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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 2, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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it was always a reasonable hour. yeah. he is now. to the surprise. me said. if i. today's been a day. shows. and does not raise it. and he.
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he. right right. right right. health health and fitness. well. maybe i. this is a debatable question yeah. hello my mouse is a city of unions ten times our mountains in a block long may make. governor phil deals in the cap have jerry yeah there's some stuff he he also. he needed to become combine. stuff but he is now natalie only the strike price will be suspended days as a. great regional might make his head on the. week prosperity twenty four none of the other.
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one. i. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. in fact. which is. the. but the real. they have been. they. changed.
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they. think they are. with the with. the. taliban i can i can enter yes and no no sixty eight you have had a name. killed eighteen hundred fifty people sususpects was great chess has says he did stand bonding. bearing franco taytay district had had any right now. now now i know i know it's not going to let it today they. said it would completely diesels old. structures analyst instead of asking she she did it in all the knowledge that it had failed to achieve the same name as a date set separates the main line spanish i don't know if it's the same day would not not terrorists from pursuing a similalar minutes it was on. point on all those lines on their mererits has moved
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richchard. was the. only going to get some kind of. also. the destruction. yeah. and we. yeah. she she. business. to chahange that.. and. they say y you. and yet t i.
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yeah saving up front. just as he says that is right. you should. think takes. thinking of. a really. ten ten. i'm not. she she's. because you. i've. got about. see.
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their mother says yeah yeah yeah. dozens of people having a nice day today following a today made online as well. protect his words went ladio did i did i suggested my place in the entire texas. no not a revolutionary. no no. on on the resolution. a revolutionary n night rac. nine million people under. in the limo moment and one more safety in mind my mind on his try try changing. south central. well it. is all. nine nine us a lot lot lot
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lot okay on the main line. okay tells us more about what i know now about the group. one one thousand lab highlighters dancing head of what we were supposed to be he's he's. restriction. with their with the poverty on the only way we. the indian round rally. doesn't leave much more did not not return for the band. changing numerous businesse. the governor of georgia. so we everybody. wanted to destroy the committee. just to be able to say say no one else has had any and. they're known as black lock a cluster of dr i learned. in the middle west countries of the past twenty years.
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in two. one one i'm glad member members from beating germany france and italy wreaked havoc during during gigi some image on a one to one. into those out night let another round round i would i would test instructor. during the. summit and my life. can't remember to treat twenty meeting meeting before flushing release. duration french french. around five hundred like black actors in france alone although now my my company e head to head of the i aea is now now because he thought. since the date i. was ready to tell us and whose arms are. the slide. malls. the total was willing andnd ready to kill my. mom said
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today that it is not my. our main main priority. right now we have we have unprecedented opportunity to changing course or is it. something else like. this is a mystery man not the same thing about half our eyes wide open it's time time also has one one for all about a bail delight and i. how to how to get us to get to get right right? by the same time anyway in two. they're just trying to. sasha. says michelle council but women a lot as well as he can. he testified that is if you look don't. have him step jn now and then was on drums. says it expects you to
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readers just as she was. known of the authorized resident for forcing to o t. you will use it to talk to the only really early accordingly washing tools which were first revealed. retell reject jedi idea. this isn't a game you're * the work work of the president tonight a state's. the new york times report for today. gosh i should. what would you like what as president legally can compile data that a musicia? list forty nine million tensions less legends rearranging what what president you. can't. with reference to the to th. gene g.. quest was chosen not only only illusion but also. just justice. drawn from. through interpreter writing
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writing sold. that was one of. which. leads me to the media and later it was easy. to address does justice for a four line that never happened. he is not a state titles for the senenate seat would lose his thoughts on. yeah. i don't. think we should mention retreat late. eighteen people kill kills instancece i don't just hang in the disease. . is and is not bebeing. affected too right. hold like a section of the audience yes yeah yeah you know without outside check of government so late at night. statee and there's a lot of incentive to win twenty twelve. here here in union has has gained an amendment out about a colossal. as result about last year
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duduring the jingle shrine t revisionism is wrapped around i mean i state it simply saying damn dead components. the. west has found themselves. aerobically may may not about lately. they should should instead instead develop them on los. he saw. that's right i too was saying that he had meant ththat black was meant many. late night about it has has gone down down well with his his temperance race or with right now is great yesterday and get. free. new. jersey kind when when is. the season. uneasily. you're not really very very four hundred years for four hundred years at some. points.
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speaking began to entertain web way ibm yeti his. remar. universal condemnation with many malay like little little commentator either. taking to twitter to issue a press rather and rage. it is dangerous for her characacter of every three thing black lawyers in america frank free only and discredited and i'm very rich also i can't have a half a day this lately. with our farm information with american. accent is it right right hand hesitantly waiting to. the writer intends to slow the rate of race right writing will completely and black a lot lot lot on songs for their their us russian. and either he and. when when we did this and then. to make money. lately not not shots on goal and on and on about every will will.
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the the. man. went went out. consort we're done done from from. wesley for a contract is he rather. and it is clearly a share drivive right in o our ener. now iff i i was gonna get aa lady seasonal studies i guess i say itit is. you just don't know anythinn around radiating. the new user root. is usually freezes daily on. a lot of knowledge which. consumption. real real. i know i know. the chief executive amount not real group which owns online life cinder okay okay today manifest on home said she was looking forward to the challenge. we're flattered as faces looking into on cars face and seen a little.
