at what you are doing and wearing even if your shoes are shined. you have to be capable about that. >> the defense claiming that jackson, himself administered that fatal injection of propofol. how will they try to prove that even though the burden of proof is on the prosecution? >> they gave hints yesterday. they said that the coroner did not test the contents in the stomach. and their argument is we did. we tested that. when it came back it showed there were eight times the level than there was in the blood stream. they are i assume going to have an expert get on the stand and tell the jury if you find this drug metabolized in the stomach
9:30 am
that the only way for it to be there is for it to be ingested orally. if it was that was not the doctor's doing. >> one of michael jackson's sons is on the witness list. do you think that there is a chance that he could testify and if so, what would he say? >> if i were laying odds i would think that the person most likely to testify is paris. the prosecution yesterday said they are not going to call and they did that because there was a motion by the defense to exclude witnesses. the defense can still call. it's a very, very dangerous gambit to put on one of those kids. it's a double-edged sword. whoever is getting that morsel that they think helps them the other side is going to whack them over the head with something else. >> mark, thank you appreciate your time.
9:31 am
>> thank you. let's take a look at other stories making headlines. the 12 members of the supercommittee have been meeting in secret. they have to slash a trillion dollars from the deficit. tyson is recalling 131,000 pounds of ground beef because it might be contaminated with e. coli. they are stamped with the number 245 d. a saudi whom who defied the probation on female drivers was sentenced to be lashed with a whip ten times. is it the first time that a woman has been punished for violating the ban. andy rooney is calling it quits. he say that sunday's commentary will be his last. parents in particular will do anything to make sure their kids get into good schools. as you about to see sometimes
9:32 am
they will break the letter of the law but only because they are trying to obey its spirit. >> owe la da did not want her five children to attend the local schools in rochester new york. she thought they could get a better education in the suburbs. >> the teachers more considering about the child needs. they interact and stay in contact. whereas in the city you don't get that. >> so she lied and used her mother's address to enroll her kids in school. >> i wanted to give them the best education they could get which was attending a suburban school district. >> but neighbors reported her and she was arrested. >> i was facing two felonies. so on those two felonies it was possible that i was going to get five to seven years. >> she took a bargain three years probation, a fine and community service. but even after all that, sending two of her kids to the suburban
9:33 am
schools was still so important to her she took extreme measures. >> i just gave guardianship to my mother. i made it legal. it doesn't make me less of a mom. would sigh ido it again? i would. they are my children. i'm their mother. i know the extreme i will go for my children. >> educators admit that a zip code makes a big difference in education. what miranda did is not unusual and school boundary hopping costs tens of millions of dollars nationwide. kelly williams lives in ohio in a low-income, high-crime area. >> you can hear gunshots. i had someone break into my home. >> a single mom and teacher in akron she went to extreme measures to keep her daughters safe. >> i would die for my daughters. i would die for my daughters.
9:34 am
to protect them. >> so she lied about her children's address too, using her father's address to enroll them in the copely fairlawn school district. >> they would be bused and dropped off right there on the corner of my father's address. and he could be there to watch them. >> one day an indictment came in the mail. >> it was just absolutely devastating. i didn't have a future. my life stopped. >> i would have done anything for my children. >> she was charged with grand theft and tampering with documents. she went to trial, found guilty and sentenced to ten days in jail and two years probation. >> i remember going back to my cell. there was a smell i'll never forget. >> kelly's ordeal struck a chord
9:35 am
with parents all over the country who understood why she would risk so much for the sake of her children's future. >> i received cards while i was there, letting me know that they were praying for me. >> just this month, the ohio governor reduced the charges to misdemeanors so she can continue her job in education. >> kelly's kids stopped going to copely fairlawn schools. and she is continuing her teaching education. seven people in new york face charges in an s.a.t. cheating scam. police say a 19-year-old took the college admission test for half a dozen student. each paid thousands of to the 19-year-old who used a fake i.d. with his picture but someone else's name to take the test. the administrators were suspicious when bad students became really good students. up next why mitt romney's educational campaign is lowers
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flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. . florida may move its primary up to january 31st which is in violation of the rnc's rules. the rnc this have to decide whether to penalize florida by taking away half of the delegates to florida but it could change the order of states. karen finney was the communications director for the rnc and robert trainem is with the comcast network. let's start with the strategy. what could this potentially mean for campaigns? >> well people who remember in 2008 this was a very dramatic change. so what it may mean is that those four states will try to move up which front loads the calendar. if you are a candidate and you
9:40 am
were expecting that you were perhaps skip iowa and get momentum coming out of new hampshire and looking at south carolina and using florida as a way to keep momentum everything changes. what it also means is that florida is an expensive state for the media markets. the campaigns will have to figure out what the new order is where they spend money, how they spend money where they put people on the ground. >> robert i want to shift the conversation to friday because friday is a big day. i mean it's end of the third quarter. this is generally how we measure the candidates in terms of how much money they were able to raise. if you were rating the front runners in the g.o.p. race, romney, perry and paul how much money are we expecting? >> i would expect 10 to $15 million cash on hand at this point. i would suspect that mitt romney is a strong number two right now and mitt romney is the number
9:41 am
one. i can tell you to reverse things if in fact rick perry is not a strong number one, that is a problem. that's a real problem. the reason why is it tells me that a lot of the grass tops people around the country, the fundraisers and the movers and shakers don't have confidence in his candidacy and don't want to give him the money. they feel like this is not the horse to back. thus in the process, perhaps they are shifting mare money to romney even though philosophically they may not think she the right person on the issues he could perhaps win the nominations. >> what about ron paul? he raised $1.6 million bucks last month alone on his birthday. he is expected to be in third on friday. if ron paul isn't elected how is he able to keep raising the money? >> you know, people like him. the base of the party, you know really like him.
