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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 18, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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on france24 whole i'm from five people killed on exactly. he's the main headlines this hour. and i know thatat it. wait wait wait wait [inaudible] in ages. this is a two weeks .
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thank you like what you want in life. from their social to these idiots out simultaneously illegal aliens in ninety nine they say is an exact as a conductor. now as you a are not easy to lookok at regional. patience. in a class. south texas assistance a place is one of one of the biggest has has yet yes on
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the home front. for the rest of the world at every every these days take place was a guy comes newspapers more morning. and users say. that's almost lifeline tight high powered cars and on the net and i found in it and i. how is his ministry facials and? see. it is a all across the windw you know you have them from the u. s.. double down on what he has he has a lot lofty we we he says a as the little seat te so so called zero tolerance. united states mexico is not necessarily that although he says it again and again this is becoming a little of what
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was and what i that's not. all this was put in place life by five hundred on an administrative by. general jeff yes as we have we have had on him a bad. man they label the u. s. u. s. press is making a little space aroround round every everyone one the f from whih we today and what seems to me to be in n iran. to and m not. wewe just. was this is a sense has hav thrown. in the immigration and the likes of these assets that i crying. it's it's i don't know case at the and right now
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fallibilility to listen as a visiting this yet they of thought in order to our tarnishing today they yield. now to take take a sort of the okay table. right now now the region is a real relatives into the maybe of his healing healing wrong wrong of the u. s. you as president they would which i was always him. in all problems out of the house and right now that is like these you. decided to do a racist on the public side right now on my head headliness one of te owners of a fascinating legal rules. expendable had i don't want to pose so he says that the policy is a mineral and rule it is.
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from of old a slightly into getting all all you anyway. ministration we've always. from the lately at who seem to be criticizing all always the button to take take really long. road row to done. given. much is just. to and he'll deal on on would see this come totally away like my grandson fresh faces of running red lights just else. the european union union the bomb also. some time bringing immediately mathematically kring brown down the sensor.
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at night time and love mogul the cdc data. mmhm has [inaudible] to you [inaudible] rejection. we believe the to see do you and and model better better. number of burglarized riding you're not in the order of my life reimbursements then then wee willl give you evey please about about that. avoid. to leave me my
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graduation thesis. stepped out into the one lady mike likely when. twenty three eighteen and the positron china had a hectic with a with a limite. number of people could go online to find nine them. now at mainland yet should should at that migration as it is that we can get. union about well now that we leaders like trying to deal with. that yeah i suppose her times for someone again. another zombie broke the banks exit [inaudible]
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more. indeed delayed laces and in this is. come collect less. says it was noon which we collect some say say this with. me. in the referendum also. that sense a and his his hi. how how how who was using the? you. got guns and has of you should go. home. very very little time just as i said.
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and an animosity between. the hollywood's. ladies would not lead to an online. women with in his legs and pulled him to me to schools all like so surface is one of the what is used yet. again back back to the household called. honey honey argentina mammo. she continues in. sense in this. of a down to have signed onn chances to ll and we cannot cannot get all the litigation.
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even the food of the world war. two afghan gunmen retraces the recount. of course this hugely to full fledged sees the engines have seven hundred long. track because i was as he sees [inaudible] meanwhile. as is [inaudible] the brutal. yemen. now exhausts us not only from their journey but for decades of war and chaos.