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he's just got a guy rocket were surprised to find i can give out about a personal and all and instead of data that could cause. at the. front of the. the candle wherever he says the devil utilities for these users may have had their data. but mark zuckerberg also provided. some point point and sensei face could learn from our mistakes. johnson again again wheree. process of. in. that had access to a large middle. the big changes in twenty twenty. now we're working. on our servers. is using his band. and thenen we will tell. the factct is. the fifth phe also announce plans for either of the running a major clear clear every three which will allow for users or city which we have access to their their
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imagination and handling a legal lido down there. counts. now the. president of my own money laughing as a tool to write. right right. women's last night down under because he had made a list of the top. i mean i'm just i'm not. quote delicious life for them and they will come today. a land line down around twenty leaders racially shinji. is usually low level that this is my time a little bit of evidence that exists. but i want i want things you think you'll be working with him saying you are you in illegally white wine. one long gone come to perform any any notion of this thing saying. things. on it. and then a bunch of items that will decide on a day to day. life like they're about
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westray sort of all was as good as it is. now. do you use bob. no bail today as you did have a couple of days and of course i will come to you we don't doubt without without any contribution on the reservation absolutely. she's been a little bit more more. has already created regions within the block block government of mister mister another one of those as we. using it as an unacceptable. details. totals is leslie usually uses the control center. condition this or that or that as another nonstop even even gotta watch it for the subsidy in the states state. do you. six the commission mrs golden and. three centers.
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i have several countries are having type type type hike the because it is it's going to come to the to the f frot office agenda germany. pay. tax. last week with and congratulations. to local center judges. meanwhile. commercial should measure because you can't count on the state state. rules. we've we've always be fun for a little. our church and respect the rule of. law. in times. of trouble visit my administration is lucy criticize innocent times hunters hunters them. cut consider other other resolutions into the media here's resistance from trying. to get the firefighters the doctors are single. cultural chose. not
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to not just exist. has done doing the commission is a. on monday on a digital economy research defendants and. section. now now let's learn ten yeah guidelines. economic. this evening evening fifteen billion euro data gaps kk leaving leading to the proposal. still that. no problem. one when i look at numbers. commissioner. what what? about. my conscience and also. we're changing the reason could. see. he's around relatively ligh. i think it's nicer brother on his.
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anything. kelly really the price. one more. when is. there's some some. sometimes i was not. not enough. for. some signs and time can in. the same fate. one more. instance is a substandard censored versio. is the right wrong all of these least. it is already ready. visit in this guy died yielding bangs underfunding. do you need to be reporting to you all poland hungary city for dealing. out out. this is booming in this mes.
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since since. well which was also is going to include. respect for instance is supposed to run. rulings on you. sets. aside the originality. some some germans are kicking off you know because they don't see any any use or something. without having a legally. able to try and check policies. it is very very underscores the root causes. if anything between two was so low levels. and when i was i was lucky to be trained. to do is going to carry on our tradition do. how? do. you guys want to be the. just try try house house proposals. he's going. to run the first there's a nice thing. and be reassured by five to
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germ germs and trying to reverse anything you know seems to me like a little bit more. he will have to get into some some of the. lunch lunch is a. kind of an open. yes. okay. maybe we are a little bit of what we. know. as a. good luck charms restoratio. is also resources transistors nor normal. and that's that's that's that's nice there. moving along on him. is shutting down. following all day to day. basis but it is absolutely under the milieu face for users will give give. if i. concerns over for an alleged i usually use the information liquid can't campaigns including the director of the restaurant on the on the auction donald trump. from virginia he's nine i'm writing doing anything in vilified. practices. lightly accepted it says as
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he gingerly edition had the money i made it impossible for to continue doing this. and another. close close higher higher data directly ahead i don't own a house and senate to those close. to getting this exact tax under under your rover oaks does users are major exporters. five awesome sent after after we'd better better than i could i sales i was often off the first reporter conceit as he does to the jazz asked a littltle bit of their their. he he he interests are at all despised by morning morning note about his rising l legislation it is t is like to hide to hike rates next month month. and a big loser loser data is not knocked out of the ground on the. servicee snap snapchat it's youours your lunch over twenty one percent to forty. seven avenue from her exposed breast contingencies telerate of lower class sizes has hasas been using using use use users arms and admitted that he after ever. prostitute white lights replacing downtown or.
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some of the. high highs rated. highly changing and ever ever grow greater better relationship avoid. war treasures as they could you know number however say well ross ross is reading the daily delegation they say they're right this is ap ahead ahead of rueful shake. changing. it's not not i might object is a change to china china's is. just in the press residence at all. that's fine. should shin where the united states. i know i did say is is the. a turn to. the different from his ministrations. dozens of these changes track practices. donald trump now owns the three hundred seven seven five five dollars. it's it's coming to you anyway china and has risen recent references windows. on up on a hundrdred and fiy billion dollars. china
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china's goods trouble along one side of. a hundred dollars antennas outside china remember mister t three hundred on billion dollar dollar doess best p plan to observe growg chinese inindustry. but according runnining it n on time chchange in your social. not not bececause guys to demands and then. you tell you to grab wrapped for the. sign sign a changing since cell system. this initiative has an estimate yet it always also. makes a sessions started with nothing i called home to me outside site posititin in a specimenn. many major. lately the shows. discussion action. with their with their initial sort of our hearts stand down though. lately when the world world too large. trying to initial a road.
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racing for another another. next month. right okay okay other literature as subtleties in this instance was very very very hot. my days everyday that it is this which is@ ñ
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[capononing made p posble byby democrcry now!] y: from pacifica this is democry y now. >> we demand eliminatinghehe board. we demand the crtition oa decrataticnd pararcipatory process to audit the deas.s. we don'wawant thaveve tbe here fighting foouour fure b but we d d't have another optn. we are children,


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