9:42 am
he's got this money technique that he uses where it is very heavy grass roots online fundraising. and that base of people really likes him. they like what he has to say. they like that independent streak in him. but this is where the heads of the party, the grass tops as robert would call them really matters. they are not taking his candidacy seriously. you don't see any of the big dogs if you will in the party kind of getting behind him. so while he raises the money he is not getting the momentum. >> it's one other thing really quick. ron paul is interesting. because he doesn't have a large staff his burn rate is small. he is not going through the cash as quickly as mitt romney or rick perry. >> i tweeted this question about chris christie earlier and a lot of the responses were folks making comments about his size. i mean is that something that should matter?
9:43 am
does it matter? yes or no? >> you go first, karen. >> thanks. >> great. now people can make fun of my size. my god. i am the last person on the earth that would ever make a comment about a person's size or weight. let me leave it there. >> you know craig and karen we all struggle with weight. we are all struggling right now with our paychecks and struggling about the economy. i think that's the number one issue on people's minds according to the polling data. >> you are quite the communications director. always a pleasure. thank you. two years ago, amanda knox thought she would be flying back home to seattle but she was found guilty of killing her roommate and now days away from a verdict in her appeals case. we will hear from her father next. [ male announcer ] with any good workout there comes a little soreness.
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coming up on "andrea mitchell reports" are republicans willing to wait for chris christie. he fuels speculation with what he didn't say at the reagan library. president obama's approval is slipping among hispanic voters. and education nation, realm emmanuelle takes on the education crisis. the chicago mayor joins us. we'll see you in 15 minutes on "andrea mitchell reports." a verdict in the appeals trial of amanda knox could come as early as saturday. amanda's father says the 24-year-old is on edge as a decision about whether she will spend the next 20 years in prison draws near. >> today at visitation she was very anxious. she knows she's innocent but to be just a couple days away from having somebody determine your future that you have no control over is extraordinarily hard on her. >> nbc's chapman bell joining me
9:48 am
live from peruggia italy. her legal team is expecting to present closing arguments tomorrow. what are we expecting? >> that's right. we are expecting amanda knox's legal team to start closing arguments tomorrow. what they are focusing on is the circumstantial evidence that was used to convict knox. much of the dna evidence was called flawed by a panel of independent experts. the lawyers want to focus on circumstantial evidence and to defend her character. she was branded a witch and evil and a she-devil in court. she got a boost from her co-defendant's legal team who compared her to jessica rabbit saying she's not bad she's just drawn that way. we are expecting the two judges and six jurors to retire for a
9:49 am
verdict possibly by this weekend. >> chapman bell in italy. thank you. side bar now, herman cane says there is more to his flavor of the week status that meets the eye. he says his organization is building and that cain supporters do not defect. and guess who went skinny dipping with charlie rose. marisa tomei. she admitted as much on conan. they were doing promotional work for the ides of march. and the daily show took notice of the trip out west. >> the first fella visited silicone valley in a town hole hosted by a company called linkedin whatever that is. >> we connect hundreds of millions of people around the world by connecting talent with
9:50 am
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the tablet wars heating up after amazon unveiled the kindle fire. it is a color tablet half the size of apple's ipad and only is $199. we say only because we are comparing the price of course. joe brown is joining me now. that is what you think is the selling point is the price. >> it's huge. you remember the touch pad no one liked it until it went on sale for $100. that is what will happen here as well. >> you think this is going to the tablet that gives the ipad a run for its money or will it go
9:54 am
the way of the others that have fallen by the wayside? >> one thing that the touch pad didn't have and that the apple had behind it is content delivery. the ipad and the iphone are tied to your itunes ecosystem. you can buy music and books and movies. that is what makes the amazon product so fierce. they are tie to this content delivery mechanism. you can watch movies and get books. and it is stored in the cloud. >> amazon has their website that is popular that they can push this thing on as well. >> remember last sol holliday season, the kindle was the best selling product on amazon, the entire site. >> let's talk about the ereaders. jaef bee zoes with a new line of kindle ereaders? >> the kindles are amazon's bread and butter. the new kindle is $79.
9:55 am
i was talking to your intern here and she was saying she could afford that. >> what are you trying to say? >> they make about what my intern makes. >> we didn't get to the iphone 5 but will the look just like the four? >> will the be slimmer. >> but not cheap summer. >> no they will keep their prices. >> always a pleasure. joe brown. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. out west. up next, "andrea mitchell reports" reports. >> thanks craig. we will be bringing you president obama's annual back to school speech live at 1:30 eastern. rahm emanuel shaking up the chicago school system. and how are perry and romney responding to the chris christie frenzy? hivitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha
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each and every time the president lets a moment to act pass him by, his failure is our failure too. when there is a problem, you fix it. that's what you do. that's what he did. that's the job we've been sent to do and you cannot wait for someone else to do it when you are sitting in the oval office. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" does that sound like a man who is not running for president? new jersey governor chris christie slamming president obama and leaving the door open to running himself. so what does this mean for mitt romney and rick perry? and president obama tries to reassure his panic voters. this hour on education nation, president obama delivers his annual back to school address at a d.c. high school and we'll be bringing you that live. meanwhile the president's former chief of staff and the current chicago mayor rahm emanuel is


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