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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> mason: solstice with the mostest. summer arrives with a vengeance in the southwest. temperatures set triple-digit records. >> don't try to out-beat the heat because the heat will out-beat you. >> mason: also tonight, just-released police video captures the fatal shooting of philando castile by a minnesota police officer cleared of all charges. >> oh, my god! >> don't move! >> mason: the president's job approval rating hits a new low. some see a special house election tonight as a referendum on him. and bear on a tear-- putting trash cans to the test. >> they just ripped the hinges right off? >> they ripped the hinges right
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off. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> mason: good evening. i'm anthony mason. on this first day of summer, a tropical storm is threatening the gulf coast. more about that in a moment. and it is dangerously hot in the southwest, with excessive heat warnings posted in parts of arizona, nevada, and california. the mercury soared into triple digits for the third straight day. in phoenix, it was so hot, more flights had to be canceled. kris van cleave is there. >> reporter: unrelenting heat bears down on phoenix as the temperature shoots towards a record-break 120. fire crews are rushing to handle a surge in heat emergencies. when it's over 110, your body cannot cool itself down, setting up the potential for deadly heatstroke. director of emergency management lisa jones. >> your house stays hot. buildings stay hot. the sidewalk stays hot. so there's no reprieve, basically. >> reporter: the city opened
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47 cooling centers across the valley, and about 50 flights had to be canceled at sky harbor airport because it may be too hot to fly. >> for the last few days it's been very hot. i've never seen it this hot before. >> osmond spent last two days loading bags in triple-digit heat. he's hydrating and taking breaks but he says you can't escape this weather. >> on the concrete it's 168 degrees. >> reporter: so you're getting 118 from above. >> yes. >> reporter: and 168 from below. >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: do you feel like you're in an oven? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the heat intensified a dust storm leading to this accident on interstate 10 on the arizona-new mexico border, killing six. across the southwest, it's a scorcher. death valley, california, hit 126. palm springs, 120. in tucson, it's 115, 113 in vegas. but for these skiers in southern california's mammoth mountains, the hot weather was a chance to work on their tan while hitting the slopes.
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only in california. california for the first time this year issued an alert asking people to conserve electricity while parts of arizona are seeing record demand for electricity, and, anthony, phoenix has one more reet reel hot day tomorrow, but then it's forecasted to cool down to 111 by friday. >> mason: kris van cleave, thanks, kris. meanwhile, a tropical storm is taking aim at the gulf coast. cindy formed today. warnings are posted from texas to mississippi. wind and waves are kicking up on lake pontchartrain in new orleans. that's where we have david begnaud. >> reporter: anthony, the storm is located 280 miles south of the city of new orleans, but already, the wind is whipping up white caps here along lake pontchartrain. tropical storm cindy has winds of up to 45 miles per hour, but it is nearly stationary over the gulf of mexico right now. this storm is expected to be more of a rain and flooding event than a wind event, but
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already alabama's governor has declared a state of emergency. in mis, they're expecting up to 12 inches of racism over the next 48 hours, in biloxi. and, anthony, this tropical storm may end up making landfall in southeast texas, but the rain bands could extend 500 miles to the east, all wait to the flower panhandle. >> reporter: david begnaud getting a little close there. thanks very much. london, paris, and now, brussels. for the third time in two days, europe was hit by a terror attack. belgian soldiers stopped the latest one at a busy train station in brussels. a man set off a small explosion and was immediately shot and killed. no one else was hurt. the bomb squad later perform aid controlled detonation of a second device the suspect had had with him. voters in atlanta's northern suburbs went to the polls today, a personnel election to fill the house seat vacated by tom price when he became president trump's health secretary. mr. trump barely won the district in november.