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we hang on or forces are from from the call conflict we want to want [inaudible] to local. in a country [inaudible] in recent. i realized as the government had been cleared.. the i i don't. day the two sides. it's a nice letter high died out and in towns and cities the government's liar liar with genetic on nine when day with it was identified by hays attack. however ever say how we no mentioion of expand and there's the road. security for fourteen n four regigions acrosss thehe couy taliban as are the real thing. cemeteries reason that we can and say they'll they'll
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citizen though those legal citizens and at and he's even either you can get free from violence. your motherboard. thirty the islamic. he turned. that we can get but less as a dead at including a number of writers tensions. else monday morning around am them next time assisting with one one match each other wait wait because you have a have a tanakaka. but the white light and burning the trash truck tol. such a journey. life i haven't even read
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restrictions. quickly yes as a so called on them is. do our best to send an eighties those affected and invite every theresa may's nation the top level. of committing a felony quicklyy turned around and how they can on such a tt gaining inevitable people including nine nine year old child who died when quite cruel of the land that. the vision ten jun jekyll in judges ugt digital. wrestlers one what can happen. the commission residents face a los lot contaminated
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after that back [inaudible] president. nine nine countr. no no [inaudible] versions. one one country ever everyone. but the one hundred and all those. is is campaign finalalizing the seal will with the hard part signs on years ago the deal and and fifty years resort. which with more than one hundred twenty ourselves he people killed. and then we will modify died disagreements. with him tomorrow center for offer us as we will get through it just justice reparations so that a violin
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doesn't. the deal you around. a little leaders and for the mark. a little little party party the president led left says says he will. is the economy. seizing we've we've mike migrants as well allah. i'll make a little crisis there and drug trafficking gangs to control region denton twenty four corners. let's. listen. science it was a set up to six years ago. about us and timely iiss that he yeah from from
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amount on this to him south south easy is a reminding the future of the awfulness listlessness. the key. signed on has has a toss off used. to women women far far he is also a and the if you have a very strong trouble because of his opportunities. and and and that's what i want -- to i'm reform warm out of my sex abuse agreement bad on adult also sometimes to just justice is says that this i. part. nor.
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for for actualally servivics anand are term however [inaudible] the first first -- huge majority are common ground andnd there w was a t that time. yeah yeah can be i i'm he's. party. i have had already eitither just just since there's's judgement on the right thehe righght to be process has bn transititional justice mechanism is and and the ones i have have beeeen identified by the as as a whole calls it lenient. transitional just remember meant they would not not.
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each side by the u. labels so that we can benefit from my mind. your judgment souls allow minority type places. these reforms began again through. it is a businessman with jkd head of intergang and i'm emissions changing and on which is a small business. another chapter in the country [inaudible] mission control. ththe sea is f feeling abouw do youou. monday he is he'll smoke in your settings like it like i
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read right. detention of to the the them so far. is is danger of fresh fresh evidence. tiny during during research carried out. last monday the public across officers. more than. one thousand four part my monkey solution. stuff. not only executive he just just can't handle earlier earlier in the year here u. s.. charge martin. the former. on four counts including. yours to to draw nine days dates.
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i'm like my to be any and i did in germany. the programs are far over over last last week folks like it like it is with a one one zero emmissions using. this as an addition more more than. twenty read it out outside signed on the coffee she should unite united states. the company has a has been the and we also. just as the like like. the united states and china treasure regularly also klein lined his demand as a safe investments rose. the my the migrants your shares on they'll they'll d. anything to make it easier to do business from around
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the drive draws. different measures many [inaudible] delayed. controversial does make it easier for your state also also takes a big company that he's like the we're going to return. njg government hotel. fifteen transformed explain away mrs except right right and on the management there are armed white plane and reports with more read. three one one let them know a nicer scent from twenty changing central into senator maduro wrote the report said lately
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[inaudible] three hundred here. one that. we have had in unison to strike run on but also. in the public sector actor or even sometimes. a check digit calculated [inaudible] they're testing. moving on the day there's a says i'd like now what's outsiders is illegal in india. has has [inaudible] this message. bang bang on nineteen jun government allowed largest directly [inaudible] transactions. let's really fast [inaudible] dollars.
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largest cumbersome jj got down on the deal deals with websites. about the movie itself is available after. presentation asia. that's a total whether what about last. trying like hell tell trying trying to teach me to go ahead. last month mohammed. retrieved a little get together. for business in the u. s.. those restaurants insert about about it even numbers numbers residents autotrader dot dot on friday. from this restriction and twenty five on the fifty million dollars dollars with china china is goods including cars and a lot of records will be changing telling it is the same thin.
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including the us usually join dean's wiwith. any. so there's a tacked on to apply side at next month month. the tentative had really had to have a global stock market out there only feel fellows. home including a changing worker festival of all the six sedition is out of that would drive down again is a place place weekend organizer standing paying. attention where their their first came from will battle of waterloo and smart medications that that legislation learn by the police early in has no. dollars off the tree trade market cook up missiles wer.
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400-800-00300 thousand looting looting all countries he's a friend friend. this is reportedly bought that hat of course there's there'sa
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06/18/18 06/18/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! kids not to tell give up. we're all human and deserve to be loved and cared for. >> this is not who we are or who we should be. the thing is, there is one person who has the absolute ability to change this right now, and that is president donald trump.


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