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now some are looking at today's vote as a referendum on had him. mark strassmann is in the georgia sixth. >> reporter: karen handel is the republican candidate in a district as red as georgia clay. she should be coasting into congress. but she's not. >> i think everybody should watch me putting on my "i voted" sticker since my opponent can't do that today. >> reporter: her opponent, democrat jon ossoff, could not vote for himself today because he lives outside the district. the 30-year-old former congressional aide hopes to pull off the upset and turn this red district blue in what has become the most expensive congressional race in history both parties in washington waste too much of your money. >> reporter: combined the two campaigns spent $56 million, nearly double the previous record. >> get out and vote! >> reporter: president trump has weighed i weighed in repeaty
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tweeting today: >> we're proud that california is the leading funder of the jon ossoff campaign. >> reporter: hannibal's ads mark yawf as the darling of liberal san francisco but the trump factor has dominated this race. >> this president in particular, do you think somebody needs to stand up to him? >> well, there are many in this community-- and i'm one of them-- who have deep concerns about the competence and integrity of this administration. >> reporter: david wasserman writes for "the cook political report." >> the fact that georgia sux is close tells us that the house is at serious risk for republicans and midterm elections tends to be great opportunities for the party out of power. >> reporter: president trump won this district last november, but only by a point and a half. anthony, interest in this race is high. more than 140,000 people voted early. >> mason: mark strassmann in
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atlanta. as the president marks five months in office today, he's hit a new low in our cbs news poll. only 36% of americans told us they approve of of the job he's doing. he's even losing support among republicans. dean reynolds is with the trump faithful in oshkosh, wisconsin. >> reporter: at two two brothers rawnt in oshkosh, trump supporters like ken schoenike are getting impatient, but not with the president. >> leave him alone. let him do what he wants to do. the media, really? >> reporter: this group of retirees backs president on most every move he makes, with one exception says adolf hendricks. >> i would like to see him a little bit more presidential, perhaps, a little bit more dignified. >> reporter: les talo says enough with the tweets. >> it just gives the democrats fodder for their daily. >> reporter: attacks. >> attacks on him. >> reporter: warren thomson
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dismisses the big issue consuming washington. do you ever talk about the russia things thing? does it bother anybody here? >> this whole thing is, as far as i'm concerned, say conspira conspiracy, is a total distraction. >> reporter: they are among the 72% of republicans who remain in the president's corner, according to our new cbs news poll but that number is down from 83% 52 days ago, and his disapproval rate among republicans is up seven points. what grade would you give trump right now? >> probably a low "c." >> reporter: jennifer king, a church and school secretary, voted for mr. trump. >> i still support him, but i would like to see some real results. >> reporter: she wants tax cuts and more help for veterans but believes the president is too easily sidetracked. >> he's too busy fighting media. he's too busy fighting accusations. >> reporter: what do you think is his problem? >> i personally think it's his mouth. >> reporter: but whether
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committed or wavering, these trump voters believe the president is being treated unfairly, anthony, and most are willing to give him at least two years on the job before they would reconsider their support. >> mason: dean reynolds in oshkosh, wisconsin. thanks, dean. the president told a group of tech leaders this week he hopes the senate's hiewk bill will have more heart than the house version does. it's being written behind closed doors, and frustration over that is growing among senators of both partys. here's chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> i think that's a bell telling me we're done. >> reporter: senate democrats held up hearings and resorted to stunts today to make a case about secrecy. >> we're trying to point out the absurd today. >> reporter: three of them live streamed a jaunt to the congressional budget office, where they tried to get a hold of the senate health care bill. >> republicans are shutting us and the american public out of this process. no public hearings, no meetings, secret negotiations. >> there's nothing happening in secret here. >> reporter: republican
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leaders promised to release a draft on thursday and says sade there's a simple reason democrats have been shut out. >> they made it clearly earlier they were not interested in participating in this. they have no interest in it whatsoever, so it makes no sense. >> reporter: so are they invited into your planning sessions? >> into the republican conference? no. but they made it clear they're not interested in helping. >> we sent him umpteen letters that say just opposite. >> reporter: democratic leader chuck schumer shared some of those letters with cbs news: now, even some republicans are complaining they're in the dark. >> i'm sure that maybe the russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it, but i haven't seen it. >> if you're frustrateed by the lack of transparency in this process, i share your frustration. >> reporter: utah senator mike leigh posted that message on facebook, even though he's one of the 13 men supposedly crafting the bill. >> it's not being written by us. it's apparently being written by a small handful of staffers for members of the republican
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leadership in the senate. >> reporter: part of the reason that republican leaders are being so vague is that they're trying to craft a bill that will win over conservatives, like lee, and more moderate republicans like mccain. and so none of the details are truly final, anthony, until they feel they've hit on something that can garner the support of 50 out of the 52 senate republicans. >> mason: nancy cordes on capitol hill. thanks, nancy. what is so rare as a day in june? a news briefing at the white house. julianna goldman is there. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: for the first time in eight days, press secretary sean spicer allowed cameras to record the white house breathe. >> we've looked at a lot of data that suggests when you look at the number of availabilities and interviews the president what given it's pretty significant compared to past administrations. >> reporter: records kept by cbs news indicate mr. trump has actually done fewer interviews and press conferences at this point in his presidency than his
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predecessor. the president's last sit-down interview was over a month ago and he's held one solo press conference in february. despite being the president's chief spokesman, spicer couldn't answer key questions like whether the president agrees with the intelligence community's assessment that russia interfered in the 2016 elections. or whether the president has seen a draft of the senate's health care bill. >> i don't know if he's seen the legislation or not. >> reporter: opaqueness goes beyond the briefing room by keeping secret records of white house visitors, a link to a page that's supposed to post staff salaries says it's still being updated and mr. trump has yet to release his tax returns, parting with decades of presidential precedent. >> i have been under audit almost, like, since i became famous, okay. >> reporter: mr. trump's justice department has already directed federal agencies to limit information they provide congress, drawing the ire of even republicans like senate judiciary committee chairman charles grassley. in a letter to the president,
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grassley called the department's policy "absurd," and "nonsense." the president's defenders say his tweets make him more transparent than his predecessor's but sometimes they can cause more confusion like saying there are recordings of his conversations with james comey. anthony, today, sean spicer said the president would confirm whether tapes do exist by friday. >> mason: julianna goldman, thanks. two of the president's tweets today targeted north korea, accusing it of brutality in the death of otto warmbier, the american college student who was imprisoned for more than a year. today, in a show of force, the u.s. flew two b-1 bombers over the korean peninsula. next week, south korea's new president will travel to the white house for talks on de-escalating the north's newly threat. norah o'donnell spoke with him today in seoul. >> good evening, from seoul, and there's a lot to discuss at the white house next week, including president moon's proposal for a
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step-by-step process that includes dialogue that ultimately leads to a dismantling of north korea's nuclear weapons program. why would kim jong-un ever agree to freeze his nuclear weapons program? what are you going to give him? >> ( translated ): kim jong-un currently has a blind faith that his nuclear and missile programs will protect him and his regime, so we must show and teach north korea that this belief is incorrect. if north korea gives up its nuclear program and missile programs and wants to start a dialogue, then i believe we can send a message that we will not threaten kim jong-un's regime, and we can even provide assistance to them. and that is why i fully agree with president trump that we need stronger sanctions and pressure on north korea to the level that we have never reached before, maximum pressure. >> mason: norah o'donnell will have more from south korea this week on "cbs this morning." coming up next on the cbs
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♪ for a routine traffic stop to turn deadly, and today graphic video of the encounter was made public just a few days after a minnesota police officer was found not guilty of manslaughter. mireya villarreal reports. >> reporter: the newly released dashcam video shows the moment when officer jeronimo yanez stopped philando castile for a broken tail light last july. first, asking castile for his license and registration. >> reporter: within 90 seconds of making the stop, the 29-year-old officer fired seven shots. castile's girlfriend, diamond reynolds, was in the passenger
6:48 pm
seat. she streamed the immediate aftermath on facebook live. >> i told him not to reach for it! i told him to get his hand open. >> you told him to get his i.d., sir, and his driver's license. oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that. >> keep your hands where they are, please. >> yes, i will, sir, i'll keep my hands where they are. >> reporter: as officer yanez continued to pint his gun atica steel, you could see an officer coax and then pick up the four-year-old daughter from the back seat. yanez was quickly supported from the st. anthony minnesota police department and soon indicted for manslaughter. during the trial,ianez said he feared for his life and thought castile, a 32-year-old school cafeteria worker, pulled out a gun he was licensed to carry. vadry castile is his mother. >> my first-born son dead here in minnesota under the circumstances just because he
6:49 pm
was a police officer that makes it okay. oh, now they get free rein. he's found innocent on all counts. >> reporter: castile family members were reportedly stunned when they saw the video during the trial, and anthony, according to their attorney they are planning to file a lawsuit against the city wells the police department here. >> mason: when we come back, passengers get banged up on a flight to houston. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and
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6:53 pm
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we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪ >> mason: we end tonight with a grisly discovery or more to the point, whether a product can stand up to a grizzly. >> reporter: this time of year, bears are hungry, and foraging for food just about anywhere they can find it. and these particular bears are some of the best in thes about businesswhen it comeses to getting the goods. are some better product testers
6:57 pm
than others? >> very much so. >> reporter: randy gravatt knows exactly what a bear wants. >> and we have some fish. >> reporter: whew. that is smelly. it's his job to tempt bears to break into coolers and garbage cabs at the nonprofit grizzly center in yellowstone national park sore manufacturers can make them even stronger and save bears' lives. >> there's a saying, a fed bear say dead bear. >> reporter: and once they get a taste for it they'll keep coming back? >> they will. >> reporter: and that's bad news for bears because when they get too close to people they're either euthanized or relocated. this 150-pound grizzly is named spirit. she was one of the eight resident grizzlies relocated to the discovery center. for about 500 bucks, companies can find out if their containers are truly bear resistant to the delight of park visitors like vickey sumner. >> he managed to move that thing around until he cracked it right open. >> reporter: and now you know which cooler you might bring
6:58 pm
with you, huh? >> yeah, the white one. >> reporter: she and others watched as a 600-pound bear named cora used the try-and-true c.p.r. method to pop the top on this trash bin. this doesn't look so good. >> no, no. you can see all the styrofoam so they were able to literally tear that apart. >> reporter: even the steel trash locker was no match for the bears. >> reporter: they just ripped the hinges right off? >> they ripped the hinges right off. >> reporter: when you first started only 10% of the containers were passing the bear test? >> and now it's 65 so the manufacturermanufacturers are ft out. >> reporter: saving bears one cooler at a time. ( applause ) carter evans, cbs news, yellowstone. . >> mason: my trash can wouldn't stand a chance. that's the cbs evening news. i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching. good night.
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tonight, "bachelor in paradise" back in production. why the show is getting a second chance after scandal. but will corinne and demario return? >> it is so complicated. >> what the contestants are only telling us. >> it is crazy. i didn't think there was a chance it would come back. >> then. >> congratulations. >> beyonce and twins still in the hospital and only we can show you around her maternity ward. >> plus -- >> oh, my gosh. >> straight from france to an interview with "e.t.," j. lo's man tells all about their romantic rendezvous. >> i say bonjour. >> beautiful. >> then animal print is in from indicate's purse to mariah leopard top but who went


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